she's so important to me you don't even know


30 days of brooklyn nine nine: favorite character
amy santiago

                                    you know this is pretty under appreciated because everyone was so focused on the memories of damon elena remembered once she was turned into a vampire. but stefan never compelled her once. not a single time. i mean she always trusted he didn’t i’m sure but she never really knew until that happened. every single memory with him was real. MEMORIES ARE TOO IMPORTANT. he never took anything away, not even when she found ugly things out about him. he could have, but he never tried. and that makes me so happy. like when elena took off after she saw kat’s picture. she left the necklace, and when she came back he just gave it right back to her. didn’t even hesitate or consider erasing what she uncovered. i was just thinking about that night of the car accident, when her parents died and how it all came flooding back to her. about damon and their first meeting. him saying he was in love with her. and then nothing about stefan. not that night. not ever. not a single memory he erased.     “she has to want to be with me on her own terms.”

I'm so gay today it's not even a joke

Si there’s this reeeeaaally pretty gorl in my class (she may not even be that beautiful but she seems to me).
I really like her. But we don’t have absolutely ANYTHING in common. And she’s probably straight. And she doesn’t Talk to me at all (to my Friends, yes, to me not, I don’t know why, it’s just no one seems to want to Talk to me) and I can’t Talk to her because I constanly trip and stutter and I make a fool of myself. I’m and idiot.
And here comes the worst, I cannot stop looking at her. She’s so fucking pretty. And she would never look at me.
I’m so sad guys…