she's still with that emma person

“You’re so resilient.  After your mom died, you were totally in pieces, but you’re so together after a month.  I couldn’t do that.”

Emma does seem like an actual human here.

I hope what’s left of this conversation can help establish her personality a bit more. While you guys were right to call me out on demanding “more personality” in 1.1, I do still feel like it hasn’t been properly established for any of the Harpies yet, and as the so far most important one, Emma’s first in line for it.

I could remember my admission, “I’m not resilient.  I can hold it together during the day, but I’ve cried myself to sleep for a straight week.”

And there it is.

That had been enough to open the floodgates, right there.  She gave me her shoulder to cry on, and our coffee was cold before I was done.

Taylor is good at maintaining a facade, but remove a chunk of an unstable facade and it might come crumbling down.

Now, as I gaped at Emma, wordless, her smile widened.  She remembered what I had said, then.  She knew the memories it would evoke.  At some point, that recollection had crossed her mind, and she had decided to weaponize it.  She’d been waiting to drop it on me. 

And we’re out of the flashback.

Remember what I said about Emma coming down the middle with a particularly devastating line? That was it, even if only the two of them know how.

Another AU inspired by spoilers for next week, in which Regina finds herself on the last mission she ever expected: trying to engineer a meeting between a princess and a pirate.

For @galadriel26​ - happy birthday!

Regina Mills is still silently fuming about her own plan. It’s a good plan. It will work.

But on a purely personal level it’s infuriating to find herself in the position of matchmaker for Captain Guyliner and Little Miss Perfect. It will work, and they’ll all remember—and she will never, ever, live it down.

Emma, to her complete lack of surprise, is not helping. “You know this won’t work,” she says haughtily as she looks out of the small window of the carriage that Regina had commandeered. Outside, the forest is sunlit and bright, and Regina feels a strange pang at the sight of it. She never appreciated it, before. For so long, she only hated it for hiding Snow White from her. Now, the sight and scent of it seems to tug at her heart, whispering of home.

“If my parents really are in danger, I don’t see how a pirate is going to help,” Emma goes on, and Regina almost, almost, laughs at the note of scorn in her voice. She recognises it. It’s a natural by-product of being raised a princess. Emma Swan, the princess, is far from a spoiled brat, but she’s also a far cry from Emma Swan, the woman who drove into Storybrooke one night and turned Regina’s life upside down.

This woman has never broken the law or dallied with criminals. This woman has grown up loved and wanted and utterly sure of who she is.

It makes her even more inconveniently confident than she was in Storybrooke. It also makes it hard to lie to her, which is why Regina has been purposely vague about this plan of hers, the fake one she told Emma in order to get her into this carriage and onto this road.

“Trust me,” she says as carelessly as she can manage. “He’ll help. If he knows what’s good for him.”

“You keep saying that, but — “

There’s a shout outside. The carriage rumbles to a stop. There’s more shouting, the ring of steel, and Emma frowns and sits up straighter. Regina smiles.

Show time.

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The things that make Emma special

Requested by Anonymous

This request came as a follow up to the last episode that presented Emma as someone that needed the curse and the hard life that she had in order to become the awesome person that she is. 

The purpose of this post is to dismiss all these ridicules claims that the writers chose to make as canon. We who KNOW Emma so well KNOW that no matter what were the circumstances of her life, she would still possess all of these qualities that make her special and unique because these are features of her true nature and character. 

These qualities were only enhanced after she had her family and people that love her by her side, just imagine where she would have reached if she had that kind of support her entire life.    

Role reversal speculation

So something that I loved about 6x10 and am crazy excited for in 6x11 is the role reversals. Despite everyone being a part of this world and each character still being in their respective parts, I also think there’s a shifting back and forth between everyone. I don’t necessarily mean just personality wise, but roles played in the story.

Emma as perfect princess Snow White before her bandit days.

Prince/knight Henry following in his grandpa’s footsteps

and then we have Regina which is where I think the role reversal gets really interesting.

She’s basically dropped into this reality to play a plethora of parts in this story. The believer, trying to be the hero, thrust into the role of villain in order to accomplish her mission. She has to inspire belief from Emma and remind her of the savior that she is (very reminiscent of S1 Henry), she has to take a page from the villains handbook and act as Evil Queen out of necessity (A means of reminding characters and audience that we actually need the Evil Queen in this family perhaps?) and then we have her as Snow White…

cavorting with dwarves Ridiculously happy to have the dwarves around…

going to great lengths to fulfill their task… including accepting help and a deal from Rumplestiltskin

and accidentally incurring the wrath of the now reigning ruler of the kingdom.

Now what it looks like we’ll be getting going into 6x11 is Regina on the run from a vengeful King Henry who’s hunting her, “out for blood” for what she’s done…

… that’s got bandit Snow White and the Evil Queen written all over it.

And Outlaw Queen (who would probably be Snowing in this situation) I assume will be trying to navigate their way through this world together as outlaws and wanted criminals. ‘Outlaw Queen’ just got very literal.

Now obviously I don’t think all of these parallels are/will be literal and/or exactly intentional, but I think the narrative intent is there the same way they were in the Heroes and Villains AU. I think there’s a lot more going on in this AU than just paralleling for funsies. As with Emma in 6x10, I think a lot of this is going to be intended as a learning experience for both the audience and characters showing how different each character could be depending on their upbringing. Or how similar they turned out to each other when faced with similar circumstances. Seeing these characters walk a mile in each others shoes so to speak.

While this may be a twisted reality, I think the moral will be that this family needed each other and all the bad that existed to create the circumstances that brought them together and made them who they are. The Evil Queen included in that.

CS Oneshot: The Bookstore Pirate

Day 2 of Ficmas prompted by @kat2609​ you are a fantastic friend and cheerleader MFAMB!

It’s Emma’s first Christmas with Henry and she is desperate to find him the perfect gift. Which is how she ends up in a pirate themed bookstore talking to a complete stranger about the stress of gift giving. Captain Swan Modern AU that’s kind of like a non-cursed AU. One-shot.

Other Ficmas Stories: Day 1

3.6k | T | AO3 |

Emma wasn’t exactly panicked, she still had a month before Christmas, but she was worried about getting the right gift for Henry. So far nothing had felt right as she scoured the internet and the local Storybrooke stores. Probably because subconsciously she was trying to pack ten years worth of gift giving into one day.

Ruby had suggested she try The Pirate’s Cove Bookstore because the owner had the reputation for picking the perfect book just by looking at a person. And although Emma thought that unlikely she had still made time on her lunch break to check the place out. Located on a side street and tucked between a furniture store and a dance studio it’s small display window was filled by a model pirate ship with books cleverly showcased on it’s decks. Emma appreciated the commitment to the theme.

She pushed open the dark mahogany door only to practically run into somebody. She pulled up short of knocking into him. Because it was a him, a him dressed in tight dark jeans, a button-up shirt (that wasn’t entirely buttoned up), and a black leather vest. His hair was dark and his handsome face covered in facial hair that wasn’t quite a beard but more than a five o’clock shadow. Despite his smirk, or maybe because of it. Emma felt like he was trouble

“Sorry.” She mumbled and moved to let him pass by her.

“No worries, love. Can I help you?” Emma gave him a confused look and his smile grew causing her to wonder if she saw a small dimple. “I work here. So can I help you find something,” he clarified as he gestured to the store with what Emma was surprised to notice was not a hand but a silver hook–now that was commitment to a theme.  

“Oh. Right.” Emma gave her head a little shake stopping herself from thinking of dimples, and hooks, and unbuttoned shirts. She had to find something for Henry and it didn’t look like the owner was in. She glanced around at the store. “I’m just looking.”

“Alright. I’ll just be at the register if you need anything.” He gave her another smile and then walked away.

Emma felt relief that he wasn’t a pushy salesman and turned her attention from the strange clerk to the store itself. In keeping with the pirate theme the entire place was covered in dark wood paneling and decorated with various nautical touches. It was bigger than it appeared; the small entrance giving way to a spacious backroom. She wandered to the first shelf and frowned at the hand-lettered sign above it.

For A Rainy Day

The shelf was full of books of all sizes and genres; she shook her head and moved to the next one.

Fascinating People

This shelf included the expected biographies but also nonfiction books like Emma by Jane Austen and Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. Emma checked her watch she didn’t have time to wander the entire store hoping for a shelf labeled “books for ten year-old boys who you gave up for adoption and really want to impress”. And even if there were she was pretty sure she would pick the wrong book. She needed the savant owner to just pick a book for her and take the burden of the decision away. She looked over at the clerk. He was leaning on the register appearing to be engrossed in a slim copy of “Captain’s Courageous”.

“Excuse me.” He pulled the book down so fast Emma was sure he had been watching and waiting for her to ask for help. “Do you know when the owner will be around?”

His eyebrow ticked up and he gave a little half bow. “Killian Jones, bookstore pirate, at your service, lass.”

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*Pans POV *

Y/n broke down, once I got put in the box, she knew. She will never see or hear from him again. She broke crying.

I wanted to tell her I was okay so bad, being in Henry’s body it could be a risk. I’ll actually die if I do that. She just fell to the ground crying, she’s the only person I ever cared about.

Emma walked over and hugged her, Y/n hugged Emma back. “ he’s gonna I lost him ” Y/n said. “ it’s for the best. ” Emma said. “ it isn’t! I loved him and I’ll never see him again! ” y/n went up on deck still crying. Everyone else also did I followed. I want to tell her.. But if I do, people are gonna suspect it’s me and not Henry.

Should I do a part 2?? Request ❤️


You know what I love?

Regina is this huge leader person. She wasn’t in control of her life for a lot of it and so once she did gain control she never relinquished it. She always needed to be the one in control and anyone who questioned that or went against it pretty much ended up hurt or dead. She kept people at arm’s length to keep from getting hurt again. To keep them from taking her control from her again.

But then now there’s Emma. And I love it because Regina’s still this leader. This force of nature. But then once Emma asked to lead a few years ago. And she let her. A kind of respect she hadn’t given anyone. I think she would have insulted people just for asking. But with Emma…it was different.

And now when they’re in situation she always wants to know Emma’s opinion, always asks for it and if Emma wants to lead, she relinquishes control with ease. She’s completely comfortable and trusting when it comes to following Emma’s lead in large part because Emma has never steered them wrong when she was the one leading. 

And I think it must be a relief to not have to be on guard all the time for people trying to hurt her or take advantage of her. To not have to be in control all the time for fear of what could happen if she loses it. Now, when she gets scared or frustrated Emma tends to talk her down or lets her vent and she is safe and okay even when she’s not and a peace will wash over her. 

But at the same time Emma does the same thing. She asks for Regina’s opinion. When Regina has a suggestion she shares it and Emma trusts her. Follows her. They both have their strengths and weaknesses and they complement each other well. They are such a team. And I love it.

Ad you notice the difference in how they deal with things when they don’t have each other there to support them. They are each other’s solid ground, each other’s rock, and it’s my favorite thing.

anonymous asked:

Ok, I love Emma Thompson to bits, both professionally and personality wise, but she starred as baically HRC in the film Primary Colors, and I don't know how I feel about that. It's been a long time since I've seen it, but still feel it was damaging.

i’ve never watched primary colors — is it worth checking out? i love emma thompson, too and can totally see her in a hillary-inspired role, so that’s disappointing to hear about that particular movie. 

Thinking About The Twins of Storybrooke.

I am distracted by The Twins of Storybrooke after linking the series on a post in Facebook.  I know I still have yet to write the prequel and I do want to get to it someday.  The story of how Regina shockingly finds out she is pregnant, and all that THAT would entail.  Emma’s reaction too.  I mean, not only THEIR shock… the TOWN’s shock.  The confusion.  The questions.  Then there’s the comical funny stuff… cravings, trying to think up baby names, ultrasounds, hormones and emotions running on overdrive.  Then, the birth of Audrey and Sophie Swan-Mills.

Can you imagine Regina and Emma sitting by an ultrasond machine, already going through their own personal and collective issues with having a baby and then being told for the first time that they are having TWINS?!  Can you imagine the look on Emma’s face now?


Regina’s eyes became wide saucers and she stared at Whale.  "What did you say?“

"I said, you’re having quintuplets!  Can’t you hear the multiple heartbeats?”

Regina glanced at Emma whose complexion had gone ashen and who looked like she was going to faint.  "I think… I think… I need to sit down.“

"Yeah,” chuckled Victor Whale.  He shook his platnum spiked hair and added, “True Love CONCEPTION!  That one’s a doozy, isn’t it?”

Emma and Regina gaped at one another in stunned silence.  Regina immediately thought of five crying babies to tend to while Emma thought of them a lot older.  Five rebellious teenagers to chase around town.  And if they were as defiant as she was when she was a teen, the thought of trying to keep them all in line completely jarred her.

Watching Regina bite her lip though fortified Emma’s posture and she willed herself to think positively.  They had been up against the Forces of Evil!  They could handle five offspring together.  They could do anything together.

She glued a wide smile on her face.  "Regina and Emma plus 5!“  She scoffed at the idea gallantly and tried to persuade Regina.  "Babe, we got this.”

“Five children.”  Regina gulped.


Regina and Emma snapped their focus back to the doctor.  "Huh?“

"Two kids.  You’re having twins.  I was just messing with you.”  He gave Emma a meaningful look and said, “That was for throwing me up against a wall,” and he tossed the same look at Regina, “And that was for… everything else, ever.”  He winked because he was joking of course but still the two women’s faces grew dark and he bravely asserted with his hands up in surrender.  "Hey, it was just a joke to make the revelation a little better!  Besides, you’re not going to kill the most knowledgeable and skilled doctor in town when you need the BEST medical attention possible, right?  Right?“

Emma shook her head at him exasperatingly while Regina rolled her eyes.  The buffoon had a point.  Still twins definitely seemed more manageable and suddenly Regina had a smile on her face.  She had two lives growing inside her. Two little Swan-Mills babies.  She eyed Emma’s profile and when Emma turned to look at her, she was biting her lip, but with a soft smile beneath it.

They didn’t verbally admit it, but they were each suddenly gleeful, fascinated and eager to see what a blending of them would look like.

willow1411  asked:

Hey could you write something about Regina alcoholic verse I don't really have idea but I like this one maybe when Regina can go home & Robin is here to help her coming home thks

She hated everything about the situation she had found herself in - absolutely everything, not least of all the man who’d taken it upon himself to practically move in. He’d been authorised by both Doctor Whale and Emma to watch over her once she’d finally been allowed home - that hadn’t been an easy thing to have granted, her request to be at home instead of stared at by nurses, doctors, patients and visitors alike - to watch that she didn’t drink or harm herself whilst alone. He was like her own personal prison guard.

He didn’t stifle her, she appreciated that, but still, he was always around. He lingered in the background, like a shadow. He’d taken up permanent residence in the armchair beside her bed - reading during the day and barely sleeping at night. He wanted to talk through her overdose, she knew he did, but instead he was biding his time. Waiting for her to crack instead.

He’d have to wait a while.

God, she needed a drink. Itched and shook for one. She couldn’t though, she’d promised Henry the first morning he’d been allowed to visit her, all tear-streaked cheeks and grasping hands. The guilt had almost burned through her entirely. He’d been so worried about her.

She was an asshole.

She was going to be better though, if not for herself, for her son. He deserved far more than just her sobriety.

She just hoped, watching as Robin gathered her breakfast things - she’d barely touched the food he’d cooked her - that she wasn’t soon to become a murderer. Again, for Henry’s sake if not for Robin’s and her own.

Send me a prompt for one of my AU verses.

Title: [Fanart] I Could Have Treated You Better
Artist: RegalDucky

Title: I could have treated you better
Author: pearsonasnic
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Major Character Death
Words: 21029 
Regina is aware that her life is changing, by how much comes as a shock even to her when the Evil Queen she thought she killed returns to Storybrooke. The Queen is hell-bent on making Regina suffer for trying to kill her and to do that she sets a target on the one person that Regina loves most besides Henry, which turns out to be Emma. The Queens presence forces Regina and Emma to confront their feelings for one another, but there’s still a certain pirate in the way and as always things get complicated.

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anonymous asked:

Robin and Neal were good people. altho i'm SQ af but I did like how much they love Regina and Emma and always fought hard for them. Neal backing off for Emma's happiness shows how much he truly loves her. then you have Hook, who's straight out awful! if he can't be good on his own, and is counting on Emma to make him a good person, then their relationship isn't about love, and is more about fronts and displays, Hook doesn't love Emma, Hook is using her to make himself look like a good person..

Honestly, I can’t really say I’m the biggest fan of Neal either. She was barely 17, he was 24. Left her pregnant and had her take the fall for his crime because - as Emma said - Pinocchio told him to. It was still pretty convenient for him. I liked their dynamic when he came to Storybrooke because they were real with each other. They felt more like siblings than anything else. There was a level of comfort there. And yes, he seemed to have grown and yes, he cared about her. Still wouldn’t have wanted them getting back together - Emma and men just feels wrong to me, I can’t help it. It was just her first venture in relationships. She was very vulnerable and craving love and a home. It made sense for who she was back then, but now…

Then Robin… sure, he was a decent enough guy, but did he love Regina? Or should I ask, could he really love her? We never saw her really show herself to him. Regina’s snarky and funny and has a temper. I like her soft side too, but we’ve seen how long it normally takes for her to let people in and be vulnerable. That level of trust is based on the development of the relationship. That’s why it’s beautiful with Snow, Henry and Emma. We’ve witnessed it. With Robin it just happened too fast. Which tells you that it wasn’t genuine, she was trying to be who she thought he needed her to be. Did he really try to get to know the real her? Or were they both just projecting what they wanted from the other? If he really loved Regina, would it have been so easy to go back to his wife? Did she really try to get to know him for who he was or did she just accept that he was her soul mate? 

I think a good partner is someone you know. And you love them because you know who they are… and if you don’t really know who they are, then one is easily exchanged for the other. Do you love them or do you love having someone? Do you love them or think you love them? Do you love the idea of them? And isn’t kind of sad that there are so many guys like Hook that we’re already happy when they’re nice and half-decent? Shouldn’t we aim higher for ourselves or those characters? Cause that sort of reinforces the idea that if a guy loves us or is nice that we owe him. I know that’s not what you’re saying, but in my mind, I just keep coming back to that.

All of these relationships could have worked, if the story was written to support them. Then Hook is specifically written to be an example of a bad relationship, so even though there’s definitely development there… it’s negative development. The writing simply doesn’t make me very invested in these characters beyond thinking about what they mean in terms of growth for Emma and Regina, I guess. 

Sorry, that was sort of all over the place. :)

cryptidluke  asked:

ace julian u feel? if u want that is definitely a prompt

Do you not understand what you have just unleashed?! BOI SIT DOWN DO I GOT SOME HEADCANONS FOR YOU!

  • Julian is not the most vocal person about his asexuality (or his sexuality in general) especially in the work place. However he does do little things to show his pride for his sexuality
  • He first told Emma about his asexuality and she was the one to comfort him and tell Julian that what he was feeling was perfectly normal
  • That following birthday she got him a custom made black ring saying “Science holds my heart” on the inside that he still wears on his right middle finger to this day.
  • Julian isn’t disgusted by the idea of sex, he just isn’t a fan of it and chooses not to partake in it. He says he will only do it if he finds the person who is perfect for him and when he is ready. Never gonna be pressured into doing it and he wants his partner to respect this fact
  • Julian, however, does love platonic/romantic contact in a relationship. Hand holding, cuddles, hugs, kisses, all of these are things Julian 100% adores in relationships.
  • He has cake pin that he wears underneath his vest all the time. 

Emma smiles as she walks into their bedroom to find Regina sprawled across the bed. When she first started staying over, Regina would sleep curled onto one side of the bed, rigid and still. As the nights wore on she slowly started to roll closer to Emma. When they finally decided to come out as a couple and admit the love they’d both felt all along, she stopped sleeping on her side and instead would wrap her arms around Emma and snuggle for the night.

Regina told her once that she wasn’t a cuddly sort of person but Emma would argue differently. In public Regina might not be cuddly, they display their affections through tender touches and kisses. When they go to bed however Regina’s open, trusting and quick to seek out a cuddle for comfort and security – something Emma’s always happy to provide.

She loves coming home to see Regina spread across the bed. It means Regina’s comfy and content something Emma’s always happy to see. She stretches and yawns before hurriedly shedding her work gear and getting into her pyjamas.

Emma climbs carefully onto the bed not wanting to wake Regina as she slides along the side of the bed. She’s become a bit of an expert at wrapping them both up into a comfy cuddle that gives them both space and duvet too all without waking her girlfriend. Emma slides her arm beneath Regina’s middle before slowly rolling her to her chest. Once Regina’s on her side, Emma grabs the covers and pulls them up over them.

“You’re home.”

Emma jumps at the sleepy mumble and looks down to see Regina staring blearily at her. “I thought I hadn’t woken you up.”

“You always wake me up,” Regina points out.

“You’ve never said before.”

Regina shrugs as she wraps herself around Emma like a koala before replying, “I missed you tonight…I wanted to see you.”

Emma smiles serenely at those words kissing the top of Regina’s head as she asks, “Any reason why?”

“Henry’s at a friend’s house so there was no-one else here…it never bothered me before but now…it was too empty without you. I’m glad you’re home.”

Emma nods as she holds Regina a little closer and replies simply, “Me too.”

I just got into a huge fight with one of my closest friends because I couldn’t take her using the word retarded any longer. I already told her it really offends me and I tried to explain this but it just blew up into a huge fight and she ended up yelling and swearing at me to get out of her car. (We were already at my house, but it was still really rude). I explained what the word means and how it can be very offensive and she didn’t agree and said it just meant dumb. I said then why don’t you just say dumb instead and no one has to get upset? And then it turned into her saying every slur isn’t bad and words don’t have to have bad meanings and all that it’s 2017 or something and I tried to explain you have to see it from other perspectives. And idek I’m just frustrated and upset and she’s one of my best friends but we really clash when it comes to this and it’s important to me not to use slurs and discriminatory words so I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to loose someone so huge in my life but I so strongly disagree with some of the things she says.


Emma is the only person still alive born in the 1800s — and she credits raw eggs

As of Thursday, Emma Morano is the only person on Earth who was born in the 1800s. She credits her longevity to eating two raw eggs a day. Since developing anemia as a child, Morano has been on the raw egg kick. It was her doctor who suggested she should add the eggs to her diet when she was just a young girl. There are a number of centenarians in her country. One village has roughly 300 people over 100 years old.

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Hi, you're account is so great but I don't like a thing: I don't understand why you always said that Emma and Andrew aren't back (because it is a thing that you think) and not a thing where you are sure. There are a lot of proofs to be sure about it. Yesterday on Twitter I saw a person who said that Emma is still in London but she isn't for work. She should to be in LA now but she isn't. The Sun and ENEWS reported a lot of good things... btw it is a your opinion not mine. Thanks

I think the concept is very clear. I have no proof that they are back together! In the interview with Rolling Stone Emma declared itself single.
If Andrew or Emma, don’t declare that they are back together, I can not speak for them. I’m not interested in gossip sites, but only what they say Andrew or Emma.

Tell if they were together or not is not my deal, I report only the facts.


They Grow Too Fast

It always hits me that I’m not 20 anymore when I see pictures of my 14-year-old (!) daughter and me. Sometimes it’s really hard to believe that this beautiful young lady is my child. And when I remind myself that she indeed is my child, I feel nothing but pride. I don’t take credit for her amazing personality but I like to tell myself that I at least somehow influenced it :D Emma is honestly one of the best people I’ve ever met and I’m so very sure that her future is bright.

These weird pictures were taken on Sunday when we attended the local church. I have no idea what was going on during the top ones but on the bottom one, Emma was telling me not to mess up her hair. I still remember the days where I practically had to threaten her so she would wash and brush her hair :D I tell you, our children grow up way too fast. We have to enjoy and cherish all the little moments, even the exhausting ones. That’s why I’m posting these pictures. They aren’t perfect. I actually look horrible in them. But I enjoyed that ordinary moment with Emma and want to remember it forever.