she's so pretty ahh


Yuri!!! on Ice Week ♢ Day 02 | Still Alive
option a: ladies appreciation

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honestly i'm so here for jack having a girlfriend, like of course it made me kinda sad bc like the possibility of me dating him went away lol but like i'm so proud and happy for him bc it seems like she treats him well and it seems like he hasn't been going out getting shit faced every night like he used to be. i think this girl is gonna be really good for him so i'm excited!! she's also just so ducking pretty and she seems really genuine im just so happy ahh

I’m happy too! I also don’t think there was necessarily anything wrong with Jack partying, FYI. He’s not someone who would let it get out of control. But it’s really nice to see him with a girl? Like… God, this new album era is really bringing us some changes. New label, a varied sound, Riassadee wedding, Jack with a girlfriend… what planet are we on?!

Watercolour doodles because she’s so pretty ahh (btw does anybody know where this episode is supposed to come chronologically in the series?) NVM I got it! This is why I love this fandom..

Quick portrait of commander-lola’s Zoe Shepard because she won one of the 2nd prizes of my giveaway! Zoe is one of my favorite Shepards so I’m really glad I got to draw her. <3 I hope it’s ok that I drew her hair like that, I figured she’d tie it up when she’s in her armour.