she's still laughing at my pain

The Hated Women of Fandom

Mary Watson wakes in a white room, sitting in a plastic chair. She’s surrounded by girls and women, some of whom are drinking heavily. There’s a banner hanging overhead, which reads Female Characters Anonymous. A redheaded teenage girl pats her on the knee.

“Don’t be frightened. We’ve been expecting you.”

“Where am I?” Mary asks.

The girl raises an eyebrow. “You don’t know?” She spreads her arms out. “This is the place where good female characters come to die.”

Mary frowns. “Oh, because I died in my show?”

Everyone laughs.

“Honey, I wish!” A woman with dark eyeliner calls out. 

“Ignore Lexa. She’s still angry about the bullet thing.” The teenage girl looks Mary up and down. “Then again, you would know something about that, wouldn’t you?”

“About what?”

“Oh, you know. Being killed off for drama. Or in your case, man pain.”

“Don’t get me started on that,” a woman to Mary’s right grumbles. She’s got bright red hair and a shirt that says Supernatural: Was it ever a good show?

“That’s Charlie. She had a good run until the writers didn’t know what to do with her.”

Mary, who’s starting to get an idea about where she is, shakes her head with a little laugh. “No, you must be mistaken. I was a good, strong character. I don’t belong here”

A few chuckles at that. Someone mutters, “I’ve heard that one before.”

The teenage girl gives her a sympathetic smile. “Have you taken a look at the fandom lately? They hate you. Always have.”

Mary frowns. “But–”

“I know it must be hard to understand at first, but let’s face it. You were an imperfect female character. You had flaws and a dark side, which would have been fine, if you hadn’t posed a threat to the Main Ship.”

A cold wind passes through the room. Everyone shudders. 

“The what?”

“Johnlock. The ship of an era.”

“Oh, that,” Mary says with a smile. “That’s perfectly fine! There’s no reason to hate me just because you ship Johnlock.”

“No, it’s not that. Some of the fandom, certainly not all of them, hate you because in their eyes, you’re the thing that’s blocking them from easy access to their ship. Trust me, I have experience with this.”

Mary squints at the girl. “Who are you?”

The girl smiles. “I’m Ginny Weasley.”

“Oh. Oh, dear.”

“Yup. I’m a bit of an old-timer around here. Boy, I cannot even begin to tell you the number of Drarry fanfics wherein I either cheat on Harry with Dean, turn into a monstrous bitch, or simply disappear altogether.”

“Don’t forget the ones where you start dating Neville for no reason!” A woman shouts out.

Ginny laughs a bit. “Those are usually alright. I have to go somewhere, right?”

Mary is starting to panic a bit. “I…I don’t think I understand.”

Ginny nods. “Don’t worry. There’s someone whom I think you should meet.” She pulls Mary to her feet and leads her towards a dark corner in the room. “This girl hasn’t been here for as long as me, but she’s certainly suffered worse. She not only got in the way of a Main Ship, but a canon Main Ship. And a straight one, at that. She’s been shat on, villainized, ignored, pretty much everything in the book. A true warrior of her time.”

Mary starts to get nervous as they approach this girl. She’s seated at a bar, head down on the counter, twirling a paint covered finger around a whiskey glass. 

When they’ve reached her, Mary clears her throat. “My name is–”

“I know who you are.”

“Oh. Well, who are you?”

After a moment’s pause, the girl downs the whiskey in one gulp, and slams the glass on the counter. She slowly turns to fix Mary with a battle-hardened stare. “My name, is Rachel. Elizabeth. Dare.”

Quotes for the Signs
  • Aries : "Monsters don't live happily ever after but when your lips brushed against his, you almost believed you could."
  • Taurus : "Maybe I love too much and maybe I show too little."
  • Gemini : "She exhaled her darkness like constellations."
  • Cancer : "I like the sea we understand each other.It is always yearning, sighing for something it cannot have and so am I."
  • Leo : "You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness. But still, like air, I'll rise."
  • Virgo : "My love for beautiful words became an addiction. That's why even your lies sounded sweet."
  • Libra : "Stars got tangled in her hair, whenever she played in the sky."
  • Scorpio : "My pain was never beautiful or poetic. It was answering the phone mid breakdown and laughing like I was fine."
  • Sagittarius : "So here you are, too foreign for home, too foreign for here, never enough for both."
  • Capricorn : "Do not awaken galaxies inside of someone if you are not even fond of the stars."
  • Aquarius : "You think everyone has the same heart as you and that's what's gonna fuck you up."
  • Pisces : "I cannot make you understand, I cannot make anybody understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself."

I honestly still cry about this smile. It was probably the first time he had smiled in MONTHS and he looks like such a little boy with pure joy on his face because Jemma is back and safe. After months of being terrified, feeling so alone, not knowing if she was alive or in pain, and he can FINALLY wrap his arms around her and know for certain that she’s safe. It also makes me laugh because I feel like there’s a little bit of “I told you so” impishness there too because he did what everyone kept telling him was impossible. MY BOY. Iain does SO MUCH with one look. :’)


Dear WrittenThroughTime….you give so much to this fandom.  I hope in some small way my story makes you smile, laugh and fall in love with Jamie and Claire all over again in a Modern World.


“Dammit!  Oh GOD.  Oh.  Oh God.”

She heard the crash from her perch on the fire escape.  And then the swearing. And underlying it all was the pain.  Claire had been sitting out on her fire escape, watching the sun go down in an orange blaze.  Setting aside her steaming hot tea, she crept down the iron stairs slowly, her big woolen blanket still wrapped around her.  It was a deep autumn night in Edinburgh, and the chill in the air was sharp. She didn’t want to appear like a weirdo, but the pain in his voice was too much to ignore.  

And when she saw him, she reacted without thinking. Dropping the blanket, she crawled through his open window, hand outstretched and voice soothing.  “Hi there.  I’m Claire. I live upstairs.  I heard the crash. Are you okay?”  He looked at her, eyes wild, short of breath and clutching his right arm.  A clearly dislocated shoulder.  “I’m a nurse. Let me help you.”  

He never said a word, just nodded at her and allowed her to lead him over to the coffee table.  She sat him down gently and looked him in the eye. “Brace yourself.  It will hurt.  Just…just don’t fight me, okay?  I need to get the arm in the correct position, and then I’m going to put your shoulder joint back in place.”  He nodded again, and took a deep breath.  She could see in his eyes when he was ready for her. She nodded back at him, their silent communication forged.  Slipping her hand into his, she concentrated on what she was doing until she felt the joint slide home.

“A Dhia.” he breathed. He looked at her with surprise, relief, and nothing short of admiration.  She smiled.  


“Aye. Thank ye!”

She looked around.  “I need to make you a sling.  Do you have a scarf, maybe?”  

“Maybe in the hall closet,” he said, but when he stood up, he swayed.

“Woah!”  Claire placed her hands on his waist to steady him.  “It’s the pain.  You should sit.”  He turned slightly and that’s when Claire noticed his belt. “Wait!”  He cocked an eyebrow.  “Your belt.  It will do nicely.” And before she realized what she was doing, she undid his belt buckle, slid it free of his jeans and used it to immobilize his arm.  “It’s just for tonight.  Sleep carefully, perhaps with a pillow under your shoulder. Tomorrow I’ll bring you a proper sling from the hospital.”  She finished her ministrations, marched to the bathroom hoping to find some type of pain medicine or anti-inflammatory in the sink cabinet and then strode through to the kitchen to get him a glass of water. She righted the bar stool he obviously tripped over, wrote her mobile number on a piece of paper and told him to call her if the pain became too much.  

And crawling through the window again she gave him one last wave, picked up her blanket and mounted the rusty stairs.  It was only after she was back in her flat coming down after her healing adrenaline rush that it hit her.  How very firm his waist was.  How tall, and big. With a myriad of red in his longish hair.  Hair that curled just at the nape.  And it registered that when she finally looked him in the eye, he’d had a small smirk pulling at his lips. Because she was unbuckling his belt….and she felt the heat of embarrassment flood her face.  Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, Claire! You need to not be so bold!

Downstairs, rubbing the torn bit of paper between his fingers like a rosary bead, Jamie felt as if he’d been hit by a lorry.  Oh, his shoulder felt okay.  It hurt, but it was manageable.  No, the lorry that hit him had curly black hair, a no-nonsense manner and a good touch. Not to mention the last image he had of her leaving his flat.  That sweet, round arse disappearing up the fire escape. Claire.

Imagine She Li about to dodge He Tian’s fist but then he spots Jian Yi somewhere in the crowd and wow he can’t take his eyes off him and He Tian punches him like ‘where the fuck you looking at, my hand is here’. And She Li just sits there on the ground, palming his painful cheek all disappointed in himself ‘shit he just saw how uncool I am, there goes my chance’.  

Bruised Wrists

A short fanfiction inspired by and (partially) based on this awesome post by @bmp-slbp-matchup

Katakura Kojuro x MC (Yui)

angst, physical abuse, romance 

Three months. Every morning it became harder to get up than the last. Every time my hand automatically reached to the other side of the bedding, just to find it cold and empty, it hurt a little more. Only my desire to protect Masamune got me moving. They say time is supposed to heal all wounds, but for me, time only made it more painful. There was no place without any memories of her, her smile, her laugh, her red cheeks when I complimented her. She’s gone.

I sat up in the bedding and looked around my as always messy room. I had tried to keep it clean to make her proud and able to smile upon me from where ever she now was. But if I were honest with myself, it only had gotten worse.

She still was the reason which kept me in line. Yui would have been hurt if I had neglected my duties because of her. She always got depressed when something happened to Masamune, and she thought it was because I was with her and not my Lord. Like the one time Masamune was shot, and she had tried to leave me out of guilt. Always ready to sacrifice herself for my well-being.  
With a groan, I got up to search for some of the clothing which were lying around on the floor. After finding some clean ones, I got dressed and made my way up to the castle. Without breakfast.

As I walked through the front gate, some of the other retainers turned towards me, but none dared to greet me, let alone talk. I always had the reputation to be strict and reserved, but ever since the attack it had gotten even worse, I know that myself. I could hear them start whispering when they thought I am far enough away, so I won’t catch them. Gossip wasn’t anything new in Yonezawa, and I couldn’t have cared less about them talking about me, saying I never smile or laugh anymore or being even stricter and harder while training the troops. Ignoring them completely I walked towards my office with a brisk pace.

My work proceeded without any interruptions until the late afternoon when Shiro stood in front of my door. “Lord Kojuro?”
“Come in.” The sliding door opened with nearly no sound, and Shiro stepped into the room with a small bow. “Lord Masamune requests your presence in his personal chambers.”
“I will be there right away.” I gave Shiro a short nod, and with a final bow, he left me alone again.

When I arrived at Masamune’s chambers, Shigezane was already there. They both looked towards me when I entered the room, Shigezane with a bright smile and Masamune with his usual collected look. “A clan full of lowlifes wants to make trouble.”, Explained Shigezane after I had taken my seat, handing over some documents. I took them and skimmed over them.

They’re over a clan at the border of the Date-territory. We were watching them for some time now. Our scouts had reported worrying behaviour, such as troop and resource gathering. I knew all the reports. They’d caught my interest when some possible indications were found which suggested actions against us. Among other incidences also the attack on Yonezawa a couple of months ago. The attack where… she… No, not now! I have to concentrate. All the trails had led into nothing, but we still decided to continue to observe them.

I looked up to face Masamune who begun to speak for the first time since I had entered the room. “They are planning something.”
“Agreed.” I replied, Shigezane nodded too.
“I want to send someone to them before they turn hostile. Maybe so, we can avoid unwanted battles.” Silence fell over the room for a moment.
“I guess, that someone is me?” Masamune seemed strangely uncomfortable about the question. Shigezane, however, smiled just as bright as ever. “Tell me old man, who of us has the outstanding negotiation skills?” Now it was my turn for the troubled look.
“Should I really go? Who will stay at Masamune’s side when I’m gone?” With that question, Masamune’s look changed from uncomfortable to exasperated. “I really can take care of myself. You don’t have to follow me everywhere. I get it, you’re worried about me, but it’s getting… too much.”

I overthought his words. I’ve always been protective when it came to Masamune. But when I thought back to the last couple of months, he might have been right that I had exaggerated a little. I sigh. “I admit, I maybe have been a bit overprotective. But still…”
“Maybe, a bit?!” Masamune interrupted me looking aghast.
Shigezane laughed at our bickering.  "If you feel better, I can stay at Yonezawa until you’re back.“ With that, we started to discuss the details for my mission.

When I got home, it was already late at night. Even though I was tired, I had to pack because we were leaving tomorrow morning. After finish packing, I changed into my sleeping robes, let my clothes fall to the ground. But after a second I thought better of it. “Yui will be angry if she sees….” I stopped in the middle of my movement. A dull pain was rising in my heart. “She won’t. ” I let the bunch of clothes fall to the floor once again. 

We visited them under the pretext to simply check how the clans at our border are doing. We stayed three days, negotiating over some trading route. We heard around, trying to find anything suspicious. But we still could see that something was going on. They sure had gathered some recourses, but whenever I tried to push the conversation into that direction they came up with an excuse or changed the topic. I was unwilling to give up. But we couldn’t stay any longer without arousing, even more, suspicion. So we spend the nights in the inn of a nearby town.

Some days later we finally got luck. We heard a rumour that preparations for visitors were made in the castle. So I send someone in to check if that gossip was true. And it was. We weren’t able to figure out who was coming, but I was sure it wasn’t anyone good. It took us some time to figure out a plan to infiltrate this meeting. It was a simple one, but these are often the ones who work the best.

Two of my fellows and I were hiding in the shadows in the near of the gate. The visitors were late, and our legs started to get numb from the crouched position. Hours after the sun had set they were marching down the road at last. It was a dark cloudy night, and it was probably going to rain later. When the last of the guards were about to pass us, we slipped out of the shadows, covered their mouths with clothes and pulled them back with us into the woods. Just when the last one of them stopped struggling, and I wanted to sigh out of relief, we heard a voice from the road. “Hey men, what’s going on? Where the hell are you? The boss will be furious if he finds out, you guys slipped away.”

The rough voice of the guard came nearer, and I could see my man starting to panic. If he would shout a warning, our whole plan was going to fall to pieces. I signalled them with a calming gesture of my hand to stay down. I leant into the shadow a bit further pressing myself against the tree I was hiding behind. The steps were now directly on the other side of the stem. “Are you there?” My plan to surprise him was ruined by a cloud moving and exposing the moon. The light was caught by the armour of the unconscious man at my feet.

“What the …?” The guard saw it too, drawing his sword. He sneaked around the tree and spotted me. He raised his sword for blow. I ducked under his arm away, and with a well-setted punch, I knocked his blade out of his hand. He turned around, trying to hit me with his elbow. I managed to evade the attack but got him enough time to draw a short dagger out of his belt with which he now aimed me again. He threw himself upon me which send me laying on the floor, with him on top of me. When he attempted to stab me in the face, I pushed his arm aside, sending his blade into the dirt where it got stuck. While he was trying to pull it out, I struck him to the ground next to me. Now I was on top of him and gave him a good punch against his temple, so he was just as conscienceless as his friends.

“What a mess.” I stood up looking at my scratched knuckles. Luckily the rest of the mysterious visitors didn’t notice our little fight in the woods. “Alright, let’s get changed.” Disguised in the armour of the guards we caught up with the group. So far, so good.

Everything went fine. We didn’t blow our cover and got into the castle. We also found out who the ominous visitors were. They were from a group of rebels which wanted to get rid of the Date clan. We sat somewhere in the back with a couple of the other retainers, trying to listen to the exchange in the front of the main hall. The few scraps of the conversation we were able to pick up, let us assumed that they were working together for some time now. I looked around, realising that none of the watchman nor the maids were the same as when we were visiting. Makes sense. It was much easier to hide something if none of the servants knew the whole story.

Just as I thought that we got pretty much all the information we needed, I noticed that the hand which was pouring my sake shook. Taking a closer look, the hand was clearly the one of a woman, but it was unnatural bony, and her wrist was also bruised. “You okay, Miss?”, I couldn’t help but ask. But when I looked up to her face, she hurriedly turned away. But that was more than enough. Even with her hair cut short and her cheek discoloured with a contusion.

My indifferent expression which I kept up the whole evening fell and was replaced but pure disbelieve. My precious girl. I let my eyes scan her body. But with every look, the sick feeling inside my stomach only got worse. She was way too skinny nearly looking anorexic. Not only her wrists but also her neck were covered in bruises. I wasn’t that stupid to actual need that many signs to understand what was going on. She was a captive, obviously abused and forced to work. She turned to face me again but when she saw my dark expression she anxiously glanced over to the guards. Looking back to me she weakly shook her head, but the fact that she couldn’t keep the tears from rolling down her pale cheeks stole the last bit of my calm control. My men, starting to recognise the woman in our middle, staring at her baffled. But I already was on my feet. Drawing my sword.

The fight was a tough one. We had the surprise moment, but we were outnumbered from the very beginning, and the enemies just kept coming. Our advantage was that not the whole hall immediately understood what was going on and the moment everyone figured out there was a fight, panic broke out. Maids fled screaming from the danger, tripping over themselves, blocking the entrances. We formed a circle to protect each other’s back. My anger and determination kept me fighting, putting out one after another. We were fighting for some time and most of the higher lords fled already, when suddenly my comrade on my left side screamed in pain. I turned to him, seeing his sword arm drenched in blood. My inattention nearly got me injured too, but I was able to block the attack at the last moment. With one of us not fully able to fight we got into trouble pretty fast. Just as I started to panic, I heard shouts and the sound of metal clash together from one of the grand entrances. The rest of my troop, waiting in the forest for our return, had noted what was going on inside the castle came to our rescue. We had luck. A lot of it.

Afterwards, I had to confess that it had been utterly thoughtless to start a fight like that. The floor was covered in bodies and blood, but I paid it no mind. I looked around us, searching for that one special face. Hearing that the fight was over, Yui came out of her hiding place and glanced around the main hall, spotting me she dashed towards me and threw herself into my open arms. “Kojuro!” I pressed her a bit more to my chest. “My precious, precious girl…” Clinging to me, she sobbed my name again against my shoulder. And with that sound of my name, even though it was muffled and her voice hoarse, my heart finally started to heal. “It’s okay, we are going home. Together.”

Hello, Hello, guys, I hope you enjoyed my first Fanfiction for SLBP. I’m going to upload the epilogue within the next days. If you find any grammar mistakes/typos/… please help me find them too. :)
Please leave a comment, and if you liked it, leave a heart. I would appreciate it. :) See ya~

Here is the promised Epilogue!

I can still feel it. Worse ball pain I have ever experienced.

Apparently I snagged the parking spot she wanted and had to park further out. As I waited on the rest of my friends she walked up to me. She didn’t say anything but kicked me so hard in the balls that I almost blacked out

I immediately fell to the ground almost crying. She stood over me for a moment, laughed then walked in.

The worse part was she and her friends were in the same restaurant. She sent a cup of ice to my table as a joke. All I could do is hold my balls.

Drabble-ish #6 of …

Prompt Number Six by… well, me: Serena has a lot of things to say. I am sorry. I feel conflicted and I simply had to write this.

Her laugh would have ripped her wide open, would have her torn to pieces, to shreds, had she been away from the ward that still held her respect and devotion. Oh, but she laughed. In the safety of her office, their office, she laughed – unrestrainedly, hysterically, desperately. She laughed until her throat felt coarse, until her stomach hurt, until her breath was unwillingly stolen from her – an assisted suicide.

She had almost apologized for a moment of pleasure that had fallen short, a moment that had tasted of rust, that had her convinced that her sexuality wasn’t a label but a person. She had almost apologized for a moment of clarity, a moment that had allowed her to let go of the anger that would have otherwise consumed her. She had almost apologized for having lived, for having survived. All of this to a woman that had radio silence deaf under the weight of absolutely no need.

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Toriel is evil

Let’s think about it, when you kill her she basically tells you that you are dangerous for everyone outside the ruins and then laughs.

Why would toriel laugh if she knows you’re going to kill everyone?, well…

So, we know that Toriel hates Asgore right? She can’t forgive him because what he did, right?…

So, my theory is, she’s laughing because she knows you’re going to kill everyone, everyone who followed Asgore’s plan of kill the other 6 children, and eventually Asgore. Making this way possible for Toriel to get her revenge.


You say I’m wrong?

But she’s LAUGHING!!! She even SMILED!!

What?, you say people can laugh and smile for a lot of reasons?

If you say so…

But… you still say Chara wanted to hurt Asgore, right?… Why?

Oh I see… Chara laughed… So, obviously, they found Asgore’s pain funny…

But Toriel isn’t evil because people can laugh for a lot of reasons, uh?…

                                          How… Curious…

kounelli  asked:

What's your typical morning routine together?

“Well, I’m not a morning person… like… at all. Typically it starts with Luna’s attempts to drag me out of bed, and if she can’t drag me out of bed, she brings in Prompto, then Gladio and then Ignis… which usually involves a lot of
smacking me in the face and loud scolding.” *he groans*

“As Noctis already pointed out, it usually starts with waking him up first. Though I might have to make a slight confession; I adore watching Noctis sleep. *she can’t help but laugh a bit* After he awakens, we get dressed. Depending on what we each have to do for that day, suited attire has to be chosen. Of course, we have maids and servants to do that for us, but I like to choose my own every now and then. Also, Noctis still needs some help with getting his ties right.”

“Yeah yeah… ties are a pain in the ass to tie. Also, if Luna is successful in dragging me out of bed without the help of the guys, we usually go to the kitchen, and if she’s up for it, she or Ignis cooks breakfast. Y'know. Give the cook a break every now and then. Because honestly? If I attempt to? I usually burn it and damage the cookware, but I can brew a mean cup of coffee. We usually sit down and skim over political reports for the day’s royal duties. Every once in awhile, I’ll skip it, and take her for a walk around the gardens. She seems to enjoy that.”

“I love our morning walks, depending on our schedule that is of course. Though we are not alone in our walks. Pryna and Umbra often accompany us as well. They love to run around the palace gardens. When we head back to the palace, we each get ready for our duties. Though not without a proper goodbye for the rest of the day.”

“Proper goodbyes… yes. They are absolutely necessary…” *reaches out a hand to stroke Luna’s cheek* Kinda like this…“ *pulls her behind a garden wall to hide and leans in for a kiss* Don’t know if anyone saw that, but yeah. That’s a proper goodbye.”

No but one the main reasons I love Suki so much is because she taught Sokka to view girls as real legitimate fighters, and from then on we see Sokka’s viewpoint of the most important girl in his life - Katara - change. All of a sudden, he’s no longer “don’t hurt my baby sister or I’ll kill you”. No, now it’s “don’t hurt my baby sister or SHE’LL kill you with her magic water, while I watch and laugh at your pain.” He’s still there for Katara, as a good brother should be. But he understands now that Katara is a warrior AND a girl, and she has the right to win her own battles.

Suki didn’t just show Sokka how to be a better potential boyfriend; she showed him how to be a better person overall and specifically, a better brother.

My sister never cried

by reddit user aloneinthefray

When we were kids and she fell, scraping her knee, she would just giggle.

“I’mma get a band-aid, a pink one!” she said.

When her first long-term boyfriend dumped her, she laughed and offered me her arm as we made our way home.

“Guess this means we’re the hottest single chicks in school again.” she whispered gleefully into my ear, making me laugh, too.

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You know, it would be ‘hilarious’ to me if ALL Sanji’s siblings secretly felt this way.

Yonji: ‘If I don’t bully you and laugh at your pain the others will realize my hair is really stupid turn on me’

Niji: ‘I actually don’t care about the rat thing, but the others do, so…’

Ichiji: ‘This is how it has to be…’

And Sanji has heard these non apologies in private so many times it has lost all meaning. I know, I know, unlikely, but still less irritating than ‘the girl is the only one to be sympathetic to him (because she’s a girl, and I guess that’s enough, right!?), but is too emotionally and physically weak to do anything about it.’

anonymous asked:


“I’ve got two best friends if that still counts; Ella Halder and Noah Blackwell. Ella can make me laugh like a hysterical madman any day of the week and I love her dearly. Like, I would drop everything for her if I had to. A lot of people think that she’s unstable or not easy to get along with, but I’ve never had an easier time becoming that intimate with someone, y’know what I mean? She’s great and anyone would be lucky to know her like I do. Noah, on the other hand, can be a pain in my ass sometimes when he’s having one of those days at work or something, but he’s really supportive and I’d trust that guy with my life. Our business relationship could be described as the farthest thing from professional by those who have actually worked with us, however we’re both good at what we do, and we still have enough time to dick around when the opportunity arises. He can be almost uncomfortably serious if you don’t know him that well, but he’s a good guy and I’m glad to share the earth with him.

Was that cute enough?”

@fighting-ellahalder, @nxahblackwell

I’m having my friend read The Mortal Instruments so that we can finally obsess over it together and she just passed that part in City of Glass where Clary meets Sebastian. She at first was okay with the idea of Clary and Seb being together AND THEN THIS IS WHAT SHE TEXTS ME she wasn’t serious about it but I still had a mini-heart attack and ohhhh I cannot wait for her to go through all the pain and shock and I am just LAUGHING thinking about it


“And at best, even doing the right thing, she could not make Carol happy as Carol made her happy, she thought as she had thought a hundred times before. Carol was happy only at moments here and there, moments that Therese caught and kept.”
Patricia Highsmith, The Price of Salt

Did you think you would always love him?” She asked me.
I thought for a moment and laughed almost at my blinding naivety. I did once believe there would never be another man for me. The utter contentment that I now felt could not be hidden, I thought of him and now nothing stirred within me. No burning passion, love or pain. A complete stillness you only feel once you except your past is gone and your future is clear.
“I did.” I replied. “But I no longer do, in fact I know longer think of him at all.
—  Clean - I.A
Shot (Teen Titans: Robstar, Oneshot)


The sound hits my ears, before I could even register the pain. Reflexively, I put a hand to my chest. My glove was immediately painted red. I gritted my teeth. My wound, it burns. My knees buckle, and I collapse against the wall.

Vaguely, I could hear Slade’s hasty footsteps padding across the pavement, running away in triumph. Bastard. He has won. I have failed.

I shakily take a breath, pain soars through my lungs. I should’ve told the others. I should’ve let them help. Stupid worthless me and my stupid worthless pride. Now I am dying, and they don’t even know where I am.

I could contact Raven. Maybe she could still heal me. I felt a sarcastic laugh bubble up my throat. There was not a shrivel of chance she could get here in time.

I could at least contact the team, warn them about Slade, tell them anything and everything about my plan to terminate him that I’ve been forming behind everyone’s backs.

I groan. I feel like a jerk. What a stupid feeling to die with.

I reach for my com, and contact the Tower.

Beep beep beep.

“Robin?” a voice says, unspeakably sweet and whimsical it made me want to cry.

“Starfire,” I say, struggling to control my voice.

“Is everything alright?” she asks worriedly, and I form a mental image of her, beautiful jade eyes bright with concern. I smile despite myself.

I then come up with the most selfish decision I have ever concluded: If I were to spend my last moments with her, I don’t want her crying. I want her to smile.

I took a deep breath. It hurt still, but I managed to calm myself.

“Everything’s fine,” I say. “Just thought I’d … ” I struggled for something to say. “Just thought I’d say hello.”

“Oh,” Starfire says, and I imagine her cocking her head to the side, biting her lip, wondering whether I’ve finally gone senile. She looks adorable.

“Well then. Hello, Robin,” she says happily, and just now do I realize how much I love it when she says my name.

“I trust that your mission is going well?” she asks, and I have a hard time processing this. Every vein in my body feels numb. My senses are a mess.

“Yeah,” I managed weakly.

“Wonderful. Where are you?” she asks. I wish she would stop asking questions. I don’t want to talk. I just want to listen to her voice.

“6th Street,” I say, just because it’s the first place that pops into my head. She had always loved that place.

“And you shall be back soon?” she asks.

I felt a lump in my throat, and stifle a sob. No Starfire, I won’t be back soon. I’ll never come back. I’ll never be able to hear your voice or see you smile or feel your warmth when you tackle me into a hug. I’ll never have your arms around my waist when I take you out to ride the R-cycle. I’ll never feel your lips against mine.

“Yeah. I’ll be back,” I lied, and I hate myself for it. Starfire on the other hand seems overjoyed by this.

“Glorious!” she exclaims happily, and I imagine her clapping her hands in delight. It was a pretty sight, I am momentarily glad I lied.

“Then I shall prepare you a meal for your return,” she says enthusiastically. I feel a small smile escaping my lips.

“Sure. Just make sure to ask Raven for help this time, I say, thinking of the mess she made in her attempt to fry eggs.

"I will,” she laughs. I want to hold on to that laugh. I want to cut it into pieces and love every bit. I want to remember every syllable and keep it locked in my heart.

The edges of my vision start to blur. I feel dizzy.

No. I can’t. Not yet. There’s something I still have to say.

“Starfire?” I say, memorizing the way her name felt on my tongue.

“Yes?” she says.

“I love you,” I say, loudly, clearly, with all my heart.

“And I love you as well, Robin. So so much,” she says. And I believe her.

I closed my eyes, content, the echo of her voice the last thing I hear.


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mcjuubb  asked:

💛- A memory that makes them feel angry

peer into my muse’s memories || open

      SHE remembers him, she remembers him hurting her siblings, a single hit from him caused them pain and then they were gone. She didn’t have time to react before he came for her, and then there was blackness. When she came to, they were all gone. Her papa, her brothers, everyone. She was completely alone, no trace of her family and she couldn’t feel their presence.

      THERE’S no feeling, for a long time, as she sits there in the dirt, eyes trailing every single nook and cranny of the desolate wasteland, looking for any hint of blue or green, but there’s nothing, and she begins to realize that he killed them, and she’s completely alone. She doesn’t know what she’s feeling, she feels…upset. She wants to cry, and yet, she also wants to kill.

      A deep growl is released from her throat, a thick wave of energy is released from her and a crater is formed beneath her feet. A loud, guttural scream can be heard from miles away as the desire to kill is now all that she feels, thinks, and what she desires more than anything else. He took them from her, he would take him away from his family.

I was back in 2013, to that day of February when you had broken my heart with your harsh words. I still remembered my pain, my tears, how down you had brought me. And I remembered thinking how this day would be forever cursed.

But of course I was wrong. She found me, four years later. That sweet smile, addressed to me. To me. Her quiet words. “Are you ok?”. Her comforting presence next to me. Her steps following mine or mine following hers. And her eyes, not leaving mine for a second.

In an hour, she pulled me back. Pieces by pieces. Reconstructing my entire life in a laugh, in her laugh.

She would thank me for everything I supposedly did for her.
I would never have enough words to tell her how she saved me.