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do u have any new fluff/smut (or any fics with a happy ending) zk fic recs?

hi!!! I’m so sorry for replying late but in any case THANK YOU FOR ASKING BECAUSE BOI DO I EVER


1.) The Stalking Zuko Series by emletish

thoughts: My absolute favorite fluffy fic in this fandom. It’s written in an unconventional albeit REAAAALLY astounding style (read: First POV Katara writing in a journal hooo boy). Features drunk!Zuko, ticklish!Zuko, and overall #1FuckingDorkinTheWorld!Zuko, but also angsty!Zuko and dumbshit!Zuko who just wants to set everything on fire bc he’s a dumbshit sometimes tbh. You will laugh and cry and laugh and laugh and cry over and over again and I just cannot recommend this fic enough please go read it now edhsujsa.

Accompanying Oneshots if you’re up to it (you will be trust me):

  • the collected lists of zuko - a comprehensive list of things that annoy Katara and why Katara is the most impossible girl in the history of ever (which is why you love her Zuko. we all know. WE ALL. KNOW.), according to our favorite fire lord 
  • the crooked thing - they’re trying to keep this thing they have a secret; a.k.a. in which things are perfectly imperfect.
  • snuggling dysfunctional cats - all of this shit from Toph’s POV brb im fucking screaming .

2.) i didn’t know i was lonely (’til I saw your face) by raisindeatre

thoughts: Listen. LISTEN. @raisindeatre​ / Atia is an absolute GODDESS. Her writing style is one of the best I’ve seen in this fandom, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. She just blows my mind on a regular tbh. This fic is genius and stunningly weaves canon into a modern AU, and one that actually works (and there’s very few of those imho). Slow burn but worth it. Every word of this is golden (also please read all of raisindeatre’s work, she’s amazing I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH).

3.) Bones by sadladybug

thoughts: Zuko and Katara on the night of their wedding. I absolutely love it when authors weave in Fire Nation/Water Tribe/any kind of avatar lore into their stories (it amazes me moreso when it comes sTRAIGHT FROM THE AUTHOR’S OWN RESEARCH AND IMAGINATION) and I’m overall just a sucker for this kinda shit. This fic also achieves the perfect balance of smut and fluff, and is written so beautifully it just makes me wanna cry go read it pls. 

4.) Scars by Em Dixon

thoughts: “Katara is the only one with scar-touching privileges. Very quick read but beautiful all throughout. 

5. What Little She Can Do by chromeknickers


this is from chromeknickers’ collection of drabbles and ficlets (they’re very short, but they’re so well-written and they make me want to cry tbh). Not all of the entries are fluffy, so I’ve listed the ones that are!

From the same author’s Through the Looking Glass Series:

Special Mention:
swing and a miss by stellatiate, for beanaroony

Currently in the middle of reading this AND I CANNOT STOP FLAILING. It has some angst in it but the in-between fluff is where it’s at, fam. The writing style is very unique and i’ve never read anythign quite like it. It’s genius. Thank you so much to @babyfairybaekhyun for reccing this iufdhsuijhn

i havent been active in the fandom very much so this has been such a nice refresher! Plus i’m an absolute sucker for fluff. Anyhow, I miss you guys lots, so please accept this as a sort of gift from the bottom of this MIA zutarian’s heart. Enjoy and feel free to add more!!!


Malec being parents...

Max is from the books, and Madzie is from the TV show, in an AU I combined both.

Magnus woke up to an empty bed. He got scared for a second, it was like three in the morning, and he was sure Alec went to bed with him. He got out quickly and put on a robe. God, his son and daughter were just in the other rooms. Alec and Magnus got Madzie six months ago, after finally being able to rescue her; a year after they became an oficial couple; and Max? Max was left at the entrance of the institute two months ago, and with some persuasion, Alec finally accept to adopt him too. Madzie was 7, Max was 1; but maybe Alec finally realized it was too much for him. That being the father of a kid (warlock kid) wasn’t that bad, but of 2? And abobe that one of them being a crying, sweet baby? Magnus felt a shot in his chest. He loved Alec, and the idea of having a family with him, made him the happiest person alive, but maybe Alec didn’t felt that way.

He checked Madzie’s room first, she was sleeping peacefully on her bed, little harmless shots of pink magic coming out of her little fingers. Magnus smile and fixed the blanked on his daughter’s body, then closed the door and silently went to Max’s room. He frowned when he saw the door slightly open. But the moment he reached his son’s room, he froze dead on the door.

Alec was there, his beautiful lover, with dark circles on his eyes that were dimly illuminated by dark blue sparks of magic. He looked completely tired but at the same time in complete peace; so happy that Magnus felt his heart racing. Max was in his arms, his eyes wide and cristal with a trace of tears that indicated he’d been crying. But he wasn’t anymore, he was looking with complete adoration at his father, one small blue hand wrapped around a big finger. Alec was singing, a lullaby, he wasn’t a good singer but in the soft whisper he was chanting, it sounded beautiful. The song was a mixture of latin and old english, Magnus got some parts of the lyrics, things about protection, love, and a baby becoming his parent’s pride. It was so pure and beautiful that it left Magnus breathless.

He realized it was his son’s reaction too. Because he had stoped crying and was paying full attention to the song, he was looking straight into his father’s eyes, as if he could read his pure soul while listening; also he had a trace of a soft smile in his lips, Magnus wanted to kiss him. Actually he wanted to cry out of happiness, then kiss his son, and then his boyfriend. Alec’s look over Max, his warlock son, made any doubt Magnus had before disappear. He was looking at him with the same pure adoration, smiling at his son’s reaction over the song; moving his finger softly to keep Max’s concentration on him, Magnus was overwhelmed and mesmerized.

Alec finish the song and started speaking, “I see you liked the song, honey,” he whispered. “You see? There is no need to cry and wake up papa. Your daddy is here with you and you know I love you and protect you, baby.” Max pouted beautifully at the words and hugged his father, resting his little blue face and dark blue hair in his shoulder. Alec smiled and kissed his son in the head; Magnus melted.

“I love you, and you’ll be fine… By the Angel!” He exclaimed over a louder whisper when he turned around and saw Magnus. “Magnus, how long have you been there?” When Max felt the change in his daddy’s body he looked up, towards his father; and the warlock took a deep breath.

“Long enough. You weren’t in bed and I wanted to check the kids”, he was surprised of how wrecked his voice sounded. Alec crossed the room in long fast steps, with a deep frown.

“Babe, are you crying?” And with that Magnus realized why his voice was like that. Alec made him cry. His sweet boyfriend put a hand on his cheek, removing a tear gently. Max was curious so he poked with a tiny finger the other tear. Magnus smiled and kissed his son’s hand.

“I guess I am. But don’t worry sweetheart, they are touched tears because of the scene I just saw.” Alec blushed but smile too, kissing his son again.

“I heard him crying and I din’t want him to wake you or Madzie up, so I remember a lullaby that mom used to sing to me to make me stop crying; and well, Max liked it more than I used to when I was young.” Magnus smiled and kissed Alec softly.

“Clearly. I think it’s because you sing better than your mom.” Alec laughed softly and started kissing Magnus again. They kissed until they felt a small finger pocking at their entwined lips. They pulled away to see Max looking at them with a curiosity frown; Alec blushed but Magnus giggled, kissing his son’s head, and then his cheek.

“Maybe it’ll be better if we sleep with him”, Magnus suggested. Alec nodded and pecked his son.

“Magnus”, he called. “I know the song is pretty, and all, but not to the point of making people cry.” He pointed out. Magnus smiled again.

“It wasn’t only the song, it was you and… And the way you two were looking at each other. I never in my life would’ve imagine a Shadowhunter loving a downwolder so unconditionally, and you, Alec, you love three. I’m lucky to be one of them, and my children are the other two. I’ve dreamed of having a family for a while know, and you know that the downwolders that I take under my care are like my kids. But now I really have two of my own, and you, a Shadowhunter, the love of my life, are the father of those kids. I was just so happy to have you.” Magnus’ voice became lower with each word, but Alec heard him perfectly; he melted, his eyes where looking at Magnus with so much love he felt like he was going to combust.

“I love you, Magnus,” he finally whisper. “I love you, and I could never asked for someone better to be the father of my children too. And I love our sons, doesn’t matter what they are. One they they’ll be just as amazing as you, and I’m going to be more than very proud of them.” Magnus smiled and kissed Alec again until Max pocked at their lips again.

“I love you too,” Magnus answered resting his forehead agains Alec’s.

“Papa, what’s going on?” A sleepy voice came from the door. When they pulled completely away, they saw Madzie, rubbing an eye with an sleepy pout. Magnus knelt to be at her height.

“Did we wake you up, my sweet dolphin?” He asked caressing her hair. Magnus called her that because Madzie liked dolphins and since she had gills, he thought that, just as blueberry was accurate for his blue skinned son, sweet or little dolphin was perfect for his daughter. Madzie shooked her head.

“I just woke, and then I heard daddy’s whisper so I came.”

“We are going to take your brother to sleep with us, he was crying a lot,” Alec told her while Max was pulling at his hair in a playful manner. “Wanna come, darling?” He asked. Madzie smile, a sweet inocente smile that could light a room; and then nodded.

“Ok, let’s go”, Magnus said taking her in his arms as they walked out of the room. When they where all settled in the bed, Max was already falling asleep. Alec told the three members of his family how much he loved them, with a kiss for each of them. Magnus did the same and then Madzie in a lazy voice said:

“I love you too daddy and papa. Thank you for saving me and Max.” That made the two fathers melt before going to sleep with a smile on their faces.

rings of fire || stiles stilinski

word count: 4876

warnings: mentions of cheating, angst

request: hiiii i’m such a big fan you’re such an inspiration to me! could i get a request where the reader and stiles are married and have a son and stiles doesn’t really help her and is constantly helping the pack and at work and what not and shows her and her son no attention? the reader confronts him one night when he comes home late and finds out he was cheating, so she leaves and sleeps at lydia’s so then stiles goes and tries to win her and his son back? sorry i it’s complicating i love you so much

author’s note: happy easter (to those who celebrate)! i hope you guys all like this, thank you to @ninja-stiles for helping me with a couple things! 


coming soon

Being a parent wasn’t easy in any sense of the word.

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🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 ;)

OH MY GOD HIEU. hfdlgkjdhsd. okay. this is gonna take a while! hahaha.

under the cut i’m literally about to recommend 54 blogs…wooow.

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All We Got
Chance the Rapper feat. Kanye West
All We Got

Tryna turn my baby mama into my fiancée 
She like music, she from Houston like auntie Yoncé
Man my daughter couldn’t have a better mother
If she ever find another, he better love her
Man I swear my life is perfect, I could merch it
If I die I’d prolly cry at my own service

New ref for horse mom~ 

Been desperately wanting a new cutie mark and I’m beside myself over this one made by @sirenibe ?? It’s seriously so perfect for me I actually wanna cry every time I see it pffbt, I tweaked my ponysona’s design to match it a little more and to reflect my shift towards liking purple a lot while still making her look like me so she doesn’t become her own oc pffbt

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Fecki n g hell, I'm not obsessed with this freaking AU where Tony-loving-Howard comes to the future. Especially because of that Tony-turning-into-child thing. It's amazing how fluffy it is and I am all. OVER. THAT. And also Bucky feeling miserable over that is... just... I did not expect that heartbreak at the end of such an adorable short man. Gahd! Ugh... I just love how... adoring Howard is... god, I imagine this Howard to sound a lot like Maes Hughes....

I MADE AN AU IN AN AU. AU-CEPTION. (Jesus Christ imagine AU Howard and Maes Hughes in a room, gushing about their children, wallets out and both of them have ridiculous amounts of pictures of them.)


Howard brings Tony back down to the kitchen. He takes a moment to feel heart broken about how obvious it is that Tony’s only recently moved back into the room of his childhood–because there are more clothes from his childhood there than suits.

Natasha sees the dress Tony’s wearing, white with red polka dots, and manages a small smile. “That’s a pretty dress, Tony. You look very nice.”

Tony hides behind Howard’s legs shyly. “Thank you. My friend Jan made it for me.”

“It’s very becoming. The red makes your eyes pop.”

“That’s what Jan said!” Tony exclaims, leaning around Howard to beam up at her, shyness apparently forgotten.

Natasha has to bite back a dopey grin. “Jan has excellent taste. Do you want some milk tea?”

Tony clambers into a seat with no grace whatsoever, not even flinching when Howard rushes to tuck his skirt back down properly. “Sounds gross!” he says cheerfully. “I’ll try it. Are you one of Daddy’s friends? ‘cause you were with Captain America and Sergeant Barnes?”

“…Yes,” she decides, because honestly what else can she say. “But I like to think I’m your friend, too.”

Tony beams at her as he accepts the mug she hands him. “You wanna be friends with me?”

“Why wouldn’t I want to be your friend?” Natasha asks, honestly curious. “You’re smart, funny, adorable. Sometimes we race when we’re wolves. You even let me win sometimes to make me feel better.”

“I win?!” Tony exclaims excitedly.

Natasha ruffles his hair. “All the time.”

Howard has no idea if she’s lying out of her ass or not but he puffs his chest out proudly anyway. “Of course he does! He’s perfect.”

Natasha turns back to the stove quickly so they can’t see her crying with the effort of holding in her laughter because Jesus Christ. These Starks.

Tony takes a sip of the milk tea. “This is really weird!” he decides. He thinks about it for a few seconds. “…But a good weird.” He slurps up more. It’s weird but not bad, and it warms him from the inside out. He doesn’t want to tell Daddy, but he’d been shivery cold ever since the monsters attacked.

Howard pats him on the back. “I’m glad. But remember, you’re supposed to keep your skirt down. We’ve been over this. Some people would be offended.”

Tony huffs, rolling his eyes. “Daddy,” he says primly. “Natasha was the one that got me proper clothes. She’s already seen me naked.” He pauses. “…I wonder why I was a wolf when those monsters attacked.”

Howard gapes at him speechlessly.

Natasha wheezes and covers her mouth with her fist. God, she was gonna pee herself at this rate.

Yall. You guys. 

So in 2011 I made Sofie/ @hillbillyhell this Lightning/Sally video for her 17th birthday 

and today she makes me this video for my 20th. It’s literally a remake of the one I made her, same song and voiceovers and even coloring. It’s honestly one of the most touching things anyone has ever done for me especially because she knows how much I love the nostalgia of the Cars fandom and how much I wanna relive the good ol days. So this is like. So perfect and I adore her so much oh my god. I’m crying.

1230) uuuughhhh i literally have a crush on the cutest girllllll she’s so funny and friendly and smart and sweet n her eyes are the perfect shade of blue and UGHGGHHH but she’s 3 years older than me i wanna cry :*(((


It looks like Luffy’s not the only one crying…



My friends who probably hate me and only talk to me because they pity me but i still love em. Also height differences is inaccurate. From tallest to smallest is Sandoval, me, and either Britney or Flutes.

@alexandra-samaa @jackandmarkphan @flutedrawingperson-101 oh and guys, if i was staring at you this week, i was just trying to remember how you look like, not because i’m a creep.

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ghoulia is basically monster highs autistic representation whether you wanna see it or not, im autistic too, and ghoulia loves comics, cosplay, action-figures and comicon much like i do, i go to cons and i cosplay so having a doll that i relate to on an immense scale is literally so special to me because i see myself in her, im still in tears over the fact that i was able to get her and i probably will be for a while, shes the crown jewel of my collection

A part of me feels so glad that Touka never got to spend a lot of time with Haise, otherwise she would feel devastated now that he’s gone, like all of us. Meeting someone like Haise and then going back to cold Kaneki making the same mistakes from the past… It’d would have been heartbreaking for her. Haise was perfect for Touka, he was literally made for her. I’m so sad HAISE I MISS YOU 😭😭😭

@loveforhergirlfriendhaver is so amazing and wonderful and perfect im thinking about her and im gonna cry i spent nearly four hours on skype with her already and i wanna make it five or six before i go to sleep tonite and shes so perfect shes an amazing and wonderful girl a perfect wonderful madoka of a person and im just so happy to know her and be with her and im so lucky so so lucky

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Can I request a yongguk scenario where his mother doesn't like you for some reason

It was the millionth time you changed your outfit. You stomped out of the room and walked into the living room to find Yongguk sitting on the couch browsing through TV channels.

You pouted and sat beside Yongguk, leaning against his side and wrapping your arms around his side. He smiled and set his head on top of yours.

“What’s wrong?” His deep voice rang through your ears.

You closed your eyes and took in his luring scent of cologne. Ugh it’s so hot.

“I can’t decide on a outfit for our dinner with your mom today…”

“Oh come on, you look good in everything babe.” He pecked your forehead, his gummy smile appearing across his face making your heart flutter.

“You’re no help Gukkie! I’m meeting your mom for the first time I need to leave a good impression.” You whined.

“Trust me, she’s going to love you. I promise.” He whispered, intently gazing into your eyes.

“I hope so…”

He got up and brought you up with him. He continued to drag you to your room. As you guys arrived he rummaged through your closet.

“I love seeing you in dresses, so why not this?” He held out a dress a little above the knees, it had a little glitter at the top and was flarry at the bottom.

“I forgot about this dress! I think this will work! Thank you oppa!” You leaned on your tippy toes and kissed his cheek before running off into the bathroom to get changed. You came out and twirled once. You looked at him for his opinion but found him staring.

“What? Does it not look good?” You asked sadly.

“No no! It looks perfect,” he glided towards you and pulled you into him from your waist, “you look fucking amazing.”

Blushing furiously you pulled away. Muttering a shut up you slapped his chest playfully. He giggled and poked your nose.

“I’m going to go take a quick shower and then get ready. We will head out afterwords ok?” You nodded.

As he left you went to the dresser and set all the things you needed out. You applied all your makeup and did your hair in loose curls.


“It’s ok, don’t be so nervous she’ll love you, I know she will.” Yongguk said as his hand caressed your thigh.

You nodded meakly and he gave you a reassuring smile. You got out of the car and walked down the gravel trail that led up to a big house. Your hands started to become sweaty but you put on a smile as Yongguk knocked on the door.

A lady appeared at the door, she looked very sweet and kind and her eyes were sparkling with generosity. Or at least that’s what it looked like to you.

“Gukkie!! My son!” The lady pulled Yongguk into a tight embrace.

“Umma, I missed you tons!” Yongguk said as he released her.

“Then why don’t you visit me more often?”

“You know I get busy.”

“Hm.” Her eyes moved from him to me.

She looked you up and down and then made eye contact with you. You gave her warm smile and You could have swore she rolled her eyes at me. You brushed it off as a misunderstanding and you all headed inside.

“Put more on your plate Gukkie!” His mom insisted as she piled more food on to his plate.

“He’s going to explode if you make him eat all of that.” Yongnam retorted stuffing his own face. Their older sister nodded in agreement.

It was a cute scene, really. You smiled to yourself and ate around your own plate. Everyone was soon finished with dinner and You began to help his mom bring the dishes to the kitchen and wash up. She hit the plate against the counter with a light thud.

“I can’t stand you.” She said bluntly.

You were shocked by how straight forward she was. You didn’t know how to reply, so You just stood there letting her continue.

“I don’t know how to describe it, or how to put it into words so that you will understand, but you’re just so unlikeable. My son can do much better and it irks me that he chose to be with a girl like you.”

“I’m sorry.” You muttered, barely audible.

You didn’t know what else to say. You were suddenly hit with so much negativeness from someone all at once, it wasn’t something You were used to. I mean yeah, the criticism and hate from fans is pretty negative, but this is different. It’s his MOM. And that made things 1000000 times worse.

You felt terrible that she didn’t think You were good enough for her son….but maybe she’s right.

“Mom!” Yongguk shouted from the kitchen entrance.

You both snapped your heads towards him. He had a expression lingering on his face, but You couldn’t pin point exactly what It was. It seemed like a mixture of emotions, really.

“How could you say that?” Hurt was evident in his voice.

His mom opened her mouth to defend herself but she paused. She was at a loss of words I guess.

He sighed and walked over to your side. His arm hung around your waist.

“I love her. A lot. And for you to say those types of things at first glance is really outrageous. She is perfect for me, sometimes I find myself thinking that maybe she’s to good for me. I’m so shocked and upset right now mom. I didn’t expect this out of you. You haven’t even gotten to know her at all. You stand in no position to be so criticizing.”

You wanted to cry happy tears. He’s defending you, from his mom. And that really hit you in a place that You just..You really wanna hug him and kiss him right now.

“You’re right. I haven’t gotten to know Y/N that well. I really am not in a place to say such things. I’m so sorry. To both of you.” She gave a guilty smile.

“Please don’t be. I understand why you said that. And I still respect you very highly. I hope in the near future we can become closer.” You gave her a genuine smile.

“That’s more like it. Now come on, group hug.” Yongguk dragged both of you into his embrace. Youngnam and their older sister joining in as well.

Maybe this won’t be that bad after all.

- Admin I


Hello I am so sorry for being inactive forever. Recently I have been studying so much for upcoming exams. Like you have no idea. I have so many tests and Shiz being thrown at me all at once that it’s very stressful. Today I found some time to kind of relax and write a little bit so I wrote this. I’m sorry it isn’t very amazing but I kind of just you know wrote it last minute :).