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I love your writing! Can you do manorian? Anything without pregnancy or babies please haha

Dorian watched her as she slept.

She looked so innocent with her eyes closed, with her breathing steadied and all intensity released from her posture. He ran his fingers through her long, white hair as he rested on his side, his head propped in his palm, his elbow rested idly atop his pillow.

The moonlight was glistening off her pale skin, the blanket resting no higher than her waist, giving Dorian a full view of the beauty that was Manon Blackbeak. 

He remembered being terrified of her. He remembered wanting to run away from her, instead of into her arms. And now, he couldn’t remember a life without her in it. He couldn’t imagine ruling his kingdom without his Queen by his side. He couldn’t imagine living without the life she breathed into him, every single day.

“I feel you watching me, Princeling,” she mumbled, although she did not open her eyes.

Dorian chuckled, running his fingers down her neck, and across the side of her breast, down the side of her abdomen. “Is it romantic or creepy?”

She didn’t answer for so long that he had thought she had gone back to sleep, but then she replied, softly, “Both.”

Falling back against his pillow, he pulled Manon onto his chest, and she instantly attached herself to his muscled frame. 

“You should come up with a new nickname for me,” he said, after a moment of rubbing her back with the tips of his calloused fingers. 

“Why?” She yawned, amused.

“Because I’m the King, not a Prince,” he sighed, dramatically. “You should respect me.”

“I thought I showed my respect for you an hour ago,” she smirked, running her hand down his abdomen, gracing him with her golden eyes, “Princeling.”

Dorian laughed. “Fine. Compromise.”

“That’s what people say when they lose,” she said, before leaning up and kissing his lips, softly. “Rest.”

“Yes, my Queen,” he answered, a sly smile plastered on his mouth. “Goodnight.” 


“I love you, Witchling,” he said, closing his eyes and pulling her in closer.

“I love you, too,” she declared, sleepily. “Princeling.” 

bethyl fans in the summer of 2014: this is so exciting there’s so much to look forward to, can’t wait til daryl finds beth!!

bethyl fans now:

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The New Quinx Squad

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"Haha! Poor Eva, she's so so innocent, why is everyone against you dear?" -Mrs. Gold who's digging the drama /@hetaliaindie


Eva: … I can’t tell if you’re mocking me, and if you are… I just… I only wanted… why can’t things be like I wanted…?

Estelle: Everything’s like you want, all the time. Shut the fuck up, Eva.