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The villagers had often wondered what exactly the girl from the future saw in the rough-edged boy from the past. They were more often than not seen fighting and causing problems for all sorts of people (not necessarily the girl, but they boy was known for his destructive tendencies when she was gone).

While it was interesting to see them interact, rumors had it that the two of the could be rather sweet to each other when they thought no one was watching - Kaede being the start and fodder of the rumor.

“He slept with his head on her lap all day yesterday. She was reading one of her ‘books’ and let him. It was the quietest my home’s been since they came back. He isn’t even injured!” Kaede stood in the middle of a group of the village women, gossiping about the two teens currently somewhere in the forest. “When he woke up, she asked him to take her on a walk!”

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Oh man, we are so blessed to be the fans of David Duchovny. I mean, name one person who is cuter, more adorable and gentle human being? He's honestly the best. He's always so kind, patient, funny and sweet. I met him with my little sister and he was such a great guy - my sister joked that she's never been hugged by the real man and he put his arms around her and said "then I'm glad to be your first time". We should start appreciating him more!

Aww! You’re melting my heart first thing in the morning, so thank you for this cute anecdote! Your sister must be one happy girl! David really is the best! I know we love to objectify him because let’s be real, he’s smoking hot, but most of all and more important, he really is everything you said. I couldn’t love him more!

In my experience as Filthy Papist ™, both irl and online, there are 4 main general categories of Catholics and Catholic culture (of course this varies by region):

Category 1)
Disgruntled Ex Catholics: (like me) often educated in The Mother Church and it’s bullshit, which is why they’re now lapsed. Can still argue the finer points of theology due to the education they received as kids and teens, but think it’s crap, and mainly use their childhood/teen education to antagonize Catholic category (3). Like category 2, likes alcohol, although cat. 1 usually goes in harder than cat 2 (but not always, beware lest you get your ass drunk into a coma by some sweet, polite liberal Catholic girl). Still has a weird fondness for Mary though because tbh she did seem pretty badass, outside of the church portrayal of her as the perfect submissive woman, and may do the sign of the cross as a reflex when nervous

Category 2)
Catholics who are still observant and very well educated in the church, but also willing to criticize, listen to other people’s criticisms, and have a non-meanspirited sense of humor about the whole thing, because they recognize that spirituality, even in Catholicism, is more than just mindlessly taking marching orders from another person. Generally are naive at worst, but usually sweet hearted, well educated, and don’t try to impose on anyone who isn’t interested. If you want to talk about it, they’re enthusiastic about it, but they’ll wait until you ask, and try to not not pressure you

Category 3: Conservative Catholics. Absolute insufferable fucking demons who are the most boring people around, due to the fact that they have the entire popemobile jammed up their eternally clenched ass. Category 1 and 2 usually hate them, although cat.2 is usually less belligerent and more low key about their hatred. Category 3 lovrs to whine about decadence and heretics, which is why categories 1 and 2 think they’re annoying, bigoted, no fun having fucks. Category 3 also includes right wing gits who convert to Catholicism because they think it’s more Authentic Evropean without all the Degeneracy and heresy. Loves to accuse other Catholics if being ~cafeteria Catholics~

Not listed as a category because fuck you nerds: sedevacantists, Mel Gibson and his dad, literally anybody who whines about Vatican II. Literally every other Catholic hates these annoying fucks, even the Virgin Mary thinks they’re lame as shit

My mom knew I was a lesbian before I ever even questioned it and it freaks me out. Ever since I was in elementary school, she’s slyly suggested that I like girls when talking about attraction to people (i.e. “Any boys you’re interested in… or girls?” “Your future husband or wife needs to treat you right…”) and of course I always replied with an eye roll and, “Mom, I like boys.” I always thought she said these things because she’s really sweet and understanding or because I’ve been single for my entire life, but within the past year (I’m 21), I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ve only ever been attracted to women and I really hate the fact that she might’ve figured it out when I was like six years old by wording things this way. I think of myself as feminine, so how could she have known? Is there something stereotypically lesbian about the way I walk, talk, or dress? Is it horrible that I’m upset that there might be? I haven’t come out to her (or anyone else) because I’m so embarrassed about all of those years I told her I liked men. I feel so horrible about it and I wish I could stop feeling this way and just be myself. It sucks because I know she would still love me… I’m just scared.

Thank You

Summary: You discuss your baby’s name with Thor.
Pairing: Thor x Reader
Word counting: 160 words

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“Did you miss me?” Thor whispered against your temple.

“You know I did.” You rolled your eyes.

His hand caressed your naked belly, hoping your child would give him some attention.

“Any name in mind yet?” You looked up at him.

Your prince thought in silence for a moment.

“If it is a boy, we can call him Dustin.”

You looked up at him with curiosity.

“What does that mean?”

Thor’s stone.” He chuckled.

You shook your head, lying back on his chest again.

“What about a girl?”

“Astrid. Divine beauty.” He said with a sweet smile and moved his large hand to caress your face. “She will be as beautiful as her mother.”

You blushed, and Thor kissed your temple once again.

“My beautiful, beautiful princess.” He whispered. “I love you so much.”

You smiled softly.

“I love you.” You muttered back at him.

“Thank you.” He looked down at your belly. “Thank you for giving me everything I need.”

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So i had a girl in my bio class who would bring me homemade pastries almost everyday, all of them different, and all of them wonderful. (I gained 15 pounds) Over time she no longer brought me any sweets and i was v bummed. On the last day of school i asked her why she stopped. It turns out she had problems with anorexia and instead of eating she made treats for everyone else. But over time she recovered and started eating the things she made. I still cant stop crying, im so glad she recovered.

This is literally the most beautiful ask I’ve ever gotten I’m nearly in tears! I love hearing stuff like this! ❤️

Inuyasha Story Idea

I’m planning on making a Malaysian High School Au for Inuyasha. It will be so much easier on me because I live in Malaysia and I know a lot about it.

Kagome is a sweet school girl who is a Malay. She meets Inuyasha, whom is a half Malay and half Chinese. Inuyasha’s father died while protecting him and his mother and his mother died because of dengue. Inuyasha struggles with his race because of Naraku’s influence on halves, making them believe that you can only have one race. Inuyasha is hot headed as usual and can barely speak their national language, Malay, but Kagome helps him and in return Inuyasha teaches her Chinese, Mandarin.

Miroku is just a Chinese boy who loved to mess around with girls. His right hand was injured in an incident with Naraku’s goons, whom his father died at the hands of. Sango is also a half like Inuyasha, being half Indian and half Malay. Her father died at the hands of Naraku’s goons as well and her brother Kohaku is being blackmailed. Shippo is an Indian child in Standard 1, attending a SMK school. His fathered died after being killed for being in debt.

Naraku is still a nuisance, as usual. He’s a man that believes people can only have one race and discriminates any mixed people. He has a secret organization just for that and Inuyasha plans to put a stop to it once and for all.

So, what do you guys think? @dreaming-of-the-midnight-sun what are your thoughts?

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Prompt: AK doesn't see the roster announcement bc she's in training by she checks it at the end of the day. AH saw it earlier that day and knew her girl would be crushed. She surprises her and picks her up from practice (super supportive hug in the parking lot) and takes her out on a sweet date to help cheer her up.

Ali had been having trouble focusing in training all day. As much as she loved being in Orlando and working with her teammates, all she could think about at the moment was the national team roster that had been released while she was still in practice. As soon as the training session was over, Ali ran to the locker room to shower and change. She didn’t even check her phone until she had absolutely nothing left to do.

Ashlyn was leaning up against the side of the Jeep, waiting outside the stadium for Ali to make her appearance. As soon as Ashlyn saw Ali walking through the parking lot with her eyes glued to her phone, she was even more glad that she had decided to check the roster this morning and pick Ali up from practice.

Ali was still scrolling through the article on her phone and as she got closer, Ashlyn could see the look of disbelief and hurt on her face.

“Hey, baby.” Ashlyn said gently, to get Ali’s attention before she walked right by her.

Ali’s head snapped up at the sound of Ashlyn’s voice. The second they made eye contact, Ali felt the tears start to sting her eyes.

“Oh, Al.” Ashlyn took a few steps forward and scooped Ali up in her arms. Pulling her firmly to her chest and wrapping her arms securely around her waist. Ali buried her face in Ashlyn’s neck. Ashlyn could feel the tear drops landing on her skin. She tried to sooth Ali by rubbing her hand up and down her back until she calmed down.

After a few minutes of clinging to Ashlyn, Ali finally pulled away and wiped the tear stains on her cheeks.

“I didn’t make it.” Ali whispered, not because she was informing Ashlyn, but because she was trying to process the news for herself.

Ashlyn rubbed her hand up and down Ali’s arm and used her free hand to push Ali’s chin up so their eyes could meet.

“I still think you’re the best.” Ashlyn said, trying her best to sound supportive. Luckily, this statement brought a smile to Ali’s face. In response, Ali rested her hand on Ashlyn’s still injured hip and said, “I still think you’re the best too.”

Ashlyn opened the passenger door of the Jeep for Ali. “How about we pick up some Italian food on the way home and have a little date night at home.”

Ali climbed in the Jeep and pressed a quick kiss to Ashlyn’s lips. “That sounds great.”

The ride to the restaurant was relatively quiet, with nothing but the sound of the radio playing the latest Lady Gaga album. Ali didn’t let go of Ashlyn’s hand the entire time they were in the car. Almost an hour had passed since Ashlyn had picked Ali up when they pulled up outside of the house. Ashlyn ran around to Ali’s side of the car to help her out and grab their bags of food.

What Ali saw when she opened the door stopped her dead in her tracks. “Ash, what is this?”

“A pillow fort.” Ashlyn replied with a shrug. “I saw the roster while you were at practice and I figured that you would need some cheering up and it’s impossible to be sad when you’re in a pillow fort.”

Ali didn’t know what to say. Ashlyn had spent the day turning their living room into a pillow fort because she wanted to comfort Ali after the roster announcement. There were rose petals strewn across the hardwood floors and already lit candles resting on the various counter tops that they had around the house.

The remainder of their night was spent sitting in the pillow fort that Ashlyn had expertly constructed for them, eating pasta and talking about anything and everything. As the sun set, they could see the flicker of the candles on the sheets that were posing as the roof of their fort. When they finished eating, Ali let out a little sight and pushed Ashlyn’s chest to get her to lay back. Ali made herself comfortable on top of Ashlyn and let out a satisfied moan when she had found the perfect spot to settle.

After a few minutes of silence between the couple, Ashlyn whispered, “I know it’s going to take more than Italian food and a pillow fort to make you feel better, but I hope this helped.”

Ali leaned over to Ashlyn and gave her a kiss. Neither of them were quite sure how long it lasted. When Ali finally pulled away, she said, “If there is anything that can make this situation better, it’s cuddling with you in a pillow fort.”

Miley Cyrus really isn’t all that great.

Like she has a nice voice but she is only famous because her father is. That’s it. If it wasn’t for her father’s connection, we wouldn’t know who she is. Out of all the singers in the entertainment industry, I don’t understand why there are some people still stanning for Miley after all she’s done. Not has she been extremely anti-black but she also used Native American headdresses for a costume, made fun of Asian people’s eyes, has tons of culturally offensive tattoos and she’s also transphobic.

The only reason she’s going back to her sweet, country girl persona is because she finds it’s profitable. That’s it.  If she apologized and realized she was being a racist cunt, I don’t think I would hate as her as much as I do. But isn’t sorry, she’s just greedy and selfish.

omg, what if tomorrow at evak’s home sweet home they try to study but can’t concentrate because they are talking about trivial things and they all end up sitting and talking about each other’s lives. so even talks about his past and what happened with the balloon squad but you can see it’s hurting him and sana as the fucking great friend she is, says: “you don’t need to talk about it, only when you’re ready” and even smiles at her, grateful and says: “i’m ready” and looks with his concern look™ at isak and start telling the story.

so when we all stop crying even finishes telling everything, isak sits on his lap and caresses his cheek then kiss it and sana looks at him, with her understanding eyes™ and has a shy smile on her lips, feeling so proud of him and then even and isak ask sana about her life and she can’t handle it anymore and starts crying everything that’s hurting her out, so when isak and even see this, they look at each other and get close to sana and try to reassure her but sana says she feels better now after crying because she needed it and begins to tell them everything, making even feel sad and angry at the same time. isak feeling frustrated too because he doesn’t know what he can possibly do to help her but sana tells them that she wants to deal with it so they don’t need to worry and thanks them for listening to her and isak and even say at the same time: “we’re here for you. anytime, we are your friends, du er ikke alene” and they smile to each other with grateful eyes and fade to black and you can find me crying my life out but hey, at least sana is not alone anymore

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Love your blog! Who are some blogs/peeps you recommend following?

Thanks loveeee!!!!! <3 Glad you enjoy!!

well i love a lot of people and just like scrolling through my blog from those who i reblog from you can tell my fave like accounts, but here are my close friends!!

@ihaveabadreputation (the brian to my shawn)
@illumegeoff (my soul sista/sass sista)
@illumninate (my spicy zendaya resembling sista)

and then of course there’s @ftsgerald who’s a cunt and you shouldn’t follow. 

and then as far as writers/bloggers that i love and stalk and check daily:

@babyshawwn (my sweet camilla who i love eternally and want to protect at all costs because she’s so pure ((even though her smuts aren’t)) and lovable and i just wanna give her a hug all the fuckin time)
@mendescutie (this girl can write dad shawn like no other and whenever she does blurbs i die because like how can one put so much cuteness and joy into like a thousand words idk)
@welldamnshawn (i literally check her blog every fuckin day to see if she’s written anything new)
@sippingchai (sipping fucking chai i can’t even she’s so hilarious and a brilliant writer and it’s necessary to follow her)
@shawnrmendes (on dat gif grind #blessup #thankful)
@illuminateshawn (always has the updates whether it’s pictures or videos and very reliable to keep me in the ~loop)
@wordsandshawn (the classic shawn imagine blog, my OG follow, i’d be honestly surprised if you don’t already follow her. just quality content all the time)
@illumendes (always so kind, boosts my spirits when i’m feeling down, never fails to make me smile, icon is one of my all time fave pics of shawn that exists so i always get ~giddy when i see her pop up in my dash)
@shit-to-kinda-okay (got the videos that’ll make ur heart explode into a thousand bits and then put them back together again. she taught me a lot about pubs one time, which was really fun)

that’s all i can think of off the top of my head right now, follow them all, and have fun being swallowed into this black hole of shawn mendes. once you’re in you can’t get out.

Carmen, 21. An assitant of the Lucis’ ruling council members. Professional and driven, she wants to serve and the help the crown in order to assure the country’s safety. A former classmate of Ignis, she developed feelings for him. Enjoys music, poetry and sweets. Makeup lover. Likes the feeling of the sand. A healer if needed.


She seems like such a cool girl! :O I would definately want to hang out with her, and I know Iggy would too! The hair is really pretty too!

☆Admin Erica☆

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the girl i love is beautiful ! when I see her I'm overwhelmed with butterflies and my eyes lighten and I want to be with her forever ! she is the sun!!!

this is so sweet oh my god .. ngl i have tears in my eyes from reading this !!! i hope u two live FOREVER and fall more in love with each other, day by day!!!

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Eleanor must be thrilled with these pap pictures seeing as how she use to get mad back in the day when Louis didn't smile around her enough because she hated being "embarrassed". Granted I guess hearsay should be taken with a grain of salt but it was supposedly an overheard convo I was told about once. I suppose it could be false but Eleanor seems like the type who cares a lot about being seen as a sweet innocent well liked girl so I actually do believe the story.

Would not be surprised it that story was true. Remember elounor 1.0 when she was sweet and innocent. Never saw her smoking or drinking. Just the perfect gf ready to drop what she was doing at a moments notice all for her man and pure as the driven snow to top it all off.

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I'm sad that the pm drama happened but I now can't see myself supporting those devs in the future ;~; do they talk about their fans the same way they talked about you I wonder T~T it's really shocking

Well, when I was in my high school Latin class, a girl I was casual friends with was smack talking a few teachers.  She then asked our Latin teacher sweetly if the teacher heard any gossip about her coworkers, to which the teacher replied something along the lines of “Oh no, I don’t say mean things about others behind their backs.  People who say mean things about other people to you are probably saying mean things about you behind your back as well.”  The girl replied back that she’d never do such a thing, she loved the teacher and never share anything.  Our Latin teacher still refused, and we changed the subject.

After class, I walked out with the girl, and she immediately called my Latin teacher a bitch despite sweet talking her 20 minutes ago.  I couldn’t believe it.  She caused later problems for me and my other friends down the line too, so that was a warning sign I should of taken more seriously. :(

So that’s a round about way of saying maybe, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.  

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There's this really cute girl in my history class and like she's so nice to me and she's sweet as hell but I'm also 99.999999999999% sure she's straight and I want to die

Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I’m so sorry darling!!!!! Nice straight girls are a weakness for so many of us: you’re not alone!!! <3 <3 <3 

Sweet little girl

Eyes wide and heart ablaze

You saw her and fell like the night

She was the blanket of stars keeping you warm

The winter your coats all burned

She lit that fire and never told you

She just wanted someone to need her

So wrapped in her,

You found the holes she’d burned in herself

Patched them up with kisses and goodnight texts.

Then when winter was over,

You took her heart

And one deep breath

And you blew the fire out.