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I have this friend who's pretty strong, and she likes to pick the three of us up at random times. We'll just be walking down the hallway together, and she'll reach over and pick me up and carry me (I'm the smallest so I've become her go-to to carry), while we all carry on with our conversation. So like... Now I'm imagining Bill just casually picking up one of the smaller Losers while they all chat, and no one bats an eye except the strangers who see it happen.

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A Slytherin girl that builds a wall and keep everyone out all the time but really does need someone to talk to headcannon.


~Slytherin likes to distance herself from people she thinks could end up hurting her. So pretty much everyone.

~Things happen though and she ends up needing a lot of help, a shoulder to cry on.

~The only one that notices is a little person from Hufflepuff.

~They’ve known each other for a long time, but she started talking less and less as she got more depressed.

~Eventually Hufflepuff confronts them and, even though she doesn’t want to, Slytherin just breaks down.

~Hufflepuff comforts them and they sneak into the kitchen to get chocolate. 

“Goth and palette meets Traveler!frisk: part 3(sadly can’t continue comic)

*The tiny little 5 inches tall Frisk slowly opened up her eyes. It was a bit blurry, but she managed to carefully sit up*

*she carefully looked around with her head, she wasn’t outside anymore, she was in someone’s home…but who?…*

*suddenly, frisk begined panicking a little bit, what if they where evil, as panics hits her as a train, she quickly stands up and starts running around, looking for a exit.*

*but before she could run anymore, a big hand stops her path and another hand puts a jar over her so she wouldn’t flee*

*she looks up and noticed two skeletons that had trapped her. One of them had a cap and stary eyes with pretty cool clothes! While the other one had a white long coat and a long red scarf, he also glithed a bit on some spots on his boy*

Palette: sorry but, we can’t let you go outside again”*one of the skeletons, palette, said as he rubbed the back of his skull nervously*

*while the other one named Goth, that was the one that had putted the jar over her replied,*

Goth: “but don’t worry, we won’t harm you!*the other one named Goth replied*

*Frisk didn’t really hear what they said when she was in the jar, Frisk could feel some tears streaming down her face as she carefully curls up into a ball…*

*what should and could she do now?…*

Nova: please reblog and tell me what you thinked of part 3 of this fanfiction! ^^

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Palette belongs to @angexci

Traveler!frisk belongs to me

new egobang au idea ye

olympian god au!

so danny’s the son of aphrodite, right? and ofc he’s amazingly good-looking and charming and everyone absolutely adores him, including aphrodite bc he’s like her star child

and danny gets taken to olympus all the time because all the gods love him and he’s on friendly terms with all of them bc of his charisma (including ares)

he also has a beautiful singing voice, also attributed to aphrodite bc she asked the muses to teach him how to sing and play instruments like the lyre. and after all the muses are attributed to music and dancing so hey they’re pretty good at what they do

so danny’s really charismatic and smooth but secretly just a big romantic and dreams of finding true love, because hey he’s the son of the goddess of love, and basically he’s a total sweetheart and a sucker for the power of love

one day he’s hanging out on olympus and is talking to the muses, and euterpe (the muse of music) mentions that thalia (the muse of comedy) is on earth right now bc she’s apparently taken a liking to some demigod and has decided to act as a sort of mentor

danny, curious, goes down to find thalia and she’s talking to the most breathtaking boy danny’s ever seen

he attacks her after she’s left him and she tells him that the man’s name is arin and he’s a son of apollo. he’s apparently very gifted with art bc y’know, apollo is the god of art and all that. also arin has a gift of healing, again, bc apollo is the god of medicine and whatnot.

so danny approaches arin, who turns out to be a little intimidated by danny’s overwhelming presence and danny plays the lyre for him because the lyre is apollo’s instrument and he wants to impress arin. arin likes his music and danny discovers that it’s no wonder thalia has been hanging out with arin bc the guy’s really funny

so they become good friends and take classes together with the muses, thalia with arin and euterpe with danny. 

only aphrodite (lol) notices danny’s feelings and, being aphrodite (if you know anything about greek mythology) decides she’s gonna have fun with her son bc she’s so excited he’s caught feelings

and hijinks ensue (largely caused by aphrodite, but sometimes apollo joins the fun) where arin and danny become great friends and such and meet other demigods and basically have a kickass time 

(consider: suzy the daughter of zeus, brian the son of athena?)


Rules: Using any Sims game, create a sim based upon the style of one of your favourite simmers! Be sure to tag them and your friends! :3

This sim was inspired by @ridgeport

Thanks to the lovely @storylegacysims for tagging me 💜

This time I decided to make a Sim inspired out of my biggest inspos: Miss Margarita! All of her sims are so unique and she has a lot of diversity with ethnicities, it’s so pretty 💜 and her edits are always fresh air, I love them and her! 💜

Even tho her sims are so different from each other, I found a few things that helped me doing this sim!:

  • She does chubby sims!!! I loveeeee iiiittt
  • She uses a lot of round, cute faces!!
  • Flashy earrings!!!
  • Contrast between hairs and skin!!
  • Freckles, LOADS of them
  • Subtle eyeliners but BRIGHT eye shadow!!! UGH LOVE
  • Minimalistic clothes to focus the attention on the face, a smart cookie!!
  • Braids have been a recurrent theme for her lately!
  • Artsy poses!!!!

And I think that’s about it for now! I hope you like it, Margarita 💜

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Why do people get so offended when other people say Touka's role is to be Kaneki’s love interest? Because that's much pretty much the truth. It's not a bad thing. It's pretty much how Lois Lane is Clark Kent's love interest or how Katara is Aang's love interest. They're just given something important to do as not to make them look pointless to the plot.

Mod K:

I am annoyed when peope claim that is her only role or her sole role now. Not denying she is a love interest. I am saying she is one and that doesn’t diminish her worth or anything else about her in the plot.

Also being a love interest is not the only thing keeping her from being pointless?

Do some of you just ignore the things she does or relate it all back to Ken? That is wild. Also I am surprised that you would say that Katara’s main role in ATLA was just as Aang’s love interest as she is one of the best and more dynamically developed female characters in fiction. Ever.

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✎ (weeklypolandkak, Kakyoin and Marina having coffee? :D))

(( @weeklypolandkak: I completely forgot about the coffee and drew them playing something on the DS together instead! I hope that’s okay.

Kak’s the bigger gamer out of the two of them, ofc, so he’s talking to her about various sea creatures in Nintendo games, thinking that because Marina’s a marine biologist, it’ll encourage her to play more video games. He’s only frowning because he found the one game she’s pretty good at, and he’s trying to concentrate, heh.

Fun fact: There’s actually three Nintendo characters named Marina, though only in the English translations of said games. There’s the DJ from Off The Hook in Splatoon 2, who I drew here, an octopi villager from Animal Crossing, and the English dub version of ‘Kris’ from Pokémon Crystal, who was in a one-shot special about Raikou. Common name, huh?))

Okay so i think lillie will be a rival of some kind and she will capture either lunala or solgaleo (cause nebby) and you will have to battle her and her team will have the starter weak to yours, alolan vulpix line, another alolan pokemon, one of nebby’s final evolutions and 2 other alolan native pokemon! It’s just an idea i’ve had for a while and I think it would be pretty cool to be able to battle Lillie and explore more of Lillies character!! Also idk I think it would be kinda cool if we got to do a double battle of like Lille and Gladion vs your character and Hau, or some sort of variation between us all xD

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so i think i like this one girl... shes so amazing and nice and smart and pretty and we cuddle all the time but shes so busy and my chest aches the moment i leave her side and also ive never liked a girl before what is happening

you gay embrace it

There’s this one creepy guy at work who’s like. In his mid-60s and he keeps winking at all of us? (All of the workers are women, except me. I’m AFAB though so. He thinks I’m also a girl.)

It’s even worse bc, the only reason he comes here, is because he was banned from another location a town over. Because he said that he’d totally bang this one chick working there and she overheard him and said that she was only 15 and he laughed and said it didn’t matter or something.

Totally creepy. Most of us are over 18, but one girl is only….16? 17? And I. Ugh. What a creep.

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Hi there. I was wondering, in the Steampunk AU, would Shining Armor be a Guardian like Twilight? It feels fitting to me, but I don't know if you'd want to do something different. Thank you for your time. (:

Mmmm…. Probably not to be honest. I’m not entirely sure how to go about it but one possibility I think could be is that Twilight wasn’t a Sky-City dweller originally. She was kidnapped because maybe she had a high concentration of magic but was found that she wouldn’t survive the parasitic injection when they tried so they decided to turn her into a Guardian, which ended up working pretty well (she’s probably one of the more magically powerful Guardians).

So with that possibility, what I think Shining could be is perhaps either a leader or a guard to one of the larger settlements of the “Underworld” (the Underworld dwellers probably still just call it Equestria though). Maybe kidnappings has become a common thing to happen in this Equestria, but while some just chalk it up to like “welp bandits got ‘em that sucks”, others have inklings that it’s something else. Hell maybe the sky-city isn’t a secret at all but only up to recently they’ve been suspected for kidnapping ground-dwelling folks for their experimentation and such? Not to mention “disposing” some of their failed experiments to the ground, where the settlements now have to deal with these dangerous creations as well as their own problems.

Anyway yeah, perhaps the leader of the protective force of one of the bigger settlements and absolutely driven to try and find out where the kidnapped folks are being taken and how to get there to retrieve them, especially because Twi’s among one of the kidnapped victims??


IronWing Edit 6/∞ || Hogwarts AU || Hufflepuff Danny & Ravenclaw Colleen

Thank you again @ironwingedhawk for the amazing idea, and house placements! You couldn’t have been more right.


“Lumos!”, Danny screamed before he turned around and thankfully, saw another student, one he’d recognized from the corridors, through the dim light of the wand.

Now that he thought about it, he was pretty sure that she was a Quidditch player for Ravenclaw. Beater, no seeker.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Same could be asked of you.”

The girl sighed and looked around, “Okay, let me guess: Some jerks asked you to do this, so you can join their gang.”

“I’m a Hufflepuff, we don’t do that stuff.”

“What then?” She asked, her wand pointed at Danny. He knew that she wouldn’t really hurt him but for some reason, his heart was beating like crazy. “I wanted to search for something. A flower, that only grows here in the forbidden forest.”

“Why the hell would you-?”

“Oh come on, what are you doing here?”

“I came here to study plants for potions.” she sighed.

“Exactly, and now, you’re lost in here?”

“No… Maybe.”

“Well, welcome to the club.”

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I know this is sudden, but I'd like to Slytherin your pants, maybe even cop a feel of them Hufflepuffs~♡😎

If I didn’t know better I would think one of my friends sent this in because she is forever using the “Can I Slytherin in line?”. I’ve never heard the whole Hufflepuff innuendo though so it caught me a little unaware. I didn’t blush but I sure came pretty close to it.

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So one of my wisdomteth is being a little bitch. I went to the dentist today because I just couldnt stand the pain and she gave me 2 injections to numb my mouth and cut away some of the flesh covering my toth. It still hurts like hell and it has to be removed on monday. Could I get a little love from the egos? Pretty please <3 (thx in advance)

(aaaaaah D: I went through that misery. I got all four of mine taken out at the same time with only numbing. *shudders* I couldn’t feel the pain, but your body still registers the strain of the procedure. Let me try my hand here a bit, sorry if this doesn’t turn out like you might want.)

Dr. Iplier was a touch grumpy. He wasn’t trained in the care of teeth, in a tight spot he might do a tooth removal. Otherwise he was useless, and he hated it. He could at least offer some physical and emotional support.

He sat with you on the couch, his arm around your shoulders to hold you against him, “Whatever pain medication that /dentist/ prescribes you, I want to see it. I’m not taking any chances. I know your health better than anyone else, nothing is getting past me.” He pulled you even closer forcing you to curl up against his chest as both of his arms went around you.

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As for now your Steampunk/Bioshock/Fallout-Dystopia doesn't seem to feature any alicorns (besides Twi, but she's an abomination of magic and technology), so why not go with that? Before the fandom made it a name for "winged pegasi", the word "alicorn" was an alchemical description of a unicorn's horn. According to European legends it was one of the most valuable substances found in nature and an universal remedy. If "alicorn" doesn't sit with you, then I would propose "magic juice" instead.

Hmmm…. I dunno, the use of “alicorn” could be pretty fun. Maybe it’s a cultural thing instead of a scientific thing in this aspect; alicorns did exist before everything went to hell (Celestia, Luna, and Cadance are all present in this AU but I don’t know if they’re surviving alicorns, experiments, or just regular pony breeds yet), and they were pretty idolized, so maybe slapping the name “alicorn” on the products helped make them seem more appealing?? Certainly something to think about at least. o3o

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2,3,6,7 for the ask prompt

2. What was the first 5* hero you ever summoned?

Hawkeye…. I’ll never forget that horrid day………

3. What character did you upgrade first? (Any rating.)

Cordelia, Like the moment I got her I was like, RIGHT THERE GOES 20K

6. Current main team?

Erm I guess my Arena team is Lukas, Elinica, Olivia and Sonya

7. Most emotional summon so far?

This one

I literally use to pull on colourless just for Elise and one day I was at work (My old job)and my boss wanted to know what sort of stuff I played, and quite frankly I showed him heroes he thought it was mildly interesting and then I showed him a summon and like I got Elise and I cried pretty much, she’s minus speed but I don’t care