she's such a nerd when she dances


A celebration of the wonder that is Jillian Holtzmann. A gay actress playing a character who is probably gay in a big summer action comedy, kicking ass with everyone else. And one of the most important aspects of her character: she’s a brilliant geek who made all their badass toys. She’s a nerd who dances in the street when she sees something cool. She gets overexcited while explaining how their new weapons work because SCIENCE IS AMAZING OMG. And she’s artistic! From the design of the weapons, to revamping the hearse, to choosing the team’s logo, she is the one who made sure they looked good while they saved New York.

Jillian Holtzmann is the personification of Tumblr/fandom, and I love her to bits.

Ghostbusters is an all-around fun movie, and well worth seeing for a lot of reasons, but Jillian Holtzmann is far and away my favorite part of the whole thing. 


a small collection of raven scribbles (including the bluesy one i gave to maggie when she visited our library’s main branch ohohoho)

ronan taking chainsaw everywhere like she’s some cute little teacup yorkie and not a massive black bird is my fav headcanon

Things I liked about 1x10

• Flustered Magnus
• book!Luke (yknow the bookstore thing)
• The little “flourish dance” Clary did
• Java Jace
• nerd!Izzy
• Tbh the lack of Lydia (she’s kind of annoying nlg)
• Izzy freaking out and not knowing how to put on her makeup
• Her horrible dancing (so cute)
• The Dracula face thing w/ Simon and Clary
• The smile Clary makes after the Dracula face thing
• AU!Jace and Clary have probably … done the do
• They were probably planning to do it after the party tbh
• AU!Jace’s reaction to seeing a demon
• How out AU!Alec is (◡‿◡✿)
• The commercial w/ AU!Luke and AU!Hodge haha
• Magnus’s cardigan
• Church’s pillow tbh
• When Jace “accidentally” called Valentine dad I like these hints haha
• biscuit
• Izzy’s dress it was rlly cute
• AU!Simon wanting to ask Izzy to move in w/ him awwe
• Dark Simon
• Meliorn’s pretty hot ngl
• How “Disney” Meliorn’s magic sparkles looked
• When Simon opens the body bag and is like “Hey”
• and his hair is so fLUFFY
• Simon was rlly cute in this episode tbh
• That part where Alec’s like “I’ll be responsible for this one”
• AU!Jace and Simon being best friends
• The cliffhanger at the end wOW


Raven Boys (& Blue) + Broadway

- Ronan loves Once. I mean obviously because he’s Irish and it reminds him of his childhood, but also because the soft intensity of the sound and the beautiful sadness of it reminds him of Adam. His favorite song is Leave.

- Gansey is a Hamilton nerd fight me on this. He idolizes Lin and memorizes all the songs so he can dorkily rap along to impress Blue who laughs her ass off the whole time. He may or may not be working on a Glendower bio-musical.

- Adam likes more traditional shows like Les Mis and Oliver but he’s also a sucker for Newsies and would kill for tickets to Waitress.

- Noah loves The Addams Family and Billy Elliot. When touring casts come near Henrietta he sneaks in and watches shows.

- Blue loves Wicked okay. She just does. She relates to Elphaba and sings Defying Gravity while dancing around her bedroom. She made Gansey sing the Fiyero part of As Long As You’re Mine with her. They do not speak of this.

It’s hard to believe I’m with someone who’s technically a full-on legal adult. She can buy pretty much everything over the counter, but can’t rent a car yet. Well, she’s only one year older than me so the whole “oh man you’re into cougars” joke is expected and dumb.

Anyway, I can safely say that this chick is probably the raddest female I’ve gotten to know. She’s so cool, she influenced me to be more laidback and casual when talking about things I like and explaining things to people. She makes me feel more confident about lots of things about myself. She makes me feel appreciated and is willing to listen to my dumb bullshit.

Thank you, Megan. In the words of Avril, you are “the motherfucking princess”. And in the words of Chad Kroeger, “we’ll dance on into the night”. I’m being a huge nerd for both you and everyone to see but I don’t care. Really explaining how I feel about you is something I won’t back down from.

Meg, I love you. Nothing can change that and we’ll go to your local Steak N Shake in 50’s outfits. We’ll do every dumb thing we’ve suggested to each other and we’ll have a blast doing it.


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things i learned about Peridot from Log Date 5 17 2
  • she really is a cat
  • will prance around in clothes that differ from her normal outfit when she thinks no one is looking
  • wants to be taller
  • can find complex meaning in a single episode of a show by watching it over and over again for three days
  • gay shipper
  • will talk to someone about show and gay ship until their ears fall off
  • laughs at lame jokes
  • can’t dance in high heels
  • a bigger nerd than you thought she was. the biggest nerd of all.


  • i am peridot
One Secret Too Many: Part 4

Alright nerds!

Notes beforehand:

1. @kenfrick and @bechloe-beatchell, because, duh

2. I love you guys for reading and don’t hesitate to send something you’d like to see written, I’ll pay attention and get them out

Okay, Part 4:

Chloe was grinning like an idiot.

She wanted to skip, or sing, or dance, or maybe all three at once. Beca rolled her eyes and told her, don’t, she’d probably trip and break something. Which probably wasn’t too far off the mark, because Chloe knew that she was an absolute klutz when she was not dancing, and with night having fully fallen, it only raised the risk of tripping. So she settled instead for folding her fingers over Beca’s as they picked their way back down the trail. She knew the girls were worried and wanted to get back to them quickly, so they knew that Beca was okay. So they knew that the tension and the rift between their captains was finally, finally gone.

Chloe felt lighter than air.

“Oh my god, Chloe, it’s not that big a deal, you don’t have to smile so much,” Beca said, raising her eyebrows when she looked over and saw Chloe still smiling.

“No, I’m smiling a lot less than I should be, actually.” Chloe’s eyes were bright, but she allowed her smile to fall into a more gentle curve. “And you should see yourself. You haven’t stopped smiling either.”

Beca quickly tried to rearrange her face, and Chloe chuckled. “Doesn’t count, I already caught you.”

“Shut up,” Beca mumbled, shoulder-checking the redhead as they reached the edge of the trees. They could see the Bellas from their spot, sitting around a large campfire; their girls looked morose and worried and tired; Aubrey merely looked patient.

“We’ve really worn them down with our fighting, haven’t we?” Chloe said softly, looking at the circle of girls. Beca nodded, looking almost sad.

“We’re gonna get them back on their feet,” she said. “We’ve never failed these girls, not when it matters, and we won’t now.”

Chloe nodded. “I know.” She started forward, but Beca grabbed her arm and held her back for a moment. Chloe looked back and saw the brunette swallow, looking very red in the face.

“I, uh, before we go back, Chlo, can I, um, talk to you about something?”

Chloe turned to face her, curious. “What’s up, Becs?” Beca took a deep breath and ran her fingers nervously through her already mussed hair.

“God, I really don’t wanna fuck this up,” she muttered after a moment, looking up at the star-strewn sky. Chloe squeezed her fingers reassuringly.

“Just do the best you can,” she said, and Beca nodded, blowing out her deep breath and looking down.

“Chloe, I — want … you to graduate with us,” she started softly. Chloe raised her eyebrows. “Because, if you don’t … I feel like I’m gonna have to leave you, and — god, Chlo, I don’t want that, I don’t, not when I just — when we just —” Beca let out a frustrated growl, took a deep breath, and started again. “I want you to graduate with us, Chlo, because that would mean I could ask you to come to L.A. With me. And you could say yes. And — I want that. For you to come … with me.” Beca grimaced. “Oh my god, I’m such a sap, what’s wrong with me?”

Chloe laughed. “No, it was good. For you, that was really good.” Then she sobered, her brow furrowing as she digested what Beca had told her. “D'you really want me to go to L.A. with you?”

Mutely, Beca nodded. Chloe watched her for a moment, hearing again the brunette’s words from yesterday: Sack up, dude! For the first time, she heard the undercurrent of fear in the words. Because Beca was scared that, if Chloe didn’t graduate, the DJ wouldn’t be able to take Chloe with her to L.A.

A wide grin stretched across her face, and Beca gave her a weird look. “Dude, what?”

“Okay,” Chloe said softly.

“Okay, what?

“Okay. I’ll go with you.” The redhead smiled faintly as Beca’s jaw dropped.

“Dude, really?” The brunette’s eyes lit up like fireworks on the fourth of July. “You meant it? You want to?”

Chloe snickered. “I wouldn’t say I would if I didn’t want to.”

And Chloe thought that Beca must have forgotten that she was supposed to be moody and distant, because she squeaked and threw her arms around the redhead, even letting go so far as to let Chloe lift her up into a tight hug and a fierce, joyful kiss that seemed to set them both on fire, and the happiness that she felt seemed intense, heavy; coupled with all of the anger and misery of the day, the difference was almost excruciating. After a moment, Chloe backed out of the kiss and touched her forehead to Beca’s.

“So we found our sound and we’re running to L.A. with it,” she said, and Beca nodded, smiling. “So what do you say we go bring the others around to the sound too?”

“Only if you put me down.”

filling this out for skyeward why not

• which one is abysmal at roller skating and has to hold onto the other

Skye, I would think.  Which is probably why Ward likes roller skating with her so much, b/c it means she has to hold onto his arm the whole time. Also, Ward looks like a nerd roller skating but SKYE IS HOLDING ONTO HIM SO SUCK IT, GUYS, I’M COOL

• which one gets hiccups every time they drink something fizzy

Ward, probably because he pretty much never drinks soda, so when he does he drinks it too fast and then has these heaving hiccups that make the room shake and it’s terrifying but also hilarious

• which one always joins the group dances at the skating rink

Skye, which can be a bit of a problem because she can’t skate all that well (see her holding on to Ward) so she always falls and then Ward literally knocks through the group dance to get to her BECAUSE SKYE FELL SKYE ARE YOU OKAY SKYE and she’s literally sitting there looking up at him like we’re going to get banned from the roller rink again

• which one listens to new songs on loop until the other can’t stand it

Skye, definitely.  It’s always something pop-y with fast lyrics and she wants to learn all the words so she has to listen to it 30 times in a row, duh Ward.  I don’t even think Ward cares for music in general, he likes quiet, Skye PLEASE STOP PLAYING FANCY I AM GOING TO LOSE MY MIND

• which one tags the other in embarrassing photos without asking first

Considering that Skye has an entire album titled “Embarrassing Photos of Top-Ranking Super Spy Grant Ward” I’d probably say it’s her.

• which one had a short-lived interest in learning the ukulele

Skye probably picked it up at a flea market and learned ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow,’ and then got bored without realizing that Ward’s favorite thing was watching her learn how to play and sing to herself in the low lamp light late in the evening and so when she stops playing he starts, he kind of mimics what he saw her do until he gets it down and one day she catches him playing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and singing to himself and she kind of just leans in the doorway and watches him until he notices she’s there and gets embarrassed and she asks him to play it again

• which one keeps posting memes on facebook

Ward loves dogs and so he probably posts dog memes all the time because he thinks they’re hilarious he’s like oh dog, you’re so funny, you give such great advice and Skye is like Ward you single handedly kill every meme you touch stop it

Liara walking into Shepard's cabin hoping to discuss business and finding her dancing and singing along to cheesy 2000's hip-hop in her bra and Alliance uniform trousers and screaming when she spots Liara, stood there with her arms crossed laughing
Some hoo headcanons

Frank wears earmuffs when he’s cold whereas Hazel prefers enormous scarves.

Piper and Leo pretty much SLAY at Just Dance

Every Christmas, the seven do Secret Santa to cut down on spending. Jason gets everyone a gift anyway

Nico drops his food when he eats

Reyna got a leather jacket from Thalia for her birthday and since then she constantly wears it

Leo’s favourite emoji is the dancing lady

Annabeth pretty much lives in sweaters when its not summer. She loves fitted, oversized, knitted, fluffy, collared, everything.

Percy cried at Finding Nemo

Piper laughed about it for weeks afterwards

She also buys THE BEST GIFTS EVER I mean she knows exactly what to get people

Nico, Leo, Frank and Piper are total anime nerds I will fight you on this

Jason got 4 glasses cases for his birthday

He used all of them what a nerd

The first time Hazel swore in front of everyone, they just stopped in their tracks and stared not really sure how to react. Frank fanned his face and Leo cried a lil bit. Then she just told them to fuck off you assholes


Annabeth is pretty much best friends with Sally Jackson and help with Christmas dinner every single year, even though she is a terrible cook.

Reyna and Annabeth have girly dates every weekend where they go for hot chocolate in New Rome and talk about work and college

Leo, Piper and Jason just pull all-nighters playing video games and talking and fall asleep on top of each other

Frank stutters when he’s nervous

Will makes a decision on a whim to get his ear pierced and Nico literally whimpered when he saw him

When Annabeth kept having nightmares after Tartarus and Percy wasn’t there, Piper sang her to sleep and didn’t leave all night

Percy and Jason have a really long, very complicated handshake that involves a chest bump

Work in progress of my cinnamon roll Annabelle Shepard.  She’s a Spacer/Sole Survivor biotic adept I created whose story begins in 2160s when she was on Jump Zero while Conatix was conducting experiments on biotic children.

She’s a ship nerd, spending most of her young life (before the emergence of her biotic abilities) around ship engines of all kinds. To keep herself limber and agile to use her biotics, she studied various dances, both modern and old.

Please ignore the poor anatomy!  I am practicing ^_^;;

So I found this Ryder post by @customsheps​ and I thought it’d be fun to do!

Name: Louise Ryder
Nickname: Lou/Lulu
Age: 25
Physical description: 5′9″, dark brown eyes, brown hair usually tied in a side braid, scar along the left side of her jaw
Personality: Social butterfly, polite and accommodating, has a tendency to get a bit overexcited
Hobbies, talents, interests: Louise is a major archaeology nerd. The vast majority of her extranet search history consists of various articles about artifacts from ancient cultures and she wrote a 55.5 page report on the Protheans when she was in high school. She very much enjoys dancing, whether it be alone in her room to calming music or out at a club with her friends, as she can also be quite the party girl. She’s always found pyjaks to be adorable and was particularly saddened to hear that they largely considered pests across the galaxy.
Relationship with sibling: She and Scott used to butt heads when they were younger over everything. They even used to find some way to argue about things they agreed on. But then as they got older, they became a lot closer and consider each other to be their best friend. But they still mess with each other fairly often, of course. Louise always pulls the “respect your elders!” card despite only being older by 3 minutes.
Relationship with parents: Louise always idolized her mom and got her love of archaeology from her. She even began styling her hair a bit like her mother’s in high school and hasn’t changed it much since then. While she and her dad don’t always see eye-to-eye, they remain fairly close, even if they were particularly distant up until she started high school. She always thought his silly superstitions, like rubbing a rock for good luck, or tossing salt over your shoulder when you spill it, were just that; silly. But she’d humor him regardless. After teasing him, of course.
Combat Proficiency: Louise is a very skilled Biotic and has some impressive hand-to-hand training but as far as firearms, she could only ever really get the hang of handguns. She generally relies more on biotics than guns anyways, as she favors non-lethal force in most situations(provided non-lethal is an option).
Feelings about the Andromeda Initiative: From a scientific and archaeological standpoint, she was thrilled about being selected for the Andromeda Initiative at first. But after the initial excitement settled, she was considering whether or not she even wanted to go, as she’d never be coming back. While her family was going, she had an entire life in the Milky Way that she’d be leaving behind. All of her friends, as well as the other family members that wouldn’t be going. She spent her last week in the Milky Way with her closest group of friends, all of which took the week off from work to be with her. They promised her that every year they’d have dinner at her favorite restaurant on her birthday. While she was excited for what the journey to Andromeda would hold, she couldn’t help but dread it at the same time.

Yikes, that was longer than expected, sorry lol.

anonymous asked:

Could I please get a ship?? i'm a bisexual woman, and i'm 20 years old (so if you could avoid putting me with a teenager like Tate or Violet, i'd be ever so grateful)! i have long blonde hair and i'm around 5'4, fairly slim and very pale. I've been doing ballet since i was little and it is totally my passion. when i'm not dancing though i like shopping, yoga, writing and reading. i'm pretty shy at first, but once i'm comfortable with people i am a little bit too bubbly :) thank you!


i think she is so underrated.  she is very disciplined and super loving, and to do ballet you need a level of discipline and sophistication.  but she can have a ton of fun with you and she’d love to go shopping with you ESPECIALLY for books cause she’s a huge nerd