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hey!! im tryna get into the nwhl and i was told you would be a good person to come to just to ask about your fav teams and players just to tell me some basic stuff about them?

If you’re completely new to the league i’d recommend reading THIS & THIS it has basic facts on how to follow the league + links to all the NWHL twitters which you in my opinion must follow to follow the league & they give insight on the players & the teams ! + They’re really cute and have a bunch of interactions.

OK this turned into more of a me talking about some of my faves on every team + some basic info about the teams! And since I have a lot of strong feelings about this league this post is kinda long so I’m putting facts about my fave players on the 4 NWHL teams under the cut!

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Adopt: Part 3

Here it isss! The final part.

Part 1 is HERE

Part 2 is HERE

Hope you enjoy this conclusion! I love this little family!


You and Harry waited a few months before you revealed the news of your pregnancy to the kids; you wanted to be sure that there were not going to be any complications or problems before they got all excited about having a new sibling. You also weren’t sure what their reaction was going to be to having a new baby in the house. Both kids were still adjusting a bit to being an actual family in an actual house, and bringing a new baby into the mix may stir up some feelings of jealousy, especially with Maddie who was still a bit clingy and seemed to get upset when she thought her brother was getting more of your attention than she was.

You couldn’t really blame her; she had spent the first three years of her life without a family, surrounded by a ton of other children who all got the same treatment and same amount of attention. It broke your heart to think that she had never felt love until coming into your home, which is why you and Harry were determined to shower her with as much of it as you could.

The first time that Maddie had a birthday while living with you was around the time that you were four months pregnant. She had never had a birthday party before and, when you described it to her, she didn’t seem overly excited one way or another. She didn’t light up at the prospect of receiving presents or having cake. The one thing that did make her eyes twinkle was when Harry mentioned balloons; that was when you decided that you would buy every balloon in town if you thought it would make her happy.

You decided to keep the party to just your family, as you didn’t want to overwhelm her. You and Harry played around with the idea of getting Jamie a few presents as well, just so he wouldn’t feel left out, but when Harry sat down with him and asked if he understood what birthdays were about and whether or not he would be upset if Maddie got most of the attention for the day, Jamie surprised you with his maturity and comprehension. Harry promised that, when it was his birthday, it would be his day and Jamie was more than okay with that.

The day of Maddie’s birthday arrived and as soon as she wandered into the kitchen for breakfast, Harry presented her with a pile of pancakes that he had made, sticking a candle in the top and setting it down in front of her.

“Why is there a candle?” she asked, reaching toward it.

Harry quickly grabbed her arm and gently pulled her away from the candle, cringing a bit at the close call.

“Careful, baby,” he warned, “Candles are hot; you can’t touch them. It’s for you though, because it’s your birthday. On your birthday, you get to have candles in your cake…or in your pancakes.”

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"Immortality, my darlings." AD

You know how the writers and the cast say, after the reveal you can rewatch the series and think how obvious it has been from the start???

WELL, remembering the trailers and the first episode- most people’s plus my initial guess was Ali being the anonymous stalker cos it’s the most obvious!

And i think the show really just went rounds, but it really comes back to Alison Dilaurentis. And i will tell you why:

• the first few seasons, -A was centered on making the girls remember Alison. It’s like every single day they were made to think about her.

Wasn’t that what Ali wanted in the flashbacks? To be remembered, to be famous in life and death?

“Immortality, my darlings.” You know what they say, you’re only dead until someone says your name for the last time.

• We’ve been told Alison saw Mona last before truly escaping that night… And we know how Mona liked to suck up to Ali and become her. I’m not surprised if Mona was “A” because Ali asked her to be… To take the fall, to become more like her.

Also remember: “I did everything you asked me to” we were told she was talking to Cece, but she was heavily drugged and thought it was Alison. But i read a great theory ( @peter-sluttin-it-up-hastings ), that cece’s visitor’s pass might have been really for Ali as she was presumed dead and it would be problematic for a dead girl to visit an alleged stalker - which is why she used Cece’s name as they always switch personalities anyway.

• Alison planned to escape that night beforehand. Blackmailed Mr. Montgomery, left her diaries, her shady quotes, etc.

• We know how Jenna always says something like “i’m not the one you should be afraid of, i’m not Alison”

• Alison picked out the girls, knows all their secrets, knows how they are and how foolishly they commit to her. Example: The first secret. Alison wanted to test their loyalty, to see how much the girls would do for her and if her game will work.

• “the bolder the move, the less anyone questions it.” THE INITIALS OF UBER A ARE FREAKING AD

• Can we not forget the time Mona fake died and got kidnapped, Alison looked extremely pleased ??? And conveniently that Mona was taken since she just called Aria how she can prove Alison is A.

• Alison was accused by the girls of being possibly -A and/or killing Mona, BUT redeemed herself after finding them in the dollhouse, making her look like a good friend after everything she’s put them through. (Don’t come at me i love Alison but i also love the idea of her being evil)

• remember when she just got back and supposedly she’s turned good but she stringed the girls back into her web of lies AKA her kidnapping story and even made Cyrus take the fall

• she was the original Red Coat. And emily did say she knew RC was in charge

• that whole Cyrus thing was ??? In her story, he used her and stole her things and even stabbed her. Then suddenly we see her in Vivian costume paying him off and shit.

No matter you turn that around, she lied.

• She escaped Rosewood allegedly to get away from -A, but when she fake died she followed the girls around knowing that they are being targetted by -A???? Which defeats the whole purpose of being “dead” if she just puts herself out there again, of course she’d be seen by -A.

You can argue she couldn’t help it, they were her friends but that brings me to the next point:

She said she knew -A, but never told the girls who it was after LOTS of opportunities of communicating with them. Why? If she really wanted to help them

• up til now the show claims the Liars being completely innocent during “that night” - which makes 0 sense as to why they were being targeted. Unless they really did something that has yet tocbe revealed OR it’s their dear friend Ali playing games on them like she did before that night.

• that quote of Aria about Everything being Ali’s show.

Well, to sum up what they did in the series:

  • solve Ali’s death
  • bring Ali safe back home
  • figure out who Ali’s brother Charles is
  • come back to hellsWood to free Ali’s sister Charlotte
  • figure who Ali’s cousin is

• and also remember how everything started again when Ali called them back to Rosewood. Like they were happy with their lives already, or at least out of that traumatic mess – and suddenly she calls them back and now they’re suffering again

• Cece was never big A. She was blackmailed by Alison to be A helper or take the blame for everything.

As Ali is in the possession of the NAT videos and was basically running around the whole night that labor day she found out Spencer was the one to hit Bethany (spencer’s flashbacks!!!). And Ian claiming the videos had something that could ruin the Dilaurentis, i assume Alison found out Cece and Spencer being siblings, thus blackmailing Cece into taking the fall or else spilling the beans about Spencer. Also, another hint is the blood on Spencer during the Dollhouse.

Taking this further, i think the NAT video’d Melissa and Cece talking “that night” – them planning how to protect Spencer. Cece talking Melissa into burying Bethany for S.

• Alison stayed with Charlotte over the 5 years to make sure she won’t talk.

• also, i already put this in a previous theory buttt i’m gonna mention it here again. When Wilden interviewed the Liars about that night, he observed it to be rehearsed as everything was exactly the same from their previous statement. Reminds me of that christmas episode, where we were shown how Jessica taught Alison to lie by making her repeat the lie over and over. Alison could have done that with the Liars, even easier as they were drugged.

Which is why they were all so shady in the Pilot.

•  This seasons many og characters have insinuated on Ali’s past, which makes me think it’s still relevant. example: Paige telling Emily, Ali is manipulating her again even lying about being pregnant.

• It started with Alison’s funeral and it’s gonna end with AD’s funeral.

But she achieved her wish, she will never be forgotten. She will always live in the trauma of many people she’s ruined.



WESTWORLD | 1.06 | Felix & Maeve

Felix reboots Maeve.

This is Echo! She likes helping me with my grad school work. Echo wanted to know if the sticky frogs like helping the Big Pink Tree!!

Hi Echo! 🐍🐸😄 What excellent helping!

The best helper at the Stickyfrogs’ house is Wayne! 🐸 Any job you have, Wayne can help you with her face!

Wayne is glad you are a great helper too Echo, she sends you a big hug! 😊🐸



So everyone and their mothers are looking at these strange statements as anagrams for Charles or Rachel S. DiLaurentis. Although, those are really clever answers to what seems to be an impossible question, maybe we are making this too complicated. Maybe the answers are are spelled out right on the card.

If the Reddit spoilers are true (and the music list posting for 5x25 is legit [seen above]) then I believe Mona figured out a HUGE clue. These are the rooms in A’s Dollhouse.

“Chandelier’s Rituals”-
So this sounds crazy but when simplified can make sense. What do you think of when you see “chandelier” (other than Sia lol)? Balls, dancing, gowns, Kings and queens. All reminiscent of the PROM big A is “hosting” for the girls. This could potentially be the first room the girls are sent to in the dollhouse.

“Sister Launched Lair”-

I immediately think of A’s Lair when I read this one, but the addition of “Sister launched” turns this into something more sinister: the twin theory. This makes the “Big A is someone’s twin theory” even more possible and points to them being a girl twin. The girls will possible find/ be led to Big A’s lair OR find themselves in the recreated A lair (which reminds me of the episode where we find out Mona is A. There was a dance and then an A lair….and then a cliff…..which brings me to the next line)

“A Ruler’s List Chained”-

According to other sources out there, the liars (and hopefully Mona Vanderjesus) will be trapped or “chained” in a way by Big A at the end of the episode, keeping them in the Dollhouse. Obviously “A Ruler” is Big A, her “List” would be all the people she hates/ wants to get revenge(?) on, and “Chained” would mean someone is being held back or being restricted. This leaves the girls in Big A’s hands to keep playing out the strange scenarios like little dolls.

Now, as I’m writing this, I’m realizing there are so many “parallels” in a way to (I do not know the exact episode number sorry) the episode Mona exposes herself as A. They start at a dance (chandeliers rituals), go to the A lair (sister launched lair), and end up at “the end of the road” or a cliff (a rulers list chained). So what does this all mean? Well maybe this episode is much more significant than we realize. This IS technically why the game was stolen (Mona is deemed crazy, perfect time for Big A to swoop in). Or maybe someone was wronged in this episode so badly that is made them act out and steal the game from Mona, becoming increasingly more violent as Big A. I believe we should all rewatch this episode because I think it becomes over looked. People agree this episode is where everything changed, but they haven’t looked at the details themselves. (I am probably wrong but didn’t we find Maya dead at then end of the episode? Maybe? I can’t remember sorry…. But Marlene DID say our questions about maya would be answered very soon. If she was killed at the end, it would tie that episode in with the Dollhouse.)

But we need to think about Mona as well. How did she know about the Dollhouse? Did she do enough spying to figure everything out? Is that why she was iced? Maybe. She IS Mona. She can do anything. This doesn’t mean Mona is Big A, I definitely am NOT saying that. But it’s there. I believe Mona did snooping and found the Dollhouse. She didn’t necessarily know who Big A was, but she did find their (HUGE) lair. (I believe this to be Varjack’s house. It looked big enough and definitely has enough grounds/ is secluded enough to entertain Big A’s destructive and disturbing thoughts). After Mona and the liars got together and Mona figured out who she believed to be Big A, Big A had to “quiet” Mona. BUT I don’t believe she was killed. I think Big A (and helper friend) beat Mona severely and spilled her blood she had been storing around the house. Then after she couldn’t fight anymore, injected her with a drug that (momentarily) paralyzed her. Big A then transported Mona to the “Dollhouse” and is keeping her there prisoner (possibly making her act out scenes (which also ties in with the “parallel” episode).

So this is my entire theory and it became more complex as I typed. Thanks for reading!
XO- lillydear

Big 'A' / Who's In The Box / Black Widow - Theory

Peter Hastings and Jessica DiLaurentis had an affair which resulted in Jason being born. Jessica pretended he was Kenneth’s son and continued her affair. She soon found she was pregnant again with twin girls. She decided to give them up for adoption as she did not feel she could have more children under Kenneth’s impression that they were his. She somehow hid the pregnancy from Kenneth and gave birth to two twin girls - CeCe and Courtney. They were adopted by a loving couple in Courtland and lived their life normally.

The twins’ parents were friends with Sara Harvey’s family. The three became very close and Sara became their protégé and they made her into their triplet. CeCe and Sara had a healthy relationship but Courtney became obsessed with making Sara exactly like her. She started to pretend Sara was her twin instead of CeCe. The girls’ parents soon realised Courtney’s obsession and placed her under psychiatric evaluation. She was diagnosed with a mental disorder and sent to Radley Sanitarium while CeCe and her parents moved to Rosewood where CeCe began high school without telling anyone about her crazy twin. Whilst at Radley, Courtney was the ‘fragile patient’ who was on the roof with Marion Cavanaugh and pushed her off.

One weekend Courtney came home from Radley. When it was time for her to go back she managed to trick her parents into taking CeCe back. Courtney-as-CeCe now looked for a new protégé and found Alison DiLaurentis. They became best friends and Courtney’s unhealthy obsession began again, this time with Alison. She took it even further with Alison by getting her to make masks of her face so that they could be identical. Courtney-as-CeCe managed to hide it from her parents. Alison dared “CeCe” to go to Radley and say she was her. Whilst she was there the real CeCe managed to escape from Radley and Courtney was forced to stay in Radley again. Due to Jessica not wanting Alison seeing CeCe anymore because of her and Courtney’s “toxic” relationship CeCe did not interact with Alison much. CeCe managed to read Courtney’s diary to get her life back on track.

Whilst in Radley, Courtney begins to hate both CeCe and Alison because CeCe got her put back in the asylum and Alison didn’t realise she was swapped. Courtney becomes 'A’ in revenge and begins to send Alison threatening messages. On the night of Alison’s disappearance she managed to break out of Radley. This is why Jessica didn’t want Alison going out - she thought Courtney might try and hurt Alison because she was mentally unstable. Courtney buys two yellow tops - one for her and one for Alison. She goes to Alison’s room and leaves one of the tops for Alison, stating it is a gift from her mother and leaves the 'A’ message on Ali’s mirror. Courtney wears the other yellow top. CeCe learns about Courtney’s escape and goes to the DiLaurentis house to try and protect Alison but fails.

Alison is hit over the head with a rock whilst Jessica looks on. Jessica, in an effort to prevent Courtney being deemed criminally insane, buries Alison’s body in the backyard thinking she is dead. Obviously Alison is pulled out by Mrs. Grunwald after and Courtney realises. She decides that someone has to die so she goes to Courtland to find Sara Harvey. She kidnaps her and hits her over the head with the shovel when they are back in Rosewood. She places the yellow top on Sara’s body and buries her alive, this time waiting to make sure she does not escape. CeCe and Melissa see the whole ordeal and CeCe goes to Courtland the next day and pretends to be Sara on the bike to make sure she is not linked to Alison’s murder case.

The next day Courtney goes back to Radley and given an alibi by Mrs. DiLaurentis. Mona is inspired by Courtney’s 'A’ persona and takes it on the following year when Aria returns from Iceland, before she was just stalking Alison not threatening her. When Mona is sent to Radley Courtney is released and makes a deal with Mona to take over the 'A’-Team as Mona has a lair full of the Liars secrets. Mona thinks she is CeCe and she wears the Alison masks to make sure she does not know who she is. When Courtney hears that “Alison’s” body is going to be exhumed she breaks Mona out and digs it up to ensure it is not discovered as Sara’s. She is the real Red Coat throughout season three and four of the show. She lands the plane at the lodge and rescues Aria, Mona and Emily from the fire. She learns it was Wilden who set it and kills him at the lake in revenge for screwing up her plan. She then attends his funeral as the Black Widow and after failing to frame Ashley Marin for his muder decides to frame her own twin - the real CeCe. CeCe goes into hiding as she is afraid of her twin. Courtney finds CeCe and turns her into the police. She then murders Jessica when she learns that Alison has told the Liars her mother buried her, knowing they will try and get her to tell them who she was protecting.

Courtney is Big 'A’ and her helper is Wren who went after the Liars in New York. CeCe is helping Alison and wants to protect her from Courtney, that’s why she was working with Ezra, to discover where Alison was.

I know this theory is long and probably not true, especially the Sara Harvey part because I can’t think of any other way Courtney could have done it. I don’t think one of the twins is dead because if so who is Big 'A’? CeCe is in custody and I doubt they’d give another character on the show a twin. Thanks for reading! (If you read it)