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I need a place to hide Kol Mikaelson x reader oneshot

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author: Fandomcollector00

word count: 1886

warnings none

authors note: I know this is a little different from what I write, but honestly I am a part of so many fandoms It is hard to keep up, and the Originals is one of them and Kol… god I love him. So I hope you like it if, not I had to write it anyways I needed some Kol fluff in my life after watching the Originals in one day. Enjoy :)

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anonymous asked:

What do you think about criticism of Taylor not having another woman on stage when she won AOTY?

I almost didn’t answer this because recognizing baseless criticism seems counterproductive, but this is a timely question, so here we go:

First, I would like to remind everyone that if Imogen Heap hadn’t been in Cape Town, she would have been on stage.

Anyways, I am so sick of people like Janet Mock actively seeking out new and different standards to hold Taylor Swift, and Taylor Swift alone, to.

I think that Taylor works with a core group of people, most of whom she has known for a long time, and she shouldn’t be obligated to replace that very small team to fill any quotas.

Do I hope that she works with more women in the future? Sure.

But it’s a ridiculous insinuation that if her co-writers aren’t female, she isn’t helping women in the music industry. She blazes trails for women, mentors women, invites women on stage with her, features women in playlists that she posts, speaks up for other female artists who are being unfairly ridiculed, employs a ton of women (I considered making a list but it was too daunting), funds arts education for women… Not to even mention what she does for women outside of the music industry.

In any case, no matter who wins Album of the Year next, they will have had considerably less percentage of female writing contribution than 1989:

  • Sturgill Simpson’s A Sailor’s Guide to Earth was completely self-written. 0/1= 0% female written.
  • Justin Bieber’s Purpose had 2 female co-writers out of 38 total. 2/38= 5.2% female written.
  • Drake’s Views had 5 female co-writers out of 87 total credited writers. 5/87= 5.7% female written.
  • Adele’s 25 had 0 additional female co-writers out of 12 total credited writers. 1/12= 8.3% female written.
  • Beyonce’s Lemonade had 8 additional female co-writers out of 60 total credited writers. 9/60= 15% female written.

In comparison:

  • Taylor Swift’s 1989 had 1 additional female co-writer out of 7 total credited writers. 2/7= 28.5% female written.

If anyone wants to look up the percentage of female producers, go ahead. Frankly, Bieber, Drake, and Beyonce had so many producers that I don’t really care to break them down just to further illustrate that Taylor had a significantly higher percentage of female production than this year’s nominees (even just by eyeballing it, it is obvious that she did).

Lastly, I can’t help but think that Janet Mock and those other critics won’t criticize Beyonce, who has obviously capitalized on the feminism ‘brand’ far more than Taylor has, if she wins. If I’m surprised and anyone does speak out about it I’ll eat my words, but until then I just can’t take this sort of criticism seriously when it is so clearly targeting Taylor Swift for the sake of targeting Taylor Swift.

(Before the Hive comes for me, let me just say that I don’t actually think that Beyonce or any of these other artists deserve criticism, I’m just illustrating the point that in regards to this particular issue they are held to different standards than Taylor Swift.)

Controlled - Chapter 1 - Bien Joué! (Volpina Ending Different)

“Pound it!” the duo cried as they fist-bumped.

“Listen Volpina,” Ladybug said immediately, kneeling beside Lila. “I’m really sorry about what I did before,”

She gave her the the necklace which Lila snatched and got to her feet, an angry glare on her face. She hissed at the super heroine, her pistachio eyes glowing with hatred.

“You’re right Ladybug. We’ll never be friends.” Lila said, pushing her hand away and getting to her feet.

“Fine! Be that way!” Ladybug snapped. “I’m trying to be nice to you and this is how you treat me, huh?" 

Lila was a bit surprised that the hero would act this way, so was ChatNoir, but she regained her angry mood and stormed away, cradling the fox necklace. ChatNoir was about to say something but he could tell Ladybug was too angry for any advice.

"But…Ladybug…wasn’t that a bit-” Chat began, reaching out cautiously.

“Ugh! Just leave me alone Chat! We have to check on Adrien!” Ladybug cried angrily. “Why are you

Before saying anymore, she flung herself over the city with Chat grabbing the Eiffel Tower railing in worry.

"Ladybug…is something wrong?”


“On her period?” Adrien asked, as the two boys walked along the path to school.

“Well, this ‘mystery girl’,” Nino said, fingers in the air as quotes, “Is angry at YOU of all the people, then she’s obviously on her period.”

Adrien was way too embarrassed to ask what a period even was, but realised it had something to do with changing into an adult. He decided to keep it to himself and not to push the question even further and looked back at Nino.

“Hey Marinette, Hey Alya!” Nino called, waving at both of them.

“Hey!” Alya called, dragging Marinette with her arm.

Marinette looked disgusted and rolled her eyes.

“Hey guys.” Marinette said, not interested, putting on a forced smile.

Nino sensed something was wrong and immediately pulled Alya to him.

“What’s up with her?” Nino asked.

“She’s been acting Chloé all day today!” Alya called. “It’s kind of strange actually, she’s acting all passive!" 

"Hmm…” Nino whispered sadly. “It’s obvious there’s something going on, she isn’t even stuttering around Adrien!”

They dropped the conversation and headed back to class when they heard the bell ring. Adrien and Nino went on ahead and Alya and Marinette slow down. 

“Hey girl, guess what? A new Adrien model magazine came out!” Alya said, pulling out her phone. 

If there was anything that would make Marinette happy, it would be a picture of Adrien in a model pose.

“Pfft, whatever.” Marinette scowled, giving Alya the cold shoulder.

“Marinette…are you okay, I mean, if there’s anything wron-”

“Just shut up okay?” Marinette snapped back. “Ugh, you’re worse than Chloé!”

Alya was deeply hurt and knew Marinette didn’t usually act like this. She took a deep breath. On her period. Probably on her period, I’ll give her some time, she’ll be fit as a fiddle once again.

“Mari…are you on your-”

“Don’t touch me!” Marinette grimaced, her teeth gritting.

Alya swallowed, trying to process what was happening. She was like a different person, the real, bubbly young girl was gone. She licked her now dry lips. She’ll be fine. She’ll be fine.

It was a 5 minutes before class when the roar of fighting occurred. Alya and Marinette entered the room, to see Adrien and Nino sitting where they usually do. 

It was first Marinette with a jab at Lila, her voice full of hate and disgust. Lila by now was feeling horrible about what she said to Ladybug, and was planning to say sorry for her arrogance, but Marinette’s jab really hurt. She just wanted to be accepted, nothing more.

“Hey Lie-La? Have you brought any new lies lately? What is it today? Did you inherit millions? Become president of Paris?” Marinette taunted.

Lila turned around in shock, her eyes full of hurt. The entire class were surprised at what was developing, especially since the jab of pain and hurt was coming from Marinette. Marinette folded her arms grinning, her eyes gleaming maliciously. Lila tried to look away but looked around to the class, throwing her arms out.

“What? No, I-I’m trying to turn a new leaf too!” Lila said, a small smile appearing on her lips. “I was just trying to be accepted by all-”

“Ha! You think people will listen to your stupid lies?” Marinette chuckled. “The lies are still coming out of your mouth still, I see!”

Adrien’s green eyes widened. He never talked to Marinette frequently, but she was never like this. What was happening had nothing to do with her period. This was who she was. Who she really was. Was she really this mean to everyone? So full of hatred and mean? 

“Look, I’m sorry-” Lila said desperately, starting to feel helpless.

“How funny is that?” Marinette said, her evil grin widening. “You’re putting the damsel in distress act now! No wonder you’re so pathetic!”

Lila fell down to her knees, placing hands on her face, the tears streaming down her face and reaching her knees. She may have been mean and full of lies, but she was a sensitive girl, who hated making enemies of any kind.

“Stop.” Kim and Juleka said coldly, as they appeared in front of Lila. “What is wrong with you Marinette? Being mean to Lila like that?”

“Yeh!” Rose cried in great shock. “She was trying to turn over a new leaf as well!”

“Why are you being such a Chloé all of a sudden?” Alix said, disgusted.

“Someone needed to expose the girl!” Marinette said sassily, placing a hand on her hip.

“But she apologized!” Alya pointed out with anger screaming on her face.

“Not you too!” Marinette cackled at the sight of Alya defending Lila. “I thought you were a friend! Guess not!”

Alya’s mind flashed back to the time Marinette gave her a sweet macaroon and her bright smile and flashing blue eyes. It was like the sweet girl was slowly being taken over by something else…something much more powerful.

“Marinette, whatever is happening to you, stop!” Adrien snapped angrily, causing Alya to forget the flashback. “Stop acting like an idiot.”

Marinette was taken back by the fact her crush stood up against her. Adrien was never one who became angry, no matter what the reason. But what hurt her the most was the fact her called her an idiot and yelled at her.

“Pfft, only because YOU said so.” Marinette said in annoyance, which surprised Adrien even more.

Why did she just listen to him and not the others? 

She quickly walked out of the room. Stopping at Nino calling out to her.

“Where are you going? We have class in about 2 minutes!” Nino cried.

“Where do you think?” Marinette grinned. “Ditching school doesn’t sound too bad, right?”

Nobody answered when the door slammed shut hard with a thunk, making all the students wonder, 'What happened to Marinette?’

Everyone in the class immediately burst into questions.

“Ditching school? Is she insane!?” Alix cried in surprise. “I mean, I’ve done some crazy stuff before but that is just crazy!”

Even the quiet Juleka broke the silence.

“This isn’t like her,” Juleka said sadly. “I’ve known Marinette for a long time, even before I met Rose and the others, and she has changed…I wonder what happened.”

“Maybe it was just me, but weren’t her eyes a bit duller and more purple than usual?” Adrien pointed out, incredibly concerned.

The only ones quiet were Chloé and Alya. Chloé was so shocked that anybody could act so in spite that it just surprised her and made her feel sick. Alya was just feeling horrible inside after all the hate that Marinette had in her voice.

Lila felt as if she wanted to die. She just felt as if Marinette was a horrible person all in all and didn’t want anything to do with the raven-haired girl.

One thing was sure though.

She was not on her period.


The whole incident was partly Tikki’s fault. Tikki has been starting to change as well. Her calming eyes going purple and her bright sweet red and black going to a purple black and red.

“They deserved it Marinette, don’t worry!” Tikki said reassuringly.

“But Adrien was looking so angry at me,” Marinette said, a little worried. “His face was so…scary.”

“Adrien still has feelings for you, he’s just hiding it, trust me, they all deserved it!” Tikki grinned.

“What about ditching school? Isn’t that a bit over the top?” Marinette said uneasily.

“Oh come off your high horse and get to real life,” Tikki snorted. “Who needs school? You’re a superhero! You deserve waay more credit than all the praise the people give you!”

“Yeah, you have a point Tikki, Marinette agreed. "These Parisians are extremely egoistic!”

“Come on Marinette, let’s go to the bakery!” Tikki said. “I want some cookies!”

“Sure, why not? Being Lady Luck, the possibilities are limitless!” Marinette said, throwing her hands in the air. “Tikki, transform me!”

The kwami got sucked into her earrings, transforming her into Ladybug.

But she wasn’t Ladybug.

Her suit wasn’t red. It was a glowing purple and her eyes tinted purple along with her usual blue. As if the blue and purple were fighting against each other for dominance.

“Time to show Paris who’s the real superhero is!”

***Word Count: 1567 words

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Hands All Over (IX)

Summary: Zhi Zi Zhi Shou, Yu Zi Xie Lao: To hold hands and grow old together.
Thirteen times Matt Murdock touched your hand- and the one time he didn’t couldn’t. A drabble series.

Matt Murdock x Reader

For @howlingbarnes birthday challenge “Languages of Love”

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The office is warm. The heater, it’s on full blast, the air blowing in his face when he pushes open the door and starts unraveling the scarf around his neck, tugging it away, a thin layer of sweat already forming around his collar.

“My man!” Foggy’s voice carries from the next room as he moves further in, clapping Matt just a tad too hard on the back. “Almost thought you weren’t gonna make it in. The missus said she came home yesterday and you were pretty rough around the edges. How ya feelin’?”

“Better,” he answers, hanging the scarf on a hook beside the door. “Don’t know what I’d do without her.”

“Ain’t that the truth.”

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Come What May - The Finale

Today was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. So why did she feel like she was making the biggest mistake of her life? Roman Reigns/OC/Tama Tonga


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P.S. This chapter contains dark, disturbing themes.


If Living Is Without You

Three months later…

Making his way down the hallway of their latest hotel, Tama dropped the many pieces of luggage he was juggling with a big huff and checked the key card, smiling with relief when he realized he was standing right in front of the corresponding door. He then opened the door and turned around. “After you, cutie,” he said with a cheeky grin.

Ashley returned his smile, and stepped through the door into the foyer. Tama followed her, dragging the first set of luggage – hers – in with him. He set the suitcases down and went back out to fetch the rest. Ashley kicked off her shoes and sat on the edge of the bed. Tama was saying something to her as he unpacked, but she was not hearing a single word. She wrapped her bony arms around her knees, her eyes glazing over as she withdrew into herself once again.

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lokisgame  asked:

Her side of the bed still felt warm and Mulder smiled hearing her still here, knowing last night wasn’t a dream.


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The sounds of the shower were somehow amplified by knowing she was in there. He hadn’t expected it; he hadn’t believed it was happening, even while he was kissing her, helping her shuck off her blouse, laying with her on the bed, learning the outlines and shadows of her body. It wasn’t just a dream, it was a fantasy; a long-held, longed-for fantasy.

He willed his eyes to open as the water turned off. He wanted to see her, wet and towel-wrapped, barefoot, cheeks pink. He felt his lips stretch into a smile at the sounds of footfalls at the bedside.

“ know what’s happened to you. I know what you’re suffering from. I’ve been sitting back and watching. I know you know. I know you know about me… but to a man you’ve grown to despise. You have your reasons but, as you look inside me now you know that I have mine.”

He felt fingers on his cheek. Cold, hard fingers.

“Fox… Fox, I love you. I’ve loved you for so long. You know that, too. And I won’t let you die… to prove what you are, to prove what’s inside you. There’s no need to prove it. It’s been known for so long. Now we can be together.

He couldn’t move. His limbs weighted down. A cold sick fear crawled through him as she left the room. He tried so hard to wake up but even the adrenaline-fuelled panic wrought by Diana’s appearance couldn’t shift the fog. He felt himself drifting off and tried to keep Scully’s face in his mind’s eye.

“Mulder, it’s me. I know that you can hear me…”

He couldn’t smile, he couldn’t speak, he couldn’t move. But he could still love. And his heart opened wide as she spoke.

Grapefruit - After 14x04

A/N~ Hello loves. Apologies that this is late, it just… was not going. The biggest ever thanks to @robbinsarizonas who wrote the back half of this chapter, it literally would’ve ended with Amelia not wanting to talk and just hanging up and going to sleep if it weren’t for her. Anyways, no greys this week, and next week is the Owen/Megan/Iraq bottle episode, so I probably won’t be writing a chapter of this next week cause no Amelia development! But, I’ll see you all in two weeks, enjoy or something!

She taps her fingers against the desk. Tap tap tap tap.

“What’s wrong?” Violet asks.

Amelia shrugs. She’s so quiet, Violet thinks. It’s offsetting, Amelia’s never quiet.

“Where are you?” Violet asks, not recognizing the background behind Amelia. It wasn’t Meredith’s house, as it had been the first time Amelia Skyped her, it wasn’t the hospital…

“I’m home,” Amelia says simply.

“You’re home,” Violet repeats slowly, trying to understand. “Wait,” she continues after a moment, “You’re home with Owen?”

Amelia nods. “He’s at work right now,” she mentions, “And I’m here… in our house.”

“How long’s it been since you’ve been there?” Violet inquires.

Amelia hesitates. “Too long, I guess,” she finally answers.

Violet’s still offset; Amelia’s missing her usual zest, her boundless expression, her colour. She was slightly fearful that this was just… this was it, this was the way she would be now; but that would be too simple. That would be too unfortunate.

“Does it hurt?” Violet asks. She hates dwelling on the silence because it makes her feel unproductive, and useless, like she isn’t helping at all. She knows therapy and intervention has to be a shared effect between her and her client… but, sedentary and silence aren’t good things.

Amelia shakes her head. “It doesn’t hurt much anymore,” she answers. “It hurt so much though, Vi. And oxy would’ve made it so much better, but…”

“I’m so proud of you,” Violet says, a big smile on her face.

“Yeah, I’m proud of me too,” Amelia admits, a small smile on her face.

Violet was glad she still knew how. “There it is,” she coaxes. “There’s that smile. I thought you’d lost it somewhere along the way.”

Amelia hides it again, shyly. “I’m not sure what I lost along the way,” she says.

“You know, Violet, I’m just not in the mood today, I’m tired… Maybe we could reschedule?” Amelia said, not directly looking into the camera this time. She didn’t want to get into this, she had been trying so hard not to get into this, even just with herself, but since Owen had left for work, Amelia had been stuck alone in their very quiet house.

Violet knew there was something more behind this, she wasn’t an idiot. Amelia wasn’t saying anything that was a giveaway, but her behaviour, the way she sat, the way she avoided eye contact. There was something more there. “Amelia, you know everything you say here is confidential.” Violet reminded her. They were both sitting in rooms alone, so there wasn’t even any danger of anyone overhearing.

There was silence for a few moments. Neither of the two spoke. A sense of awkwardness filled the space between them, so much that Amelia started to get noticeably twitchy.

“I don’t know who I am… Not, not anymore.” Amelia said, her voice quiet and uncharacteristically shy. “I’ve been living for 5 days without this tumor, but I don’t feel like myself. And Owen… He’s being so attentive, he almost didn’t leave to go to work. He says ‘in sickness and in health’ but, I’ve been sick the whole time he’s known me. I’ve been sick for as long as I can remember.” Amelia sighed. She had hoped it would be easier. She had hoped she wouldn’t feel like such a stranger to herself. She didn’t feel all that different, but there was that lingering feeling she couldn’t quite seem to shake.

“Amelia, listen to me.” Violet said in a serious, but caring voice, sad to see her friend clearly hurting emotionally.

Amelia looked up, right into the camera lense and swallowed.

“You had a brain tumor. That tumor lived inside of you for 10 years. You are going to feel different. That doesn’t mean you have lost yourself. The tumor was not, and is not Amelia Shepherd. So, you feel lost right now. That’s what I’m here for, that’s what your friends, Owen, that’s what everyone is here for. They call it a transition for a reason. There will be some change. You’ll find yourself again, in time, you will feel normal again. You’ll get there. Lean on people.” Violet said, hoping to get her message across, she did feel like she herself believed it, so that was at least something.

“My good parts weren’t all tumorous.” Amelia joked, a small smile weaving it’s way back onto her face.

“Well, you could say that.” Violet smiled, a small laugh almost escaping.

“Thank you, Violet…” Amelia said, all jokes aside now.

“Get some rest.” Violet said, pressing the button to end the call. “I’ll talk to you next week.”

The Yennefer/Triss friendship in the Witcher book saga

WARNING : This post is (very) long and full of spoilers for the entire book saga :)

Friendship is something that I have always found fascinating because it’s both powerful and in a way impossible to explain or define. Romantic relationships are about finding the one person you want to live with and build a future with. There are clear rules and expectations. Family is about those people you “have” to love and support, no matter what because well they are family and there is no way to question it. Friendship on the other hand…. True friendship knows no rules at all. You can have 1, 5, 10, 100, 500 friends and still have a special and unique bond with each and every one of them. Friends can spend weeks, months or even years apart and meet again and find out that nothing has changed at all between them. The only thing required is two people who genuinely and unconditionally care for one another, for no reason at all except the fact that they see something in each other that they like, and with absolutely no expectations beyond just being here for each other. That’s why friendship is both fragile and almost magical. That’s why writers so often overlook it and prefer to write about love or family instead. And because friendship has neither the absoluteness of love nor the certainty of family, when they do decide to write about it, they so often get it wrong. Now about the Witcher books. I wouldn’t say they are books about friendship and if I had to recommend a story about a great friendship I would probably choose a different one. Yet Sapkowski did manage to write some very interesting interactions. There are actually a few of them but I really wanted to make a post about the Yen/Triss relationship because the fandom is so busy with waifu wars that I feel like people have forgotten that these two characters don’t hate each other at all. Quite the opposite actually.

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Don't. Chapter Four. (Kozik X Reader)

Chapter Four, finally some Kozik! This is so fun to write, please feel free to send requests for anything and everything :D Coming up this weekend I have some texts, Unexpected Part Three continued, and some Opie and Happy goodness! As always, enjoy my dears :)

“Okay, I’ll be down in two minutes.”

She hung up her phone, quickly slipping it into her bag before gently ruffling her hair. This was it, she’d finally be reunited with him. Her stomach was churning with nerves, though the half a bottle of wine she’d been sipping on while getting ready wasn’t helping. 

Grabbing her bag, she made her way out of the room, going outside to meet Happy. For a moment she worried he’d brought Kozik, just to get the reunion out of the way. Breathing a sigh of relief when she saw he was alone, she greeted him before climbing on the bike behind him, taking the helmet he offered her and placing it over her head. 

“Alright, he’s inside. Follow me girl.”

Slowly taking off her helmet, the nerves came flooding back. Smoothing out her hair, she quickly adjusted her dress and followed Happy through the crowd and into the clubhouse. 

When she got inside, all she could see was bodies everywhere. He could be anywhere. Happy looked around for a moment before a glare formed on his features. 

“Y/N, why don’t you grab us some drinks, the bar is just over there. I’ll find Koze.”

She nodded, feeling confused. Had something happened? Happy was making his way through the crowd, so she weaved her way over to the bar. Ordering two beers, she quickly glanced over her shoulder, but no sign of Happy or Kozik. 

She sat at the bar, sipping her beer and waiting for Happy. The nerves were treating to spill out.  Thank God for alcohol. 

“We need to talk, follow me.”

She quickly grabbed their beers, following Happy until they were in a quiet hallway. The thunderous look on his face wasn’t making her confident. Oh God, did he tell Kozik? Was his reaction bad? She knew this was a stupid idea.

“I don’t want to have to tell you this, since you’ve come so far, but he’s with someone. They’re dating.”

She felt like was going to be sick. He’d moved on. Of course he had. He wasn’t her property, he had the right to be dating. So why was she so upset? He didn’t know she was coming here. 

“Okay. How long have they been together?”

He leaned his head against the wall, taking a long drink of his beer. 

“A few weeks. I thought they were just fooling around but apparently it got serious, if I’d have known that I wouldn’t have taken you here.”

“Wait, did you know that they were fooling around when I asked you to bring me here?”

He looked down the hallway, refusing to meet her eyes. She was furious. She could’ve avoided this. If she had known he’d moved on she could’ve tried to move on too. But now she was here, with them. 

“I didn’t think it was serious, and I know how happy you two were. He’s my brother, I just want him to be in a good place.”

“Oh, but you didn’t think to tell me he’d moved on before I came down here to make a fool of myself?”

She tried to keep her voice calm, but the alcohol was steadily betraying her wishes. Taking a swig of her beer, she tried to think of what she was going to do about this.

“Listen girl if you want me to take you back to the hotel..”

She looked at him, a plan hazily coming into her mind. 

“No. No. You can make it up to me. I think it would be rude not to say hello to Kozik while I’m here. Just play along.”

“You sure?”

She smoothed the bottom of her dress, fluffed her hair and smiled. She was ready alright. 

“So, I should’ve told you but I wanted it to be a surprise. Look who’s here.”

“Hey Kozik. Long time no see.”

She used up all her nerve with that one sentence. He looked shocked, like he was seeing a ghost. She didn’t even want to look at She was beautiful. But she had to follow her hastily thought up plan. 

“Y/N..what, what are you doing here?”

“Never mind that, aren’t you going to introduce me to..?”

She smiled, holding out her hand to this new girlfriend. 

“Uh..yeah, Y/N, this is Melissa. Melissa, this is Y/N, she’s..”

“A friend. I’m actually here to visit my boyfriend.”

She smiled, quickly grabbing Happy’s hand. Praying he heeded her advice to follow her lead, she gently kissed his cheek. 

“Lovely to meet you, Y/N! I have to say, I can’t believe Happy would settle down. From what Herman’s told me he’s a bit more free and easy. But you’re so gorgeous how could he resist!”

Of course she was nice. She seemed genuinely kind, admiring your dress, asking questions about you, just making it really hard to dislike her.

“Y/N, why don’t we get a round of drinks. You can tell me more about how you tamed Happy.”

She smiled, following Kozik over to the bar. They were finally (relatively) alone. He put his hands on the bar, avoiding his gaze. She hoped this new relationship of hers was working the way she wanted.

“So, Melissa seems great. She’s certainly very polite.”

“Yeah. But what about you? When’s the wedding?”

He turned to her, his face stoic. 

“Very funny. Happy and I like each other. What’s so bad about us dating? You’re not..jealous? I mean, you’ve got a great girl there.”

She couldn’t help the smirk spreading across her lips. He was jealous, she could tell. 

“You and Happy? That’s great. He’s a great guy, and you’re a great girl. I’m happy with Melissa. Why would I be jealous?”

“Exactly. I mean, some guys would feel weird to know that their best friend was going where they had been. Was touching what they had touched, feeling what they had felt. Not you though. I really admire that Koze.”

She barely finished her sentence when he grabbed her wrist, taking her through the crowd and down the hallway. 

“I know what you’re trying to do, Y/N. Why are you here? Unless you want to keep trying to convince me you’ve settled down with my best friend.”

“I’m here with my boyfriend, enjoying a vacation. I don’t know why you don’t believe me. I’m very satisfied with Happy. I thought you’d be a little more understanding. I didn’t think we needed permission to move on. You certainly didn’t.”

Before she knew it he had her up against the wall, his lips crashing onto hers. She felt blindsided for a moment, before she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, her head swimming. She’d missed this, missed him.

“We can’t. We can’t. I’m sorry.”

He pulled away, rubbing his forehead. She was about to question him when someone else beat her to it.

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As a narusasu shipper, I think I'd much rather be a "miniority ship" over a non-existent one like sasusaku anyday. There hasn't been a legit heartfelt sasusaku moment since the stone ages, ya'll are salty as fuck lmao. Stay masturbating to that one panel in over 300 chapters LOL. This whole manga is narusasu, I don't even understand how one can ship sasusaku, hate narusasu/narusasku/sasukarin and still read the manga. Just read SS fanfiction, you guys don't belong in this fandom lol

What was that about masturbating anon? You give me hate, I give you smut. 

In hindsight, he probably should have knocked. Because that was the polite thing to do. That was how he was raised. That was what normal people did—they knocked to announce their presence and to avoid situations like…

…well like this.

What the fuck had he done? He was going to be in so much trouble. This—this wasn’t…

“Mmm…” she moaned, eyes squeezed shut as she traced a hand along her stomach, while the other kept working south in slow, gentle strokes.

Jesus shit. He swallowed tightly, feeling a hot blush creeping over his neck as he watched her through the cracked open door. Even if he couldn’t see where exactly she touched down there—it was fairly obvious what she was doing. Fuck. Shit.

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When we were young -Scott Mccall Imagine

Originally posted by teenwolfcharacters

Anon: A Scott McCall imagine? Where you two dated freshman year but moved away, the reader comes back senior year and all the feeling Scott had for you come back but the reader is scared because he’s a werewolf and the dangers he’s faced and is going to face. Based on the song When We Were Young by Adele-the song is based on Scott’s point of view

A/N: I’m sorry that it’s taken a while but I really wanted to make this perfect. Hope you like it! 

Pairing: Reader x Scott Mccall

Word Count: 1986

Warnings: None

A/N: Based on Adele’s song “When we were young” I do NOT own the lyrics.

Everybody loves the things you do
From the way you talk to the way you move
Everybody here is watching you
‘Cause you feel like home
You’re like a dream come true

“So I was thinking that we could all get together and do something fun this weekend” Liam said and leaned his back against the lockers. Scott looked over at him and nodded. 

“Yeah, that sounds fun” he replied, while searching through the bag for his homework. 

“Dude, who’s that?” Liam suddenly asked, which caused the alpha to stop with what he was doing. He turned in the direction that Liam was looking and he could almost feel his heart stopping at the sight of her. Making her way into the school was Y/N Y/L/N. She was dressed in a black skirt matched with a white t-shirt and a thin grey cardigan. She looked even more gorgeous than Scott could remember. He noticed that everyone had stopped with what they were doing before and were now watching their former friend. Y/N smiled at everyone and waved , not bothered by the attention. She had always been confident like that. 

“That’s Y/N” Scott answered Liam. “She moved away after freshman year. I didn’t think she’d come back” he admitted. 

“She’s pretty” Liam said. 

“She is" 

But if by chance you’re here alone
Can I have a moment before I go?
‘Cause I’ve been by myself all night long
Hoping you’re someone I used to know

“She’s here dude, Y/N’s here” Stiles said and pointed at the other side of the room where Y/N was talking to Lydia. The music was really loud so he almost had to shout. “You have to talk to her” Scott placed his empty cup of soda down on the table. 

“I don’t know man, what if she doesn’t want to?” His question made Stiles roll his eyes. 

“Why wouldn’t she want to? You guys were besfriends! You even dated for 2 years!” Scott sighed. 

“We left things pretty bad.” 

“Come on, that was a long time ago. Of course you have to talk to her! Look Lydia is leaving” He said and nodded towards the girls. He pushed Scott towards her. “Fetch!” He commanded which caused the alpha to shake his head. 

“Enough with the dog jokes” he said but smiled. 

“Come on, I know you thought it was funny” Scott chuckled before making his way through the crowded room. Y/N looked up at him when he approached her and she smiled. 

“Scott is that really you?” She asked, her eyes lighting up at the sight of him. He nodded. 

“Hi Y/N” 

You look like a movie
You sound like a song
My God, this reminds me
Of when we were young

“So how have you been?” Scott asked, sitting down on the lawn outside the house. She took a seat next to him. 

“I’ve been great” she said but Scott could hear her heart skip a beat. He gave her a knowing look to which she sighed. “It was awful” she admitted and looked down on the ground. 

“Why?” Scott asked, concern written all over his face. She bit her lip and shook her head. 

“Because you weren’t there” she whispered. Scott took her hand and she looked up at him. 

“It’s been awful here without you too” He smiled and Y/N giggled softly. He found himself smiling even bigger when she laughed, memories of their past flashing through his mind. She hadn’t changed at all. She was still the same girl that he fell in love with and even after these years, he could feel himself falling for her all over again. Y/N smiled and laid down on her back, her eyes watching the stars up in the dark sky. Scott did the same. 

“Remember when we were younger and we used to lay in my garden at night and just watch the stars?” She asked. Scott smiled at the memory. 

“You would always say that stars where diamonds caught in the sky” 

Let me photograph you in this light
In case it is the last time
That we might be exactly like we were
Before we realized
We were sad of getting old
It made us restless
It was just like a movie
It was just like a song

“What are you doing?” Y/N asked and laughed when she saw Scott holding his phone in front of her. “Are you taking pictures of me?” She swatted his hand away. 

“I want to remember this” he smiled and she shook her head, a smile playing on her lips. 

“You didn’t tell me what you’ve been up to” Y/N said when he put the phone away. 


“Yes you! What’s up with Lydia? And Allison? Damn I haven’t talked to neither of them for so long. And how’s your mom? Does she still make that delicious lasagna?Scott frowned and she immediately stopped talking. 

“Scott?” she asked, now it was her time to look concerned. 

“Allison is dead” he mumbled. Y/N gasped, she couldn’t believe it. How could Allison be gone? She who had been so full of life. Tears began making their way down her face and Scott pulled her into a comforting hug. 

“What happened?” she asked, her voice breaking. Scott bit his lip. What was he going to say? That an Oni killed Allison, who in fact were a huntress. Oh and by the way, I’m a werewolf. Surprise! “Scott?” She tried again and he let go of the embrace. 

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you” he said, while looking down at his hands. 

“Come on Scott, what is it? It can’t be that bad can it?” He took a deep breath, he was going to tell her. 

“I’m a werewolf. Allison was killed by an evil Oni when she was trying to save us” Y/N stared at him for a moment before looking mad. 

“Scott this isn’t funny! You can’t just make stuff like that up!” She snapped and got up on her feet. “You can’t just do that to people it’s cruel” she said before storming off. 

“No Y/N wait, I can prove it!” He called after her but she ignored him. Scott sighed before chasing after her. He caught up her and grabbed her arm, forcing her to stop and turn around. Tears were falling from her eyes and she angrily pulled away from his grip. 

“Why Scott? Why would you joke about something like that?” she asked while wiping the tears away with the back of her hand. 

 "I’m not joking Y/N. I know it sounds weird but I really am a werewolf. Just, don’t get scared” He said and turned his face towards the ground. 

“What are you-” Y/N began asking but stopped midsentence when Scott looked back up. His eyes were a bright red color, his teeth long and sharp like razors and instead of nails he had claws. Y/N screamed terrified and stumbled backwards. It couldn’t be true. Scott changed back and took a few steps towards her holding out his hands in front of him. 

“It’s okay Y/N it’s just me” he said but she kept on moving. The way she looked at him made his heart break. The fear in her eyes were just too much for him to handle. 

“Don’t come any closer” she said shakily. 

“Please Y/N, I’m not going to hurt you!” He pleaded but Y/N was to shocked to listen. Scott tried to walk up to her again which caused her to move further away.

“Stay back” she shrieked. To Scott, it felt as if she had just stabbed him in the heart. He hated to see her this afraid, and he knew it was his fault for dropping the news like that.

“Please” he whispered, but Y/N was already making her way towards her car.

“Don’t follow me! I have to go- I’m sorry” she said and ran off, seconds later Scott could her her car leaving the driveway. He sighed in defeat. 

It’s hard to admit that
Everything just takes me back
To when you were there
To when you were there
And a part of me keeps holding on
Just in case it hasn’t gone
I guess I still care
Do you still care?

Y/N laid in her garden, her eyes focused on the sparkling stars in the sky. Her mind was going crazy with all these questions and she didn’t know what to believe anymore. Scott turned into a werewolf right in front of her and apparently Allison was dead. Did this mean that her other friends were werewolves too? Or were they something else? Y/N sighed and tried to think about something else. She remembered those nights from years ago, Scott would always show up at her house and drag her outside, so that they could watch the stars. 

One time it had been really cold outside but neither one of them bothered to get a jacket, which caused both of them to get sick. Looking back, it was kind of funny. Another time when Y/N was 10, she tried to climb the tree so that she could pick down one of the stars, however she ended up falling down and broke her arm. Scott was the first to sign the cast. All these memories they shared, was it really worth throwing them away? She had known Scott for so long, did him being a werewolf really change anything? Or was she just being silly? 

“When are you going to ask that boy out?” Her grandmother once asked after Scott had left her house. They had spend the evening watching movies together on the couch, while eating too many snacks. 

“Grandma” Y/N blushed. “I’m not into Scott” Her grandmother just smiled. 

“That look in your eyes is saying something else” She smiled and walked to get some coffee in the kitchen. Y/N remained seated on the couch, realizing that she was right. She was into Scott Mccall, her bestfriend.

“Y/N?” A voice brought her out of her thoughts and she sat up and turned around, her eyes landing on Scott. He sent her a weak smile. 

“I’m sorry for dropping the news like that. I never wanted to scare you.” he said and she closed her eyes. 

“I’m the one who should be sorry.” she whispered. Scott walked over to her carefully and sat down next to her. “I’ve known you basically my whole life and I know you would never hurt me. I think I just got so shocked that my mind didn’t know what I was doing. I’m sorry for running off” 

“No it’s okay, I understand. I would probably had done the same thing” 

“You mean running away screaming like a little girl?” she joked and he chuckled a little. 

“Probably yes” This caused Y/N to giggle. 

“Will you forgive me?” she asked. 

“Of course” Scott smiled. “Do you forgive me? Am I still your bestfriend?” 

“Yes and No” Y/N smiled. 

“No?” Scott asked confused, his eyebrows furrowed. 

“I want you to be my boyfriend” 

It was just like a movie
It was just like a song
My God, this reminds me
Of when we were young

Y/N parked her car outside the school and stepped out. “Morning beautiful” A familiar voice said from behind her. She smiled and turned around. 

“Morning Scott” she answered and leaned in for a kiss. He smiled as she pulled away and he sneaked an arm around her waist, the two of them making their way inside the school. Although it had been 2 years, the feelings they had for eachother were still there. They were back together and it was exactly like when they were young.


The Creation and Appearances of the Snowgies Headcanon

In Frozen Fever, we see that every time Elsa sneezes, she creates these little snowmen called Snowgies. Now I have a hunch that fans and other viewers wondered why Elsa never got sick and/or sneezed up these little snowmen until the short film. But my good friend foreverfrozensolid and I discussed some good, potential reasons about the Snowgies.

Like she said in her signature song, Elsa said that “the cold never bothered me anyway,” but this is a different matter. You don’t always need to get cold in order to catch the common cold. Maybe she caught a cold, virus, or some kind of illness from someone else. I think it never happened until then because Elsa, like Anna, has been isolated for much of her life. She would have never been exposed to viruses or germs because she hardly to never interacted with people before. In our world, we usually catch colds from other people, but Elsa was hardly around people for much of her life. This is especially because she never left the castle and only left her room a few times, as we see before her parents leave for the last time.

Therefore, when she was growing up, she had never been around sick people; thus she could not get anything herself.

Then after the events of the movie, Elsa probably spends more time outside of the castle, since she no longer keeps the gates closed, and around people almost every day, so she eventually caught a cold from being around someone who was previously sick. Simultaneously, due to her lack of getting sick while growing up, it probably boosted Elsa’s immune system to very healthy, which ultimately made her less susceptible to catching colds as well.

Now it’s more of a challenge to offer an explanation on why Elsa never sneezed and released the Snowgies until now, because you can sneeze even when you’re not sick, so she probably has sneezed before even when she was well. Maybe the Snowgies only appear if she’s sneezing while sick. It could also be an inside joke, because she has a “cold,” so she sneezes out these little snowmen. According to foreverfrozensolid, maybe it’s not just sneezing that releases them, but also Elsa’s intense desire to make everything perfect for Anna. When she creates Olaf and Marshmallow, Elsa is feeling very intense emotions. So maybe the Snowgies are created in the same way, and the sneeze is just the trigger. That does make sense to me, because Olaf represents her once happy childhood, while Marshmallow represented her desire to be left alone. The Snowgies are very playful and mischievous, making them represent the mischievous, playful side that has been dormant in Elsa for so long. This may as well tie in with the fact that Elsa wants to be playful and somewhat mischievous in making the day a great one for Anna.

Another question that is unanswered about the Snowgies is why they did not melt in the hot weather. Frozen Fever takes place almost a year after the movie, since Anna was born on the summer solstice (which is usually June 20th or 21st). Yet Olaf needs his little cloud above his head to keep him from melting, while the Snowgies, which are so much smaller than Olaf, never seem to be in no danger of melting under the sun, even without their own individual flurries. But I think the reason why they don’t melt is because it connects to the joke of them being created when Elsa is sick. She has a cold, and the Snowgies are the products of her cold, so as long as she is sick with her cold, they don’t melt. Of course, it’s not known whether or not they would stick around once Elsa gets better. But at the end of the short, they are brought to live with Marshmallow in the ice palace. Since it appears to be colder up in the mountains, that could explain why the palace and Marshmallow are still there. The Snowgies are brought there since there are so many of them, and then by staying in the place, that will permanently keep them from melting, if there was a chance that they would melt when Elsa gets well again.

So there you have it with all of my explanations on the Snowgies, with why Elsa sneezes them and why they never appeared before.

Preference #338: He has a huge secret he only trust you with Part 2

Part 1

Louis: “We were sure that we were going to be in love forever,” Louis told you, when thinking back to the moment he said I do. Days had passed now, since he first told you his secret, and he could finally elaborate. “I was so young, and so was she. We both thought we knew it all though, and that we were ready. Everyone told us not to get married, but we refused to listen. We just wanted to prove them all wrong.” “So what happened? You auditioned for X-Factor right after that, right? Where was she?” Louis regretted so much about how things happened during that short time. “We were only married for a week, when we realized how big of a mistake it was. By the time I auditioned, it was long over.” You felt more confused than ever, “How did that prove anything to anyone?” “It didn’t,” he admitted, “It just showed them that they were right, and we had no idea what we were doing.” “And how is she now? Like are you two still friends? Have I met her and didn’t know she was your ex-wife?” Louis shook his head, “I haven’t spoken to her since it all happened. We were friendly when it ended, but we just didn’t keep in touch. And now it’s just the past, and I’m much more focused on my future with you. That’s why I told you. I don’t want to have a secret between us, not something that big. It doesn’t change anything, but you did need to know.”

Liam: Just as you predicted everything was back to normal before Liam knew it. His voice was finally back to normal, and he could sing once more. You had not seen him so happy in such a long time. Singing truly did mean everything to him. “I’ve missed it so much. I didn’t even think it was possible to miss it this much.” “I know you have,” you replied, having witnessed the look on his face every single night he had to go on stage and not sing. “But it’s over now. You can just go out there and really sing. No more lip syncing.” He felt so relieved. He felt like he let down the fans every single night his voice was not there, even though they didn’t even know the truth. At least not for sure. “People were starting to guess what was going on. I heard a lot of rumors that I wasn’t singing live. I’m glad I didn’t give them any real proof, and I can just go back to singing, and not have to worry anymore about anyone finding out.” You nodded your head, a smile across your face, “Yeah, and now you can just have fun up there. And tonight, hopefully all the rumors end.” Liam actually laughed a little, as he replied, “But people try to say that even if you don’t, so I doubt it. I think it just bothered me because this time I knew it was all true.” That was understandable, “I get it, but you don’t even have to worry anymore. It’s over. You can sing so loudly, and put on the best show ever.”

Niall: Niall’s secret bothered you. You tried not to let it get to you though. It wasn’t about you. He cheated on her, and not you. You tried to reason that it shouldn’t make you feel insecure and worried, but it did. If he did it once, why wouldn’t he do it again? Niall saw this. He noticed the change in your affection, and the distance you put between the two of you. “[Y/N], I didn’t tell you my secret to have you worry about me all the time. I told you so we have nothing hidden. I did cheat on her, I did. I messed up. I was really young though, and incredibly stupid. I would never do that now. I would end things before that thought ever crossed my mind. I promise.” His word did mean something to you. He’d never once lied to you. Not that you knew of at least. You still had such strong fears though. “I just can’t shake the fear that once you do something, what’s stopping you from doing it again?” “Because even years later, that still bothers me. I still hate myself for doing that to her, even if she never knew I did it. I would never do that to anyone, and especially not you. I love you more than anything, and I’m not going to hurt you. Right now, my word may not mean much, but I have never lied to you. I’ve been more honest than I even needed to be.” This was all true. You nodded your head, as you finally accepted it, “I do trust you, and I just have to believe you won’t hurt me.”

Harry: It was quite a lot of pressure on you, after Harry told you his secret. He told he wanted you there, to make sure he was okay. But how could you? He hid it so well the first time, that even the boys he spent every single day with did not know of his addiction. How would you know? “I don’t want to bring it up again, if you don’t want me to,” you began slowly, not sure how to start with this topic. Harry didn’t mind though. If you wanted to ask him something, he wanted you to be able to. “It’s okay [Y/N], just say what you need to.” “Okay,” you took a deep breath, before continuing, “I just need to know more. How did you hide it? When did this start? Why? What happened?” He had been waiting for you to ask more all along. He knew once it all sunk in, you’d have many questions. “I don’t know how I hid it. I think everyone is just so busy as well, they didn’t really stop and wonder why I was acting different? Maybe they did notice, and just didn’t say? I don’t know. I’d have to ask them, and I don’t want to ever do that. And when was about two years into the band. Why? I don’t have a true answer to that one. I went somewhere with some friends, who weren’t really that close of friends in the first place, and something was offered to me. I said no, and then somehow over the night changed my mind. It started there, and just spiraled. I wish I had a better explanation, but I don’t. I’m sorry.” You still had many things to ask him, but this was a start, “It’s okay, it’s something. And you trust me enough to be this honest with me, and that means a lot to me, I hope you know that.”

Zayn: Keeping the secret was so hard. This was going to change so much. Zayn leaving the group would affect so many things. It was not just his life changing. He asked you to keep it between you though, so you did. For months you held onto your knowledge, and felt horrible the entire time. You wanted to at least tell the other boys, but you didn’t. You kept your promise to tell no one. You did not feel even a little better, until finally, a week before anyone else would find out, Zayn sat with the four of them, and told them the truth. “I am leaving. I just don’t enjoy this anymore. I’ve tried, but I don’t. [Y/N] has known for a while I’m not happy, and she can tell you all how long I’ve been thinking about this. It’s not a spur of the moment decision. I’ve thought over this for months, and you can’t change my mind now.” None of them argued. They told him they would miss him, and how sad they were. They told him it would never be the same. But they did not argue. No one would deny that he had been unhappy for a very long time. “And please don’t be mad at her for not letting you guys know how miserable I was. She kept it for me. I asked her to. It was bothering her so much, even if she never told me.” “That’s why she’s looked so sick anytime we talk about band stuff lately, and the future?” Zayn nodded. He hated how hard it had been on you. “It is. She was upset lying to you guys. So if you feel any anger that I’ve known for a long time, and didn’t tell you, that’s fine. Just don’t take it out on her.” “We wouldn’t anyway, but I promise we won’t now. She was just keeping a secret that you asked her to keep. I wouldn’t expect anything else from her.”

5SOS Fam

I used to be a 5sos blog for a long time, and while I was, I had the pleasure of meeting @5soslovealways , or as I know her, Steph. Steph and I have a long distance friendship and she has been in and out of the hospital for a long while. She’s not well. And she might not make it much longer. A machine is currently helping her breathe and she isn’t conscious. Her mother keeps me updated on how she is. I’m not asking you to get 5sos to notice this. She wouldn’t want to call that much attention to herself. But what I want people to know about her, is that she is one of the most genuine, caring, incredible souls I have ever come across in my 19 years of life. Even when she was sick and in the hospital she always told me “K, when I go, you have to promise me you’ll live a long life. You have to promise you’ll be good to yourself.” She’s funny and witty and charming. She was always there for me, even when things were tough for her. There are no words to describe how incredible she is. How precious she is to me. How beautiful she is. She has given me more love and support in the time I have known her than anyone else. She is so pure and good. She does not deserve this. She deserves so much more than 20 years on this Earth.

But I never want her to be forgotten. I will never forget her or the absolute joy her presence in my life brought. There will not be a single day that goes by that I will not think of her. And I will try my best to keep the promise I made to her. I will live a long life. And I will do everything Steph ever wanted to do in her life. I will make sure that she lives on in my heart forever.

Dean Jnr

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Imagine: Imagine Dean meeting his child for the first time.

Word Count: 2953 (sorry :/ )


Warnings: fluff (?), angst, indication of prior smut, mild smut, not sure what else..

Summary: After quiting the hunter life, you call Bobby in relation to case in your town, and he sends an old friend round to take care of it. Thing is, he doesn’t know where you have been, or why you quit the life, till now. 

Note: This is my first Spn fic, and I haven’t written in forever, constructive criticism, requests, etc can be sent to this account or my personal account ( )

It’s been 6 years since you quit the life of a hunter. It may not have been the easiest 6 years but in the end they had definitely been worth it. These days you were a single mum who worked 5 days a week as a councillor at the local high school of some small town you had hidden yourself in. And 7 days a week you were mum to a beautiful little man, with the greenest eyes you had ever seen and an attitude that would make a saint give up. But you loved him with everything you had. He was the reason you had quit the life. After one of the messiest hunts joining up with a team of  hunters you had all made it out, and after a few too many celebratory shots, you had ended up in the bed of long time friend and colleague,  the notorious Dean freaking Winchester, whom you had known since childhood. After an amazing one night stand you had snuck out and walked away to continue on with your life until your had gotten so sick, you had no other but to go into a hospital to find out what the hell was wrong with you. The nurse was so kind when she came in to tell you, she had assumed your situation correctly and showed you all of the options, but after years upon years of fighting for your life to be day by day, you had a reason to walk out and create a new life.

So here you are 6 years later and something odd was going on at the high school. You could feel a hunt, but with your son, Jackson Dean Robert, being only 5, you resorted to calling an old contact who could send some help into town, Bobby Singer. He said he would send the next hunters he could get into the area my way. You had done all the research that you could safely, and told Bobby where the hunters he sent could pick it up at.

Two days later a knock at the door came at 10:30pm as you were locking up the house to go to bed. You grabbed your colt .45 from the drawers just inside the front door.

“Who is it?” You asked through the door.

“Bobby Singer sent us to this address to pick up some information” came a reply from a voice you had heard before.

“Hi, I'm…” you got out before you realised you were staring into some of the greenest eyes you had ever seen, and hadn’t seen in 6 years.

“Dean Freaking Winchester?” You grinned.

“Son of a bitch! Y/N?” He just stared at you.

“Yep in flesh. Hi guys. How are you doing, Darlin’? Come in out of the cold, boys”

The boys walked through the door, and you closed it behind you. Wondering how funny Bobby Singer thought he was, you turned to face the boys.

“Well can I get you boys a beer or something stronger seeing as the look on Dean-o’s face?”

“Beers would be great, Y/N” Sam smiled.

“Come on through and have a seat in the kitchen, I’ll grab you beers and the research I have so far.”

“Thanks. This place is really nice Y/N. So this is where you disappeared to?” Sam grinned.

“Yeah I got myself out of the life, I had to, But it’s been good.” you replied.

You grabbed the folder of research and layer it on the bench in front of the brothers, opening and running through what you had found so far. Easy salt and burn but not something you could do.

“So Y/N this is a quick and easy salt and burn, why can’t you do it?” Dean looked up from his beer questioning.

“I live here now, and I got out of the life. I can’t be seen digging up graves and shit like that now Dean-o” you wink at him. “Plus I have other obligations.”

And as if on queue Jackson came wandering out, calling out “Mummy!?”

“Hey baby” you smile walking over to him and picking him up. “What’s wrong, Jack Jack?” You kissed his face.

“I think there’s a monster in my closest” he buried his face into your shoulder.

“Excuse me guys. I’ll be right back” you smiled tightly seeing Sam’s eyes questioning you and Dean still trying to work it all out.

“Wait a minute, Y/N?” Dean came up behind you. “Do you want some back up?”

“Sure Dean” you smiled tightly hoping he hadn’t worked out what his brother had.

“Who is this, Mumma?”

“I’m Dean” he smiled at the little boy, who was asking to be put down as Dean stuck his hand out. Jackson shook Dean’s hand with strength that surprised Dean himself.

After convincing Jackson that there was no monster in the closet, I followed Dean downstairs, his walk hunching over trying to hide his frustration.

“So this is why you disappeared from the hunting circles, Y/N?” Dean spun round taking a step towards you.

“Yes Dean, and before you ask, do you really want to know the answer to the question you are about to ask?”

“Of course I do!” He looked at you pleading.

“Dean…” You sigh.

“Y/N, is he.. Well is he really..?” he looked at you with a mix of emotions splaying across his face.

“Yes.” You sighed. “ Jackson is your son, I hadn’t been with anyone for a solid 6 months and we were just a one night stand, so I couldn’t exactly call and say, ‘hey so you know how I walked out on you the morning after our one night stand, well I need you now because it’s got consequences’ ” you blurt out before he can say anything.

“He is my son…?” Dean paused. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because as much as I had fallen in love with you before that night happened, I was never selfish enough to tell you because I knew you would leave the life you love to support me, and I don’t need anyone’s help.” You started to get angry and defensive at what you thought he was implying.

“Why are you so defensive? I thought I’d done something wrong and that you had ended up dead on a hunt or something horrid…” he looked up at you with tears in his eyes. “ but you are safe and you… we have a son…”

You reach out and touch Dean’s arm to comfort him.

“Look you know how young I was back then, and with the way we were raised, you know what it looks like to ask for help, Dean…” you looked up at him. “Look if you have time and you want to when the job is done, come over and we can talk through it all and catch up..?” You smile at him.

“ I’d love that, babe. It’s been too long” He grins back at you.

He pulls you into a surprise hug, kisses you on the cheek and you follow him back to the kitchen where Sam is buried in the information, fact checking.

“So how does it look, Sammy? I still got some hunter left in me?” you smile at him.

“Looks good, Y/N” he smiles up at you, noticing Dean’s position to you. “This looks all in order, we’ll go run this job and let you know how it goes.” he smiles standing up. He walks over and gives you a bone crushing bear hug.

“Aww Sammy, you didn’t miss me that much” you grin, poking your tongue out.

“It’s just good to know you are okay. Dean.. Well Dean and I were both worried like crazy.” he smiled sadly at you as he headed to the front door.

“Dean, I’ll get everything ready and meet you in the car” he said as he gave you a quick hug and headed out the door.

Dean’s arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you tight as he placed a quick kiss on your forehead.

“I’ll come back as soon as this is done, okay?” he smiled nervously.

“Sure. Sounds good Dean. I’ll make sure there’s a cold 6 pack for you, and maybe some Wild Turkey and Tequila?”, you wink.

“Good to see you’re still cheeky as hell, babe. I’ll call you when I’m headed your way. ”

“Okay, be safe both of you. I don’t want to play doctor for you or the oversized man-child in the car” you grin.

You woke up to  your phone going crazy with missed calls and another call starting to ring.

“Sam, what the hell is with the phone spam?” You groan into the phone.

“We had an issue, can you stitch Dean and I up if we swing by yours?”

“Yeah, of course, how far out are you?”

“10 minutes…?” he says unsure.

“Okay swing straight up into the garage when you get here. That way you guys wont wake the neighbours”.

10 minutes later you hear the roar of the impala swing up into the garage. You see Sam move his way out of the drivers seat as you fly around to help grab a barely conscious Dean. You and Sam lift him inside and lay him down on towels on the floor next to your coffee table set up like a surgeons trolley. You quickly work on Dean, stitching and relocating his injuries, while he fades in and out. Once you finish there you start to work on Sam, who has a dislocated shoulder and a few deep gashes.

As you hear the final crack of Sam’s shoulder, Dean sits up from his position on the floor.

“So much for not having to play doctor, huh?” he grins guiltily at you.

“It’s okay, Dean” you smile. “I’d rather fix you both while I’ve got a straight head, rather than watch you two attempt to fix each other or worse, yourselves” you gasp in mock horror.

“Hey! Watch it! I fixed you up pretty well on many occasions, Y/N/N!” Dean smirked.

You stared into those deep beautiful green eyes, reminded of the many nights that Dean had been there to save your ass and take care of the aftermath.

“So what happened out there? I didn’t screw up or miss something did i?” you looked at between the boys worried you had caused this.

“Nah, half way through we ran into a few demons, seeing as the cemetery is the borderline between this town and the next to the east” smiled Sam. “Not your fault in the slightest”.

“Okay. Well at least there’s that. So where are you boys staying?” you smile with an idea already formed.

“Umm.. Actually we haven’t really thought that far ahead…” Dean grinned looking guilty as ever.

“Well I have 2 guest rooms and a granny flat that is not currently occupied, so take your pick.”

“Y/N, we really couldn’t impose on you any more” Sam looked worried.

“Really, guys, I insist. I haven’t seen you guys in years and it’s nice to have some adult company that isn’t ignorant of what goes bump in the night” you smile.

“Alright, I’ll go get our stuff out of the car, and chuck it in the spare rooms. Thank you so much, Y/N. It’s so good to see you are alive and well” Sam smiled giving you a one armed hug as he got up and went towards the garage.

All of a sudden you noticed Dean was watching you intently, looking as if he had a thousand questions to ask, but no idea where to start.

“What’s on your mind, Dean-o?” You smile as you slide off the couch onto the floor next to him. “You. This whole time I was so scared, I prayed to anyone who would listen, I hoped that you were safe, only to see that you are safe well and a normal civilian” he smiled, gently brushing his fingers across your cheek. “You are so beautiful, so full of life, the idea of you… the idea of you not being here was sickening…” he trailed off as his hand cupped your face.

“Dean Winchester” you smile “did you really think I of all people could just die without any of you idjits knowing? I bribed Bobby not to tell a soul when he worked it out.”

“How in the world did you bribe Bobby Singer?” dean questioned, amused be the idea.

“Email updates, monthly phone calls and every 6 months he comes to stay for a week. It was the only way to keep him shut up about our baby” you look up guiltily at Dean.

Dean just looks at you, as his mouth pops into a small O shape.

“Our..” he stutters out before he is interrupted.

“Mumma, Mumma, Mumma!” He comes crying and running into the room.

“What’s wrong, Jack Jack?” as he curls up in your arms looking up at you with the same eyes his father was giving you seconds ago.

“There’s a monster upstairs. I swea, He is so big, Mumma! I waited till I couldn’t hear him!” Jack cries as he buries himself into your chest clutching at you.

“Oh, Jack Jack. That’s no Monster. That’s someone you have to meet, one of my old friends.” you smile nuzzling his face with your nose.

“How about we go upstairs and investigate, Jack?” Dean smiles. “Your beautiful Mum will stay with you, and I’ll go ahead, just incase the monster wakes up. How does that sound?” he looks honestly at the child in your arms.

“Okay..” Jack says, hesitantly looking at me questioningly.

As we walk upstairs, Dean goes into hunter mode, which is immediately noticed by Jack, who is almost trying to imitate him. As Dean opens the closed door and pounces, you turn on the light. A confused Sam struggles against his attacker, his hair going all over the place, looking so confused like an oversized puppy. You sink to the ground, roaring laughing, while clutching Jack who is looking at Dean like a hero.

“Jack Jack, This is your Uncle Sammy, Dean here’s little brother” I gesture to the mess of an oversized human sulking on the ground.

“So, does that make you Uncle Dean?” he looks up at Dean who has moved over to sit near us.

“No baby. Do you remember the story I told you about the brave hunter who puts Batman to shame?”

“Yeah Mumma!” he squeals excitedly. “That’s my favourite story!” he exclaims looking at the boys. “You said he was my Daddy, but he had to be away for work to protect us from the monsters. ”

“Yeah baby. This is the one and only, Dean Winchester. Jackson Dean Robert Y/L/N, this is your Daddy, Dean Winchester.”

“Hi Daddy!” he runs over to Dean with his hand out to shake it.

“Hi Jackson. I’m so glad to meet you buddy” Dean looks at the kid in front of him, with tears welling up in his eyes.

“You can call me Jack Jack, Daddy. Just like Mumma does!” he giggles in excitement. “Can I have a hug, Daddy? I have lots to tell you” he exclaims excitedly as he crawls into Dean’s lap without waiting for an answer. Dean’s arms cradle the child on his lap who is a spitting image of him, beaming between each other.

“Okay Jack Jack, Give Daddy a hug, and give your Uncle Sammy a hug, and then we will put you to bed. Daddy and Sam will be here in the morning. And you can tell them about everything.”

“Really!?” he exclaims. “Can we have a play day tomorrow?” he looks at the boys and then at you.

“Of course, baby. Now lets put you to bed, before you crash”

“Yeah Mumma. Can Daddy help you tuck me in, tonight?” he looks questioningly at Dean.

“Of course” Dean beams. “Let’s put you to bed, Jack Jack”.

You watch as Dean tucks your son into his bed, with clinging hugs from the child who fights to stay awake.

Dean holds Jack’s hand until he has completely fallen asleep, he turns the light off and walks towards you, while you lean on the door frame. His hands reach out for you sliding around your waist, pulling you up against him, his lips brush your cheek and whisper to you.

“I could not be more proud to call that boy my son, and I hope to show him just how lucky he is to have a beautiful, strong, intelligent mother who brought him into this world. And has raised him so perfectly on her own”. You feel Dean’s smile against your skin as you settle into his arms. “I love you, Y/N. I always did. I regret letting you walk away that morning. I wish I had of made you stay. That night…” he trailed off pulling back to look you at you.

“Dean, we were barely adults. It was no life to bring a child into, but this way it’s safer for all of us. You and Sam are more than welcome to live here, and use the granny flat as a base. I’d like you both to stay when you can, Dean.”

“We can talk living arrangements in the morning, for now I would like to kiss the girl I have been in love with for years, who I have discovered is alive well, and has raised my beautiful son.”

You wrap your arms around Dean’s neck, as your lips meet. His hands slide to your butt and lift you up against his chest, while your lips desperately mash together in a passionate reunion.

Part 2? Requests?

comfortable (23/28)

Even though Walgreens was only two blocks away from their apartment, Katniss felt like she had run a marathon.

They’d run out of crackers and Gatorade earlier in the afternoon, and it was her turn to run to the store to pick up what they needed. Peeta had dragged himself out of the apartment when there wasn’t any soup or Pepto-Bismol left yesterday, so it was only fair for her to make the journey out this time around.

They were never ordering from that Thai place ever again.

“Thom really liked it,” Peeta had said one night as they worked on their assignments and readings for the week. “It’s new, and they have coupon codes. Wanna try?”

She didn’t really want to cook, especially not when there was so much that needed to be done, and her roommate’s mention of coupons appealed to her frugal nature. Why not treat themselves?

Huge mistake.

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A Port in the Storm. Part 21.

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“…come on, my Sassenach. Tell me, aye?”

The fire chose that precise moment to spark and throw a burst of amber light over an already glowing Claire.

“I…well, I don’t think I can explain it.”

Jamie smiled at her attempts to dodge the question. Still, he pressed forward, running his fingers along the length of her.

They had fallen asleep wrapped in each other’s arms beside the roaring fire, too fatigued to even crawl into bed. Now, as the sun rose and threw speckled hints of red throughout the room, they lay still locked together, warming each other with subtle touches.

“Ye can, go on…”

At his urging she closed her eyes, allowing herself to indulge in his fingertips brushing over her delicate skin, and tried to rouse the emotions she’d felt through the night. She felt him stir beside her.

“Does…that hurt, you know? When that happens…”

He was tempted to move his hips away from her, but she was so warm and pliant that he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“No, it doesna hurt. It…aches, ye ken? But no’ in a bad way. Just that sort of ache that bids me to touch ye, to kiss ye, to have my hands and lips in as many places as I can reach. It makes me need ye, badly, Sorcha. I feel…like if I dinna get close as I can to ye I might die, ken?”

“That bad…?”

Her voice was low and breathy. He chuckled as he watched her, sleepily.

“Aye, that first time. Aye. If no’ die, shatter into pieces of want for sure.”


She certainly knew that feeling. The dance he was playing across her skin was causing all sorts of want within her.

“It’s the s-same…for me. When you touch me…like this, when you kiss me, I feel…alive.”

Gooseflesh was rising down every inch of her that Jamie touched and he smiled as she appeared to lose the ability to speak.

“I…feel…so much. All at the same time. I didn’t even know it was possible. That night. The night in the barn. I just needed you so badly, I couldn’t even think. I knew we shouldn’t, but then you were there. I needed you, I…ached too…”

“Aye, I could tell ye did. I was glad for it, even though I kent it was wrong, ye know, us not being wed. But I couldna stop myself, and ye…ye too, so I didna stop.”

Through their exchange they had shifted closer and closer to one another, now there was barely any room between them, Claire’s eyes held Jamie’s as her leg carefully and slowly slid up his and rested, anchored around his hip.

“Tell me…tell me what it feels like for ye, Claire. When I take ye like that…please, I want to ken how ye feel when ye lie wi’ me.”

“Oh-alright. Well, it starts slowly. The first time…during the storm…it h-hurt a little, you know, because I’d never…done it before. But then…then, my skin felt as if it were alight. Like I couldn’t get close enough to you, although you were as close as you could be. Every time you moved away from me I felt the need to pull you back.”

He ran his hands down now, along her exposed side, across her hip and around to settle on her bottom. Pulling her as close as he possibly could, cradling her arse in his hand he kissed her, thoroughly. His tongue swept across her lips, before she allowed him to deepen it.

“Aye, tell me more mo chridhe…please…”

“What does that mean?”

She’d heard all manner of Gaelic since arriving in Lallybroch, but she couldn’t remember ever hearing this one. He smiled and kissed her once more.

“Ye tell me more, and I’ll tell ye what it means.”

“I can’t talk when you’re touching me like this, Jamie…I can’t…”

Punctuating each word with a subtle shift of her hips against his to show her meaning, he groaned lightly and nodded. He understood, he was getting to that stage of intimacy where words couldn’t be formed.

“It’s powerful…it builds within me…it…starts, Jamie, don’t stop, please…”

He peppered her neck and collarbone with caresses, causing her whole body to shudder.

“…it starts softly. Then it’s not soft at all. It-it’s consuming…enflaming…oh God…it’s…fire…m-my…in my belly…l-lower…hot. S-shivers. But good. S-so good…yes…”


“T-then…it feels like…like a…a-all…like my body has shattered into a h-hundred…or more pieces. I w-was flying…shaking. Still aching. But…in a good way. M-my limbs all…pounding…along…with my heartbeat…m-my skin..Jamie…”

With one move they locked together once more, Claire had no more coherent words to say but Jamie no longer needed them, her body was telling him all he needed to know.

She awoke some time later. The sun, now high in the sky, threw powerful yellow rays over them both. She turned to look at Jamie, still fast asleep beside her. She smiled, he looked so content. His hair, all billowed out atop his head, random curls poking up out of the mass. He looked so young, precious, she didn’t wish to wake him.

Instead she chose to rise alone, covering him in the plaid they’d been using as a blanket. There were fresh bannocks waiting for them, some meat and cheese and a fresh bottle of whiskey. Murtagh had been so thoughtful! Pottering about, Claire found herself humming as she prepared them a small breakfast cum lunch, twirling around the small area of the room reserved as a preparation cove for food. She hadn’t bothered to cover herself, not fearing intrusion by anyone other than Jamie, and she didn’t fear him seeing her unclothed. Her cheeks pinked at the thought, she didn’t think she’d ever be as completely uninhibited as he was in the nude, but she’d certainly become more accustomed to it. He didn’t seem ashamed in anyway about walking around with nothing on save a smile.

So in her head was she, that she didn’t notice Jamie creeping up behind her. He stood, for a time, simply watching her. Her hips were widening with the growth of their child, her bonnie arse too. She only became more beautiful to him. The small bump looked more pronounced now, her being completely naked. He’d never seen her this way, and it warmed his heart. His little family, wee bean growing every day. She twisted a little, as she plated up the bread, her sleep-squashed curls falling over her shoulder as she did so. He couldn’t help but reach over and run his fingers over the soft arches of them. Claire stilled but didn’t jump, instead she simply closed her eyes and sighed out a breath of happiness.

“I didn’t want to wake you, you looked so happy sleeping over there.” He stepped closer as she spoke, running his hands over her neck, now. “I was just making us something to eat, are you hungry?”

“Aye, in many ways Mo Sorcha, no’ just fer food…” His voice was low, deeper than usual, sultry, it made her toes curl. The vibrations as he spoke seemed to run through him and along her spine. “…bring it back to the fire, Claire.” He tugged, gently, as he turned. She followed, her gaze locked with his as she went.

Placing the food on the small table, Claire sat on the floor with her back against the small sofa, right next to Jamie. They started eating in companionable silence, subtly touching each other as often as possible whilst trying to fill their bellies. Claire knew it wouldn’t be long, if she didn’t eat, before wee bean would make itself known. She could calm the sickness if she had something in her tummy, so she ate. She could tell by how slowly Jamie munched on his cheese, that he was desperate to be touching her once more, it made her skin prickle with longing.

She could feel his eyes on her, her already pinked cheeks deepened in colour at this. She turned, her hand coming to rest over her thigh as she did so. No longer could she stay away from him. Their lips found each other almost immediately, the salty taste of the bannocks still fresh in their mouths as they devoured each other. Their tongues danced and they breathed as one, desperate to be as close as possible.

Claire straddled him, the food now forgotten, there was only one thing they both needed to sustain themselves further.

Getting themselves dressed had been a hard task, they’d given themselves a day of rest, but now Jamie wanted to take Claire out to explore. It was bright and warm outside, the perfect weather for taking her into the forest on the borders of Fraser lands. Plus, he thought deviously, plenty of nooks and crannies for misdeeds.

As they wondered, hands clasped tight, Jamie told Claire stories of his childhood. She’d marvelled at the freedom he’d had, she had never felt like she’d missed out until now. Granted, she’d had Uncle Lamb and she wouldn’t change that for the world. But they’d travelled an awful lot, she’d never had a place to call home. Her stories were of strange places and even stranger people, sometimes. Nothing like the wild existence Jamie had been brought up with. His eyes were alight as he told her about those times he’d been up to mischief and he’d run off into the woods to escape his fathers’ wrath.

“I’d been out here about three hours or so, just hiding myself in the boughs o’ the trees, I could hear da calling out to me. I was so afeared, I kent he’d take his belt to me once he found me, but he sounded fair worrit. So I went to him. I wasna wrong about the thrashing either! That one still stings now!” He laughed and the sound echoed through the slight clearing they’d found themselves in. “I learned my lesson then, but how do ye tell a wee one about animals and food when ye ken they’ve taken a shining to one?”

She could tell he was thinking about how he’d teach their baby about such matters, it made her smile. The story had featured a very young Jamie and an over-friendly calf, whom he’d then freed knowing it was to be sent to the slaughter soon. His mother had sat him down afterwards, and explained the circle of life, but it made Claire pause. She knew motherhood would be a task, but these little moments reminded her of what subjects she might have to face, bringing the wee one up on a farm.

“I’m sure they knew you were only doing what you thought right, at the time.”

“Aye, they did. I was a wee bit of a scamp as a wean. I didna mean to, but I just couldna help myself. Mam spent half her time trying to cover for me, but da always kent what I was up to. After she lost her last bairn, she was that wee bit more protective of us, ye ken.” He was looking off into the forest now, his gaze reflective. She held her hands over her belly and prayed, she didn’t do it often but now seemed like the time. She could imagine what it must be like to lose a child, nor did she ever wish to.

“I can see yer mind working, my Claire. Dinna think on such things, our wee bean is going to be fair and bonnie, ye needn’t fear. I’ll look after ye both, I promised in my vows, it isn’t something I take lightly.” At this he took hold of her hands, turn them and kissed her palms with such reverence. Then he kneeled at her feet and kissed her small bump, whispering at their wee bean in Gaelic. Claire was comfortable enough to simply stand and let him do as he must, she was enjoying the slight breeze on her face.

“What did you say to the babe?”

“I told him, or her, that he had an extremely beautiful mamma, that’s all.” He winked, cheekily, up at her, before standing and pulling her over to a nearby rock. “Sit, mo Sorcha, let’s rest here a bit. It’s a bonnie spot, is it no’?”

“Jamie Fraser, I think you’re fibbing!” She chastised, jokily, as she sat on his lap. The small clearing around them was alive with the sound of the wind breezing through the trees and the small creatures going about their day, Jamie and Claire sat against one another and listened to the world move around them. Her wedding ring, sitting neatly on her proper finger, glinted as the sun hit it and Jamie wrapped his hand around it. As he twirled it around her finger he kissed a small patch of exposed skin on her neck, she smelt of honey from the morning and wild flowers.

She sighed, and lay back more fully against him, closing her eyes. She was content to sit and let him touch her indefinitely. The sun was warm enough that they weren’t cold. Jamie was certainly warm enough to heat them both, had they needed it.

“I love ye, Claire Fraser. My wife.” He purred into her ear, as he nipped at the skin at the base of it. Running his hands up her day dress, he ran his tongue along the shell of her ear. “I want ye…Claire Fraser. Now.”

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Every time you cook you set off the smoke alarm so you know what I’m just going to teach you how to cook for bellarke please.

A little off prompt, but it keeps the cooking-lessons aspect.  Enjoy!

“Okay, now the baking powder,” Clarke instructed from her perch on the counter.  Bellamy grumbled something under his breath and she nudged his hip with her toe.  “You’re the one that wanted to bake something for Octavia.”

Bellamy measured out the baking powder and dumped it in. “I thought we’d just do a mix or something.  None of this from scratch bullshit.”  His hair had a light dusting of flour standing out against the black curls, left over from when Clarke had playfully blown a little in his face.  He’d been annoyed with her then–he‘d actually been annoyed since she took him grocery shopping and announced that she would only help him bake Octavia a cake if he did it her way, no questions–but the smile that played along the corners of his mouth told her he didn’t really mind.

Which was good, because she wasn’t sure he knew this was actually sort-of a date.  (What?  She’d known him forever.  They’d danced around this forever.  She was sick of it, so she was going to lay all her cards on the table and let him decide, so to speak).

“Now the eggs,” Clarke replied.  “And trust me–from scratch is so much better.”  Bellamy cut his eyes at her and cracked the eggs open.  “Okay, turn the mixer on–no higher than three or four.  We just want to stir it.”

The mixer whirred to life and Bellamy insinuated himself between her knees, his hands burning through her jeans and branding her thighs. “How long?”

Clarke peered into the mixing bowl.  “Until it’s done.  Smooth and blended.  I’ll let you know.”

“So we have a minute?” he asked with a smirk.

Clarke locked her ankles behind his back and pulled him closer.  “We do.  But only a minute.”  She licked the tip of her finger and dipped it into the bowl of sugar next to her, but Bellamy intercepted her hand as she brought it to her lips.  He dragged it to his mouth and gently licked the digit clean.   “Only a minute,” she whispered as she leaned close to him.

Bellamy reached out blindly and flipped off the mixer.  “Or maybe longer,” he whispered back, capturing her lips with his.

(He tasted like sugar.)

A Thought I Had About Samcedes

Sam and Mercedes always had something happened to keep them from truly and fully expressing and exploring their love. Whether it was a move to Kentucky, a move back to Lima only to be cockblocked by a wormstache having football player. Him helping her find her dreams and her having to leave Lima just to go to LA to fulfill those dreams. They have never gotten the chance to just be completely open with how they feel about each other.

Some are saying that their storyline seems rushed, and that they are saying stuff way too soon, and feeling stuff way too fast. I won’t lie, I felt like we were getting too much too fast but then as I turned around and watch the episode again and got to the candle scene, I realize this. There is no person, or no distance to stop them from fully expressing how they truly feel about one another. To me it’s not that they’re rushing, but they are finally able to let out all of those years of feelings and love and admiration that they have for one another. They are finally able to let go of the “well it could have been this but,” and just live in the now with one another. Think about the moment she came to New York the first thing on his mind was she’s back in my life, and now I have to seize this opportunity. Mercedes can deny all she won’t to but baby girl moved to New York because she wanted to see him. My head canon is that she was sitting in LA thinking about how Sam Evans is single, and there is nothing that can stop her from being his girlfriend except distance and she worked her magic and found away to New York. The first thing she did was find a TWO bedroom apartment so he can have a place to stay. (We see how long that him sleeping on the couch lasted.).

Okay, back to my thoughts, I think the reason why they are coming out so heavy so fast is because maybe, just maybe, both of them are sick and tired of tiptoeing around how they truly feel about each other because they may be both are afraid that anything could happen looking at their history and they’re seizing the moment. They have always known how they felt about each other but something always got in their way and now the only thing in their way is themselves and they are not going to let anyone else control their fate. It’s just my opinion, I could be completely wrong but I just thought about this and thought I would share it.