she's such a nerd when she dances

Headcanon type things
  • Riteraru is surprisingly a good dancer, at both Shinto Religious dances and at blade dancing. Though she is greatly embarrassed by this skill and will generally not show it off to anyone.
  • Riteraru is a huge nerd when it comes to certain subjects and if prompted will start reciting lectures on the topic that she remembered from different professors who talked at the museum she resided in.
  • Despite her existence as a youkai blade, Riteraru is largely a pacifist. Unable to bring herself to attack others even if she is getting attacked herself. This is due to her aggressive nature having been sealed away.
Unending Masquerade



                        With sun overhead, a day just like any other day, the streets giving way to a woman with a history most would lose themselves in. To say, she had come out of it unscathed would be a lie, though with much of it overcome, a sense of strength and inner peace resided with her, of which she would not have gained lest she just simply turned her head when that book nerd came to her back door, pleading for help.

                        The events from then until now all seemed to blend together as though finger painting were caught in the rain, different shades dancing with one another, consuming one another, destroying one another. With thoughts busying her mind, walking into a crowd head on, her shoulder collided with another, spinning her around in the same motion as an apology slipped from her lips, only to be cut short by a simple gasp.

                        Dark hues set upon onyx roots, melding with ivory, immediately becoming aware of every single thing around her. From the amount of time she had stared, right down to the fabric against her skin as her hands rested within hoody pockets. Eyes widened as images of the past, their past, flicked within the confines of her memory. Once again, she heard his laughter, that infectious tone that always seemed to have a hint of nervousness within it.

                        A time long past, though still very much live within the young rabbit; the hoody that shielded her coming from none other than the vessel that stood before her, no longer housing that same soul that brought new life to her. Seconds passed, before lids were allowed to blink, throat allowed to clear, and a faint flush tainted her porcelain skin. With head snapping to the side, jaw tightening, she could once again feel that heart within her crumbling to dust. Before her mind could even understand reason, legs pushed from the stance she had found herself in, pushing passed that ghost of her past, desiring only to flee from that face…that beautiful face.

anonymous asked:

Could I have a ship? I'm 5'7 with fluffy blonde hair and hazel eyes. I love watching anime and like to sew. I wear black nerd glasses and am funny. I dance and like to sing. Thanks!!

I ship you with…Haruhi!

Haruhi enjoys watching anime with you especially when its one like Death Note. She likes to absentmindedly play with your hair when you are cuddling. Haruhi likes when you tell her jokes, so then she can tell them to other people and they’ll think she’s funny. You give Haruhi a handmade scarf for Christmas and she never leaves the house without it. You tend to lose your glasses a lot so she just “happens” to have glasses with your exact prescription at her house. Even though she’s a terrible singer you make her sing the duet from all of your favorite musical with you. You also had to teach her how to dance which was a sight to see.

Other ship:Kaoru