she's still meh


He was only as good as his father believed him to be, but to his father he was a flawed broken part, he came off the assembly line with cracked. But there’s no recall on children. You can’t give a soul up for repair. So he had to keep him. He locked him away and stole his light (because he was once so very bright)

He crushed the little boy he called cracked until he became a lost little boy. And lost boys are never children, oh they pretend to be, but they never really grow up, either. They exist.

He’s Icarus and he’s Atlas, another broken Greek tragedy.

- for lostcap

I don’t get all of the Lapis hype. It started before we even knew her well or her backstory. She has a nice design but it’s kind of plain. Her water wings are cool. I just didn’t understand people freaking out about her. Even now that we know her story and she’s had more screen time, she’s still meh to me. She just seems kind of brooding and boring.



i really hate this game.. lol i tried to tweak Ani so she looks more like her face claim and in CAS she looked fine to me but then in game i was like ‘LOL excuse me?’ so i just went back to her regular face.

smh the bottom pic is the original.