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I haven’t posted about her yet, because I wasn’t sure what her future was going to be. But this is Shrimp, a patient I work with. Shrimp has muscular dystrophy and she hasn’t been able to walk or stand since she was about 4 months old. When we first saw her, she had very severe muscle contracture and atrophy. She could move her front legs and wiggle a little and that was it. She was brought in by Golden Bond rescue, who had her brought over from China.

Since January, I’ve spent every work day with this adorable, perpetually happy little Shrimp, and she’s been a perfect patient. She still can’t walk or stand on her own, but she’s miles stronger than she was, and she is happy in spite of her dependence on us to help her get around. She can “shrimp” across the room now, and she can swim pretty strongly.

Today the hospital celebrated her first birthday. It was over-the-top! Balloons, a dog cake, a people cake, a billion stuffies, everyone sang happy birthday… it was amazing. And even though her future is still uncertain, it does make me feel good that whatever time she has on this Earth is being spent with people who care for her and make sure she stays the happy little Shrimp she is.

(if you’re interested in where I work, follow our facebook. It’s Oswego Animal Rehab).

A new beginning

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Ivar x Reader

Warnings: cursing

A/n: credit for the idea goes to @ceridwenofwales whom once commented on one of my images and there was a little question in the comment which said “Can you imagine a pregnancy involving Ivar?” I saw it again to say and I got inspired so thank you sister.

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We were together for a long while, she never gave me reasons not to trust her, in fact she was the one to shatter my insecurities and make me stronger, she was the one to make me feel love and the one who loved me, she gave herself to me freely and she just made me love her more and more as the days passed, but now I was not able to trust her, I could not accept or find a way in which what she told me was true.

“ I am with child, Ivar.” those words shocked me to the core, I was not able to move or to do something, I was barely breathing, I couldn’t accept the fact that I’m going to be a father, not because I didn’t wanted too or because I thought that she cheated on me, but because I never thought that we will have children. It just passed so much time from when we are together and she didn’t got pregnant, in 4 years there was not sign that she was but now it just happened and I don’t know what to say, I’m completely terrified and excited in the same time. “Please say something!” (Y/N) begs me but I don’t know what to say, it is so hard to say something when she made me both the happiest and the angriest man on Earth at the same time. I look at her and I know that she can see though me, I know that she can see all my insecurities and fears, my vulnerability and I can see the same on her eyes. I know that just like me she’s scared and I know that she’s close to a break down, I know that she needs to hear me say something but I just can’t.

“I know that this as simple as it is, is a lot to take in. I know that you’re scared and I know that you want to tell me that you don’t want this child but I know you do and I don’t care if it will be a cripple, the only thing important is for the child to be happy and loved. I know that you’ll be a good father Ivar, I saw this in you. I saw in you all the things that I could not see in other man. I saw your strength and your ambition, I saw your demons and I saw your lust but I saw good things in you Ivar, I saw the way you love, all consuming and pure, I saw your strong heart and I saw that you can do great things. I knew that you were so much more than what people thought you were, I knew that you would be the only one to make me feel loved and I want to give this to you, I want to give you all the happiness that you gave to me. I want to give you this child. I want us to be happy but until then a little bit of fear is okay. It’s normal to be sacred, Ivar, I’m terrified but in the same time I wouldn’t change this for nothing. I wouldn’t change you for nothing. This child is a new beginning for us, this child is a sign of our love and you are going to be a good father for it, I know that you will, I know that you will never let us down. I love you, Ivar and our child loves you too!” (Y/N) moved closer to me and put a hand on my cheek, slowly bringing her face closer to mine, until her lips touched mine, tenderly and full of promises.

“I love you too and I already love our child with all my heart and my might.” she smiled at me and kissed me again, resting her forehead on mine.

(Y/n) is pregnant on 5 months but I swear that I could not be more happier, I am still afraid and I’m praying everyday at the gods to let my kids be healthy, to excuse them for this burden. I want them to be happy and to play with other children , not to stay closed, not able to do what the others do.

I smile as I see my wife talking with Margrethe and other womans, they keep touching her belly and make her laugh and talk and I know that she’s not comfortable with it. I know that besides me she doesn’t like someone else touching her belly.

My brothers keep talking but I do not pay attention to them, I have got attention only for my wife.

“Leave her alone, you crazy womans. You’re tiring my wife out.” they laughed and (Y/N) got up walking to me, her bump being the center of everyones attention. She wanted to sit next to me but I pulled her in my arms caressing her belly.

“Well brother seems like you have got it right. That child of yours must be very healthy thinking about how big (y/n) has grown in this months. She’s a smart woman getting you all giddy and wrapped up around her little finger.” (Y/N) chuckles and I smile hearing the sound that, I look at Hvitserk and smile.

“I can’t wait for you to get a woman pregnant, brother. I bet that you’ll be just like a woman, all the ways moody and hungry.” we all laugh and drink a little bit more before (Y/N) taps my shoulder. I look at her and I know that she’s tired she gets down from my lap and walks to the door with me following her closely. 

When we get home she falls into the bed and sighs, I laugh at her and crawl to the bed sitting next to her. I look at the ceiling and I think about how blessed I am, about how the gods decided to give me all this things that I don’t worth. They gave me my wife and now they are giving me children. I am lost in my own mind, looking at the memories with me and my (Y/N), how she changed me, how she makes me act different only for her. She shakes me and I look at her. (Y/n)’s eyes are full with tears but she’s smiling, she’s laughing, she’s happy, a hand resting on her round stomach.

“They are moving, Ivar.” My eyes widen and I put a hand on her belly feeling the strong kicks. I kiss her belly and look up at her, she’s overwhelmed both crying and laughing and I do that too, I cry while smiling, looking at my beautiful, only wife and love.

“I love you so much, my wife. You gave me everything that I wasn’t dreaming at. You gave everything that I never thought I needed, you made me see all the things that I could not see alone. You enveloped me in your love and care. You became mine by your free will and you showed me the right ways. I love you my only love and I thank you for everything. I thank you for being here when I needed you and when I didn’t, you loved me when I worthed you and when I didn’t. You’re all that I could ask for and more, you’re my light and the only one who I wish to have by my side. You are the one that I wish to give me children and the only one that I will touch and protect until my last breath. I’ll give my life for you my queen.” she grips my face and kisses me, our tears mixing and making everything more intense. We’re both here, loving and suffering, craving and crying, living and dying.

I watch her sitting at the edge of the deck, she does not know that I am home, she thinks that I’m still away. I love the fact that she misses me, that she waits for my return but I don’t like her sitting that near to a possibly danger makes me angry. I look at her belly and I see how much the little ones grew up while I was away. Anytime by now they could be born.

“How many times I need to tell you not to stay near the water?” I ask from behind her, she jumps and turns around, her eyes widening as she wraps her arms around my neck and holds me close to her. (Y/N) starts crying but I know they are tears from happiness. I know that she missed me, she was scared that she’s going to give birth to the child before I come back, but I would never do that to her. I will never let her go through that alone. I place one of my hands around her and the other one on her belly. “I see that this little one didn’t forgave you. Our child grew up a lot while I was away.” (y/n) laughs and pulls away from me, kissing my lips as if they are her only reason to survive.

“If you ever dare leave me like this I’ll kill you.” I laugh at her threatening me and kiss her again.

“You will not. You love me to much and then who will give you more children.” she hits my arm playfully and gets up. As we walk back to our house she tells me all about her cravings and how our child seemed to be much more agitated but she liked it, it remembered her of me. I tell her tat I could not stop thinking about her and all that I wanted to do was to come back and take her in my arms and never let her go.

The next two days are spent between the furs with her giggling and smiling at me as I talk to our child. I love to feel it kicking against my hand and I love to see the smile and the happy face that (Y/n) haves every time when she feels the little kicks.

I return home from a ride in the forest to see the healer and a few womans around my wife. She is laying on her back and I know it’s time. Still the thrill is killed by all my worries.

What if she dies? What if our child dies? What if they both die? What if the child is not healthy? I’m afraid to approach her but I see it in her eyes. I see that she needs me to be there with her so I go by her side and take her hand in mine. She squeezes it and I kiss her forehead.

“I’m here, my wife. Everything is going to be fine.” I see the doubt in her eyes but I decide not to say anything.

I stay there for hours seeing how she’s trying to push that life into the world. I see and feel her pain and I hate myself for doing this to her. I hate myself for putting her in this much pain.

“Stay strong for us! Just a little bit more and I’ll let you rest my love!” I whisper in her ear as she closes her eyes, exhausted and still trying to give birth to the child. (Y/n) opens her eyes and looks at me one more time with those soft loving eyes. Even now when she’s in pain she can not find it in her heart to hate me.

She pushes a few more times and we hear the strong cry of our child. She looks at me and I’m crying, she starts to cry too and we kiss, we kiss in the pain and the happiness of the moment. When we pull apart the healer hands us the little child, wrapped in blankets and cleaned.

“You have a perfect son.” We smile at her and she leaves. I stay there with my wife and we look at our son, at our new beginning. I know that he is only the start, I know that she will give me many sons and daughters, I’ll make sure that she does her. But now it’s not the future that matters, but my wife and my child.

“I love you so much, my strong wife. You just gave me a son and I thank you for this. I thank you for this new beginning, for our child and for all your love. I swear to love you and cherish you till the day I die for you are the only one that I want. I will make you go through this pain again my wife, only to see you like this, holding the biggest treasure at your chest, holding my life in your arms.”

Yugioh characters as shit I've said

Yugi: I’m. Not. A. Loli. I may be short n cute but I have sth lolis don’t, I have boobs.

Atem: I don’t hate you, but I hope Amut eats your soul.

Seto: He may be the chief, but he does everything I tell him to, so I’m the chiefs chief.

Mokuba: I’m strong but my lil sis is stronger n she’ll beat the shit out of u.

Mai: For some weird reason all the guys that I treat like shit fall in love with me.

Rishid/Odion: You just don’t mess with her, she won’t stand for ur bullshit n she’ll kick ur lame ass.

Yami Bakura: I’m an asshole n it seems everybody loves because of that.

Marik: I’m just too lazy to do that, so I always get someone to do it for me.

Anzu: She tried to create a rumor of me being an easy girl? As if she hadn’t had sex with all the guys in school already.

Bakura: I’m more virgin than the extra virgin olive oil.

Ootogi/Duke: I don’t know why, I’m just naturally good at everything.

Jounouchi/Joey: I’ve been told I have a cute doggie nose, but I also have the cat girl anime fangs, so it have been proven that I am in fact a protagonist.

Mahad: You never come to school n when u do u only sleep, so y do u even come for? Just stop coming already so I can use that chair to put my stuff.

Honda: You make uncomfortable in so many ways.

Mana: I’m cute so it doesn’t matter if I do sth bad, I won’t pay the price of my actions, I’m instantly forgiven.

Evil Marik: I’ve been told that if stares could kill everyone I’ve ever seen would be 8 meters underground.

Pegasus: I just make the clothes look good.

friends don’t think about how Diana probably hired Etta as her secretary after the war, and how Etta probably worked alongside her at the Louvre for the rest of her life and how she took Etta everywhere she went from the sandy dunes of Egypt to the jungles of South America to the palaces of the Russian aristocracy and how Diana watched Etta age and grow weary even as she herself grew stronger and how Diana sat in the front row at Etta’s funeral and cried for the first time since Steve and how she buried her best friend of fifty years at the foot of a pure white marble headstone that read “Etta Candy, a true light in this world”.

my favorite thematic message of Wonder Woman (and I loved a lot of the narratives in this movie, let’s be clear about that) was that empathy and compassion are strengths, not weaknesses.

this is something that is hardly ever conveyed on screen, in superhero properties or elsewhere in entertainment - I can’t think of the last time I saw it done, especially not so clearly. 

every time Diana felt compassion or showed empathy for the plight of those suffering around her, she became stronger. she would see something that caused her pain because other people were in pain, and she channeled that emotion into her powers, using them to do good in some way. this happens repeatedly in the film (from the tower climb in Themyscira to no man’s land), culminating with seeing Steve’s death and the impending death of her other comrades-in-arms, when her powers erupt forth from her body, so strong they nearly consume those around her at once. her emotions fueled the growth of her powers until she was strong enough that she defeated the god of war. her emotions made her powerful enough that she could become the godkiller, the world’s savior.

society teaches us that emotion and compassion and empathy are weak, are only going to get us hurt in the long run. we are told to repress and hide our feelings because it’s not socially acceptable. but when Diana shows emotion, when she vocalizes her urge to show empathy for others, she literally becomes stronger.

this is probably the film’s subtlest message - but imho it might be the most important. feelings are something to be embraced, not rejected. a superhero feels the pain of others acutely - and she uses those emotions to save the world. 

so i know everyone loves the idea that Allura could kick Shiro’s ass but like… Shiro was a gladiator. he survived in the arena for a year. i mean… have you seen that boi fight? he defeated Myzax with nothing but a sword and his wits. he’s G O O D. he’d be a match for Allura - just cos she’s stronger than him, doesn’t mean she’d automatically win

just… give me Shiro and Allura evenly matched and Allura trying to find a way to land a blow on Shiro but he’s just too quick and she gets worked up and flustered and sloppy

give me Shiro kicking Allura’s ass twelve different ways and Allura getting more and more frustrated cos she can’t figure out how he did it

give me Shiro running up the wall and flipping over Allura’s head and Allura punching the wall where he was just standing and she’s super-annoyed and Shiro’s just… laughing

Shiro can fight, y’all. and he’d love sparring with Allura because she’s strong and fast and he can’t really hurt her and she’d actually be a challenge and if you think he wouldn’t pin her to the ground and look smug doing it then you’re w r o n g

Humans are Space Orcs

So I’ve been loving the “humans are weird” tag lately and I came up with one myself. Here goes…

Breathe in… Breathe out… The yoga soundtrack on Kenzie’s phone was interrupted by the nervous clicking of a member of the Ghrivak clan. Thnybux, a third-tier member of the clan, approached her on a swirling cloud, as was standard of the Ghrivaks.

“Human Kenzie,” said Thnybux, through the translator in her ear. “Human Kenzie, what are you doing? You will rip your flesh with those movements!”

Kenzie straightened from her yoga position and greeted Thnybux with the series of clicks common in the Ghrivak dialect. “This is called yoga. Humans actually need to move and stretch their bodies. It’s good for us.”

Thnybux regarded her with some confusion. “Do you know why the Ghrivak move only on clouds, Human Kenzie? It is because if we move our bodies too much, our bones will disintegrate from the forces of gravity on this planet. I do not understand this theory of movement. How exactly is it beneficial to your species?”

“Human muscles are connected to hard, quasi-living rods in our bodies called bones. These bones are created by specialized cells, and are both very lightweight and very strong. Our muscles are made of specialized cells, and when they are very minimally damaged, repair themselves so that they are stronger. If a human does not exercise, the muscles will die off, and the human will no longer be able to move.”

“Surely the force of these…muscles…on these living rods will shatter the rods?”

“No, our muscles are not that strong,” Kenzie laughed. “Our bones are much stronger than that. And humans break bones fairly frequently. It hurts but the bone just heals stronger. That’s kind of a theme in humans actually, when we get hurt we just heal stronger.” She returned to her yoga.

Thnybux hid xie’s fear from the human Kenzie, and took note of this new information. What kind of creature becomes stronger when it is hurt? Lesson number one: Do not anger the humans.

if season 3 doesn’t give us a scene of Allura sitting in the pilot’s seat of the Black Lion in the Black Paladin armour and breaking down and sobbing “please come back Shiro… I need you… I’m trying to be strong but it’s so hard without you” then what even was the point of Voltron


3x10 // 3x11

I’ve been having a lot of deep conversations with friends, coworkers, and loved ones about the stuff thats been going on recently. Even after a few hours or even days I’ll still be lost in thought thinking about and running through things that have been said, both in the news and person-to-person. Over the past weekend I had all of this pent up inside me and I needed to put this down somewhere. So after a few frustrating scribbles on my lunch break, this drawing manifested from that.

I’m planning on making a limited run of colorful risograph prints of this and donating all the proceeds to the ACLU. I’ll let you all know when thats up on my etsy.

Stay kind and open minded, my friends.

Wolfgang & Sun

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  • They don’t say much, but they FIGHT for their loved ones
  • They don’t show emotions, but they PROTECT their loved ones
  • They’ll kill for survival, but they’ll DIE for their loved ones
  • They don’t smile much, but when they do, it comes from PURE happiness
  • I was SO HAPPY to see so much interactions between Sun and Wolfgang happened in this season – I loved this pair since Christmas special when they had this whole “if you need help” “I’m fine. If you need some air” “I’m good” then * both smirk * scene
  • There are so many things Sun and Wolfgang share in common
  • Both are the quiet ones in the cluster; they are badasses; and THEY DESERVE PEACE & HAPPINESS – and LOVE!
  • They might be strong on the outside, but they have soft heart inside; and that sometimes make these two people blame themselves for what they’ve done
  • Their mothers loved them; their fathers…one was abusive and the other was ignorant; and their other family members (like Steiner and Joong Ki) just couldn’t leave them in peace
  • One thing they don’t share in common, other than their fighting style, is that when Sun needs help, she asks for help. Whereas Wolfgang would NEVER, EVER ask for help – even when he’s being captured and tortured by Whispers
  • I really hope that in the end, both Sun and Wolfgang find their own peace (except rest-in-peace bullshit, I won’t allow it)

Favorite moments in season 2 (spoilers!)

2x02 Who Am I?

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– I like that when they’re visiting each other, neither of them says ‘hi’ or ‘what’s up?’ Instead they just simply have a short eye contact and that’s it. The zoo scene sums up Sun and Wolfgang’s relationship. And we love this quiet-yet-we-know-each-other-by-just-looking-at-one’s-eyes. PERFECTION

– Not just from this scene, but most conversations between Sun and Wolfgang are short, very straightforward & concise…and that’s what makes their dynamic so real and sincere because we know both characters share a deep connection through their unspoken pain

2x03 Obligate Mutualisms


– OK, I love Sun just the way she is. But I absolutely love her when she embodies Wolfang. Two words; and her level of being badass just exploded there. Hats off to Doona’s perfect portrayal of Wolfgang/Max

2x07 I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate


– In graveyard scene, everyone from the cluster talks to her from their heart…from their experience. What differentiates Wolfgang from rest of them is he’s the only one who says ‘the world would be better without’ people like Joong Ki and Wolfgang’s father. Revenge is a double-edged sword. It’s bittersweet. And Wolfgang has already had a taste of revenge..several times. However, I don’t think sweetness of revenge or his skepticism about justice are entire reasons why he says it. I think it’s because deep down he knows Sun is stronger than she thinks; strong enough to not only make Joong Ki pay for her father’s death but also take in the bitterness of revenge

2x08 All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet (1)


– YES! YES! YES! A thousand times YES! THAT SMIRK IS EVERYTHING! I don’t we need more explanation to this, at all * drops mic *

2x08 All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet (2)


– OMG. Did they literally finish each other’s sentence? OH YES THEY DID! * drops mic, again *

2x07 I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate & 2x09 What Family Actually Means



– This is not an interaction between them, but I really wanted to go over this little parallel scenes. Another thing I love about Sun and Wolfgang is they don’t use their strengths to bully someone or to just show off. They use them to protect their loved ones when they are treated like shit by shitty people not nicely

2x11 You Want A War?


– I know I didn’t include “I would” in Gala scene. Doesn’t mean I don’t like it; it’s just kinda goes along with what I’ve written in graveyard scene. I didn’t want to be redundant. But yeah, I liked that scene too: Wolfgang in gangsta mode walking by Sun’s side while others are trying to stop her XD

– But back to the point, I personally like this scene more simply because I love when Wolfgang shows his gentle and caring side of him towards his cluster. Like when he cared for Will [x]. Also, we don’t really get to see Sun being afraid a lot (I mean of course, she’s a warrior), so it was kinda good to see her being weak and vulnerable for a moment but then quickly regaining her calmness after her cluster reassures she’s going to be fine. It shows how much Sun trusts her cluster; and how much her cluster cares for her (PLATONIC LOVE RIGHT HERE PEOPLE!)

I would say most interactions between Wolfgang and Sun happened during ‘sharing’ – resulting great action sequences, which also proves (again) that these two are not talkers; they’re fighters. Maybe that’s why they make an awesome pair!