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deh apartment hcs

so i was just scrolling thru Tumblr Dot Com™ and I saw a post that said “does anyone else ever daydream of decorating their first apartment?” (if anyone knows who made that lmk) but anyway i saw that and was like omg if that ain’t alana and then i was like wAIT WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THEM so here’s this. fyi this is like a college au type thing ish??

(im sotired this is kinda shitty lol)

(also thank u so much for the luv on my last two hcs? i cr ied? les get to the point sorry)


  • ok so this girl would obviously have the neatest apartment ever
  • it would probably be like a medium size ya know
  • white walls.
  • lots of white walls.
  • and there would be like really pretty marble countertops 
  • her beadspread (or whateverthefuck u call it) would probably be like grey with white little lines on it
  • in a pattern tho
  • like a cute pottery barn one
  • OH
  • she would so freaking use evan’s discount at pottery barn are u kidding me
  • like her entire house would look like a pottery barn catalog
  • anyway
  • idk if all apartments have this so excuse me if i sound mega stupif 
  • but she would use the little intercom-buzzer thing to get into the apartment to her full advantage
  • like if u wanted to even go up there she would legit do a full on background check
  • (except for zoe)
  • (zoe would be like “hey alana it’s-” and alana would be like “yOU CAN COME RIGHT UP”
  • but it would be like 
  • “hello who is this?”
  • “alana you know it’s jared. i just texted you.”
  • “… ok then what’s your middle name”
  • “aLANA”
  • but anyway back to what inspired this in the first place
  • so alana would SO plan her apartment out from when she was like young enough to understand it ya get it
  • like she would pick out furniture at age six
  • (her taste would obviously change as she got older but u get it)
  • and she would literally have it down to the p a i n t color
  • like she would walk into home depot or whatever and the worker would expect her to look around for like 40 minutes but she’d be like
  • “hi hello i’ll take seashell grey in the gloss finish please. make it quick.”
  • (i totally just made that up what the hell is a gloss finish never heard of her)
  • i also picture her having lots of house plants? like most of them would be fake bc she’s too busy to keep them alive but they wouldn’t look fake
  • yeah alana’s apartmetnt would be so put together and like clean cut and nice


  • her apartment would be rad okay
  • i feel like it would be v hipster and cool
  • not like Hipster™ but like… hipster?
  • what am i even saying
  • okay
  • so she would definetley have a room with yellow walls
  • like her rooms would be painted cool colors and stuff
  • but yellow specifically
  • she just seems like a yellow person
  • she would have a big wall that’s all chalkboard paint
  • wait now im really excited about this wall oh my god
  • like when everyone would go over her house they would all take a chalkboard marker (real chalk makes too much of a mess) and write and draw on it
  • evan would do little doodles of trees and write sweet and encouraging stuff
  • connor would either draw a hecking masterpiece or write really small in the corner “fuk u”
  • there’s no in between
  • alana would just doodle hearts and stuff
  • or when she’d be over doing homework w zoe she’d try to teach her math and science and stuff on it
  • a w 
  • jared would just draw memes 
  • i think we can all agree on that one
  • but annyyywwayy
  • she would refuse to get anything like store bought mainstream
  • like she would go to little shops in the middle of nowhere
  • or garage sales
  • and get the cutest stuff 
  • her house would be so homey but at the same time like “wtf why is this so perfect”
  • l o t s of tapestries
  • don’t fight me on this
  • it wouldn’t be the regular mendala ones that a lot of people get
  • (but she would for sure have a few of those too)
  • it would be like really cool unique stuff
  • lots of maps of the world
  • tie dye
  • ya kniw
  • they would mostly be taking up all of the celing space and some wall space in her room
  • she would so have a polaroid camera i KNOW IT
  • and she would put them all on pieces of string w clothespins and string them up around her room 
  • all pics of her frands and stuff
  • awwww zoe
  • she’d also probably have a room just for her dog
  • (btw if u didn’t see my other hc i see her as having a golden retriever named kiwi)
  • (but anyway)
  • like it was supposed to be a closet sbut she just didn’t use it
  • so she was like “well… okay let’s do this”
  • and evan will spend h o u r s at a time in that room
  • ugh she would just have the cutest apartment v colorful and stuff


  • evan’s apartment would be v small
  • he llved with his mom the first two years of college but decided to move out because he was feeling like he made a lot of progress and was ready to live on his own (btw is it canon tht he lives w his mom first year of college? i forget lmk)
  • (but he wasn’t really living on his own bc connor was always over or he was at connor’s place) 
  • he would have a v little sitting area w a really old tv and a worn out couch that was probably free on the side of the road or cheap from a garage sale
  • he would have a fridge and oven and stuff but he’d mostly just use the microwave
  • (ho;ly shit “some people say just use a microwave…”)
  • (i h8 myself why why why ok moving on)
  • his diet would mainly consist of ramen noodles
  • bc he doesn’t want to leave and have to socalize with people at fast food places or the grocery store
  • but every once and a while zoe would come over like “evan wtf” and make him food to hold him over for a while
  • (uh hc that zoe’s a really good cook??/)
  • he would have a little bedroom with a big window in it
  • and his comforter would be blue with navy stripes (similar to The Shirt™ but not completley the same)
  • he would have lots of sticky notes everywhere
  • like ranging from “don’t forget to feed the dog” to “don’t worry about it, it’s probably not a big deal”
  • and when he was in a really good mental state he would write them and stick them in places he know he’d see when he wasn’t in the best shape
  • and it would encourage him to keep going
  • wow that’s equally heartbreaking and adorable
  • ok don’t fight me on this we all know it’s a thing
  • he would have plants. eve ry wh ere
  • like there wouldn’t be a single fake plant in there
  • but he loved them bc he felt like it made the air fresher??? like it supplied more oxygen in the room which made it easier to breathe when he was feeling anxious??
  • (idk i can’t really explain it but that’s how i feel when i get anxious so i feel like it would help him too)
  • but it would range from huge ass borderline trees to succlents the size of his thumb nail
  • he would have s o many succulents
  • he would name them all
  • aaaaaaaAaAAAA
  • and each of his friends would have a plant named after them
  • even though it was small he really loved his apartment
  • bc he worked really hard to be able to pay for it and buy the furniture and stuff
  • so it was like his baby
  • yeah that’s my boy evan handsoap!


  • connor’s apartment would actually be pretty big
  • like everything would be super super high quality and nice 
  • he would so have a recliner chair
  • you know the one i’m talking about okay
  • and he would spend most of his time in there
  • even though he def has a huge nice sectional
  • (btw most of his furniture is black)
  • when evan would come over he wouldn’t want to get up out of it
  • but even always wanted to cuddle
  • so the first time evan was like “con come over hereee
  • connor just scooched over
  • and evan was like “??”
  • but just went over to him
  • and they were kinda squished but they loved it 
  • bc they were so close to eachother
  • but yeah they would love to cuddle on the recliner
  • his kitchen would be p nice too
  • like he would have a weirdly high tech fridge and a really nice oven and stuff
  • but if u opened the fridge there would just be like a half dranken (that is nOT a word) bottle of mountain dew, a cheese stick, and maybe on a good day some random leftovers
  • (btw idk why but i see his parents buying him most of the stuff in his apartment,, this doesn’t really make sense when i think about it but i can’t not do it what am i saing now awioehfdlsnk)
  • his room would be nice
  • he would have a big bed with a black and white plaid duvet cover
  • omg evan would l o v e his bed
  • like evan of course loves his own bed but connor’s is just so comfy
  • (plus connor’s bed also has connor)
  • (anywho)
  • his walls would be like a greyish blue color
  • but his furniture would still be all black
  • he would have a big desk and he always kept sticky notes around for evan to doodle on if he ever got anxious
  • and he has an entire drawer in his dresser just for his hair ties because he has an unhealthy amount of them
  • at all times
  • partly because he wants to keep his hair up sometimes
  • but partly because he always wears one around his wrist to snap when he gets mad or can’t control his emotions
  • and he always ends up loosing them
  • oh also his shower in his bathroom would be BOMB
    like im talking it has one of those little ledge chair thingies 
  • and the water pressure is a plus
  • and evan’s shower at his apartment is like sucky so he always just showers at connors
  • (i mean this in the least innapropriate way possible btw jus clearing that up)
  • but connor would spend SO much time there
  • so would evan tbh
  • so yeh


  • ok guys
  • hear me out on this one
  • but i feel like jared would have a surprisingly nice apartment??
  • like,,, actually very nice
  • they would all love hanging out there when they were all together
  • the first time he asked them over they were like “… u sure”
  • they were expecting to walk into something that looked like a super crappy hotel room with garbage all over
  • but they walked in and were like “jared what the fuk
  • because this place was nice
  • like,, , he would always have the most food out of all of them
  • (which wasn’t saying much but still)
  • he would have a big nice couch with lots of extra like beanbags all over
  • they would all have their own that they used
  • and his tv would be poppin okay
  • he would have his old wii hooked up to it
  • and they would constantly have mario kart tournaments
  • jared always insisted on being wario
  • for the Memes™
  • he would be the only one out of all of them with an amazon fire stick so they would always watch movies all together at his house
  • and sometimes they would just randomly take it without telling him
  • (i’m looking at u connor)
  • and he wouldn’t notice for a few days but when he did he went cRAZY
  • but anyway
  • his room would b supa cool
  • he would have a really nice bed
  • omg he would have like video game and other nerd stuff posters e v e r y w  h e r e
  • like everywhere
  • little to no wall space for anything elsee
  • every once in a while he would go through his camera roll and print the pictures that he liked the best to hang up on his wall
  • hear me out bc this is gonna sound weird
  • he would probably have a dead meme shrine in one of the corners of the wall on the bottom
  • that he started as a joke with connor and zoe once but it jst spiraled out of control until every dead meme was recognized as soon as it went out
  • he would have a tv in his room
  • not as good as his one in the living room but still
  • he has two tvs what even jared
  • that’s where he would put his xbox
  • and he would game all night man
  • ah i love jared sm

ok that’s it hope u enjoyed ahhahah


so im back… And i have been debating whether or not do do a long one shot or break it up into short chapter fics. in the end i thought id try the whole short chapter fcs because im really not good at sitting there for hours on end in front of my computer. 

so im going to try and keep each chapter between 800 - 1,000 words. maybe between 6-8 chapters depending where the story goes. so im going to close my eyes and hit post before a back out. Tell me what you think!

Hopefully you guys like it! :D


Rain drops splattered over the windshield of Rae’s car on the drive back to London, it was a cold and frosty day in the dead center of winter. She had spent 2 of the most painful weeks of her life in Stamford with her mother and her new boy toy of a husband, 95 per cent of the time Rae had to watch her mother’s wandering hands and the other 5 per cent was spent at the local record shop. She was on her first break of her second year at London City University, to which she was a lit major. Her roommate’s Chloe and Izzy decided to spend their holiday time in Brighton to Rae’s dismay, of course she was invited but her mother insisted that she had to meet Karim since she missed her quickie November wedding.

The drive was ticking past awfully slow due to the A14 being fairly backed up with traffic, everyone man and their dog were heading to the big smoke apparently. The sign for Cambridge came into view momentarily and before she knew it, she was indicating towards the turn off. Rae was dying for a sugary tea after practically scurrying out the door at the Crack of dawn.

She pulled into a small cafe car park; the rain was still coming down heavy. She grabbed her burgundy coat from her travel bag in the back seat, pulling it tight around her before entering the freezing cold. One full English breakfast and two cups of tea later she was hurrying back towards her car determined to get home, back to her flat curled up on the sofa waiting for the girls to get home later that evening.

She was traveling on the main road out of Cambridge when she caught sight of three huddled bodies on the side of the road all with their thumbs in the air, it was the first time in a while she had come across hitchhikers. Only briefly did her mums words of ‘never pick up a hitchhiker Rae, for all you bloody know it could be a serial killer’ come to mind, but the guilt of watching them stand in this bleak weather outside out weight the constant nagging of her words. Rae had never been one to live on the wild side, do something that could land her in trouble, she was always following the rules and if she was truly honest to herself she was sick of it.

Rae pulled her car over gripping tightly on the steering wheel, it wasn’t too late to back out now she could always just drive off, and it’s not like they knew who she was.

“Fuck it” she mumbled to herself and lent over to roll the passenger side window down, hesitating momentarily.

“GET IN” she yelled, ushering them over with her hand. “IT’S BLEEDIN’ FREEZING OUT THERE”

They started to gather up there bags that they had at their feet and ran towards the car. One by one they jumped in, soaking wet and profusely muttering their thanks to Rae.

“Alright?” Rae asked the three men, she still hadn’t looked at their faces yet due to her nerves.

“Yes, yes thank you” the sound of a strong American accent bellowed from the passenger seat. Rae glanced to her left, her mouth slightly gapped open when she noticed the Greek God next to her.

“I’m Archie” Rae took the hand he extended out to her. “And this is Finn and chop” she peeked over her shoulder and quivered, they were just as beautiful, “we really appreciate the gesture, England weather is pretty shit” she couldn’t remember her words so she just nodded. He smiled and she felt heat spread through her body, “quite the talker aren’t you”.

“S-sorry a bit tired, was practically running out my home town this morning” Rae gulped.

“S’alright luv, we’re jus’ really grateful aye boys”

“Uh Chop what have we told you about putting on a pommy accent. It’s unbearable, sorry about this goon I think he was dropped on his head when he was born” Rae couldn’t help but laugh at the boy she suspect was named Finn.

“Ok, OK I get it” Chop huffed but a broad toothy grin stretched across his face, Rae noticed a pretty noticeable gap tooth and she couldn’t help but think how cute it looked.

“Well im Rae, as in Rachel” she rolled her eyes at her own statement. “And im off to London but if you guys wanna be dropped off somewhere in between I can do that”

“London is our destination actually, it’s our last stop” Archie beamed. Rae actually thought she felt her panties instantly moisten with his statement, the sheer excitement in his voice made tingles float through her body.

Rae put the car into drive and indicated back towards the road, but before the car hit bitumen she paused and turned to look at the three men.

“No killing me alright? As much as I hate Uni, I would still like to get my degree” The seriousness in her voice made them quiver slightly, obviously it was something they had never considered. She flashed them a wide grin and took off on route. Chop was the first to laugh which set off Archie, but Finn just smiled brightly at her shaking his head briefly.

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Random Thoughts...

As much as I hate the way the Powers That Be keep trying to suggest that Tom and Liz were Twu Luv, (seriously it nauseates me,) from the perspective of Liz’s relationship with Red, this was a pretty strong episode.  She may have had TWO former lovers in that warehouse with her but its pretty obvious who the man most important to her is whether you consider it platonic or romantic.  If they want an age appropriate boyfriend for Liz so badly then ok, but for god’s sakes use Ressler or Aram, or the doctor ex or someone new entirely, BUT NOT TOM.

Some commentators complained about Liz’s line to Red, about not lying to make her feel better, but I interpreted this is as meaning that for Liz the whole “I’ll never lie to you, but I’ll continue to withhold info and be maddeningly cryptic to the point where you’re often in the dark anyway,” thing is just BS.  Much as I love Red, he really does have just come clean entirely at some point, because this half-assed approach is only creating more problems. 

So the Director knew Liz’s mother?!?  Wild idea but what if he’s Bio Daddy?!?  Because I’m 99.9% sure it ain’t Red. 


Hi Winnie!

Good to hear from you again tonight. You always have great insight!

100% agree on Tom, but I have to admit that all these significant other choices for Liz are becoming ridiculous. Does she have fairy blood that’s attracting and enticing all the males?

I also agree that Red is part of the problem. Absolutely, he is. And Liz’s feelings are often reasonable and understandable, but it grows exhausting to see the exact same reactions from her week after week.

One of the most telling moments - when Caul stated that if she trusted Red she should let him see the fulcrum, she did not hesitate.