she's such an underrated character

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Let's give Star some credit, she held off so much pain and sadness and put Marco's need before her needs! There are people who would've manipulated Marco to suit their interests. She put her friend before her. Would you have done the same thing if you were in Stars position?

(sorry i forgot what this is in response to)
100% wouldve done what star did in this whole situation, if my best friend who i was secretly in love with was dating a rad girl and happy about it i wouldve kept silent, feelings get revealed? i wouldve lied to just keep him reassured and comfortable. leaving forever? might as well spit out what i need to because i cant run away now.
i love star so much because shes such an amazing and tbh underappreciated(not underrated) character who was judged over some of her flaws, even when she continued her support for marco. she had her moments of jealousy that were completely understandable, but she made sure marco was happy with jackie, and she did her best to keep jackie included. even tho she does have that habit of leaving her issues to fester (i have a big problem w that, sadly see myself there) she realized in the end that she cant ignore something and expect it to change or go away. even though its not peachy right now things will get better for them all and i just really love star on a god tier, shes my fav.

so yea give the gal some credit

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Do you have any headcanons for Sugar? I definitely agree that she's an underrated character, hopefully one day we'll learn more about her :-)

Let me think. My headcanons are very informed by lore 99% of the time.

Her existence is unknown to the Queen and Sucre has no idea of the Queen’s existence. And, actually, she knows very little about anything outside Zone 0. She wanders around once Pablo is gone but that’s her world as she knows it. She can’t travel out of the zone or enter the other zones.

Her and Enoch have no relation. He has his elsens make sugar but he can’t create humans from it. Sucre is confirmed to be human and there is no evidence that any guardian can create humans. There isn’t too much sense to be made from her existence other than, in my opinion, really outlandish and weird theories that are just so out there and far fetched that they make me laugh. 

I don’t have any idea how she was created or why she is here other than what I’ve said before of her just being a secret by Mortis’ decision. Maybe she was made because Hugo had an image of a, “sweet woman” and she was what happened. No idea.

I don’t have many headcanons because there is so little about her. And, again, she was added as a secret boss and there might not be any lore ever made about her since she was nothing more than a secret character.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: calhoun's backstory was programmed in order to make her a tortured brooding hero type and keep her from ever being happy and she essentially spat in its face by finding love and making friends without her personality doing a complete 180 and without her mental illness being cured as part of her character arc she is so underrated
Caitlin Snow

I honestly feel so bad…for Caitlin. In my opinion, she’s really underrated. And don’t get me wrong, all of the characters on The Flash have experienced a lot of things that they had to go through. But her? She’s so selfless. She’s always taking care of others first. She doesn’t ask for help whenever she has a problem and that pains me. Because she doesn’t deserve enough recognition and gets so much hate. I love all the characters on this show but she was what stuck out to me. She has so many layers and it would be so interesting to find out more about her.


maurauders generation: amelia bones

Mia, Amelia Bones, Madam Bones. Names don’t matter that much to her anymore.

In her lifetime, so much has changed, and she is not exempt from it. She has seen the halcyon days before the First Wizarding War, the calm before the storm. She has seen the war raze through the world she has known and take and take from her. She has seen the world slowly piece itself together, has seen to it herself, and knows from experience it’s not over yet. She has seen the Second Wizarding War begin, but she will not live to see the end of it.

It’s quite alright, she thinks. The name Amelia Bones will echo of the stars in her marrow.


Daisy Buchanan is such an underrated character. She’s incredibly smart, and tries so hard to live up to the impossible standards her society and the men in her life set for her; she winds up in a loveless marriage and realizes once she has a child that she’s well and truly trapped, that she has nowhere to go, so she’s ready to give up on her own happiness and be the beautiful little fool everyone wants her to be.

Then gatsby walks back into her life, gatsby who loved her when she was a girl, and she thinks he’s her way out. But no, it turns out he’s become just another rich guy, and a sleazy one at that, with ridiculous expectations of her and no interest in what she wants if it doesn’t perfectly align with his vision of her.

She finishes that novel knowing she’s completely trapped in her marriage, with the lives of three people on her conscience, and even the memories of her youthful first love are colored over. She’s no one and nothing, a pretty face to walk on the arm of her husband. She’s aware of this, too, and it hurts her, so she grins through it and lives the life she’s forced into because she still has a daughter to raise.

I love her so much and I will defend her to the end of my days; there are so many morally grey male characters out there who are just worshipped and she’s shitted on for her mistakes too much.

I think Mini was a really underrated character. She started off as your typical popular pretty mean girl, but there was a lot of complicated stuff going on in her life especially once the pregnancy arose. And I know she and liv had bad blood and she and frankie didn’t get along at first, but mini really grew as a person and it made her relationships stronger too which is what I think really brought her and alo together - how much of her true self started to shine through and how much she grew as a person. Easily one of the most dynamic characters on skins.

So I’ve been re-watching Jekyll and Hyde...

I’ve been re-watching the series recently - I genuinely forgot how much I loved it! But I just want to bring up Hils. Anyone feel like she was a seriously underrated character, or is it just me? I mean, all the girls in this show are fantastic at breaking female stereotypes! Bella is my personal favourite due to her sassy, sarcastic manner and well - she’s a freaking badass too! However, I do also love Renata, Maggie, Lily and Olalla. To begin with, Lily just got on my nerves so much, she’s like a door, always up in Robert’s face like, “Let me in Robert! No more secrets between us!”, then shutting him out when convenient (Although, their romance is beautiful). But after her big reveal at the end of the series, my respect for Lily as a character grew. Olalla also seems quite popular too and I do adore the curly haired staring contests between her and Jekyll.

Hils, however, is so underrated! Granted, her voice may get just a tad irritating but I just love the chemistry between her and Max (as colleagues). I especially like how she just seems to have this classy sort of air to her, as well as being so goddamn hilarious! She makes me laugh so hard when she’s driving 😂😂 (she’s pretty handy with a gun too!). 

It’s such a shame that we didn’t get more of a chance to explore her character. She like many of the others had so much potential for development, which we would have seen more of in seasons 2 and 3, if ITV hadn’t cancelled it.

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Just wondering; do you have any Helena Wayne headcannons?

i love her so much so im gonna limit it to a few 

  • Bruce is absolute putty in Helena’s hands and can’t tell her no. Even if he did tell her no she would hit him with the puppy dog eyes and he gives in immediately.
  • Helena is bilingual because Selina taught her Spanish 
  • Instead of giving people the cold shoulder, Helena just speaks exclusively in Spanish to them and it frustrates them to no end
  • Selina and Helena constantly make fun of Bruce in Spanish 
  • Helena confides in Alfred the most because she feels he is the most trustworthy
  • At every party, Helena takes out her Polaroid camera and snaps blurry candids of everyone. Then, she and Babs make a scrapbook of all the pictures
  • Damian pretends to hate Helena but he really adores her and would do anything for her. He constantly threatens people that if they hurt her he will kick their butts but denies it to Helena’s face.
  • Every Thursday Helena and Babs sneak out of the house for Mcdonald’s because they know it’s bad for them and Bruce would lecture them if he found out but Helena loves their fries 
  • Helena keeps the newspaper clippings of Catwoman’s heist because she thinks it’s cool that her mom is in the paper even if it is for stealing
  • Helena can pick any lock at Wayne Manor so there is no point in trying to keep something a secret from her
  • Selina tries to visit Wayne Manor everyday to see Helena. If she isn’t able to, she calls her just to tell her she loves her
  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> im fine<p/><b>What she means:</b> sansa stark is a perfect example of how a woman doesn't need to have masculine traits to be a strong female character and you can be feminine and like pretty things and still be respectable and independent and she is so underrated as a character and doesn't deserve all the hate she gets and we need more characters like her in mainstream media.<p/></p>

Marlene in Touch of Evil (1958) 

While watching, I always thought she was extremely underrated in this film. Even though her character doesn’t have much screen time, I felt she did a magnificent job with that role. And she gives one of the best lines in the movie, which makes watching this movie all the more enjoyable.