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Title: until you can’t take it anymore
Summary: More times than not, she likes it better when he’s the lead. But sometimes, Sakura quite loves having Sasuke at her mercy.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto. 
Prompt: tease
Warning(s): Pretty explicit smutty goodness!
Comments: I have Velvet Kiss to thank for this one. Ya’ll should read the manga if you haven’t, it’s fucking amazing. And so, so hot. Omfg.

She loves doing this to him. Loves to have him thrash, to have him swear, face flushed in frustrated passion. Usually, Sakura is not one to prefer exerting dominance over her husband, having always favored the sight of him above her, behind her, lone hand anchoring her body to his own as he fits his mouth over her hot, slicked flesh, and moves her to the tandem of his thrusts. Gentle or hard-loving, she loves to submit herself to his control, to find herself at his mercy, because although Sasuke can at times be greedy, he is still nothing short of a generous lover.

She drowns herself in him, caught up in the force of his lust and the weight of his love, as it pours into every touch and every look, allowing her to lose herself in a way she had still never quite been able to while she was in charge. And as she watches the grimace slipping to his lips, and feels his calloused fingers squeezing the flesh of her hip harshly, she wonders if this is how Sasuke feels, too, when she exerts her own power.

“You’re so tense,” she breathes, pressing slow, wet kisses to the line of his jaw, deft fingers gently twining in his hair. “Did I breach your limit, Sasuke-kun?” Rolling her hips in a hard grind, she almost lets herself grin at the way he jerks and twitches inside her, darting her tongue out to taste his sweaty skin. “I’m always stopping right before you come… It must be so aggravating to you…”

Sasuke’s jaw tightens with a rumble of this throat, and she smiles, keeping the slow, hard rocking rhythm of her hips, lips brushing fleetingly over his cheek. “Is it aggravating, Sasuke-kun?” she murmurs, tracing his parted mouth with her thumb, belly burning at his hot, panting breaths. “Am I being annoying?”

“Shut up,” he rasps, snatching out to grab a full, pert breast. She nearly gasps at the feeling of his calloused fingers molding her soft flesh, a pleased hum falling from her mouth as he flicks her nipple with his thumb. She feels his lips twitching, like he is pleased with her response. “Just keep going,” he puffs, turning his head to capture her mouth in a deep, burning kiss.

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what she says: haha i’m so over that anime stuff, i don’t really care too much about those fictional characters anymore, i’m a grown up

what she means: omg that miyuki kazuya so hot right now i can’t omfg why should he be so perfect what should i do i love him so much i’m gonna cry so  b a d 

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She needed to see herself that they had gone, for good - despite everything Derek did to help with the Alphas, Allison and him still didn’t get on. So, when Scott told Allison the last remaining Hale’s had gone, Allison couldn’t help but feel a mix of happiness and sadness. Lifting her right hand to where they had been staying, Allison knocked on the door, checking for a response. - little did she know another Hale had appeared.