she's so open about her insecurities when she's with him


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Summary: You meet Jensen’s new girlfriend and she has a hard time hiding her jealousy. 

Prompt: “He’s been periodically throwing spoons at me for the past five years.”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested: @iwantthedean

As a successful plastic surgeon, Jensen’s wildly hectic schedule usually has him in a constant tailspin. His thriving social life has become obsolete as of late, which is how he ended up dating his perky receptionist.

And if Jensen’s being completely truthful with himself, he’s only dating Tracy out of convenience. She’s a cute girl with a decent personality of course but there’s nothing extraordinary happening there. Then again, any and all girls fall short when Jensen compares them to you.

Jensen’s mind and body finally forced him to take a few days off, which led him right to his childhood home. No matter what age, his hometown has always been his happy place. And you being his parents next door neighbor is an amazing bonus. 

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‘Have you ever been naked?’, she asked while facing the ceiling.
‘I’m naked right now.’ He said with amusement in his voice.
‘I don’t mean this kind of nakedness. I mean, have you ever stripped down in front of someone emotionally? Have you ever felt like regardless of how thick your sweater was, how thick your jacket was, you were still barely dressed in someone’s presence? Have you ever had the feeling that someone could look through your clothes straight into your soul? Because they’ve seen your most vulnerable part? They’ve seen you breaking down and crying tears you didn’t know existed? How you begged for forgiveness for what only God knows for? Have you ever lost your composure, your masque once before in front of someone?’
‘I don’t know. Maybe once.’, he said while looking at her in confusion.
‘I have countless times. And the sad thing is, I love to wear something. I love to cover myself behind masques and fake smiles. It gives me the feeling of safety. But you know, once you stripped down you can’t just put your clothes on again. You can’t just put your clothes on and pretend you were never naked. Because now they know too much about you.’
‘But don’t we want to lose our masques? Isn’t this one of the reasons why we love? Because we can fall knowing that someone will catch us regardless our burdens?’
‘Maybe’, she said with a weak smile. ‘But I love control. I love to have control over myself and whenever I strip down, I’m losing it, I’m giving it into someone else’s hands. And I don’t want this to happen. I don’t want them to have me naked desiring their love and affection.’ ‘And what do you do when this happens to you?’
She turned her head to face him.
‘I leave. I leave the once that saw me naked.’
'And how many lovers have you left already?’ He said insecure about his question.
'I don’t know. I don’t count. Sometimes when I close my eyes I see their faces but they’re gone the second I open them again’
'Will I be also just a face you blink away?’ He whispered while pulling her against his chest as if he could prevent her of leaving him by doing so.
'No.’ She said while kissing his chest.
'Why?’ He said barely unhearable.
'Because I told you this. And I told this no one before.’
—  J.N.

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hello!!!! can i request a smut/ fluff (or fluff only if ya don't do smut) where min yoongi's girlfriend is feeling insecure about her body since she is wearing tight clothes (she normally wears loose + her body type is curvyish so larger chest + ass and a bit of tummy chub)& ppl r staring @her (but she thinks its negative) and as yoongi gets jealous and goes down on her she gets super insecure + they do it for the first time with lights on and she doesn't want him to see her stretch marks. TY!!


My Type:

“You look fine love, please stop looking at yourself.” Yoongi called out opening the bathroom door. Jutting out your lower lip you looked over at him, the black lace dress that hugged your frame made you feel self-conscious. You looked into the mirror one more, the lace hugging your arms in a long sheer sleeve. The black dress was in two parts, a darker black part was like a body suit hugging your body, the top layer was lace and long sleeved giving you a modest but sexy look. The dress rose around your neck to resemble something of a choker. Your hair was up in loose curls pinned together in a loose fitted bun with a few end strands falling into your eyes and framing your face. Your makeup was light around your base, the eyeshadow was something light to contrast against your face, and your lips were decorated with a light red lipstick. Yoongi chuckled letting his eyes roam over you starting at your feet. The black pumps you had on always seemed to make your legs stand out, his eyes continued upward looking over your plump thighs, how they pressed together, up towards your plump bottom that he knew looked so good but it was covered up sadly. He took notice of your little tummy that you hated, the main topic of discussion was your weight, but he didn’t understand you were beautiful in every way and he wished you would notice what you mean to him. He wasn’t with you for just your looks, it was your heart, your mind, your sexy aura. He just wanted you to know what you did to him, you were different from many other girls, and there was something about you that he couldn’t find anywhere else. You were his rock whenever he needed to be held down, and he was going to give you up because you couldn’t always see your worth, he was there to make it better and help you out along the way how you did him.

He let a deep chuckle slip past his reddened lips. Looking around he slipped inside of the bathroom, wrapping his arms around your waist as his eyes trailed up to your breast and your face that was staring back at him. The slight hint of the dampness there he pressed a soft kiss against your temple as he smiled at you humming.

“You are breathtakingly beautiful. If I didn’t think so, I would have never encouraged you to get that dress or to come with me today. I want you to be confident okay? You’re my girl, and I’m not going to let anyone hurt you.” He vowed kissing your left ear as he squeezed you close to him humming.

You were grateful for him, Yoongi had helped you calm down and take deep breaths. He grabbed at your hand making a joke about how you needed to get out before someone came in and caught you. He led you out of the bathroom and down the hallway going back into the restaurant you were both enjoying a date in sitting down with you across the table from him. A lot of people had been staring at you, and you didn’t think it was necessarily a good thing, but in Yoongi’s eyes it was different.

He had seen how those men looked at you, the first thing their eyes went to were your thighs, and then upwards. It infuriated him that you were being stared at like that, and he hated the looks that people gave him afterwards sizing him up and judging him. He bit on his bottom lip trying to keep his anger from spilling out but he would be glad to leave. Of course, you got some glares and looks from other women but he shrugged it off. He didn’t want them, he was never one to judge based on looks. You had been so shy around him and thinking that he wouldn’t fall for you that it drew him in more. He was in love with everything about you from the tiniest baby hair on the top of your head to your biggest toe on your foot. The thought alone made a goofy grin break out on his face as he tilted his head becoming a love-struck kid with a crush.

“What, Min Yoongi?” You asked with a nose wrinkle and a soft smile.

“Did you just call my full name?” He asked you softly, the tone he used made you straighten up as your face heated a few shades, stuttering over your words you tried to explain and Yoongi more than amused he sat back in his seat with that cocky ass smirk crossing his hands together in front of him.

“I. No. See what happened, I just. I wasn’t trying to mean nothing by it. It just sounded really good coming off my tongue.” You fidgeted trying to finish your food as you squirmed lightly in front of him, the dress tickling the middle of your thighs as you wriggled.

“Oh, is that so? Just like when you moan it then huh?” He asked causing you to almost choke on a piece of the fish you had, the smirk that was on his lips became wider as he tucked his lip between his teeth. He blew a kiss at you going back to his food the both of you eating in silence until you were both done.

Yoongi paid for the tab, he gripped at your hand pulling you out of the restaurant and waited for a cab as he held your hand, that is where it seemed to go downhill from there. People passing by gave you looks, and in your mind, everyone that was looking were judging you. Yoongi could tell you had self-doubt and he hated it so much. His anger started to slowly boil over, he could see it too. Some yes, they did judge you but the others, that looked at you with unspeakable thoughts of want. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up with how angry he was becoming. You were his, and you were never going to be anyone else’s because he wasn’t going to let you. Jerking you forward lightly, he pulled you into the cab holding onto you as he looked out of the window barking at the driver where to go. He knew he was acting out, but in the midst of all of this he was annoyed, upset and he wanted to shake sense into you. He was holding himself together, a poised expression covering his burning fire that was inside of him. When you got home he would make sure you knew it, he wouldn’t stop until you knew that you were beautiful, and loved. He was going to make sure you only remembered him and what he could do for you. His mind roamed with endless thoughts of what he could do to you, a tiny smirk ghosting on his lips as he got lost in his thoughts.

Arriving to your place, Yoongi paid for the fair, pulling you gently out of the cab he walked with you towards your apartment since he didn’t want to go back to the dorms today. Knowing the guys would be in, he wanted to make sure no one interrupted his plans with you. Yoongi grabbed at your keys unlocking your door, and you sat there wondering idly why he had been so distance, you knew he had to revolve around you and feeling guilty for not being able to hold yourself up you beat yourself up, escaping to your cruel thoughts that only harmed you and never helped you. Once you were inside, you took off your heels, and Yoongi took off his shoes as well and loosened his tie. You were about to walk past him but Yoongi gripped at your waist pushing you against the wall. His hand on your waist, he leaned close to you, slowly he inched, his breath cascading on your features and fanning your face as he continued to lean close. The world seemed to stop around you two, his eyes fluttered close slowly and his lips met yours causing your own eyes to shut. His lips pressed against yours with want and need. Each searing kiss left you breathless and clinging onto him to get more. His hands moved to trap your body against his. Yoongi could feel something spark inside of him, holding you close like this, feeling your hands come up his broad chest to tangle into his soft black locks. It was driving him on edge. He let his hands go down farther slowly, flicking across your bottom lip for entrance and when you gave it to him he slowly let his tongue enter into your mouth, his tongue roaming your mouth, over the insides of your jaw and the roof of your mouth. His tongue took the time to roam over your tongue and teeth, the kiss becoming sloppy somewhat but neither of you cared. Yoongi sucked on your tongue, pulling the wet muscle into his mouth before he would pull back with a pop smiling down at you. He pulled back to pick you up bridal style knowing that you didn’t like it because you felt you were too heavy for him, when he was stronger than you gave him credit for. You wanted to tell him not to, but when he was in this mode you knew better than to go against his word. Yoongi placed you on your king-sized bed, turning on the light to shine in the darkened room, he walked towards you, helping you sit up so that he could slowly take your dress off as his lips met against yours again in a slow dance. You reached up, trying to find the light switch so that you could turn the light off. Yoongi noticing this stopped your hand and pulled back from you causing you to give a puzzled look.

“But we always do it with the lights off..” You said softly feeling unsure in yourself.

“Not today, I want to see you baby.” Yoongi stated reaching his hand down to comb through your wild locks, with his anger died out he just wanted to treat you like a queen and make you focus on only him.

“I don’t know Yoongi-“ You stated even more nervous and he shushed you humming.

“Either you will, or we won’t have sex at all until you’re ready.” Yoongi stood his ground giving you an ultimatum looking in your eyes. He waited you out staring at you letting you decide what you wanted to do. After some time, you sighed, nodding your head as you gave in.

“Okay..  We can try it.” You said softly. You knew you had so much to lose, in your mind anyways. What if he didn’t like what he saw? What if it repulsed him so much that he stopped? Yoongi didn’t leave you alone with your thoughts too much, he helped you stripped down slowly until you were laying on your back in nothing under him. He gave a soft smile, stepping back he stripped for you as well, creating a puddle of clothes on the floor he crawled on the bed spreading your legs wide. He started at the crook of your neck and going downwards he pressed multiple kisses and hickeys onto your body, marking you as his. Your skin throbbed at the places you were bitten at or sucked on, and he made sure that with every hickey he made you whimper in pleasure. His mouth descended to paint your breast with his love bites and he kissed over your stomach, moving your hands that tried to hide your stretch marks. Yoongi licked over your stretch marks kissing them and letting his fingers brush against him as he nuzzled your stomach trying to be cute. It caused you to laugh and cringe, his whole face lit up seeing you smile even if it cost him his manly imagine. He spread your legs wide, his tongue circling around your heat. He pressed soft kisses against your soaking wet pussy. He let his tongue flick out against your clit, wrapping his lips around it soon after he gave you a few harsh sucks letting his tongue flick up and down around the wet pert bud. His nose inhaled your essence causing his mouth to water more as he focused on getting you off.

He moved to shove his tongue inside of your heat as well, curving it and instantly finding your spot because it had been mapped out in his head. His fingers came up to thrust in and out of you while others brushed against your wet clit, he was stretching you out and getting you ready for him. The sounds of you crying out in pleasure and clutching the sheets above your head for him, made his blood rush south and he was becoming needier for you by the second. His tongue changed paces from quick to slow, building you up and tearing you down until you were a begging mess under you. He pulled back rubbing your clit with two fingers.

“Tell me you’re beautiful.” He stated and you looked at him like he had just offended you, he smirked lazily slowing his fingers down before plunging two inside of you working you up.

“I. Can’t do that.” You struggled to get out between your moans. Yoongi let his fingers scissor you at a relentless pace before he pulled them out and tapped your clit, bringing you down from your high only to plunge his fingers back inside of you.

“Can’t or won’t?” He asked you as he repeated the same thing. You wanted to challenge him and see how long he would keep this up. First the lights now this? You shook your head thinking that if you could angle your hips you would make yourself cum. But Yoongi was smart giving you shallow thrusts and missing your spot completely teasing you and leaving you hanging at the same time.

“OKAY YOONGI! I’m beautiful!” You whined softly not liking the teasing game that he was playing with you.

“Good girl.” You cooed out removing his fingers from your heat. He sucked on his fingers as he moved to get between your legs aligning himself with your entrance. He kissed your lips slowly leaning over you as he sunk into your heat causing a moan to slip from both of your hips.

He held his hips steady letting you adjust to him, and once he felt you had, he started to slowly thrust in and out of you, letting you relish in the feeling of him stretching you. He was thick, and you loved it so much to feel it inside of you. Your hands moved down to grab at his hips and pull him closer, your eyes locking for a time as you took a deep breath. Yoongi leaned down to pepper your face in kisses gently chuckling at how needy you were being. He gripped at your hands with his gently moving them up above your head so that he could pick up the pace starting to slowly slam in and out of you. Your wet pussy wrapped around his walls, the juices sliding down from your slick folds onto his balls and the sheets under you. He shuddered enjoying the pleasure, hips meeting and rocking against one another. Your mind was going blank with just thoughts of him, his name rolling off your tongue as he fucked you slowly against the mattress. His speed picked up, drawing out with you looking so needy under him. He started to slam harshly into you causing the bed to shake as your hips met and touched one another. The sounds of your sex could be heard bouncing off the quiet wall, the room becoming hot as you grinded against each other on the sheets. Yoongi pressed his forehead against yours whispering a soft ‘I love you’ as he looked into your eyes. Freeing one of his hands he reached down to rub your clit in time with his thrusts helping to aid you.

“Yoongi- I’m going to cum.” You breathed out looking at him with water wetting your eyes from how good it felt.

“You know better.” He hissed in a deep voice leaning down to bite your bottom lip.

“Daddy can I please cum? Please daddy!” You begged as you felt your slick walls tightening around him, it wouldn’t be long and you knew it. Yoongi at first didn’t give in and listen to you, slamming his hips against yours pressing against your spot over and over again, but after seeing you convulse under him, he nodded his head burying his face in your neck. With the okay your eyes drifted shut as your hips snapped up to meet his pace, relishing in the feeling of him touching you and being inside of you, in no time you were cumming on his shaft spilling your essence out. Yoongi groaned biting on your soft flesh, giving you a few more pumps before he pulled out to stroke himself off letting it coat the lower part of your stomach. He hummed gently pausing above you to catch his breath.

Once he was calmed down he went to the bathroom to get a warm towel wiping you off with it. He made sure you were clean and put it into the dirty hamper moving to climb back on the bed and hold. Yoongi didn’t have to say much in the silence you knew that he loved you and he cared, so you stayed there in his arms letting him play in your hair until your eyelids were getting heavy and you were falling asleep.

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What do you think that Touka and Kaneki's plot line will lead up to?

Originally posted by you-wanna-kiss-the-girl

…Or so we can hope ;)

But in all seriousness, Kaneki did promise to talk with Touka after the Lab Raid, and I get the feeling this is going to happen in Chapter 120, with 118 and 119 dealing with events in the CCG and Akiramon. Why 120? Well, we just had a parallel to the original series’ Kanou’s Lab arc, and a second Anteiku raid has been set up with Takeomi - what major moment between Kaneki and Touka happened between those two arcs in the first manga? 

The confrontation on the bridge in Chapter 120. So mark the 8th April on your calendars, everyone.

Now that they’re both roughly in the same place on the Ghoul/Human spectrum, effective communication between the two of them is looking more and more likely. Kaneki has never been a very open person - Hide was about the only person he opened up to, and that stopped completely when he became a Ghoul. But that’s a trait he and Touka share. She hated for people to see her insecurities and weaknesses, so she covered it up with aggression in an overt display of strength. 

But given how they’ve both matured, I think this conversation will go very differently from the last one. The Amon/Touka conversation we had last chapter hints through Amon at the reason for Kaneki’s own reluctance to talk, but when the talk happens he might be finally convinced to open up about all of the fear, guilt and self-doubt he’s been harbouring. As for Touka, she’ll talk about being left behind by Arata and Ayato and express her will to fight alongside him instead of being protected all the time. Romantic or not, (and given all the sudden canonisations of ships in the latest arc, I’m actually pretty confident in the former), Kaneki and Touka will leave the encounter closer and with clearer consciences. The last encounter ended dramatically with a fight - to mirror that, I think this time around we might get a hug at the very least.

But themes and characters aside, how does this tie into the main plot? Because in the upcoming CCG raid on :re, Touka will be placed in severe danger. Kaneki failed to save the old manager, but will he be able to save the new one? Having finally reached a mutual understanding with her, just like he did with Yoshimura by hearing his story, the stakes will be all the higher. Kaneki and Touka themselves make a nice little parallel for Kuzen and Ukina too - a ghoul and a human who met at a coffee shop and became entangled in each other’s worlds.

The raid on :re will be a delicious opportunity for tragedy for Ishida, and that art with Touka in funereal clothes with Kaneki’s mask leaves me more than a little wary for our main’s safety. However, I see :re as Kaneki being given a chance by the author to do his story again, and to make sure that it’s not a tragedy this time around - a :rewrite, if you will. He’s already made a lot of mistakes on the way but I think we ought to have faith, as Touka did, that he will always be able to return to Anteiku.

more loser hcs nobody asked for but are on my mind

- Bills amazing at art (obvs) but when he gets frustrated, he needs to paint on something. sometimes theres no paper so stan (even tho he hates things on his skin) will roll up his sleeve and let Bill paint up his arm to try and ease his frustration.

- Eddie and Ben actually hang out so much, like they study together and share notes, sometimes ben will help eddie with info on like a rash he has or something to let him know it’s totally safe and to reasure him, he’ll give him a medical book and bookmark the important parts for him.

- Bev and Mike have “love-hate” banter, but nobody else is allowed to say anything bad against the other one. like Bev will be like “shutup Mike you pussy” after beating him in an arm wrestle, and Richie will laugh like “yeah mike you pussy” and Bev will elbow him and tell him to never call Mike a pussy again or she’ll swirlie him

- Richie can drive but nobody, not even Eddie, wants to get in a car with him

- Mike is constantly 7th wheeling the 3 other couples, but he likes 3rd wheeling with Stan and Bill the most. 

- Richie and Bill practiced their first kiss on eachother because they wanted it to be perfect for the other two - they never talk about it because Bill coughed into Richies mouth and he fell off the bed 

- Richie was the first person bev went to when she finally wanted to open up about her dad. She cried on his shoulder all night and Richie promised her that “if he ever sees his face his gonna fuck him up on sight” 

- Stan, Bev and Eddie like to go on little walks after school and stuff. They talk about the boys and their annoying habits like wives talking about their husbands. 

- Ben really hates the way he runs, like he has quite a gammy leg and it makes him look quite odd when he runs. in gym class he gets insecure when they do track so to make up for it, all the losers run really stupidly around the track with him to make it look intentional. Richie does the funky chicken, Bill takes really large strides, Bev gets on Mikes back, Eddie hops around like a bunny and Stan skips with his arms swinging.

- Stan and Bill make out under the bleachers

- Bev makes Richie try out for cheer, he most definetly gets in. He also likes to complain about discrimination when he’s not allowed pom poms. he gets them eventually and constantly walks around saying “give me an E give me a D give me a D-I-E eddie pls love me”

- They all get stick-and-poke tattoos, Stan gets a little bird on his wrist, Bill gets the letter G on his finger, Richie gets “ur mom” on his ankle, Bev gets a little heart on her chest, Ben gets the number 7 on the back of his hand, Mike gets a badly drawn football on his shoulder and Eddie gets a smiley face on his hip. He had to fight richie into not tatooing his name on him.

i don’t think miranda speaks english very well

i think she never really had a reason to learn english and so she’s been trying to learn it since she joined the order

i think lavi knows that and is appealing to that in the above image by acting out the word ‘dog’ - but he’s a dork and doesn’t realize that the problem with her understanding that wouldn’t be the word 'dog,’ but the idiomatic connotation of the word

so, i’m gonna go ahead and say that miranda often doesn’t know exactly what’s being said. she knows conversational english because she’s been immersed in it, and she knows occupation-specific words (meaning words that she’d probably never need to know otherwise, like innocence, parasitic, etc.) but a lot of times people talking quickly or using idioms or words she’s never needed to know goes over her head.

she speaks with a heavy german accent, but since she’s centered at the european branch that doesn’t tend to be a problem, because a lot of people at the order are from germany, so people don’t really have a problem understanding her

however, she’s still pretty shy, and is insecure about her accent when speaking english. she opens up more when speaking german, although there aren’t too many people with whom she feels comfortable speaking german besides marie.

that’s one of the ways marie and miranda became close: marie speaks german, and his english is a lot better than hers, so he’s able to translate for her. he’s very patient with her, and that’s something that not many other people in the order have been able to do. as for marie, he really appreciates being able to talk to someone who’s similar to him in how she thinks.

basically i’m saying that miranda’s english isn’t very good and she ends up relying on marie for a while, but even after her english improves and she doesn’t really need marie to translate for her, she keeps asking him for help because she continues to feel insecure about her english.

also miranda not understanding english a lot of the time is so cute i mean. come on. come on.

sweetheart / remus lupin

requested by anon, this is slightly different from what i’m used to but hope you like it regardless, love u x



“Darling, stop.” Insisted Remus as her euphoric laugh echoed through the hollow corridor oft heir flat. “I’m aware it was funny but that doesn’t mean you can make fun of me that way, love.” He remarked, letting himself laugh along with her.

She was laying on their king sized bed, enveloped in caramel sheets that smelled way too much like him, chuckling vividly at his own embarrassment. 

“S’not fair, love.” He beamed, climbing in the bed, he towered over her rather clumsily, but she didn’t mind one bit, she was finding it all too funny. “You’re not gonna stop laughing, are you, sweetheart?” He cheered, “Well, that’s fine by me.” 

Remus’ hands instantly made their way to her stomach, tickling her sides as she squirmed under his abrupt touch. “I can’t breathe, you idiot!” She chimed, trying to get out of his grasp while almost convulsing of laughter.

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Recovery- part 2

Hey guys, this is part 2 of ‘Recovery’. part 1 can be found here.

This part is actually a belated birthday gift to dear friend Lizzy @elipcius who always makes nice banners for me and I felt like I need to reciprocate. <3 She requested for a fic with Amelia being jealous about Teddy and Owen. I thought that it would be easier to integrate Teddy into this fic, instead of starting another concurrent post season 13 finale fic.

Sorry that this is so late and way past your birthday, Lizzy, but I really hope you enjoy it! *hugs

 Also special thanks to Julisa @jia911 for proofreading and Fran @francescabuccino for giving feedback .

P.s This does not follow the promo pics or promo clips of the season premiere as I have actually started writing this quite some time ago

‘ Ryan and my unicorn baby are my past, but you are my present and future too.’ Amelia said. ‘ We’ll get through this together right? Both of us, Megan and the babies we’ll have together. We’ll get through this together and as a couple and then as a family.’

Owen felt his heart swell at the mention of the word ‘family.’

‘ Yes, we will. We’re in this together. For better or for worse.’ Owen promised as he stuck his pinky finger out and she linked her finger to his.

They, Owen Hunt and Amelia Shepherd were a team. Nothing could get in between them now. They would get through this together stronger than ever.

Owen and Amelia returned hand in hand from breakfast, after having a heart to heart talk. Amelia felt so relieved now that she had opened up to Owen about her innermost fears and insecurities. For the first time in months, she felt an entire burden being lifted off her shoulders. Owen for his part, was also glad that Amelia finally decided to open up to him about her past and her fears. Now he felt like he had a better understanding about why she was suddenly afraid of having babies and shouted in his face that she didn’t want a baby when she had been on board the idea just a couple of weeks before. He now knew that she was afraid of having another anencephalic baby, something which she should have told him about earlier. He would have understood and not pushed her to start a family.

Amelia had a smile on her face. Now that she had cleared things up with Owen, she could focus on taking care of Megan. She guessed that Megan would still be fast asleep on her hospital bed at the moment, recuperating.

As they approached Megan’s room, she stopped on her tracks when she saw an unfamiliar tall, slim, blonde haired woman standing beside Megan’s bed. The woman was chatting comfortably with Evelyn. It was apparent that they both knew each other. Meanwhile Megan, who also seemed comfortable with the blonde woman’s presence, was sitting upright on her bed seemingly interested in the conversation.

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MonStar AU: MoonFee Headcanons?

I’ve been wondering, in a universe where Moon and Toffee end up together and raise Star, what kind of dynamic would they have as a couple? What kind of parents would they be? How would raising Star be different in this world than the canon world? A few of my headcanons:

*Contrast- Unlikely as it sounds, Toffee might be the fun one of the couple, despite his introversion. After all, Moon is a woman who wears a dignified, pristine facade 24/7; she never knows the right time to take it off. Toffee is the same way, but he knows the right time to drop the act and just be himself, whether it’s him being gentle, sadistic, or just plain crazy.

*Similarities- Moon and Toffee are both patient, orderly, and well-educated. They both respect each other’s battle strategies, different as they are, and both have subconscious bloodlust and a deep desire to judge their enemies and do what they think is right. Though their views on right and wrong are somewhat different. They both take romance pretty seriously and aim for long-term relationships with whoever they date.

*Honesty- Toffee is a man with a lot of secrets who almost never talks about himself, and in my AU he has a dark history with Queen Eclipsa that he’s trying to move on from. So Moon knows a lot less about him than he does about her. Moon is more open about herself and her past. Toffee and Moon are open with each other about their fears and insecurities, though. When Toffee fears his inability to protect everyone, Moon convinces him he’s doing more than enough. And when Moon fears she can’t keep peace and control in her kingdom, Toffee assures her she’s a great leader and that she shouldn’t have to please everyone.

*Parenting- In the show Moon may have a strict personality, but she’s actually pretty lenient with Star, preferring her to learn by trial and error and not involving herself in her training too much. Toffee, on the other hand, tends to think he knows what’s best and wants some specific things from Star’s training. He involves himself a little too much in her magic training, including teaching her some of Eclipsa’s dark magic. While Moon is patient, calm, and distant with Star, Toffee spends a lot of time with her but has a lot of pent-up aggression, which comes out in the form of mild OCD and split-second fits of anger towards Star.

Hard to get MC


moriarticacid said:

Mc is hard to get to rfa+V but when they turn their attention to her she goes worried about them not caring about her anymore. (Im like this tbh…)

(Dw trust issues are always gonna be a thing, but trust me, one day you’ll find people who care about you and are willing to do anything for you- L)

He would have thought that your hard to get act was kinda cute and would make him want to try to win you over even more. He liked that you weren’t like other people who instantly fell over their own feet to try and please him. It was nice for him to have to try to win your affections for once. He felt as though in the end it’d be even more rewarding to finally be able to hold you in his arms and tell you how much he loved you.
One day, your insecurities just came bubbling out during an argument. You knew that he wouldn’t cheat on you, but there was a small niggling in the back of your mind that said he would. The second those words left your mouth, his anger left him. Instantly, it was replaced with his unbridled love for you, and he’d begin listing everything that he loved about you, not leaving any room for doubt as to how much he loved you.

She would have found it a bit strange at first, that you were simultaneously trying to get her attention, while pushing her away. In all honesty, she had no idea what to do about it, eventually leading to a confrontation. Once you told her that you were just really insecure then she would feel bad for asking you and apologize. But, she wants you to not feel bad so she did her best to reassure you that she would never leave you for anyone. She’d do this by being more affectionate towards you the usual, and just showing her love for you in a more open way.

He was kinda hurt. You didn’t feel the same way? But when you flirted with him, he felt so happy. He was honestly really confused, and had to message Zen separately to see what he thought about the whole situation. When Zen told him that you were just playing hard to get, he didn’t necessarily believe him, so he ended up (awkwardly) confronting you. Once you told him the truth and eventually, opened up about your true insecurities he’d give you a big hug, reassuring you that he would never leave you. He’d make sure that you know he cares by trying to cook you breakfast in the mornings, or by making sure you get a goodbye kiss before you leave, or before he leaves.

He just dealt with your hard to get flirting style by either a) bluntly stating it or b) pretending that you had wounded his pride. However, at one point it got too much even for him and he started having doubts. Were you just playing along with him? Maybe he was making you uncomfortable and just didn’t want to say anything. In all honesty, he wasn’t really planning to say anything at all at first. But, once he realized that his feelings for you weren’t going away, he figured that he had to say something. So, he decided to call you and ask, wanting to know if he had done something wrong to make you act the way you did. It took a while, but once you told him he reassured you that it’s fine, and to an extent, he understands how you feel. However, you did notice that he became much more affectionate.

He never really noticed. He just thought that you were aloof in all honesty and that it was just a part of how you were with people. It never really struck him as odd in the least until it started becoming painfully obvious even to Jumin that you were really vying for V’s attention. He became curious and wanted to know why you thought that acting the way you did would end up working because it just confused him. Wouldn’t you want to try and make it a bit more obvious you were flirting then? When you told him that it was because you didn’t want him to leave you so it would be easier if you didn’t seem all that invested he instantly got upset. He wouldn’t leave you, not for anything. He’d reassure you as often as you needed him to, wanting to make sure that you understood he cared deeply for you.

My opinion on Betty's feelings for Archie

I believe that Betty does love Archie, but more like a brother. I think even when she told him that she loved him, she was in love with the idea of him, the idea of a nice relationship. Besides, she didn’t have anyone else to have this fantasy about. This is because Betty had never thought of Jughead as an option before. Not to say that Betty didn’t like Jughead, but she never really got to know him due to the fact that he was so closed off throughout their whole friendship. When he finally did start to open up to her and they hung out just the two of them, she started to see him as an option that she wanted to take. This is why she moved on from Archie so quickly. Jughead isn’t a rebound, but what she’s been looking for, a nice guy that treats her with the respect that she deserves, someone that she mistook Archie for originally. Sadly, this has caused Jughead to have some insecurities about their relationship, but, to me, it is plain to see that Betty is over Archie. She didn’t want him to come look for Polly with them, she ran away while he was singing at the talent show, and she was genuinely hurt that Jughead would ever think that she would choose Archie over him. In conclusion, Betty Cooper is over Archie Andrews and totally and deeply in love with Jughead Jones. The end.

Rebecca is a closet manipulator that no one sees coming...

A main characteristics of a manipulator is picking up on a person’s weakness and using and exploiting it. Everyone knows Rob is a master at this, everyone saw him coming. However, no one saw Rebecca coming. Not even Robert.

Here are a few examples of her using people’s weaknesses to manipulate a situation:

1. Robert has a weakness for being the protector, so she plays victim of her mean sister

2. She picked up on the touchy subject of his bisexuality, so she tried to use his insecurity against him to get what she wanted.

3. She picked up on Liv’s insecurities so she acted like she understood her and was on her side trying to get her to open up, possibly letting something slip.

4. She knows Aaron’s insecurities so tries to use them to talk Aaron into leaving Robert. Chipping away at his worries, acting like she’s trying to help him.

5. She knows Chrissie’s worried about not being Lawrence’s biological daughter and Lachlan not being his biological grandson, so she makes sure to bring that up when talking about her baby.

6. And then there’s Victoria. Rebecca knows Vic’s weakness over not having a baby, so she pretends to need her friendship over her own family’s relationships in order to get on side

I’ve always been convinced Rebecca was up to something, but only recently have I realized the different instances, together as a whole, where she used or tried to use manipulation.

Maybe I’m way off….but the above instances DID happen.

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#31 zen to mc

I’ve been writing a ton of Zen lately! I hope I am doing a half decent job hahaha. I have an actual fic centered on him in the works right now, hopefully I get it out soon!

#31: “I can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you.”

Zen drowned himself in work. He would finish a new role and immediately rush into the next. It was a month since MC had last seen him socially, a week since she had last spoken to him. He rarely came into the messenger anymore. She followed his performances religiously, attending every performance on opening night, Jaehee next to her, anxiously gripping her armrests as she watched. It hadn’t gone beyond her notice that he was accepting more romantic roles recently, rejecting anything too heavy. He delivered his lines spectacularly, as to be expected. The passion that flowed as he gave heartfelt speeches about his undying love, the gorgeous way his lips twitched upward before embracing his co star in a searing kiss, the fire in his eyes as he took a deep bow at the end of the musical. She couldn’t get enough. She replayed the scenes in her head over and over, memorizing every quirk of his eyebrow, every heave of his chest, the way his strong arms wrapped around her… er… his co star. The way they wrapped around his co-star. 

They hadn’t actually done anything romantic. At this point she was almost certain he saw her more as a little sister. Whenever they did speak he was so attentive, absorbing every word and asking questions about small details to show his interest. He kept quite the respectable distance when they met for coffee or drinks. He would walk her back to her apartment and leave her after a tight and very chaste hug. He never saw how his brilliant smile caused her cheeks to color, or how she she hungrily grabbed at his hand to comfort him when he voiced his concerns and insecurities. He had opened up so much to her since the party, and every new fact or opinion was held close to her heart. In turn, she had opened up to him and he accepted her without judgement, always giving the best advice, always encouraging her. It was torture. She was so close to him, but yearned to be closer. She needed him, desperately. She needed to know what he looked like when those brilliant red eyes first opened in the morning, his voice when he sung in the shower, his thoughts as his drifted off to sleep. She wanted to pull him against her bosom and stroke his hair when he was sad, to feel his pulse beating against her skin when he was excited, to welcome him home each night with a smile of her own and a loving embrace. She needed him. Hyun Ryu, the man who stood on his own against the world. The man who could always be relied on even though his own past was so lonely. The man she loved.

She had resolved to make the leap, to find out whether this feeling was mutual, or if she was yet another RFA member that he saw as family, but no more. She would finally know if she could affect him the same way he did her without notice. She would make him notice.

Yet another spectacular performance by him, yet another woman he didn’t know that he kissed as though she were a long lost love, just as they were supposed to be in the show. MC could feel her stomach tighten as she gazed on, steeling herself to prepare for what would come later. One way or another, she would find resolution. 

The curtain dropped to thunderous applause, echoed by the beating of her heart in her ears. She bid a quick farewell to Jaehee and raced through the crowd towards his dressing room, clutching her purse close to her as a means of maintaining her composure. Second thoughts surfaced as she stood outside the door bearing his name. They were such good friends, was she about to ruin that? Was it worth it to finally know? Yes. She took a brief second to check her appearance and knocked. His voice called out to her, bidding her to enter. So she did. 

He was beautiful, as always. Lounging in a plush chair in front of his mirror, she etched his face into her mind as he offered her reflection a sincere grin and raised to greet her. Time slowed as he walked over to her, beads of sweat still glimmering against his neck from the stage lights, his face recently cleaned of any makeup, his features alight with the pleasure of a job well done. Pulling her bottom lip in between her teeth, she took a calming breath as he embraced her. Taking a step back, her arms still wrapped around him, she gazed up into the eyes she loved so much, and prepared to deliver a practiced speech of her own.

“Fantastic job tonight, Zen. I think every woman in the room was in love with you by the end.” Was the only part of it that she could choke out. He peered down at her, the surprised grin from when she entered transformed into a shy but appreciative smile. 

“I’m so happy you could come. You being there, supporting me… it really gives me the fire I need to do my best. And… I’m also glad you are here because I wanted to talk to you about something.” He took a step back himself, allowing her hands to slide away until he could capture them in his own.

Her heart in her throat, she responded. “Oh. I actually have something I want to say too.”

“Do you mind if I go first? I know it’s rude of me but I really need to get this out.”

“Actually, I do. I really think I should go first.”

“Please, I insist before I-”

“Zen, really just let me-” 

“I love you.” He blurted out n the middle of their fumbling argument. “I’ve loved you for so long and I can’t take not knowing if you feel the same. Maybe you don’t, but I need you to know how you make me feel. Like…. like I’m going insane. Like the spotlight is on me at all times and every person around me is watching, waiting for me to say the wrong lines or fumble my cue. I tried to ignore it, to not mess up our friendship. I tried to turn this feeling inward, to act them out in every way, hoping you’d realize every line is meant for you. But I can’t. I can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you. I need you to know, Jagi.” He tilted her head up to stare into her eyes as he spoke, his own brimming with more emotion than she had ever seen in the hundreds of times she had watched each show.

Her chest was tight, her hands were numb. Each breath was labored as they stood there, staring at each other. When it became too much, when she couldn’t stand another moment of the silence the corners of her mouth turned upward and she leaned in, placing a soft kiss against his lips. 

“I love you too.” She answered as she pulled back slightly, lacing her arms around his neck and holding him flush against her. His heart was pounding against her chest. His hair was soft against her fingers. The smile on her face would be the same that she would give him every night when he returned to her.


I thought I could hide the truth behind the smile I wore on the runway
But you always saw through me


Marichat fic

blegh i’m done with this, just take it pls

She smells like sweat and new fabric. 

It tickles his nose as he watches her cut out a new pattern. She’s meticulous in the way she removes the pins, calculating every snip and every corner. He wonders what it’s like to be so passionate about something, so deeply and completely in love with it that your whole body radiates it. 

He watches her back as she leans over the fabric. She’s sitting awkwardly on her knees and the floor is littered with sewing supplies. 

And yet, she doesn’t seem to notice or mind any of it.

When he bends over, just slightly, he can see her face as her eyebrows scrunch in concentration. He smiles when he sees her tongue poke out, but it quickly fades when he notices a bead of sweat trailing down her temple.

It’s frustrating, this curiosity festering inside of him. He want’s to have a passion for himself, wants to experience something so much he smells of it. Again, her scent tickles his nose and it twitches. It doesn’t smell bad really. In fact, he kind of likes it. Though, he would never say that out loud for several reasons. 

His tail twitches with impatience, but he doesn’t want to interrupt her. Her movement’s are fascinating, her concentration inspiring. But he’s never known what it’s like to feel these things so deeply and his whole body is burning with questions.


“Hey, Princess?” He calls out hesitantly.

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Turtle sex & kinks (2 - 4)


  • The first time they have sex with her is the same for all the turtles: they fear that they will hurt their lover. For Raph, he will show a completely new side to him. She has probably never seen a more vulnerable Raph in her life. She has to really encourage him that she wants this and how much she wants it. Don’t get him wrong, he wants it just as much, but by the thickness of him, he fear he will tear her V open in less than a heartbeat. They will take it slow the first few times until he knows what she can handle. 

  • He’s very insecure about his pickle penis. It’s so ugly as fuck, when she see it she will scream and run away, is just some of many thoughts going through his mind. She has another job here of encouraging him and reassuring him. Maybe even start it all of with a good bj! 

  • As we speak of it, he loves a bj, but he damn hates the teasing and he will be sure to punish her hard after all that teasing. 

  • His penis isn’t the longest, but long enough and damn it is thick. He has the thickest penis and it sure will pleasure anyone. 

  • If he’s a virgin, hell he is so embarrassed and insecure. He’s excited to get laid and to get some V, but what the hell is he supposed to do? He has no clue! He use to take one of Donnies laptops to watch porn on and Mikey will tag along. He only knows what he has seen on the screen, but is that enough to please her? When they’re at it, she will guide him and tell him what to do until he knows it and will fuck her like a king. 

  • If she’s a virgin, at first he will reject her request of having sex. They have probably already been eating each other out already, but never taken it to the next level. He will let out a sigh and close his eyes so he wont blow up on her and then give in. The first time will be slow, so she can get used to his thickness and roughness. He will speed it up and see how much she can handle. During the sex he will ask her if she’s okay every now and then. 

  • He’s not so kinky, but his main kinks are ass spanking and skin biting. She will find that out the day he get’s carried away and just smaks her ass so hard he leaves his handprint on it. The biting is to mark his territory, to tell his world that she is taken and that she have had the best sex the life has to offer her. It’s also a warning if any other males approaches her and get’s too close or too handsy. 

  • Spanking and skin biting will happen everytime they have sex; rough or passionate.

  • If he gets the chance to show his strength during sex, he will. 

  • It’s hard for him to have slow sex. As soon as those tight folds of hers hugs around his thickness, there’s nothing that can stop him. He will go rougher, even if he wants to make slow and passionate love to her. 

  • He’s dominant and demands to be in charge. He wants to have her underneith him, responding to his dirty talking as if she’s challenging him. He wants to hear her begging. 

  • He will never accept being submissive (so he thinks). He has too much pride to do that. The thing is that whenever he gets a bj from her, he is submissive, trying his best to control himself, though he might not last very long, or if she wakes up and rides him while he sleeps. 

  • He’s going to reject her request to try anal immediately. There is no way his thick size can enter her “backdoor”. The thing is, he has a hard time resisting her and with her begging him to at least try, he will eventually give in, just this once. They will end up having this as another kink, whenever they’re both up for it. 

  • His favorite sex position is of course doggy style. He just wants to have her ass up while he fuck her so he can smack it. A good second favorite for him is just to take her up against the wall or alley sex. 

  • He is a master of dirty talking. He will be using his low Batman voice, which happens to turn her on even more. “Ya like that, don’t ya? Ya want me t’ah pound yer pussy? Get on yer knees, I’mma cum on yer pretty little face.” 

  • It’s a lot of name calling between them during the heat, he wants to hear his name and he likes to be called sir. 

  • If he’s up for a goodtime, he will just go wherever she is, pick her up over his shoulder and walk to his room/her room/empty alley in the city.

  • There will be sex during the night, during the day and he got the stamina for way more than one round. 

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I was wondering if you would do headcanons of the rfa members (plus v and saeran) in a relationship with male MC?

*crack knuckles*



  • despite his rough exterior, he is very open and happy in a relationship with male mc
  • he cherishes his mc more than anything else
  • loves the height difference, whether you are shorter or taller, or even if you two are around the same height
  • compliments you immensely! He will go on and on about how you are the most handsome man in the world!
  • 100% tops mc, but is very loving and gentle
  • likes it if mc initiates kisses, holding hands, and even sex
  • would pay V to take professional pictures of the two of you, and Elizabeth the third of course
  • not really into PDA but will definitely step in if someone is trying to make a move on you
  • very possessive of you
  • he’s wary of you hanging out with other guys, especially Zen, so you wear his cologne to smell like him
  • “god. you smell just like that trust fund kid”
  • hates leaving you when he goes on business trips
  • happy that you are the one to look over Elizabeth the third
  • ”Which tie should I wear today, Mc?”
  • ”Jaehee, I will not be attending work today”
  • you best believe Elizabeth the third is getting in them snuggles too
  • Jumin is usually up before you, so he’d just lay there with your head on his chest
  • loves watching you sleep, not in a creepy way, but he loves seeing you so peaceful
  • Jumin Han is gay


  • ooooh boi does he love him some male mc
  • loves talking about you in interviews
  • refers to you as his inspiration, and the only man who can rival his own good looks
  • his fans would be so supportive of you guys
  • holding hands 25/8
  • versatile in bed???
  • he loves topping but seeing you take charge is such a turn on for him, that he doesn’t mind switching the roles
  • very vanilla sex
  • but loves foreplay and body worship
  • snuggles you for an eternity after sex
  • still refers to himself as the “beast”
  • “Hyun, we’ve already had sex. You cant still be the beast”
  • “I can and I am”
  • when you give him kisses on the cheek unexpectedly, he will have a mini heart attack
  • he thinks you are the cutest thing ever
  • you go to every audition, interview, opening of a movie, anything that he will need you or want you to be there for
  • “Sometimes, I feel like I wouldn’t be able to do this without you”


  • this boy wants nothing more but for mc to hold him, he loves the feeling of your arms around him
  • he literally doesn’t care where you guys are
  • just. hold. him
  • he will go on and on about how lucky he was to find someone like you
  • you guys will study together, usually ending up in makeout sessions
  • he will even bring up studying JUST to makeout with you
  • “you know we don’t have to study to makeout right, Yoosung?”
  • bottom af
  • he loves when you tell him not to hide his face during sex
  • LOVES giving/receiving oral
  • can be really insecure so he sometimes just need you to tell him how much he matters to you
  • introduces you to his parents, and everyone else, as the best boyfriend in the world
  • LOLOL marathons af
  • “Did you just see that mc!!!! Wait till I tell my guild!!”
  • c e l e b r a t o r y  s e x ;)
  • you would give him cooking lessons until he can perfect his omelet
  • when the truth about Rika came out, you were the only one he would talk to for weeks
  • “I can’t believe she did this mc. How will I ever talk to the rfa again?”
  • you help him realize that nothing she did involved him or made him any less of a person
  • “The rfa doesn’t think bad of you Yoosung, and neither do I”
  • that gets him back on his feet
  • he engages in the rfa chatroom again while you help him study to become the vet he’s always wanted to be
  • “I don’t know where I would be without you”


  • is actually the first to know you are male in the rfa, but keeps it a secret if you didn’t want the others to know
  • he’s not bothered at all that you are boy and names all of the things he loves about you on a daily basis
  • he loves how much you support him, even though he sometimes hates what he does
  • “oh shit. work it babe”
  • like Zen, versatile in bed
  • livesssss for oral
  • aggressively possessive over you even though you aren’t much shorter than him???
  • you are the only one, other than saeran, that he is okay with calling him Saeyoung
  • you guys swap hoodies all the time
  • he still holds grudges on himself for pushing you away at first
  • “I don’t deserve you mc”
  • “Shut your mouth. I love you”
  • literally thinks the world of you
  • “Yea, I looked up from my computer screen and mc was just making the cutest face ever”
  • he always want you in his lap if he’s working on something that isn’t classified
  • snuggles all day everyday
  • “Saeyoung, I have work to do”
  • “snuggles make work easier”
  • “Jumin, Mc and I want Elly to carry the rings up to us”
  • “My Elizabeth will not be participating in such activities”
  • Jumin ends up allowing Elly to carry Seven the rings
  • “You will not touch her after you get the rings from her collar”
  • “You used to like me mc? How embarrassing”
  • “Saeyoung. We’ve been married for three years”
  • “Still”


  • Jaehee. loves. the. fuck. out. of. you
  • you are literally her world
  • she is awkward around you at first, but opens up eventually
  • very insecure, especially in public, it drives her crazy when she sees girls flirt with you
  • possessive af, even more than Jumin
  • you keep you arm around her waist, to reassure her
  • “I’m yours and only yours”
  • back and neck massages on the daily
  • “Work was so stressful today”
  • you love talking to her about her day
  • you persuade Jumin to give her more days off
  • “Mc!!! Watch this part! He plays every role so well!”
  • you’ll admit it, Zen does make you feel some what insecure
  • Jaehee looks up to him and he’s so handsome
  • “Watching his movies are a hobby. I only have eyes for you”
  • she loves when you cook for her
  • despite her perfect composure, Jaehee can be very dominant
  • which is a MAJOR turn on for you
  • she loves them all
  • when her time of the month comes around, you try to do tons of different things to make sure she’s comfy
  • “Do you want some water? Chocolate? Pain pills? Do I need to turn the air up? You’re looking a little hot. Well you always look hot. What I mean is I-”
  • “Mc, I’m fine. Just come lay down with me”


  • he’s surprised when he hears you joined the rfa, but seems to fall for you almost instantly
  • when you hear about his condition and then him not looking for medical attention, you become furious
  • you’d never leave his side no matter what
  • “This is just something I need to let happen Mc. I hope you understand”
  • which you do
  • when his eyesight continues to interfere with his daily life, he tries to push you away
  • “I don’t expect you to stay. Please don’t take pity on me and live the rest of your life”
  • “Jihyun. I love you and I’m not leaving you”
  • literally feels blessed af for you
  • “Isn’t he so handsome”
  • LOVES taking pictures of you
  • innocent and not so innocent ;)
  • “You keep making that face and I won’t be able to control myself anymore, mc”
  • TOP AF
  • he peppers you with kisses during sex and is always making sure he isn’t hurting you
  • hickeys are a musttttt
  • will go on and on and on about you to Jumin
  • he gets mad af when anyone compares you to Rika
  • aka Yoosung
  • he explains to Yoosung that although you have the same job as Rika, you are not and do not act like Rika
  • sometimes has to reassure you that he loves you and not the role you are playing
  • “I loved her a lot mc but she wasn’t in the right state of mind. She hurt me. I forgive her but I do not love her anymore. I definitely don’t love her like I love you”
  • makes sure you know you’re his #1
  • you find it kind of hard that his last lover was a woman
  • “My love for you has no boundaries. Not even gender”
  • cuddling makes the world go around
  • your sleep schedule would be so bad
  • you’d go to sleep late and wake up late
  • “mc, we really need a better sleeping schedule”



  • he is confused on his feelings towards you
  • “Saeyoung It’s not funny! My stomach feels weird when I’m around him! Am I dying?”
  • “You aren’t dying. You are just in l-o-v-e”
  • literally, seven has to spell it out for him
  • “Stop saying stupid things”
  • “Saeran and mc sitting in a tree. k-i-s-s-i-n-g”
  • a couple chairs are thrown before Seven stops singing
  • once Saeran gets the courage to confront you about his feelings, he’s full on shaking
  • “Mc. You look pretty. I mean handsome. You are attractive. Its nice. I like it. hahahahah”
  • you shut him up by kissing him
  • at first he is very tense but he pulls you into a hug after you break the kiss
  • “thank you. so much”
  • he tells Saeyoung right away hoping he will stop teasing him but NOPE, THE TEASING INTENSIFIES
  • he will snap pictures of you guys holding hands or kissing and send them in the group chats
  • “Aren’t they adorable”
  • literally Seven ships the fuck out of Saeran and mc
  • Saeran still gets in moods where he will push everyone away, including you
  • he hates himself for putting everyone, especially you, in danger
  • he could have killed you and yet you still love him
  • one day when he sneaks out of his room to get something to eat, you wrap your arms around his waist
  • “don’t ever push me away again, Saeran. I love you so much and I’m not going any where”
  • literally cries tears of joy
  • Seven claps like the proud ship mom he is
  • “-_-. Saeyoung. Leave. Now”
  • also versatile, but mostly likes to top
  • very dirty talker and sometimes even embarrasses you by what he says
  • “would he like a date to the carnival?”
  • “no. saeran gets sick easy”
  • “alright. large crowds are a no-go. noted”
  • sometimes wakes you up by kicking or screaming, depending on how bad his nightmare is
  • “Shh. Shh. I’m here baby”
  • literally loves you so much


I wrote this four times bc tumblr kept crashing for some reason???

like why :’)

But I hope you liked this anon!

Go Ahead and Break My Heart Lyrics Analysis

Okay so a bunch of people requested this but I didn’t have any prompts that really fit with what I wanted to say, so here is a text post!! 

First of all, I don’t think this song had anything to do with HOW they figured out the next step of their relationship. I know he said he was trying to impress her and “get somewhere with her,” but I think he was just trying to sound charming. I mean, I’m pretty sure he tries to “impress” her like almost every day. Remember when he bought his and hers horses? Or flew overnight to go to her son’s birthday party. Anyway, I think this song is about that process obviously, but I don’t think it’s a part of it. I’m sure it did help solidify things though. <3

So my interpretation of the song comes in the context of all the other things we know. Splash was July, then I’m pretty sure Getting Warmer was in early September, and then Make Me Like You, Misery were September 22 & 23, and Truth was October 23. Also in mid and late September, Blake and Gwen both said some pretty cool/magical things were happening in their lives during interviews. 

So anyway that’s kind of where I’m coming from with this analysis. To me, the emotional vibe is the most like Getting Warmer. I recommend listening to that right before this for more of Gwen’s mental state. 

Go Ahead and Break My Heart

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Recent Shokugeki no Soma Chapter Thoughts

I haven’t really posted my thoughts about the recent chapters because I was waiting to see where things would go. Now that we’ve concluded that little tasting session, I have to say, I’m really quite satisfied. Such delicious developments (pun intended) ohohoho. ^-^ 

For one thing, I thought it was really interesting, and made a lot of sense, that Erina didn’t truly enjoy cooking. With the way her father taught her, and being a professional food taster from such a young age, with the pressure of living up to the family name on her shoulder, it killed whatever enthusiasm she had early on.

And honestly, not only did Erina not enjoy cooking, but I don’t think she got any pleasure from tasting either. That’s what it seemed like to me. Because it wasn’t until she tasted Jouichirou’s food that she truly thought cooking could be something fun, and truly seemed to enjoy her food. 

That aside, I LOVE that Erina chose to come to Souma and open up to him so honestly about her dilemma. That was a huge deal for her, because Souma is probably the person she’s least honest with (or she tries to be, anyway lmao). She’s really reserved when it comes to her past, and her insecurities. Even Hisako didn’t know about Jouichirou after all, and Hisako is the person Erina’s closest to. Yet Souma always manages to expose these bits of Erina’s true self in his own carefree way. 

What I also loved, is what drove Erina to come to Souma in the first place. She was confused but also unhappy with how dejected the polar star dorm residents were feeling. She saw they were suffering, and she certainly doesn’t want them to get kicked out. I wonder if she realizes yet that she sees them as friends (because she clearly does lol), because they definitely seem to see her as one IMO. ^^

As for the actual tasting and what Souma made for Erina, I loved it all. Erina let her guard down for a moment, and unreservedly ate all of Souma’s dish (with gusto lol). Souma’s expression at the end where Erina sat with a satisfied expression on her face, and an empty bowl before her, was so sweet? I say this questioningly, because maybe sweet isn’t the word, but his expression was much more gentle than usual, because Souma is a pretty cocky guy, and yet there wasn’t any cockiness in his expression here. Instead, he seemed glad for Erina more than himself.

Souma knows from her grandfather what she went through, and even though he claims he just wants her to say his food is good, at the end of the day, he was trying in his own way to help her over that mental hurdle she was facing. <3 And I especially liked the comment he made when Erina briefly looked somber again while he was cooking. He wanted the old Erina back.

Although in the newest chapter, we see that moment of concern from Souma passed quickly, because he was right back to his usual self again lmao. It was so funny as he tried to coax her into admitting his food was good, which did not work of course, and I’m so happy about that! But I’ll get back to that in a second. ^^ 

And OMGoodness, I I loled when the other polar star dorm residents were eavesdropping, and were worried Souma would try to feed Erina one of his crazy concoctions. They thought Erina would die if that happened, but honestly, I feel like Erina would probably laugh instead. When she tried Alice’s bad food when they were kids (that cake Alice made her), Erina criticized it, but also laughed about it. It didn’t seem to bother or disgust her. I wonder how Souma would react to Erina thinking his food was gross but also hilarious, just like he does? But that’s just my personal wish, though. ^-^

Souma’s comment about “those who only recognize one right way…” was a huge throwback to the one-shot of the series, and what Souma’s original incarnation was saying there to that Erina. It just tied everything together. I’ve been waiting for that (and I’m still waiting for Souma to actually try and comment on Erina’s cooking, too, which is probably being saved for the future ohohoho). And of course that comment from Souma that mirrored Jouchirou’s, about “how the journey’s no fun if you know where you’re going” that led to Erina finally remembering why she really wanted to cook was wonderful, too, because it triggered Erina’s true development in this arc so far, and that was thanks to Souma.

And the fact that the previous chapter was even titled “frozen feelings?” That’s like the epitome of what a tsundere like Erina is. You have to melt those tsuns to get to the gooey satisfaction of the dere lol. ^^ But Erina’s not quite there yet, and I’m very glad for that, because it’s still too early in the story for that much development. But this? Is already way more of a start than I thought we would get at this point. 

Basically, though, I’d say Souma absolutely did his part in what Erina’s grandfather originally asked from him. Yes, the other Polar Star dorm members helped hugely, too, but it was Souma who gave her the push she needed to take charge of the situation and to save herself.

And finally, we have entered the part of this arc I’ve been waiting so long for. Erina… is finally doing something!!! ;_; 

However, I want to go back and touch on the fact that, despite Erina’s obvious enjoyment of Souma’s food, she STILL hasn’t given in, and said it’s delicious. THAT is great ahaha. Because it means Souma will keep TRYING. ^-^ Erina didn’t lie, but she completely avoided giving a response. She seemed too motivated and enthusiastic with her plan to answer, so I’m not sure if her dodging the question was truly intentional on her part… but it probably was lol. 

We’ll see in the future how Erina sidesteps this situation some more, because if she didn’t say it here, it’ll probably take a huge event to get her to actually say the words to Souma, and as a reader who loves that tension, that’s just fine by me. Plus, it means Souma will continue to try and impress her by cooking more for her. ^_~

Now, onto proactive Erina! She’s going to help the Polar Star Dorm inhabitants rebel against central. She’s trying to raise their spirits with her tough love lol. And I LOVE (as you can tell, I love A LOT of things about these recent chapters lol) that Souma saw right through her speech. He knows her harsher approach is just a smokescreen to her kinder feelings. He obviously also appreciates what she’s doing, and can easily tell she’s actually trying to help them all, and that her words are coming from a good place. Hell, he looked proud of her when she was giving her speech. 

A big reason I love Souma x Erina, is because Erina tries so hard to act a certain way, and to be viewed a certain way, and yet Souma just sees through all her pretense and bluster to the heart of who she actually is. I think he’s intrigued by her. He’s not the kind of person to care about a title like “God’s Tongue,” so her opinion shouldn’t mean this much to him, and yet it does.  For example, even though he probably could tell Erina liked the dish he made for her, he still wants her to actually say the words, and he wont be satisfied until she does. That will be his win that he will keep trying for, which will cause them to continue interacting until it happens lol. ^^

Now I’m looking forward to a rebellious Erina. I’ve been waiting so long for her to stop moping and to actually do something, and she finally is! 

And my shipper heart is happy with the progress Souma and Erina have made. I feel like there’s been an understanding and connection between them now. Erina internally acknowledges Souma, and she’s grateful to him specifically (that look towards Souma at the end of this recent chapter! *_*).  

And because Erina opened up to Souma, Souma was able to share something of himself and his cooking with her. He truly cooked with her in mind in these chapters IMO. He said it himself, he used egg because egg was the original dish she asked him to make in the entrance exams. But at the same time, he was also cooking to help her remember something. He listened to her story and stopped her from leaving, so that he could cook for her. He wanted her to say his food was delicious, yes. But he also wanted her to feel better. We saw that in his comment about her gloomy expression, and we saw it in his own expression when Erina finished his dish, and we even saw it at the end of her speech. He’s glad she’s back to her usual self. It wasn’t really about ego, it was about helping her out. And he did.

I feel like this will continue to be a running theme for them. They will be a mutual support system. Even in the new chapter, it was commented on that during her speech Erina reminded them of Souma. There’s a similarity there, but they approach situations differently. I feel like they have both now helped each other along in their journeys at the school (even if most of Erina’s help was grudgingly unintentional lmao). 

And I feel now that Erina knows how she wants to cook, she and Souma can finally become true rivals, pushing each other along, while trying to earn the other’s approval. And before Souma and Erina know it, Souma will be cooking not just to please Erina’s God’s tongue and to hear the words “it’s delicious,” but because her enjoyment is his enjoyment. *happy sigh*

Anyway, I haven’t loved everything about this arc so far. Things got a little too dark and dramatic at points, and Erina spent too much of it moping around. But now I’m excited again, because Erina has joined the rebellion, and she and Souma have finally shared a proper, honest moment together that improved their relationship. Erina clearly sees Souma differently now (my ship has well and truly left the port!). I’m looking forward to seeing where things go from here. ^__^