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#kdramawomensweek || day five: femininity + her

Sung Deok Sun (Lee Hye Ri) ↦ Reply 1988 (2015)

“I could not return to my youth or that street either. Time always flows. Everything passes by and ages. That might be why youth is beautiful. Because it shines, blindingly bright at a brilliant short moment. But you can never go back.”

She is the frequent butt of her friends’ jokes; neither “smart” by their skewed standards, nor “pretty enough” to “deserve” verbal praise. At home, she is the forgotten middle child, overshadowed by her older sister’s brilliance and her younger brother’s neediness. In the total absence of validation, Deok Sun finds comfort in playing with makeup and hair spray, in arranging pretty outfits. Still, she–like so many of us–seeks the acknowledgement of the people around her. She craves affection and seeks reciprocation. It’s what prompts her first crushes. One of the standout moments of her and Sun Woo’s short, ill-fated romance is of Deok Sun running to her room just as Sun Woo comes to pick her up and slathering on foundation (top row, right). Makeup is how she finds confidence. She wears it like warpaint. 

Her femininity is her pride. It is what she has, when even her mother gives up on her dreams of Deok Sun gaining admission to a university.

Fast forward five years, and we see Deok Sun beautiful and grown up, with long hair and makeup done to perfection. We see her in heels and in skirts. She’s a flight attendant, a profession (in that time) known for its beautiful women. She is successful, she takes care of her parents, she has fulfilled nearly every dream she has had for herself. But most importantly, she has learned to love herself. She has learned to harness the femininity that had been her last bit of pride and she has turned it into a career. And that, I think is her true love story. Deok Sun’s is the story of how she stops pinning her worth on others’ opinions of her, and learns that at the end of the day it only matters that she is happy with who she is. 

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Most witches and wizards are surprised to hear Rose and Hugo’s names. Some raise their eyebrows–Rita Skeeter wrote a scathing article for Witch Weekly wondering if that “devious Granger” who liked to “toy with handsome and famous men” had “refused to let her husband honor the memories of our fallen heroes.“ 

Others were kinder, it made them smile to think that of the children of two of The War’s greatest heroes with names that had nothing to do with loss and violence. Maybe that meant they could move on to.

What no one realized is that Rose and Maurice Pascal were married in a quiet ceremony in Marseille, France. Maurice had a limp that kept him out of fighting in First World War, and Rose had a sweet smile that hid her whip-like wit. Their twins Hugo and Adeline were born two years later, just as what was left of France’s soldiers came home.

When the next World War came, Maurice had succumbed to an infection, Adeline was studying in Cambridge while Hugo helped Rose run the book shop. Adeline hated leaving her mother and brother, but Hugo insisted she was the brains of the family. "I just provide the laughs,” he explained.

When the Nazis swept through France, Adeline’s letters from Rose and Hugo stopped coming. Only years after the war ended did Adeline find their names on the list of Auschwitz’s dead.

Adeline had nothing to return to in France, so she married a young doctor named Frank Granger, the only son of Jean, a Rabbi who sold all his books to smuggle his son out of France before the war began. Frank never found his father’s name on a list. 

Frank Granger met Laura Collins while studying dentistry. Laura lost her father in the war, this time in North Africa.

What no one realized was that Hermione Jean Granger grew up listening to the memories of loved ones lost to hate and war, and that it wasn’t so hard for her to understand while people might want to kill her for having the wrong parents.

What no one realized is that when Hermione sent her parents to Australia, it was because she couldn’t stand the idea of them knowing their family was facing another genocide. 

What no one realized is when Ron (yes Ron) suggested naming their daughter Rose, he wanted to remember the other war that defined his family.

And that was one of many, many reasons why Hermione loved him. 

When someone says Riza was useless in fma like bitch?

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and warm

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she is?

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she saved so many lives

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and guided roy the whole time like even when he was blind

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she sacrificed her own body

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and was so smart and strong

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and was such an inspiration to Winry

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and she and Roy were a TEAM

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but she could still hold her own for his sake

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Riza Hawkeye is better than you will ever be.

The (Updated) Definitive List Of Christen Press Stans™
  1. Rory “I’ll Take Her Over Any Other Forward In The League, Any Day Of The Week" Dames
  2. Tobin “She Can Score When She Wants” Heath
  3. US “Yep, Christen Press Still On 🔥” WNT
  4. Chicago “You. Can’t. Do. Better. Than. This.” Red Stars
  5. Julie “My Only Advice On Defending Christen Is To Recruit More Defenders” Ertz
  6. Lynn “I Love Christen… Christen’s Awesome” Williams
  7. Kelley “How About My Lovely Christen Press #soproud” O'Hara
  8. Crystal “Christen Press Would Make The Best President” Dunn
  9. That One Girl That Asked CP To Sign Her Bra
  10. The Rest Of Us

Honorable Mentions

CP + Things; A Related Masterpost

Thanks to @fire-scene for the Original and the Inspiration

  • Klaus to Caroline: You like being strong, ageless, fearless. We're the same, Caroline.
  • Kai to Bonnie: You're brave, loyal, patient. I want to be more like you.
  • Me: Can they just double date already?

and the awful thing is, there is somebody walking these same streets that i am who knows your side of the story better than i do. i bet she thinks i’m crazy, thinks i walk through that park near your house every night, thinks i drink poison from bottles with your name on it. i don’t get to talk about this, do i?
and the awful thing is, there is someone taking your father’s dinner plate to the sink for him, helping your mother clean off the table and borrowing your sister’s makeup remover. and she probably makes your bed just the way you like it, and she remembers you like your towels warm when you get out of the shower. and she probably washes your hair and scrubs your back and doesn’t care if you use two-in-one shampoo and conditioner.
and the awful thing is, i am that easily disposed of. i am that easily replaced. and you are not unlike everyone else i’ve known. this is not an acquired taste, it just keeps getting bitter until it hurts to swallow. it hurts to think. it hurts.

Does She Have To Stay?

Summary: Could you do a one shot where the reader is Jace’s younger sister and she is like super flirty and outgoing, but when they all meet Clary she doesn’t like her at all?

Characters: Reader, Jace Wayland, Lightwood Duo, Clary Fairchild, Simon Lewis, Raphael and the Vamp Squad

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word Count: 1004

Request: Anon

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James Potter x Slytherin

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  • It was a one time thing
  • That’s what James kept saying to himself
  • He had been storming out of the three broomsticks, Merlin knows why
  • And she had been on her own, a bottle of fire whiskey hanging from her fingers
  • Naturally, they were halfway through arguing bitterly about something 
  • James couldn’t even remember what
  • But their faces had got so close
  • Somehow he had her back against a wall, and his hands were either side of her, caging her in
  • The firewhiskey on her lips was making her words sharp and harsh 
  • To James they sounded too true, too real
  • She was prodding at his buttons, building an anger inside of him that was loosening his control 
  • He just needed her to be quiet
  • And that’s when a drunken James did something reckless, and wholly thoughtless 
  • He just leant down 
  • And closed the gap
  • And then he was pressing his hands into her waist, and she was running her fingers through his hair
  • And their lips were doing far more than either of them had planned
  • Her teeth grazing his bottom lip, challenging him to ask for more
  • His tongue tasting firewhiskey and desire
  • And when they pulled away, panting, they’d just stared at each other for a while
  • Until the world slowly came into focus again
  • A world in which this was not a possibility
  • She walked away from him without another word
  • Since that night James became greedy for her 
  • His eyes drifted to her like magnets, and for all his efforts he couldn’t pull his gaze away
  • Couldn’t concentrate in lessons, or pay attention to his friends
  • But she was a Slytherin, she was from a different world, one he’d sworn off a long time ago
  • He had to make it click in his head
  • She wasn’t for him, and he definitely wasn’t for her
  • But when he caught her by the wrist and pulled her into an empty classroom she just laughed
  • “Finally”
  • James quirked an eyebrow 
  • “What?”’
  • She rolled her eyes 
  • “You’ve been staring all week, I wondered when you’d pluck up the courage." 
  • James shook his head, heat rising in his cheeks
  • "I, uh, I wasn’t trying to…" 
  • The girl before him smirked and something stuttered in his chest 
  • "Wasn’t trying to see if it was as good the second time?” She challenged, teasingly “Then what did you bring me here for?" 
  • James floundered 
  • "I, uh, wanted the… transfiguration homework" 
  • She quirked an eyebrow, taking a step closer and making James’s heart beat double
  • "You mean, the transfiguration homework you have… in your hand?" 
  • She smirked, sliding a roll of parchment from his fingers
  • "Yeah, that” James breathed, his head already spinning 
  • Their noses were almost touching now 
  • “Come on, I thought, Gryffindors were supposed to be brave.” She taunted 
  • The corners of James’s mouth twitched upwards, and he couldn’t help himself
  • Couldn’t stop his hands drifting either side of her face
  • “And I thought…” He couldn’t finish the sentence without pressing his lips to hers “Slytherins… were supposed…to be…bad…kissers.”
  • She moaned softly, mouthing along his neck and bringing her lips back to his for just long enough to prove that the second time was, in fact, much better than the first 
  • “It’s not the first time you’ve been wrong, Potter.” 
  • She was gone before he was ready
  • James leaned his head against the wall and let out a long breath
  • Fuck
  • It was a downward spiral from there
  • Just one more time, he told himself, as his fingers locked around hers and doors closed behind them
  • She was always so soft, so warm
  • “Stop running away every time I kiss you.” James murmured into her neck
  • The smell of her perfume making him dizzy 
  • “If it bothers you, stop kissing me.”
  • “I don’t want to.” He hummed
  • Each stolen moment pulled James further under
  • He always faced the Slytherin table in the great hall
  • His fingers would twitch when she flicked her loose curls over her shoulder
  • He started using the map, stealing her wherever he could
  • She would always smile, and slide her hand to the back of his neck, pulling him close for a few moments of bliss
  • Of course it would come crashing down on him, he knew that
  • But when every time was the last time
  • Fuck, he couldn’t resist
  • Until he saw it, right there in transfiguration class
  • Avery’s hand on the small of her back 
  • James’s whole body froze
  • Avery’s thumb was rubbing her waist
  • He blinked, trying to control the fire that felt like it was consuming his insides
  • It took him three days
  • Three days of finally averting his eyes from her
  • Facing away from her in the great hall, and in each and every lesson they had together
  • Avoiding her gaze every time they passed in the corridor
  • Three full days without his touch, or even a glance, for her to snap
  • She marched up to him right in the middle of the great hall
  • “I need to speak to you, Potter.” Her voice trembled for a split second as her fingers closed around his wrist
  • She marched him away before anyone had a moment to stop them
  • When they were finally alone she shoved him hard in the chest
  • “What is it?” She snapped. “You’ve stopped looking at me, you’ve stopped everything. Why?”
  • James squinted. Her voice sounded different, there was an edge to it that hadn’t been there before. 
  • And her eyes, they almost looked… he shook his head
  • “You’re with Avery.” James shrugged. 
  • She looked at him as if he’d just suggested she was screwing Dumbledore
  • “I most certainly am not.” She snapped. 
  • Something in James’s chest expanded and contracted at the same time
  • “He’s all over you.” James said lowly. “Makes sense.”
  • She let out a short, high laugh
  • “Potter. Are you jealous?” 
  • James shook his head “Don’t have anything to be jealous of.”
  • He tried to ignore the ache pulling in his chest 
  • “Don’t be an idiot.” She snapped, her voice wavering again
  • James felt a familiar anger in the pit of his stomach
  • Me? We’re both being idiots if we think this can work. I can’t kiss you every spare minute and then watch another guy touching you and not be able to do anything about it. I can’t hold you knowing I’ll have to let go of you at any second. It’s not fair.”
  • James was already moving for the door
  • Her hand was grabbing at his arm, pulling him back, but it was the wavering “please” that made him stop
  • “James, I’m yours. No one else’s.”
  • It was the wobble in her voice that made him turn
  • And the slight wet glisten in her eyes that made him sigh, and wind his arms around her 
  • “I know we have to keep it secret.” She whispered, resting her chin on his jumper so she could look up at him. “But you know what would be more unfair?”
  • She bit her lip. “Not being together at all.” Her voice was still shaky
  • “Just a little piece of you…” She murmured. “It’s better than nothing.”
  • James looked down at the big, round eyes below him
  • He shook his head, grappling between the desire to do what was sensible, and what he wanted
  • “C’mere.” He murmured, dipping his head to touch his lips to hers
  • He never had been particularly sensible

So after seeing this post (with the second screencap), I just *had* to re-start Endless Summer. How could I NOT want to see Jake confront MC about where they stand?

… I ended up restarting the book twice to get it right.

It happens as soon as MC breaks the time loop, but only if you do the following:

- Chapter 1: Choose Jake, but don’t start dating him yet. 
This one is the first crucial step. Might sound ‘duh’, but fact is, I had chosen to spend time with another LI (out of curiosity) in the first book restart. In the end, the scene didn’t happen.

- Chapter 2: Go to the lake with Jake. Spend time with him.
I’m not actually sure whether or not it’d make a difference if you chose to spend time with Estela as well, or if you chose to go through with all three options of what you can do at the lake. But I think it’s safe to say that the lake scenes do play a part.

The steps sound a lot more obvious now that I typed them. Haha, I’ll blame the lack of sleep.

EDIT: It will probably not make a difference whether or not MC sides with Jake concerning Rourke. I sided with Sean, and I still got this scene in the end. The only way I could see this be relevant is whether you’d need that last point to boost MC’s relationship with Jake to ‘Friends’.

All i want before I die is to see Kakashi roast Sasuke one last time

love.exe | ch 4

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chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 8.5

summary: jun’s first run in with the feds, and you finally meet wonwoo and nayoung’s friends. jun’s confused as to what the two of you are, and it’s messing with his framework. robots have emotions too, you know.

characters: jun/female reader, members of svt, members of pristin

genre: fluff, angst

word count: 3.2k

a/n: i mean. welcome 2 chapter 4. this was going to happen eventually. if u read this i love u ALSO THIS GIF IS SO ANDROID!JUN IT PHYSICALLY HURTS also the end of this chapter kind of hurt to write, hope yall enjoy

other warnings: slight racism warning?, smoking in this chapter too

“Well..” your manager winced, looking around her. 

“He can’t work here, right? He doesn’t even have a permit!” Wonwoo objected, groaning when you elbowed him in the side.

Your manager looked up. “I have an idea!” Standing in the small cramped space of the employee backroom wasn’t exactly favorable, even as she looked through a filing cabinet.

“You can use this for now,” she winked, placing a small layer of plastic in Jun’s hands.

You, Jun, and Nayoung all huddled close, reading the small print on the card. Wonwoo was in the corner, leaning against another file cabinet, scrolling through his phone, uninterested. “..Kyulkyung?”

“That’s definitely not my name,” Jun muttered, and Nayoung snickered. 

“Wait, I’m older than you?!” Nayoung exclaimed.

Kyulkyung nodded. “And, even better, if he needs any form of Chinese certification, I’ve got it.”

“You’re Chine—” Wonwoo clamped a hand over Nayoung’s mouth. “You yell too much.”

“Oh, I see what she did,” Jun pointed out. “She used the Korean romanization system to her advantage, and changed the spelling of her name from Zhou Jieqiong to Joo Kyulkyung. Sounds almost the same, but because the spelling is different, no one would suspect it.”

“Good eye,” Kyulkyung stood proudly. She said something in Mandarin, which Jun also replied to.

“That can’t be legal,” Wonwoo spat. Kyulkyung sighed. “No, it’s not. But it’s anything to help anyone in need, especially for some of my best workers.

Anyway, as long as you don’t get caught, it’s fine. Consider it a gift from me to you.”

Jun nodded. “No one will find out. And this will only be temporary, right, my l—Y/N?”

You nodded, almost wanting to laugh at Jun’s subtle mistake. “Just until we get your proof of residency validated.”

Kyulkyung gasped, looking through the open door behind the group. “We’ve got customers! I’ll hold on to that for now, but get to work!”

Jun proved to be a diligent worker, but in a convenience store, there wasn’t much to do besides clean.

While you were behind the register, Jun and Nayoung were restocking and Wonwoo was in the bathrooms, cleaning.

“Jun! It’s your break now!” Kyulkyung yelled from the employees-only door. The android turned, astonished. “You get breaks?”

Nayoung laughed. “Of course! We can only work for so long before we get tired.”

“Take your break, Junnie. It’ll be good for you,” you encouraged, and he nodded, looking content at your nickname for him.

Nayoung mouthed a ‘wow’. “You’ve got him whipped,” she piped up as soon as he left.

Scoffing, you brushed off her comment, staring outside the doors. 

You furrowed your eyebrows, sighing. Nayoung curiously looked in your direction, then out the door, the same annoyed expression crossing her face.

“Boss!” she yelled towards the backroom. “They’re here again!”

Within a few seconds, Kyulkyung was out, walking to greet the officers at the doors of the convenience store. Bewildered, Jun stared from out the break room, looking intently in your direction.

“How can I help you officers on this fine day?” the young manager asked, holding a sarcastic tone in her voice. You weren’t sure exactly what law Kyulkyung’d crossed, but the police were prone to coming by every two to three weeks, possibly because she herself was running a store at nineteen years old. Oddly enough, she always managed to get them to leave. Thankfully, the store was empty at that moment, it still being early in the morning.

“I’ve told you cops time and time again, and you still refuse to leave me alone. I have people I can call, you know,” she crossed her arms over her chest.

“A Chinese immigrant as young as you shouldn’t be running an establishment. We have sent several court orders.”

“And I’ve been ignoring them,” Kyulkyung replied, beginning to get irritated. One of the officers peeked behind her, staring at both you and Jun. “Don’t tell me you’ve begun to rope others into working here. Do you know how much trouble this could get you into?”

“Trouble for what? Being Chinese?”

“You still haven’t met the time requirement for even maintaining an establishment here, chain or not. This isn’t your home country, little one.”

His words would have sounded kind on paper, but the tone in his voice was pure mockery and bitterness.

Shuffling aggressively through her pocket, Kyulkyung pulled a stack of folded papers out. “And yet I still speak better Korean than you do,” she spat, waving the papers in front of their faces. “Here’s proof of my documentation. Take it and go. I’m getting sick of you officers coming by every week to terrorize me and my workers. Have a nice day.”

She threw the documents in the air, some of them blowing every direction due to the wind.

Dumbfounded, the officers scurried to retrieve them all, not noticing the glass doors shutting in their faces.

Kyulkyung threw her dark hair behind her. She turned to you, sliding the keys over to you on the counter. “Lock the doors. Don’t let anyone in until they’re gone.”

Wonwoo whistled lowly, dragging the mop bucket behind him. “What do we do if they start shooting?”

Wonwoo!” Nayoung yelled in annoyance. 

“They won’t,” Kyulkyung laughed. “They’re after me, and I’m wearing a bulletproof vest anyway. Might have to start getting you guys some though.”

You drew in a breath, Jun still staring outside wide-eyed.

“You okay, Jun?” Nayoung asked, rising from the floor.

It was silent for a few moments.

“You were going to leave me with them?!”

The police eventually disappeared after that scandal. Kyulkyung revealed to the four of you that she had several copies of her citizenship papers, and that she was convinced they kept coming by only because she wasn’t Korean.

“They enjoy threatening me,” she scoffed, leaning over the counter. You nodded, ringing up a customer’s purchase, bowing as they left the store.

“It’d be worse if I wasn’t Asian,” Kyulkyung noted. “I’m surprised they even managed to figure out I wasn’t from here.”

“Legal documents.”

“Birth certificates.” You chimed in.

“SNS profiles.”

The manager laughed, raising her hands up in defense. “Alright, I get it.”

The day went on as regularly, although most of you were surprised when Kyulkyung seemed to close the doors to the store early.

“Boss? It’s only five,” Wonwoo noted, raising an eyebrow. The manager nodded. “Meh, I don’t wanna be here any longer. These guys will constantly be on my ass if we don’t leave, so might as well close up early. Good work today, you four. You’re free to leave if you like.”

The store sat on what many considered the bad side of town, and even then, a convenience store wasn’t needed very much ten miles away from a shopping center. None of you were sure how she managed to even stay on her feet with as little as she seemed to make.

In the parking lot, the four of you began to make hangout plans, even Jun. 

“They’re still kind of new to the area, so we should take them to our favorite place to eat so we can chow down.” Nayoung nodded. “Our little group is finally growing, soon we’ll be like a family,” the oldest gushed, Wonwoo rolling his eyes.

A noise from behind you all made the four turn to look at Kyulkyung, who was locking up the backroom. Feeling eyes on her, she turned. “Oh, you’re still here. Waiting on someone?”

Nayoung gave a look to the rest of you, and winked. “Hey, Boss, how’d you like to come and hang?”

Wonwoo’s eyes widened. “Is that a good ide—” “—So what do you think?”

Kyulkyung thought about it for a few seconds, face still calm.

“Are we getting food?”

Kyulkyung’s car was remarkably small, which unfortunately made all of you carpool with Wonwoo, as Nayoung hadn’t brought her car that day, and neither you or Jun even considered getting one.

You all go in Wonwoo’s car, and I’ll follow you there,” Kyulkyung had said.

The android in question was actually examining the car’s interior closely, and you could see his eyes flash green every few seconds as he absorbed information.

“Jun, what are you doing?”

You’d looked to see Jun pressing his face quite closely to the car’s leather seat, more importantly, the one Wonwoo was sitting in.

You glared at him, until he mouthed ‘research’.

Nayoung frowned. “What was that? I didn’t hear—” “—He just likes leather.”

Your smile was strained, and Jun’s small excuse of, “Yeah, um, sorry,” didn’t seem very believable either, but Nayoung seemed not to notice, as she ran a hand down one of the seats, nodding in approval.

Finally reacting, Wonwoo turned to look at you, reaching a red light at an intersection, eyes piercing as he made dead eye contact with your own.

“Y/N. Keep your boy toy under control, please.”

That earned a harsh slap from Nayoung, which even made you flinch at his loud yell.


“Don’t be rude, Jeon Wonwoo!”

Minus the slap, and the fact that Wonwoo would now have a red hand mark on the back of his neck for the next few hours, the four of you made it to the location unscathed, Kyulkyung’s car pulling up beside Wonwoo’s in the restaurant’s parking lot.

It definitely was in a part of town you didn’t recognize, but your phone’s location services (and Jun’s habit of muttering locations out loud), told you where you were otherwise.

“Did you already call everyone else up?” Wonwoo asked, rubbing the back of his neck, wincing.

“Mmhmm. Jisoo and Kyla are still in America, but everyone else should be here. And quit looking at me like that, you deserved that.”

Nayoung stuck her tongue out at Wonwoo, opening the door.

Surely enough, as the five of you (now including Kyulkyung, who scurried excitedly to the restaurant’s front door) walked in, a big table surrounded by around a little more than 10 people waved, some shouting.

A server walked up to the five of you. “Good to see you two again. I assume we’ll need even more chairs..?” she asked, glancing at you, Jun, and Kyulkyung.

“Two of the others won’t be here, so we’ll just need one!”

The waiter nodded, pulling three chairs out from a hallway.

You coughed. “How many of you is it normally?”

Nayoung frowned. “I think about twenty?”

Kyulkyung breathed in, sighing in content. “It smells so good.”

Once seated at the table, you noticed that the table was pretty much split in two, girls sitting on one side, and guys on the other. The uneven addition of you five made Jun sit on the girls’ side, which he shrugged at, recognizing the slight feeling of relief, since he got to sit next to you.

It was stylized as an American-style diner, bright neon and saturated colors all around you, and it wasn’t very late, but the diner still seemed to be mostly empty, probably because there was close to about twenty teenagers if not young adults sitting in the middle of it.

Names and introductions went all around you, but you struggled absorbing all the names, trying to remember the name of the boy in front of you, and of the persons closest to the condiments.

Jun remembered them in .5 seconds, easily going back and naming every single person he heard.

“He’s pretty smart, Nayoungie. Nice job, you actually might have picked some good influences on you for once,” one of the guys teased, who you remembered as the oldest, Seungcheol, or ‘S.Coups, because sometimes that’s easier for people to remember.’

The younger one next to him snickered, but you’d forgotten his name.

“She already knows that everyone here is a bad influence anyway. What did you order?” Wonwoo asked, flat tone in his voice as usual.

“The usual,” one of the girls piped up, a dirty blond who you remembered as ‘Eunwoo’, only because the end of her name was also ‘Woo’.

For most of the meal, you and Jun stayed quiet, mostly choosing to listen in on the others talk, getting a feel for their group. Kyulkyung seemed to be one hell of a social butterfly, adding to whatever conversation she could.

“How did you get your manager to hang out with us exactly?” asked another one of the guys, who Jun reminded you was named Mingyu, the tallest one who was smart book-wise, but a little ditzy otherwise.

“They bribed me with food,” Kyulkyung replied, chowing down on a selective choice of pizza and fries.

“You chose to come here,” Wonwoo cunningly shot back, getting ‘ooohs’ from everyone else at the table.

“I think that sounded like ‘I want a pay cut’, what do you think, Boss?” Nayoung retorted, taking a large bite out of her pizza.

Eventually, Nayoung let it slip that you and Jun were living together, which elicited surprised noises from everyone at the table.

“Are you dating?” “That’s pretty bold.” “It’s only been two weeks?” “Wow.”

The conversation about it didn’t go on for much longer though, probably because they didn’t know you too well, but by the end of the night, you had some of the guys’ numbers, and all of the girls’, and were even added into their group chat.

“Yo, we’re gonna go outside for a smoke. Join us, Jun,” Seungcheol invited, a few of the other guys walking out with him.

“But I don’t smoke,” Jun replied, a little naive. A few of them chuckled. “Damn, he is cute. We’re not saying you have to, just hang out with us outside. A bit of guy talk, that’s all.”

Jun nodded in understanding, and he looked back at you, who quickly nodded the go-ahead, knowing they wouldn’t get him into any trouble.

“Since the guys are heading out, the two of you can hang in here with us,” one of the girls, who you recognized as Minkyung, replied.

Kyulkyung nodded, and you shrugged. Might as well.

Outside in the back of the restaurant that Jun recognized as AmeriClassic’s, the guys who he recognized as Seungcheol, Soonyoung, and even Wonwoo pulled out a few cigarettes, lighting them and taking a few puffs.

Seungcheol, Jeonghan, Soonyoung, Seokmin, Mingyu, and Vernon sat outside, Jihoon, Seungkwan and Chan having left early.

“So Jun,” Soonyoung began, sitting down on the curb, next to where Wonwoo was squatting— “you’re not exactly from here, are you?”

Jun raised his head. “Is it obvious?”

He nodded, blonde hair falling in front of his eyes. His eyes were pointed, but he had a childish smile to his face regardless. “Very. We don’t judge though, most of us aren’t from here anyway. Vernon’s from the US, and you didn’t get to meet him today, but so is Joshua.”

The boy in question was leaning against a tree and saluted, shoving a hand in his pockets. “I don’t remember much, but I’m half-American. Born in New York. I know English, but that’s about it.”

Jun cleared his throat, going back through his research, beginning formulating a sentence that would make him sound as normal as possible. “Uh, I’m Chinese. I learned Korean, but it’s not very good.”

“Sounds normal enough to me. I wouldn’t have noticed,” Seungcheol replied, taking another puff of the cigarette before throwing it on the ground and stepping on it with his shoe, putting it out.

“So you’re dating… Y/N, was it?” a guy named Seokmin asked, who was scrolling through his phone, illuminating his face.

Jun shifted uncomfortably. “Nah. Not dating.”

That got a few winces from some of them around. “Mm, but you like her, don’t you?”

It was Vernon who asked the question, and the android shuffled around, not wanting to look up.

He sighed, staring up at the sky that had begun to turn dark. “Yeah.” He replied dejectedly.

“Why do you make a sound like that, as if she doesn’t like you?” Wonwoo complained, putting out his own smoke. “I’m no expert, but no girl invites her to stay at her place because she wants to be friends. I don’t know Y/N very well either, but still.”

Yah, he probably has his reasons. Quit acting like you know him,” the boy named Jeonghan spoke up, nudging Wonwoo, who just grumbled.

Jun didn’t want to admit it, but he was glad that they’d stood up for him, since he’d been getting the same uneasy feeling from Wonwoo ever since they met.

“It’s getting late, and I can already hear the girls beginning to complain. Before we go back inside, here’s a piece of advice from us to you: if she treats you a lot nicer than other guys do, you probably already know what’s going on. Might as well be patient.”

Jun took that to heart all the way home, staying quiet as Wonwoo’s car drove you and him home.

You weren’t sure why, but the android had been unusually quiet, and when you nudged him or sent him a text, he ignored it, looking at you for a second before getting a pained expression on his face and turning back to the window.

Jun’s framework, meanwhile, was struggling to understand the emotion that was going through his mind. His heart hurt every time you looked at him, and he wondered if he was even still metal, every emotion feeling so real.

Stop acting as if she doesn’t like you,” Wonwoo’s words replayed in his head.

It wasn’t until he had the conversation with the guys outside that he realized he didn’t know what you were.

The internet couldn’t solve it, and neither could his own heart. Jun’s normally green sensors turned into a dull blue, which accurately represented his mood at that point. He stared at his own fingers, watching as they flexed normally, it was no wonder no one else could figure out he was anything but human.

The car pulled to a stop in front of your apartment complex, and Jun muttered a ‘thank you’ to Wonwoo, who just saluted to both you and him in response.

“Jun?” you asked as soon as you were inside.

“Yeah?” he responded, suddenly feeling very small. “Are you okay?”

He turned towards you, and looked at the genuine concern on her face.

Why are you concerned? This isn’t fair. Is this how love works? I can’t stand it, quit looking at me like that, you’ll just hurt me more—

–I’m fine,” he nodded. “Why?”

You shook your head. “Nothing, you were just kinda quiet. Probably doing research, right?”


Well, I’m going to Wonwoo’s for just a few, he told me he wanted to show me something. You can head on to bed, I’ll be back soon, okay?”


The bed was oddly cold. It was empty next to him, and the android knew it hadn’t been too long—but he despised the feeling of emptiness.

His human emotion had gone too far this time.

He wasn’t aware until he felt it touch the skin of his hand, but Jun had started crying.

Is this what it feels like?

This is the worst emotion.

He shoved his face into the pillow, harsh tears staining the pillow beneath his face.

His cries were quiet, but they didn’t last too long, as he tired himself out, lulling himself to sleep by crying.

Jun’s sensors shut his body down immediately, but not before registering two new emotions:

New emotions: Heartbreak and Confusion discovered!