she's so hot

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Who is your icon? Cause this might be shallow but she is GORGEOUS

Isn’t she?!! It is the outrageously beautiful Floriana Lima. Also known as Maggie Sawyer - Our Lord and Saviour, from Supergirl.

Here is where i got the picture from.

That feel when you find out your new friend is a vampire.

@protect-parker-jones and I have been RPing a fun new scenario with our kids and it’s given me endless drawing inspiration. Pictured is my grumpy noodle of a vampire Carlisle and their perfect daughter Quinn. She is very cute and I am highly gay and if I ever finish coloring them I might upload some pictures of her I drew the other day.

In the meantime, here they are being dorks.

i happened upon this picture of Melissa bts and it’s just…too much??? like. the tshirt?? cradling the tiny precious dog?! and look at her fucking arm. i mean i really have a soft spot for athletes lol but are you joking?? get this away from me.


Rebellious Teen Taeyeon 

“I honestly don’t feel old even now. I feel like a teen. I don’t think I experienced adolescence either. I think, rather than feeling sad for not being able to do what I wanted, I accepted it as my life. If I was a teen right now, I would want to wear my school uniform and go to the amusement fair with friends. I like thrilling things.”