she's so pretty i might cry

why i stopped identifying as ace

i know, I just recreated my blog and now I’m talking about Things. 

look, no one is arguing that asexuality is a real thing.  in fact, I used to call myself ace too.  I had an ace flag background, I had an ace ring – all of it. 

and you know what? nothing about my attraction has changed since then. even though I dropped the asexual label, I’d still be a firm member of the community if I decided to call myself ace. 

but I don’t. and i never will again. and here’s why: 

y’all are homophobes.

yes, you’ve heard it before! but now it’s coming from an asexual who felt so alienated and embarrassed by your actions that she will never come near your community anymore. 

you take tragedies, murders, and violent acts against sga people and turn them into some kind of oppression contest against you. you make everything about yourself, constantly.  you talk about sex more than any quote-unquote “allosexual” I’ve ever met.

you make posts about how an std-plague would be so cool because only aces would survive.  you take valid criticisms of your garbage behavior and cry “aphobes!” and put your fingers in your ears.

newsflash: you’re not oppressed because you don’t want sex.  yes, sexual situations may make you more uncomfortable than others, and finding a compatible partner might be rough, but those aren’t systematic.  

when I told my mom I was ace, she said “you haven’t met the right person.” rude, yes, but pretty normal for a mom response.

when I told my mom I liked girls, she sent me to conversion therapy and told me if it didn’t stop, I had to leave.

you see the difference? let’s be real: probably not.  you’ll probably tell me I’m either lying or generalizing.  but I want you to know this: you are the reason I don’t feel safe in the “ace community,” and you are the reason no one wants you in our safe spaces.  leave us alone.

Ok stay with me on this but...

Because Johnny has been staying with Rosita for awhile and is constantly around her kids, he accidentally calls her mom when asking her a question. At first he’s super embarrassed and that Rosita might react to it, but she doesn’t and they carry on normally to his relief. On the inside though, Rosita is so happy she wants to cry because she pretty much already sees Johnny as her son ever since he got there.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a fic where Jughead goes to Veronica for sex advice haha just thought it would be funny

Lmao sure let me try it out.

Jughead had been planning this night for months, he wanted everything to be perfect. She deserved it, Jesus that girl deserved it.
Betty Cooper had stuck by him at even his worst times , with his father, with the Serpents and when he completely lost himself, she made sure that he knew he was never alone and he would never be able to repay her for that. But he could try. He could make tonight perfect, make their first time everything she’s ever dreamed of, there was only one problem.

He had no clue what she dreamed of.

That’s what brought him to the incredibly uncomfortable position that he was in right now , sitting across from Veronica in a booth at Pops while she whispered as if this was some stealth mission.

“Betty is sweet and soft and she’d want her first time to be filled with candle light and gentle touches, treat her like she’s some priceless artifact. Very few touches just a whole lot of caressing.” Veronica nodded knowingly, talking her fingernails against her milkshake

“Oh and you know how quiet Betty is, don’t say too much. You’ll scare her, just let her enjoy the moment. She might cry, this is a very big moment for a girl, you have to just let her cry.”

Jughead shook his head
“I know how sweet Betty is but when we.. ya know fool around?” He winced at the phrasing author in training my ass “Betty is pretty passionate, I don’t know if she’d..”

Veronica cut him off
“Trust me, I’m Bettys best friend, I know exactly how she wants her first time to be.. every girl wants the same thing Jughead.. oh my god I can’t believe it’s finally happening, you two are so gonna get laid” she clapped her hands and grinned at a bright red Jughead, sinking lower into the booth. It was gonna be a long night.

“And can you believe that monster just jumped out of the bushes, I didn’t even see it coming” Betty rambled excitedly as they reached Jugheads trailer, his arm draped over her shoulders as he smiled lovingly at his girlfriend.
Betty pushed through the front door still going on, pulling her coat off and throwing it on the couch

“Oh! And then..” her words died on her lips when she the inside of the trailer.

The whole room was lit up, fairy lights and fake candles littered the room and it smelled suspiciously like vanilla, there was Betty’s favorite blanket on the couch and a speaker set up.

Betty looked up at Jughead with watery eyes and heartbreakingly beautiful smile on her face.

“Juggie..” she whispered

He smiled shyly, throwing his beanie to the couch and walking towards her
“I want this to be perfect, I love you so much. I don’t know what I would do without you and I know you deserve more than a trailer but…”

Betty cut him off as she pressed her lips his
“It’s perfect.. its everything.” She choked, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down onto the couch.

It started Off gentle, jughead biting back his moans as Betty’s tongue worked magic, but then it shifted, Betty straddled Jughead, her hands pulling his tshirt off as she sat atop him waiting for the favor to be returned. He was hesitant, his hands hovering. Remember what Veronica told you, go slow, don’t touch just caress.

Betty stared down confused
“Do you.. do you not want too.. did you change your mind?” Her arms came across her chest defensively hiding herself away.

Jughead shook his head, prying her arms free
“No! I do! It’s not that! It’s just.. Veronica told me to go slow, she said..”

Betty let out a bark of laughter before quickly covering her mouth with her hand
“I’m sorry, you asked Veronica about our sex life?” She giggled again, looking down as her boyfriends cheeks reddened

“I just wanted it to be the way you wanted, and who knows you better than Veronica?” His hands dropped to her waist as he gazed into her eyes.

Smiling softly, Betty placed her palms on either side of his face
“You do. Jughead jones, you know me better than I know myself.”

He released a breath he hadn’t even known he was holding, before he placed a lingering kiss to her lips , she whispered against his ear

“I’m yours Juggie.”

That was all it took, her shirt was off in seconds flat and he had her lifted in his arms, stumbling through the kitchen and slamming against the wooden cabinets.

Sure maybe Veronica’s idea of the perfect first time was perfect for her, but for Betty? Jughead knew just what she liked.

Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight (9.10-11)
The Beatles

January 9th, 1969 (Twickenham Film Studios, London): With John and George yet to arrive at the studio, Ringo sits with Paul at the piano as they chat about the origins of ‘Golden Slumbers’ and the originally intended music hall leanings of ‘Carry That Weight’. 

PAUL: That really should be like a fairy tale. “Once upon a time there lived a princess and…” Once upon a time / There lived a king / “Sleep pretty darling do not cry / And I will sing a lullaby.”

MAL: [laughs] And the king will sing a lullaby. 

PAUL AND RINGO: And this is why she said… She said, “Boy, you’re gonna carry that weight, carry that weight a long time…”

PAUL: Like their troubles, all their troubles. But it was like a comedy when I heard it, you know. [starts playing jaunty piano] Boy, you’re gonna carry that weight / Carry that weight a long time…

PAUL: See, I think there might a verse about, I got drunk, I got in trouble with the wife, got drunk, so on and so on and so on, and it all goes to the next morning with a weight upon my head, and I found out it was my head. [laughs; starts playing jaunty piano] Boy, you’re gonna carry that weight / Carry that weight a long time… Just sort of normal kind of troubles that everyone has, and then just boy, you’re gonna…

PAUL: But it could be one of those things where, you know like in those songs where you’ve got everything, and everything’s going so great, but like, “This morning, one of my eggs broke,” you know. [laughs]

RINGO: [laughs; plays piano] “The rabbit’s got away.”

PAUL: [laughs] Just something trivial. 

MAL: “Broke a mirror.”

PAUL: “My right shoe’s a bit tight.” Boy, you’re gonna carry that weight…

for those who weren’t at houston, i want to try and describe to you the energy in this tiny venue when taylor sat down at the piano and was like”…so…at my last show yall were chanting for this song over and over….”

everyone in this crowd who had been to that show or at least known about it started SCREAMING like i thought we might all simultaneously combust

but then there were also a lot of casual fans who just ended up at this concert idk how, and they’re all confused like “???? why is everyone so excited what is she talking about ???”

and then there’s people like me who are screaming and crying “YAS QUEEN” “FUCK ME UP” “IM DYING”

so when she started playing and at least 50% of the GA crowd started crying and collapsing, I’m pretty sure the other 50% was like “is this a slow ballad? why is everyone sobbing? what did i get myself into?”

but yeah i wanted to launch myself on top of that piano during all too well.

Love The Way You Lie (Jon Moxley imagine)

The reader becomes friends with benefits with Jon Moxley, she wasn’t expecting to fall in love with him. But her plans go sideways and things change between the two. Heavily inspired by Love the Way You Lie Part 2 by Rihanna. Pretty sure I’m gonna write a part two to this, so just let me know if I should please.

Warnings: a rollercoaster of emotions, you might end up crying, smut, ANGST, SO MUCH ANGST, fluff, cursing, an abusive relationship, there’s definitely a toxic relationship in here, if you think you’re going to be triggered,please don’t read this,smol beans. 

Word Count : 4,188 shameless words 

Tag List: @flawlassglamazon @neeadinghugs (Tell me if you want to be tagged in my fics!)

When I became friends with benefits with Jon Moxley, I told myself there’d be no way in hell that I would fall in love with him. I had no idea how wrong I would be. Here’s how it all begun. When I became friends with benefits with Jon Moxley, I promised both myself and Sami Callihan that I would not fall for him. I had no idea how wrong I would be. Here’s how it all begun. 

Sami Callihan was the one who introduced us. He was a close friend of mine that I had met a few years ago at a bar where we was both drowning our life problems in whiskey and he chatted me up, thinking he could get a one night stand out of me. But he didn’t and we just talked, laughed, and got drunk off our asses. I’ll never forget how I met Mox though. It was right after one of his matches with Drake Younger and he was soaked in blood, with his collar in hand.

Sami turned to me while we was waiting for his best friend to arrive from the ring then warned, “He ain’t like ever other guy here, babe. He’ll fuck you up and over without a second of regret, ight?” I scoffed and patted his cheek then declared, ”Sami, I deal with your stupid ass on a regular basis, so I think I can handle your unhinged friend.”

“I’m serious, (Y/N). He’s not someone to fuck around with.” I sighed and placed my hands on my hips then retorted, “Neither are you but here I am, where I’ve been for the last two years. I can handle it.”

He sighed and shook his head then muttered, “Don’t come crawling back to me whining and crying if you do get hurt.” I huffed then shuffled back a bit when I saw that Mox was coming through the curtain.

Sami clasped him on the back with a grin then stated, ”Damn good match out there, Mox. Bloody though.”

“ A’ways is.” Mox mumbled back, heading towards the shower, completely ignoring me. Callihan shot me a smirk then held up a finger then hollered, ”Mox, get ya scrawny ass back here right quick. Got someone I want ya to meet.” 

“Don’t want no ring rat,Callihan.”Mox snapped, whipping around to level his best friend with his sky blue eyes and I jumped slightly at the wildness of his irises then felt my anger rise in my chest. 

“I ain’t no ring rat, you dick. I’m (Y/N) motherfucking (Y/L/N). “ I snapped, crossing my arms over my chest. Mox smiled at me, but it was far from a kind one. it was full of menace. He stalked towards me and I thought that I would be able to hold my ground, only for me to back up as he grew closer then yelped as I found out that I was cornered. He tilted my head up to look him in the eyes before I snapped, “Get the actual fuck away from me before I castrate you.”

“Someone’s got an attitude. Bet I could fix that for ya, darlin’.” he chuckled before shoving me away from him like I was gum on the bottom of his shoe.

“Huh, guess ya was right. He ain’t nothing but a lil bitch.” I spat, brushing my clothes off. I knew it would catch his attention,  especially since he was a man, and men never walked away when being called a little bitch. He whipped around then snapped, “You don’t know shit about me, doll, and if I have it my way, you never will.”

“C’mon, Mox, chill out. She’s just messin’ wit ya head.” Callihan pointed as he lounged against the wall, eyes closed. Moxley backed away then drug his index finger down my neck to my collarbone, causing me to shiver. He chuckled and leaned closer then purred, “You smell like fuckin’ heaven, darlin’. Maybe if you didn have that attitude, I might reconsider taking ya against this wall.”

“In your fucking dreams, bitch.” I snapped in return, shoving him away. He chuckled, brushing his hair away from his face, then walked away, leaving me breathless and my panties soaked. Sami turned to me, looking very amused at the scene that just took place in front of him, then asked, “Would ya kill me if I said I told ya so?”

“Actually, I think I would at this point. Now can your facehole, Callihan, and let’s go.” That was only when we first met though.  The thing that everyone enjoys hearing however, is how we ended up as fuck buddies. It was about a month after we first met and I was hanging out at a bar when some random dude approached me.

“Damn, you’re fucking sexy.” the scumbag declared as I leaned against the bar with my back to him. He was beyond annoying and I wasn’t the only one who thought so. I had been also chatting with the bartender, who informed me of this, ”This prick is always here, harrassing the girls. Most of them have boyfriends, and he gets his ass smothered into my counter when the boyfriends see it.”

I groaned and hit my head against the counter then muttered, “Too bad I don’t have a boyfriend then . You see any guys willing to come kick this dude’s ass?” He scanned the room then replied to more under his breath than to me directly, ”I mean, I know this one guy.”

“Who?” I perked up when I realized that there was a chance that I wouldn’t have to break this fucker’s nose. He grimaced then scratched his head and grumbled, “Look over your right shoulder. You’ll see a guy with dirty blond hair and blue eyes with a white wife beater on. He’s a fucking psychotic ass motherfucker but he’s somewhat of a good guy. Just got a few screws loose.”

I turned away, still ignoring the idiot spitting all over my face, then begun my search for said “fucking psychotic ass motherfucker”, only to become very disappointed when I realized who he had described to me.

“Never fucking mind, I’ll do it myself.” I whipped around to face this guy only to find that he had been jerked off and away from the barstool by Jon Moxley himself. I growled and went to pull him away only to watch in fascination and slight horror as he rammed his fist into the douchebag’s gut and face, alternating between the two before he spat, “Get the fuck out of my face and don’t come near her again or I swear I’ll cut ya dick off and really make ya a real fucking pussy.”

The guy scampered off and Mox chuckled in a diabolical manner then turned to the bartender, ordering himself a bourbon on the rocks, before he grumbled, ”Why’d ya let ‘im hit on ya for so long? Thought you’d be one of those chicks that like breakin’ noses.” I scoffed then spat, “And I was gonna break his nose before you came over here and ruined my idea.”

“ ‘Scuse the fuck outta me then, Princess. I didn’t mean to ruin ya plans.” His apology sounded half assed and he seemed slightly drunk as well so I rolled my eyes then dipped back my drink before bidding the bartender goodbye.

What I didn’t realize was that Moxley was following me through the back alley as I weaved in and out of the streets, trying to avoid all the creeps and fuckheads that patrolled the lanes and shitty sidewalks, before he asked, ”What the fuck is up with ya? Ya hang out with guys like Callihan.”

I shot him a dirty look and replied, “Reason numero uno: At least Callihan has some sense in that horribly put together head of his. Please, he’s a decent guy.” He chuckled and began walking backwards to face me then I pointed out before he could get a word in, ”You’re gonna run into a wall or corner, or even a Dumpster if you don’t turn around and walk right.”

He rolled his eyes then raised his eyebrows as we turned again before he replied, ”Nah I won’t. I know these alleys like the back of my hand, darlin’. I know where I’m going. The question is, do ya?” I scoffed and answered, ”Yeah, it’s called my apartment. I’m going home and stripping down to my socks, before I take a steaming hot bath while watching Netflix. Where are you going anyways? Following me?”

“Ya got me, darlin’. I wanted to talk to ya for a while. I was a bit of a fucker when I first met ya.” I raised my left eyebrow then begun searching for my phone to check the time before I muttered, ”That’s a fucking understatement. Well, here’s my place.” We came to a stop and I noticed that he had busted his head open in the bar fight with that dickhead. I got lost in thought, taking in the realization that I had called that guy a lot of fucking names but then I remembered that I was a grown adult and I didn’t give a shit about how many cuss words came from my mouth.

“Hello? Earth to (Y/N)? What’d he do, slip ya a roofie?” he cursed, waving his hand in front of my face. I swatted his hand away then started up the stairs to my apartment as I said, “He didn’t slip me a roofie, I’m just a little out of it. Ya might as well come inside and sober up before you go out and get into another fight over a girl not in distress.”

“Ya was in distress, whether ya want to admit it or not.” he grumbled as he joined me to sit on the couch. I frowned then exclaimed, ”I was not in fucking distress, alright!? Get the fuck over yourself, Mox, damn.” He chuckled, his eyes slightly closing, and his voice rose in rose from the last time he spoke, ”Jesus fucking Christ, Callihan was right. Ya do refuse to say thank you for any fucking thing to any fucking body.”

“I could’ve handled it, you fucker! But you decided to be Mister Knight in Motherfucking Shining Armor, didn’t you. Well, fuck you!” I screamed, slamming my fists against his chest. He wrapped his hands around my wrists then slammed me against the couch, pinning my hips with his knees before he crushed his lips to mine in a searing kiss. I gasped for air but didn’t move away from his kiss as we battled for the top spot.

“Fuckin’ give up an lemme see that pretty pink pussy.” he chuckled, fully on biting in varied spots on my neck. I snapped my teeth at him but didn’t argue, only said in reply, “As long as I get to see your dick.”

“Well, you got yourself a deal then, Kitten.” he replied as I shoved him backwards  and began stripping myself of my clothes, his eyes eating up the small show that I was putting on for him. When I finally reached my lingerie set and garter belt, his eyes darkened and his jaw dropped.

“Goddamn, no wonder Callihan wanted in your pants. You’re sexy as fuck. C’mere.” he ordered, beckoning me forward with his index finger after he pulled off his wife beater and unbuttoned his jeans. I smirked at him and turned in a slow circle before I stated, “If you want it, you have to come get it.”

He smirked and snatched me up by the wrist before claiming my throat with his free hand then warned, “I don’t run, sweetheart. Now, go lay down on the bed and don’t touch yourself.” I did as he said as soon as he let me go but didn’t heed his other warning. Instead, I pinched my nipples into stiff peaks and allowed my free hand to wonder down to my clit where I begun rubbing at a slow pace.

“Oh, so ya don’t fucking listen either. Great, this is going to be fun… for me at least.” he declared, wrapping his hand around his cock which I gaped at. He was long and thick and I couldn’t help but wonder how the hell he was going to fit inside of me. He smirked and drug me to the edge of the bed then flipped me over, forcing me to move my hands. I whined at the loss then yelped as he spanked me.

“You bastard! Don’t spank me!” I snapped, attempting to struggle out of his hold. Instead of him letting me go, Moxley continued to spank my ass and eventually I gave into the pain then moaned louder than I ever had. Mox chuckled at the sound then said, ”I fucking knew that you would have a pain kink.”

“Jesus, if all you do is talk during sex, then get the fuck out so I can get myself off.” I gasped as he flipped me onto my back again then he sunk balls deep into my pussy, a small scream escaping my mouth when he begun pounding into me.

“Goddammit, Mox! Don’t fucking stop!” I begged, scratching along his shoulders. He smirked and sucked several hickeys into both the skin of my neck and collarbones before he declared simply, “Beg better and we’ll talk about you coming, darlin’.”

“Fuck, don’t stop, you feel so good, my God, Mox, God, your cock is so fucking deep! Let me come, please!” I screamed, pulling on his hair as he pressed his thumb to my clit and rubbed slow, rough circles, a contrast to his pace that he was pounding into me. He pulled away a little then declared, “Come then, my good little slut.” I cried out as he sunk his teeth into my shoulder then arched into him as I came, body quivering and trembling.

Mox’s pace never slowed and his eyes only grew more intense as he continued to fuck me into the mattress, the springs squeaking at the strain we was putting on it. He tightened his hands around my hips then growled, “My good little whore is still taking my dick like a good girl. I think I’m going to enjoy this. “

“Fucking come in me, you fucking psycho.” I gasped, pulling harder on his hair. His eyes darkened and he leaned closer then ordered, “Slap me.”

“Are you insane!?” I shouted, slamming my hands against his chest. Mox raised an eyebrow then replied, “Of fucking I am. Now fucking slap me.” I slumped slightly against the bed and he growled in annoyance then begun to shout, ”Goddammit-“

I hauled back and hit him across the face as hard as I could manage and he groaned, his entire body shuddering as he came inside of me.

Our first big fight was the thing that got our relationship rolling downhill. And a ring rat was the cause of it. I was waiting backstage for Mox and Callihan to return from the ring when I realized that I wasn’t alone. She was pretty, with dark hair and smoky makeup surrounding her bright blue eyes, but I was still a little irritated with the fact that she was waiting for one of my boys.

“So, you know Moxley and Callihan?” she asked, my teeth grinding together as I answered, ”Yeah, but that’s really none of your fucking business, now is it?”

“You don’t need to be a bitch about it.” she grumbled in return, crossing her arms over her chest. I rolled my eyes at her pettiness but I wasn’t in the mood to deal with it. I just wanted to see Moxley and go home. But when he and his best friend arrived from the ring, what set me off was when he completely ignored me and continued to chat with the girl. I raised my eyebrows, severely pissed and beyond annoyed now.

I cleared my throat to catch his attention but he only smirked at me over her shoulder then winked at her. I gritted my teeth and snapped, ”Can I fucking have a word with you?”

“No, he’s talking to me, whore.” she retorted, and I only smirked in return before I winded my fist through her pretty brown locks then slammed her head into the concrete wall and declared in the calmest voice I could muster up,”If you do not get the actual fuck away from me, I might even commit murder instead of just beating your ass like I originally planned? Got it,ring rat?”

“Yes!” she sobbed, squirming against my hold. I shoved her away from me then turned to face Mox who was glaring hard at me. I tilted my head a little at him then walked closer before I stated in a low voice, ”I believe I told you that I wanted a fucking word with you? Now, let’s go have a fucking talk.”

We walked up to his room where he whipped around and shouted, ”What the fuck was that about?!” I scoffed and asked, ”You can’t be fucking serious! We’re fuck buddies and you still talk to those fucking whores who just want their hands on your cock that I ride every night?”

“Oh please, the only reason why I’m not fucking those ring rats is because then you wouldn’t sleep with me!” he growled, rolling his eyes. I shook my head and started to walk out of the room but instead of him letting me walk away, he grabbed my wrist then forced me to look at him as he screamed, ”Don’t fucking walk away from me!”

“Fuck you!” I shouted in return, slapping him across the face. His blue eyes darkened and I knew that I had fucked up majorly. I struggled against his hold only for him to return the slap. I cried out and he allowed me to fall to the ground, my hand flying to my stinging cheek. He ran his hand through his hair then exclaimed, ”Damn it! I’m fucking sorry.”

I shook my head and climbed back to my feet then begun walking towards the door as he begged, ”Please don’t go! (Y/N)!” I turned slowly and declared, ”No, Mox, I can’t do this anymore.”

“Damn it, don’t fucking leave! I can fix this! I’m sorry.” I froze at the use of his last two words then asked softly, ”What did you say?” Jon tangled his hands through his curls then growled, ”I’m fucking sorry, okay? Just don’t fucking leave.”

“Why? What’s the fucking point? It’s not like this is going to last very long, Mox. Jesus, you’re probably sleeping with that bitch anyways.” My words just kept coming and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t fucking shut up,”You’re no different than any other guy,Mox. You’re always going to trade me in for someone better than me,dammit!”

He again hit me and this time I was ready for it because as soon as he hit me, I returned it, this time never stopping with the abuse.

“You fucking prick! I hate you!” I screamed, continuing to punch and slap his chest. He never once backed away from me however and I couldn’t figure out why. I didn’t care at that moment though. I just wanted him to get away. I shoved him into the coffee table and it shattered in pieces under the pressure of his body and it seemed like he was on his feet again in a matter of seconds before he retaliated with another slap. I sobbed and curled into a ball on the couch, tears pouring down my cheeks, and I couldn’t seem to stop. He knelt beside me and laid his head on my knee and that’s how we stayed the rest of the night.

But that wasn’t the worst of it all. But I’m assuming you’re wondering when I realized when I was in love with Jon? In fact, it was the same morning following our first big fight.

  I woke up and realized that he was gone. I sighed and slouched against the couch before I walked over to the mirror that he had hanging on the wall. It wasn’t much but it showed me what damage had been done last night.

My cheek was bruised and I ran my index finger along the tender skin before I stifled a small cry then turned to see Jon walking into the room holding a small box. He gave me a small smile and set the box down on the couch before he murmured, ”A peace offerin’. A “I’m sorry, babe.” present.” I walked over to the so called peace offering and peered inside of the cardboard then gasped when I realized what was inside.

“Mox! They’re adorable!” I squealed, picking up the little grey kittens. He smiled sheepishly then informed me that he found the box just outside of the compound, just shy from being under the roofing and he didn’t want them to get sick from the rain.

Yeah, I know. That didn’t make up for what he did to me, and what I did to him but that’s when I realized that he cared for me and that’s when I realized that I was head over heels for him, even if it was bad for us. We had several more occasions like the first fight but they escalated from there on out.

But the final argument that we ever had was over something I never thought we would talk about: my true feelings for him. I had confided in Sami about it but it was one of my biggest life mistakes.

“When was you going to tell me?! I thought we agreed no catching fucking sappy ass feelings!” he screamed, bursting into my apartment door. I sighed and stood up then declared, ”I don’t want to talk about this.” He shoved me back then shouted, ”I don’t give a shit about what you want! I fucking told you no feelings.”

“I am so fucking sorry, it’s not like falling in love with your crazy ass was exactly on my list of mistakes to complete in my life!” I screamed, pushing him back. Instead of him screaming back at me immediately like I thought he would, he just pinned me to the back of the couch and roared in my face,”I fucking thought you could handle the no strings attached, fuck buddies thing. I guess I was fucking wrong! Stupid whore!”

I struggled to get my pinned arms free and when I did, I hit him as hard as I could manage in the face. That was one of his many pretty features and by the time I was through with him, I planned on having his body rearranged severely. That would teach him a lesson on toying with people’s hearts.

“Stop it, goddammit!” he snarled, reaching for my hands. But when he couldn’t succeed with that task, he instead grabbed me by the throat and I tensed entirely, in fear of what he might do to me. He leaned closer and I couldn’t help but look into his eyes. They were confused and hurt. But there was something else that I still,cannot, till this day, tell you what it looked like.

“Let me go, and we can end this right fucking now. All of it. You can walk away and go back to the way that we was before we met each other.” I choked out, staring deeply into his eyes. He shook his head then declared, ”I can’t let you do that.”

“Let me go,Jon, and walk away from me or accept the fact that I’ve fallen for you, despite you and I practically beating each other senseless. I only see two options here, Mox, and either way, it doesn’t look like it’s going to end well for either of us.”

“Don’t make me choose. You choose. You’re the one who fell in love with my crazy, ugly ass. Now choose.” I shook my head the best I could then muttered, ”You know which one I would choose and your ugly ass wouldn’t let it go through. So fucking get out of my apartment, Moxley. It’s clear that this fuck buddies thing, is fucking over. Get out. I don’t fucking want your mutt ass anymore.”

“(Y/N), please.” he begged, but still, he backed away from me. I shook my head and pointed wordlessly to the door after handing over his cat. We had decided that we would each keep one if we ever departed from one another.

“No more, Jon. I’m sorry.” I shut the door in his face and sunk against the wood then smiled faintly when Logan, my cat, curled into my lap and curled up in my lap for comfort. I scoffed and muttered, ”You fucking idiot, just add that to another mistake you’ve made in your miserable life.”

But little did I know, that wouldn’t be the last time I would come face to face with Jon Moxley. Or should I say, Dean Ambrose?

Guys. Guys. The Holmes siblings.

Why isn’t anyone talking about the sibling interaction we got? Could the fandom stop being toxic for two seconds and enjoy the good things we got? Forget Johnlock and Sherlolly and let’s focus on these adorable babies.

First of all, can you believe how good of a brother Mycroft is? Can you believe he did so much for his younger siblings? He took everything upon himself to protect Sherlock and Eurus. He might not have always taken the right course of action, but he tried. He lied to be kind. Did you see the fondness in his eyes when the home videos came up during his movie at the beginning? He sent those presents to Eurus. He obviously still cared. And how he tried to make it easier for Sherlock to shoot him… That was the sweetest thing. It shows how he would do anything for his little brother. Most people would try to give reasons why they should be the one to live, but Mycroft straight up offered himself. Owned that if someone had to die it had to be him. He is a wonderful big brother.

Sherlock, there at the end? How he cared for Eurus? Did you hear the empathy in his voice? Did you see him desperately try to reach out to his little sister? Even after all she put him through, after all she did, she’s still his sister, and he still cares for her. He couldn’t shoot Mycroft. He was more willing to kill himself than his brother or best friend. You can see through the whole episode how he cared about them so much. “Look after him. He’s not nearly as strong as he thinks he is.” Sherlock Holmes is not a machine.

And Eurus. There isn’t a lot you can say for her. She did some pretty messed up things. But…She wanted love. That was her goal. She definitely had a psychopathic way of trying to get it, but that’s what she wanted. She wanted attention. Everything she did was a hurt child crying for someone to notice her. She might not be sibling of the year, but there definitely is more to her than meets the eye, and I can’t wait to know more about her.

In the end, this episode was great, as far as character interaction and the way the actors portrayed it. You can say what you want about the plot or nitpick at little details, but I think that this episode was wonderful, because it showed so much of who these people actually are.

Months trying to disappear from Aerys’ sight, months spent in her bedchambers waiting with her babes, waiting for the ending. Elia was no fool. It was either life or death.

Gods forbid, if Aerys suddenly decided that she was betraying him, she would not even need for anyone to storm in and kill her. Ashara had gone home ; Arthur was out there, and her uncle…

Her Prince came back one glorious afternoon, victorious from the Trident, horns blaring and Targaryen banners high. All were ready to welcome him in the throne room, all but her. Elia stayed in her bedchambers, nursing Aegon who had been growing up without his father seeing it, telling Rhaenys that he was home and oh gods, she was so relieved for the children, but she wanted to kill him, she wanted to kill him.

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Best Damn Bachelor Party

Commiserating over the traditions of bachelorette and bachelor parties, Emma and Killian end up having their own celebration on the eve of their wedding. A little bachelorette/bachelor party one-shot on the eve of the Captain Swan Wedding! Thanks to @like-waves-on-the-beach for the last minute read through and writer support! Thanks to @lizzyc807shipscaptainswan for the writing challenge prompt and invitation to all to participate.

Rated M - If M is not your thing, read NO further


ffnet   ao3


“A what?” Killian asked, looking as befuddled as he had when Henry had congratulated him on their Wookie prisoner gag.

“A bachelor party,” David and Henry repeated in unison.

The three most important men in Emma Swan’s life sat together at a corner booth in Granny’s discussing the plan of action for tonight.  It was the night before David would walk his baby girl down the aisle, the first rite of passage he would get to experience as Emma’s father. It was Henry’s last night before officially having a stepfather, and seeing his mother marry the love of her life. And it was Killian’s last night as a bachelor, although he didn’t quite see the importance of celebrating his single status.

“Why on earth would I celebrate being a bachelor? I’ve been a bachelor for lifetimes. I’ll be a married man tomorrow, now that is something to celebrate,” Killian exclaimed.

David’s heart swelled a little bit at the happiness that Killian exuded, knowing that this reformed pirate was going to be the absolute perfect husband for his daughter. “Well, that’s just it, a bachelor party is one last hurrah, one last celebration as a free and single man.”

“And as I said, what I truly wish to celebrate is marrying Emma. So why don’t we have an ‘I’m getting married’ party instead?”

“You want a wedding shower?” David smirked.

“Aye, I quite like the sound of that. Now, just what does a wedding shower entail?”

“Jesus Christ, Hook, it was a joke. Wedding showers are for women… for the bride to be, not the groom!” David explained, exasperation at his future son-in-law coloring his tone. The blushing groom, he thought.

“Oi, mate, no need for sarcasm,” Killian shot back. “I don’t know everything about your realm. If it is a bachelor party I must have, then so be it.”

“Alright!” Henry pumped his fist into the air. “So what’s the plan fellas?”

David’s eyes about bugged out of his head at his grandson’s assumption that he would be at the bachelor party. A celebration among men. “Whoa, Henry, I’m not so sure your mother would be on board with you being at a bachelor party.”

“Gramps, we live in Storybrooke, it’s not like there will be drugs and strippers.”

David was speechless as he tried to pick his jaw up off the floor. Why was Henry even saying the word stripper? How did he even know about strippers? And drugs? He’s growing up too quickly, David panicked, now he positively felt like a grandpa as the need to keep Henry young and innocent surged through him. When he looked at Killian, the grin he saw on the pirate’s face wasn’t what he was hoping to see. He narrowed his eyes at Hook, as the man made eye contact with him, eyes filled with mirth no less. “What are you teaching my grandson?” David asked accusingly.

“I’m a pirate, Dave, not a man whore,” Killian deadpanned. He didn’t hold it against David, it was easy to blame a pirate, especially in uncomfortable situations; like when your grandson mentions naked women. Killian tried to school his features as he was having a hard time not bursting into laughter over the prince’s outrage.

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Too Much Pressure

Hey angels!
This one is a bit shorter, hope you enjoy it anyway. Feedback is always appreciated. xx

Also, please note that my mother tongue isn’t English so there might be some mistakes. Feel free to correct me if I made mistakes!

Requested by @littlemisscaptainfandom: Could you do a fic with Reggie and the reader where he comforts her after she panics big time over exams because she is pretty useless at maths and has never failed anything in her life because people expect so much from her? (Sorry, this is pretty much my life right now) x

Pairing: Reggie Mantle x Reader
Warnings: none I guess
Words: 825

It’s that time of year again where students are stressing themselves out; where some of them cry most of the time due stress; where some of them don’t do anything but sitting in their rooms, isolating themselves from the outside, and studying non-stop. It’s exams time. The horror of every student. Where others still enjoy their lives and meet up with their friends, I’m one of those people, who are just thinking about studying and good grades. School matters more than having a social life. It’s been like this my entire life.

Since I was little I’ve been taught that doing mistakes is unacceptable; that failing is unacceptable. Being any less than perfect would be a disappointment to my parents, so I work hard on not making mistakes, not even small ones. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and I’m glad I have them, but sometimes it feels like they care more about our image than me as an individual.

That’s why I’m currently sitting in the library with dozens of textbooks in front of me, my eyes focused on the words and numbers. Math’s always been a weakness of mine. As hard as I try it seems like it’s impossible for me to memorize all these formulas. Slowly but surely I can feel the panic rise in me. There’s a heavy feeling in my chest when I think of how disappointed my parents will be when I fail this exam.

This can’t happen, I think to myself, Come on, Y/N, you can’t let them down. Taking a deep breath, I try to focus on the book, which is laying right in front of me. It doesn’t matter how hard I try, nothing in this book makes sense to me. The panic rises even more. My vision starts to get blurry, my heart beats so fast I’m afraid it’ll jump out of my chest. Even my mouth gets drier and drier each second that’s passing by. It’s getting harder to breathe, my throat’s closing itself. Not now, Y/N, hell will be loose. You have to keep going. The first tear escapes my eye, making its way down my cheek. Frustrated I wipe it away and sniffle. Dammit. Deep in my thoughts I don’t notice how someone sits down beside me.

A hand on my shoulder pulls me out of my own world. “Hey, Y/N, is everything alright?”, a familiar deep voice asks me. I look to my left. Reggie. A small smile forms on my face. Despise what most people might think Reggie has always been nothing but friendly to me. I can’t say how and when but we became friends a while ago. Honestly, he’s the only one who I can rely on. He’s been there for me when no one else was. We share most secrets with one another. Of course, I’m not a fan of his behavior towards some persons, but I’m trying to change that.

“Yeah,” I say quietly. He raises an eyebrow, obviously not believing me. “What is it? You know, you can talk to me.” I sigh and look at my hands, which are playing with the hem of my shirt. “I don’t get this stuff,” I murmur, gesturing to the books. I take a deep breath, before continuing to speak, “How should I meet everyone’s expectations when I can’t even get the simplest things?” I swallow hard as I think of letting everyone down. Tears making their way out of my eyes, leaving wet marks on my cheeks. “No one’s expecting things from you,” he softly says, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. “You don’t know my parents. For them is failing a tragic. For most parents it’s okay if their kids make mistakes. But not for mine. If you make one, you’re a loser, a failure, a disappointment.”

“I can’t disappoint them, they will hate me,” I sniffle, leaning in on Reggie. His grip tightens, giving me a secure feeling. “Don’t worry. I’ll help you, but first of all you need to get your mind off,” he smiles, wiping my tears away and pressing a light kiss on my temple. “Reggie, didn’t you hear what I said I-” The boy cuts me off, “I know, I know. But you can’t sit inside and studying your ass off all day. Once in a while you gotta have fun” I open my mouth to protest but before I could say anything, I get cut off, again. “No buts.” I sigh, but can’t help the smile that forms on my face. “Thank you, Reg. You really are my hero,” I whisper, wrapping my arms around his waist and hugging him tightly. “Anything for my favorite girl.” He presses another kiss on my temple. The smile on my face gets bigger. I’m grateful for having a person like him in my life, who supports me and accepts me for my imperfect self, not wanting to change me.

Preschool AU ♡

So I’ve been sharing headcanons with @uushibaka who came up with the brilliant idea of a preschool AU!

So imagine Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, and Hanamaki running a little daycare together. We didn’t go into detail about the little tykes there except for Kageyama, Hinata, and Yachi. But I could also imagine Tsukishima, Yamaguchi, Kunimi, Kindaichi, perhaps Yahaba, and Kyoutani too.

So here is a list of idea that would happen:

-So first of all, Kageyama instantly takes to Oikawa. Follows him around like a little duckling and Oikawa isn’t sure what to make of it at first, but he gets pretty taken with Kageyama too and so Oikawa is usually seen with Kageyama on one arm and whoever on the other.

-Kageyama has problems with sharing Oikawa, especially with Iwaizumi who Oikawa is married to–and yes he takes Iwaizumi’s surname, but for the sake of this post I’m using their typical names–and goes through a pretty bad “mine” phase. If Iwaizumi tries to lean and give Oikawa a quick kiss, Kageyama will put himself in the way somehow to deny him. Wrapping his arms around Oikawa and give Iwaizumi little glares, giving Oikawa cheek kisses of his own. Iwaizumi just huffs a laugh every time and Oikawa is just tickled to death by it.

-We haven’t established ages, but sort of figured the kids have been coming to the daycare since babies. So at one point, when slightly older Kageyama is capable of somewhat understanding the concept of marriage, he tells Oikawa very seriously that he’s going to marry him. Iwaizumi, not thinking about it, tells Kageyama he can’t marry his husband, not realizing it could hurt Kageyama’s feelings, which it does–he doesn’t cry, just gets very pouty and goes and sits in a corner most of the day. (Iwaizumi really feels bad because he should have just let Kageyama keep that dream.) But never fear! Hinata is here! He and his little sister Natsu are new to the daycare and this little ball of sunshine is not afraid to go up to this grouchy looking boy and start asking him lots of questions. (Also should mention that Kageyama had a lot of problems getting along with the kids, even though Oikawa tried to get him included in everything. He would always just come back to play with his favorite teacher because he liked him better.)

-Hinata and Kageyama, after a few bumps–literally giving each other bumps–start to get along pretty well. Enough that one day Kageyama comes up to Oikawa and tell him, “I’m sorry Oikawa-sensei, I can’t marry you anymore. I’m going to marry Hinata and he’s going to be my wife instead.” Cue Oikawa tearing up because that’s too damn cute. Also cue Oikawa /sobbing/ when they have a pretend wedding for the two because this is just too much cuteness.

-Me and uushibaka hc Oikawa as an ugly crier and yes, that is relevant to mention.

-Imagine it being Oikawa’s birthday and he’s a little sad because nobody–not even his husband–has said anything or even wishes him a happy birthday, so he just pouts a little (also questions why Iwaizumi is so slow this morning, especially when he makes them late for work with doing things like getting coffee and all of this stuff they don’t usually do) and when they arrive at the daycare, the lights are all off when they walk in, only for them to come on quickly with all of his kids and coworkers shouting a big “surprise, happy birthday!” at him. The kids have little streamers to pop at him and Iwaizumi’s picked out a cake without Oikawa knowing and he just /cries/ because this is so sweet and almost too much.

-Consider beefy Iwaizumi who can hold several kids off of his biceps and on his shoulders, swinging them around carefully and just being this big, strong jungle gym. MatsuHana teasing him because all the mom’s swoon over him and Oikawa gets a little pouty until his husband reassures him with lots of kisses and telling him, “you’re the only idiot for me” Oikawa smiling: “not romantic at all, Iwa-chan”

-Kageyama asking Oikawa to come lay down with him and the two Hinata’s during nap time because the oldest gets nightmares sometimes and they think Oikawa being there will help. He only means to lay down there until they fall asleep and ends up falling asleep himself. Iwaizumi takes lots of pictures because it’s so cute. Especially when every kid snuggles up with him.

-All of their fridges are covered in finger paintings and macaroni art, they keep all of the things their kids make for them.

-Oikawa and Matsukawa (since they have the longest hair) sitting on the floor and letting Yachi put in little bows and those little hair ties with the plastic balls in their hair. Neither of them take it out, even when their husbands tease them for it, because they want Yachi to know she did a great job. They wear it all day so they don’t hurt her feelings.

-Seijoh 4 arguing over diaper duty. Kageyama purposely peeing on anyone who isn’t Oikawa, who laughs like crazy when he does it. Kageyama giggles along and Iwaizumi shouts at Oikawa, “Don’t encourage him!!!”

-Oikawa and Iwaizumi are designated boo boo “doctors”. Iwaizumi gets them to stop crying by convincing them how big and strong they are and Oikawa kisses them all better after bandaging them up.

This is really long so I’ll stop here, but I might add more later. Just know that we are both pretty gone to this AU. :’)

Simsrena: the day Serena watched Bernie swimming....

In case you don’t remember, something happened between our lovely ladies which caused Serena to walk around like someone took all the wine away and Bernie to cry. Bernie, crying! It just doesn’t seem right to have the two words in the same sentence. 

In light of all that, last weekend I gave Bernie a bit of TLC… now that’s got my mind working… move it along, Rex!! Bernie agreed to join a group of people from work at a party in a nightclub and figured, yeah, some alcohol, a bit of dancing, a dip in the pool…. wait… skinny dipping is an option?! Bernie… swimming naked?!?! 

But wait, I thought to myself, this was supposed to be about Bernie. You’re supposed to be making Bernie feel happy! Get your shit together Rex and focus instead of feeding whatever little fantasy is going on in your mind - yeah I can see what you’re imaging and it’s not cool! 

Hang on, I said to that little voice in my head, swimming naked feels pretty good and Bernie deserves to feel good doesn’t she? Wouldn’t that make her happy? And that’s the whole point of this isn’t it?

Originally posted by gifawesomeness

Oh you devil you!

So anyway, here we are, swimming naked in a pool on a roof top when…

Shit, fuck, bollocks! It’s only Serena Bloody Campbell! 

Now, I know, you might be thinking, isn’t this a good thing? And in any other circumstance it would be great to find out they were part of the same group but recently whenever Bernie has been stood in front of Serena she just starts crying and then they argue. So you see, I actually would have preferred them to not see each other for a little while. I mean, just while they get over whatever happened….

Oh ok. Never mind. 

Right. Well, ok then. Apparently we’re forgetting whatever happened…

I think erm… I just… I’ll just…

Originally posted by existlost-blog

Sorry… there was a moment there where I forgot all time and space. Who am I? What was I doing? 

Oh yeah. Simsrena! 

Anyway, after Bernie and Serena snogged the lives out of each other Bernie jumped back into the pool and I have to admit, I did invite Serena to join me…. I mean join Bernie! Oh shut up, all of you!

Can we please just take a moment to appreciate the close up of Serena watching Bernie swimming naked. Oh I know and you’re welcome!

You’re also very welcome for what’s coming up now….

Oh yeah. Bernie and Serena, skinny dipping in the pool. THIS IS THE SHIT I PLAY THE SIMS FOR!!!! I think I’m far too worked up over this. I mean, it happened over a week ago and I’m still not over it!! Look at how sweet they were after they got out and dried off! 

I might be too invested in this. Am I too invested? Maybe someone needs to stage an intervention? Can someone organise this please? Can someone please send help?

I’ll be over here, sitting on my sofa playing Simsrena in my pjs and thinking about the possibilities for the next Simsrena update… SEND HELP!


Apart from my slight unravelling and mental breakdown Simsrena seem perfectly fine. They both had very unproductive days at work the next day because all they wanted to do was this….

And yeah I was happy to watch them do it…

Actually, I’ve changed my mind. Forget the help. Forget the intervention. Fuck it all. I am pure Berena/Simsrena trash. And I am happy to bow before thee!

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godhatesmichael  asked:

I don't understand why everyone thinks it's homophobic to say Dean is straight. Like... there's nothing wrong with gay representation but there's nothing wrong with being straight either.

Also, (sorry to split this into two asks rip), Jensen is obviously uncomfortable with the ship. Misha is nothing but a friend to him, and I’m pretty sure kissing your best friend or doing other intimate stuff with them (especially on TV) would be pretty fucking weird. It makes my heart hurt to see him so uncomfortable and having the ship forced on him like that. And I don’t think it’s okay for Misha to constantly tease fans that it might be canon.

This is something I’ve noticed. The hardcore dest*el shippers cry homophobia when someone doesn’t ship their toxic ship but they’re the ones that are literally fetishizing gay relationships. I saw this one heller talking about her porn blog and when asked about it, she said it was all gay (men) porn. You do you, but that’s fetishizing and it’s gross. If you are a female; straight, lesbian, or other, and you can only get off to the porn of gay men, you’re fucked up.

But yeah, the idea of saying Dean is straight is the equivalent of saying you voted for Trump. In fact, we are often referred to as Trump supporters. Which is hilarious in my opinion for obvious reasons.

The shippers get more and more aggressive by the day. And don’t get me started on the Misha stans. Those people need some serious help. As an ex dest*el shipper, when I found out Misha shipped dest*el, that was as good as canon to me. So I unfortunately know the blinders that the hellers are wearing. I used to have them as well. Gross. But really, Misha only ships dest*el and CONSTANTLY brings it up to gain relevance among the fandom. It’s always, “What has Misha said now?” The man is constantly doing things to gain attention and that’s just the tea.

Jensen says

and the hellers turn it around and say shit like “JENSEN CAN’T CONFIRM DEST*EL!!1!” and “BY CONTRACT JENSEN HAS TO SAY IT DOESN’T EXIST.”

Dean is straight and there’s no way around it.

iheartthelochnessmonster  asked:

Psssttt Wana KakaSaku fic rec??

Are you asking if I can give you some fic suggestions? HOW FUN! I’ve never been asked this before :’) To be completely honest, I’m not a huge fic reader. I wish I could be but my time usually goes into different things. BUT I do have a few that I love. 

-I’ll start with my all time favorite Kakasaku fanfic. FATED by leafygirl(Rated M/Completed).  It’s a slow burn and has GLORIOUS angst. I cried, and it wasn’t like, a few tears. I had to put my phone down and ugly cry for a minute. Anything by leafygirl is amazing. 

-My next rec is the Will of Fire by Cynchick(Rated M/Completed). Another slow burn that is just so great. Awesome plot, great twists. It has a lot of Hinata in it so if you dislike her, you might not want to read it. She is pretty awesome in the story though. 

-Third rec is Unbroken by princezsupastar(Rated M/Completed). It’s an AU where Sakura travels to the past and meets Kakashi. I love it, its fun. It’s another long one but worth the read. I’m all about those multi-chap fics lol. 

-Adeline is another fic that I love, but it’s still in progress. That one is by @nikkigrand. It is an AU of the movie Adeline. I’ve never seen it but the fic is gooooooooood. Good angst. MMHMMM. 

-Grow you a Garden (a soulmate au) by @mouseymightymarvellous is one of my favorite short stories. Along with Confessions by @dimigex, and Flail, Ninja Dorks! Flail! by @itslulu42

On that note, if you(or anyone else reading this) would like to send me some angsty KS fics, I’d love to put them on my reading list! 

Come Again-

Jared Leto/Joker

Jared and I decided to go out tonight after a day of doing absolutely nothing together.
He sat in the middle of the couch in his slim black jeans and a button down shirt that he left unbuttoned a little past his chest. His long hair falling behind the couch as he rested his head back waiting for me.
The sound of my heels wake him up, he scans me from bottom to top and then back down again.
I had slipped into a velvet black dress, the v cut on the front of my dress matched the amount of skin Jared was showing. It formed with my curves and it hugged against the middle of my thighs.

“I wouldn’t mind doing more nothing with you.“ He sits up in the couch and rests his elbows on his knees, a sly smirk flinches on his lips.

I walk over to him and his hands hold my waist as he sits up and looks up at me, “Baby, this does not happen so we can sit at home and do nothing.” I laugh and my hands point at my hair and makeup that I have slaved over to get as perfect as possible.

He stands up with a sigh and grabs onto my hand as he leads me to the front door. I squeeze his hand as a thank you and he rolls his eyes at me with a smile on his face.

We pull up to the newest club in town, it was its opening night so the line curved around the corner. Thankfully we were on the guest list, Jared came around and opened the car door for me and extended his hand for me to grab onto. I place my hand in his and we take our first steps towards the gaudy doors of the club.
The inside looked like a high class place, its vaulted ceilings and chandeliers, the glass cages for dancers, the golden hued floors and the warm lights that made me feel comfortable almost instantly.

“Wait here, I’ll get us a table.” Jared leaves my side and my eyes are scoping the place out.

There is an open upstairs, I can only see a few chairs as there is a crowd of women up there surrounding someone. I glance around trying to find Jared, I start walking into the crowds of people thinking he might be already sitting down. My eyes are searching for the long hair or the open shirt, I can’t find him. I small fear creeps in, I know he isn’t lost but I am. 
The fear becomes full fledged as a strong grip is around my arm, I go to let out a scream and another hand is over my mouth. 

“The boss wants to see you. You scream, you die.” I rough voice whispers in my ear.

I nod holding back tears, his hand releases my mouth and he pushes me forward before I can turn around. I start walking in the direction he pushes me in.

“Zoey!” I hear Jared’s voice. 

I quickly look in his direction, once he sees my face he makes a run towards me. He stops in front of me and his glare meets the man behind me. 

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” Jared’s voice is loud as he grabs onto my hand. 

“Don’t do this. The boss wants to meet your lady.” The rough voice comes back and everything in me is screaming to run.

“Fuck that. We are leaving. Tell your boss to go fuck himself.” Jared pulls on my hand.

I feel the cool tip of a gun placed on my temple, it’s as if no one else sees what is going on. Everyone around is dancing, laughing and having a good time. Jared grips my hand and his face drops.

“Alright, but I’m coming to.” I can hear Jared’s voice tremble.

The man continues to push me forward and Jared follows along side me holding onto my hand. We walk behind a curtain and an elevator is held open for us. We take a step inside and the man steps in behind us. I can see his reflection in the elevator walls. He is larger than i imagined, his face seemed to be twisted into a frown and his eyes seemed dark from the reflection. The elevator comes to a stop and the back side of the elevator opens and we take our first steps out into new territory. The man keeps a firm grip on my arm as he continues to walk us towards the crowd of women I spotted from below.

“Boss.” His voice from behind us causes me to jump.

I squeeze onto Jared’s hand and his thumb rubs against my skin. We both keep our eyes ahead unsure of who this ‘boss’ is. The man that brought us here walks away and stands in a nearby corner.
The crowd of girls leave, and left sitting on one of the couches is someone we have heard of but never thought we would ever come in contact with. The pale man stands from his seat and walks over to us, his hair bright green and slicked back, his shirt unbuttoned the same as Jared’s, his eyes are piercing blue even from the distance. 

“I am pretty sure I only asked for one toy tonight.” His voice is low and rigid, “Who is this?” He walks towards Jared and runs the back of his hand down his face. 

“Her boyfriend. Can we help you?” Jared pulls his face away from his touch.

“Her boyfriend.” He mocks and lets out a laugh, “You don’t mind sharing tonight, do you?” He makes his way behind me and his hand trails down my arm. 

“Wh-what do you mean?” I stutter out with fear.

He comes and meets me face to face, the scars more visible, his eyes clear as ocean waves and he smells like power. 

“I saw you standing alone, in this.” He trails his finger down the V of my dress, “I would hate to leave something so, so perfect alone and untouched.” His hand softly comes back up the V and over my shoulder.

“You are not fucking my girl.” Jared pushes him back and stands in between us.

With no hesitation the Joker pulls his pistol and places it against Jared’s forehead. I let out a scream that is led to tears. I plead, I cry but I don’t know what words to make it better.

“I’ll make an agreement with you because she is so pretty.” He puts his pistol away and I can see Jared’s shoulders fall, “I’ll let you join in on the fun, if she’s ok with that.” The Joker lets out another laugh.

I turn to Jared and he wants to shake his head no, “There is no other way out of this. He will kill us.” I whisper to Jared, “It might be fun?” I try to smile at him.

“Follow me.” The Joker heads to the end of the upstairs where a large door was propped open. 

“Ok, when I said I wanted a threesome I did not want it to go like this.” Jared whispers back to me as we both slow our steps to talk.

“Jared! I didn’t even know you wanted a threesome. You are semi ok with this then?” I laugh for a second but the fear is sill over powering. 

“Well yeah, but he isn’t allowed to actually fuck you. I don’t know if I will get a say here. I’m not ok with The Joker doing this, but I don’t know. Just, I love you no matter what. Ok?”

I grab onto his hand as we enter the door that The Joker holds open for us, he closes it and locks it behind us.

“Go ahead, start the engine.” He looks to Jared.

Jared’s hands cup my face, his bright eyes meet mine. I place my hands on his waist and give him a squeeze letting his know its ok and I am ok. His lips press against mine and the warm waves run through me. He deepens the kiss, his tongue doesn’t have to ask for entrance as my mouth opens wanting it. Our tongues roll over each others, my body feels on fire. His hands running up and down my sides, I can feel his breathing get heavy and my hands reach for the waist of his pants. He lets out a sigh in my mouth and i bite his bottom lip with a smile as I unbutton his pants.

“Ok doll, my turn.” A growl comes from The Joker leaning against the wall, his bulge very noticeable.

Jared takes a step back and runs his hand over his member a few times, I bite my lip as he walks away and he gives me a nod. The Jokers hands are a lot more rough as he brings me tight against his body, I can feel him against me. His head tilts as his lips crash against mine, his hand runs up my thigh and grabs onto my ass. I moan into his mouth and I can feel his smile against my lips. He pulls me into him with his hand still squeezing me. I feel my hair get pulled back and open my eyes to Jared at the side of us. My neck falls back and his gentle bite lands on neck near my ear. The Joker watches Jared’s mouth work and he lets his fingers brush against my slit.

“No underwear, huh. Were you expecting me?” The Joker purrs into my ear and I let out a soft moan.

The Joker starts to push me and Jared steps back, he pushes me back onto a bed and stands above me. Jared on one side and The Joker on the other. Jared pulls his shirt off and strips out of his pants leaving on his briefs. He comes over me and glides the straps of my dress off my shoulders, he slides it off me and kisses down the center of my body, I look at The Joker who is palming himself over his pants, his red lips hang open with his deep breaths. Jared’s mouth moves lower, i let our a moan as his tongue slightly traces my slit, he repeats the movement and my body is squirming. He places one hand on my hip holding me still as hi finally digs his tongue in me, his warm mouth has my back arching and my hands holding in him in place. His tongue rolls on my clit over and over, my moans get louder, my hands are gripping onto the sheets above my head. His hand leaves my hip and he slides a finger in me slowly, he pulls it out and adds another finger, again he slides both fingers in slowly. 

“Jared!” I moan out and i can feel him laugh as his tongue works overtime and his fingers pump in and out of me faster.

The Joker can’t take it anymore, we had forgot he was even there for the moments. He had stripped down and he stood over the side of the bed, his hand reached down and his fingers played circles on my nipples. My hand reaches over to his member and I start to stroke him, his hands fall to his side as he lets out a low groan. The Joker places a pillow under my head and neck and he straddles my chest, he strokes himself in front of my mouth before thrusting his hips into my face. I gag at first getting used to his length. My tongue starts to twirl around his shaft as he keeps a steady pace. 
Jared sucks at my clit and I moan around The Jokers cock, he holds himself in my mouth until my moan ends and lets out his own. I feel Jared bend my legs up and another sensation is sent through my body as he rubs his tip against me. I moan again and The Joker slides himself deeper in my throat, he has his hands holding my head still and my arms are pinned at my side from his legs around me. Jared gives no warning as he slams himself in me, I arch what I can of my back and The Joker lets me scream out my moan as he strokes himself again. 

“You are so fucking good.” The Joker growls as he shoves his cock back in my throat.

Jared’s pace is teasing and he knows from my hips trying to reach him, he lifts my legs on his shoulders and i shudder as his sides himself all the way in me as he reaches new depths. Jared’s moans make me drip down him, his hands running up and down my legs sending chills up my back. The Jokers thrusts in my mouth are getting more rapid, his hand reaches around my throat and i moan again. He holds himself in my the back of my throat as I gag, my eyes water and I try to move. He doesn’t let me, he finally pulls out of my mouth and its a mix of gasps for air and moans as Jared has started to thrust into me harder and his thumb has made its way to my clit. 

“Fuck! Fuck!” Is all I can scream out. 

The Joker shoves himself right back in my mouth, he pumps himself in and out again, this time he isn’t stopping. His growls are louder and his rhythm is off. a mix of spit and pre-cum drips down my chin from the sloppy job, he looks down at me and I can see his jaw clench. I hollow my cheeks around him as he pulls out again, only to slam himself to the back of my throat one last time. His head falls back and he groans with his hand still around my neck, he finally applies pressure. His cock twitches in the back of my throat and I swallow, his hand moves with the motion of my throat. He slides out of my mouth and runs his thumb down my bottom lip that drips him. He purrs as he gets off me.
Jared looks up at me and moans as he bites his lip. He leans over me and his thrust become harder and faster, I moan his name over and over. My nails dig into his back and he moans back. 

“Cum for me baby, I know you’re ready.” he leans down and bites on my collar bone.

I scream out as I tighten around him, he keeps his pace and reaches his thumb to my clit again. My back arches and my nails rake down his skin. He releases himself and his eyes close tight riding out his high. He kisses his bite mark and pulls out of me. 
The Joker was dressed again and Jared pulled his briefs back on, they both stood back looking at the soaked sheets and the mess on my face. The Joker lets out a purr before leaving the room.
Jared helps me up and wipes my mouth with a clean part of the sheets. He helps me get dressed and we slowly walk out of the door. Jared holding me up by my waist.
The man that brought us here is standing in the corner still and he points to the elevator for us to leave.

“Come again.” The Joker lets out a laugh from one of the couches he was sitting on.

Im sorry this isn’t as good as I wanted but i hope you enjoy it.

thoughts on acowar!!! (SPOILERS)

this is gonna be jumping from different parts of the book to another because i cant process anything properly

1. ALRIGHT so CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT i couldnt like nesta i tried so hard but towards the end i started loving her and her and cassian are so cute AND WHEN SHE KILLED HYBERN YES YES YES

2. i used to be a giant moriel shipper before but after acowar omg omg omg azriel and elain are so CUTE AND SOFT THEY DESERVE EACH OTHER i was sad when elain and lucien were closer in the end i hope something happens or azriel finds someone he deserves to be happy

3. i was really scared about how sjm was gonna portray mor’s sexuality but i think she did pretty well??? i guess it might seem like internalized homophobia or something to other people but the family thing backed it up p well for me THOUGH I think mor could have gotten better everything she was kinda put to the side in this book which sucks because she’s SO POWERFUL and I would have loved to see that

4. uh… can we talk about page 666 where rhys “died”? because i literally put the book down for half an hour because i was CRYING oh my gof i have never cried that much

5. THE WAR SCENE omg that first part was so cool with the bone carver and the weaver and bryaxis THEN hybern did the cauldron thingy and i was shook but then i freaked out even more when miryam and drakon came holy shit i was a MESS

6. the high lords alliance omg that was GREAT


8. I love how this book had SO MUCH AZRIEL I LOVE HIM SO MUCH MYBABY

9. FEYRE AS HIGH LADY HOLY SHITTTTT NO WORDS I HAVE NO WORDS her and rhys are so fit for each other I love them

10. tamlin… though I wished he was killed in this book at first and I was TEARING UP with tears of rage during that high lord meeting scene, I think he still has a chance for redemption???? wouldn’t like his character but at least to me he isn’t pure evil anymore

11. LUCIEN omg I was so happy helot some screen time but sum like… pushed him to the side after he left to find the queen but alright I’ll take it we’ll probably get more in the next book


Im gonna add to this soon when i can process my thoughts first and do a serious review but Holy shit that was great

[COMPILATION] 170813 Jisung Fan Accounts & Post-Its in Wanna One’s Fansign (complete)

*if we left out anything, please do tell us here
*grammatical errors and paragraph errors were edited but not to the point of changing the meaning or situation of what happened
*credits and sources are listed at the end of the compilation
*includes fan accounts of other Wanna One members related to/about Jisung
*pic credit:  Rice with Peach For more pictures of this event, check this gallery compilation


   [170812]             [170815]            [170817]            [170818]


  1. QUESTION: Jisung ssi, why did you hurt your legs? Are you okay now?

    1. I injured my legs when I’m practicing ✔
    2. I sprain my legs when moving around ✘
    3. I bump into someone or at somewhere ✘
    4. I was playing when I injured myself  ✘
    5. Others

    *OP wrote, “Our precious Jisung ssi, please don’t hurt yourself, don’t be sick and be happy everyday. Thank you and thank you thank you for being happy, I love you“
    (Jisung drew a  ♡ over)

    **Jisung also mentioned that he hurt himself while practicing for 3rd round contest “Showtime”

  2. QUESTION: Jisung ssi~ you take care of the members really well, which member triggers your protective instincts the most?

    - Sungwoo
    - Minhyun
    - Seongwoo
    - Daniel
    - Jaehwan
    - Woojin
    - Jihoon ✔
    - Jinyoung
    - Daehwi ✔

    *OP also mentioned that she was kneeling and moving to the next member at the same time. Jisung saw and told her that it will be painful and he was sorry. He will tell the company to prepare chairs or fans next time.

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anonymous asked:

Can we get Dazai’s reaction seeing his bride walk down the aisle on their wedding day?

This is such an adorable ask omg (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ω˂̣̣̥)੭ु⁾⁾

Osamu Dazai

  • Dazai unsurprisingly experiences pre-wedding jitters like any other typical groom would before the big day, but he finds those nerves vanishing without a trace the second you come around the corner and your eyes meet for the first time all day, and he could feel a smile instantly blossoming on his face at the sight of his blushing bride. He could’ve sworn that he felt his heart stood still when he saw just how absolutely stunning you looked in your gorgeous bridal gown, with your hair all done up beautifully, and that lovely face of yours enchanted with a timeless beauty.. Dazai nearly lost his breath at the sight of you, and it felt like the whole world had gone away and it was just you and him.
  • Dazai could feel his eyes tearing up slightly as he watches you walk down the pathway adorned in pretty flower petals with the most amazing stride, and he has so many thoughts racing through his mind while he eagerly waits for you at the altar. Some of which might be, “Aw, there goes the woman that I love, and she looks so happy to be marrying me.” “I bet she’s wearing something really sexy under that dress.” “She’s so beautiful. How did I wind up getting so lucky?” “Oh god, don’t cry, don’t cry. Keep yourself together just for a little while longer.” “Okay, don’t laugh if she trips..”
  • When you finally reach the altar and stand before Dazai with your hands joined together, he playfully squeezes your hand with a stupidly happy grin on his face. You think that he’s just really excited as you are and you joyfully squeeze his hand back with a smile of your own, but he’s actually just making sure that this is all real and not just a wonderful dream that he’s having right now, because it’s so surreal to him that he’s going to be marrying the woman that he loves and adores.. (and that he actually managed to find his other half in the enormously vast world that he lives in, and that they accepted him for who he is as a person and all of the sides to him that makes him.. well, him.)
  • After Dazai’s relatively short daze, he’s brought back to reality when the minister clears his throat loud enough to gain his attention so that the ceremony can now move on to the groom and bride saying their respective vows. Dazai suddenly realizes that everything leading up to this perfect moment wasn’t a beautiful hallucination that he’s experiencing and that it’s all really, truly happening. He starts to feel extremely giddy thinking that from this day onward he gets to spend the rest of his days with you, make adorable, cute little babies with you when you’re both ready to start a family (one of which he’d love to name after Odasaku), and brag about the magical and boundless love that you two have and share to others. Dazai can definitely say that he’s found his happy ending, and what a magnificent happy ending you are to him. 
Analysing Jieun from Killing Stalking

(Oh wow a blog.)

Just a disclaimer: these are all my opinions/views, and I’m not saying everything here is correct. This is my personal experience plus my intuition. Also, no pictures just I’m on mobile. Sorry.

Okay, so I’ve seen the fandom is very split between loving and hating Jieun from KS.

I’m in between. I usually can see right through people’s bullshit and this time is no different. The vibes she gave me at first were that she was the ‘popular girl in the school’. But just because you’re that it doesn’t mean that you have to be a bitch.

But that’s what Jieun is.

Just from her group of friends, we can see that her 'bitch attitude’ hasn’t got her very far. Either her old group of 'friends’ got tired of her manipulative personality and dumped her, or she never was successful from the beginning, making her desperate to assert dominance (just like when we saw how she treated Bum, someone she has just met). Her group of friends seems as shitty as she is, so seeing someone like Bum (weak, small, looking scared, + the reasons she stated on chapter 18) gave her the perfect target.

Now, regarding her relationship with Sangwoo. In my opinion, she sees Sangwoo as some sort of savior. She doesn’t want to manipulate him or turn him into his lackey, but yes to have him to love (actually love) her back. From what we could see, she never had actual affection from anyone, developing into looking for reassurance from older men (like when she calls Sangwoo 'oppa’ which means 'older brother’ I guess).

When she singed with him and cried, found him waiting for her at the car, etc she looked so fucking happy because someone was finally giving her a fuck (kek).

Sangwoo, of course, knows all of this, so he acts just like Jieun wants him to. By giving her attention (like I said earlier), calling her 'good girl’ and making her feel more special then the others, he’s making sure she’s quickly and silently falling into his trap.

Here’s where I’m torn between hating and loving her. On one hand, she probably made many people feel like shit, bullied the 'weird kids’ in class at a young age, etc, but, on the other hand she just seems like she needs someone to make her feel minimally interested in her (and let’s be honest, we all do. I’m not saying everyone wants to be the center of the attention, or that someone paying attention to you makes you feel uncomfortable, because I’m just like that, but, at the end of the day we’re glad that that random kid in class you barely talked to remembered your birthday.)

Hey, I’m just a 15yo kid, but as someone who’s spent enough time being a 'victim’ of seemingly nice and cool kids, only to then be treated like trash while in the group and having most of the class turned against me when I decided to tear myself from unhealthy relationships, I think this was a pretty interesting subject to discuss.

And that’s why half the fandom is worrying me. Because they love Jieun because she’s 'cute’ and 'they’re gay for her’, which honestly doesn’t sound like a very good reason, but hey, you do you (seriously guys I’m not judging I’m just worried at how you can fall so easily into a pretty face and ignore the 'bitch attitude’), and the other half hates her because 'she’s a bitch to Bum’ and 'wants Sangwoo’, which again worries me because you only care about Bum in particular and not all the people she might have hurt before.

I know I’m sounding too judging and generalising too much but as you may have guessed English isn’t my first language so I can’t express myself the best way. Also, I’m supposed to be studying right now and I’m typing this on a phone. I’m crying.

So yeah, I just wanted to write this to see if anyone has the same POV as me or wants to share thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

Sleepover-Day 31

I can’t believe SH month is over…i have reached my goal of writing a story for every prompt. I’m so happy ❤ and i really hope you enjoyed my writing as well. 

Before the she even looked at the number she knew who was calling. It was always like that, he’d have one too many drinks and her phone would ring. She was the worst of the two, really, because it took him alcohol in his blood to crawl back to her but she was sober and yet she ran to him every single time. He would wake up with a hangover and an empty bed, because she never stayed the whole night, she would not give sober Sasuke the satisfaction of seeing her. She feel once to knees and begged him to stay, she still had some dignity left and nothing in the world would make her give it up. She picked up the phone and answered.


His voice was soft and unsteady, he sounded high as well. He probably was high as well. She tried to will herself to hung up. But her heart seemed to in control rather than her brain. 

“Baby, come over.”

 He never called her ‘baby’ when they were dating. He wasn’t half as affectionate towards her then as he was during their one night stands. He never moved his fingertips lazily on her bare back at the end, but he did now.  He kissed her hair and told her he loved her every time he was drunk nowadays, right before falling asleep. He never gave her an explication as to why they broke up, they just did. They were cuddling on her sofa her head on his shoulder drifting in and out of sleep, he whispered to her like it was a love declaration. But instead of him proclaiming his eternal love for her, he dumped her. He didn’t even get up from the sofa and when she tried to get up he held her tighter against his chest. The movie ended he kissed her and left. That is how their relationship ended.

The following week she tried to get an explanation out of him but he only shrugged and moved on, she cried and even hit him but he smiled at her and caressed her cheek, kissed her forehead and told her to let it go. 


His voice brought her back to reality, and just like always her legs moved on their own, she got into her car and drove to his apartment. She ran up the stairs and entered his home without knocking, locking the door behind her. She took off her shoes and coat. Some of her things were still over at his place a brush here, a shirt there.

 She made her way through the apartment and she found him in the living room, a bottle of Jack Daniels almost empty on the table. Hinata walked over to him, his eyes on hers were tired and red. The room smelled of smoke. He was high as well. 

 “Sasuke, let’s get you into bed.” 

But he only smiled and pulled her into his lap, he cupped her face and kissed her. His tongue tasted of liquor. His lips moved down her jaw and neck.

 “You’re so beautiful” 

 He intertwined their fingers and Hinata looked at him like she might cry. In times like this she hated him for doing this to both of them. He destroyed them. A few tears fell down her cheek and he kissed them away. 

 “You never sleep over anymore. You always leave before I wake up. I want you to stay”

 The awful feeling in her throat made her sick. He was everything she ever wanted. She wanted to sleep in his bed forever and wake up to him kissing her cheeks and telling her she was pretty. 

 “You broke up with me. You never told me why. I don’t want us to be like this” 

Her voice was small but she finally told him what she wanted to say. But he only kissed her pulling her even closer to him. It was a reflex to wrap her legs around his waist. He got up and walked over to his bed.    

 “Stay the night, baby.” 

And of course she did.