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okay J, now that the writers queerbaited the fuck outta us, it's time for you to work your magic and give us a longer version of the "belated valentine's day prom". PLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEE

A continuation of this –

She calls it a pet peeve. But it’s not.

It’s a trauma.

She calls it a pet peeve. But it’s not.

It’s a need.

It’s a need because she was fourteen and high school was amazing because Eliza held her hand and Eliza snuck her dad’s cigarettes down from the house and they crawled into the bathroom of the basement and giggled, their lips so close – Eliza’s lips looking so soft – as they blew the smoke out of the small vent so Eliza’s parents wouldn’t catch them.

But it wasn’t the smoke that Eliza’s parents caught.

It was the card.

The card, the card, the card.

The fucking valentine’s day card.

The betrayal that ended everything.

Because her father called her downstairs with the phone still in his hand and her father smacked her across the face with the back of that hand and her father gave her ten minutes to pack her things and to get out of his house and to never come back because she is filthy and she is ungrateful and she is selfish and she is wrong, and her mother cried but her mother didn’t stop him, and her face stung and her heart stung worse and her hands trembled but her face stayed dry because she would never give anyone the satisfaction of seeing her break for being who she is.

She calls it a pet peeve. Needing to be heard.

Because Eliza didn’t hear her. Her father didn’t hear her. None of her exes had ever heard her.

She calls it a pet peeve because no one has ever loved her enough to let her call it trauma.

Until Alex Danvers, that is.

Because she leaves Alex a card: she leaves Alex a card, and Alex will not give it to her parents. She gives Alex a card, and Alex will do nothing but love her back.

Or she hopes.

She’s probably stupid for hoping. But she hopes anyway.

James and J’onn help her with the set-up, and Winn whips together the dress at the last minute before running off on his own valentine’s excursion. James kisses her cheek before he leaves, as 8 o’clock approaches, and J’onn puts a hand on her shoulder.

“Alex cares for you, Maggie. Just as you are. Let her hold you up when you need it. You deserve that. You do. I promise.”

She gulps and she nods and J’onn squeezes her shoulder.

“He’s right, Maggie,” James tells her before giving the room one last glance. “It looks beautiful. And so do you.”

Maggie grimaces a smile at them, and they understand that she’s too nervous to speak, that she’s too terrified to move. They smile at her before they leave, and she hangs onto the hope that these people, these beautiful people, will still love her after tonight.

She doesn’t know how long she waits for Alex, because she can’t think. She can’t do anything but try to swallow her panic, surrounded by red helium balloons and candlelight and all the things that reminded her of the bruise her father left on her face and the welts he left on her heart.

She can’t do anything but try to focus on Alex, Alex, Alex. On hoping that Alex will be different.

This is a relationship, Alex had insisted. And it’s that statement, Alex fighting for her, for them, that is keeping Maggie holding on.

“Wow, you’re breathtaking,” she says when Alex walks in, because god, god, god, she is.

“Maggie, what is all this?”

Alex’s voice trembles slightly as she asks, and somehow, that warms the protective steel around Maggie’s heart. She smiles slightly, her voice softer now.

“It’s your belated Valentine’s Day prom.” She reaches for the corsage and sends James a silent thank you for running to the florist and picking up exactly what Maggie had described.

“May I?” she asks, and her body tingles with relief as her fingertips touch Alex’s wrist.

Alex exhales hard, exhales shakily, and steps around Maggie, and the back of the dress – god, thank you, Winn Schott – takes Maggie’s breath away. Again.

“I’m sorry. So sorry. I was too busy nursing my own wounds, and I forgot to look at the gorgeous woman in front of me and consider her feelings. You deserved all of this, as a girl. The pomp and the fuss. And you deserve an amazing romance with a woman who is absolutely crazy about you.”

She tilts her head and she stares up at Alex, because Alex is perfection, and Alex’s hands are warm in hers, and Alex makes the color red on Valentine’s Day a little less terrible, a little less traumatic.

But Alex is shaking her head and Alex is reaching her fingers up to run them through Maggie’s hair, to stroke her cheeks, to fuss with her blazer’s collar.

Maggie’s heart sinks and she starts panicking, she starts hyperventilating, but then Alex is talking, and Maggie wants to cry for an entirely different reason.

“Maggie, I… you deserve this. The pomp and the fuss. An amazing romance with a woman who is absolutely crazy about you. And I’m absolutely crazy about you. And that… that means… Maggie, that means you don’t have to make it all about me, all the time. I love that you… I love that you thought about me, I love that you did all this, but Maggie, you…”

She stops and she stares down at Maggie’s wet eyes for a long moment, and there’s nothing but unguarded love in her eyes, and no one has ever existed but the two of them.

“You have nothing to apologize for. You didn’t do anything wrong. Maggie, I… I heard you. I heard everything you said. And because I heard you, I… I don’t want you to just shove all that back down to make everything about me. Again. You did it while I was coming out, and I get it, and you’re so sweet, Maggie, but I don’t… I don’t want you putting yourself second for me, not anymore. I don’t want you burying your pain, your… trauma, Maggie, you were a child, that was traumatic, I… I want you, Maggie.”

She brings her fingers to a lips and kisses them, one by one, slowly, deliberately, all while keeping her eyes locked in Maggie’s, before she continues.

“All of you. And this is beautiful, this is amazing, but Maggie, I want you to feel able to just… to vent, and to scream, and to lose your cool, to cry. With me. Because I want you, Maggie, I care about you, not… not just what you can do for me. You letting me in, you letting me care for you, letting me comfort you? That’s the greatest gift you could ever give me, Maggie. You… you letting me love you.”

Alex stumbles to a halt and Maggie’s breath hitches as they both realize what Alex said, as they both lose themselves in each other’s eyes, in each other’s hands, in each other’s hearts.

“Danvers, you – Alex, I – “

Alex shakes her head with closed eyes. “You don’t have to say anything. I just… I want you to know that you’re cared for. That you’re safe. That you’re allowed to put yourself first, that I want you to put yourself first. That you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. That you’re perfect. That I l…”

She stares down at Maggie’s wide eyes and she licks her lips and she is Alex Danvers, dammit, so she dives.

“That I love you. Maggie Sawyer. All of you. And I just want you to let me love you, let me care for you, let me be here for you. Let me love you.”

Maggie takes one breath, and then another, and then one word escapes her lips.

The only word that matters in the entire multiverse.


And her hands are on the small of Alex’s bare back and Alex’s hands are tangling in her hair, cupping her face, her thumbs swiping across her cheeks, and Alex’s lips are soft and Alex’s lips are healing and Alex’s lips are heaven, and she’s never cried while she kissed anyone, she’s never cried in front of anyone without running out the door before the first tear could fall, but she’s crying now, and Alex is catching her tears with her thumbs and kissing them away with her lips, but Maggie doesn’t want Alex’s lips on her cheeks, her eyes – she does, she does, but later, later, because there will be a later, because Alex went to the dance with her, Alex didn’t give her note to her parents, Alex came to the dance with her and Alex is kissing her and Alex is holding her and Alex, Alex, Alex  – Maggie just wants, right now, Alex’s lips on her own, and she shifts, and Alex knows, because Alex knows her, and Maggie’s lips are parting and Alex is slipping her tongue in her mouth gently, gently, lovingly, and Maggie sighs into their kiss and Alex echoes it and their breathe, their heartbeats, their bodies, are indistinguishable as their bodies sway to music and to swaying lights and to the rhythm of their perfect kiss.

“I love you back, Alex Danvers,” Maggie’s whispering into her lips, and the tears dripping salt onto her lips are suddenly not only her own, and she pulls back, because Alex Danvers crying is heartbreaking, and Alex Danvers crying is beautiful.

Their chests are both heaving slightly and their lips are swollen and their bodies are flush against each other and their bodies are intertwined and their eyes refuse to leave each others.

“May I have this dance?” Alex asks her breathlessly, and Maggie smiles helplessly, because she knows her life will never be the same.

Because she knows that Alex means it when she says she loves her, and god, god, god does it feel good to be loved – and to love – like this.

the world is quiet here

A/N: for Alice. prompt: ‘clarke tells bellamy he makes her happy’

This takes place in the weeks between 4.03 and 4.04.

Clarke overhears that Bellamy has returned from his hunting trip, and she immediately drops everything to go find him.

It could probably wait— it could definitely wait— but she’s been stressed the whole day. Seeing and talking to all the people she hasn’t put on the list has taken its toll. Knowing that she put herself on that list instead of one of them has made her increasingly distressed as the hours went by. Somehow, she just thinks if she catches a glimpse of Bellamy right now, she’ll be calmer. She won’t feel as alone. That’s all she needs— a glimpse. She’ll just drop by to say hello and then be on her way.

That’s all she needs. Really.

Clarke finds him helping Niylah and Raven in one of the storage rooms, where they’re busy preparing meat for storage. Bellamy has unloaded all the game from the day’s trip, and currently has his arms submerged up to the elbows in a bucket of sudsy water.

He glances up when she enters. As always, she feels a little wave of comfort when his dark eyes find hers. 

And all her plans to keep this to a ‘hello’ go out the window.

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Caught (Spencer Reid x Reader)

One shot request for @damhunterofartemis! “Spencer has a girlfriend and the team doesn’t know about her until they catch him kissing her.” Un-beta’d! 
Requests are still open! :) 

“Honestly, Boy Wonder, you should come out with us tonight. You need to meet someone,” Penelope said as she was scurrying around in her heels, grabbing her purse and outfit change. She, JJ, and Emily extended the Girls Night invite out to the rest of the team.

“Garcia, I appreciate the offer but trust me, I’m fine.” Spencer said, rejecting yet another invite which was met with a pout from the blonde.

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(Jughead x Reader)

Summary: The group has their suspicions about you and Jughead. Their theories are proven true when Archie and Veronica walk in on you two getting down to business. 

Word Count: 437 (sorry it’s so short, I wanted to stop it before getting carried away!)

Warnings: 1 swear word, kinda sexual content

A/N: So this is my first time ever posting my writing. Not gonna lie it’s a little nerve wracking lol. Please send feedback! I won’t get offended by constructive criticism. :)  

Originally posted by gli-occhi-color-nutella

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Oh the Irony

“Come on! Let’s take a walk.” Adrien gave his best wide, warm smile.

“It’s raining, Agreste.” Alya gave him a flat look. “We don’t have an umbrella. You may be a sunshine child, but I would rather not get wet.”

“It’s barely even drizzling.” Adrien said, pouting.

“Nuh-uh dude.” Nino said as he slung his shoulder around his girlfriend. “I think we’ll just have to call a cab.”

“But it’s only a few blocks away!” Adrien pouted some more. “I gave my driver a day off, and this is one of the only times I get to walk to places.”

“Sorry, man.” Nino said apologetically. “But I’m still recovering from the flu and I don’t want to get sick again.”

Sighing, Adrien nodded in resignation.

“I’ll walk with you.” A soft shy voice chirped up.

Adrien looked at the girl with bright eyes. A blush was spread across her cheeks, and she tried to hide her eyes with her bangs.

“Really, Marinette?” he exclaimed happily.

Slightly dazed by his ecstatic green eyes, Marinette tried to keep her nervous stutter out of her sentences. “Su-sure. But can we just stop by my house for a moment?”

“No problem!” Adrien said, practically bouncing from one foot to the other. His excitement was so overwhelming that he wasn’t able to catch Alya discreetly wink at Marinette. Marinette, however, blushed to her ears.

“Alright, we’ll see you at the café!” Alya called out as she and Nino headed out to find a cab.

“See you!” Adrien waved them goodbye, and beckoned for Marinette.


The walk to her house was quiet- just the passing noises of the cars and the light patter of the rain. But for Marinette, she couldn’t hear any of it. All she heard was the mantra that she kept repeating in her head.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I’m going to tell Adrien how I feel.

With that she opened her mouth to finally tell him, but before she could get any words out, Adrien spoke.

“You know, I’ve always loved the rain.” Adrien said wistfully.

Marinette stared at the sad yet dreamy look on his face. “Why is that?”

“Because my mother once did too.” He said softly.

A comfortable moment of silence passed before Adrien took in a gentle breath and continued. “She would tell me stories whenever it rained. And when the weather wasn’t too bad, we’d take and umbrella and go for stroll down the road, maybe stop by at a nearby bakery to get hot chocolate.”

Adrien glanced at the girl beside him, and gave her a small smile.

“You remind me of her sometimes.”

Marinette cocked her head to the side. “How so?”

“I don’t really know.” Adrien paused for a moment, “I think it is because you both are kind, and sweet and gentle. But somehow, also strong, compassionate and determined.”

He let out a shaky laugh as he remembered his mother. “She used to be so clumsy too.”

“She sounds lovely.” Marinette smiled, melting at his soft look.

“She was.” Adrien beamed genuinely. It was moments like this that he could remember his mom in peace- his memories somehow bringing happiness instead of pain.

He reached out a gave Mari’s hand a squeeze. “Thank you, Mari.”

She gave it a small squeeze back. “Tell me a story.”

He offered her a grateful smile. “I can’t really remember much of the stories she told me. I can give you an abridged version though.”

Mari nodded in understanding.

“My mother was trying to explain to me the water cycle once, and she came up with the story. She told me that the rain water comes from the sea. The goddess that lived there couldn’t choose who she loved more, the god of the land or the god of the sky. Every few days the sky calls to her- the god would send down his winds to whisk the goddess away to his home. The sky god was cocky and confident, he tried to woo the sea through his muscles and charms. He was genuine though, but the sea probably never really realized it, and as much as the sea loved him, she was still torn.”

“After a while, she’d fall back into the land god’s arms- literally. She’d be so happy to see him, she’s practically kissing the ground he walks on as she slowly descends down from heaven. The land god was sweet and gentle. He probably never noticed just how much the sea loved him. He loved her though, he just couldn’t tell her. And maybe that was part of the reason why the goddess couldn’t choose.”

Adrien let out a sad sigh. “The cycle went on and on. The goddess couldn’t decide, and so the gods couldn’t tell her. They wanted to, they really truly did. But there were rules, and so they could never tell her. She’d have to find out for herself.”

“Tell her what?” Marinette asked entrancedly.

Adrien gave a soft chuckle. “That they were the same person.”

With that, Marinette also chuckled. Oh the irony. If only Adrien would realize that Ladybug and I are the same person.

If only Ladybug would realize that Chat and I are the same person. Adrien thought dreamily.

“That sounds romantic.” Marinette whispered.

“And a bit angsty.” Adrien replied as they finally stopped in front of the Dupain-Cheng’s bakery.

Shifting a bit awkwardly, Marinette asked Adrien to wait in front of the shop as she quickly ducked in. When she came out, she was clutching an umbrella and two cups of hot chocolate.

“I got us some hot chocolate. And I’ve been meaning to give this back.” She opened the umbrella and offered it to Adrien. “Here.”

Adrien stared at the amazing girl, who without even trying, managed to get him to share a memory he never shared with anyone. The girl that he had just realized was always there for him, always ready to help him (or anyone). The girl that was both strong and caring. A sweet and gentle girl- her bright blue eyes stared at him with so much light. Her smile was enough to warm him up.

An amazing girl, who reminded him so much of his mother- and now he knew why.

Her smile. You have her smile.

Only one other girl had made him feel this way.

With a shocked look, he took the umbrella. A distant thunder clap startled Adrien, enough so that he managed to press a wrong button and sent the umbrella flapping down on him.

Adrien blushed under the cover of darkness, cringing at his awkwardness until he heard her. A loud, unashamed laugh. She was laughing at him! He peered at her from under the umbrella, and let out a small chuckle of his own.

He looked at her and he could finally see her behind her shy disguise.

And she was so-  she was so………..


Junilypso 🌸🌺
  • they’re Soft Girlfriends™
  • calypso loves wandering around Camp Half-blood’s woods; she knows it’s dangerous but iT’S SO bEauTiFUL
  • it’s such a different atmosphere from Ogygia, calming but in a rougher, wilder way
  • she finds it fascinating
  • the nature spirits are a bit moody in general, but calypso gets to know a dryad in particular who’s very sweet
  • she starts packing picnics for them to share
  • picture this: lying on the grass, staring up at the sky
  • cUDDLING on the grass, staring into each other’s eyes
  • hair braiding becomes a regular activity
  • they both constantly have flowers in their hair
  • juniper is a much better kisser than leo lma o (sorry bud)
  • calypso regularly appears back from the woods a blushing mEss, with grass stains all over her clothes
  • leo teases her ENDLESsly about it
  • “and to think I brought you here so you could have sex with some tree spirit in the woods, smh”
  • learning combat techniques together adahf;xhfx
  • hONEsTLY imagine calypso in gear 🙏🏽 🙏🏽 🙏🏽
  • they never learned to fight so they’re both amateurs, which means there’s a lot of confused stumbling around and of course there’s practice sparring that turns into make out sessions
  • the other dryads get so exasperated with them
  • and they’re not jealous at all pffft where would you get that idea
  • calypso planting flowers at the base of juniper’s tree
  • just… junilypso
For @lgbtqpjo’s 3k week!! Inspired by @percalyspo

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I loved the story where Plumette is pregnant, could we have a follow up story where Lumiere sees the baby for the first time? Please?

oh my god, what a good prompt

he is so afraid he is going to lose her. his hands hurt from wringing them, from pinching out every finger and running thumbs against his palms as he listens to her scream. I thought children came into the world tenderly, tenderly, he thinks, not bathed in blood and wet and screaming and Plumette

Another scream from her. Cogsworth has to put a hand on his arm to keep Lumiere from throwing himself into the room. Mrs. Potts and Belle laid out strict orders: no coming in, no pacing just inside the door, you’ll worry her by being worried, she knows you’re just outside but she doesn’t need you now.

I need her, he tells Cogsworth. I need her safe.

A maid runs by again—the last of many in just this hour—grabbing herbs, cloths, rags, Lumiere can’t keep a hold of how many things they need to yank his wife open and pull out a screaming ball of life. I knew being human was messy, he tells Cogsworth. I did not know it could make me so afraid.

Adam comes by and stands, useless, hoping his very presence can help calm his friend down. Lumiere’s hair is on end from waiting, from hoping—oh, god, mon dieu, mon ange, it is so silent now, they have killed Plumette, his dearest has gone silent at last.

A tiny, tiny cry. Oh, mon dieu, he calls out, unaware he looks mad, the last cry of her sweet, sweet life—Plumette, cherie, cherie

Adam is holding his arm, smiling, why are they smiling, Cogsworth is beaming and relaxed his grip. What is there to smile at, when Plumette is dead and life is dead and the palace has gone silent too.

“She’s alive,” Adam whispers. “Lumiere, she’s alive.”

Sacre bleau. Of all the suns—

Mrs. Potts and Belle can’t hold the door shut; he flies through it so fast and doesn’t hear Adam’s “ouch” as the prince follows and touches the molten handle of the door. Lumiere is at her bed in a moment, diving through the feathers that ripped through the mattresses and searching her out amid the candlelight. When did it get so dark? When did they bring out the candles? Lumiere has spent so long thinking of Plumette he did not realize the sun had set. He hides his hands—he always expects them to be on fire, now, he doesn’t dare touch or burn her—and stares into her sweet, sweet face, streaked with sweat but so alive. Oh, ma cherie, she is so alive, he whispers, talking to nothing. 

“Yes,” says Plumette, whispering back, “she is so alive. Look, mon amour,” and holds out something for his still-red hands. 

Lumiere has known what it is like for all time to stop and your heart to stop beating, but he never knew it could be exquisite. Last time, it was like a dulling of death, this time—so much life

“I cannot speak,” he whispers, “She is—she is magnifique. She is light.”

“She does seem to glow,” and Plumette’s laugh is low and steady and exhausted and everything he ever wanted. “Let’s hope she has your fiery spirit.”

Her dusty skin—so small, so soft, so tender. Lumiere has seen magic but never a wonder such as this. Such a tiny thing, smaller than he has ever been, glowing from some secret joy.

“I heard the first cry of her life,” he whispers. “I heard her cry.”

“She is sweet, so sweet, I love her so,” says Plumette, and smiles against her feather pillows, her curls damp against her head.

The child curls her fingers around Lumiere’s hands, soothing the bruises he left. He touches her hands with his, his fingers dancing on her own.

“I think I’ve come alive for the third time of my life,” he whispers, and Plumette smiles. He curls himself in the bed beside her, and she leans against his arms, her own hands touching first him, then the child, a little laughter waltzing between them as the baby sneezes and snores. Plumette fall asleep on his shoulder; Lumiere sleeps too, his lips still pressed to her forehead, his arms still holding the child.

Mrs. Potts shuts the door and damps the candles. “They have a lifetime of light ahead of them,” she says. “Let’s give them a little dark for now.”

Harry Blurb #?/?

A/n: Hey, guys! New blurb time! I’ll be on spring break next week so I’m probably going to be doing blurbs and ships! :) -L

Prompt: “Baby, running after you is like chasing the clouds” -Story of My Life (Midnight Memories)

“I can’t do this anymore.” Harry said, looking defeated as he sighed and plopped himself down in a pool chair.
“Oh, come on, Haz. You can’t give up now.” Louis called as he made his way into the shallow side of the pool, light goosebumps on his skin from the temperature of the water.. “I thought you loved her.”
“Yeah, we thought you did, too.” Liam agreed with Niall nodding his head next to his bandmate who were both in the hot tub.
“I just…I don’t know. Sometimes, it’s like she only wants me to be her friend and then other times, she wants more. It’s exhausting.” Harry sighed again, then leaned back in his chair.
“Maybe you should talk to her,” Niall suggested.
“What would that do, though?”
“You’d know how she really feels about you.”
Harry thought about it for a minute before deciding that Niall was right. He told the boys that he was going to invite her to his house, where they were, and have her swim with them. They immediately told him that this was something that needed to be done in private.
When Y/n finally came over, dressed in a bikini that wasn’t covered up very well by the very thin material of the white sarong. Harry walked up to her, giving her a kiss on the cheek, then offered to take her bag from off her shoulder.
“Thanks, Haz. You’re so sweet.” She smirked at him, then kicked off her flip-flops.
He came back and just stared at her, not knowing how to start the conversation. He reached back to scratch the back of his neck. Nervously, he finally stated, “You look fantastic today, Y/n.”
She sighed, folding her arms over her chest. “Cut the crap, Styles. When you called me, it sounded like you had something important to tell me. Just get on with it.”
“You always see right through me, don’t you?” He chuckled, then nodded. “Okay. Here it goes. I just want to know how you feel about me. I always think that you have feelings for me, but then you do something that makes me think that you wanna be just friends. Honestly, I’m exhausted trying to figure you out. Baby, running after you is like chasing the clouds. I don’t know what to do anymore…”

Love to Suffer

anon asked:  Im new to this, and im not sure if you’re ok with writing heavy angst but since reuqests are open i’ll try my luck :) Could you write a super angsty jungkook scenario? a lot of suffering but with a happy ending. Maybe where you’re pregnant and due to that ofc the sexlife is gone, but he’s secretly frustarted and at the resautrant you two went to for a dinner date he unintentionally (bc of his frustration) flirts with the waitress and touches her thigh she flirts back even tho youre there? T_T

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst & Romance
Words: 2,853
POV: 2nd Person
Song(s) That Inspired Me: MetronomeGoing Crazy | I Need U

Summary: After many years of dating, you and Jungkook found yourself hitting a wall. You guys are constantly bickering to the point that it has become second nature. You guys were stuck in a routine. You would say hurtful things. He would say hurtful things. You would call it quits. He would say something that would draw you back in. You would think that things between you two would be better once you found out you were pregnant with his child, but sadly, that wasn’t the case. Is it time to officially say goodbye? 

Originally posted by yourbiaslikesitrough

Why are you doing this to yourself? That million-dollar question that you have asked yourself on numerous of occasions. Every time you were close to calling it quits with Jungkook, he somehow managed to sweet talk his way back into your heart. Lately, however, whenever you two would argue about his constant flirtations with random strangers, he would simply give up and just walk away. Whenever you would mention that you wanted to break up with him, he would simply wave it off. Does he not care anymore? When you would call him out on it, he would simply say,

           “It’s not like I don’t care. It’s just I know you would stay, so why bother wasting my energy in convincing you to stay?”

You found yourself scoffing at that memory. How dare he assume that you will always stay? It’s not like he’s some kind of prize.

           “I deserve better than this…” You thought bitterly to yourself as you found yourself glaring at the back of Jungkook’s head.

Now, how come you haven’t left yet? Oh right… you were pregnant with his child. How on Earth did that happen? One moment you were heading for the door and the next you were a moaning mess underneath Jungkook.

You mentally smacked yourself, cursing at the fact that you fell for his tactics yet again. It is practically like clockwork now. You and he were so used to doing the standard “tango” that you both knew what to say to rile the other person up.

You honestly know it is bad when your own mother called you up and seriously begged for you to leave him. What you and Jungkook had at first was amazing, but now? It was simply toxic. Almost borderline abusive. Not the physical aspect, but mentally. He knew what to say and how to say. He was your puppet master, and you were unwillingly his puppet.

           “So, how’s my baby girl doing?” You heard Jungkook ask, pulling you away from your thoughts.

With a dazed expression, you mumbled, “Huh?”

Jungkook let out a low chuckle in response as he swiveled his chair around to see your pretty face. He rolled his chair closer to you and gently took your hands into his. Intertwining them.

           “I asked, how is the mother of my child doing? You are practically glowing still so that’s good.” He complimented as he left feathery kisses all over your face.

A weird feeling grew in the pit of your stomach, you knew what he was doing. Ever since you entered your second trimester in the pregnancy, you decided that it would be good for your baby to cease all sexual activities with Jungkook. Let’s just say he did not like that at all. Now, you started to notice that whenever he got extra attentive, he wanted sex.

You groaned loudly as you forcibly pushed his face away from you.

           “Not that I don’t like this attention you’re giving me, but you know what I said Kook. No sex until this baby is out of me.” You reminded him, earning yourself a frustrated growl from the hormonal boy.

           “Whatever.” He scoffed, angrily pushing himself away from you and going back to work.

You rolled your eyes, honestly not surprised by his childish behavior. He was so used to you giving him anything and everything he wanted, so you saying no to him was extremely foreign to him. You never once said a firm no to him throughout your relationship.

While he was busy working on a track or two for his next cover, you decided to pull out your phone, searching for any nearby restaurant that would satisfy your latest pregnancy craving. Once you deemed one of the restaurants worthy, you quietly gathered your belongings and just as you reached for the door handle, Jungkook spoke,

           “Where are you going?

Your body flinched at the harshness of his tone, a habit you developed over the years.

You quickly shook off any nerves that lingered in your body and calmly turned around.

           “I’m hungry Jungkook; therefore, I’m going to step out for a brief moment and buy myself something to eat.” You explained with no written expression whatsoever.

Jungkook sighed deeply in response and sat there quietly for a couple of minutes.

With each passing second, you found yourself growing hungrier and hungrier.

           “Look, if you want something to eat, I can either pick you up something or you can come with me. I honestly do not care.” You stated, growing more and more annoyed with your baby daddy.

Suddenly, Jungkook saved his work and exited out of the program. He locked his computer and then stood up from his desk.

           “Alright, let’s go.” He said, walking pass you and out the door.

           “What a great boyfriend…” You annoyingly thought as you followed him out the door.

The carried to the restaurant was filled with awkward tension. Neither one of you uttering a word. Jungkook focused on the road, and you simply stared out the window. Once again, contemplating calling it quits. This time you knew for sure, from the bottom of your heart, that you deserved better. You deserved to be happy, and you were no longer happy with Jungkook. Once you two get home, you were going to call it off. This time for good.

Arriving at the restaurant, you and Jungkook waited to be seated. You sat on the lobby couch, and Jungkook, well, he was doing what he normally does whenever you rejected his advances. He flirted with the hostess and right in front of you no less. How could you tell? Well, every time you heard the hostess giggle, he would glance behind his shoulder and flash you a smug smile.

           “Prick…” You scoffed mentally, shaking your head from disgust and burying your nose deep in your phone.

           “This way sir.” The hostess said sweetly, a little too sweet, as she guided Jungkook and yourself to your designated table.

The hostess eyed Jungkook up and down, even flashing him a flirtatious smile, before handing you two your menus.

           “Have a good meal sir.” She stated, quickly winking at him before walking back to her post.

Jungkook tilted his head just a bit, so he could stare at the hostess’s ass as she walked away. He found himself licking his lips slowly as his hormones were getting the best of him.

You stared at him in pure disgust before scoffing loudly and raising your menu high enough so that you wouldn’t see his perverted face.

Just as you were scanning the menu, his hand reached over and forcibly pulled it down. Shocked by his sudden action, you glanced over to Jungkook wondering what the hell is his problem.

           “What? I wanted to see my baby girl’s gorgeous face. Is that a crime?” He asked, slowly feeling fed up with your cold attitude.

You scoffed yet again as you ignored his words. They were simply empty words in your book.

           “I asked you question…” He muttered lowly, his deep voice stirring up your hormones. You always did find his deep voice undeniably sexy.

Not looking away from your menu, you responded,

           “Yeah well, I’m choosing to not answer…”

Jungkook stared at you in awe and then leaned back in his seat.

           “Have you always been this bitchy? Or was I too blind by my love for you to see it?” He asked coldly, narrowing his eyes onto you.

You mentally shuddered, feeling his cold hard gaze piercing at your body.

           “Don’t give in. Don’t give in.” You chanted inside your head.

However, once you heard the sounds of flirtatious giggling, butterflies entered the pit of your stomach. Jungkook was flirting yet again, this time with the waitress. If you thought the hostess was pretty, the waitress was drop dead gorgeous. Honestly, if you weren’t pregnant, Jungkook would more than likely dump your sorry ass and leave with her. Maybe that’s why seeing him flirt with the waitress bugged you more than him flirting with the hostess.

You eyed the exchange with pure disgust as you tried to calm yourself by rubbing your pregnant belly.

           “He wouldn’t leave you and your unborn child… right?” You thought to yourself, letting your new-found insecurities get the best of you.

           “Why don’t you sit down? A pretty girl like yourself shouldn’t be standing for long periods of time,” He then eyed her thighs, “You should give those pretty legs a rest.” He so happily suggested, scooting just a bit, so the waitress had no choice but to sit on his lap.

That tactic was familiar in your eyes since that was the maneuver he used when he first met you.

           “Same old tricks…” You angrily thought as you tried your hardest to ignore them.

Jungkook noticed your cold exterior grow colder by the second. This was all part of his plan. Get you jealous to the point where you wanted to remind him why he was with you in the first place. In his mind, it was always him fighting for your guys’ relationship. It was always him making that effort to keep your guys’ sex life alive and well. It was always him going above and beyond to make you happy. Never once in the relationship have you made that effort. That is why he suddenly stopped trying to convince you to stay. That is why he gave up after the first no. He just desperately wanted you to make the same amount effort as him. Unfortunately, as soon as he saw you give up after the first attempt, so did he. Why fight for a dying relationship, if only one person wants to keep it alive and not the other? Sadly, you do not know what’s on his mind since you guys stopped with doing the good old communication.

Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed that one of Jungkook’s hand was no longer visible on the table.

You slowly shook your head as you knew deep in your heart what he was doing.

           “Oh stop it…” you heard the waitress giggle that made you want to throw up.

Jungkook continued to lightly caress the girl’s thigh as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear. His breath fanning the innermost part of her ear.

           “It’s kind of hard to keep my hands off such a gorgeous woman. I’m honestly baffled that a knockout like yourself is not snatched up. If I wasn’t with my girl, I would definitely be claiming you.” You heard him say.

Hearing him say those words honestly broke your heart. That moment you knew. If you were not pregnant with his child, he would have left a long time ago.

Not wanting to hear any more of their flirtatious exchanges, you angrily pushed back your chair, almost knocking it down.

Suddenly alarmed, Jungkook ceased his seducing and gave you his full attention. Worry and regret filled his eyes as if it was water that filled up a bucket.

           “I hate you.” You coldly announced, tears threatening to spill from your precious eyes as you hurried out of the restaurant.

Jungkook pushed the waitress off and then quickly followed after you. He was not going to lose you like this. Once again, it was time for him to fight for the relationship. No matter what…he will always fight for you. Even though he never told you this before, but you are the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Trying your hardest to calm your tears and breathing, you failed to notice Jungkook storming out and quietly waiting for you to turn his way.

           “Did you mean that? What you said back there?” He cautiously asked, not knowing what he would do if you did in fact hate him.

You flinched at his tone, again, out of habit, as you abruptly turned to meet his piercing gaze.

You felt your heart tightened, unsure how to approach this situation. You were going to call it off between you two once and for all. You were going to set him free because you know the saying,

           “If you love something, set it free. However, if it comes back to you, then it was meant to be.”

You took a long and deep sigh before exhaling. It was now or never. Time to say goodbye to the constant heartache and the never-ending unhappiness.

Just as you were about to open your mouth, Jungkook beat you to the punch.

           “Can I say something first?” He asked, stuffing his hands inside the pockets.

You stared at him blankly, “Um sure… I guess…” You mumbled, feeling rather unsure where this conversation is going to go. Was he finally going to break up with you? That would be extremely surprising.

           “I know that lately you have been unhappy with me, especially since I have been flirting with other people right in front of your eyes. Before I go on, I just wanted to let you know that I would never cheat on you. I love you too much to throw away what we have by fully giving into my hormones. Yes, I know that you’re pregnant with my child and yes, I know that you want to be safe for our child. I just need to learn to be patient and wait. With that being said, I know that you are thinking of breaking up with me yet again.” He stated, throwing you off guard. How did he know that you were going to do that? Before you could open your mouth to ask how he knew, he spoke once again.

           “Do you know how much that hurts to hear you say that over and over? Do you know how tired I am gradually getting having to fight for what we have constantly? Seriously, it is always me fighting for you! Never once have you ever fought for me. You are always willing to let me go. Why? Were you never interested in me in the first place? Why are you dating me then? Was it out of pity? You found out about my enormous crush on you that instead of rejecting me, you decided you would do me a favor and go out with me?!” He angrily asked, desperation visible throughout his face and if you honed it some more, you noticed the tears that were slowly streaming down his cheeks.

           “What have I done?” You sadly thought, seeing a heartbroken man right in front of you.

Jungkook walked over to you and then pulled you into a loving embrace, holding you tightly as if he was afraid that you were going to slip away and this time for good.

           “Please don’t go. I promise I won’t flirt anymore. I will patiently wait for you and love you like you deserved to be loved.” He mumbled into your hair, inhaling your comforting scent.

           “I promise to keep fighting for us for as long as you allow me to.” He sadly added, placing a loving yet soft kiss on your temple.

You lifted your head, meeting his gaze, as you flashed him a sweet yet soft smile. You gently pushed him away as you wanted some distant for what is about to happen.

Jungkook eyed you strangely, feeling his heart tighten, and the air leaving his lungs.          

           “Please don’t say goodbye…” He frantically thought.

You took a deep breath before speaking,

           “I am sorry that you are always the one fighting for us. I am sorry that you think that I am with you purely out of pity. I meant what I said when I first agreed to be your girlfriend. I meant it when I said that I love you. I am sorry for always threatening to leave you. I am sorry for everything Jungkook. With that being said, no I do not hate you. I just hated how you simply gave up on me, but hearing what you had to say, I’m sorry for not giving you the attention you deserved. I’m sorry for not loving you the way you deserved to be loved. You mentioned that you are always the one fighting for us, now it is my turn to fight for us, especially for our unborn child. I want us to be a happy family. I want this child to grow up with his or her father in the picture. I want us to work.” You said, pouring out your heart. No more running away.

Jungkook’s eyes lit up, “Really?” He questioned, feeling over the moon when he heard the thing he always dreamt of hearing. You were finally going to fight for him. That little statement made him feel like he won the jackpot.

           “It won’t be easy, but I’m willing to put on my fighting gear, if you are?” You told him, displaying a reassuring smile and holding out your hand for him.

Jungkook returned that reassuring smile and lightly grabbed your hand, holding it up to his lips and placing a loving kiss on the back of your hand.

           “Let’s do this.”

A/N: Well… that was fun to write. Now, excuse me, I’m going to cheer myself up by watching videos of Jin argue with his members lol Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! I noticed something, whenever I write something that deals with angst, I always end up making it more than 2,500 words lol Like I have to force myself to start wrapping it up or else it will become this long scenario, and I’m sure you guys don’t want that. Or maybe you do… To the anon that requested this, I hope you love it! I also hope I met your requirements with the heavy angst and lots of suffering aspect haha Anyways, be sure to check out my other work and as always, requests are open! Don’t be shy! :) 


Anon Request: Sam x reader. Sam and reader have dinner with Becky. Becky won’t stop flirting with Sam, and reader gets jealous.

Word Count: 1683

Warning: Smut

You were not a fan of Becky Rosen.

You’d had no idea who she was two days ago, when Sam mentioned to Dean that you were passing through the town where she lived, and you quirked your eyebrows at Sam in the rearview mirror of the Impala.

“She’s an old acquaintance,” he said, though you could tell from his tone that there was more to the story.

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Mad: Part 11

Originally posted by younggjaebum

“We’re all a little crazy on the inside, some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Contains smut, violence and tense situations in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 12

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Finally: A Baekbama Fic

 It had been months since Barack had been out of the office. It really sucked that he had been replaced by a sentient carrot but today was going to make up for it. Today, Baekhyun was coming to America.

Barack was so excited, he could barely sleep. So, he didn’t. As he laid there, staring at the ceiling and occasionally glancing at the unmoving clock, he couldn’t help but worry.

What if Baekhyun didn’t like him anymore? He was getting old. At 55, he was practically an ediacaran biota. What if Trump reenacted the immigration law but banned all countries? What if Michelle finally snaps and kills him? Thoughts like these plagued him like the rats plagued white people in the 14th century.

Eventually he started to fantasize about what it would be like to see his lover in person again. To hold him in his arms. He had been unable to do so last year. Too many eyes watching for him to meet Baekhyun. Truthfully he didn’t care. He wanted the public to know about his affair. But, his sweet Baekhyun insisted they hide it to keep up their images. Soon, he fell into the sweet embrace of sleep.

It was 9am. As Michelle stared at Barack’s sleeping form, she contemplated not waking him up. Baekhyun was going to arrive at 10. If she let Barack sleep through his arrival, maybe they would break up. Maybe she could have her husband back. Though the temptation was large, she knew her efforts would be fruitless.

Nothing could break up baekbama. Not their children. Not the secret service. Not even exo’s crazy fans. Any obstacles that came between them get taken care of. Not even the laws could stop them. Gay marriage was legalized just so Barack and Baekhyun could get married.

Lost in her thoughts Michelle didn’t notice Barack getting ready and leaving. When she finally focused again, he was already gone. A metaphor for how their marriage was sure to end.

The drive to airport was nerve-wracking. It’s a good thing Barack wasn’t driving or he would’ve crashed. Guaranteed. The wait at the arrival’s gate was surely going to give him a stroke. 

But, then it didn’t matter.

Nothing mattered.

Not when his darling Baekhyun, was heading straight for him. A gorgeous smile on his face.

In seconds, Baekhyun was standing in front of him. “오랜만이야" he said. Barack didn’t understand Korean. So, instead he wrapped his arms around the tiny man. As he leaned in for kiss, Baekhyun’s head was yanked back, and his throat was slit.

The murderer threw Baekhyun’s lifeless body to the floor. It was Taemin. “I warned you of what would happen if you broke up with me.” Anything else he said was drowned out by the screams of fans around them.

“Looks like we’ve stumbled onto a crime scene” Horatio said. “우리는 모두 여기에 준비되었다" Xiumin, his partner in both love and crime, replied. “You’re right, but atleast the perpetrator made this easy.” He whipped out his gun and shot Taemin dead. 

“And that’s how it’s done” He announced as he put on his sunglasses. “맞아요" Xiumin put on his sunglasses as well.

Barack stared at the lifeless bodies of his 2 lovers. Too shocked to do anything. Suddenly, there was a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Barack thank god you’re okay, I heard gunsh-” Biden paused as he looked his lover in his sunglassed eye. “Xiumin, what is the meaning of this?” Xiumin and Horatio had been having a celebratory make out session over Taemin’s body. “Joe, 그건 그렇게 생기지 않았다" Xiumin exclaimed. But, it was exactly what it looked like.

Blinded by his rage, Joe pulled out his gun and shot both Xiumin and Horatio. 

How were all of these people dying in an airport? Didn’t these places have security? Some how these were the thoughts Barack had. The only thoughts he had before everything went black.

The fans in their hysteria had trampled Barack and all of the other exo members. Some how even the ex-exo members who weren’t even there got trampled too. 

And, that was the story of how the world’s biggest boyband was ruined by a forbidden love, that was just too good, too pure, to exist in our world.


Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s note: SUPRISE! Hahaha I know I said I was going to post it tomorrow, but I realized that it doesn’t matter because I still won’t like it regardless the day I post. Not my best work, so I’ll leave up to you guys. If y'all want a part 4, I’ll do it gladly. So let me know ;) 

Update: thank you Alyssa, aka @imyourliquor-youremypoison, for rewriting it beautifully. I’m so grateful for having you to help me!

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 4.

Masterlist ❁


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okayy umm. how about a jerome valeska one where the reader is sent to arkham not because she’s criminally insane but because she tried to kill herself and there’s no other asylum so she was just sent there. when people threaten her life she wouldn’t care because she’s suicidal and she would say that she would just be honored if she get killed. idk if ur willing to make this because yeah

Warnings: Mentions of suicide, cutting//



Y/N was shoved inside a room that had multiple groups of people sitting at different tables, they didn’t seem to notice her. She sat down at an empty table in the corner, she looked down at her arms that had been stitched back together. The long vertical cuts reminded her of her failed attempt to end her life. She wasn’t crazy, she was just trying to die but apparently that’s not allowed so now she is under full time surveillance at Arkham. She was looking at her stitches when an inmate sat down at the table.

“What is a little lady like you doing here?” The greasy man asks her, Y/N doesn’t reply.

“Not gonna talk, okay.” The man pulls a knife out of his pocket and Y/N’s eyes light up at the sight of it.

“Then I’m gonna make you talk.” Y/N still doesn’t answer hoping he will kill her.

“I’m gonna kill ya then.” The man smiles.

“If you so kindly would, I would be delighted.” Y/N finally says catching the man off guard, he puts the knife away and Y/N frowns.

“You’re one of them suicidal people right?” He questions.

“Well then it would be no fun killing you.” He says walking back to his original seat, Y/N looks back down to see a sharp piece of metal hanging off of the table. She ripped it off and slid it into her pocket, she spent the rest of the day staring at a wall not noticing the ginger staring at her.


She spent that night sharpening the piece of metal on her bed frame getting no sleep. The next morning when she was put back into that room she had the sharp metal tucked into her dress, she sat down in her usual spot thinking about how she would end her life that night. Her thoughts were interrupted when a ginger man sat down in front of her.

“Hiya sweet-cheeks I’m Jerome.” Y/N didn’t answer but looked at him.

“So you’re trying to kill yourself?” He asks.

“Word must have got around.” Y/N muttered clenching her fists.

“Why?” Jerome asks.

“What?” She asks confused.

“Why are you trying to kill yourself, why not kill someone else?” He asks.

“Because I’m not insane.” She replies, Jerome tilts his head to the side.

“Then why are you here?” Jerome gestures to the room full of maniacs.

“Because I am a danger to myself.” Y/N says air quotes what the psychologist said about her.

“Why are you here?” She asks.

“I killed my mom.” Jerome answers.

“So I’m a danger to others.” He continues.

“And the guys that tried to kill you yesterday, his name is Greenwood.” Jerome says as if it’s the most casual thing in the world.

“Great.” Y/N replies sarcastically. Their conversation continued for the rest of the time in the rec. room until Jerome noticed the metal poking out of Y/N’s dress.

“You might want to hide that.” He says pointing at the metal, Y/N looks down at the metal pushing back into her dress.

“You know if you’re alive by the time I escape I’m taking you with me, I’m gonna show that there’s a reason to be alive.” Jerome said before standing up and leaving the room, Y/N followed shortly after heading to her room. When all of the lights turned off she got up from her bed and pulled out the metal, she placed it against her neck before she remembered what Jerome said. ‘I’m gonna show that there’s a reason to be alive.’ She stood with the metal against her neck thinking until she pulled the metal away throwing it down and laying back in her bed.

'I’m gonna show you that there’s a reason to be alive.’ 'You better Jerome, you better.’ She said to herself before falling asleep with the first smile on her face that she’s had for awhile.


This is a collaboration between @superkaralovesfanfiction and myself.

@superkaralovesfanfiction saw my prompt I posted a few days ago and decided to fill it. Kara looked absolutely stunning in the wedding dress and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind, what if it wasn’t Mon-El there with Kara when Mr. Mxysptlk comes in but Cat Grant? I envisioned some Supercat fluff and fun piece and this is what happened.

Kara heard a knock on her door and stood from her chair to get it, expecting anything from delivery to the neighbour bringing by her lost mail again. The one thing she was not expecting when she pulled her door wide open was Cat Grant, standing there in full Cat Grant attire, business suit and perfect hair, looking oddly nervous and at odds with herself.

Kara stared at her for maybe a full minute before remembering to speak, and stepped back slightly to let her in, her voice stuttering as she welcomed her in, months of wishing and dreaming finally here before her. Even Kara, invulnerable alien that she was, was a little weak right now. She couldn’t quite believe all this was happening. And what it meant. “Um, Ms, Ms. Grant.” Kara stuttered shakily and took a short breath before continuing. “What are you doing here?”

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Rich Youth | Chapter 1

chapters: 12 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

featuring: reader + most of NCT will make an appearance at one point (if you guys like this enough for me to continue)

warnings: slight smut, language

word count: 2.8K

“Stop being so dramatic; I’ll be joining you in two weeks. My new step-bitch wants to take me shopping in Dubai so we can ‘bond’ but I know it’s just a massive excuse to convince my dad to give her his credit card so she can fulfil her gold-digging fantasies”, Hayi’s voice echoed through the loudspeaker of my phone as I finished packing my bags. I walked over to my bed, falling back onto it and turning my head so that I was facing the phone I had laid on my pillow.

“I’m sorry, Hayi. If it makes you feel any better, while you’re splashing the cash in Dubai, I’ll be suffering a slow and painful death at the country club. God knows why my dad and Jessica insist on spending all summer there when there are so many other places to visit and so many other things to do that don’t involve making forced conversation with a bunch of rich, sexist men, their trophy wives and their spoilt children!” I sulked. I lifted my head as I heard Hayi giggling on the other line.

“Did you just describe your own family, Y/N?” she laughed. As the realisation hit me, I couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle.

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anonymous asked:

espadas reaction to seeing that their s/o has fallen asleep next to them and have unintentionally bared their stomach/neck like in a "oh omg my tiny, vulnerable human really actually trusts me" kinda way

Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ Awww, that’s cute


-He’s not quite as reactive to shows of vulnerability as the rest of them, but the sight of you laying all unguarded on your back still jolts him wide awake with a strange sort of happy shock. Instinctively, he knows that isn’t safe, that you’re being horribly trusting and sweet. 


-Okay, humans have very different ideas of vulnerability and the appropriateness thereof. That does not make your soft, exposed stomach any easier to take. She’s honored, extremely so, that you’d trust her that much, but she has to leave the room before the sights gets to her anymore than it has. 


-He spends a long, tense moment just watching, staring at the curve of your vulnerable little throat and being strangely, uncharacteristically afraid of you waking. You’d have to be angry at him for seeing you like this, even worse, seeing the open captivation he was looking at you with. 


-It’s somewhere between sickening and unbelievable that you trust him enough to even fall asleep so close. You shouldn’t. What has you so convinced that he won’t just use this chance to kill you? How can you be so sure that he’s as nice and good as you’ve always thought he really is. 


-After a moment of semi-panicked flailing, it finally sinks in that, yes, you’re sleeping like that. Fuck. It shouldn’t be anything more than pathetic, another example of how weak humans are, but he can’t look at your trusting, bared, stomach without feeling strange and soft inside. 


-He chokes a little, very quickly backing away from you. T-that can’t be intentional, you wouldn’t just fall asleep all vulnerable with your head tilted back right in front of him. He leaves the room very quickly and very quietly, not wanting to think about how much you must trust him. 


-How stupid can you be, falling asleep in such a dangerous position. You can’t, can’t really trust him that much that you’d do this on purpose. Hesitantly, in possibly the most gentle move he’s ever made, he reaches out and carefully touches one finger to your open throat. 


Originally posted by 384400kilometerstillhome

“Is it possible to die from being too horny? I feel like my cock is about to explode.”

“Harry, stop being so dramatic. It’s only been four days,” (y/n) rolled her eyes at Harry’s dramatic attitude to just about everything- he could be such a drama queen sometimes, “Besides, you’ve went three and a half months without sex when you were on tour, three more days won’t make a difference.”

“I was allowed to wank when I was on tour.” Harry said matter of factly, as if it was such a normal statement and this argument wasn’t completely ridiculous.

“Harry! Shut up, my brother is right in front of us!” (y/n) hissed, slapping his arm.

“And? I’m being denied my right to orgasms, I should be allowed to tell everyone about how awful you are to me.” Harry grumbled rubbing his arm, a scowl on his face.

“Orgasming isn’t a right, you donut.” (y/n) said, rolling her eyes as she tried to simultaneously deal with a very pouty, very child-like Harry whilst trying to read the map correctly, “And if you don’t shut up and stop being dramatic, I won’t suck you off until atleast Christmas.” Harry’s eyes widened at this, soon shutting up and just ignoring the throb of his cock in his boxers- if he felt like he was about to explode now, he couldn’t imagine having to wait until christmas for any action.


“Night kids, love you.” (y/n)’s mum said, standing up from the campfire with a blanket draped over her shoulders, leaning over to give both (y/n) and her brother a kiss on the cheek and Harry a hug. “Don’t stay out too late now, early start tomorrow.” she said.

“We won’t,” (y/n) assured with a smile, “Night, love you.” As (y/n)’s parents made their way into their tent- she shivered, a cold chill suddenly breezing over her. At this, Harry pulled her onto his lap, taking his jacket off and putting it round her before she had a chance to protest.

“Better?” He asked as she lay his head on his shoulder, yawning.

“Mm, much better.” She mumbled, Harry’s response being a simple kiss to her forehead and tightening his grip around her waist.

“You two are like something from a story book.” (y/n)’s brother, Jonathan said, laughing “Always kissing and cuddling and what not.”

“If you wanted a cuddle you should have just said.” Harry said jokingly pushing (y/n) away.

“Hey! I’m starting to think you like my brother more than me!” (y/n) pouted.

“I’m kidding.” Harry laughed as he pulled (y/n) closer again. The conversation soon turned to Jonathan asking Harry about tour life and Harry asking questions about his university course. (y/n) was just starting to doze off when she felt Harry’s hand on her thigh, startling her slightly but when she looked at Harry and he didn’t seem fazed, she just shrugged it off and closed her eyes again. However, when his hand started to creep higher and under her pyjama shorts, she grabbed his hand, stopping him from going any further.

“Harry, what are you doing?” She hissed in his ear. “My brother is sitting right there!” The only reaction she got from him was a smirk as his hand creeped dangerously close to her clothed sex. She gasped when she felt him starting to rub her clit through her panties, almost letting out a small moan. “Harry, seriously.” she gasped into his ear. 

His circling only got faster, soon alternating between circles, figure eights, anything to drive her crazy. She was controlling her breathing reasonably well until Harry suddenly pushed her panties to the side and entered a finger into her, curling up immedietly. She had to bite on his shoulder to keep herself from moaning out right in front of her brother. 

“Harry- fuck- stop.” She managed to get out through her harsh breathing, softly moaning when he entered another finger, his thumb still working on her clit. He kept pumping, circling, curling his fingers up until (y/n) was right at the edge, she could feel it. She was about to cum in front of her big brother- until Harry stopped. He pulled his fingers out, wiping them on his thigh while maintaining the conversation with Jonathan the whole time. “Harry! What was that for?” (y/n) asked, completely frustrated.

“Well it wouldn’t be very fair if I let you cum after you denying me all week now, would it?” Harry whispered in her ear, tucking a strand of hair behind it “If you want to cum, go to the tent, get undressed and be ready for me.” He ordered. (y/n) sat confused for a minute, she wasn’t about to have sex with him when her parents were 10 metres away but she was so horny at this point she couldn’t find i tin her to care. So she got up, surprising both herself and Harry, said goodnight to Jonathan and followed Harry’s orders. 

When Harry got into the tent a few minutes later, she lay on her back in just her underwear staring at him, “What was that all about?” she asked as he started to get undressed.

“Why aren’t you naked? I told you to get undressed, (y/n). That means no clothes or underwear at all.” He tutted, hovering over her once he had undressed himself.

“I-” She started.

“I’ll take it you don’t want to cum tonight then?” He asked, nibbling on the sweet spot just below her left ear, “I’ll just have to take care of this myself, shall I?” He asked, rutting his very hard cock against her thigh.

“N-no, please.” She whimpered when he started to suck on her sweet spot.

“Please what, baby?” He asked, that cocky smirk on his face that she would usually be tempted to slap off but right now it was turning her on more than ever.

“Please, fuck me Harry. Please” She whimpered, lifting her hips up to grind their crotches together.

“Fuck,” he groaned under his breath, reaching for the waistband of her panties, pulling them down her legs, “You have to be quiet or I’ll punish you.” He said, sending a shiver down her spine. She simply nodded, growing more impatient by the second. After Harry rolled a condom onto himself and (y/n) had removed her bra, Harry leaned over her again. One arm was resting beside her head to keep himself up while the other took his cock and guided it to (y/n)’s entrance.

“Harry, c’mon stop teasing.” (y/n) whined when he dragged the head up and down her slit and, without any warning, pushed in. Harry could honestly say he’d never felt more relieved in all his life; her warm, wet walls around his cock fell like absolute heaven and it took everything in him not to moan out her name. “Fuck.” (y/n) moaned, the feeling of Harry filling her up bringing her the most indescribable pleasure possible. His thrusts were slow but hard, dragging himself out until on the head of his cock was still in her before roughly slamming his whole length back in. Aside from their heavy breathing, they were both doing a good job at keeping quiet to prevent (y/n)’s parents hearing them- that was until Harry shifted positions and slammed hard, hitting her g-spot with enough force to knock the breath out of her. Before she could scream out, Harry quickly attached his lips to hers- allowing her to moan into his mouth, swallowing every moan she had for him.

“Shh, good girl. Keep nice and quiet for me,” He cooed, reaching up to push a strand of hair off her sweaty forehead, “Are you gonna cum for me, baby?” He let out an almost inaudible groan into her ear when she started to clench around him, “Fuck.”

“H-Harry I’m cumming- Fuck Harry!” She moaned, trying to keep her voice as low as possible but Harry knew her better than she even knew herself by now which meant that he knew there was no way (y/n) could possibly hold in her moans when she was cumming. When he felt her start to clench around him tighter, he quickly crashed his lips onto hers before she woke up everyone in the country. Her legs trembled as her eyes rolled back in her head and the sight alone was enough to tip Harry over the edge as he came with a grunt and spilled into the condom.

“Fuck, I’ve never felt as relieved in all my life.” Harry said as he collapsed onto her chest.

“That was pretty amazing.” (y/n) agreed with a smile, twirling the little curls at the back of his head around her finger.

“I can’t wait to get you home and fuck you all day everyday, we have so much making up to do.” Harry said after a few moments of them lying in silence as they caught their breaths.

“Always so romantic.”