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EXO Reaction to you dating them & being really good friends with another member

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*Always trying to catch your attention* “Jagi look at me! Not at him! Just me!”


*Someone’s jelly. Someone’s not happy*


*Actually has a lot of fun with him too. There’s nothing like a third wheel here* “Jagi!! Tell him I won!”


“I feel like she doesn’t love me… maybe I’m not enough… maybe I need to be more manly like Luhan..”


*Feels a little left behind but doesn’t say anything* “I don’t want to make her feel bad… I know they are really good friends…”


*He’s cool with it* “Let’s go for some drinks jagi! Let’s all bond!” *Maybe a little too much*


*Judging* “So this is why she didn’t want to go to the movies! to cook with Kyungsoo?! Really?”


“Why are you hanging out with him? I’m the manliest of them all!”


*He’s fine as long as he gets to have you close* “I can see her…she is so pretty… ahh I love her” *Stalker-ish Jongdae*


*Just warns the members* “Don’t get too close… that’s all.. but I mean it! She’s my girl!” *Possessive Soo*


*Always somehow gets “bullied” by the members when he tries to take you away with him* “But she is my girlfriend!!”


“Why aren’t you all listening to me? Jagi… don’t tell me you too…. damn!” *Leader Struggles*

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Mera pal pal ang ang bhar diya,
Tune jaan pe junoon sa kar diya,
Mera hai kya jo main haar doon,
Jaan teri hai tujh pe vaar doon.

The lovely feliscanis (ahh she is so pretty) tagged me a week or two ago for the 6 selfies challenge, so I looked deep into my hard drive and cellphone for some selfies I haven’t posted to tumblr before. Here they are :D

Apparently I like to make dumb faces with my dogs <3 (I’m not tagging anyone because I’m so late in doing this, but please post and tag me if you want to!! I’d love to see everyone!)