she's so pretty!!!

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Lexa has a Litwick

you are 100% right, here’s lexa with her first litwick (knowing her she’s up to 9 of them now and Clarke is trying to tell her to chill on the pokemon hunting) 


My internet once again is shitty, and sadly I can’t watch @taetaetown‘s vines, they won’t load, BUT I MANAGED TO SCREEN SOME REAL GOOD PICTURED AND IM IN A MEME MOOD SO LETS GET STARTED ! (ps : ily Alex) OH AND PLEASE IF YOU RE CREATE MEMES WITH THOSE PICS TAG ME LOL ty 

When you realize Yoongi’s gonna drop his mixtape in less than a month

When Jimin’s showing those abs randomly and you’re just-

When someone’s talking shit about your bias and you’re like “Excuse you ?”

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when i was 8, i had the biggest crush on this girl named Genevieve (she was like 10) and we used to have slumber parties all the time and play pretend. she was so pretty and sweet and she gave me cheek kisses because she and her family were european and that's something they did all the time, and i used to hold my cheek at night and get little girl flutteries in my belly because "she ///kissed/// me!" and i would say to my room "night night Genevieve" every night before i went to sleep.



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I'm ft'ing this girl I met on here for the first time, I'm a little nervous, what was the first time you and Sab face timed like???

I was rly nervous but I was also drunk and I was on spring break, I’m pretty sure it was only like a week after we started talking. I got rly nervous when we actually got on ft too bc she was so pretty I was like o god

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When I was a little girl, the hugest girl crush I remember was on Padme Amidala. When I was watching the prequel trilogy, 8 year old me dragged my mom out of doing laundry being like "mommy, come see the queen on Star Wars, SHE'S SO PRETTY!" I thought I just liked her dresses and envied her fashion sense, but twelve years later and I'm still hella gay for her. :D :D

I feel that

I’ve lost count of how many fictional women I was like “OMG LOVE HER OUTFITS. LOVE HER PERSONALITY.” before I realized I was super gay for them