she's such an underrated character


BtVS rewatch: 2x01 - When She Was Bad

That time when Cordelia cared for Buffy’s friendship with Xander and Willow…

This rewatch, first of Buffy and then on Angel, made me change of opinion about Cordelia, she was a really underrated character.
Maggie Sawyer Is The Fictional Character Everyone Should Be In Love With
Fictional characters are people too.
By Lauren Yapalater

Hell yeah!!! The best girlfriend on tv (tied with Alex) 😍 👭

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The Battle of New York was the end of the world. This, now, is the new world. People are different.

A moment of silence for the woman who took on Horus Lupercal and almost won

So I was reading Vengeful Spirit and came across this badass general who is an extremely underrated character imo. She leads the Imperial forces at Molech against the full might of the Sons of Horus and the Death Guard led by their respective primarchs. She has very few Space Marines on her side (some 400 strong force of Ultramarines and Blood Angels) and her mortal Imperial Army forces. That against a force of nearly 270,000 Traitor Marines lead by freaking primarchs with their entire fleets, Titan Legions, Demons, Demon-posessed elite traitor marines etc.

She fucking holds the line against all this. She handles her forces in such a way that the Imperials were actually grinding down the traitor forces. Hell, her forces were close to killing Abaddon and Aximand. However, ultimately she was betrayed from within by the leader of the Knight Houses.

Sadly, this is her ultimate fate:

”When the loyalist Imperator Titan Paragon of Terra was destroyed by the treacherous House Devine, Tyana’s tank was thrown through the air and she emerged badly injured. Her last sight was that of Horus and Mortarion declaring victory before Jungle Beasts herded by the Death Guard fell upon her. Her body was taken by the Sons of Horus as a trophy and nailed to a Contemptor Dreadnought.”

I love the fandom’s devotion and love toward Ahsoka. Like I am always sad that because she wasn’t in the preuqles a good chunk of the fandom won’t regard her as important as the trio. But like, seeing so much fanart, metas and discussion about Ahsoka  on my dash and in the tags just makes me happy. We give her the justice she deserves because she’s such an amazing, sometimes underrated character! like long story short, I like how the fandom keeps her alive despite her not being in the prequels. like the fandoms love for her gives me life.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: calhoun's backstory was programmed in order to make her a tortured brooding hero type and keep her from ever being happy and she essentially spat in its face by finding love and making friends without her personality doing a complete 180 and without her mental illness being cured as part of her character arc she is so underrated

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Josephine Montilyet is one of the best and most interesting characters in Dragon Age yet she’s not regarded as such in the series. People paint her as lackluster and boring when she’s had a full life filled with adventure. She grew up in a noble family in Antiva and became a bard at a young age but left the occupation after ending someone’s life at the fault of the Game. Following her time as a bard, she worked her way up to becoming the Chief Ambassador from Antiva to Orlais, familiarizing herself with Orleasian politics and culture. Josephine was recruited to the Inquisition and dedicated all of her time to making sure the organization succeeded. The Ambassador is one of the most hard-working, dedicated characters in the series. Not only that, but she remains kind-hearted and principled even when dealing with the most difficult of people. More so than others, she is also resourceful and works to ensure a proper solution to all and any problems. (And she can end marriages by placing a glove in the wrong place! Josie also ends up working with the House of Repose - a house full of assassins - post Trespasser!) Josephine deserves more recognition and respect, as she is incredibly underrated, and quite possibly one of the most simplified characters by the fandom in Dragon Age. 


Marlene in Touch of Evil (1958) 

While watching, I always thought she was extremely underrated in this film. Even though her character doesn’t have much screen time, I felt she did a magnificent job with that role. And she gives one of the best lines in the movie, which makes watching this movie all the more enjoyable. 

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Minami Kotori?

1. Sexuality headcanon:

2. OTP:

3. BrOTP:
All second years of Muse

4. NOTP:

5. First headcanon that pops into my mind:
Kotori can actually physically kick someone’s ass, no sweat. She doesn’t, but she’s capable…

6. Favorite line:
Umi-chan, dAISUKI.

7. One way I relate to this character:
Very indecisive people.

8. Thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character:
Tbh.. How underrated she is.

9. Cinnamon roll or problematic fave:
C i n n a m o n r o l l . 

I honestly hope Agents of Mayhem give us a little bit stuff about Asha Odekar.

She was an excellent character that was highly underrated and under everything. She is written well, but her involvement in the SRIV was so minor, the story could go on unchanged without her.

I at least want some small detail about her to know that she is doing alright.

  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> im fine<p/><b>What she means:</b> sansa stark is a perfect example of how a woman doesn't need to have masculine traits to be a strong female character and you can be feminine and like pretty things and still be respectable and independent and she is so underrated as a character and doesn't deserve all the hate she gets and we need more characters like her in mainstream media.<p/></p>