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Okay I haven't seen Frozen. Shocker, I know. I just haven't been interested in it. So can you explain to me this whole Elsa being gay thing to me? Because I am confused

Lucky you! If I had the opportunity to have never seen Frozen I would take it.

Basically, Elsa as a character is important to why people think she’s queer. She’s repressed her powers for years, her parents accepted her but not her powers (her parents showed their love for her, and wanted to help her, but a lot of people, including me, see their actions of basically forcing her to repress her powers as neglect), she runs away from those who are scared of her, and, finally, she “let’s it go” (the song is apparently an anthem for the community). She doesn’t have a romantic interest at all, so, to many, no romantic interest= queer character. While I don’t think we should assume anything about her sexuality, the problem comes in when people say she is actually queer and gives Disney the credit for it (as well as credit for the proven NOT gay couple in one of their other scenes- a woman was so infantilized that she looked like a child, so they thought the father was with the shopkeeper). So, Elsa’s canonically not queer, but many people claim that she is.

People praise her as a gay figure for some reason, and I think it’s because she had no romantic interest. People are desperate for queer characters in animation, but instead of demanding them they accept what isn’t a queer character. This will make Disney think that they can get away with not creating a queer character, because then they can just queer-bait. I want a queer character from Disney, especially in their big-budgeted, wide-released animated films, but Elsa is not one of them as far as we know.