she's so pretty o3o

anonymous asked:

i was curious about sheizara! she's so pretty o3o what does she do? is she interested in anybody? and the same for ashrrak!

Sheizara here is a bit of a Jack of all trades! She’s a traveling merchant that lives in Zekarian, and she sells everything from flowers to handmade jewelry and pottery, and she dances! And she is interested in someone, yes~ @fletcher-fr‘s lovely cinnamon roll, Gabriel~ ♥

Ashrrak is a new boy in my lair, but so far, I’ve discovered that he is a part of the Wards (the royal guard!), a seasoned warrior, and a mentor for younger soldiers! Like Anstix! He currently hasn’t met anyone that he’s interested in, but I’m fairly certain that he’s either gay or pan, if that catches your eye~ 


Thank you for the ask~ ♥