she's so underrated as a songwriter

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What are your favorite live performances from taylor?

you’re killin me here because there are so many but i’ll narrow it down to the five i’m feeling today

we have treacherous acoustic at the RED live stream. this is the greatest video on the whole of the internet don’t try and argue with me. 

then we have all too well at the grammys because the performance was incredible and it also gave her the opportunity to showcase her incredible songwriting on the biggest stage in music. plus she performed it because she knew we wanted her to. 

eyes open for VH1 storytellers because underrated song is underrated and so is this performance 

wildest dreams at the grammy museum because this performance is everything i always knew i needed and more. it’s also a sound i think she should explore more. 

last is her performance of doubt with mary j blige because i think it allowed her to be vulnerable in a way we had never really seen before and it’s beautiful.


“We asked @SaraBareilles to imagine what Obama might be thinking about this election and Trump. She wrote this song. @leslieodomjr sings.”
Okay… So this song is real important and you Americans better vote Hillary. Good job Leslie but hold the fuck up everyone!!! SARA BAREILLES IS SUCH A TALENTED SONGWRITER LIKE WHY ARE Y'ALL SLEEPIN’ ON ALL THIS TALENT

She is so fucking underrated I wanna cry

i feel like new romantics is such clever songwriting because like blank space taylor embraces the persona that the media force upon her and our whole generation and makes fun of it ‘heartbreak is the national anthem’ is like a retort to the criticism that she only writes sad love songs and that our generation likes to be miserable and it’s completely ironic in an upbeat fun song and  ‘please leave me stranded its so romantic’ is like a play on the idea that taylor uses her break ups to write songs and that we all romanticize heartbreak and i just think it’s really underrated because she does everything that she does in blank space but applies it to a whole generation of people and the stupid mass opinions of us and through naming it after a pop-culture movement that shows that time repeats itself suggests that young people have always been perceived in over-the-top way

Kesha is - and always has been a true, raw rock/soul artist/songwriter forced into a bubblegum pop career for the last 6 years and her unreleased tracks prove that. and it’s so depressing to me that the public know her as this trashy drunk manufactured image bc of her label circumstances. she’s beyond talented and so underrated as a gifted genuine artist and i hope that changes and she gets everything she deserves.