she's still laughing at my pain

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Hello I saw you reblogged my post and I wanted to say my post was meant to show how happy people where to see Ray following his ambitions and the contrast of it to when Monty left. I don't think the pain is anyway similar.

You keep saying “left,” I don’t think you understand. In those gifs, Meg is not only announcing the loss of a fellow employee, my husband, she is mourning her friend. We would have dinner together and laugh and make future plans. Those are things we can never do again, nor can we fulfill them.

For Ray’s departure she is announcing it in jest, because he is pursuing greater endeavors and has outgrown the company. He is alive, well, and still as available to you as before, if not more.

I am sympathetic with the fact that Monty has fans, people who maybe met him in person, or maybe only know him through his work. Not having him breathe and laugh can only affect such a person so deeply when you can simply step away from it all, so saying he “left” RoosterTeeth is in no way correct.

He didn’t leave, he’s gone. Please understand the difference.

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i'm laughing so fuckin hard at "do they not teach sky people how to count octavia" I honestly have not stopped that line is GOLD. i love this lil fic it's so great. clexa from octavias perspective they're so GROSS oh my god honestly. good work, good work.


god im still laughing about that line tho like lexa is SUCH AN ASSHOLE. she’s in PAIN but she has to get in at least ONE LINE about octavia’s intelligence because she didnt see the knife coming why is lexa such a babe

Well, that crossover wasn’t that painful, still pretty painful but the Gems totally made it worth it and I laughed at Lars’ and Sadie’s ship sinking, Gus’s Gemsona, and Pizza Steve fucking up said Gemsona and Gus asking him why he didn’t do that on another layer

Pearl’s “That’s not my baby!” was 10/10 though and I’m actually super happy they put that in there cause even though we all knew that she dotes on Steven like a concerned parent, her acknowledging such was really cute

Apparently Lion has some sort of fondness for the accurate tiger too, which was kinda cute

I do wish it didn’t rely so much on random humor and that’s the only real complaint I had about it, I wish there was more focus on the Gems other than Pearl having a meltdown and Garnet getting tired of it, and Amethyst eating Pizza Steve

But overall it was pretty good, I enjoyed most of it

dear father

thank you so much for screwing up how i think and behave. no seriously. Thank you. Thanks for telling me to shut up and man up when i was having a mental and emotional breakbown. Thank you for destroying my childhood forcing me to grow up before my time. Thank you for all the insults i am now deaf to because of you. And thank you for taking away the sanctity of a close relationship. because now when i breakdown i smile and laugh and seem perfectly fine. Now i have no childhood to tell of aside from knowing what my future plan was IN THE FIFTH GRADE. And for how even though i have the most perfect girl by my side i am still terrified she’ll leave. She blames herself somewhat for “causing me pain in the past” but it wasnt her fault….it was YOURS father. All yours, you never laid a hand on me but you damn sure lashed my mind and soul…..thank you….for nothing

it’s 2am and I can’t stop fucking crying because all I could think about is Nina and how much I miss her and how life isn’t fair at all. I would do literally anything to hear her laugh one more time and to hug her. I keep thinking about how different she looked at her funeral. it’s been months and still none of this is real to me. I miss her and her beautiful face and my god I’m so sad. but I’m happy she’s no longer in pain. I love you Neen, thinking about you always. ❤️❤️❤️

The Silence in Which You Keep Me

Time passes, wounds heal, but sometimes time itself can keep the blood flowing through. I say “I’m sorry, I fucked up. Please forgive me…” Silence. We fix things, say we’re friends again, but still silence. I was a bastard in the past, and I know that now. I’ve changed, I say. Still, silence. I still love you. Never stopped. All I want is for my pain to go away and for us to be in each others lives again. Yet I sit in involuntary solitude, dreaming of the day when we can sit together and have conversations again, long conversations, where we laugh, cry, confide in each other like the days long left in our painful past. I want to hold you close again, to feel your warmth again. To place my chin upon the top of your head as we hug. To look into your milk chocolate eyes and think, “There she is, my, one day, bride to be.” To kiss the scars on your arm and know, long ago, I helped you to stop being ashamed of them, or to not be afraid of what I or anyone else thought of them. Honestly, they were one of my favorite things about you. I miss your laugh, your shy way of looking from me when I stared at your beauty for too long; I miss going on nightly walks with you, going out to lunch and dinner with you and a few friends. I miss being annoyed by things your parents would say. I miss seeing you happy. The look in your eyes, gleaming. Yet here we are; stuck in this purgatory of silence.

Who the fuck am I dating?!

When your girlfriend wakes up hysterically laughing, so much that she looks pained, at 8:20 am because she had a dream that she put glade air freshener on as deodorant and it was so funny to her that she started laughing in her dream and then woke herself up with laughter. Tumblr, I WAS SO FUCKING SCARED. It looked like she was cringing. What the fuck! UPDATE: SHE IS STILL LAUGHING.

Week 6 volunteering in the ER

A patient was found in a ditch and brought into the hospital by the EMT. She is only a year older than by brother. The nurses went and gave her a sexual assault assessment and test for (date rape) drugs. I know that you are supposed to distance yourself from patients but literally seeing a person living out one of my largest fears in life made me take a step back and evaluate my life (yet again). I mean, she is a high schooler, basically a child.  

I want EVERYONE to be safe. Violence and assault doesn’t discriminate on color, sex, or religion. It can happen to ANYONE. 

The nurses were talking about how a while ago a patient came in with her boyfriend and admittedly said he gave her a date rape drug and was LAUGHING about it while she was still disoriented. He was in one of the rooms with her while she was gathering her strength. 

In other news Dr. Sass had a major pain in his stomach (he said he had an ulcer). So if anyone wants to pray for him that would be really cool.

I fell like I am growing more accustomed to the ER. I feel like once I have mastered all of my tasks I want to move to the OR. My goal is to move from different parts of the hospital and eventually see every area of the hospital. 

50. Temporary Happiness.

Scott walked into my life without any intention of falling for me but he did, and now I think I’m beginning to fall too…
It hasn’t been this genuine with anyone – ever, to be honest.
This is new to me and I’m not sure whether I should be happy or not.

However I belong to Brandon, he labelled me his property with his endless love bites over my body. He still hasn’t understood I’m uncomfortable with the speed he is trying to make me go at – this is too fast for me…

I love how my life is spinning out of my control and it’s my life…
Doesn’t that make you laugh?
A girl can’t even control her own problems and she’s trying to help other people?

I believe that those who choose to help others so endlessly are often the ones that are most wounded, they’ve felt continuous pain and have finally decided to let up and lean on someone else about their troubles, and by helping that person – maybe they are helping themselves..?

Is it wrong of me to be with someone because they want a sense of happiness but personally want something more… something more permanent than temporary?

Scott gives me a lot more than just temporary happiness; my day feels complete just talking to him or even just seeing him.

I don’t know what it is about Scott that has me in such a trance…
It isn’t like Michael or Brandon, he isn’t just a temporary distraction…
He is a lot more


5 years ago today I lost my best friend in an accident. I grew up with her by my side. Forever will miss this beautiful dancing princess. It’s been hard getting through life without her. They say it will get better and it has but it’s still hard and there is still pain. Went and visited her grave and couldn’t stop crying. I miss her and love her so much. I just wish she was still her to laugh with and cry with. To make more memories with. 5 years is a long time. We were suppose to go old together. 😭❤️

Night , I was at the hospital like all day. My grandma is doing fine and well, she will be taken to a elderly care home, so that she can be taken care of. She is happy and laughing, still in pain but fighting. 💪 I’m tired but it’s all worth it , when you know that Jesus has done he’s job. God is good as well as jesus. 👆🙏 well hopefully you have a great easter tomorrow.
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