she's so pretty wah

  • *a cute girl walks down the street with a dog*
  • Germany: hey, look over there
  • Italy: wah, she's so pretty!
  • Italy: let's go there! Ciao, bella!
  • Germany: yeah, sure
  • Italy: wait, are you serious?
  • Germany: she's cute
  • Italy: aren't you feeling well?
  • Germany: I'm going to pet her.
  • Italy:
  • Italy: are you talking about the dog?
  • Germany:
  • Germany: what did you think I was talking about?
  • Italy:
EXO reacts to their g/f getting a lot of attention from other idols

–This has a lot of curse words in it. I didn’t notice until I was done. I hope you like it anyway.–


D.O: I really need to stop this. *unhappy*


Baekhyun: Excuse me. She came to see me guys. Can you back off?


Lay: Of course she’s popular. Who wouldn’t love her. *proud*


Chen: *to you at an event* Oh. She actually came. Wah, she looks so pretty. *waves and blushes* 

Chen: *to the other idols* 


Kai: *unamused*


Sehun: *acts like it doesn’t bother him but it does*


Luhan: She came to see me and now I’m getting ignored. Yah! What is this. 


Chanyeol: *sees you and gets excited you came* 

Chanyeol: I’m glad she’s having fun and people like her. *still stays by your side*


Xiumin: *when guys start flirting with you*


Kris: *gets jealous when people start to flirt with you* 


Tao: *when you come to see him he gets shy and cute*

Tao: *when everyone is talking to you* *scoffs* What’s so great about them? I’m handsome too. 


Suho: I should have told her not to come. Of course everyone would love her. *regrets decisions*

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Seventeen reaction to you no paying attention to them..

U start to read a book and ignore the seventeen member ( i know , who will do such a thing )

The8: He would just sit there all bored probably get some food and wait , while looking at you with a pitiful face 

*chew chew*

Seungkwan: He wouldnt believe that you are ignoring him , so he will sit there with the sassiest aura ever. And then he will make it his mission to get you to nitotice him.. 

“this means war” 

Jeunghan: He would sit there and wait, he may be annoyed … but he’d wait

“Hey….oh your still reading , carry on jagi” 

Hoshi: He would start complimenting you or cuddle you until you notice him..

Jun: Pppppssshhh what book *grabs you does aegyo*

(your hoshi)

Woozi: Stares at you and admires the way you look while reading ..

“wah, isn’t she so pretty” he thinks to himself

DK: does not know what to do with himself , stands there all awkwardly ..

“well what to do…..”

Dino:Is completely and utterly lost, stares at you as you read the book wondering if you are going to start to read it to him or not.

“Is she reading out loud right now and I have just magically turned deaf or is she not reading out loud and im not deaf”

Vernon: straight out comes out and asks you whats going on

“ so what are we doing”

Mingyu: figures that you are going to read for awhile, so he starts getting confy and rests on you shoulder ( your joshua) ‘

“Make sure you hold sill ok”

Joshua: sits there silently for a while then starts staring at you, then out of flipping no where 

wonwoo: *looks at you , looks at book, , throws it across room* 

“ its all me now , jagi “ *cutest smile ever*

S coups: he would start making random faces around you and your book, starts dancing and rapping…


ifs arent mine

haruka-chan-nanase & that-hunter || closed rp

[ ✏ ]     It was about noon, and it was noon when the teen walked to find, what seemed to be a pool. Just early this morning, the young huntress wanted to find a peaceful area in which she could work more on her doodles and the many sketches inside her art book. 

This would be the first time Kristen had seen one of these pools. Green orbs widened in amazement as she watched the water. 

“ Wah ~ ! It’s so pretty ! " She smiled, dropping her bag and books on the side, running over to the pool to get a better look. ” …I wonder who swims here… “ 

Clouds cover the sky, as if a storm was coming but that didn’t bother her at all. Since the brunette was all too distracted, and just as Kristen lifted up her foot to stick it in the water, a strong gust of wind pushed her back.

Unfortunately, her foot was too close to the edge of the pool, losing her balance that foot slipped into the water. A loud gasp escaped her as she fell, and just before falling in the water completely, the back of her head smacked against the concrete.

And her vision went black.