she's so stiff

Since many of you are just confused about this sexy cutie above (I can’t really blame you, there are too many fictional vixens in the Zootopia fandom) I decided to write a profile for her! 


Full name: Cynthia Aurora Walker (not Sky/Skye)

Age: 27

Occupation: GSD Agent


  • Jack Savage -> coworker, “rival”
  • Stella Rogers -> assistant, friend
  • Gregory Kohle -> chief, father figure, donor
  • Zac Goldenwheat -> Jack’s assistant, but she thinks he’s kinda cute
  • Cynthia’s parents -> she doesn’t want to know anything about them, not even if they’re still alive
  • Judy Hopps -> “friend”
  • Nick Wilde -> pain in the ass (she can’t bear with his craftiness)
Goals in life: be more honest with her feelings, be more friendly, be able to have a decent relationship with Jack, overcome her past


Cynthia has had a difficult life, and her past still tries to haunt her when she accidentally lowers her guard. That’s why she always seems so stiff and unable to express positive emotions, especially when it comes to Jack (with whom she has a really complicated relationship due to things that happened years ago). However, she actually is very protective and deeply cares about the mammals she loves, like Stella Rogers and Colonel Kohle (who is like a father to Cynthia). She thinks that Judy is a nice bunny but, on the other hand, she dislikes Nick for his crafty and sarcastic attitude. However, she feels like the relationship between Nick and Judy has, in a certain way, a lot of things in common with the one between her and Jack.

IMPORTANT THING YOU SHOULD KNOW: according to Black Jack storyline, Cynthia doesn’t know neither Judy nor Nick, at least for now. I can’t assure you that it will happen in the comics, because the profile I wrote for Cynthia (and for Zac) follows the canon line I created some months ago; kind of like the difference between the actual Zootopia movie and the fanfics I wrote based on this universe.

As always, praise @rem289 for the gorgeous sketch!

It's fluff, I swear.

A/N: There’s some mention to one of my ask fics (the star gazing & pillow fort one with motorcycle Betty) that may confuse you a little if you didn’t read it

“This is so cliché, I love it.” Veronica’s laugh bubbles out of her mouth as she reaches out to tangle her fingers with her girlfriend’s.

“I figured you would enjoy a classic go karts and mini golfing date.” Betty smiles at Ronnie, “I liked the idea of taking it a little old school for our five year anniversary.” Veronica tugs impatiently on her hand, pulling her towards the entrance.

“You make us sound old when you say it like that, B.” Betty just shrugs as she follows behind her girlfriend, admiring her curves and the perfect swell of her ass. When she finally tears her eyes away from the view, she catches sight of Veronica’s pleased smirk and rolls her eyes playfully, a soft pink tint coating her cheeks.

“We’re only twenty-three Ronnie. There’s plenty of years ahead of us to look forward to.”

“Well,” Veronica turns around, walking backwards as she draws out the word, “What I’m looking forward to right now is beating your ass in go karts and mini golf.” She winks at her before turning back around and tugging Betty up to walk alongside her.

When they reach the kiosk, Veronica starts to dig through her purse before her girlfriend stops her, handing the man the necessary amount of money for karting and mini putt. Ronnie pouts as they walk towards the race track.

“I wanted to pay.” Betty just shakes her head, a fond smile playing on her lips.

“Trust me, you don’t need to pay for anything with the amount of…gifts you gave me. The one I woke up to, the one in the shower, before and after breakfast. Not to mention the amazing antique typewriter you got me.” Veronica’s pout turns into a smug smile as they stand in line.

“I’m surprised you’re even walking straight.” The blush that spreads across Betty’s cheeks earns her a beautiful laugh.

“If we’re being’s taking everything in me to walk normal.” Veronica laughs again, the sound sending Betty’s heart fumbling.

“Hey! Don’t laugh at me, this is your fault.” She whines, her bottom lip jutting out.

“Awwww, I’m sorry baby.” Ronnie coos, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “I’ll kiss it better when we’re somewhere more private.” Betty’s face somehow flushes a darker shade of pink as she listens to her girlfriend’s giggles and watches her get into one of the many awaiting karts before she shakes herself out of her stupor. Reaching into her front right pocket, she sighs in relief when her fingers brush velvet. Her heart races, yet she feels serene as she follows Veronica.


“I can’t believe I lost. I literally work with cars.” Betty groans, following a grinning Veronica.

“Well believe it babe and get ready to lose at mini golf too.” Betty just smiles and wraps her arm around her girlfriend’s shoulders.

“Care to place a wager, gorgeous?” Ronnie side eyes her, head tilting in curiosity.

“What are the stakes?”

“Winner gets a lap dance and loser has to clean up Cate’s potty accidents for a week.” She pauses as she lets out a little laugh “I can’t believe you convinced me to name our dog Cate Blanchett.” Veronica’s arm snakes around her waist, snuggling into her side as they walk towards the kiosk.

“I mean, you get to name our next dog Nancy Drew so I’d say it’s even. And you’re so on. I hope you have a song in mind, ‘cause I want that dance as soon as we get to the apartments.” Betty shakes her head, grabbing their clubs and balls.

“You’re overconfidence will be your down fall, beautiful.” Veronica just laughs, accepting the club and ball handed to her.


“Don’t stand there and laugh at me!” Veronica whines. They’re on the fifth hole and Betty has discovered, to her amazement, that Ronnie has no idea how to play.

“I’m so sorry,” she trails off into a few more quieter laughs, “you were just so confident that you’d beat me and-” a snort escapes her mouth, “and you don’t even know how to swing the club.” Her girlfriend just huffs, pouting for the second time that night.

“Okay, okay, c'mere. I’ll teach you.”

Slowly, Veronica makes her way towards Betty and comes to a stop in front of her.

“You don’t need to be so stiff.” She whispers, pressing herself against Ronnie’s back and resting her hands on her hips. She gives them a light squeeze, smiling at the hitch in Veronica’s breath.

“Bend your knees slightly….Good. Now,” Betty moves her hands to rest on top of her girlfriend’s, moving them into the correct positions on the putter.

“This is where your hands should be.” Veronica nods, trying hard to focus on the mini lessons, but finding it difficult with the warmth of Betty against her.

“You don’t need to swing so hard. Just like this.” She swings their arms gently, watching as the ball rolls through the miniature windmill and into the hole on the other side.

“Okay?” She nods again, letting out a breath she didn’t know she was holding when Betty finally pulls back.

They move onto the next hole and Veronica tries once before asking Betty to show her again.

(Betty wins, but Veronica doesn’t mind giving her favorite girl a lap dance. Especially when she knows it’ll end in her favor.)

(She might’ve minded cleaning up after the puppy if she wasn’t so cute.)


They walk hand in hand towards Betty’s car, her free hand brushing her pocket to make sure the slight bulge is still there.

“This was fun.” Veronica watches as her girlfriend nods in agreement.

“Do you have any song requests for me when we get home?” Betty opens the passenger side door to the jeep for her before wandering around the front to get into the driver’s seat.

“Uhm actually…we have one more place to go.” The car starts and she pulls out. Glancing over towards the girl in the seat next to her, she notices Veronica already looking at her and her gaze darts back to the road as Ronnie continue to study her curiously.

“You seem nervous…Where are we going? What are we doing?” There’s a sudden gasp and Betty’s eyes flicker towards her in panic before Veronica continues.

“Has this all been a ploy to gain my trust just so you could take me out into the woods and murder me?” It all comes out in a rushed breath and the absurdity of the statement startles a laugh out of Betty.

“No, nothing like that.”

“Then where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”


They drive into a familiar abandon parking lot and Veronica’s eyes widen in concern.

“Lovers Look Out?”

The car shuts off and Betty turns in her seat to ease her girlfriend’s qualms, her hand instinctively reaching out to grip Ronnie’s own.

“I know you probably don’t associate this place with good memories, but I was hoping to change that while we’re in town.”

She just nods at Betty’s words, trying to stop herself from thinking back to that part of their past.

“Hey, it’s okay.” She looks up at the soft tone in Betty’s voice.

“I promise I won’t leave this time. I’m never leaving you, okay?” A nod and Betty is leaning across the center console to pull Veronica into a gently kiss. Foreheads pressed together as lips barely brush.


They’ve been laying quietly in the field for a few minutes, in a blanket fort eerily similar to the last one, before either one of them breaks the silence.

“You see that there?” Betty asks quietly, finger tracing the constellation as Veronica snuggles deeper into her side and nods.

“That’s Adromeda. She was an Ethiopian princess, daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia. Her mother, Cassiopeia, loved to brag about how beautiful she was and had dared to say she was even more beautiful than the queen of the gods, Juno-”

She listens, enraptured as her girlfriend points to the many different pictures the stars make up, telling the stories in a way that leaves her in a trance. Eventually, they drift away from actual constellations and to made up stories and fairytales.

“That one reminds me of our fur baby back home.” Veronica murmurs, still pressed into her girlfriend’s side. Betty huffs out a laugh, looking at the bundle of stars Ronnie is pointing out. They settle down into another comfortable bout of silence before Betty is sitting up, pointing to a specific star in the sky. It’s much brighter than all the other ones and it’s intense blue hue has Veronica wondering how she hadn’t noticed before.

“That star right there, that’s your star.” She looks over to the girl sat next to her. Noticing how she’s practically shaking. Shaking with what? She doesn’t know.

“What do you mean that’s my star?”

She digs into her back pocket and grabs her wallet, pulling out a folded up sheet of laminated paper. Betty hands it to Veronica, watching nervously as she opens it.

“You did not name a star after me, Betty. That’s so gay.” Ronnie teases fondly before noticing what the name of the star is.

“Why’d you name it ‘Veronica Cooper-Lodge’?” She questions, her eyes drawing away from the paper in her hands to the kneeling girl in front of her. She notices the small black box gripped tightly in Betty’s hand and her lips part in a silent gasp as she realizes what’s happening.

“Veronica, when you first swept into Pop’s wearing that ridiculously attractive, stupid cape, I had knew then and there that you would utterly ruin me.” She pauses as she takes in a shaky breath, eyes never tearing away from her girlfriend’s gaze. “And when you kissed me at tryouts, I realized how..screwed I was. Because somehow you had wormed your way into my heart and broke it, all within a week of me knowing you. And yet, you were also the one to mend it and I’ve never met anyone who had, has, so much power over my heart.” They’re both crying and it takes everything in her to stay put and finally get the words that have been crowding her brain since they met, and not to reach out and hold Veronica.

“I’ve never found someone who just…gets me like you do. We’re soulmates, we fit together in all the right ways, similar and somehow different enough to compliment each other. Fate threw us together for a reason and who am I to deny destiny?” Betty pauses to shakily open the box, the ring glinting in the moonlight. Their eyes don’t stray from each other.

“Veronica Lodge, will you go full dark, no stars and marry me?” ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ AHSJDNEKSIJE MY HEART MY LORD FUKDKE. THANK YOU

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I'm browsing through your pirates of the caribbean tag and I am just loving your break down of Elizabeth's character. Such good content! I want more now. Like right now. You should probably get on that. Chop chop, friend.


They say the Pirate King has married the sea, in secret and sacred rites that no mortal man could know. They say she kissed Davy Jones one moonlit night, leaning over the quarterdeck as their ships passed one another in the fog. (They say she still has the rope-burn on her palm, from where she wrapped the line around her hand—the only thing that kept her in the land of the living, they say.)

They say her son was born squalling like a storm, into the arms of Captain Jack Sparrow, who trails his own rumors like sea spray. (No one mentions a certain similarity of aspect between child and godfather, but then neither do they bring up the ears that could only be a Turner’s, or the straight sharp nose that, in the right light, would not have looked out of place on a commodore’s profile.)

They say the Pirate King can steal anything she likes, and keep it.


Jack visited her once, when she was still in her father’s house—she and Will had been courting then, stealing iron-burnt kisses in the forge; running away to the cliffs to swordfight and then tumble to the grass, their bodies fitting together like the sea to the shore. He was a beautiful thing, and Elizabeth was glad glad glad, having won him.

(Not enough, it turned out, for he was not the world entire and she was horizon-hungry, thirsty to swallow all the sea—but for just then, that string of golden afternoons, he was enough.)

Her mouth had still been humming, kiss-chapped, when she returned to find Jack Sparrow standing in her kitchens. “Ravishment suits you, love,” he said with a grin, after ducking the knife she hurled at his head. “Do give my regards to Mr. Turner.”

“You’re lucky my father isn’t home and the servants are asleep,” she said with a sneer, which only made him grin wider, ape-like. “They would see you hanged.”

“And you won’t?” he asked. “Miss Swann, I am delighted.”

“What do you want, Jack?”

He reached out and brushed his knuckles along her jaw, then laid his hand over her cheek. “Just to say goodbye, Lizzie,” he said. There was a strange gentleness in his voice she couldn’t make heads or tails of, only that it made his dark eyes look wounded in the light of the dying light of the fire. “I didn’t get the chance, before.”

She wouldn’t notice the tar he left behind on her cheek until the next morning, the whorls of his fingertips written dark as ink.

(Sometimes, when she studied the planes of Will’s face, she thought she could see the same tarry fingerprints, a shadow on his jaw.)

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As Close as it Gets

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary:  Hey love :) Can I send you an idea where you’re Steve’s best friend and Buckys girlfriend. Then during one Mission you get buried under a collapsing house and end up nearly dead but they do all to free you. Then at the Hospital the doctor tells them you wont make it and they Keep blaming themselves for not protecting you. They sit beside your bed every day, telling You Storys and stuff until you then surprise all and wake up again? :) I hope that is fine with you <3 @diving-down-to-wonderland

Word Count: 1,988

Warnings: Language, Injuries, 

A/N: So sorry love, it took me a while to sort it through. Still, I hope you’ll enjoy it :)

Originally posted by deniz-is-a-witch

You walked with Steve around the uninhabited house that you had to secure, but your mind was far away. It was going to be your first year anniversary, and so far Bucky had been a pain in the ass.

“I don’t want to celebrate it,” He told you that morning. “We don’t need to go out and pay a hundred bucks to eat three carrots and a bowl of boiled noodles. Might as well eat banknotes.”

“You okay, kid?” Steve shot you a worried side glance.

“Thinking about Bucky.” You replied with a slight shake of your head.

“Ah, young love.” Steve smiled, looking straight ahead.

“He doesn’t want to celebrate our first anniversary. I found a really nice place, but he’s stubborn.” You explained and Steve stayed quiet for a moment.

“Oh,” He said after a while. “It’s tough for him to go out, people always stare at him.”

“I know, but I thought he was better now.”

“He is,” Steve quickly replied. “He’s a lot better and that’s mostly thanks to you. You’re the reason why he agreed to stay. You just need to give him time.”

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i hate how pearl and amethyst dont even really show their emotions now like they did in s1,, like pearl used to be so expressive and now even tho she’s more “emotional” now her face rarely changes and she looks so stiff imo,,, and amethyst isnt even the focus of episodes anymore its like they kicked her off the show and i think this happened bc when ppl started praising su for its “aesthetic” appeal the creators caught on and now theyre trying to get rid of all “ugliness” (aka pearl and amethysts exaggerated facial expressions) just so people will continue to praise su for things it doesnt deserve

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Hey! I'm writing a story where the main character is a super analytical girl and has a scientific oriented brain. No matter how I write her, she always seems so stiff and emotionless. Is there any way to write a Sherlock Holmeseque character that doesn't act like, well, Sherlock Holmes?

First things first, read over the TV Trope for Super Intelligence and read through some of the links on that page. 

Often times, people who are super analytical and science oriented act no differently than those who are not. They’re normal human beings who act like human beings. In short, you would write your MC the same way you would write any other character. I’ve worked with people who fall into the category of analytical and science oriented, and very few of them are the Sherlock Holmes, completely introspective and emotionless type. And, if they do appear to be emotionless, that generally changes when they get angry or frustrated. 

Having a super analytical and scientifically orientated mind often means that a person is curious, often times to a fault. It may mean that she is quick to grasp new concepts and patterns. The way to describe someone with this mindset is to try to separate the emotional side of the character from the logical side. While the logical side would be much more prelavent in making decisions, she would still have emotional reactions to the events of her storyline and would react emotinally.

Write your character with a normal range of emotion, but have her notice detail better than her supporting characters. Your character is analytical, her most prominent trait is her unwavering attention to small detail and ability to make connections. The emotion and analysis are not mutually exclusive.  You may have be having some preconceptions that you are subconsciously holding your character to, which is why she keeps ending up stiff like Sherlock.

Her emotional reactions would also depend on her age. If she is younger, she may have a more difficult time keeping her feelings in check than if she were older. This is a trait that does not have anything to do with the wiring of the brain, but rather maturity. 

Excellent examples of characters who match your character description without seeming flat are Dr. Samantha Carter (Stargate SG-1), Will Hunting (Good Will Hunting), Dr. Megan Hunt (Body of Proof), and Abby Sciuto (NCIS).

xx Sarah

i firmly believed that it was leia who proposed to han: five months pregnant, vomiting most mornings, back hurting and shadows thick under her eyes because never mind the child, the fledgling republic will not let her rest and every morning she wakes and wishes her mother was still alive – no, not padme, the other one, the real one, breha who combed her hair and taught her statecraft – because maybe them she could have had someone to explain the whole point of marriage to han, because on corellia marriage is seen as unromantic, a business transaction, and leia wants to scream that is the fucking point! because her parents had an arranged marriage and their union was strong enough to backbone a government. han doesn’t get it. luke doesn’t get it either, because he is still of the childish opinion that love is all you need.

leia is different. pragmatic. a diplomat. marriage is security and strength – not for her, because if it was down to her she would be the wild companion of a smuggler and a jedi, wielding a blaster in one hand and a lightsabre in the other, defeating the darkness wherever she found it. but it isn’t down to her; she has a job to do and the daughter of bail and breha organa has never ever shirked from her duty. the marriage is not for her, or han, or even the child; it is for her senate, her republic, something old to carry into the new. 

she kept a bit of the chain she used to kill jabba, gets it forged into two rings. make an honest woman of me smuggler, she says.

she doesn’t kneel. of course she doesn’t.

Sunshowers CH5 (a Prompto Soulmate AU)

A.N: Another trigger warning: Prompto very vividly FEELS some stuff because of the ‘bond’. Again, if you feel depressed or triggered after reading this- feel free to DM me and we can chat it through <3

This chapter is full of drama, full of Prompto Argentum’s story, and full of fluffy mother-son stuff <3 Ivy and Tobias Argentum are made up names for Prompto’s parents- #yolo.

Link to Previous Chapters: Here


Tagging my soulmate AU inspirations: @cupnoodle-queen, @blindbae and @nifwrites <3 Also tagging @chocohoess and @alicemoonwonderland :D

Sunshowers- Chapter 5: Best Friends?

Prompto frowned at Noctis’ phone before handing it to the prince, standing up with the motion. He glanced at Ignis and shot Noctis’ advisor a half-hearted smile as his heart rate picked up speed, hammering against his chest.

“H-hey, thanks for that. I’m gonna head home now- damn!” Prompto swayed as he stood up and landed on Noctis as he lost his balance. He felt dizzy, nauseous, and incredibly scared. Although… there was no reason for him to be feeling such a way. Was there?

Noctis grunted under Prompto, and Ignis immediately shot forward to pull Prompto off the prince. Setting the blond upright, Ignis placed his hands on Prompto’s shaking shoulders as the youngest boy in the room began to shiver out of fear in his grasp.

“Prompto? Are you alright?” Ignis asked, his refined tone hinting at a touch of panic as he lowered himself down before Prompto- kneeling in front of him. Prompto shook his head, feeling bile rise up his throat. He swallowed as his stomach dropped in terror- unexplainable terror.

Something was wrong.

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Sound Of Melodies

The ocean pulled him there. To the tall grass and warm dirt that lined the sandy shores. He sat quietly in the field, his shirt folded up beside him and the sun warming his shoulders and back, easing the discomfort of where he’d been cut by the blade just behind his arm, near his underarm and shoulder blade.

He heard footsteps, felt her presence and turned to defend himself- one hand under his arm covering the wound and trying to heal it while holding his other hand out trying to summon a burst of grace to keep them back. “I’d advise you to keep your distance-” he called out, wincing slightly at the pain, but not backing down.


Not A Noona (Jungkook x Reader)

Requested by cc-ree: I would love a Jungkook scenario. One where you’re a maknae of a group close to BTS and he walks in on your practicing to a breaking point? 


Being an idol has been your dream ever since you were of a young age. You recently became part of a girls group under BigHit Entertainment, your whole life revolved around working. Working to the best you possibly could to keep your fans, group members, family and yourself happy. At first, your family were a bit wary of you becoming part of the girls band but when they saw how passionate you were about it, they let you chase after your dreams. You were the maknae of your group so all the girls treated you as if you were a 5 year old, not necessarily babying you but the girls all felt responsible for you in a way. It was like they all had a sisterly/motherly affection towards you which meant sometimes they didn’t allow you to do certain things which they were concerned that could affect your health. However, being the youngest only motivated you to show them how determined you were to work hard especially during dance practice. 

“5,6,7,8” you’re dance teacher called out to the beat. 

Your group were learning a dance to the new song you had produced for your comeback. It all seemed easy to you until your dance teacher started doing the movements extremely fast, you observed the moves attentively but you still found it hard to process it in your mind. All the other 4 girls in your group seemed to understand it and copied exactly what was shown. The dance teacher saw that you were struggling so she came up to you “_____, try to relax so your movements don’t look so stiff” she said showing you the move slowly. Even though she slowed down it seemed even more complex to you “I know what the problem is … You need to rest.” She was right but there was no way in hell that you were going to accept or admit that you were exhausted. 

The dance teacher stopped the other girls as well “Let’s stop for today. I’ll see you tomorrow at the same time, so don’t be late.” Most of the girls went to get refreshments, the others went to sit against the wall and your leader Chaeyeon came up to you “Are you okay?” Your mind was still trying to work out how to do that move “Oh ye-yeah I’m fine” she put a hand on your shoulder, whenever she did that it meant that she didn’t believe you at all “You’re still thinking about that stupid dance move again” you put your head down “We’ve been practicing for 5 hours, you’ve worked extra hard today. You need to cut yourself some slack” Hwa-Young the main rapper of the group shouted from across the room “Yah! Are you lot coming home or what?” Chaeyeon smiled at you “Come on” you shook your head “I’ll be there soon, I just need to sort something out” she lightly patted your head “Are you waiting for Jungkookie to finish his dance practice?” She teased and she succeeded because your cheeks had flushed to the reddest colour you’ve ever seen them “Unni” you whined “Has my dongsaeng got a crush on the golden maknae?” no matter how much you would try to deny it your cheeks were there to betray you “No … Either way he only likes noonas. I don’t see how that’s important” she raised her eyebrows slightly “Okay. Don’t overwork … We’ll see you at home" 

Finally you were left alone.

You re-started the song for the 5th time and the choreography from the top. You couldn’t understand why you were struggling with this particular move … You were usually really good at dancing. Sweat was dripping all over your body, your body was fatigued but even that wasn’t enough for you to stop. You were the type to work until you fainted. You could feel yourself slowly reaching your breaking point. Going over and over the dance move until tears came running down your cheeks and you couldn’t take it anymore "Aigoo. _____, are you okay?" 

You didn’t even hear the door open. It was him. Jungkook. You looked at him in shock and wiped your tears, re-adjusted your clothes and fixed your hair and straightened your back so it gave the impression you were slightly taller "Yeah. What are you doing here?” He pointed at a jacket on the floor “I came to get this but then I saw you … Are you sure your ok?" 

Jungkook was an idol like you, except, he was in an all boy band of 7 members called BTS. He, like you was the maknae. However, people called him ‘golden maknae’ because he’s a triple threat, meaning he can sing, dance and rap. Your group and BTS were quite close friends and you used to hang out quite a lot but that was before your group had their comeback to worry about. You had a massive crush on Jungkook but in situations like this you never knew what to do. To be honest you didn’t have time for a boyfriend anyway and there was absolutely no chance that’s you would confess to him, just in case he didn’t feel the same way. 

"What were you doing?” He said coming in your direction “Practising for our comeback stage” you couldn’t keep your eyes off him “You were struggling with this move, right?” He did the move perfectly as if he’d been there when the dance teacher was teaching it. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. Why was he so perfect? “I can teach you how to do it, if you want” he said looking at your reflection in the mirror “Uh ok” you started getting flustered “You were doing it right originally but, you just need to relax your body more and move your legs slightly apart” he showed you the move and you copied him really sloppily causing him to reveal his bunny smile “Ah _____, you should just rest. There’s nothing wrong with the way you dance, you’re just tired” you shook your head “No. No, I need to work hard for the fans” He admired how motivated you were but he also worried about your health “I get that, I really do. It’s just that your overworking too much and it’s going to do you harm in the future. You’re a bit like me except you don’t know your limits” you felt like you were being babied by him. You didn’t know this but Jungkook also had a crush on you. He always tried to make sure that you were alright and that the things you did wouldn’t negatively affect you. The only reason why he hadn’t confessed to you was because he was afraid that you would reject him as he doubted that you even liked him.

You were too caught up with your work and you were passionate about everything you did with your group. He believed that he got easily bored of girls which was why he didn’t date them … He didn’t want to date you as he felt it would ruin your friendship and work relationship. It was rumoured that soon your group and BTS were to do a collaboration together. You went to grab a bottle of water “Are you free tomorrow?” your heart started knocking hard against your rib cage and you nearly chocked on your water “What?” your voice went higher than usual “Are you doing anything tomorrow?” he said with less confidence than before “Uh. Yeah, sorry” he nodded in comprehension “Are you free this week at all?” he scratched the back of his neck “Sorry, we’re extremely busy” you felt bad but it was the truth, your crush was asking to spend time with you but you couldn’t afford to waste any time. You needed all that free time to practice for your comeback stage which was in less than a month, “I only wanted to know if you’re free so we can work on that move together. But I understand that your group has a lot of work." 

Music was your only reason for everything and you were definitely not let a guy get in the way of your passion for music especially if that guy would have done the same in your position. You knew Jungkook quite well so you knew that he would prioritise his schedule over any girl any day, you loved that kind of attitude that it sort of influenced you to have the same attitude as him. "I’ll see you around. Fighting!” He grabbed his jacket and made his way to the door. The whole atmosphere was awkward, you wished you were a bit more social. You looked at yourself in the mirror, you looked horrendous. Fatigue was etched all over your body. You were weary. You turned off the lights, locked the studio door and started making your way to the elevator. You did need to rest, everyone was right, you did not know your limits at all. 

The elevator was about to go but you pressed the button to open the doors. “Hey _____” you see Jungkook. Your mind was telling you to run away but your instinct was to get in the elevator with him “Oh, hey” you tried to act cool “Where are you heading?” He slightly moved away from you as if he was scared of touching you “Home” he smiled and comes across as much more confident than he usually is around you and other girls “I’m walking you home … And I’m not taking no for an answer" 

-admin blxnktae

People’s morals can’t be placed in boxes of black and white. Decisions aren’t always the easiest to make. When temptation calls you have to ignore all its allure. All of it.

Of course Minnie still bounces on the line of doing what’s truly right and what’s wrong. Old temptation crosses her mind when she interacts with other fallen angels. And in worse cases, Lucifer.

Has anyone ever followed their goals with ease?

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😌 Camila is gorgeous in the GUESS shoot. But why do I I find the picture with the guy and his arm around her so funny..?? 😂😂 not the heteronormativity of it just.. he looks so stiff. She almost looks photoshopped into his arms. Or maybe since I saw it after waking up, its proof I needed more sleep than I gave myself 😩 but still, I lol'd

Gaymila…that’s why. 😌

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"But it indicates that they are in an intimate relationship because otherwise, it doesn't make any sense." Yes, but only these pics indicates that. Nothing more and we saw like 400+! It isn't normal. And I am talking about body language. You cannot fake it. Just look how they are walking together, her body is so stiff, she keeps her hands to herself all the time and she is never like that with close friends. It is... so odd! The same was at Globes or BFI dinner. She doesn't want to touch him!

I KNOW!!!! This is what drives me crazy too. If it wasn’t for that pool incident and him pulling her panties down, I would probably say they are not intimate. But those pics exist, he did that, and we just can’t ignore it. But it is the weirdest relationship I’ve ever witnessed. And I have questions.