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Muse - “No Skills”

hi guys!!! here’s the next part to the series :))))))

i’m about to put a link to a masterlist so it’ll be easier to navigate

ANOTHER HEIGHTS REFERENCE TITLE i know guys it’ll make sense the further along we get (unless ur already onto me)

anyways - like i said i am a newbie so any and all feedback is appreciated (roast me if u want)

summary: man, he was cute. right? he was so cute! he was sweet and tall and so so so cute and his name was… oh my god what was his name?

word count: 3150+ lmao

warnings: swearing bc i’m a sinner and even more motherfucking smiling (lin’s smile makes me weak in the knees and that translates in2 my work sorry about it)

oh god here we go

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You Were The One

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“Oh my god look over there.” Your friend and fellow trainee, Yoora, pointed in the direction where B.I. and the rest of IKON were. “Isn’t Hanbin just the most handsome guy you have ever seen?” Yoora waited for your reaction.

“He is” you sighed knowing you could never tell him. 

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to build a home (5/?)

summary: Lifelong orphan and wanderer Emma Swan moves to Storybrooke, Maine in search for a home. Content with a new job as deputy, she meets Killian Jones, director of an orphanage. It doesn’t take long for sparks to fly, but will Emma finally be able to settle down and find a home here?

word count: ~3400

also found on: ao3,

catch up here: first chapter, previous chapter


His plan to woo Emma isn’t going very well, seeing as she has ignored him and the house for an entire week.

Sure, they’ve gone lengths without speaking before, but this is different. She ran from the party out of a gut reaction and now he’s left wondering why. And it’s not just him- Grace keeps asking him questions.

Killian realizes he shouldn’t meditate too long on the ins and outs of her thought process and he knows she’ll come to eventually. She just needs space.

So, with Emma distancing herself from him, Killian has taken to worrying himself over the same things he always does, practically ignoring the fact that Emma ever was introduced to his life.

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Summary: Things take an unexpected turn when you and Wanda decide to unplug from your electronics and embrace the great outdoors [Inspired by an episode of Broad City titled ‘The Matrix’].

Word Count: 3.1k

A/N: I just wanted to write a little story about my favorite Captain. Enjoy :)

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“Okay…I don’t think this a good idea,” you wheezed, skidding along the pavement on your roller skates as Wanda rolled her eyes at you, skating on the sidewalk with ease. “Maybe we should go back and call an Uber,” you suggested tiredly, your face lighting up at the thought.

Wanda halted and turned around, gliding towards you as she exasperated a sigh. “Are you serious, Y/N? We just left the apartment building,” she remarked, gesturing at the building that was only a few feet behind you. “You said so yourself that we need to take a break from our electronics and embrace the environment around us,” she reminded as you gazed around, the smell of trash and pollution filling your nose while the sounds of the city pervaded your ears. “You said that we needed to embrace nature and that’s what we’re doing now!”

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Turn loose the mermaids(Part 7)

So we are going in sin direction. Note to you: this is literally one of the most innocent things that happen in this story lol.

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Chat sometimes wondered just what the fuck did he do for fate to fuck him up this much. Sure, he was a murderous pirate, but there were hundreds like him and he doubted they had beautiful mermaids sexually frustrating them. It was incredibly irritating. On one hand, he was attracted to her, on the other hand, he seemed to forget that he will sell her soon enough so what the hell are you doing getting attached to her, Noir?

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a day in december: snowfall

on ao3

today was a rough day. like really. not good on so many levels. and i have auditions for the school musical tomorrow so. stress levels are High. have some fun while i freak out

NOTE: this is gonna be a two part fic!!! i just definitely could write this all tonight with everything i had going on and yeah ive got frqs and quizzes and stuff. part 2 tomorrow!


Marinette groans as she answers her ringing phone. It is too early for this. “Wha’?” she mumbles, rubbing her eyes.

MARI!” Nino shouts.

She scowls and drops her arm over her eyes. “Nino, what the hell? I’m sleeping.”

Look up!

“It’s too bright!” she complains.

Mari look up or I’m going to break into your house.

Marinette scrunches her nose. “No you won’t.”

Do you not remember when we were eight?

Unfortunately, she does.

Marinette sighs. “Fiiiine, if it’ll make you happy.” She moves her arm and squints up at the trapdoor that leads to her balcony. She frowns. Where’d the sky go? “Nino, what—”


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Dreams (Part 2)

Summary: After dreaming about the same unknown person for many years, you finally meet in person once and for all.

Author’s Note: Just a quick heads up, I decided to also include some of the cast for the new Spiderman: Homecoming movie.

Part 1

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Days had ended up passing by ever since you first met Peter that day back at the diner. You didn’t see him ever again since then.

Part of you wanted to lose hope and try to forget about the guy but you just couldn’t.

He never left your mind.

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Extra Credit

 - Lauren and g!p Camila are left alone in the house while they do their homework. Lauren finishes first and she gets impatient while waiting for Camila to finish her extra credit and gives her a hand job. Halfway through, Camila gives up on working and decides she’d rather have sex with Lauren than finish her homework.

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Fast Times At Clairemount High. (A Tony Perry Smut)

Tony’s POV

“So how long are you and Y/N have been dating?” My best friend, Jaime asked. We’re currently walking home from school, our everyday thing.

“A good year now.” I said. Y/N and I have been since junior year. We’re now seniors and we love each other.

Jaime smirked, “So have you ‘Gave it to her’?”

“No,” I chuckled out. “Y/N and I have not had sex yet.”

“Why?” Jaime asked.

“I know she’ll be nervous, I don’t want to have to pressure her. I want our first time to be, special.” I said, almost sounding like a girl.

“That’s nice. Who was your first time?” Jaime asked.

“Stephanie Dearing,” I said flatly. “she then bragged about it and that’s how I dumped her.”

“Oh yeah! Sorry about that. Mine was Lauren Elizabeth.” (A/N: I couldn’t think of a name, so let’s go with this fabulous YouTuber.) Jaime sighed out, “damn, she was hot! Oh yeah so you going to the party tonight?” Jaime asked.

I nodded, “Y/N’s excited.” I said.

“You can bang her then!” Jaime shouted.

“Shut the fuck up!” I whispered/yelled. “You want everyone to know?”

“Well,” I cut him off.

“Don’t answer that.” I said then chuckled out.

-Y/N’s POV-

“So,” my friend Andrea started. “Have you seen his dick?”

It’s been a year since I started going out with Tony. I remember my mom disapproving me going out with him because of his tattoos.

I choked on my punch and then looked at her. “Andrea!” I almost yelled out as I blushed.

Andrea laughed. “So have you, or not?” She asked.

“No,” I admitted. “I’m scared that he’ll leave or something once he had have sex.” I explained.

“Oh, well don’t think like that.” Andrea said. “Tony will never do that, he’s sweet and kind. No, he’s different.”

I looked to Tony as he smiled and laugh with his friends. I love everything about him. His smile, his tattoos, his piercings on his bottom lip, everything! Andreas right, Tony won’t do anything to hurt me.

I then looked back to Andrea and smiled.

“You’re right, he’ll never do anything to hurt me.” I said with a smile.

“Yes! And now, let’s party.” Andrea said. I agreed and we had fun.


The party was getting a bit boring, so Tony and I left. We then decided we’d go to his house. His parents are working all night.

Once we got to the house, Tony and I agreed right away that we would have a movie night. It’ll be fun. We went up to his room, and I have to say, he keeps his room fairly clean.

“Okay, so I have Star Wars, Back To The Future, Rocky, and A Bronx Tale.” Tony said as he read his movies out loud.

“I know you want to watch Star Wars.” I giggled out. Tony smiled and nodded. “Let’s watch it.” I said.

“Fuck yes.” Tony mumbled as he hurried to put on the movie. I laughed at him as I sat in his bed. Once the movie started Tony hurried and sat next to me, quickly getting comfortable.

About twenty minutes into the movie Tony then put an arm around me. His hand was dangerously close to my left boob. I felt my cheeks blush.

Shit, what should I do?

I ended up just snuggling into his chest, until my hand ran over his crotch. I froze as Tony moaned lowly.

“I’m sorry!” I said as I got up, pacing a bit. Tony looked at me a bit surprised. “This is awkward, I think I’ll see you-” just as I was about to leave Tony got up from his bed and grabbed my hand.

“No, it’s okay.” Tony said softly. I turned to him, seeing his cheeks turn a light shade of pink. “You can do it again.” Tony suggested.

“Uh, um, o-okay.” I said. I awkwardly positioned my hand, not knowing what to do. Tony chuckled and he grabbed my hand again and guided me.

“I’ll help you.” He said in a seductive voice. Tony guided my hand over his length, through his pants. He helped me with strokes and rubs, Tony moaned loudly. “Let’s take this a step further.” Tony suggested. Without over thinking the situation, I nodded.

Tony laid me in his bed as he climbed over me. He pressed his soft plump lips on mine, quickly turning into a heated make out session. Tony pulled away as he looked at me with his hands in the hem of my blue sweater. Once again, I agreed. Tony lifted my sweater slowly, and now showing my red bra with a little bow in the middle of my boobs. My sweater was fully off, that’s when I noticed Tony starring at my breasts.

I felt a bit insecure, but why? I shouldn’t feel like this in front of my boyfriend. I just brushed it off of my mind and continued to kiss him.

Tony then took off his shirt, revealing his tattooed torso. I gawked at him, tracing my finger around each outline of each tattoo.This is the first time is seen him shirtless, and it’s amazing.

“Like what you see?” Tony smirked at me. I blushed. I felt my cheeks burn. Tony likes doing these types of thing to me, embarrassing me. I don’t mind, I don’t like one bit.

Then I got an idea. I then slipped off my jeans as I kicked off my boots. Tony just starred at me with his jaw slightly open.

"Do you like why you see?” I asked as I showed off my red matching panties. Holy shit, I’d never felt so confident.

Tony chuckled and proceeded to kiss me all the way to my chest. I moaned once he started sucking on my skin. He washed it away with the tip of his tongue. Tony slid his hand down my panties, I lightly moaned at his actions. He began to rub me, making me wanting to crave more and more.

“T-Tony.” I moaned out.

Tony smirked and kept on rubbing me. I then thought of something, what if I could do the same? I slid my hand down his pants and to his length, Tony stopped to see what I was doing. I smiled to him as I gripped him, which made him wince out.

“Easy there, babe.” He said.

“No promises on that one.” I said.

“Well, well, well,” Tony chuckled. “Look who isn’t shy anymore. I blushed again and kept on what I was doing. I twirled my finger around his tip, which felt a bit weird. After a while of teasing I felt him twitch under my hand and fingers. "Well, I’m close.” Tony moaned out. “Finish me off?” He asked. I smiled a nodded, I kept on stroking him until warm liquid came out and on my hand. I took out my hand and examined it, making a confused face. Tony smiled as he grabbed a tissue in his night stand, cleaned my hand, and threw away the tissue.

“That was, fun.” I admitted.

“Well we’re going to do something amazing.” Tony smiled to me as he took off his pants and boxers, leaving himself naked. I saw his length, it’s huge. I still can’t believe I touched it. Oh shit, I’m sounding like a 12 year old girl with raging hormones. Which could be my spirit animal, what am I saying?

“Okay,” Tony started as he took out a condom from his drawer, opening it after. “Y/N, this might feel uncomfortable, it might hurt, if you don’t like it, then tell me.” Tony instructed me.

“Promise?” I asked as I stuck out my pinky.

“Promise.” Tony said as he took my pinky with his. After that Tony took off my panties and threw them like a slingshot, I chuckled. “Here we go.” Tony said as he lined himself up into my entrance. Tony looked at me, asking me if I’m ready. I nodded, well here we go.

Centimeter by centimeter, Tony slid himself into me. I felt a warm tear slide down my face, I then dug my nails into his back.

“Y/N, you okay?” Tony asked me.

“I’m f-fine.” I said, “I’m so not used to this.” I said.

“Want me to pull out?” He asked.

“No, keep going.” I said, wanting more. Moments later, Tony kept on moving and moving. I heard the sound of slapping skin, I moaned and moaned so loud, everyone in the neighborhood probably heard.

“Mmm, baby.” Tony moaned out. Tony’s thrusts began to feel sloppy as I felt my stomach tighten. Is this what it feels like to be close?

“T-Tony?” I moaned out.

“I know baby, I know.” He said.

I then came on him, moaned in the process. Tony then came shortly after. He quickly pulled out, throwing away the condom. Tony panted as he laid his head on my chest, collapsing on me.

“That, was, amazing!” I breathed out.

“Hell yeah.” Tony smiled to me. “Your boobs are comfortable, by the way.” I giggled.

“Thank you?” I said.

Tony smiled to me as he kissed the crook of my neck, hugged me in the process.

My first time was very special. Very special indeed.

Hook + Kids

For peetalicious who gave me a truly heartbreaking prompt. Thank you for talking it out with me and for all your ideas.

Ironic that on the day I win humor author, I whip out the most horribly angsty fic of my life. 

He’s quiet as he sits next to her, fingers pulled tight around his mug. She follows his gaze to her parents - David curled protectively over Mary Margaret, hands resting with a gentle smile on her swollen belly.

Something deep in Emma’s chest shifts as she regards them – so obviously happy and in love with her little sister – and she frowns down at the table. Heavily ringed fingers crawl over to hers and his grip is light as he brings her hand to his lips. He kisses her palm and his blue eyes are understanding as his mouth twitches up into a sad smile.

“You’re beautiful.” He whispers and she rolls her eyes, snatching her hand back. But she hums and lets her head rest on his shoulder, his arm tugging her in close.


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The Lonely:  Part 2

Pairing:  Steve x Reader

Warnings:  Swearing

Key:  As always, (Y/N) is your name.

Author’s note:  I needed to write this because we all know The lonely was way too freaking sad.

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(Part 1)

The Lonely:  Part 2

You slowly opened your eyes, pain shooting through every part of your body.  How were you alive?  You lifted yourself up to all fours, wincing and groaning in pain.  The sun was starting to set, which means you had been laying there for at least a day, but most likely more.  You managed to crawl over to your earpiece within 10 minutes, which was pretty good considering your condition.  You put it up to your ear, hoping someone would be on the network.

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