she's still laughing at my pain


“It’s okay, Ros. Everything is okay, now.” He hesitantly put his arm around her. Finally, she smiled. “I’m so happy to hear you say that. God, this is insane. This had to be the weirdest day of my life.”

“Me too. Well I mean, turning into a gross zombie-man on an alien planet is probably a close second.”  He laughed, even though the memory was painful. But it didn’t matter anymore. “I still have to tell you about that, but another time. Right now, let’s get you and our boys home.”


She didn’t believe that I would go, leave, take flight, she didn’t believe I would go, she couldn’t see, the pain, agony, suffering inside, invisible, obscured, hidden in me, myself, my mind, locked away under a facade of false emotional lies, smiles with no joy, laughs with no humor, “everything’s okay’s, she didn’t believe I would go, leave her alone, unattended, unacceptable, unattainable, out of my reach like the stars in the milky way, her true heart, the real her was just too far away, for me to touch, caress, hold, love, she didn’t believe I would go, still, I am gone


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You’re my entire fucking life...

She’s been crying random, i’ve been crying at night, looking outside the window and think about every moment she made me smile and laugh and i don’t fucking know anymore, it’s one of those 4:19 am random moments.

She needs to know, that she’s my umbrella in a rainy day, its like, you still get wet from the shitty rain, but it’s minimal.

It works like, pain and bad thoughts and darkness, but she blocks them.

I want so much to grow up, not because i want a shitty job, not because of responsibilities and shit, it’s cuz i need to be in bed with her, i need to sleep with her and know that im not gonna have a nightmare, cuz im with her.

Im crying right now, dude, so much like she did yesterday or i mean 2 days ago cuz its fucking 4:23 am already, but yeah i can’t stop…

I was this kid who needed to be happy and take care of those girls that he thought they were the one, and all he get in return, was pain and shitty talks, and people who doesn’t deserve even to fucking live, i know, that’s too much haha, but yeah…

I just need to grow up, so i can be with her every day, so i can kiss her every morning and see her pretty face,i need her smell and her thoughts, i need to see her baking cookies and making cakes for us.

I need to feel the adrenaline  when im “making love” (i still think that’s wierd) dude shhhhhhhh, i need to feel her breath and heartbeat, i need to ear her moan cuz dude, that’s fucking life right there, i need her to grab me hard like she’s going to fall or something, cuz that makes me lose in space and time.

But i don’t need just this, i need to have 25 years old, be with her by my side, with our dog, walking at the beach close to the ocean, and talk about everything, need to bring 2 pillows and a blanket to the beach so we can sleep there, and see the sun rise, dude perfect, me and her no more shit no more preocupations, but yo… this is just a dream, but i want to make this my reality, our future and we gonna have this cute and confy yellow house…

Damn, u deserve my love, i deserve ur love, we need this, we gotta find a way to keep this dream alive hun…