she's so hot damn

anonymous asked:

Why do you write the worst character in the show? Is it just to have her fuck everybody?


first of all , anon , i/nara is not the worst character in the show. the show is extremely well written , and so is she ?  I’m genuinely curious as to what makes you believe she’s the  ‘ worst. ‘  is it because of how well rounded and complex of a character she is ?  maybe you’re jealous that she’s so damn hot - yet doesn’t rely solely on her beauty to get by - and your anon hate sending ass is ugly both inside and out.  in before  #but she’s a companion so she obviously does use her looks to get by !!!!   nah bruh , she doesn’t. and if you think so , we obviously didn’t watch the same show lmao. maybe you just watched some p/ornhub parody of f/irefly or something , who knows

secondly … she doesn’t … sleep with eVERYBODY ?  where are you getting this info anon cause it sure isn’t from my blog lmfao.  girl is  picky af  with her clients , and I haven’t actually written her sleeping with anybody on this blog ?

come @ me off anon with some valid shit and maybe I won’t laugh at you.  don’t waste my time with your bullshit i/nara s/erra hate 

“Just give me 5 more seconds of this.”

(I’ve heard you’re not supposed to sleep w/a newborn so close, but…hhhhh he just loves having her in his arms. Don’t worry, he gets up and puts her in her little crib shortly afterwards)


Helena Bonham Carter at the ‘Save the Children’ event in London | 02/03/17

Theme: Night of country

Excuse me while I’ve just died, gone to heaven and been revived by Helena Bonham Carter in these pictures.

…because Johnny totally needs to sing some Bruno Mars.

His voice would be perfect for any of those songs and I just happen to love “Uptown Funk”, (even I think Johnny is way too shy and humble to be singing some of those lyrics :-p) so here we are. Also, I didn’t want to give him the hat because why hide that beautiful hair from the world?

Johnny is a total hottie.*fans self* Who knew an animated gorilla could be so attractive?

If Johnny was human, he’d totally be Bruno….