she's so important to me you don't even know

  • jason: oh man sorry I've got to meet a minor god
  • piper: going with him, ops
  • leo: bringing calypso to the cinema, she never saw a cinema
  • annabeth: I have to study for an exam. it's important
  • percy: dad texted me, urgent quest, sorry mate
  • nico: not coming. I hate celebrations of things. the unnecessary and forced joy they bring.
  • frank:
  • frank:
  • frank: love?
  • everyone: *gasps*

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I loved your answer to the last question, and it got me thinking a bit more- do you think Darcy views the Colonel as a threat? He seems sort of wrapped up in his own mind for those chapters, but if even Charlotte noticed something, do you think that impacted Darcy's actions? And, I've never really understood the importance of Charlotte or why she's best friends with Lizzie?? It seems like they don't have much in common and Elizabeth relies much more on Jane, so how is Charlotte important?

I don’t think so, no. Darcy knows his cousin is a good man, but he knows himself to be the more eligible bachelor to a poor gentlewoman like Elizabeth. At that point he cannot see that his manners have at all materially wounded his chances with Miss Eliza (and of course he cannot guess the extent of her knowledge of his meddling with Jane and Bingley and his supposed ill-treatment of Wickham.) With all his belief in his own consequence and his knowledge of how lowley the Bennets are, he would feel himself to be the superior option for Elizabeth. And he probably knows that his cousin isn’t likely to form any serious intentions regarding Elizabeth over the course of their much shorter acquaintance at Rosings, no matter how well they get along.

Everyone is aware that the Colonel must marry to make his fortune, and the Colonel is not so romantic that he’s going to toss all that away because he’s spent a few weeks being friendly with a girl he met on a visit to his aunt in the country when there’s little other company to be had. Darcy’s entire beginning of his proposal speaks to his self-assurance and confidence that he is bound to be accepted with gratitude and perhaps even delight. The man that would break up Bingley and Jane in the belief that the match would be imprudent would never stand aside to allow the Colonel to maybe woo Miss Elizabeth just because they’ve been friendly. Darcy can afford to lower himself to make an offer to Lizzy, despite her lack of fortune, low connections, and ridiculous family. The Colonel is not likely to do so.

Charlotte is something of a foil to Jane, in terms of Elizabeth’s connections. Both Jane and Charlotte are sensible forces in Eliza’s life, ultimately coaxing her to calm down maybe and consider things before leaping to conclusions, though for different reasons. Jane is cautious because she doesn’t wish to hurt anyone in being hasty; Charlotte is cautious in that she’s rather more cool and worldly than either of the elder Bennet girls, and would counsel them not to harm their own causes (i.e. an advantageous marriage) with rash sentimentality. Charlotte sees the world for what it is likely to be, for poor gentlewomen; Jane sees it as she hopes it would be, if everyone was kind and generous of heart. Both of these forces help Lizzy to re-examine her hot-headed judgements, and in parts of the plot where Jane is away in London, Charlotte is there in Kent to provide both a plot-point to bring Darcy and Elizabeth back together at Rosings, as well as an observant confidante who seems to realize more than Jane or Lizzy would, in the situation.

Jane is all sweetness and light, so I can see that Lizzy would enjoy having a friend in Charlotte, for giving vent to her more wicked witticisms and dry humour, which Charlotte appreciates, even if she doesn’t always agree. Charlotte’s cynicism jives with Lizzy’s sarcasm, but it comes from a place of deeper pain for Miss Lucas. She is plain, lacking in fortune, and very near to being an old maid. Where Elizabeth feels she can afford to laugh at mercenary considerations and is astonished at Charlotte’s compromise in agreeing to marry Mr. Collins, it provides a large part of Lizzy’s character development in the middle part of the novel for Eliza to realize that not everyone must see things as she does, or else be a complete fool; but that people are complex and we can still love people even when they do things we cannot entirely understand. I expect we’ve all had a loved one who has done something to deeply disappoint us, only to have to work through the realization that we cannot simply dismiss them for it, but have to work through our feelings and the changes to the relationship dynamic and, in a way, learn to appreciate them all over again. It’s difficult and messy, but it’s a part of relating to other people with compassion, empathy, and acceptance. Charlotte’s friendship is ultimately a bittersweet influence which allows Lizzy to truly begin to emotionally mature, in a way that Jane’s sweet understanding and unconditional acceptance is unlikely to prompt.

So, i was tagged by @naomilotus64 in the thing when you present your Sides, like, Sanders Sides, but your own (it was 3 weeks ago). And i’ve been thinking about that a lot. I even drew them! And here they are!

Pallas (named after Athena Pallas from greek mythology) - my Logical Side. She is my logical thinking, my knowledge, my wisdom, my strategist, geek and nerd. She makes me want to learn. She is a problem solver.Not the best in feelings, but she is trying her best. If she has a problem, she will do everything to solve it without help. She hates it when someone tells her she is stupid. She loves schedules.

Luca (the name means Bringer of the light) - My Creativity. She’s the source of my ideas, hopes, dreams and (prepare to be shocked) - creativity. She is also my passion for fandoms, partly for science stuff, and art in every form. She is an artist herself. Many of her ideas aren’t known, because she’s afraid of being judged and knows that I can’t find time for everything. She is my inner child. Everybody in the Mindscape love her. She is seen as a cute, lovely and adorable person. She is responsible for my deep thoughts.

Angelica (that name just suits her) - my emotions. She’s responsible for my feelings and emotions, but also worries and fears. She’s a mess. Her mood changes really quickly. She often feels stressed. She is kind of a Mum of my Sides - caring and wants the best for everyone. She is a loud, but knows that everybody in the Mindscape (and I) have sensitive ears, so she tries to control her audible emotional outbursts.

Atalanta (named after a badass princess from greek mythology) - my Ego. She is my morality, self esteem, my mental health and opinions. She tries to find out who am I. She’s responsible for my identity crisis. She is conflicted with herself, mostly about opinions. She feels like she has to make everyone pround of her to be happy. She is sassy and often mean. She tries to be better. She is the most rational Side. She is what makes me super confident from time to time.

All of my Sides care about my memories and make me want to impress people. The all look for my definition of love, happiness and the sense of my life. They also try to help Atalanta in getting me out of my identity crisis.

Here is a drawing of My Sides! And if you want to know more about them, don’t be afraid to ask!


30 days of brooklyn nine nine: favorite character
amy santiago

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God reading that anon you just got made me so fucking anxious, what if kat does get pregnant lmao fuck I know she loves wearp but

Well then I’m sure they’d figure out how to work with/around it, like they did for mel. Honestly it’s pointless to worry about it, just remember that everyone on the show knows and supports how important wayhaught is and will continue to give it to us for as long as they can.

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Could you maybe write a fic about Alex failing at something important? I've been failing at literally everything these past months (mostly school) and now everyone looks down on me like I'm some lost cause. It'd just be nice to see the same situation play out differently. Alex has people who'd still support her even if she screwed up.That'd be nice to read. But I know you're busy and there are a lot more fun prompts to write, so it's okay if you don't do this one. thanks for everything anyway :)

Her baby sister needs her.

Her baby sister needs her, needs her to synthesize an antidote to the venom Cadmus pumped into her veins, the venom that sent her crashing out of the sky, that nearly broke her back in the fall, that left her unable to breathe without a respirator and that left her vital signs falling, falling, falling.

Her baby sister needs her, and she’s working as fast as she can, she’s drawing on everything she every learned in school, on the job, in the field, pouring over her mother’s dissertation drafts in the middle of the night as a teenager. She’s drawing on everything she has, and Kara is still dying.

She’s still dying, she’s still fading, and Alex’s hands are shaking, and she’s snapping at Winn, and she’s yelling at Maggie, and she’s glowering at J’onn when he takes her gently by the shoulders and reminds her that Supergirl needs Dr. Danvers right now, not her sister, and she’s failing, failing, failing.

Kara’s going to die, and it’s going to be her fault, her fault, her fault.

“You can do this, Alex, you just need to breathe,” Maggie’s reminding her, and then she’s leaving the lab with a steely, hurt look in her eyes because Alex doesn’t need to be reminded to breathe, my sister can’t breathe, she can’t breathe and I can’t figure it out, I can’t get this to work, I can’t do it, I’m out of ideas, and she’s going to die, so I can’t just relax and breathe, don’t you understand that?

But Maggie comes back a half hour later, and her hair is wind swept because she’s been running, running, running.

“Alex,” she says, and Alex doesn’t turn around because Alex is trying something else, another chemical combination, that is sure to fail, fail, fail.

“Kara just needs to breathe.”

There’s something in Maggie’s tone that makes her look up, that makes her stop, that makes her hope.

Maggie slips over to Kara’s bed, container of gas in hand, and she floods it into Kara’s oxygen mask.

Within moments, Kara coughs and Kara sits up and Kara, Kara, Kara, Kara is going to be just fine.

She doesn’t hear Maggie’s explanation about how their fight about breathing made her think of Kryptonian atmospheric conditions, doesn’t hear Maggie’s explanation about leeching out poison through the lungs, doesn’t hear any of it because she should have come up with it, she should have known, she should have thought of something so obvious, and she failed, she failed, she failed.

She failed and her sister almost died.

She’s home with a fresh bottle of bourbon that night, home and quarter way through the bottle when there’s a knock at her door.

“Alex, babe, come on, I know you’re home.” Maggie’s voice.

She responds by taking another drink.

“Agent Danvers, you realize I can just phase through this door, don’t you?”

She furrows her brow, because what the hell is J’onn doing here?

“Alex, come on, we brought pizza.” James.

“Yeah, at great risk to our health and well-being, since you’re probably in one of those moods where you’ll threaten me with your index finger. Again.” Winn.

Her window rattles and Kara is flying from her living room to her front door, opening it for the others before Alex can even stand up.

Alex,” Maggie is in the door first, concern and love, love, just unfiltered love, written all over her face. She rushes across the room, kneels in front of her girlfriend, pries the bottle gently from Alex’s fingers, kisses the tears gently from her face, until Alex pulls back, until Alex stands up, until Alex shifts away, away, reaching again for her bottle, for her comfort, for her solace, because she failed, failed, failed.

And she doesn’t deserve the compassion on these people’s faces, she doesn’t deserve the love in their eyes or the pizza in their hands or the openness of their stances.

Them. She just doesn’t deserve them.

“I yelled at you,” she tells Maggie, her voice ragged with worthlessness and her voice ragged with liquor. “I yelled at you, you’re my girlfriend and I yelled at you, and you’re over here trying to make me feel better? And Winn, I snapped at you, and J’onn, I threatened your agents when I found out who was with Kara when she got shot, and James, James, god, I completely ignored you, Kara’s your best friend and you were terrified and I was so selfish, and Kara, if Maggie hadn’t had her brain on right I would have killed you, you would have died, and it would have been my fault, I failed you, Kara, so just leave me alone, all of you, please, because I – “

But Kara’s arms are wrapped around her body and Alex is tense and Alex is resisting but Kara is stronger and Kara knows and she waits and she waits and she’s right, because Alex breaks, breaks, and lets herself collapse into Kara’s arms, grabbing desperately at her like she’ll fade away if Alex lets go even for a moment, even for an instant. Kara pulls her gently back to the couch, and Maggie sits on her other side, and Winn kneels in front of her with one hand over his mouth and his other on James’s knee next to him, and J’onn stands back and hugs himself with his arms across his chest because his little girl is in pain and all he wants is to let her feel what he does, let her believe in herself like he believes in her, because that is what she deserves.

“Alex, the stuff Maggie gave Kara wouldn’t have worked if your antidotes didn’t keep her alive as long as they did. You helped, Alex, you did.”

“But I didn’t bring her back, Winn, I was so stupid, I couldn’t see what was right in front of me, I couldn’t figure it out – “

“Al, that’s why you have people. That’s why you have a team, that’s why you have me. You don’t have to save everyone alone, Alex, you… look around you, babe. All these people, your friends – well, your family, really, right? – they all love you, Alex, even when – especially when – you can’t do something on your own. That’s what we’re for. That’s what people who love you are for.”

Kara is beaming at Maggie and James and Winn are exchanging grins and J’onn has never found his feet quite so interesting to stare at.

Alex sniffs and Alex wipes her eyes with the back of her index finger and Alex turns to look Maggie full in the face.

“People who love me.”

Maggie bites her lip and takes a deep breath and Maggie nods.

“And that… includes you.”

“I’m here, aren’t I, Danvers?”

“You love me, Maggie?” Her voice is shattered and her voice is hope and her voice is redemption and her voice is the possibility of self-forgiveness and maybe, just maybe, self-love.

“Yeah, Alex. Yeah, I do.”

Kara barely suppresses an awwwwww and James and Winn hit each other’s arms and J’onn smiles at his feet.

“Even though I’m a failure.”

“You’re not a failure, babe. You’re not. You’re the farthest thing from it, babygirl. You’re perfect.”

“Maggie’s right, Alex. You’ve saved all of us before. None of us would be here without you. And even if that wasn’t true, Alex, you’re worth more than the number of saves under your belt. You’re amazing, Alex, just because you’re you. You’re my superhero. Always have been, always will be. Okay?”

Alex leans into Kara’s open arms and breathes, truly breathes, for the first time in hours, because Kara’s heartbeat is steady under hers, and she’s surrounded by the people she loves and apparently they love her too – apparently Maggie loves her too – and suddenly, she wants only one thing.

“You guys said you brought pizza, right?”

Maggie’s dimples shine and James laughs and Winn holds out the boxes of pizza with a bowed head like he’s offering riches to a queen.

And he feels like he is, because damn, it doesn’t get more fairy tale happy ending than the best pizza in National City with your family.

This Too Shall Pass

a/n: a really late gift to a really cool friend. special thanks to my beta @werewlf !! and @somethingmorecreative1 for helping me through the awful process of making my writing semi coherent!!!

summary: in which annabeth leaves and percy writes an album.

After all this time his smile still manages to take her like a honeyed liqueur: warm and sweet and soft-butter slippery. Her stomach swoops in drunken greeting, recognizing a cause that once filled her up like sustenance.

God, that crooked smile.

Rasp clings to his song; she thinks it’s the evidence of years spent surviving under the burden of a huge heart, as if the love he finds in himself to spare for the perpetually undeserving weighs just atop his vocal cords. The familiarity of his voice awakens her weary bones from their long sleep as his lyrics snake around her heart, constricting, causing it to weep in the name of old love. He named his album ‘Annabeth’ and she remembers what she swore to herself she’d forget.

She never kept her promises, anyway.

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Possible scenarios for season 4: Possible episode opening scene
  • *the camera goes through the views of London in a quiet, calm evening. In reaches a side alley, goes through the wall of a building entering the flat in 221B, in which things are clearly not calm. We go through the kitchen, smoked and scorched, and reach the living room, where we meet a pissed off John Watson and an impatient Sherlock holding a fire extinguisher, standing in front of a crying baby in a trolley*
  • John: Jesus! Sherlock! *picks up the baby and embraces her* what the hell?! you said you had a "problem"!!!
  • Sherlock: I did.
  • John: you should have given a wider explanation!
  • Sherlock: what else did you want me to explain?
  • John: maybe, I don't know, "the bloody flat is on fire!!"
  • Sherlock: That wasn't the problem. The problem was that your baby wouldn't stop crying.
  • John: right, why would a baby cry when there's a bloody fire?!
  • Sherlock: I honestly wouldn't know. I put the fire off a while ago, yet she's still crying.
  • John: of course she is, she's traumatized!
  • Sherlock: traumatized? Of what? She wasn't anywhere near the fire!
  • *The baby starts crying harder*
  • John: oh no... Sshhh.. *anxiously moving from side to side, trying to calm her. Her cry weakens*
  • John: how did this even happen?
  • Sherlock: it was just a little experiment going slightly unexpected.
  • John: unex - you can't have experiments when the baby's here!
  • Sherlock: what?! Why not?!
  • John: because you have to give her your full attention, she's far more important then your stupid experiments!
  • Sherlock: my experiments could lead to significant science breakthroughs, while your baby can barely chew her own food, so part me if I -
  • John: *fiercely* Sherlock, you just put my daughter's life in serious danger. Do you even care?
  • Sherlock: *nervously* she wasn't in any danger, I had everything under control!!
  • *the baby starts crying again*
  • *from the sided alley of the building, the shouting from 221b is vaguely heard. Someone is standing there, only seen from over their shoulder, wearing a coat's hood covering the back of their head, listening*
  • *back in the apartment*
  • Sherlock: *cranky* don't you know how to stop this? I've tried everything.
  • John: have you tried holding her?
  • Sherlock: have I tried - what?
  • John: holding her. In your arms.
  • Sherlock: why would she need me doing that?
  • John: because she's a baby, she needs warmth.
  • Sherlock: if she needs warmth, why was she so upset about a fire?
  • John: FOR CHRIST SAKE - !
  • *puts the baby in the trolley before she starts crying again*
  • John: Can I trust you? Hmm? Can I? Because right now, I'm having serious doubts whether I can leave you with the most precious thing in the world to me.
  • Sherlock: of course you can trust - why do you care so much if I'm good with Elizabeth anyway?
  • John: Because we want to make you godfather!!
  • *silence*
  • Sherlock: ...what?
  • John: yes, yes.
  • Sherlock: you - you want to make me -
  • John: yes. But we can't do it unless we /know/ we can trust you. With her. With Elizabeth.
  • Sherlock: *looks down, frowning, calculating*
  • John: *looks at him, trying to read him*
  • Sherlock: well.. If she's going to be my goddaughter she'll have to build a stronger character.
  • John: what?
  • Sherlock: she'll have to get use to all this. If she is her father's daughter.
  • John:
  • *The door opens and Mary walks in*
  • John: ah !
  • Mary: I came as fast as I could - oh my god! You really burned the whole place!
  • Sherlock: THE BABY WASN'T ON FIRE!
  • Mary: Jesus, Sherlock... (Checks on sleeping Elizabeth in the trolley)
  • John: *chuckles* unbelievable... Only you can screw up babysitting that bad. I honestly cannot think of a way things could get any worse.
  • *an orgasmic woman moan is heard abruptly*
  • *everyone's heads turn to Sherlock's phone on the table, which is still lighted*
  • Mary: what was that? Are you watching "movies" while the baby's here?
  • John: *quietly* Sherlock... Sherlock what was that?
  • Sherlock: *keeps staring at his phone with horror*
  • John: Tell me this is not what I think it is.
  • Mary: John, what is going on?
  • John: This is impossible. Her phone is here, in this apartment!
  • Sherlock: *walks slowly towards the table, never breaking his look from the phone. John takes a step forward after him)
  • John: Sherlock, She's dead. She's been dead for years. She was never in witness protection. (Realizes) You knew that, didn't you?
  • Sherlock: *reads the text, still horrified*
  • Mary: what is going on here?!
  • John: what does it say? *Sherlock doesn't answer* Sherlock, what does it say?
  • An unmistakable voice from the door: 'You didn't have to burn your kitchen just to cook me dinner, Mr Holmes'.
  • *everyone turns around. John is shocked. Mary is overwhelmed and confused. Sherlock stares with an unreadable mix of emotions. Irene Adler is standing at the door, hair tied up, black dress, her lips are smirking, but her eyes express something other than that, something more painful. The camera phone, supposed to be safely locked in Sherlock's desk drawer, is held tightly in her hand.*
  • *dramatic opening theme start playing*

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…Whoops! I let Musa take over for the week, but I guess I forgot she can’t type so well…anyway…

Howdy trainers!

Isn’t Musa so lovely? Even though she can’t type too well, she loves helping me with all of my research. That’s why building a relationship with your Pokemon is important! If my Pokemon and I can be this close, who knows how strong the bonds of other trainers and their Pokemon can be! Who knows, maybe one day your Pokemon will help you as much as mine has helped me! ;)

-Professor Coco

[Link to Pokestory]

(4koma by Swampkips)

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My issue with Wendy has always been the fact that she has this opportunity to stay young and go on adventures for ever, but decides to grow up. As with me, I would love to be able to stay a kid forever. I don't know, it might seem silly, but that's just how I feel.

Oh, when you said you had “issues with Wendy”, I thought you meant she had done something problematic. 

Well, personally I find her decision brave and it makes me love her even more. Going back to the real world after living in a place like Neverland takes a lot of courage. Also, Neverland isn’t exactly as perfect as it sounds. Read here. I link to this a lot but I think it’s important to read, so you can see Barrie’s overarching message in writing Peter Pan. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of eternal youth and miss the theme. As the last line says, “Her fate isn’t the one we’re supposed to pity. It’s his.” 

I don’t think Wendy was being silly or made a bad decision, I think she knew exactly what she was doing and it took an incredible amount of strength for her to do it. Hopefully this changes your perspective of Wendy!! 

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But they were together for 5 years according canon. I don't know about you, but people in relationships don't have other partners. Hiccup is not even into romance/sex all that much, he has other and more important matters. Why is it so shocking to you that he may have only been with Astrid?According to the viking expert, your friend, Astrid could not be with anyone else after her public declaration kiss bc she is a girl. Hiccup could get away with it but I don't think he would do that to her.

Except it’s not shocking to me… at all… 

Either you didn't read anything I wrote (literally it was me saying “btdubs, this is canon”), you are extremely confused as to who you’re talking to, or your head is so far up your ass you’ve managed to find yourself on someone else’s blog entirely.

And don’t talk to me about people in relationships and other partners, I will rip you apart–figuratively. To keep things civil.

So today I was in the middle of human relationships class studying in pairs and the cutest thing happened...
  • Teacher: What would you guys do if a girl you like told you she wanted a guy who was more mature than you.
  • Guy1: I would try to be more responsible and make her see I'm mature enough for her.
  • Guy2: I'd start taking things more seriously, so she notices me as someone she could date.
  • My Study Partner: I think you're all wrong.
  • Teacher: What do you mean by that?
  • MSP: Well, I don't think neither of them are reacting to the situation like they should. At least that is not what I would do. I want someone who can accept and love every piece of me, every real piece of me. I want a girl who loves me for who I am, not for someone I've become only for her. I'm none to judge, and I know I'm not the best that's out there. I know that there are millions of guys who almost every girl would chose over me. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I personally think that I am, that everyone is, important enough to be themselves without any exceptions. I think everyone should love themselves enough to know this, and if there's ever a girl that tries to change me, it doesn't matter how much I like her, if she wants someone more serious or more mature, then I'd be happy if she found someone like that. Because I'm not what she wants and even though that's a shame, it's the truth, and I don't want to be a liar. So if there's ever someone that thinks your not enough for them, they're wrong, you are just different, and if that's who you truly are, then you should always love that person and never let them die because if you do the world would be missing you, and that should never happen.
  • The whole class: *stars clapping like it's the only thing that could save their lives*

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I don't think there's any way that they can present Klamuffin as being somehow 'more' then KC. Not with how it's been written. Klaus said 'what's important to you is important to me' but didn't show it. Having Aurora dead so she could feel safe was important to Cami. But Klaus needed to know Aurora was suffering more. Whereas with Caroline he SHOWED it in saving Stefan even though Caroline's not in his life on a day to day basis.

There it is!

six months ❤ 💋 💌

every day i fall more and more in love with her, and every day we grow stronger and closer

i can finally look at a person and go, yep.  this is it.  she’s my one.

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If you get any spoilers about Blaine / Dave would you consider keeping them to yourself? The Klaine fandom is very vulnerable right now, I've already saw someone confess to self harming over this (we can't judge, we don't know the exact circumstances or why Klaine are so important to them) and I just don't think the fandom could take anymore, especially when it's something so horrible as 'blainofsky'. You don't even have to post this but just please think about it? Thank you.

No, I won’t consider it. Sorry. Ya’ll can blacklist me.

Are you really laying that troubled girl’s problems at my feet? If she’s self-harming over a TV show, she needs to get off of tumblr and seek help for her issues.

If you are her friend, encourage her to get help, rather than worrying about whether I’m posting spoilers or not.

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You know what I realized? Sapphire immediately said, "I don't think you're stupid!" after Ruby called herself that. Even though Sapphire was upset and arguing with Ruby, she still made sure that Ruby wasn't talking bad about herself. She still made sure that Ruby was important to her and that she loved her, even though they were mad at each other. If that's not true love, I don't know what is.

Me and Rhin were just talking about this and it actually goes well with a plan we had about Ruby and why they wear so many layers in Rhin’s fic and the reaction to a reformation and yes a lot of things but it’s some good shit I promise you