she's such a hbic in the books

Title: Enchanted
Fandom: Riverdale
Word Count: 920
Characters: Cheryl Blossom x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: None
Notes: I love my redheaded girlfriend dearly, and this is my first time writing for her, so I hope I did her justice. ❤️

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Cheryl Blossom had never known what real love was. Her parents loved her when it was convenient for them, when they needed a pretty daughter to show off. Her brother loved her the most of anyone she knew, but still, he withheld aspects of himself from her, and she always felt that he didn’t love her as unconditionally as he claimed.

And then she met you.

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anahthema  asked:

i've seen a lot of people talking about the shatter me series lately. a while ago there were a lot of mixed reviews about it so i decided not to read it, but now i'm hearing great things?? if you don't mind, could you give me a few reasons why i should check it out?

[cracks knuckles]
- okay so the main protagonist, my mother who gave birth to me and raised me herself, juliette ferrars? she’s locked up in an asylum by her parents who just ~couldn’t deal~ with her being different & basically hurried to get rid of her
- she keeps a journal bc it’s the only thing that keeps her alive and sane?? also shatter me is set in a dystopian world where there are no books (in the present time) or things to occupy her mind other than her own extremely depressive and often suicidal thoughts
- long story short she’s been through a lot and she’s VERY fragile at first like she just wants to be able to touch someone but she can’t
- in comes the shatter me malaria™ but don’t worry it’s not like r&r at all he’s dealt with accordingly (later in the books)
- hands down THE BEST character development i’ve ever witnessed with my own two eyes
- she goes from a meek crybaby who’s afraid of hurting people to a fully fledged hbic in no time and she OWNS UP TO HER POWER
- anyway i’d die for juliette ferrars (inspiring, strong, KIND despite everyone treating her like shit or like some kind of weapon and not an actual human being) in a heartbeat moving on
- BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- the fashionista style icon of sector 45
- that’s leader of sector 45 for you
- beautiful golden boy who’s more of an antagonist/anti hero bc goodie two shoes character are boring we all know that unless it’s purposefully written as a precious cupcake of some kind which warner is not
- in fact some ppl rly believed he was EVIL in the first book but trust me he’s NOT he has his own agenda that has to do with juliette but it’s not what you think 👀 hope that was mysterious enough
- warner: kills people
also warner: pets a dog?? loves dogs?? a dog person?? protect him??????? if you won’t i will
- juliette agrees too don’t worry
- HE LITERALLY CALLS ADAM A.K.A THE MAL EQUIVALENT “ rotting innards of unidentified roadkill” HE!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOES THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b o i
- okay i’ve said enough now here’s the cherry on top, the dessert of the full course meal that is shatter me:
- who’s not sidelined or stereotyped like he’s funny and smart and playful and very bi you can’t convince me otherwise
- he teases juliette all the time and they’re the ultimate brotp
- no really their friendship?? is amazing?? beautiful?? so important/??
- but then there’s warner/kenji…….. that’s like A Thing all on its own bc they both talk so much shit about each other but they have SO MUCH respect for each other too it’s a beautiful thing to behold tbh
- every moment where this perfect trio interacts is A Gift From The Goddess Herself™ and by goddess i mean tahereh mafi
- kenji has some superpowers of his own… in fact everyone does but his are super cool okay
- has some of THE best zingers/one-liners EVER
- there are some a+ girls but we don’t get to see them that much
- hOWEVER we were promised more female friendships & female characters in general + more lgbt characters in the shatter me sequel restore me… coming to a bookstore near you (the release date is may 6th 2018 so mark that down)
- the writing is so unique and beautiful it’s like poetry flowing through you (out of juliette’s mouth)
- literally don’t listen to a single negative review you see on goodreads they’re liars the whole lot of ‘em
- shatter me is one of the most gripping amazing a++++ series i’ve ever reaD PLEASE READ IT so you can get ready for restore me

Arthur Recap Season 5 Episode 6 The Election

What UP? I’m back from Europe and shit is just CRAZZZY between unpacking, organizing my souvenirs, doing my laundry, playing the Kim K game, and listening to Anaconda and the Flawless remix….

Sigh. I am always so busy, you know. And then I got a guest recap submission and I was like, “Oh yeah gotta keep churning out those recaps”.

It’s presumably 30 something years into the future because Muffy Crosswire is being sworn in as the president of the United States. I say 30 something because there’s a law that says US presidential candidates must be at least 35 years old. If you are wondering what party Muffy is affiliated with, let me quote from her acceptance speech: “Ask not what I can do for you, but what you can do for me.”

So that she’s a Republican is probably a safe bet.

I find it funny that many Lakewood alumni are now in the US government. The unnknown rabbit, Alex, is standing behind Muffy as she is sworn in (he’s the one in the yellow shirt and the green coat) and Brain is the one swearing her in, which implies that he must be a Chief Justice on the Supreme Court and Binky is in the Secret Service as well.

As Muffy makes her speech, our HBIC Arthur is the audience! I assume Arthur too busy running Elwood City like a club and launching a highly successful children’s book series/TV show about his childhood to enter politics. Arthur tries to holla at her but Muffy yells, “SECURITY!” and has him escorted.

Arthur is confused as to why she is pretending not to remember him and tries to jog her memory by bringing up the 3rd grade class election. Unfortunately, this is Muffy’s beserk button and she screeches, “DON’T EVER BRING THAT UP TO ME!”

Arthur is hauled off and remarks, “She takes things way too seriously”. Arthur can afford to be chill about being arrested because one of his childhood buddies is a Chief Justice on the Supreme Court.

But what happened at the 3rd grade election? Let’s find out!

Ratburn announces that as they conclude their unit on government, the class will hold a mock election. The kids talk about it on the playground and Francine is the first to express interest in running. Everyone hurriedly tries to talk her out it, fearing her tyranny of bitchery. Muffy suggests that Francine be a campaign manager instead. 

Buster suggests that Arthur run since he’s so popular and Muffy tries to laugh at him. However, we get the last laugh because when Muffy announces her candidacy, no one says a peep but when Buster nominates Arthur, everyone cheers him on. Arthur is initially hesitant but agrees.

Muffy throws him a dirty look when he accepts. Uh-oh…

At lunch time, both camps have strategy meetings. The boys are mostly chill about the election–Buster says Arthur just needs a few jokes to win over the crowd and Binky suggests Arthur riff on Lincoln’s “four score and seven years ago” speech for laughs. Meanwhile, Muffy is getting into gear like she’s Hillary Clinton and demanding catchy slogans, appointments with her salon for a presidential ‘do, and pinpointing hot button issues.

In class, the kids learn that like the presidents before them, they have to identify the important issues they stand for.

After school, Arthur tries to invite Francine to the Sugar Bowl but Muffy drags her away and admonishes her for talking to “the enemy”. Arthur and Buster and me think Muffy needs to chillax.

At Casa de Read, Buster is reading dumb jokes for Arthur to use when D.W. comes by. She wants to know what Arthur’s stances on school issues are and suggests he get cool campaign colors. Arthur tries to dismiss her and claims the election isn’t a big deal but the next day, Buster and Arthur find that Muffy has printed color posters and buttons.

So they go to work and make their own posters for Arthur and hang them up the next day, but Muffy mocks them as she hands out her muffins and tries to ignite fear mongering about Arthur. Arthur tries to tell her to play fair but Muffy laughs. “You think politics are fair?” she sneers.

Arthur can’t even report her bitchery because Muffy gives a muffin to Ratburn and we all know that man thinks with his stomach.

The candidates have their debate, moderated by the Brain. Arthur has good ideas to help the school (clean the school grounds, buy more library books, etc) while Muffy is concerned with getting better lighting in the girl’s bathrooms and putting in amusement park rides in the playground. Arthur thinks the whole school should pitch in to make his ideas happen while Muffy hand waves any money concerns because her dad can pay for everything.

Ratburn congratulates them for the exciting debate which causes Binky to pretend to snore. He offers actual fun ideas like snacks in class, no homework, and getting to be absent once a week with no questions asked. The whole class cheers and Ratburn decides to integrate a write in candidate to the election.

Muffy protests since she put in so much money and time on her campaign and it’s not fair that Binky gets to waltz in at the last minute. However, Ratburn points out that in a true democracy, anyone can run. Arthur has no problem with it, which makes Muffy furious. 

“If you had any backbone, you’d agree with me,” she fumes at him.

Voting occurs after lunch (or at least, I assume so) and Binky is the winner!

Muffy is upset, as to be expected, but Arthur shrugs off the loss and can see why Binky won. His ideas were certainly attractive but unfortunately for Binky, this was a mock election and none of his policies will be implemented, not even the snacks in class rule.

Muffy tells Arthur she will never forget that it was his fault that Binky won the election.

Grade: B+ (Seeing Muffy drive herself into a frenzy is where the character really gets her most comedic although bitchiest moments. I don’t know if this episode was meant as an homage to the book/film Election but I saw some parallels. Muffy is an expy for Tracy Flick, Arthur is the popular and kind Paul Metzler, and Binky could be Tammy Metzler as neither was particularly concerned with winning and just wanted to shake things up.

Also, I wanted to point out that if this was a real election, Muffy would have probably been the winner. Brain said earlier in the episode that campaigns can cost up to millions of dollars and Muffy would have the advantage and would have crushed her opponents with fear mongering ads and bought up every single vote that she could. Write in candidates don’t win and Binky probably would have enjoyed a brief surge of popularity and had memes created from his soundbites but then faded to obscurity (Remember “the rent is too damn high”? Remember who said it? Exactly). Arthur might have a chance of winning if there was enough backlash against Muffy and let’s face it, she is a blatantly selfish person so there might be a big one. But even if Muffy didn’t manage to steamroll him, there is no doubt she would spend his presidency trying to undermine him.)

Rating: 85% intense. Elections are intense.

There is so much I find wrong with this. Nobody is saying a strong woman can’t experience love. I also find it funny when Lana tries to play the feminist card after her whole ‘needy insecure women’ at the gym tweet. 

Lana went from being in a storyline with Rusev, where she had most of the control and power. She was strong and in charge. Then she gets dumped by Rusev and kisses the first guy she comes across. She follows Dolph to the ring and has no active part in being there. It would’ve been fine had we had weeks of Dolph showing concern and interest in Lana. If there was a logical reason behind the pairing except for Lana on the rebound and being all goo goo ga ga for Dolph out of the blue, then it would be okay and she’d have retained her strong woman status. WWE ruined the character of Lana by getting rid of the things that made her who she is. She was the one who turned Rusev against America yet now she is becoming Americanized? Not even a little lingering American hate? She liked to be in control and help Rusev win, yet she is content to applaud Dolph every week? She doesn’t even feel the need to help him win matches in devious ways? She doesn’t cut promos to put Dolph over like she did for Rusev. Her mic skills got her over and she doesn’t even get to showcase them anymore. She got over, she should’ve been given a GM position or a more active managerial roll. Maybe managing Seth and going toe to toe with Heyman on the mic? She was never eye candy and that’s what they’ve reduced her to 

Strong women can experience love and still maintain their personality. AJ remained a strong woman despite her many romances. Steph has remained HBIC despite being with HHH. The storyline is failing Lana right now and its a booking problem. The jumped her to Dolph with literally no reasoning or relationship development.