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Ace of Spades

Word count: 4,678

Warning: smut

Request: You and Kai play strip poker

*gif by me

Oh c'mon!! Your parents will be out of town and you’ll have this whole humongous house all to yourself for a week. Don’t tell me you’re going to start hibernating or something.’ Caroline said, her legs pulled up on the couch, her arms resting casually on her thighs while she kept playing with laces of her shoes.

‘I don’t know. I was thinking maybe, watching some movies or something. Besides, my parents will kill me if I break something and I can’t risk it.’ You grabbed a fistful of potato chips and started eating them one by one, your back resting against the cold wall.

‘Are you joking? This is like, the perfect opportunity for you! Empty house, no parents around to tell you what you can and can’t do, house filled with boys and alcohol for sure and you can finally hook up with that guy you like, even though I don’t know why are you into him. The guy is a sociopath.’ She rolled her eyes and threw her head back, her arms resting on each side of the body.

'Who? Kai Parker? Yeah, he’s a total babe. Have you seen him? Those blue eyes just make me melt and that grin just screams 'take my clothes off’.’ You blurted out with such passion and emotion, making Caroline furrow her brows at your comment and roll her eyes again.

'Gross.’ She said with disgust in her voice as you laugh and cleaned your hands on a small cloth placed on the floor next to you. You pushed your body away from the wall and laid down on the floor, your fingers tugging at your shirt.

'I wonder what his fingers would feel like on my skin. Trailing them down from my neck to my stomach or his lips pressed against my neck.’ You trailed your hand over the spots you have mentioned with such a serious expression on your face before you propped yourself up on your elbows to get a perfect view on Caroline.

'You are actually considering sleeping with him?’

'Why not?’

'You know if you two do sleep with each other, it will only be a one night stand. He’s not the kinda guy who would want a full relationship after a mind blowing sex.’ Caroline added and knelt down on the floor, her tone so serious that it was kind of funny.

'How do you know he gives mind blowing sex?’ You lifted your eyebrow and bit your lip, a chuckle leaving your mouth not even a second later.

'I just- omg, you so need to get some because you’re unbelievable when you’re frustrated.’ She got up and walked towards the front door, her curly blonde hair bouncing with every step she took. 'Also, pick something hot for tonight’s party. Love ya.’ She blew you a kiss and closed the doors behind her, leaving you alone with your thoughts. Maybe she was right. Throwing a party wouldn’t be a bad idea and if that meant that Kai Parker would be in your house, well then that was the right reason to throw that party.

Jelly shots - check. Vodka - check. Beer - check. Small lights have been hung all around the house, giving it a special atmosphere that also hasn’t lit up the room too much. Red cups placed all over the kitchen counter. You went to the big mirror placed in the hallway and check yourself out to make sure everything was perfect. Your black skinny jeans kissed every part of your legs perfectly, your loose white t-shirt fitting your body just as you had hoped it would. You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard loud steps coming closer and closer to you, only to be faced by Caroline a few second later.

'Wowza!’ She exclaimed and looked at you from every possible angle, even making you feel a little bit uncomfortable. 'You’re definitely going to catch Kai’s eye when he sees you in this. Girl, you look amazing!’

'Thanks but we don’t even know if he’s going to show up at my party. I’m sure he’s busy with siphoning someone’s magic out of them or-’

'Or maybe he’s getting ready for this party. Stefan told him he better shows up tonight so no worries, you’ll get your man.’ She added and fixed her hair while looking in the mirror, checking her make up eve though it was on point and didn’t need any adjustments.

'You haven’t told him about- you know-’ you stuttered and kept looking at her and it didn’t take you long enough to realize she infact did tell him about it. 'Caroline!’ You whined and burried your head into your hands before placing them on the wall and leaning against it.

'Sweetie’ she tapped your shoulder and leaned in to whisper in your ear. 'Everybody knows that you have a thing for Kai. It’s not a secret at all.’ She walked away, making you groan in frustration and because of how you felt a bit embarrassed. Everyone knew that you have been into Kai freaking Parker for some time, but you shook those thoughts away when you heard people chatting not too far from you, meaning the party has oficially started. You cleared your throat and walked into your big living room, recognizing everyone’s faces after just a split second.

'You look amazing!’ Stefan complimented you and kissed your cheek before hugging you tightly. He smiled at you while Caroline fixed your hair.

'Caroline, you don’t have to do that. I’m not expecting him to show up at all, so what’s the point?’

'Oh we will be here.’ Stefan added, making your eyes go wide.

'What- um- how are you so sure about it?’ Confussion and nervousness was obvious in your voice and how your palms started sweating from the thought od Kai actually being close to you.

'Because, I’m looking at him right now.’ He briefly pointed towards the front door as Kai walked in and looked around the room. He looked perfect as always but there was something about him that night that drew you in and you wanted to be close to him as soon as possible. You haven’t realized how long you have been staring at him, even when he made eye contact with you, you didn’t look away. He winked at you and smiled before he disappeared into the crowd as you felt your legs getting weaker, your hand reaching for Caroline’s shoulder.

'Yeah, we need to get some drinks into you. Now.’

'That’s a good idea.’

Shot after shot, but you still haven’t been as drunk as you wanted to be. It has only made you gain a little more condidence and it has also made you this giggly and happy person, who just wanted to party.
You were sitting on the kitchen counter with Caroline and Elena next to you, everyone else having fun in the room next door. You laughed at something Caroline said and got so lost into it that you haven’t noticed how Kai has been staring at you the entire time, his shoulder leaned against the door frame, his arms crossed. You cleared your throat as your heart started beating faster, your imagination going haywire.

'We will just, leave you two alone.’

'No, Caroline!’ But it was too late. Kai was the only person you have been left with, his eyes finally meeting yours.

'I’ve been watching you all night.’

'Y- you were?’ You stuttered, unable to control your mind or how nervous you were the entire time, yoir heart skipping a beat everytime he took a step closer.

'Oh yeah. You have got my mind going in some, different places.’ He approached you and placed himself between your legs, his hands on each side of them on the kitchen counter. You could swear that you have felt the warmth of his body radiating out of him without Kai laying a single finger on you.

'Like what?’ You swallowed hard and bit your lip, your eyes falling down to his lips and the way they moved everytime he spoke up.

'Like, what would your skin feel like against my fingertips.’ His hand slipped under your shirt, his fingers tracing your back slowly, making shivers roll down your spine. You closed your eyes at the feeling, his hot breath suddenly tickling your neck. 'What would your skin feel like against my lips, kissing every possible inch of your body.’ A soft kiss was placed on your neck, a quiet moan accidentally escaping your mouth. He smirked, feeling proud of the effect he had on you.

'But the best part’ he tucked a lock of yiur hair behind your ear as he leaned in, his lips brushing your ear slightly. 'I wanna know what it would feel like having you wrapped so tightly around me.’ Those words have traveled all the way down there, your walls clenching just by imagining it, your breath hitching because of the way he said it. You looked at him in the eyes, his blue ones piercing into yours, his lips slightly parted as you crashed your lips with his, unable to hold it back anymore. The rhythm of your lips moving against one another has been what you have been craving for for so long. The way his tongue slipped into your mouth, playing with yours, has made you wet and hungry for more. His hands snaked underneath your thighs as he picked you up and slammed you against the fridge, his crotch meeting yours in no time. You reached down between your bodies and placed your hand on jis clothed lenght, feeling it getting harder under your touch. You moaned into his mouth and wanted to slip your hand into his jeans, only to be stopped by his strong grip. You looked at him befuddledly when he pulled away, your brows furrowing at his actions.

'No touching.’ He let you down slowly, his hands on each side of your head while his hips were strongly pressed against your body. 'I will fuck you, just not right now.’ He whispered, your breath hitching in your throath.

'Then when?’

'Later, sweetheart.’ He winked at you and left the kitchen, leaving you alone to process everything that had happened. You leaned down and placed your hands on your knees, feeling as if you had just finished running the longest marathon in your life. Your lungs felt as if hey were about to collapse, the room suddenly lacking the air you needed. You ran your fingers roughly through your hair and stormed out of the house, finding yourself in the garden. You took a deep breath, but somehow you couldn’t stand anymore, your legs felt like jello and at one moment, you collapsed down on the grass, a sky full of stars being the only thing that your mind was focused on, that was until a familiar voice traveled towards you. You looked up and faced Kai again, the biggest smirk covering his face.

'So, this is what you do when you’re hiding from me?’  He muttered and laid down beside you, facing you.

'I’m not hiding- I came here for some fresh air, that’s all.’ Trying to sound convincing, you tried not to look away even though his eyes were somehow even bluer that you have remembered.

'Mhm and that what happened between us is not- going through your mind right now?’ Kai smirked and chuckled, his fingers finding an exposed spot on your stomach, tracing them slowly. You closed your eyes for a split second, trying really hard not to give him what he wants.

'Nope, not at all. In fact, it wasn’t even that special.’ That was a lie. It was even better than you have imagined it in your head, his fingers feeling perfect against your sesitive and warm skin.

'Is that why your heart is beating so fast right now?’ Damn it, you thought to yourself, your loud heartbeat giving you away. You propped yourself up on your elbows and reached closer to Kai’s face, your lips almost brushing.

'I tell you what, when all these people leave, let’s play a game.’

'What kinda game?’

Strip poker. The first one that ends up naked, has all control of what the other one will do. No exceptions.’

'Are you sure? Because let me tell you something’ he suddenly leaned in and brushed his lips against yours, slightly biting on your bottom lip, making you feel it all the way down to your core. ’I always win.’

'So full of yourself, Parker. That’s because you have never played poker with me. In that case, you always lose.’ You swiftly kissed his lips and got up, taking larger steps to walk away from him, feeling his eyes locked on your body. Your smile grew with each step you took, excitement radiating through your body. As much as you were excited, a dash of nervousness was still there, because after all this time, you and Kai were about to be alone together for the first time and you were about to do everything but talk to one another.

Kai has been around you for the rest of the night, but he hasn’t made any contact with you besides eye contact. Everytime he looked at you and winked, his drink resting in his hand, it made your body shiver and your heart skip a beat. How was it possible for a person to look that good just by the way he held a drink in his hand, a single light illuminating on his rings that fitted him oh so perfectly and you couldn’t wait to feel them on your skin.

'Why are you so nervous?’ You jumped a little bit at the sudden voice echoing through your ears, a blond set od hair standing next to you. 'People are leaving, it was an awesome party. Nothing is broken, you should be celebrating!’

'Yeah, sure, um- are you guys leaving now too?’ You asked and looked around, your eyes locking with Kai once again.

'We can’t stay and I can see that Kai has been staring at you all night, so, there’s clearly something going on between you two.’ She winked at you and playfully punched your arm, the biggest smirk on her face.

'I hate you.’

'Love you too!!’ She yelled while walking away, taking Elena by her arm as everyone finally left your house, a large space suddenly became larger, a black silhouette across the room leaning against the wall. You ran your fingers through your hand and reached behind you, a full deck laying in your hand. You brought your hand to the front and started shuffling it like a pro, slowly walking towards Kai while he started walking towards you, both of you meeting somewhere in the middle.

'Ready, Parker?’

'To win? Always. And then-’ he reached out and placed his finger on your neck, his touch feeling as if his fingertips contained fire, almost burning when a single digit touched your skin, slowly tracing it down, hooking his finger on your shirt and slowly pulling it, a light draft covering your cleavage when he let your shirt go. 'I can finally have my way with you, in any freaking way possible.’

'That- we’ll see about that, Parker. Bring it on.’ You turned around on your heel and plopped yourself on the floor out of nowhere, crossing your legs as your fingers kept playing with the cards, waiting for Kai to join you.

'Are you coming or?’ You smirked at him, a smile flashing across his face. He sat down in front of you, his legs crossed, his gaze focused on your movements and the way you shuffled the cards as a pro. He was mesmerized by your actions, how gracefully you moved your hands around the cards, almost missing when you have finished and placed the cards in front of him and you.

'I hope you’re ready to take the first piece of clothing off, because I’m so going to win this.’ You said confidently, his teeth slowly grazing against his bottom lip.

'We’ll see about that.’ Kai uttered and picked up his cards, studying them carefully.

Card after card has been placed down on the floor, yours and Kai’s eyes meeting every so often, Even when you weren’t looking at him, you could have felt his eyes on you, as a nig smile flashed across your face.

'What do you have, sweetheart?’ Kai muttered and took his eyes off his cards, his fingers playing with them while he wait. You smirked and then placed them on the floor, a perfect set od cards, flashing before Kai’s eyes.

'Royal flush, baby.’ Satisfaction audible in your voice while you rubbed your hands together and chuckled quietly, the thought of what was about to happen making you excited even more. Kai trew his cards on the floor and started smiling, his brows furrowing while his fingers played with the hem of his shirt.

'C'mon, Parker. Take it off. You know the rules.’

'Oh, I have nothing against the rules. In fact, I can’t wait to see more of you.’ He cooed and lifted his shirt, taking it off over his head and threw it on the floor right next to him, your eyes instantly falling down to his perfect torso, a hint of biceps flexing everytime he moved his arms. You bit your lip as you couldn’t take your eyes off him, every particle in your body wanting to touch him.

'I know you like what you see, but it’s time we continue this perfect game, baby.’

'I have a feeling you want to get naked as soon as possible.’ You uttered and leaned back on your hands, cards laying perfectly in Kai’s hands as his long fingers shuffled through them so erotically and slowly, making you feel something all the way down there.

'With you, anytime.’ He blurted out, your breath almost hitching in your throat.

'Just deal the cards.’ Kai chuckled at your words, handing you and him cards, one by one. He let out a big sigh, his eyes scanning the cards. 'Have a problem there, Parker?’

'Not at all. Everything is just perfect.’

'Good, but, prepare to lose again, baby.’ You placed your cards on the floor again, a perfect set flashing once again. 'Full house.’

'You have got to be kidding me!’ Kai groaned and ran his fingers roughly through his hair.

'Take off your pants, sweetheart. I love this game a lot. Don’t make me wait too long, Parker.’ You started laughing as Kai stood up and unbuttoned his jeans, slowly pushing them down all the way to his ankles, stepping out od them and throwing them at the same spot his shirt has been laying. You looked down at his clothed manhood, his lenght outlining perfectly, making your breath hitch and your heart skip a beat at the thought od him slowly sliding in and out of you, making you feel his every inch.

'If you want to see it, you just need to ask.’ He blurted out, making you snap out off your thoughts as you cleared your throat and finally managed to look up, his eyes meeting yours. Out of everything, you just wanted to placed your hands on his body and trail them everywhere, but most of it, you wanted to see all of him.

'Cocky, I like it, but finish the game first.’

After an hour of playing, your game has fallen and you have been sitting down on the floor in only your underwear, just like Kai. There was such a strong sexual tension in the room that you could have cut it with a knife, sometimes the only thing echoing through the room was the sound of yours and Kai’s sped up breathing.

'If I win, you take off your bra and panties, which would mean that I have won this. If you win, I’ll take off my boxers and you can do to me whatever you want. Deal?’ Kai has offered you his hand and waited, not even a second later, your hand slipped inside his, shaking it slightly.

'Show your cards on 3…2…1.’ You both placed cards on the floor at the same time, except a smile quickly disappeared from your face.

'Royal flush, baby.’ Kai trailed off and leaned back on his elbows, his legs spread a little bit. 'Take off your clothes. Now.’ He commanded and bit his lip when you hooked your fingers into your panties and slowly pushed them down your legs, letting them fall on the floor so lightly. Kai’s eyes directly went to your heat, his tongue licking his bottom lip as he strongly watched your every move and how your hands reached behind you and how you unhooked your bra, letting it fall down on the floor.

'What are you going to do now?’ You asked so innocently, biting on your thumb, your heart racing as if it was about to escape your body.

'Me? Nothing. You will.’ You looked at him befuddledly, your brows furrowing at his questions. 'I want you to touch yourself.’


'C'mon, don’t be shy. Let me see what your pretty little fingers can do.’ He muttered and smirked, his hand resting on his clothed lenght. You sat down on the floor and spread your legs a little bit as you slowly traced your fingers through your folds, feeling yourself getting wet from how Kai’s eyes stared at you and waiting for your next move. You started massaging your clit in slow figure eights, throwing your head back a little bit and close your eyes, a picture of Kai doing that instead in your mind. You pushed two fingers inside your heat, circling them around and stretching yourself as you opened your eyes, noticing how Kai’s hand was inside his boxers, slowly moving around. You smirked and started pumping your fingers faster, using your other hand to massage your clit, spreading your legs further, allowing Kai to get a better look on your fingers playing with your heat. Kai quickly pushed his boxers down to his knees, his lenght springing up to his stomach as he grabbed it with his hand and circled around his tip with his thumb before he started moving his hand up and down his lenght, trying to follow the speed of your fingers.

'That’s right, let me see you cum while I’m watching you.’ Kai groaned out, his hand picking up it’s pace, your fingers rubbing your clit faster as you felt yourself getting closer to your release, your fingers pumping in and out of, your body desperate for a release.

'Fuck, Kai!’ You moaned out and felt your walls clenching more and more, your orgasm finally tearing through you, your body shaking under your own touch. You laid down on the floor and closed your eyes, trying to catch your breath but suddenly your fingers were replaced by Kai’s, picking up your arousal as he brought them up to his lips, licking everything off them, devouring them as if your juices were his favourite thing in the world.

'Fuck, you taste so good.’ You ran your fingers through your hair and arched your back, in a few moments, Kai’s lips pressed against your clit, suckling on it like he would do to a lollipop. You pushed your fingers into his hair, pulling on it slightly as the feeling completely took over your body. Your body felt as if it was on fire, every inch of your skin sensitive to a touch, but neither one of those inches of your body hasn’t been left untouched. Kai placed his hand on your stomach, his cold rings almost hurting you when he placed them onto your hot skin, causing your walls to clench as his tongue started pumping in and out of your heat. He hummed against your clit, the vibrations causing another orgasm to tear through your body, Kai’s name slipping out of your mouth. You quickly reached out and grabbed Kai by his shoulder, pulling him in for a kiss, filled with desire, passion and such sexual tension.

'Please let me touch you.’ You begged him as you slowly traced your hand down his torso and right down to his lenght, that was hard again and so ready for you. 'Please.’ He hasn’t stopped you, his hand finding its way up to your head as he slowly pushed your head down until your lips were touching his tip.

'Do it.’ Those two words were enough for you to part your lips and take a part of him inside your mouth, his tip hitting the back of your throat every time you pushed him in. His hips kept jerking up, your hand trying to press his hips down while your other hand massaged his balls, every so often squeezing them slightly making a louder moan escape his mouth.

'You’re so good at this, f-fuck.’ You picked up your pace and started stroking his lenght with your free hand, his length suddenly twitching inside your mouth as you felt his hot liquid trickling down your throat, the grip on your hair intensifying throughout his orgasm. You wiped your mouth with your thumb and parted your lips to say something, but Kai’s lips met yours quicker than you could have done anything.

I wanna fuck you.’ He groaned, his deep and raspy voice turning you on even more, your arousal dripping down from your heat. 'Look how wet you are, baby. Dripping down on a nice floor, that’s not nice.’ He pinned your hands above your head, pressing them down as much as he could, his other hand grabbing onto his lenght, stroking himself a couple of times before placing himself at your entrance, his tip slowly entering you. 'I will make you scream my name and I’ll make sure you never forget what it was like having me inside you.’ He groaned and pushed himself into you with one quicky move, filling you up to the hilt, a screaming leaving your mouth. His hands were pressing yours down while his hips kept drilling into you at the fastest and roughest pace, the sound of skin on skin echoing through the room.

'Fuck you feel so tight around me. So fucking good.’ He moaned and looked down between your bodies, watching how his lenght kept sliding in and out od you, making you feel his every inch grazing against your tight walls. You haven’t been able to speak, your breath hitching at his every rough thrust, his hips meeting yours so perfectly.

'Fuck me, Kai.’

'Shit!’ He groaned and reached down between your bodies, his fingera drawing harsh figure eights on your clit, the sensation of your walls clenching again making your vision go black as your body started shaking, an orgasm tearing theough your body perfectly, your tight walls clenching around Kai’s thick shaft. His thrusts haven’t lost their speed as he rode out your entire orgasm and just one clench was enough to send Kai over the edge, his warm liquid filling you up, his hips mercilessly slamming into you. He stilled himself and collapsed on top of you, the grip on your arms slowly fading away.

'You’re fucking amazing.’

'You’re not so bad yourself, Parker.That was some mind blowing sex.’ You breathed out as Kai pulled himself out of you, plopping himself down on the floor. 'You’re really good at playing poker.’

'I told you. I always win.’ He smirked and kissed you deeply once more before he got up and started getting dressed.

'Where are you going?’

'Home. The party is over and you have only invited me for only one strip poker so, are we done?’

'Oh, boy, I’m far from being done with you.’ You trailed off and got up, your legs still weak from an orgasm as you grabbed onto Kai’s jeans and pulled him closer, your hand slipping into his pants. 'Let’s see who’s going to win now.’

I Despise You - Edmund x Reader (Pt.2)

Warnings: none

Characters: Edmund, Lucy, Peter and Susan Pevensie and (Y/N)

Setting: The Golden Age, Narnia

Blurb (???i think???): (requested by @alwaysinnarnia) The reader is a Swordswoman/Knight of Doorn and visits Narnia, soon getting off on the wrong hand with King Edmund. She stays in Narnia and they train together, and they become friends and maybe something more…


“Lady (Y/N)?”

A reply sounded underneath (Y/N)’s breath, but every word sounded like a vicious grunt as she tried to tighten her corset. “I’m. Not. A. Lady.”

She released her numb arms which where twisted behind her back and approached the door. “Who is it?”

“Susan. Uh, are you alright? You sound like you’re in pain.”

“Just fine, your majesty.” The pained girl managed to say before trying to catch her breath.

“May I come in?”

(Y/N) released her tightened shoulders into a slouch and opened the chamber door. Sticking her head out, she saw the High Queen of Narnia looking absolutely beautiful.

Her tall figure was hugged by a dark red dress, and dark hair was out in waves with a golden crown sitting atop her head.

Her blue eyes matched her warm smile as she asked, “It’s the corset, isn’t it?”

“By the name of Aslan, I have never felt this much pain.”

A giggle erupted from her lips as (Y/N) opened the door wider to let her in. In the back of her mind, she was ridiculing herself for the fact that the High Queen of Narnia walked in on her unable to handle a corset.

There was a dinner in half an hour and to be frank, (Y/N) wasn’t too keen on sitting across a certain somebody who embarrassed her earlier today. She hadn’t seen him since she left the training area, and believe it or not, she wasn’t intending to find him either.

The centaur, Wulfric, had shown the new guest around Cair Paravel and escorted (Y/N) to her room after a few hours. The room she was given was decorated with drapes of maroon and gold, as well as silver. The four poster bed was twice the size of her’s back at home and they were fitted with the silkiest sheets she’d ever felt.

It all smelled refreshing and the fireplace had beautiful ornaments and objects on the mantelpiece. A bookshelf stacked with history books and fiction gave off a smell of pure happiness. The lavatory and bath were set up immaculately with soaps and fancy looking liquids in various places. (Y/N) was also provided with a desk and various envelopes along bottles of ink to write back to Doorn once they sent letters.

Wulfric was kind enough to bandage her shoulder which was injured soon after the sword-fight.

“How are you enjoying your stay so far, Lady (Y/N)?” Queen Susan asked politely.

“Please,” the swordswoman grunted, trying to scratch her back. “Call me (Y/N).”

“Here,” she gestured to the corset, “I’ll help with that.”

(Y/N) sighed in relief as Queen Susan led her to the mirror and began to fiddle with the stitching of the garment.

“Your kingdom is wonderful,” (Y/N) stated truthfully. “I haven’t seen anything like it.”

She really hadn’t seen such beautiful scenery before in her life; Doorn was never that connected to the outside world. Military forces was the heart of the country, and to hold a ball was rare and (Y/N) would hardly attend. She never learnt the manners princesses, ladies or Queens learnt; she was only taught how to fight.

Sometimes she’d even think that she was missing out on that ‘exciting’ life of a real princess; with the tiaras and the dresses. But at this moment, as Queen Susan adjusts the reason for (Y/N)’s suffocation, she wasn’t very interested.

She looked at the swordswoman through the mirror and gave a lovely smile. “The people are wonderful and strong, they really make this kingdom what it is.”

(Y/N)’s breathing slowed as she loosened the material. “You know,” she stated. “You don’t have to wear a corset to dinner.”

She mentally slapped myself as the material appeared in Queen Susan’s hands, leaving (Y/N) in a thin gown. She flushed bright red at her stupidity and rushed to the closet to find the simplest gown.

“I’m sorry, your Highness,” the visitor muttered. “We don’t wear gowns or corsets; that might seem ridiculous to you…”

“Absolutely not!” She exclaimed excitedly. “I hope one day all the corsets in this world will burn.”

A laugh escaped both their lips as (Y/N) found a simple long-sleeved, dark blue dress. “How about this, your Highness?”

Queen Susan’s eyes lit up as she walked up to her, admiring the dress with utmost confidence. “It’s made for you.”

(Y/N) grinned and unfolded a screen to change behind.

As she hung up the dress, (Y/N) heard the Queen call before closing the door, “Oh, and please call me Susan. I hate formalities just as much as you do.”


(Y/N) made her way down the hall hurriedly, holding the dark dress in bunches in her fists.

She couldn’t find the bloody dining hall.

Her feet were shuffling awkwardly from time to time to see who was coming around the corner, but the whole place was deserted.

Then she knew it was wrong of her to take too many right turns.

But then, (Y/N) heard an echo of a laugh and her ears perked towards the sound. She didn’t bother wearing fancy shoes, so she just stuck with the leather boots she arrived with.

(Y/N) found a marble staircase soon enough, and took a pause to breathe. The railing was pure gold and the stairs were shining a pristine white, making her wonder how long it took to polish.

She made her way down as fast as she could, feeling her hairdo that a maid had prepared for her fall out. (Y/N) groaned and removed the pins from her hair, rushing her fingers through her scalp which undid the fancy bun.

Sighing with relief, she found the door Wulfric had shown earlier. There were carvings of flowers and fauns dancing through the trees. (Y/N) opened one large door and entered with her head bowed respectfully.

“I’m so sorry I’m late, please accept my-”

Before finishing the sentence, (Y/N) looked at around at the large dining table, which was completely empty.

“Apology,” She huffed in annoyance as she leaned against the heavy doors, catching her breath.

(Y/N) took a moment to admire how unbelievably clean the room was and the red and gold decor that made it seem so pristine. She scratched the back of her neck and took a seat at the end of the long table.

‘Was there another dining room?’ She thought. ‘Was later than I thought?’

“You aren’t late,” a calm voice said. (Y/N) whipped her head around to see a tall, young man with blue eyes. He was wearing a golden crown on his golden haired head.

“You must be…” She stood up swiftly, and bowed. “King Peter. High King, sorry.”

He showed his glistening teeth as he smiled. “Peter. Susan’s told me about you, you seem very respectful.”

“I was taught to be,” (Y/N) answered pridefully.

He walked around the table gracefully and adjusted a crookedly placed fork as the newcomer said, “I heard a laugh. I didn’t know if it was just me-”

“Oh, that was Lucy. We’re seated in another dining hall.

(Y/N) blinked. “You have two dining halls?”

Peter laughed and offered her his arm. “You’re our guest, so we’ll be heading to the guest hall.”

She smiled up at him and took his arm happily as he led the way underneath the stairs and took off to another corridor she hadn’t noticed.

(Y/N) heard the laughter again and pushed the nervous butterflies in her stomach away. Why was she nervous? She tried to push up the sleeves of the dress which started at her shoulders. Self consciousness creeped in and she was beginning to acknowledge how much neck was showing.

The High King let go of (Y/N)’s arm and pushed open the door before him, revealing a intricate marble carved table with the Queens of Narnia sitting across each other on cushioned chairs.

Susan waved (Y/N) over, and after turning to Peter and thanking him, she took the empty spot beside her.

“The dress looks beautiful on you, but what happened to your hair?”


(Y/N) forced a smile. “Must’ve gone undone when I was trying to find this part of the castle.”

The youngest girl giggled. “You really aren’t from here.”

(Y/N) turned to who she guessed was Queen Lucy and recognised her brown-red hair glinting brightly.

“Hi!” She waved happily.

(Y/N) smiled and bowed politely, soon noticing that the dark-haired king was nowhere to be seen.

Queen Lucy giggled once more. “I’ve never seen a girl bow to us. It’s cool.”

(Y/N) frowned. “Am I not supposed to bow?”

The bubbly girl stood up and moved away from the dining table so the newcomer could see her. The queen curtsied, bowing her head and lifting her skirts delicately.

“We curtesy when we come across royalty.” Susan explains after the young girl takes her seat again.

(Y/N)’s ears seemed warm and she felt colour fill her cheeks. Well, this is embarrassing. Another thing her parents hadn’t taught her to do while she was here.

Peter chuckled, “There’s no need to be embarrassed, Lady (Y/N). We’ll teach you everything we know before the meeting takes place.”

She gave a small relieving smile and stated warmly, “Thank you, Peter. Also, call me (Y/N); it makes me feel better.”


Almost three hours had past in the dinning room and it was a night she surely couldn’t forget. Jokes were shared, stories were told, and they laughed until tears filled their eyes. (Y/N) felt at home.

Her stomach was still heavy from the enormous meals that were presented to her and the dessert was unbelievable. Peter, Susan and Lucy were still children, but they were so wise; each and every one of them.

Well, expect for the king Edmund who didn’t show up. That was no surprise.

(Y/N) held her bloated stomach that couldn’t handle the dress any longer. She stumbled through her chamber door and locked it after she entered.

As she moved her hand to press against head after her new headache, (Y/N) opened the lavatory door. Her eyes met with a comfortable looking night gown and a hot bath with soaps already prepared.

She sighed and removed her shoes, and not long after a small knock sounded at the door. Rolling her eyes, (Y/N) trudged towards the door, rubbing her sleep deprived eyes and twisted the doorknob.

In front of her stood King Edmund, and his hands were clutching a large wooden box.

(Y/N) looked furiously at him. “Leave me alone.”

“It’s for you,” he said unhesitatingly. “If you won’t take it, then I’ll give it to someone else.”

She rolled her eyes again and began to close the door before he stopped it with his foot. He looked at (Y/N) intently with his dark eyes, the freckles on his cheeks were illuminated in the moonlight. He appeared handsome, she noticed, but still nothing more.

“I apologise for what I did today,” he admitted. “I want you to take this as a gift from me and my siblings for being here.“

She looked at the polished box and exhaled tiredly. “Thank you. Now, hand it over.”

“I’ll put it down beside your bed.”

“No, I’ll take it.” She said sternly.

“Lady (Y/N), this is heavier than you think.”

She scoffed stubbornly. “I’m not a lady. I can handle it.”

He smiled sarcastically. “Fine.”

As soon as (Y/N) opened her arms, he shoved the box to her and soon she felt the heavyweight items in there.

(Y/N)’s hands gripped as hard as they could, not letting the box slip from her and her forearms as they were being marked by its corners.

“So,” he said in a tone of happiness. “I’ll see you tomorrow at breakfast.”

(Y/N) was about to yell in response before he disappeared around the corner.

She huffed a loose piece of hair from her face and banged the door shut with her foot.

“Arrogant. Stupid.” (Y/N) muttered under her breath as she stumbled to set the box down. Upon opening it, (Y/N) found set of polished chainmail, training gear and a brand new sword - the one the kind blacksmith had let her borrow. Was it now hers?

(Y/N)’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of voices outside of her door, arguing incessantly. It sounded like Peter…

The door suddenly burst open, basically scaring (Y/N) out of her skin, and there appeared Peter with an apologetic smile on his face. “I apologise wholeheartedly for my brother’s behaviour. You’re a guest and should be treated as such, and Edmund should make it up to you.”

(Y/N) looked at the High King’s brother lurking outside of her chamber door impatiently. His dark eyes looks directly into hers, and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up when he observed the dress she wore.

“Oh, I forgot to tell the both of you,” Peter reminded himself out loud. “You two will be training together for the next couple of weeks until (Y/N)’s departure.”

“What?” (Y/N) and Edmund exclaimed simultaneously, looking at the High King who tried to hide his smile.

“Starting tomorrow,” he pointed out. “Goodnight (Y/N), Edmund.”

Peter rushed out the door, leaving (Y/N) and Edmund alone, furious. He rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb. “I don’t have time for this…”

The visitor scoffed, rolling her eyes. “You’re so-”

“What?” He interrupted, stepping inside the room with raised eyebrows. “I’m so what?”

“It’s only been a day and you already hate my guts.“ (Y/N) stated angrily. “It’s not like I burnt your training area to the ground.”

“You really think I care that much about my training area?” He asked.

“It sure seems like it,” She retorted.

King Edmund smiled, not a happy or genuine smile; one that seemed sarcastic and lacked emotion.

He took one step towards (Y/N) with his arms crossed over his chest. His features were lit by the moon once more.

“Never mind me. You’re from Doorn, you might have trouble understanding the concept of territory. I forgive you for using my workspace.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” The girl growled defensively.

The king looked directly into her eyes. “You know exactly what I mean.”

“You’re crossing the line-”

“Line?” He inquired. “For a Doorn noble? The irony really is remarkable.”

Fuming, the girl reached for her sword on her dressing table and unsheathed it to direct it underneath the king’s chin. Although, he had a dagger already pointed threateningly against her waist.

(Y/N) felt her cheeks burn with fury and the heartbeat in her ears drowned all the sound. She was a couple of inches away from King Edmund’s face and she could see the wrath in his dark eyes.

He whispered so low, he gave the swords woman chills. “I would say you look better in your fighting gear, but wouldn’t that be offensive?”

Confusion struck (Y/N)’s face and thoughts. “What?”

His eyes flickered to the skirts of her dark blue gown and back to her eyes, his gaze unwavering. He leaned back and removed the dagger from (Y/N)’s side, leaving her in a position of leverage.

She removed the sword from his throat few moments later and sheathed it. The king walked towards the door with his hands folded behind his back with utmost humbleness; like the previous situation never occurred.

“Goodnight, Knight (Y/N).” He farewelled, leaving (Y/N) in surprise when he addressed her by her appropriate title. “We’ll be training hard tomorrow. And by we, I mean you.”

Bittersweet // Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Oneshot

Summary//Request: Hoseok meets you by chance in a quiet cafe while you’re visiting Seoul - feeling the overwhelming need to speak to you and become a part of your world.

Reminder that (Y/C) stands for - Your Country

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Oups? [6/6] -Peter Parker Imagine

Originally posted by spiderholland

Summary: You get tagged in an instagram post, which leads to a certain superhero getting a crush on you

Pairing: Female reader x Peter Parker

Word Count: 837

Warnings: None

A/N: The last part guys, enjoy! Thank you for the positive comments <3

Oups? masterlist

“What’s the worst thing that could happen?” Peter asked out loud, pacing around the livingroom. 

“She could be a hot spy who’s trying to erase you from existence” Bucky suggested from his position on the couch, which caused Peter to stop walking and look at him.

“Happened to me” he added with a shrug. 

“You went out with someone who wanted to kill you?” Peter asked, his eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

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tonight’s episode of SNL = everything I never knew I wanted
  • Kristen Stewart came out on live TV
  • “Totinos” = basically lesbian Twilight, in which a three-minute sketch had more gay content and sexual tension than any film Kristen has ever done (yes, even the Runaways)
  • Kristen was legit hilarious, hit all her lines, showed she has comedic timing
  • Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer!! !!
  • Cold open & the White House sketches were on point - as good as they could be considering they’re reflecting unbelievable current events
  • Kristen as Gisele Bundchen
  • Kate McKinnon silently cheering on Leslie Jones in the Family Feud skit
  • By far one of the best episodes of 2017 so far, if not the best.

On a personal note… I’ve literally had a crush on Kristen Stewart for >10 years, since before I knew I was gay. I watched the Twilight movies with my friends because I secretly thought Bella was hot. So this episode fulfilled at least 3 different dreams. Any ladies out there who share these feelings, please raise your hands.


Happy to present you my Wakfu fan-characters (I finally made those refs, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY)
And here comes their story!
Everything starts with Ethan d`Otberg, the xelor (yup, no bandages. I can`t make the poor guy wear them, do you know how uncomfortable bandages are? So I decided that I`ld rather give him some more casual Frigost clothing. And of course he has a mask, but for the refs, I wanted to show his face). He is a pretty untypical for a xelor, as he is a very kind and pacifistic person. He deeply believes in god Xelor and he isssss kinda a self-proclaimed monk, vowed to live his life in peace and righteousness. He is also very politically correct and does not tolerate offencive racistic expressions (such as “dumb like an iop” and etc). But he will never let himself just to say “you are wrong, you must change your mind”, he will explain what is wrong with your words firstly, then will leave you to think on them.
So, Ethan was meditating when he got a vision. this is where their story touches the canon. But don`t worry, they will do nothing important, I am not going to make them meet canonical characters and etc. So. He got the vision with Sadida kingdom, attacked by the unknown mechanism. Ethan takes it serious as he believes that this was the god Xelor his own, who gave him that seeing. He decides that this is his mission to prevent the king of sadida. But he knows that nobody will believe him if he`ll say that he is going to leave Frigost and make a long journey to Sadida kingdom just because he had a dream. So he says, that he is leaving to Bonta to find a master who will help him to learn his magic better instead. But his guardian won`t let hom go all alone, so he hires a bodyguard for him. And this is the other character from the first pic.
Surya Nayrin, the huppermage, is fearless and strong, rational and serious, she is known as a true heroine. However by those who have monies to pay for her help… Surya is used to work in one way: she gets the task, she does her work and she earns. And she likes to controll the situation - she`s inventing the plan how to complete her mission in the fastest way, she follows it and she succeeds. That what her live is like - always in a hurry, always busy, newer distracting to help those why can`t pay. Or at least it WAS so, before she was hired to lead Ethan to Bonta. The problem was that she was always in a hurry, while Ethan, even knowing the importance of this journey, couldn`t resist to stop for helping other people and just to enjoy the beauty of the world around. That was annoying Surya at the beginning, but then they started speaking to each other and soon she started understanding his position. they both learned something from their journey - Surya understood that the life is much more excitong if you can let yourself to stop for a while and look around, whiile Ethan got it that sometimes you need to concentrate on what is the most important now, as you can`t help everyone around. These two later fall in love but never tell that to each other untill the end of their adventure. they were just wandering in the perfect harmony, learning from each other. However, before they`ve met another team of the adventurers…
This is the time from another line. When Surya and Ethan are from the higher society, the other two are village teens trying to write their own history.
The first one is an iop called Eyrikh Raud. You know what an iop should be like? A dumb but unbelievably strong hot-head always in the first line in the battle. Well, that`s Eyrikh! …. …. …. Deep inside his dreams. In real life, Eyrikh is a disaster. He is pretty weak (this is visible that he is too skinny for a string person) and unconfident. He lives in a village that often has fights with the neighbor one. His mother Frida (last pic) is a member of the village`s guard, and Eyrikh always wants to engage into fights like she does. But unlucky for him, he has no physical strength, nor any good weapon, so he`s just breaks into the battlefield and instead of helping, he`s causing troubles as the guard has to distract from the battle to protect him. After that, he always gets teachings from the chief of the guard, who makes menaces that if that will repeat, he will just banish Eyrikh from the village. His mother protects him and takes home, then explains gently that he shouldn`t try to prove his strength this way. He then says that he wants to leave the village to go into the journey and become a hero like his father Gunnard (last pic), and he didn`t succeed in fight only because he had no appropriate weapon/these enemies were too weak so he couldn`t fight in whole power. What is interesting about him - he UNDERSTANDS that this is not true. He KNOWS his limits, he KNOWS that he is too weak for an iop and he will not succeed even with the cool weapons. But he makes himself to believe in him. Because if he would just admit that he is useless, he would have no moral strength to do anything in his life. So even knowing he is a failure, Eyrikh is making himself to believe in his powers and tries over and over.
So, this repeated over and over… Untill one day, to give him a lesson, his mother told him that his father died because he was used to get into any fight like Eyrikh does. She said that the last time he was seen protesting an ancient Osamodas temple. That had to convince Eyrikh to stop his attempts to “help“ the guard. But instead, gave him an idea what to do. He ran away from home to find the temple, because there was chance that his father`s shushu called Veggard would still remain there.
In the morning, his mom found a childish painting with his son on it, holding his father`s sword. She got the message and left the village too, to find her son before he got in any trouble. She will follow him thoughout his whole journey with his drawing, asking “Have you seen my son? He`s like this, with red hair and in black-white clothing with red crosses”. Which fits half of all the iops…
So, Eyrikh reached the ruins, but they were protected by the guardian animals. Running away from them, Eyrikh hid inside the cleavage between the big rocks and was sitting there, speaking to himself about what a total failure he is. And then, he heard a voice, which belonged to Veggard. He was still here, waiting for someone to find him, and as Veggard is a pretty sly shushu, more concerned on ruining people`s lives, instead of their planet, he decided to help Eyrikh for the long time, earn his trust and pretend to be his friend, to later betray him in the most responsible moment. So, he convinced Eyrikh that they must unite so using Veggard`s forces, Eyrikh could fight those guard animals and get out of this place. Of course even an iop would feel something wrong about a shushu asking you to use his powers. But he told that he respected Gunnard SO much, that he will never betray is son. And well, foolish young Eyrikh agreed. Veggard didn`t lie this time - he helped an iop to fight his enemies, then gave him his body back, as promissed. Annnd here comes the other character from pic.2 and the second one from the pic.4
Dinem and Vestre Ylan were the owners of those animals, and the protectors of the ruins. So, when they`ve found Eyrikh staying near their unconscious pets, they attacked immediately. the sisters defeated him, tied and brought to their home to decide what to do with this stranger. He explained that he was only looking for his father`s sword and never meant to hurt the animals, but they`ve attacked him so he had to protect himself. He also lied about being the knight of the order of the guardians of shushu, but the sisters were no fools, so they got it that he`s not a hero he tells he is. Vestre, as the strict, serious and disciplined sister proposed to take the sword from him and tell him to go away. But Dinem was charmed with his inspiring words about willing to leave his village to wander around the planet and become the true hero. Because she felt the same. She wanted to see the world and be more than her father told her to be. So in the night, they both escaped and headed to Binta, as Dinem is a great Gobbawl fan, but she never had a chance to leave the ruins to see the game before. And on their way, they`ve met Ethan and Surya. Eyrikh presented himself as a knight of the order of the guardians of shushu and Dinem confirmed this, as she wanted to help him on his way of becoming whi he wants to be. Ethan knew that Surya only has to lead him to Bonta, then her job will be done, but he really should better have another bodyguards after taht. So he asked the knight and the summoner to join him.
So, about Dinem. She`s a good and reliable friend, never giving a shit about any problems, always relaxed and confident. She has a sense of humor and may be REALLY LOUD when it comes to gobbawl games, but she also has not the best side. She has a big lack of manners - she may put her legs on the table, or eat with hands or barf loudly. She`s pretty gross i mean. And she also always says what is on her mind. Sometimes it`s good, but most of times her words may be really offencive as she often tells racist jokes. and she don`t even understands that. However Ethan is trying to explain her why is it bad to behave like that. 
All together they reached Bonta where Surya had to say Ethan goodbye. But instead, she decided to follow him to the end.
Now about the characters from the pic.3
Mirelle de Lis is a very shy eniripsa, living in the forests around Sadida kingdom along with her girlfriend Koda Kei the feca. Mirelle is a doctor not by her race, but by her morals: she dedicates her life to saving whoever she will find injured in the forest. No matter who you are - a hero or i villain, she will take care of you. You must be pretty brave to take an unknown person to your house and let her stay there till she will fully recover, but Mirelle thinks that she is a coward just because she would never get into a fight. She is also a soft person, she can`t stay on her`s own, and she speaks a little with anyone except Koda.
Koda on the contrary is a very confident person, who can defend herself and Mirelle to. She is rational and smart, never underestimates her enemies and always thinking on the strategy before engaging into the fight. As a true feca, she`s a protector, and she always tries to help Mirelle in whatever she does. She is also a well-educated alchemist and knows mechanics.
And there are also side characters left. The one I hadn`t told about yet is an iopette Astrid Sjorgen from pic.4 and her shushu Ax (taht was predictable). there`s no much info on her - Astrid is not a real knight same as Eyrikh. She just stole a shushu she fell in love with, and trying to find him a body so they can be together. Even Ax himself isn`t so concerned on getting him a new body…
Astrid is a canonical iop - she`s strong but not too clever. But at least she is a bit sly.
Ax is… well, a very untypical shushu. A weak and cowardly one, so he feels better living as Astrids axe, than as a normal shushu. 
And well, will finish retelling their story quickly?
Right before the team approached to the Sadida kingdom, they were attacked by the rogues. Everething was going well untill Veggard proposed Eyrikh to use his powers again, and he agreed with no doubts. But this time Veggard posessed him and attacked his friends. Ethan used all his powers to stop him. So the whole team left unconscious in the forest. They were later found by Koda and Mirelle and brought to their home, where mirelle healed them. After they woke up, Surya told that she had suspicions that Eyrikh is not a real knight and he shouldn`t be trusted with such a powerful weapon. Before this situation, Surya almost accepted him and Dinem as the part of the team, but after the incident, she strictly prohibited Eyrikh to follow her and Ethan any further, even if Ethan himself wanted to give him a second chance. But they had no time - they ahd to prevent the king, so they left Eyrikh and Dinem at Mirelle and Koda`s home.
Should I say how frustrated Eyrikh was? He always knew that he is a failure, and now he ruined all his friends` expectations, as he trusted a shushu, who he believed to be his best friend, injured his teammates, and now there`s only Dinem left on his side. He gave Veggard to her and asked to bring him back where he lied, when she`ll return home, and told that he is heading back home. But she didn`t want to go back, she loved the adventure so much, so she inspired him telling how exciting that was and that if she fulfilled her dream, he should do it to. So they decided to head to the kingdom and to help with whatever they can. They also asked Mirelle and Koda to come woth them, and after a conversation, they agreed. And well… No coolstories about my characters doing anything epic. Ethan and Surya couldn`t prevent the king as they were not allowed to meet him. So when the attack begun, they just joined the sadida warriors in the fight for their kingdom, and also met the other part of the team. Eyrikh`s mother also came in time, and used Veggard instead of her son, as she has a stronger will, so she won`t let him possess her body. And well, that`s it. Just a bunch of characters helping to protect the Sadida kingdom with whatever they can. Hope this is an OK way to tie their story with the canon and none will be against it?

The Bad Trip - Dally Winston Imagine

A/N: In case you can’t tell by the word count, I got really into this imagine and was really anticipating it and I am really proud of this writing. That said, while I want people to read it, I do not want anyone that could be triggered by reading about drugs, suicidal thoughts or feelings of hopelessness to read about this. Take care of yourselves and if you do choose to read it, I hope you love it! (Also, a quick PS, I ended this so that if people want a part 2, I can definitely write one)  

Word Count: 1565

Warnings: Suicide mention, death mention, drugs mention, hallucination mention

Pairing: Dally Winston x Reader

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anonymous asked:

First I love you with Mercy, Phara, Widowmaker, and Sombra? I love this blog so far! ❤️

Aww thank you so much! I’m glad you like it! This is a long one. Prepare yourself!

The overworked doctor buried her head in her hands and let out a sigh. She had been doing endless amounts of paperwork for hours now. All she wanted was to cuddle up next to you and go to bed. She was so tired, but she had to finish. She reached for her coffee mug, only to find it empty. Disappointed, she continued with her work. A knock on the door broke the doctor’s concentration. “Come in.” She says with a yawn.
“Hey beautiful.” You say. “I brought you more coffee. I figured you’d need a refill by now.” You place a light kiss to the top of her head before handing her the mug. She gratefully accepts it. She takes a sip and looks up at you gratefully. How did she get so lucky? She gives you another kiss, the bitter taste of coffee on both of your lips.
“I love you.” She says. The words just sort of slip out. She’s loved you for a while now, but she wasn’t planning on saying it yet. It feels right to her though. You take such good care of her. She loves you. She wants you to know it.
“I love you, too” You say back with a smile.

Pharah -
She’s so nervous. She’s been planning this for weeks. She knows she loves you, but she wants it to be special when she tells you. First, she has reservations for one of the fanciest restaurants in town. Next, the two of you were going to go for a walk through the park. Then she was going to tell you. She was so nervous. What if you didn’t say it back? She heard the door to the house open. You had just gotten home. This is it. “Hello Fareeha.” You say with a smile. You walked over to pull her into a tight hug and gave her a kiss. Once you pulled away, you smiled up at her.
“I love you so much.” She blurted out. Pharah realized what she said and began to panic. This wasn’t how she was going to tell you. You smiled up at her. “I love you too.” You said before pulling her into another kiss. This wasn’t what Pharah planned, but she thought it was perfect just like this.

Widowmaker -
Dating the famous Widowmaker wasn’t always easy. She wasn’t the best at showing her emotions. If you moved too fast in the relationship, she would get scared, and return to her cold demeanor. Widow knew this. She knew she wasn’t the most openly loving person in the world. After everything she’s been through, being in a relationship was hard for her. It amazed her everyday that you stayed with her. She always felt like she was letting you down. Or that she didn’t deserve you. She wanted to let you know how much she cares for you, but she doesn’t know how. She’s thinking about this one night while the two of you are in bed. She’s beside you, watching you sleep. You look so peaceful. Suddenly, she knows what to do. She pulls you close and whispers “I love you” into your ear. She doesn’t think you heard, but then she heard you whisper “I love you, too. I love you so much.” She never felt so happy.

Sombra -
It was unbelievably hot outside. You and Sombra had gone to the beach for the day to attempt to cool off. The two of you were lounging under an umbrella. Well, at least you were. Sombra had gotten up and you didn’t know where she went. You laid back on your beach towel, thoroughly relaxed. A sudden blast of cold water hits your body and you gasp. You look up to find Sombra standing over you with a mischievous grin on her face, armed with water gun in each hand. “You are going to pay for that!” You yell.
“If you can catch me!” Sombra replies. She tosses you a water gun and runs off. The two of you spend hours chasing each other and spraying each other with the water guns. You’re both laughing and can’t remember the last time you had this much fun. Finally, you both collapse onto the beach. Thoroughly exhausted. Sombra looks over in your direction. She looks at you like you’re the most perfect thing in the entire world. “Te amo.” She says before kissing you. “I love you too, Sombra.” You reply.

anonymous asked:

Could I have a scenario where Iwaizumi's little, younger, shy, S/O is masterbating (with a brush or something like that) in her room and he hears her then he decides to go help (she gets very embarrassed XD) he fucks her with the brush (or something like that) and then things go from there... in the end she ends up squirting for the first time and she ends up extremely embarrassed while Iwaizumi thinks it's unbelievably hot... (I'm so sorry you don't have to do this request...I'm terrible...)

Anonymous said to sfw-haikyuu-nsfw:
Iwaizume comes home to find his gf masturbating, fingering, using toys and rubbing herself against his pillow? While he was away in the practice camp.

Is it okay that I combined the two of these? They’re relatively the same, no?

At first, I was really embarrassed when I saw these and sorta nervous about writing them, but then I just reminded myself that female masterbation is 100 percent normal! Like, seriously, my boyfriend and I were discussing how strange it is that society doesn’t see the act as normal for one sex and not the other. Then again, there’s a whole realm of problems with the double standards between men and women, but we won’t go into that here! 

Anyway, enjoy, Anons!

When he walked through the door of their shared bedroom, he was completely taken by surprise by the sight that was now before him. His breath caught in his throat and his muscles tensed up, his hand gripping tightly at the knob of the door. Because there she was, spread out bare over their bed, her head thrown back against the cushions as her hand was buried deep between her legs. And, fuck, the way she breathed his name; so needy and desperate.

Iwaizumi had been away at practice camp and she had been here, finding a way to replace him during his absence. What else had she chosen to fill that space that he usually resided while he had been gone? How many times had that earning voice called out his name while he had been unable to hear it? And, god, how many times was he going to make up for that tonight?

Moving forward on unsteady feet, he took in the eyes that finally caught sight of him, their need growing as he approached. Barely sparing a glance at what she had pressed between her thighs, he took hold of it, taking over as he leaned over her. Her skin flushed red, her chest rose as her voice did, their eyes locking as the lust shifted between them. His body buzzed as he leaned to capture her lips with his own, teeth tugging at the flesh there.

A growl ripped from his throat as he removed whatever was inside her before frantically tugging down the waistband of his shorts, wasting no more time in joining their bodies together. Wrap legs wrapped around his waist, pressing him tighter against her, deeper. Nails found purchase on his shoulders, digging into his skin. His teeth drove into the pulse at her neck, bringing a cry from her lips and her to clench tightly around him.

A wetness covered his stomach, bringing his movements to an abrupt halt, his eyes dropping to the sudden mess he found there. He heard her rambling, perhaps apologizing, but he couldn’t bring his gaze away from what he was able to make her do. A new desire rose inside him, his hips instantly dipping to take on a new vigor to his thrusts, mind hazy as it tried to take in everything that was driving him over the edge.

There was a whole weeks worth of this to make up for, he was going to make good on tonight. He didn’t stop when his own body tensed, he continued to press inside her until he recreated the same result he had been blessed with prior. And now that he knew how to get it from her, he was going to take everything he could get, enjoying every part of her as deeply as possible.

Meeting the neighbors

Amelia has just moved in Seattle, when her roommate kicks her out of their apartment to have sex. She is just sitting on the floor outside waiting for time to pass when meets her hot ginger next door neighbor and sparks fly. Fluff and cuteness. Also Amelia’s described outfit is the one she is wearing during the intervention (Private Practice 5x08).

It wasn’t long before Amelia had just moved into her new apartment that her roommate Maggie was kicking her out to have loud hot sex with an intent named Andrew. So she was left to sit alone on the floor of her new building, seeing she hadn’t even had the chance to change her clothes from her trip from LA and look more presentable in order to explore the city and all the hot guys it offered. To say the least she was screwed and unbelievably bored so she decided to sit on the floor like a child praying that Maggie’s sexcapades would soon be over. After a while the door of the apartment on the opposite wall opened to reveal a handsome and muscular red head who appeared shocked at the sight of the gorgeous woman sitting on the floor.

“Are you alright” asked Owen concerned.

“Oh yeah I’m fine. I just moved here and my roommate kicked me out to have sex with a hot young guy” responded Amelia like it was the most normal thing in the world. Owen laughed.

“My roommate does that quite a lot too. Just yesterday I was sitting right here as well hoping my torture would soon be over” said Owen. Now it was Amelia’s turn to laugh.

“I was just heading out to get some coffee. Do you want to come? To pass some time and cry because you’re not the one having hot passionate sex” asked Owen hoping the beautiful stranger would say yes.

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On 10/11 June 2017, I had the opportunity of attending two performances during the run of the “Live Spectacle NARUTO ~Akatsuki no Shirabe~” in Singapore. Cue major freaking out xD I mean, I am, quite literally, a huge fan of:

  • the Naruto franchise
  • 2.5D stage plays/musicals
  • Sato Ryuji

I really didn’t stand a chance. Lol! It is also my first time ever attending the live performance of a 2.5D stage play/musical, so saying that I was excited was really a huge understatement of the century. 

Before writing about the actual stage play and my impressions of it, I’ll begin my report with some audience snippets that I thought were pretty entertaining (including my own reaction to meeting Kimisawa Yuki, who plays Hatake Kakashi, Ito Yui, who plays Haruno Sakura, and SATO RYUJI, who plays Uchiha Sasuke, up close xD). This was actually supposed to be the last part of the report, but I still haven’t been able to write anything coherent about the actual stage play other than KJDGSLKFJLHAGSDJG OMG IT WAS SO GOOD KGFJSADHKJFSADGFHA ROFL

(Major spoilers for the “Live Spectacle NARUTO ~Akatsuki no Shirabe~”)

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a/n: bc evie having a half-dragon girlfriend and a half-beast boyfriend is something that needs to be explored more.

evie’s girlfriend and boyfriend might not be perfect, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

like sometimes, mal will wake up and her wings will be out - large purple and black wings that sprout from her back, covered in thick, rough scales. most mornings when they’re out, she looks at them and winces, vowing to stay inside until she can get the hang of these newfound abilities of hers.

“no, come on,” evie argues once. “be proud of them, they make you who you are.”

“they make me hideous,” mal snaps back.

“i don’t think so,” ben says, brushing a kiss against her cheek.

“neither do i,” evie says. “and besides, i know a way to make you love them as much as we do.” she emphasizes her statement by running a finger over the wings, touching them so lightly that it leaves mal shivering. the purple-haired girl blushes and ducks her head.

“don’t we have to get to class?” she says now. ben smiles, and evie grins.

“that’s our girl,” she says, kissing mal on the cheek herself before joining ben as he starts to get dressed.

other days, it’s ben who makes a mistake and grows fearful of the repercussions. he too has new abilities to learn to control, ones that decide whether or not he can remain human or turn full beast.

sometimes, he ends up somewhere in between, with horns sticking out from his auburn locks, small patches of fur covering his skin.

the fur is usually not much of a concern for him, as his suits cover it, but the horns? well, they’re not exactly small enough to be hidden under a beanie.

“unbelievable,” he says one day when he finds them sticking out in his reflection. he thought he’d been getting better at controlling the transformations, but obviously not.

“don’t be so ashamed, ben, they’re actually kind of hot,” evie says as she gets dressed that morning. ben scoffs, exiting the bathroom and grabbing a dress shirt.

“they’re good to grab onto, when the situation calls for it,” mal says with a straight face, leaving ben to blush at the mental image.

“they’re not exactly kingly, are they?” he asks, snapping out of it, reaching for his pants while his shirt momentarily stays half-buttoned.

“no,” evie says, striding towards him. “but you’re ‘baby beast’ - your people will understand.”

“yeah,” mal says, appearing at her side. “they know you’ve inherited a bit of your dad’s, uh, furry side.” she gives the fur on his chest a few strokes. he growls lowly at her, and she jumps back. evie just laughs.

“do that again and we are so going to have to miss class,” she says. ben smiles, blushing once more.

“so, you really think everyone will be okay with this?” he asks.

“if they don’t, banish them,” mal says with a shrug.

“maybe we won’t go to that extreme,” evie says. “but yeah, you’re the king - you’re above them, so if anyone complains, well, you know what to do.” ben smiles.

“thanks, guys,” he says, kissing each of them on the cheek before finishing getting ready.

so, evie’s girlfriend and boyfriend may be a bit… beastly at times, but she doesn’t mind at all. (actually, sometimes? she kind of loves it.)

Well Played - Alfie Solomons Fic (rqtd): Just You Wait, Part 3

Just You Wait, Part One

All Business, Part Two

Anonymous asked  I’m sorry but I need more of “just you wait” like Jesus, help me



i’m here to support the cause🙋🏼

 Alright you greedy thirsty Alfie groupies, you begged so nicely, just like Alfie would – I’m gonna give ya what you want.   You want some hot gangster sex and I’m going out of my comfort zone to bring it to you.   What follows is quite a bit more explicit than my previous fics.   This is not about STORY so much, this is lust unleashed and dripping.  So brace yourselves; if you’re at the office, probably best to find a good hiding spot before reading.   :0

WARNINGS:  explicit sex, very NSFW, very much in danger of increasing your Alfie Solomons addiction


Alfie’s bare feet padded across the wood flooring of his upstairs hallway; finding his way through the dark back to the master bedroom.   The window curtains were slightly drawn and a slice of moonlight fell on the exposed length of slim leg and pale hip peeking out from beneath the covers.   Pausing in the doorway his eyes took in the full sight of her naked in his huge bed.   The long wheat coloured strands turned almost silver in the moonlit room fanned about her delicate face, spreading in waves over the pillows.   Twisted within the downy comforter, one breast lay uncovered, its perky rose bud tip causing a stir in his loins.   Amazed his cock was still able to even twitch after the workout it had received today.   Thinking back over the events, it had been hard to predict the outcome – while he was stuck behind his desk conducting a meeting with a raging hard on thanks to her naughty hands.   Odds not entirely a given that it would have ended on such a pleasurable note.  

They’d barely made it out of his office and then racing the car as fast as it could back to his home.   Barely made it from the car inside the house, his one hand gripping an ass cheek tight, while she cast a breathless smile at him.   Just inside the door and only half way up the stairs before she sat down to catch her breath and Alfie two steps behind had sank to his knees and pulled her by the ankles so that his head could dive between her legs.  His mouth hot over her cotton panties and he knew exactly what a fever that created within her.   Paying no mind to her hands pulling on his hair, he slipped the panties to the side and ran his tongue along her slit a few times, finishing the tease with a wet mouth sucking kiss upon her swollen button.   Her moans and his name echoed in the great hallway as her back arched high off the wooden steps.    Fuck, he wasn’t even going to get her into the bed at this rate.   And he certainly owed her a proper and thorough it’s the ladies pleasure fucking after what happened in his office.

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Experiment One; Emotional Connection; Chapter Two

Pairing: Finn Bálor X OFC (Amy)
Rating: Explicit (wildly explicit)
Length: 2.9k words
Warnings: Dubious consent (drugs), drugs, unprotected sex, imprisonment, surveillance, implied voyeurism, electricity play, pain kink, non-con play, cursing

Premise; Humans born with special abilities are rare but powerful. A group of rich and influential people have formed a collective called The Authority to find, capture, and experiment on these people. They are most interested in finding out how these special powers are passed genetically and if these powers can be mixed

Taglist: @macfizzle

The buzzing noise caught Finn’s attention instantly. That noise usually meant his door was opening, but there was no one standing in the window and the door didn’t open. He quirked his head, and from the corner of his eye saw the wall open to his right.

A girl was there. He couldn’t believe it. His pent up lust actually had somewhere to go.

She stood there breathing hard, and staring at him. Her hands trembled as the pushed her dark chestnut hair away from her eyes, revealing that her pupils were swallowing up her chocolate brown irises. Her olive skin glowed with a sheen of sweat, highlighting her beautiful cheek bones, and Finn couldn’t help thinking about what she tasted like like that.

Before he knew it, she was in his room, and her hands were all over him. Pulling his black sweater over his head, and pushing him back on to his bed. His back landed against the wall with a thud as she climbed astride him. She ran a hand down his chest, over his abs, to his waistband. He reveled in the kind touch. A touch she wanted to give. A touched he wanted to receive. He remembered this.

Her fingers played at his waistband. She seemed to be waiting for something. He looked up from where she was touching him, and saw a question in her eyes. Her whole expression looked fraught.

“Please,” was all she said. It was all she had to say.

Finn pulled the girl’s shirt over her head, revealing a simple black bra and a toned stomach. More of that delicious olive skin, flushed at the apex of her breasts.

“Dear God,” he sighed as she put her arms around his neck. “You are beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful,” she said, pulling herself further up his lap. “Your accent is sexy. You’re sexy. I want you.” She said, kissing him fiercely. He moaned into it.

“I want you too,” he said, picking her up off his lap to get her pants off.
Stephanie was surprised that the defiant, young Amy wasn’t resisting her urges. Perhaps she didn’t know, or wasn’t able to think clearly enough, to realize this was part of The Project. In fact, this part /was/ The Project.

If Amy knew that, she would be shocking Finn nearly to death, and keeping herself confined to a corner. She hated Stephanie and Yankem and all the others keeping her imprisoned here. Her defiance was almost as blatant and bold as Roman’s. But it seemed chemistry was getting the better of her, and she was falling all over Finn.

Stephanie watched in sick amusement as Amy participated willing for the first time- in the most critical part- of The Project.
“Can you-” the girl asked breathlessly, attempting to make a sentence. “Can you go down on me please?” She asked, as he fondled her breasts now free of her bra.

“Yeah,” he said, pulling at her pants. “Yeah, I’d love to.” His mouth watered at the thought. Her lips were so sweet. He couldn’t imagine how her pussy tasted.

He got her pants to her ankles and she kicked them off. Finn pushed her down to the bed and knelt on the floor. His cock pulsed as her legs fell open in front of him. Her scent had his head spinning.

As his lips touched her, her back flew off the bed. Her finger tips ran along his scalp, through his short hair, and she cried out. He could have sworn she had just come.

“Jesus,” she sighed, laying back. “What’s your name?”

“Finn,” he said, getting back to the task at hand.

“I’m Amy,” she said between moans, trying not to grab his hair too hard. But his mouth just felt so good, she wanted him to stay like that until she couldn’t take it anymore. He’d already made her come, but it wasn’t enough. She needed more. Maybe his cock would help with that.

“Finn!” She cried as he made her orgasm again. “Fuck me! Please!”

He didn’t say anything then. He just flipped her on to her stomach. That startled her, and before she could stop. Zap. From her hand to his wrist she electrocuted him. He paused. Everything was silent for a moment.

“I’m sorry!” She called, as he flipped her again. It seemed it took almost no effort for him to do so. “I didn’t-”

She was looking up at him, but he looked different. He was almost transparent. No, he /was/ transparent. An invisible man. Shit.

“What was that? Are you a Tesla?” He asked, becoming more and more opaque as he breathed hard. Teslas were named for their ability to produce electricity, and he’d never met one.

“I’m sorry. You startled me.” She said, sharpening her eyes at the man. Amy knew invisible men. They were… creeps. Using their power to spy and prey on women. “I do that sometimes… electrocute people.”

“It hurt,” he said, pushing her thighs down to the bed. “Sorry I startled you. I’ll try not to do it again,” he said with a sly smile on his face. Amy saw that smile like a red flag, signaling to her that this invisible was like the others.

‘Finn,’ she thought, 'he has a name.’ In this desolate place, in this hopeless situation, maybe she could give up some of her preconceptions. He was a prisoner here, just like her. He must have been hard to catch.

“I’ll- I’ll be more careful,” she said, as his hands smoothed over her thighs. He seemed to be waiting for something.

“I’m dying here,” he said, leaning his body over hers, kissing her cheeks. One then the other. “Say it again. Be sure this time. Tell me to fuck you.”

He was waiting for permission. Her heart sang. She let out a mad giggle. She had been begging him to fuck her in the throes of orgasm, and he didn’t consider that consent. Ninety-nine of one-hundred would have, but not Finn.

She was locked in a basement. Told where to go. What to do. When to do it. But in this moment she had agency. He was offering her a choice. Before, her body wanted him, but now her heart did too.

“Finn,” she said, caressing his face. He reacted liked she’d given him a hit of heroin. So calm, so pleased. “Make love to me. I need it… I want it.”

“Oh, thank God,” he groaned, thrusting forward. She stretched painfully around him.

“Oh fuck,” she sighed, laughed. “I should have gotten a better look at you before I said yes. You feel so big,” she said, running her hands over the smooth skin of his back. He smiled a dazzling smile at her. Finn really was gorgeous.

“You’re okay, yeah?” He asked, running his hands down her sides.

“Yeah,” she said, urging him to move. He did, and her whole body lit up. From her center all the way up to her head and down to her toes. He felt so good inside her.

“Oh, Amy,” he groaned, stilling for a moment. “Fuck,” he heaved in breath. “I didn’t know that was going to happen.”

“What?” She asked, as he backed off a bit.

“Nothing. Can you- Do ya mind?” He said, pulling at her hip. He wanted to turn her over.

“God, no, I don’t mind,” she said, turning over with his help. Resting on her stomach, he entered her again. “And don’t be gentle. I need you like this.”

At her words, he gripped her hips and plowed forward. She gasped and gripped the bed spread, but her shock turned to pleasure in an instant. It was primal and perfect to get fucked from behind. And by handsome, wonderful, feral Finn. He was pounding into her. It felt better than anything she had in her life. Better than a cool swim on a hot day. A massage. Silk sheets.

“Fuck, Finn. You feel so good,” she cried as she put her hand on his as it gripped her hip with bruising strength.

“God, Amy, ya feel good too. Fuck,” he huffed, leaning over her back so he could touch the skin of his chest to her. “Yer unbelievable.”

“Ah!” She cried as an orgasm surprised her. And Finn got another shock.

He grunted in a way that sounded like pain, but kept thrusting.

“Jesus, Amy. Do it again,” he said, pulling her flesh flush to his.

“What?” She moaned as he crushed their hips together and circled his pelvis, making sure to touch every part of her. To claim her. “You want me to… shock you?”

“Is that okay?” He asked, pushing as deep into her as possible.

“You want it?” She moaned, as he ground into her backside.

“Yes,” he said, sounding very sure.

She pushed him away from her. Finn stood back; scared she was grossed out, and going to walk away.
Stephanie watched in amazement as Amy pushed Finn away. She hoped Yankem had given Amy enough drugs to keep her from killing Finn. If anything bad was going to happen, this was the moment.
“You want it,” she smiled at him, standing to full height. “Come get it.”

He returned her roguish grin and stood nose to nose with her. He liked this game. This was his kind of game.

He slowly let his hand slide up her waist. She closed her eyes and moaned. Every touch of his felt so good, but she was determined to play her game as well.

“Is that all you want Finn?” She asked. “To touch me?”

“No,” he said. The heat in his voice making Amy shiver. “I want to fuck you.” His accent had her dripping. Still. When was this ache between her legs going to go away? Finn had made her come three times. Maybe this game would end it. “Now get on your back, so I can bury my cock in you.” He growled in her ear.

“Funny,” she smiled, running her fingers over his collarbone.

“What’s funny?” He asked, gripping her waist harder, getting ready to put her on any flat surface.

“It’s funny that you think I’d just do that,” she smiled. Finn’s need for her, combined with his desire for pain, was leading to the dark place she was hoping for.

“Then it’s a good thing it’s not up to you.” He picked her up to put her on the bed, and she shocked him. Her palm to his upper arm. He dropped her to the floor. She turned from her back to her knees quickly, but he caught her. He covered her body with his, and pushed her chest to the floor, leaving her knees bent so her ass was in the air. His arm still crackling with pain and electricity.

“Like I said,” he groaned, as he pushed back inside her. Her moan giving away that she was actually loving this. “It’s not up to you.”

“We’ll see,” she huffed. He grabbed her hair as he thrust, earning himself a small shock. From the backs of her thighs to be front of his.

“Fuck, Amy,” he couldn’t express how unbelievably sexy that was. He was so close to coming again. This would be the fourth time. He couldn’t figure how that was possible, but he knew he had to keep going. He had to resolve this madness.

He pulled her up to resting on her knees so he could reach her clit easier. If this was going to be the final time, then she deserved to come too.

“Jesus!” She cried as he touched her perfectly. “Feels so good.”

“Shock my hand.” He said between heavy breaths. “It will feel even better.”

She opened her mouth to say something and then closed it. She knew she could be shocked, but it was always a low tingle. Maybe he was right. Maybe it would feel good.

He used his other hand to separate her pussy lips so his fingers made more direct contact with her clit. She whined at that sensation alone.

“Trust me,” he whispered to her as she was lost in pleasure. “It feels incredible.”

She reached a shaking hand down to his where it touched her most sensitive part.

“Okay,” she said. “I trust you.” She let out a small amount of electricity, and felt it instantly. She kept it up for as long as she could focus. “Fuck! Fuck, Finn, I’m coming!”

“Me too, love,” he said, about to burst. Her body convulsing around him was too good to push through. He took his hand away from her clit and crushed her body to his as he gave a few final thrusts. Finally, he was satisfied. He let her go with shaking arms and laid her down gently on the floor. For a few moments his brain was a complete fog. All he could feel was a deep and intense satisfaction.

“Holy crap,” she sighed with a smile, curling her body to his side.

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “You could say that again.

"So, what do you think that was? They gave us something, right? Stephanie and her goons.”

“Yep,” he sighed. “At first I thought it was punishment, but maybe it was a reward.” He wrapped an arm around her back. Not because he felt he needed to, but because he wanted to. He wanted her cuddled to him like this. He wanted all of her. Forever.

'That’s strange,’ he thought before the thought was overridden by her nuzzling into his chest.

He sighed and smiled at her. She smiled too. And there was so much he wanted to tell her. How he got here, why he was here, what he was planning to do… but he knew /she/ was watching. Of course Stephanie was watching this.

Amy looked at the man by her side and smiled. She wanted to keep him around if she could. Obviously. Why wouldn’t she want Finn in her life? Even if she got out of here, she’d want him. He was perfect.

“Well, if it is a reward… it’s nice,” Amy said, petting his hair and giggling at how much sweat was there. God, she was a mess too. “I’m gonna get cleaned up.”

“Me too,” he said, kissing her temple. “Then we can talk some more.”

“Absolutely,” she smiled and then leaned over him to give him a proper kiss. A good one. “Now, go get cleaned up. I don’t want my Finn smelling like a locker room.” She giggled.

“I don’t want to disappoint my Amy,” he said taking a comically serious tone as they both stood.

“Good,” she smiled, and gave him another kiss. He was so beautiful, and kind, and adorable. “See you in a minute.” She said, heading for her bathroom.

“Yep,” he said, going to his room.

Amy turned on the shower and heard Finn doing the same. She looked to see him, holding his hand out and testing the water. The thought occurred to her that they should shower together. She turned the water off and started toward his room. Then the wall between them started to close.

“No!” She called, putting both hands on the door to keep it open. “Finn!”

He turned in an instant and saw what was happening as well.
“Shit shit shit,” Stephanie said as Amy reached an arm through the door. She couldn’t have one of these monsters hurt. Especially a female. If Amy didn’t move her arm, she’d be crushed. “Move!” She shouted knowing that the girl couldn’t hear her.

Amy seemed to realize the danger, and pulled her arm back before the wall closed again.

“Finn!” She screamed, pounding on the wall. “Stephanie! Open the wall! Stephanie! Goddamit, give me my Finn back!”

On the other side of the wall, Finn was just staring. Cruelty at its best, this was. Give him Amy and take her away. This was why Stephanie did this. Give him an a partner and manipulate him with her.

'Do good, get Amy. Do bad, we hurt Amy.’ That sort of thing.

He turned to the camera, and fumed, knowing Stephanie was watching. He hoped she could see the fury in his eyes.

“You hurt her, and…” his voice was shaking and he didn’t know how to threaten his keeper. He just knew he wanted to. “You hurt Amy and you’ll pay… You’ll pay, Stephanie! I fucking promise!”

Stephanie sat in silence, somewhat aghast. This- this… emotional connection… if it was real at all, was no joke. She took a few deep breaths to calm down and think.

'Two isn’t a pattern,’ she told herself. 'Two isn’t enough. And, even it is real, then I can have the doctors fix the formula.’

“Okay,” she sighed. “Time for someone analytical to break the emotional pattern.” She said, begging the unlock sequence for Rollins and Regina.

Stephanie saw that Regina was sitting in front of the wall already, waiting for it to open. Her future sight was still working well enough to know what was about to happen. Rollins was sweating like a whore in church and staring into the camera. His gaze so intense Stephanie almost felt like he was looking straight at her. It made her shiver.

“Whatever. Jokes on you, Rollins…” she grumbled, watching his reaction as the wall opened. “You can’t think your way out of this one.”

My Worlds recap

Here I was, on March 30th, in my hometown Riga with bus and ferry tickets and most importantly - tickets to Ladies practice and Short Dance in my pocket. I could not believe I was going to Worlds after many years of living and breathing figure skating. This was a dream of mine that I thought would never come to life. It felt so surreal I had to pinch myself a few times. 😅

When me and my mom made it to the arena at 8 AM on March 31st, it was so difficult to hold back tears ( i am literally tearing up as i’m writing this 😂). Watching figure skating has been one of the biggest parts of my life for five (!!!) years now and I don’t think I can put my feelings towards it in just some sentences. It is better than all the movies because it’s the real life - but with the spectrum of emotions I only get to see in the cinema. It doesn’t only show “the movie” (aka the performance) but also every behind the scenes action (like the emotions before and after the performance, the training process, the challenges along the way) which makes it so much more interesting. So when I walked in the arena it felt like a dream come true. They didn’t have doors heading to each sector, but a curtain instead (to not make a sound every time someone enters or exits) and because it was the practice time for Ladies the curtains weren’t closed but fully open instead. So even when I had just come in the arena, I could already see a glimpse of the ice rink which felt so surreal and that was the first time it hit me so hard that I was actually really here - at the World Championships.

It felt fantastic to see stars like Ashley Wagner, Kaetlyn Osmond, Gabrielle Daleman, Evgenia Medvedeva, Anna Pogorilaya and Carolina Kostner skate so close to me (we were seated really close to the ice), to see their determined faces and to live through their great performances. Incomparably mesmerizing.

Before the short dance there was some time to kill so we just walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere which is SO unique! There is this buzzing feeling which makes you feel warm and welcomed and everyone looks nervously excited. We walked through every booth/shop there was, I even got some beautiful postcards from John Wilson Blades booth (they were handing them out for free?! 😧) with Ashley, Patrick, the Shibs and Chock/Bates. There I met a lovely French fan and we had a brief talk about our journeys as fans and let me add that it feels so weird to actually talk with someone about figure skating after you’ve mostly only shared your opinions online and have never had a legit conversation live??! 😂

Then it was the time for the short dance (oh my, hearing the ISU fanfare live was hands down the best experience ever 😂😂😂) . I have been a massive ice dance fan since forever and I am a big supporter of Tessa&Scott. They are the main reason I was actually here - I can’t put into words what they’ve done to me in these past years - they have held me up every time I felt down in various ways - with their performances, life stories or just small interviews. I just wanted to give back to them a little with my heartfelt support. However, I joined the V/M fandom in 2012 when everyone was furious about D/W and their success (which would happen in 2013 and 2014) and I quickly learned to be as bitter as everyone else. It feels sad to look back now and think that we used so much time to just talk about Meryl and Charlie - more than about great things of Tessa and Scott. I only understood this after T&S took a break after 2014 and I just became this casual ice dance fan who wanted to see the best in everyone and was listening to everyone’s stories of ups and downs. It was the same fantastic atmosphere - just without all the rage. During this period of time I really fell in love with Kaitlyn&Andrew, Maia&Alex and Gabriella&Guillaume. When Tessa&Scott came back I couldn’t believe how great I felt during the season - it was now 100 times more exciting as I had so many couples I loved and supported throughout (…well, i did love t&s a little more than anyone else though 😆) . And you have NO idea how much I loved the theme of this years SD. SOOOO much spunk and sass! I hope you don’t mind me saying that pretty much all of these were the best short dances I have ever seen from the top teams.

First of all, let me say a word about the atmosphere live. It is absolutely incomparable to the TV. The audience noises are lowered for about ten thousand times and are almost inaudible in the TV which is the biggest change. The ovations are so impressive you can’t believe them at first. Second of all, the skating skills and the speed is insane live. And thirdly of all, the costumes look SO. MUCH. DIFFERENT. (they are much more sparkly and colorful 😍✨).

I was actually worried that I might not last for seven freaking groups but the time went so fast. I still can’t believe the zamboni breaks. I swear to god they didn’t last more than five minutes 😅 (I always get cranky during the resurfacing breaks when I watch TV - feels like hours). From the first four groups couples that stood out for me the most were Smart/Diaz, Kaliszek/Spodyriev and Lauriault/Le Gac - they all had great stage presence and superb feel to the music.

Then the fifth group came. All of a sudden Tessa and Scott were on the ice and I was like one of these crazy Bieber fans who can’t stop their tears. I tried my hardest to bring the tears back but I miserably failed (I had promised myself that I would act NORMALLY NOT START CRYING ON MY FIRST OPPORTUNITY I AM SO WEIRDED OUT OF THE SUDDEN EMOTIONS THAT CAME OUTSIDE IN THAT MOMENT - I am a very reserved person who always puts herself together 😂). Tessa’s costume is SO much more beautiful live. I wasn’t a fan of it when I first saw it but DAMN she looked hot. Also the golden sparkles around the cutouts on the pants are basically not seen at all in the usual professional pics but they were actually unbelievably shiny. And Scott just has this amazing aura around himself. He seemed to ooze confidence but also some sort of humbleness. And OMG - they’re fast. But the thing that struck me the most was the non-touching step sequence. They did it once in the warm up and I legit thought it was some “easy version of this sequence without the hard steps just to get warmed up” and you can’t imagine how surprised I was when they performed it in the actual dance. It WAS the sequence. I swear it looked like anyone could do it. So light and easy. Now THAT was the moment I understood how superior they actually are. Everybody else’s StSq looked, you know, like a StSq should look like - a hard element hard to execute (don’t get me wrong - they were mostly done beautifully but it was visible that this is a hard element - which it is 😆). After the warm up ended I was probably still in shock so I have no recollection of the first two pairs in that group. Sorry. 😁 Then they came up on ice for a short warm up again while the previous teams scores were announced. And this includes the moment I think nobody has caught on camera (I don’t think I have seen any pre-sd videos at all which is such a shame). They were just gliding on ice separately with Tessa slightly in front of Scott. Then they started to slow down because they were coming to Marie France. And while they’re slowing down, Scott skates right in front of me with the biggest grin ever and his lovey-dovey eyes focused on Tessa’s back slightly in front of him. And that is the moment I calm down. His eyes bring the sense to me that everything is going to be okay and he is confident about it (i swear to god he’s a magician or whatever but that look was SO calming and surreal). And Tessa just turns her head, looks at his face and literally rolls her eyes with a smile on her face (okay i might’ve imagined the eye rolling but you all know that face when tessa looks at scott and thinks ‘god you’re such an idiot i love you’) and then they’re already with Marie France with last words before performance. The actual performance was unreal. They did their beginning moves right in front of me and that was SO sharp. Also when they did these moves there were quite few “eeeaaaww” kind of shouts or whatever the Michael Jackson kind of short screams sound. That was superb and I’m so sad NONE of them are audible during the actual recording. It gave a great atmosphere. Scott did the kneeling thing right before the end of the first section right in front of me which left such an impact. SOO much control. The blues sequence was hella smooth (and twizzles were ok but i was so scared about them) BUT THE LIFT. THE STADIUM FREAKING ERUPTED DURING THE LIFT. I felt as if I had wings and had been accepted into paradise. And then it ended and I was on my feet and there was an ocean of tears (whoops😅). It was an experience I will never forget.

Then it was time for Group number 6. I have to be honest - I was a little disappointed with Stepanova/Bukin. I’ve been a huge fan of their SD but seeing it live was a little bit underwhelming. It’s the way of skating - they skate “small”. However I still loved the choreography and their chemistry is certainly the best in the younger ice dancers field. If they can improve their skating skills, I’m completely on board.

Piper and Paul were a huge surprise for me. Even when they were warming up with everyone else, you could feel their presence the most. And let me just say this - Canadian men are superior dancers. Scott, Paul and Andrew all felt a bit similar to me. They makes themselves look extremely confident (i mean their skating skills also are 😍) and they lead their ladies better than anyone else - it just feels extremely natural. So, back to Piper&Paul. This was a huge hit in the arena (and for me!). The feeling was great throughout the performance and I just want to say it one more time - the skating skills (piper has improved so much)!! the twizzles! they took my breath. I have to admit I didn’t think this dance would actually work for me but it did.

Another team which surprised me in a good way were Bobrova&Soloviev. As the season progressed, I always felt as this program was a little “pushed”. They tried to bring the sass, but instead it came off as a vulgarity. However the forms they create on ice are very clean and blade work is beautiful so I was actually scratching my head after watching these two because I’ve never really liked them but somehow they look better live (I just don’t understand why?)

I was also delighted by Anna&Luca’s performance. That dress looked even more beautiful live and they also made me like them more than on TV. They just draw you in and you can’t do anything about it. I just wish they would be more versatile (but i still love them!)

The seventh group started with the Shibs who I think had the very close second short dance choreography-and-idea-wise behind T&S. I’ve absolutely adored this dance all the times this season and this was no exception. That lift was badass and man, those twizzles… I didn’t think that was going to leave such a big impact on me. SO sharp in every movement. Alex just needs improve his facial expressions a bit and then they’d be even more perfect (also maia is a literal goddess).

I have to say my sentimental favorites of the night were Kaitlyn&Andrew. Their skating on TV looks a bit like Stepanova/Bukin’s so I was a little bit worried that it would fall flat. It was the DIRECT opposite. I think their skating skills were second only to VM that night because damn, they skated with so much speed. And their chemistry just went sky high. Also that lift made the arena erupt (again😂). It looked so much more powerful than on TV. The move where Andrew just rolls Kaitlyn on his back was hands down one of the coolest of the night. I was just so happy to see them perform the best they can after some disappointing starts. It was truly wonderful and after they finished I was standing and in tears again. I thought they were terribly underscored, but oh well, #twizzles. (they are both also incredibly hot 😏🔥)

Gabriella&Guillaume were also amazing live. I loved that they did the most program to the blues music which I truly respect because it is so much harder to keep an audience interested with blues than with hip hop. But the slow section was amazing - the attention to details and the blade work was soooo smooth. I’ve got to say although Guillaume’s skating skills and dance moves are through the roof fantastic, he doesn’t “lead” his partner that well - the Canadian guys do it so much better. I don’t think he has any rivals in the “best male ice dancer by himself” category, but he has a lot to learn to be the best in the “best male partner in ice dance” nomination - he isn’t the full package yet. However I’m a big fan of hard work and dedication (and I’m sad people only appreciate Guillaume’s because he is the more gifted one) so I’m a big fan of Gabi, her personality and facial expressions during the performance. She sells everything better than Guillaume but I don’t think she’s being recognized enough for that.

Madi&Zach also surprised me live by looking far more polished than on TV. The movements were sharp and they’ve got this weirdly different blade quality compared to others that I can’t explain (but i liked it). I certainly was a bit cringey about the music at the beginning of the season, but I’ve got to say that crowd really appreciated it and I was also on board. I smiled so hard when the scores came up because I absolutely love it when underdogs show everyone what they’re capable of.

Last up were Madi&Evan and this unfortunately turned out the same way I felt about Stepanova/Bukin. I had also been a big fan of this SD all season but their way of skating didn’t seem to impress me. I had also liked how Evan just tossed around Madi various times in the program but live it just seemed a little too much? BUT I totally respect that they have worked so much with their chemistry because it was nonexistent some years ago but now they just scream the word “FIIIIREEEEEE”. 😉

Afterwards there were about a hundred of people making a crowd close to the door which skaters entered to go to the draw for the FD. Well, I think it’s not a very good way to get a skaters autograph. They are very tired after the competition and it’s not even over - there’s still the FD so they got to keep focused. I think a moment between a skater and a fan should be much more personal than just blocking an entrance just to get your autograph. I don’t know, it just made me a little uncomfortable when everyone was waiting for them just to come like they’re some sort of zoo animals or whatever. I didn’t want any autographs or anything, it was just SO hard to get through the far-too-excited crowd (to the exit of the arena) I decided to wait until they go away. I didn’t even register that I was standing right after the entrance to the draw (where it wasn’t crowded at all, in fact I was like the only person there) and the wall was from glass so you could see the skaters after they entered the “closed zone”. And then I turned my head and saw FREAKING TESSA AND SCOTT in the closed zone. About a meter from me there was this crazy crowd waiting for skaters and turning their heads in the other direction while I was enjoying my view of Tessa and Scott having a conversation. 😄 They were kind of afar from me though and I was trying my best not to stare ('they are not animals and it is rude to do that’ I muttered to myself) - I don’t think they even saw me because they looked completely in ease as the glass wall separated them from everyone. Then they left further for the draw and I couldn’t see them anymore. Tessa&Scott were already in the closed zone because they skated early but the skaters from the last group still had to come. I’ve got to say it was a bit sad to see the guards having a hard time taking the skaters from the crowd to the closed zone. People went crazy every time someone came. But I, still not accompanied by anyone, just had the best view of my life of skaters like Maia&Alex, Kaitlyn&Andrew, Gabi (Guillaume didn’t show up because he was getting his hand stitched) , Piper&Paul, Madi&Evan and Madi&Zach after they had gone through the crowd. Madison Hubbell actually turned around to see the crowd once again, laughed, then turned in the other direction, saw me all by myself, smiled and waved at me! 😎😱 I was so surprised but also very thankful for such a nice gesture! (jeez, but I hope I didn’t look like those weird, creepy stalkers 😁). The crowd finally went away and I got to walk out normally.

My journey was over but the memories were never going to fade. It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world as it brought the whole spectrum of emotions to me. It was the best day of my life. I can never thank enough to my mom who came up with this idea and travelled with me. We had the most fantastic time ever. ❤️

(thanks for reading, this was suuuuper long 😂)

Audrey x Reader - Attention

Pairings: Audrey Jensen x Reader 
Warnings: Bit of swearing, lots of fluff
Word Count: 1076
Request: “
Audrey fluff imagine where the reader is studying for exams but Audrey constantly distracts her with light kisses and tickling?– anon


“One particle of unobtanium has a nuclear reaction with the flux capacitor, carry the two, changing its atomic isotope into a r-“  my incoherent mumbles were cut off as a sloppy kiss was placed on my cheek, before peppering down my jaw and to the exposed skin of my neck. Hair pulled up into a messy bun and loose pyjamas that hung off my shoulder gave easy access to the girl who was so close, she was almost mounting me.

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