she's still better than you


Agent Vasquez in 2x11, The Martian Chronicles

i wanted to draw regina berry’s hair, her buttery croissant hair 

BunnyRibbit: Facetime

[You got it, my dude. Though…it turned out a little long for a flash piece.]

           I’m here now, okay? Don’t leave yet! Hana was hastily texting as she got into her apartment, throwing her keys aside. Her computer was already on—naturally—so it just took a quick shake of her mouse to wake it up. Drills had gone on way longer than they should’ve, which meant that rather than having plenty of time to get home and clean up a little, she was already late for her planned Skype call with Lúcio. Their time zones were exactly twelve hours apart, so mid- afternoon for her was three in the morning for him. Still, he had answered her last few texts saying he would wait, so she figured this was better than nothing.

           Are you still up? she typed quickly as she got her webcam working.

           I’m here, don’t worry, Lúcio responded. He video called her, and she answered with a wide smile. Of course she knew he wouldn’t care that she was still in work mode, but she couldn’t help feeling bad regardless. When he saw her, he smiled back, and her stomach filled with warmth. “They’re really working you out there, huh?”

           “No kidding,” she said. “It wasn’t even a MEKA day. I’m exhausted—but I’m glad to see you! I’m sorry for making you stay up so late.”

           “It’s cool. I’ve had concerts keep me up later,” he assured her. When her eyes fell on his shirt, her smile widened.

           “Nice PJs, nerd,” she mumbled, though she was honestly pleased to see him sporting her B.Ny logo. It was one of her favorite designs, too! Had she told him that? Or did they just have similar tastes? 

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whoever is behind the worldofvolley articles are sexist as fuck, i only ever see bikini/workout pics used for their articles about female volleyball players, while the guys get proper photos from games? and like are articles like this even necessary?

  • Some random Orlesian noble: What is Lady Pentaghast *wearing?*
  • Me: excUSE ME um EXCUSE ME do you wanna go do you wanna fucking GO I'll meet you in the PIT MOTHERFUCKER

every westallen scene ever (47/?)

so basically what I’ve learned from watching orphan black is that if you’re a blonde on this show you are literally indestructible you can’t die you survive literally everything

Blue hated being sent here.

President Snow 2.0 had wanted her to begin working on the speech he would give after the conclusion of the 111th Hunger Games. He didn’t know it was already written. She didn’t need the “perspective” he thought this proximity to the Games would give her. Still, she knew better than to argue with him. When the president gave you an order, you kept your head down and did as you were told. Unless you wanted to lose your head, that is.

Blue looked up at the person across from her. “Is it just me, or are the Hunger Games getting boring? You know– it’s the same outcome, and a different year. Same dramas. Same personalities. Same action, same plot. We need a new Game.”


“Okay, let’s go”, you spoke after having taken a sip from your water bottle. It was going surprisingly good teaching Lydia how to fight. 

“Fine”, Lydia spoke with an out of breath voice. She had really taken this seriously and you were proud of her. You weren’t going to tell her that you were pushing her harder than you had first intended until she gave. It would be interesting when that would be. Still, it didn’t matter. She was much better than you had thought at first.

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          “ oh, was all she said, before she paused for a brief moment, obviously having thought the girl had gotten into a fight or something. needless to say, walking into something wasn’t what claire had expected, though she figured it was better than the alternative.  still. looks like you did quite a number on it. you good? ”


I wanted to fill this house with our children.


a little too fast: a wally & linda mix
songs for when it’s complicated because you’re way too into a younger guy who’s also your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s cousin… and the (second) fastest man alive.


i. classic - MKTO // ii. sweet piece of candy - someone’s little sister // iii. can we dance - the vamps // iv. froot - marina and the diamonds // v. my racing thoughts - jack’s mannequin // vi. fast as you can - fiona apple // vii. girls chase boys - ingrid michaelson // viii. drove me wild - tegan and sara // ix. did it again (feat. kid cudi) - shakira // x. all the pretty girls - fun. // xi. nuclear seasons - charli xcx // xii. if i go - ella eyre // xiii. adios - serayah mcneill // xiv. be good - emily kinney

Here’s why Sansa did eventually kneel for Tyrion:

Sansa Stark answers her own question, “why should I spare [Tyrion’s] feelings when no one cares about mine” by understanding what so many people don’t, that there is no joy to be had in empowerment that comes at the expense of other marginalized groups. Which is why she is smarter and a better feminist than all of your privileged queens. Sansa is not purposely being feminist, of course, but she is still better than you.

Tyrion being made to stand on Dontos’ back while everyone laughs isn’t some kind of just punishment for marrying Sansa or murdering Shae or anything he will actually do. It is punishment for existing as a visibly disabled person. There is no victory here, no feminism, just the same old oppressive bullshit directed at a different target. You cannot exchange one oppression for another and call it social justice.