she's such a beautiful person from within

Sometimes the hardest person to love is yourself.
I’ve suffered so much self hate and resentment. 
That I realized this war within me had to stop.
So I glanced at the mirror smiling at the lovely woman staring back.
And I admired her body with awe.
 So I told her that she is smart, kind, beautiful and strong.
While I vehemently chanted to every inch of her body, as resilient and wonderful.

So now her beauty is embedded within my thoughts.
From that moment on I just knew it.
After hating her for all these years…..
I was finally loving her for the first time.

Beauty & the Beast: Belle [INFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Belle is an immensely compassionate person, but seeks approval from no one about her being “different” other than her father, who has earned her respect. She fiercely defends herself when challenged, but prefers to hold most of her emotions inside; she doesn’t confide in the wardrobe her intentions, nor discuss her changing feelings with Mrs. Potts, and when the Beast asks her if she could be capable of loving him, Belle defers the question to assert her feelings of feeling imprisoned within the castle. She’s polite but doesn’t seek to flatter the Beast, in order to get anything from him; and their process of falling in love is mostly through their actions and shared love of books and romantic stories, rather than through verbal affirmations. Belle’s search to find out what became of her mother is in a sense a way to find a greater sense of self, by knowing where she comes from (Fi/Si); she cannot move forward, until she establishes the truth of her family’s past and identity.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): She would rather live in her fantasy world (books, stories, and ideas about far off places) than in the real world, and seeks methods to “escape” into her books, rather than deal with the mundane necessities of life (she invents a primitive “washing machine” so that she can read instead). Belle dreams of “much more than this provincial life,” and adapts relatively well and easily to life inside the castle. Her idealistic nature leads her to find goodness within the Beast, despite an initial negative impression. She impulsively leaps into action to save her father, naively assuming Gaston won’t hunt down the Beast, in her desire to prove him “real.”

Introverted Sensing (Si): Even though she sings about wanting more from her life, and refuses to marry Gaston and have a more natural life, Belle doesn’t actively pursue adventure; it comes to her. She’s haunted by her mother’s death and wants to know what happened to her; when given the chance to go “anywhere in the world” and “see anything,” she chooses their old home in Paris. She exerts sentiment about the past, her upbringing, and everything her father has taught her (she isn’t sure how she’ll face the world without him). She has a certain amount of sentiment for mythology and personal impressions, formed over time, but these don’t take root enough (with Gaston) to make her “careful” of him (she seems him as pompous and brainless, but not necessarily dangerous – some Ne).

Extroverted Thinking (Te): She puts her foot down with Gaston (“I’ll never marry you!”) and tells off the Beast a couple of times (she refuses to eat dinner with him, and asserts that if he hadn’t frightened her, he wouldn’t have gotten himself hurt). Belle invents a washing machine, to get herself out of household chores. She believes strongly in educating girls and in taking action for herself; she tries to escape the castle by stringing fabric together to get out the window, she helps her father pick the lock, steals and breaks Gaston’s arrows so he cannot hurt the Beast.

Note: I’ve had several discussions both with readers and co-mods about Belle’s type; there’s evidence also for Fe (ISFJ), but she seems more internal than the animated film (Belle shares her feelings much more openly with everyone in that version) and her relationship with Beast seems to build through a silent connection, instead of verbal communication. She also lacks inferior Ne (she’s not cautious, nor concerned about the fall-out of her decisions; she tends to act on them in the moment).

‪"A beautiful flower, with power of a dragon & mouth of a sailor, weakened in battle but not defeated. Tis the great legend… of Lady Shenpai.“

Deer  :^) ….. Shenpai: If you see this, maybe this won’t mean much coming from a total stranger, but either way I hope it encourages you.

Shenpai [ @pikaiscool ] is an artist and a streamer mostly known for playing Overwatch and maining Hanzo Shimada. She motivated me in to enjoying OW a bit more, and I want to return the favor.

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hey! i read all of your works and i love every bits of it ❤️ i was just thinking maybe your can do one where jughead is a member of southside serpents and he loves eating at pop's because he's so fascinated at the mysterious blonde girl (betty) that's working there.. you can give it a twist yeah

Interesting and very cute!

The dark haired boy tugged the familiar leather jacket around his shoulders as he pushed through Pops glass doors, taking a deep breath he couldn’t hide the semblance of a smile that always somehow seemed to appear on his face when she was in his presence.

By she, he meant the long legged blonde in the tiny yellow uniform, her ponytail always loose and a strand of honey blonde hair had found permanent residence fluttering over her eyelashes. Betty Cooper was her name and that was about all he knew of her, well at least technically. He knew much more than he should.

He knew that her eyes were the same shade of green as springtime grass, and he knew she wore vanilla and honey perfume mixed with the distinct smell of strawberry milkshakes, he also knew that she had a very difficult time saying no, no matter what her customers asked of her she always managed to find a way to make it happen. But one of the most interesting things he noticed about her were the crescent shaped scars embedded into her hands , every time she reached for a plate on the counter he was flashed with the swollen red marks.

He had never actually spoken to her, he had made it a personal mission to avoid sitting in her section. Jughead knew the unwritten rules, Serpents stay away from that side of town, and they especially stay away from beautiful blonde waitresses with haunting eyes. It was days like today he cursed his upbringing, sure he loved his family on the Southside, but the civil war between the south and north side made it almost impossible to be within a foot of Betty Cooper and she just happened to be his favorite person to be around.

Jughead threw a lazy wave in PopTates direction as the Older man smiled and threw his hands up, yelling at a younger cook. Most of the Serpents weren’t allowed in the diner, they were rowdy and disruptive but Jughead remained behind a book, his hand in a plate of fries. Jughead took his normal seat and pulled out the worn out copy of “Howl” after a few minutes his senses were overwhelmed by distinctly familiar perfume

“I’m so sorry for the wait, I broke my apron. Can you believe that? I got it snagged on the counter and it just popped, luckily I had my sewing kit with me! Ya never know what you’re gonna need.” He glanced up at the smiling blonde and stared wide eyed, his mouth opening and closing as he sat speechless.

Betty twitched slightly nervous under his gaze
“I know I’m not your regular waitress but Gemma is home with the baby, I’m just picking up her section.”

Jughead finally snapped himself out of his daze and shook his head
“No.. uh sorry, I was..” he lamely held up the book, cursing himself for being so awkward.

Her eyes green eyes lit up
“Oh I completely understand. Whenever I’m reading anything by Alan Ginsberg, I’m in my own little world too. “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness.” She quoted softly.

Jughead grinned
“Starving hysterical, naked” he finished.

Betty laughed, almost melodic, her eyes twinkling
“So what can I get you today?” She pulled a pad out from her tiny white apron and jotted down his order.

“I’ll be back.. oh! Hey I’ve got something for you!” He watched curious as she jogged away her perfect white sneakers barely leaving the floor.

She came back a few moments later with a soft cover book, bent and clearly used.
“If you love Ginsberg, you’ll love this one.” She pushed the book towards him and he read over the title, it was by an author he had never heard of but he would read it a hundred times if she would keep looking at him the way she was.

No one who had ever served him in the diner had even given him the time of day, Riverdale high students threw pieces of food at him and mumbled under their breath when he walked in, but Betty Cooper, she wasn’t like that. She embraced everyone, she looked at him like he was just another letterman jacket wearing peer.

“I’ll read it tonight, I can get it back to you tomorrow.” He looked up at her and saw that she was practically bouncing

“Oh no way, you’ll love it so much that you’ll finish it in like an hour! Here” Betty pulled the napkin from beside him and began jotting something down before handing it back to him
“That’s my number. Call me as soon as you finish, we can talk about it. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.” There was something shy in her eyes and it sent a shock of something unfamiliar to his stomach. He grabbed the napkin from her hand, as soon as their fingers touched there was a distinct shock of electricity that caused both of the teens to stare shocked, Betty gasped quietly.

“Excuse me waitress! We would like a seat.”

Betty looked up and rolled her eyes, smiling
“Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge, my insane best friends.” She explained to Jughead, louder this time she laughed “as you can see my sections pretty filled”

The pair made there way to Jugheads booth and slid in. Veronica smiling and grabbing Jugheads hand
“Veronica Lodge, thanks for sharing.”

Archie nodded, sliding his jacket off and smiling
“Hey bets, I’ll have what he’s having.” Betty rolled her eyes and bowed, shooting Jughead a look a she headed off to the kitchen.

The conversation between the teens flowed naturally and when Betty ripped her apron off and slid beside Jughead, her thigh pressed against his as she placed four milkshakes on the table he felt like an actual teenager, and maybe that was what he had always been missing.

Youtube Witches

Listed below are many of the amazing witches who’s videos provide their own personal beliefs and practices.They are many of whom i consider mentors and have influenced my practices tremendously. Check them out!


Lovely woman and witch who knows a lot about what she does. Very inspirational and is a follower of the Goddess Hekate. She encourages the powerofyour intent and the ability to follow your own self and intuition. Her channel has a plethora of videos on different topics concerning magick and even vlogs that shows her beautiful family. She has a fear of squirrels but that’s a long crazy story. Overall, very kind and not opposed to communicating with her followers.


Just as her name says, she’s a a bright ray of sunshine. very positive and kind in her videos. Very educational and just a total joy to watch. Her videos could fix even the worst of days with her bright personality.


Follower of the wiccan path. Very lovely individual with a lot of help and guidance to offer. Her videos range from magick, witchcraft, and wicca, to poetry and original writings.


Beautiful person and very inspirational. Her videos range from witchcraft and magick to just shooting the shit and having a chat. Just like Sunshine her videos can cheer up the gloomiest of people.

House Of Conjure:

Again, another beautiful lady. Practitioner of hoodoo and conjure. Her videos aren’t very long but do contain a nice bit of information. She and ladyGraveDancer do a little talk show on their channels which involves great talks and at the same time a lot of laughter.


Gabrielle has recently stopped providing information her practice which is completely understandable. She still has previous videos with information on her beliefs and practices. Topics range from luciferianism to just stopping in to check up on her followers. The type of person to sit down and have a cup of tea with and just talk the day away.


Ordained high priestess in Santeria. She provides information on candle magick and other vast topics. Very pleasant to watch and very knowledgeable. 

Madame Pamita:

Practitioner of Hoodoo and gives advice on how to perform candle magick and other forms of conjure. In depth and has a wonderful energy about her.


Pleasant to watch and has many interesting idea’s and topics. Provides information on dark energy/ matter and it’s place within her practice.


Shows of her beautiful collections of crystals and crystal creations. Skilled artisian and her crafts range from jewelry to wonderfully crafted tools for witches.

Joey Morris:

Joey is a daughter of The Morrigan. She has videos that discuss her relationship with The Morrigan and the beautiful aspects about The Morrigan as well. She owns a shop which she uses her channel to introduce her new items available. Her personality and energy is very calming ad wacky at some times and is overall very pleasant.

All of these amazing witches are who i watch daily and jump every time i get the notification that a new video has been posted. I’m sure i’m missing some very lovely witches and i will compile a second list as soon as i can.

Much love to you all!

|| Sketched Love ||

[[request prompt: I loved “Our Love Story” And was wondering if you could write something similar with a Peter Parker x reader where they go to school together and the reader is and artist, and she is always drawing sketches of him during class and stuff? Thanks :)]]

time to work on requests ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́) this time I’m all about writing for my main boi, peter parker

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53, , @nekonerdxox , @pepcvina , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none, just pure fluff that comes with experiencing love for the first time ♡

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


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Naomi’s chisel feels charged with electricity. She is suffused with strength and light, every cell of her body burning with the desire to create, to bend the mysterious hunk of stone to her will. She knows without question that it will yield to her. It’s only a matter of time. As it is with everything.

This particular marble block cost her, or rather Alex, §27000. A bargain! Alex arranged for it to be shipped here directly from a quarry in Hidden Springs. It took a crane and 8 men to transport it down to the basement. One of the men, trying to be friendly, said he thought it was a nice rock. Naomi said nothing but she felt personally affronted. This is a more than a chunk of rock: it resonates with a dark, preternatural beauty. Naomi imagines that it is her step-daddy’s skull, her hammer and chisel splintering its stippled surface with devastating precision. Travertine shards glance her skin but she is oblivious. She is so deep in pursuit of the secrets that lurk within the marble it is as if she has entered another realm.

Then the spell is broken by a knock on the door.

Ok so I really want to talk about tonight’s new episode

In  Storm in the Room, we don’t get many answers. Which I can respect but we do get some hints as to how Steven feels about his mother at this point in the series.

Once he asks to see Rose in the room, my heart stopped and I was holding my breath. We never actually expected Steven to do this because why would he have the need to? He’s heard so much about her and her past that he didn’t have to see her. Unless he wanted a reason to vent about everything that he recently discovered about her.

However, this moment is a milestone for him personally. Its awkward but it is important.

Its his mother after all. The bond between a mother and their child is powerful. Probably more powerful than the strength of an army. But in reality, this isn’t our Rose. This is just what Steven conjured up in the room that grants his wishes. This is the Rose that he had always imagined her to be. Loving, compassionate, beautiful, and gentle.  

He knows that this doesn’t seem right. Of course this isn’t how she would act if she were really here. This is only a facade.

A facade that was made from within. Keep in mind, Steven and Rose are ONE. They come as a package deal. So I believe that when Steven asked to see Rose, she came out to be somewhat realistic. Almost to the point that it feels too real and too good to be true. The Rose inside him most likely pitched in while forming this other version. 

But this episode isn’t going to revolve around mother-son bonding. No. This is Steven’s way of asking unanswered questions and to VENT. He learned a shit ton of stuff about Rose. 

She hid Bismuth away without telling the others because Bismuth was dangerous.

She led the rebellion that costed so many gem and human lives. Which resulted in Homeworld holding a grudge against Earth.

And she shattered Pink Diamond, causing the Diamond Authority to grieve their fallen sister.

This is alot to take in about a mother that was once perceived as someone who cared for all. So Steven feels the urge to speak his thoughts and piece together this horrible mess. Its sad when he mentions that he has to live with her mistakes. Its depressing to come to realization that Steven is ultimately Rose’s shadow who everyone is waiting to take the place of her and continue her work. But Steven is his own gem. I believe that. His isn’t Rose and never will be. But this doesn’t mean that he won’t fight for what she believed was right. Freedom for Earth and protection for all. 

In the end, he still loves his mother. That will always ring true, no matter what she did in the past. This episode helped emphasize that. Its tough to admit that she isn’t ever coming back but really, she won’t ever leave us. She’s with Steven, guiding him along the way. Being the mother that she wanted to be even if she’s not physically there.

No matter what, she’ll always be a part of Steven when things are good or bad. Her dark past will always hang over the CGs heads and cause some tension and questions. But every leader has secrets to hide from the people that can’t handle it. In some way, Rose was protecting everyone. Its just in her nature and Steve’s also. Those are the good qualities of a mother. 

Rose is truly a good mother.

You tell me that men are from Mars
and women are from Venus, 
As if that’s all,
That’s why we’re different, 
That we’re so different at all, 
inexplicably alien to one another.   

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus,
As if girls aren’t taught to smile & give,
While boys learn to break & take, 
Growing into men who aren’t allowed to cry
But can’t help but draw tears like water
From the well of a woman’s soul. 

As if girls aren’t conditioned to bend and mend 
And guard themselves in towers of compromise, 
Shackled by hollow ideals of virtue and purity, 
While we wait for our knights in shining armor
– the kind of armor that never seems to dull, 
No matter what thorns they travel through, 
While our own hijabs are but flimsy candy wrappers? 

As if women are not raised to believe  
That the honor of generations of our blood 
Is trapped in the tightness of our skinny jeans
And locked between our thighs, 
While the wandering male gaze 
Is ignored and excused
As an undeniable fact of nature. 

But tell me, 
How different are we really?
If we were from the same womb, 
Born onto the same Earth, 
But instead,
What to me is a luxury
And to a man feels like a right 
– the ability to decide 
How different we want to be, 
If this was given to us both, with equity,
How different would we be then? 

You tell me that men are from Mars 
And women are from Venus, 
And boys will be boys 
But never once have I heard from your lips
That girls will be girls.
And the irony in all your double standards 
Is the flawed foundation of your beliefs 
That this so-called masculinity
And ever-fragile ego
Is any advantage to the man who is forced to deny 
The softness of the heart
He was meant to be created with, 
As if every mistake of his
That the world turns a blind eye to 
Is not damaging to his own self. 

You forget
That when you call a woman incomplete
Because her edges are too rough
To fit in your comfort zone, 
And say that her femininity is flawed
Because she is too tough 
For what you deem beautiful,
You suffocate the nature of every one of us, 
Regardless of how our chromosomes happened to pair,
Creating boundaries that were never meant to be there, 
Forcing us to color within lines
That intersect in all the wrong parts of who we are. 

You want me to believe that 
Men are from Mars 
And women are from Venus, 
But you forget that we are both from God.

—  When I was in 4th grade, my teacher, a woman, told our class, “men are from Mars & women are from Venus.” And even though she was the first person I heard this from, it’s a sentiment that I’ve constantly heard throughout my life. This is how I want to respond.“
The Decision

Hi 😊
This is a product of yesterday’s sad sad mood. I am not a writer or anything, (it just happened) so there are probably some mistakes, sorry for that.

Her small figure trembled with fear more and more as she neared the surface. It was said to be the most important day in her life - her eighteenth birthday. The reason behind the special day not being the fact she stepped into a new stage of her life, like it might have seemed to a mere human, but rather because it was the day she had to kill her first victim. Others preferred names less coarse such as a drowning or sacrifice but Lucy liked to call things by their proper names. For a siren reaching her adulthood meant only one thing and that was finding a human - first person who looks her in the eyes - within a day and lure them into water. It was a ritual she had to perform in order not to die herself before the day elapses.

The surface stirred as she poked her head through the water. Not taking the reason behind her little trip into account the night was beautiful, a full moon, sky covered in stars shining so brightly Lucy stretched her hand up hoping to reach them. The endless darkness extending beyond the horizon was interrupted by a light coming from a ship not far from her. Heavy sight left her lips as she decided to swim closer, her body slipping through the waves. 

The deck was full of people talking and laughing, cheerful music playing in the background, she could even hear the tinkling of the glasses toasting. Lucy smiled forgetting what she came to do. She was consumed by all the joy happening so close but unreachably far at the same time. A loud ravishing laugh coming just from above her made her snap out of her thoughts. She came closer, looked up and saw the source of the beautiful sound, he was leaning on the edge of the ship, his back muscle tensing as his elbows rested on the railing. 

She fell into a trance not realizing he turned around and was now looking at her. She gasped upon seeing his surprised face. Their eyes locked. She felt enchanted by his fiery gaze, yet it should be the other way around. It felt like time has stopped letting the world revolve around them only, then suddenly, “Natsu come here! a male voice called out. “Oh c-coming!” he responded not taking his eyes of her.                                                                                         “N-a-t-s-u.” she tested his name on her lips shy blush spreading across her cheeks. Hearing her attempt put a sweet smile on his face and at that moment Lucy knew that was the day she dies.

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I really really like the headcanons about MC and RFA's first fight!! Can you do RFA + v + saeran reacting to a MC who has short hair and gets self conscious when people tell her she looks like a boy. Only if you have time 💖💖💖

(υ´Д`) This used to happen to me when I was younger. I hope this doesn’t happen to you much, anon! (Also, thanks for the kind words!!)


-Boy howdy he’d be so quick to spill out words of praise and how beautiful you were

-But once he learned how self conscious you were about it, he’d try giving you compliments every now and then, making sure they pertained to how well your hair complimented your style and attitude, how it made you so beautiful to him

-I mean, hey, if he let his hair down and was just wearing his coat, he’d get mistaken for a girl from the back. (*coughs* Definitely. Has happened.)

-If he was ever with you when it happened, he’d shut that person up so fast.

-”Maybe you should go get your eyes checked, buddy.”

-Very protective Zen mode. The rest of that day, however, he’d be calling you his Princess constantly, especially within earshot of others. No one is going to say that again when he’s around!


-Does she know this feeling well. During the winter when she wears the bigger/poofier jackets, she’s been mistaken for a guy a few times (due to her bust being well hidden).

-When she hears that this happens to you at times, that people teasingly tell you so, she remembers how she felt and tries her best to come up with counters to help that sour mood go away

-Baking sweets together? Yep. Watching Zen’s DVDs? Yep. Quietly telling the RFA members to never ever say anything of the sort to you? Definitely

-If you two were out and about and some stranger teased you about it, she would glare at them and pull you away.

-”Don’t pay attention to them. Some people just don’t know manners.”

-Would offer to help you search up cute ways to wear your hair in different styles


-”What? People do that?” 

-Cue cute adorable ‘angry’ Yoosung

-”That doesn’t even make sense!” He’d go on and on about how your hair makes you so cute, and how he never even thought once about it making you look like a boy. Even now, he just can’t see it.

-He loves your hair, though. He loves running his fingers through it and burying his nose in it during cuddle sessions. The idea of someone making you feel bad over your hair would make him upset.

-Though, he would show you some cool video game girls with short hair. “Look! She has short hair, but she’s still awesome! Saving the galaxy and everything. Don’t feel down, okay? Lots of cool girls have short hair!”

-(omg bby you tried)

-If someone in public tried teasing you, he’d get so red and upset.  Stutter out some sort of “Mind your own business!!” And huff away with you.

- That night he’d give you plenty of kisses to your hair, reminding you he loves how you look, no matter what


-It never occurred to him that you may be teased for it. He didn’t even think you could be mistaken for a boy. You were so cute and sweet- Not like most men he knew

-So when a fellow business associate said something about it over dinner with the two of you, he was stunned. Just for a moment, though.

-”I suppose you don’t care about C&R working with you too much, do you? I think this contract is over.”

-Straight-faced as ever, he just paid the check and left with you in tow. He didn’t say anything until you both were in the car, you looking a little down.

-”Don’t ever pay attention to comments like that. They’re useless to dwell on when they’re so blatantly wrong.”

-Would kiss your head and hold you hand. The rest of the night, he made mental notes on ways to show how much he loved you and your short hair.


-Honestly, he’d offer to pull off some great pranks with you due to his arsenal of girl outfits and wigs he had.  When you weren’t into that, he’d be sure not to joke around like that as a way to cheer you up.

-He’d pull you in his lap while he was working and just. Ruffle your hair so much.

- “Don’t worry about what they say! You’re so cute, and I love how soft your hair is.”

-He’d rest his chin on your head as he worked, trying to cheer you up with jokes and tickles.

-If none of that worked, he’d give you so many kisses and tell you how stupid those who teased you were. He’d even offer to hack into their facebook accounts and post silly things on there for you. Anything that could help.


- The first time it happened he’d just be shocked. The two of you were out on a walk, holding hands, when he heard someone say something negative about you.

- “Even with my poor eyesight I can tell she’s clearly a woman. What kind of excuse do you have?”

-Back home he’d cuddle with you on the couch, murmuring about how beautiful you were no matter your hair length. 

-If you’d let him, he’d want to take photos of you in a nice field with his photography friends to help. He knew you’d make such a great subject.

-He’d probably go through some old photos of women he’d taken with short hair, and explain how you were more radiant than they were.


-Angry bean would want to knock out anyone who teased you.

- “Hey, listen to me. Don’t you ever, ever, think what they say about you is true. You’re so beautiful to me, and you’ll see that yourself one day.”

-He’d be holding your hand so tightly telling you this, and he’d look so firm, but he’d be lowkey blushing a little

- He’s not so good at saying sappy stuff

-If anyone did say something in public, you bet your ass he’d fuss at them and maaybe need to be reminded he didn’t have to punch them.

(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و Don’t let anyone be mean to you about your appearance, anon!


When I come home late, i'lI arrive at the door and I’ll see her waiting there, just waiting for me and Allaah knows best how long she’s been waiting.
Somedays I feel tired so I’ll sleep in the late evening and I might’ve forgotten to eat, when she realises and can’t stop thinking about me going to sleep hungry, she’ll wake me up and I’ll see her there with food ready, and it doesn’t stop there, she legit feeds me. Yes I’m 20 years old and my she still feeds me!
I genuinely couldn’t care less if anyone thinks that it’s childish or embarrassing of me to let her do that or that I need to grow up because it’s got nothing to do with that trust me.
She always wants what’s best for me and not her. It’s just how my she is… she just loves to be there for me no matter what, there’s mercy within her when it comes to me that she can’t hide.
And that person is none other than my beautiful mother ♥️.

And you know what surprises me about this whole thing? It’s that this mercy my mum has towards me, is undoubtedly from Allaah.

Remember the mother who showed such Mercy towards her child which she had lost but then found it again, and the prophetﷺ said that
Allaah is more merciful to His slaves than this woman is to her child.? [Sahih al Bukhari].

If that’s the case then how could I ever despair in the Mercy of my Rabb?

I'm gonna harass pearlcatchers some more

Okay. What do we know?

Pearlcatchers are lightweaver’s second creation after all the fanfare and grandeur that is their sibling breed. They maintain beautiful pearls which they conflate with their souls. A pearlcatcher without a pearl is know to whither away and eventually die.

From this, I theorize:

Lightweaver spent so much of her personal reserves making Imperials as ridiculous and grand as possible that she really didn’t have enough in her for a second go. However considering the sideshow horror her first kids quickly became, she felt the intense need to redeem herself.

The dragons she made were beautiful and graceful just as she intended, but they weren’t quite whole. There was some kind of magical deficit which began to cause problems for the new breed within days. The body would attempt to fill the hole, but a magical hole can’t be filled physically (or at all by that point) and the produced mass would build up in the brain and body causing loss of sanity and later death.

The solution to this, of course was to give them a way to dispose of this while maintaining the elegance they would soon be known for. A pearl which they could purge their deficit corruption into. Make them treasure it and keep it as if it’s keeping them sane, because it very much is.

If The World Was A Better Place

If The World Was A Better Place
This is something I came up with for #ChoicesCreates Round 10. This is a JakexMC short under 500 words piece. I just wanted to get something out there  since this is my first attempt at writing anything for Choices and the prompt for this week really inspired me.

This takes place a couple years after everyone has escaped La Huerta and implies that Jake is still on the run and hasn’t seen the gang from Endless Summer since they escaped. Enjoy!

@lauraotaku2234, @hollyashton

Jake is started awake from a dream about La Huerta by a crash of thunder.

He bolts upright and reaches for the gun he has starting keeping under his pillow before he realizes it was just the storm.

He sighs when he realizes he’s in the same old motel room he’s been for the past week, and tries to latch back onto the quickly receding memories filled with blonde hair and a tinkling laugh

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curious-spirit  asked:

Would you mind sharing some of your UPG in regards to Freyja? I'm curious how she appears other people who work with her.

I am going to start by how I “see the Gods” because it rather impacts my relationship with them and my UPG as a whole. Additionally, take what I say with a grain of salt; as UPG stands for: Unverified Personal Gnosis. 

I really manifest a blend of their archetypes with then how I perceive their influence momentarily. In actuality- it is very hard for me to think that the Gods have actual physical forms. In regards to any deity or spiritual essence, I feel that our manifestations of them are an integrate of what has been recorded of them; by those who helped constructed their interpreted meanings and now [us] who reconstruct the above in various versions. It’s broad yet holds a lot of depth, and that is what makes personal gnosis so debatable and very intriguing to say the least.

Also I have so many interactions with her over the years that I hope a general overview is okay instead of specific events. Though I will try implement them as examples. I also am not going to compare my UPG to any form of CG at this time.


She typically always has the same physical aspects when I work with her. Very golden, long blonde hair, a really muscular build, grey eyes and just roughly over 5′8, so quite tall compared to the average height of woman today. 

Though depending on what I will be doing with her do her physiological aspects change such as: the way she motions her arms, saunters, her clothing and even moreso her voice. Her voice changes a lot. It goes from this sweet and gentle- mature tone to a gruff and slightly raspy harp. I subject most of these changes to be either if we are working on ascetics, horsing/possession, seiðr, spæ-craft, hydging or just building up a goddess-to-devotee relationship. This either  through blóts or just other sporadic devotional acts. 

Something I take note of is she constantly wears Valshamr. This in comparison to some of her other articles such as the Brísingamen or grátandi tárar [gilded crying tears]. By ‘wear’ I literally mean that I ‘see’ feathers embedded in her shoulders and back, ranging in size and an array of gilded brown colours. Sometimes the clothing she wears will let them poke out or seam more like an actual cloak than part of her morphology. 

From my perception, no matter how she presents herself to me, she always has a very dominate-poised and eccentric stature. Usually is adorned in lavish woven patterns or crafted jewelry. 


She is very much as a large constitute of people describe her; which is the embodiment of beauty and strength- but even more how these two elements can be so perfectly align. Her strength physically comes deep emotionally. Her beauty is the personification of what woman can bring to each realm that their counterparts cannot. It’s immensely hard to describe- and quite haunting.

I don’t want to compare her mannerisms nor her personality to a character in cinema or like a celebrity. If anything we mold ourselves from these embodiments found and felt in nature to the Gods.  

Again, depending on what she and I are working on or how I pay reverence to her within my path do I really see her array of displayed traits. Above all, she is driven and determined with a temperament to be often equitable, yet attentive. This is really where her multi-faceted sides of being the sensual, maternal and comical aspects resides versus the warrior or even agurer/seeress.

I am willing to definitely say that Freyja’s relationship to me is dual of a guide in  seiðr along with being a strong feminine essence who presides within/over me. Thus, her manifested character draws along this core foundation between her and I. 


  • Feral & domestic cats as a constant re-occurrence when working with her are not atypical coincidences.
  • As Freyja, she really likes offerings of gold, citrine, feldspar and amber jewelry, pork anything, runes- along with yew bundles, fir resin and juniper. (either as a votive or burned as an incense.)
  • As Valfreyja, she adores predatory bird feathers, cat fur, claws, bones, teeth, seaxes/weaponry, menstrual and/or venial blood.
  • As Mardöll, she likes sea shells, ocean water, flower pressings, spears, nets, red or purple pigments/paints, fish bones.
  • As Vanadís, she likes pork rinds/bones, bonfires, runes, planting, harvesting, gardening, mead, honey, cleansing the home. 
  • Freyja really digs music outside of black metal and Scandinavian folk.
  • I often will have the sudden urge to make art, cook or do random tasks for her/with her. 
  • Her sense of humor is rather crude but dry. 
  • She is not a crazy cat lady, a sexual femme-bot or a brute woman. She is just the embodiment of something misunderstood and taken for granted. 
You’re My Superhero

Title: You’re My Superhero

Paring: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 989

Warning: I teared up writing this one….so it’s hella fluffy with LOTS of fuzzy feels

Request by @secretlittledelights said: Idk if you take requests but I would love a Sam story where he is explaining to his son AU about showing his mama her body is beautiful When she’s feeling insecure about her body and the son making her breakfast in bed cuz Sam knows she can’t turn down anything from ether son?

A/N: I’m not a mom, I’ve never had a child, so this is written based on what I have seen in my personal life and in my OB rotation in nursing school, so I hope this is accurate and I hope you all like it. Enjoy!!!


Celebrities fucking suck. They pop out a kid, or two, or four, and within months they are fit as all hell. Do they not keep the kids after they have them?! Between the baby, a household, work, your man child of a husband that bless his heart is sometimes a bigger trouble than a help, how the hell do they do it?!

Shutting the magazine, you got off the couch to start on the ever endless to-do list for the day, hoping to get some before the baby woke back up.

“Hey beautiful,” Sam wrapped his arms around your waist as he came in. Stiffening up and pulling away you shrugged him off.

“Can you just not today? Sorry. I just, I don’t want to be touched right now.” Giving Sam a weak smile you headed upstairs to put away the laundry as your little man came running through wearing one of your shirts he’d swiped earlier.

“Mommy mommy mommy!!! Look! Your shirt, it’s a dress on me!!”

Normally you would have laughed, said he was adorable, something along those lines but all you could focus on was how big the shirt was. Am I seriously that big? God I could practically fill that top out now and that’s a maternity shirt.

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Truth Be Told [SaiIno]

 Note: It’s time for another little fan fic. The beginning is somewhat similar to the short post I made last time. Anyway~~

The smell of Ino’s perfume lingered in the air as they walked past the dango shops and food houses - not that it was annoying or anything. Sai liked the subtlety of it, how it vanished and resurfaced like it was teasing him or something. The subtle, lingering perfume would be gone soon though, he thought as Ino led him into a cul-de-sac that would eventually end with him bading her goodbye at the gates of her house. Sai thought he knew how dates were supposed to go because he read about it in the books, but he forgot everything about them the moment Ino arrived at their meeting place. 

Sai was usually calm, but today he wasn’t. What if he was being too tacky? Too stiff? Too casual? Too formal? The prologue was just him being a nervous wreck, but Ino saved him from embarrassment when she smiled and told him he was being cute. That was a good thing, right? 

Ah, it was the second time her smile saved him.

“Today was definitely fun,” Ino said with a smile as they continued to walk. “Ah, thank you,” Sai uttered as he smiled back at her. “My house is just up ahead,” Ino said to him. Perhaps he was reading between the wrong lines, but he thought there was a sense of longing in her voice. Sai didn’t want this day to end so soon, but when she stopped in front of a house with a garden that he could only describe as an intricate work of art, his heart was forced to accept the fact that this was the last time he would see Ino today. 

It was strange, really, how much he longed to spend more time with her. It was a new feeling for him - peculiar, even. He knew what it was like to miss somebody, but not this way. This was frighteningly intense. Ino turned around to meet his gaze. Today, they were both out of their mission gear. Sai didn’t know what to wear for the occassion, so he put on a gray shirt and a pair of pants that suit him pretty well. Ino, on the other hand, almost gave him a heart attack when she appeared in a bright yellow, knee-length dress with short sleeves and a hue that mingled really well with her goldspun hair. When he first met her, he was still stuck on the idea that nobody was worth liking or beautiful, but now she took his breath away with every time he looked at her. She was perfect.

“I guess this is where it ends,” Ino said with a sad smile. Sai smiled and rubbed the nape of his neck, “I had fun today, thank you,” he said. Just then, Ino smiled from ear-to-ear as her cheeks almost glowed with a pinkish-red tint. “Why does this feel so bittersweet?” she laughed. When Sai realized that she had a point, he laughed along with her.

When the laughter subsided, she looked him in the eye and held her gaze. Sai didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to avoid her gaze, but he didn’t want to seem too smitten. She might think he’s being creepy, like a lot of people do when he holds his gaze for too long. When she lowered her gaze, she smiled. He almost let out a sigh of relief. “Hey, Sai,” she said as she reached out and tugged at the sleeve of his shirt.

“Hm?” he felt a strange warmth creep up his cheeks. “I like you,” she said, her sudden confession punctuated by a sweet little giggle. It was so random and out of the blue, like an ambush. Sai stood there, dumbfounded, wondering what she meant by that while trying to grasp the right words to say. Before he could muster anything, however, Ino handed him a dogwood flower and said, “Thanks again, I’ll see you around.”

Before he could even reply, she was gone. She ran into her house. Sai wondered if he angered her because of the fact that he didn’t give her a proper response. Either way, he was certainly flustered. And this flower? He asked himself as he held the small flower in the palm of his hand. He smiled at himself and headed home. I like you. What did she mean by that? More importantly, why was he starting to feel so giddy?

Ino’s words continued to dig a hole in his head as he walked, so he kept on thinking about what she possibly meant by it. She could mean that he liked him as a person, right? Somehow, that disappointed him. As someone she thinks of as a potential boyfriend? That intrigued him. They went on a date, and she said she had fun…so why not, right?

When he realized what kind of phantasmal world he had plunged himself into, Sai buried his face in his hands, ashamed of himself. “What am I even thinking?” he asked himself. Suddenly, he remembered how her embrace felt. It was only in his mind, but it felt real…like she was actually wrapping her arms around him and pressing her chest against his. He couldn’t feel her heartbeat at that time, but he sure wished that she didn’t feel his, because it was racing out of his ribcage the moment he felt her warmth pressed up against him. That was the first time she did that to him.

After she saved him from Gengo, his intentions were to ask her out. Although he looked cool on the outside, he was actually panicking on the inside. Instead of directly asking her out, he ended up telling her that he wanted to thank her if she’d let him. Fortunately, Ino was such a straightforward person. If she was the one who initiated the date, surely…she liked him…that way, right?

“Ah, Ino,” he uttered her name unconsciously, almost immediately receiving a cough from whoever was standing behind him at that time. He turned around quickly, to see his former teammate, Sakura, towering before him despite the fact that he was taller than she was. Sakura and Sasuke seemed to have patched things up a bit, he thought, perhaps it was the start of something special. Suddenly, he wondered if he always thought like this. Something special, he repeated. It was odd for him to think of something like that.

“Sa-Sakura,” he stammered. Why am I stuttering? he scolded himself. Sakura grinned, almost deviously, and spoke: “Are my ears tricking me, or did I just hear you utter Ino’s name as you return from your date?” 

Sai’s eyes widened a little, surprised by the fact that Sakura knew. Never mind, Ino probably told her. “Sakura, do you like me?” he asked, and wondered if Ino’s words were simply friendly. Sakura twitched as her face became drained of every ounce of color. “D-Do you want me to break every single bone in your body?” Sakura was furious.

“I guess not,” Sai shrugged his shoulders. Sakura sighed, “Why are you asking me that out of nowhere?” she aked. “Becuase…well…”

Sakura caught a glimpse of the dogwood flower in Sai’s hand, and she smiled. Ino had asked her about this before - lavender or dogwood? “I’ll wait for you” or “Accept my feelings”? She encouraged Ino to choose the latter.

“So she finally told him, huh?” she uttered to herself, mentally patting Ino on the back. “Did Ino tell you that she liked you?” Sakura asked. Sai’s pale face reddened a little, and Sakura was suddenly reminded of the face Ino made when she told Sakura of her feelings for Sai.

“Y-Yeah, but I didn’t know what she meant by that…”

Sakura heaved a heavy sigh. “You’re hopeless, Sai. She likes you…romantically. Do you understand that?”

“O-Oh. I thought she just liked me as a friend, so I asked you…”

Sakura laughed at her former teammate’s naivety. Sai was a beast in the battlefield, but not so much in the battlefield of love. “Why would she say ‘I like you’ right after a date if she only saw you as a friend? What did you say?” Sakura asked.

“Nothing,” Sai replied, suddenly feeling extremely queasy. Sakura’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when he said that. N-N-N-Nothing? she thought to herself as she tried her best to hold back the urge to punch this guy in the face. 

“Why didn’t you say anything?” she raised her tone a little as Sai almost shrunk in his shirt, like a snail retreating into his shell. “B-Because she didn’t seem like she was expecting an answer.”

“You idiot!” Sakura said, landing a light punch on top of his head. “Even someone as straightforward as Ino would like to hear your answer! She’s probably wondering if she did something wrong for you to ignore her confession like that!”


“You better tell her how you feel tomorrow, or else I’m going to break you into a million pieces. For real,” Sakura warned as Sai swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded. “I-I’m not doing it tomorrow, though,” he said. Sakura’s cold glare nearly froze him.

“I’m doing it today,” he said as he quickly turned around and started to run towards Ino’s house. Before Sakura could retort or reply, he was already off. She only shook her head and smiled. You’re lucky, Ino. Sai’s just within your reach, she thought. 

A boisterous garden and the Yamanaka clan crest on the gates. It was, undoubtedly, Ino Yamanaka’s house. He wondered if it would be rude to just enter the gates, but the doorbell was at the front door, so he invited himself inside their garden and looked around for a few moments. Dahlias, poppies and daisies popped up everywhere. The garden was beautiful, not so different from the person who tended it.

Before he could even realize how cold his hands were, he had already rung the doorbell and received a resounding, “Coming,” from Ino, whose voice was muffled by the thick wooden door. “Ino, I like you,” he said in an oddly monotonous voice. He shook his head at himself. “Ino, I like you,” he said with an inhumanely wide grin. No, too unnatural.

Before he could practice a third attempt, Ino opened the door. She had already gotten out of her yellow dress and was in her regular at-home clothes. It was the first time Sai had ever seen her dressed so casually and comfortably. Compared to her mission gear, Ino’s everyday clothes were very loose and seemed to allow a lot of room for movement. She was wearing an orange t-shirt and a pair of gray pants. She was surprised to see him, and almost tried to hide her outfit behind the door. 

“S-Sai,” she gasped.

“Ino, do you have a mission tomorrow?” he asked. Ino looked confused for a moment, but she shook her head anyway. No, she was telling him.

“I-I think we should go on a date again tomorrow.”

Ino’s face was as as the roses that grew in Ino’s garden. “E-Eh?” she cried out, “Why?” she asked, obviously shocked.

“T-That’s because…”

Too weak, he told himself. He took a deep breath, and let it out.

“Truth be told, Ino, I like you too.

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Apartment 5108 // 15

Apartment 5108 — ft. Oh Sehun
// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language — in later chapters

A/N: This chapter is extremely long. I apologize for its lengthiness—17,205 words

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My parents were unforgiving.

Not once while growing up in their home did I see or hear them spare anyone for mistakes. Not me. Not the staff. Not even at work. It wasn’t within their capabilities to grant second chances let alone a second glance. They didn’t understand that the notion of being human was to be flawed. Faults and errors were a part of life but they aspired for perfection—to appear perfect in all its entirety and nothing short would’ve sufficed. In their strides for these impossible standards, they expected the same of others. They held everyone at the caliber they set for themselves which meant character defects, weak behavior and confused emotions weren’t permitted.

My mom and dad were stubborn and never deviated from their habitual conduct.

They acted in this manner because they feared disappointment (not that they would ever admit it). The idea of placing their trust in a person after a failure was unthinkable. They couldn’t fathom being let down; to feel defeat more than once. And they were this way because they lost faith in each other. They didn’t believe in one another and if they couldn’t count on the person they were with, then who could they rely on? It’s why no one was able to rectify their missteps.

In their eyes, a trust once lost was lost forever.

I lived similarly but the only difference was I never gave anyone the opportunity to disappoint me from the start. I didn’t allow anyone to get close; to understand me for the exact reason my parents never gave anyone another chance. I was afraid of the disappointment. I was afraid they would fail me as my parents failed me.

But the person I am now doesn’t reflect my past upbringing. I form relationships with others when I know it might not work out in the end. I’m unlike my parents and think everyone’s personality can cycle to not only the lows but also the highs. They can learn from their experiences and if they make a mistake, it doesn’t mean it’ll inevitably happen again.


I believe people can change just as I have.

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The importance of Jaime and Brienne

Usually I try not to get too caught up in shipping wars, but I just get so angry when people insist Jaime and Brienne don’t love each other.

There are so many romantic stories out there that feature a beautiful girl who learns to love an older, ugly, scarred or damaged man - but how many stories feature a beautiful man who learns to love an ugly woman?

How many of those heartwarming stories about ‘beauty being on the inside’ apply to women? How many stories tell women they’re worthy of love and romance no matter what they look like, that their beauty comes from inside them anyway? When you’ve got the gorgeous Gwendoline Christie playing her, it can be hard to remember Brienne really is ugly. It’s not that she’s just unconventionally attractive or pretty if you squint. Physically, she is ugly. She’s too tall, too big, too strong, too mannish, with missing teeth, disfiguring scars, blemishes, an ill-set face and drooping lips. People recoil when they see her. At first sight she is monstrous and she has been persecuted all her life for her appearance.

And yet, the most beautiful man in Westeros falls in love with her.


Because she is kind and strong and loyal past the point of sense. Because she is selfless and courageous and unwilling to compromise on her moral integrity. Because she is pure and innocent and naive and idealistic. Because she has endured immense pain and suffering and abuse and never once let it taint her. Because she represents everything he once wanted to be. Because she represents everything he could be. Because she sees him for who he really is. Because he would risk his life to save her. Because she would die to protect him. Because what she looks like doesn’t matter. Because in his eyes, she is beautiful.

This is the story of a handsome man who falls in love with an ugly woman. This is the story of a woman whose worth and desirability comes from her personality, not from her appearance. This is the story of a woman whose beauty is found within. George RR Martin himself said that the story of Jaime and Brienne is like Beauty and the Beast with the genders reversed.

So no, I will not accept a platonic reading of their relationship because this particular love story and all the messages it endorses are simply too important. Jaime and Brienne are in love. End of discussion.

anonymous asked:

Ahh I saw the ask and I couldn't help myself how about a scenario in which urbosa falls in love with a blind s/o

“Love is blind.” 

A simple phrase, one that is uttered by romantics on a whimsical day, or by people explaining that sometimes in life, the people we fall in love with are not whom we imagined them to be. Yet to Urbosa, it had a completely different meeting.

Not all Gerudo are warriors. Some are scholars. Some are construction workers. Some spend their entire life not so much as glancing at a weapon. Yet the vast majority of them have a similar mindset, a central idea of beauty that is ingrained within them, as there is in every society.

How strange then, that she fell in love with someone who despite not seeing, still saw beauty in a way that made her feel alive?

(Name) had met her at an outpost when the night had grown too cold for travel. They had been next to the fire, staring into it, unmoving, when she had started to speak to them. Might as well talk right? A new person is a new lesson. She had not expected such a deep impact from the sitting figure. When she asked why they stared so intensely into the fire, they said;

Even though I can’t see, I can’t imagine something so warm can be hideous. It is worth experiencing.”

Not the answer that she had expected. And as the years passed, she got surprised many a time more. Their pathes crossed so often that they grew to know each other deeply- Urbosa knew where to find them, and (Name) knew whose footsteps walked so powerfully through the sand.

There came a day though, where they became closer.

May I see your face?”

How could such soft touches make her feel so vulnerable and exposed? Every touch made her melt, and the look of wonder in (Name)’s face…

Had they always been so gorgeous? So kind?

And when pressed their forehead to hers, smiling, whispering “I knew it. You’re absolutely stunning” Urbosa knew it her heart she would never let them go.