she's so strong and brave and stubborn as hell and despite everything she still believes the best of people

Memory Loss

cheesy title, I know, I’m sorry

(so i may or may not have accidentally ended up interpreting Shance into this it was an accident i swear)

Tired brown orbs stared at the cryopod the teen’s best friend had been in for months, hands resting on large hips as he stared at the seemingly peaceful face of the smaller teen.

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Just for fun: The bidders’ kids

a.k.a. the 2nd Generation Bidders

a/n: This is purely meant for self-indulgent purposes ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ I’ve done headcanons related to their children before, but I’ve never actually planned out their characters until now haha. @miyukushina, I really loved your Headcanon Bidders’ Child(ren) post so much, I was inspired to do one of my own ( ᐛ )و ! I hope you don’t mind ( ゚▽゚)/


  • Kazuma (19)

          Kazuma is Eisuke’s son and Naoko’s older twin brother. Just like his father, he appears self-assured, though he may sometimes come off as bit overbearing. He’s the type of person who keeps checklists for everything. He plans meticulously for just about anything, important or not. Being the oldest in the group, he’s also considered the de facto leader. He tries to act as the big brother figure for the rest of the group, but most of them see him as the resident Mom Friend™ because of his anal-retentive personality.

           Despite being the oldest, he has a childish competitive side, and is surprisingly easily provoked. He would do stupid things just to prove a point, much to his friends’ amusement.

           He gets along really well with Tatsuya because they complement each other perfectly; he’s  the responsible, cunning one, while Tatsuya is the reckless, naïve one. Kazuma would have a hard time hitting it off with someone too similar to him.

          Though he may come off as confident and haughty, he is actually deeply insecure about himself (not that he would ever say it aloud).  Secretly, he is overwhelmed by the pressure of being the heir to the Ichinomiya Group, so he tries to cover up his self-doubt with overconfidence. He honestly believes the only way for people to appreciate him is through achievements or prestige. Deep down, he doesn’t actually want to inherit the Tres Spades; he’s only doing it so Naoko wouldn’t have to carry the burden.

          He genuinely respects Eisuke as a businessman, but he somewhat resents the fact that Eisuke isn’t the best father and husband. While Naoko is somewhat fearful of their father, Kazuma is not, and he often butts heads with Eisuke. Kazuma reminds Eisuke of his younger self—rebellious to authority and protective of the people he cares about.

           He and his sister have their sibling squabbles often, but if anyone ever hurts her, there would be hell to pay. He has actually done some legally questionable things to people who have wronged her (but he would never let her find out, ever). Despite being overprotective, he treats her like an equal and respects her talent in diplomacy, as tact was never his strong suit.

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