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summary: you’re a world-famous pop star which everyone learned to either love or hate. when a video of you making out with 5 seconds of summer’s bassist leaks, your management decides to make it seem like you’re dating calum.

word count: 3,594

warnings: none that i know of

author’s note: i like this series so far!!! but tbh this part felt so rushed im creasing at my badd grammar but anyways i feel like i made y/n into an asshole lol uhhhhh enjoy??!!?? (i still dont know how to end these things)

A good night’s sleep is what usually prevented you from short temper. When your management told you that you could have a five-month break from touring to write your songs for the next album, you were ecstatic. Especially since this meant you could sleep as long as you want on most days of the week.

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I’ve been wanting to draw @papabay ‘s NejiTen girl Keiko soo uh, i drew some Next Gen peeps.

Chan Ji has a habit of just…picking people up like they weigh nothing when she gets excited. it, uh, takes a while to get used to (and Metal’s very excited for the day he gets that confident strong)

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For the daemon!au. Angsty headcanon that the daemons turn into dust when their person dies, so they have to reform when their person is resurrected. Imagine Scanlan waking up with a different animal than the toad he's used to, his mindstate so irrevocably changed by breaking his promise to Kaylee that his daemon changes form. Also would add into the angst of him deciding to use suude and ripping up Vax's letter because its really not better anymore

I mean, that’s pretty much canon. It’s an issue Pike has been dealing with, which I’ve talked about here and here. Percy’s daemon is literally recreated during his resurrection ritual; it’s one of the reasons Pike’s revivify fails.

But the mechanics of the rez are that whoever’s doing the resurrection reshapes the daemon (there’s something akin to sculpting in that, pulling the Dust together and making it in the soul’s image). It’s why loved ones must participate; they must know the deceased well enough to know how to call them back from Beyond to the land of the living. And that means, barring unusual circumstances, a daemon doesn’t change upon a successful resurrection. (This becomes something of a comfort when it comes to the Reincarnate spell; the body may be different but the soul remains the same.)

But maybe that’s worse. Because Scanlan has changed, because the contours of himself have shifted, but his soul has not, and something in that doesn’t line up, something is off. He is cold-calculating angry when he cuts himself off from the rest of Vox Machina, and Terre does not speak a word. But it is good, the time away, the introspection. It is good, traveling with Kaylie. Like Pike, he will take the time to relearn himself, to discover if his soul came back in a way that still fits him.

(She did, of course. How could she not? She is as much him as he is her. Her shape––familiar, worn, comfortable––does not change that.)

Sana being able to talk to her mum about “her crush” just melts my heart. It’s so precious to see a relationship like that, when mostly parents and their teenage children are shown to be fighting about everything and not being able to be honest about their feelings.

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Okay so this isn't really an ask or suggestion but sometimes when I'm on the phone with my girlfriend and we're skyping i just stare at her and start to tear up cause she's absolutely beautiful and I'm so happy that I'm in love with her. Like she's the best thing ever ugh. And she's coming to see me graduate this year and I can't be any more excited

that is so cute and i am 100% here for this

So yeah the tag is dead and I feel the need tbh
I just wanted to say that if anyone ever asks why I’m gay I’m just gonna show them this picture (above) of my girlfriend because dear lord in heaven she is stunning

She doesn’t think she is absolutely beautiful then she drops fire ass selfies like this in my snap and I honestly can’t, like, this person actually agreed to go out with my crusty ass 😍

I’ll prob delete this soon but I just needed to rave about her she’s so cute

Ight that is all guys I hope you enjoyed my terrible post™ and I hope y'all are having a good ass day!