she's so happy that kenz is okay

Okay - so it was definitely time that she told Jacob about her engagement. She knew that she had a reason to hide it from him.. she hadn’t wanted to upset him since he had lost all of that with Kenz, but it had been almost two weeks and it was unfair to keep him in the dark. She knew he would at least pretend to be happy for her but she wasn’t sure that she wanted that. She wanted Jacob to be happy. She knocked on his door with a sigh. She wasn’t wearing her ring, though it was in her pocket. She didn’t want him to see it before she could tell him. 


He Gets Guardianship/Custody of You Part 20

(Niall’s is longer because i originally wrote a different part for Niall’s but it deleted and i rewrote it but then i realized the other part had a better explanation in it, so i had to increase Niall’s part in this one)

Parts 1-19

Niall: (Age 6) Kenzie glanced over from the hospital bed when Niall walked in with you and Luke. “Niall. (YN). Luke. What are you doing here?” Niall gave a soft smile. “(YN) wanted to see you for her birthday, i couldn’t tell her no.” She nodded and Niall gave her Luke to hold and let you up so you could sit on the side of the bed. “You okay, Kenzie?” you asked and she shook her head. “No, i’m sorry, (YN)! Happy birthday, i hope you have a good one and i want you to know that i love you and i’ll miss you okay? You are an amazing little girl.” You nodded, a tear in your eye and she handed Luke back over to Niall and Niall took your hand after giving Kenzie a kiss on the forehead. “We’ll see you later, Kenz, okay?” She only looked away in answer and you guys left the hospital without many answers to your questions. The rest of your birthday was spent in silence. You weren’t your normally cheery self especially with it being your birthday so Niall decided to take you to celebrate with the other boys. “Hey, (YN)! You’re six already, can you believe it?” Louis said with as much enthusiasm as he could and you finally cracked a smile to everyone’s relief. “No.” “You’re old!” he made a face and you scoffed at him with a giggle. “You’re older, Louis!” Louis’ shoulders feel and he nodded sadly. “Yeah, i feel like an old man! Am i an old man to you?” You giggle and put a hand over your mouth, nodding slowly and Louis laughs. “Well, i’ll trust your opinion (YN) you are the birthday girl after all.” “Cake?” you asked Niall who gave Luke over to Harry so that he could give you as much attention as he could while it was still your birthday. “And ice cream and presents! You ready for all of that?” You nod and Niall sighs in relief as you run after Zayn and Liam as they were already sitting by a huge pile of presents that belonged to you. “You’ve got her distracted for tonight, Niall, what about tomorrow?” Louis asks coming up next to him. “I have no clue, i’m scared that (YN) will never see Kenzie again.”

Zayn: (Age 7) “Did you miss your sister, (YN)?” Zayn asks, looking back at you in the rearview mirror and you nod, clapping your hands. “Yeah! Is she still cute?” Zayn laughed. “She’s still gorgeous, yes, (YN). Just like you. Perrie misses you also.” You nod, looking out the car window, all clad up in your winter clothing. “I missed her too! She doing okay now?” He nodded. “She’s gotten some sleep, still exhausted and sore, but she’s all good.” “Can i hug her when i see her or is she too sore for that?” Zayn had just pulled into the driveway and opened your door to let you out when you asked that and he was taken aback by your question. “Of course you’ll be able to hug her, she really needs a hug from you right now anyways. We haven’t seen you in a few days and we’ve missed your hugs. Have you missed our hugs?” You giggle and jump into his waiting arms. “Yup! Missed yours most though Zayn.” He laughed and carried you into the house and only set you down when you reached the living room where Perrie laid on the couch holding Zara on her chest. Her eyes lit up when she saw you. “(YN)! Hi baby girl!” “Perrie!” you cheer and run over to her but stop short so that you don’t run into and hurt her and Zara. You gave her a hug once she sat up. “We missed you around here.” “I missed you more. Can i hold my sister slash niece?”

Harry: (Age 17) Over the next few months, you made sure to talk to both Harry and Liam evenly and they even worked out their differences as well and it seemed that everything was coming together like a fairy tale. You had your prince charming and your brother was happy and no longer mad at you and you weren’t mad at him either. Smiles were on your face every second of every day now. “Liam!” you scream running to him in the airport as him and the boys had jus gotten back from yet another short leg of tour. “I missed you.” He captured you in a one arm embrace and kissed your head. “And i missed you. Ask your brother, he’s been all grouchy because of how much i talked about missing you while we were gone.” You laugh. “Well, we can’t have him being perfectly okay with me and you 100% of the time, more like just 90%. Well, we can work out the calculations later.” you laugh and he nods, letting you down and going to get his luggage. “I’m in a custody battle right now.” you say and Liam’s head turns slightly. “Say what now?” You laugh. “I keep going in between yours and Harry’s houses like a kid in a custody battle Liam. I spend one week with you, the weekend with him, then another week with you. That’s how it’s been for the past few months, except this time, i stayed with your mother and sister’s who welcomed me with open arms.” Liam chuckled. “Just like i told you they would.” Harry watched and heard the entire interaction and only moved forward when Niall nudged him. “Get used to it mate, they’re crazy for each other and they’ll be together for a while.”

Louis: (Age 8) For the week long visit you were in Ireland, you spent every day with Niall and his guitar, he even taught you how to play it. “Like this?” you asked on the last day that you were going to be there and Niall smiled proudly as you strummed a chord that had been giving you trouble the past couple of days. “Just like that. You know, i never did get to give you a present for your birthday, (YN), i feel bad, but i think i know how i can make it up to you.” You giggle. “How?” “You like this guitar?” he asks motioning to his guitar that rested on top of your legs and you nod your head. “Yeah, it’s nice.” “Would you like to keep it?” You stared wide eyed at him and then up to Louis who just gave you a knowing smile. “You’d let me have it?” Niall nodded. “Yeah, it’s always proper that someone should keep the guitar they learned how to play first. It’s very important and you’ll feel a sense of pride when you’re older and have new guitars but yet you still have this one in the corner of your closet. You keep care of it for me, alright? It’s yours now, just don’t let it get hurt alright?” You carefully put the guitar down and Louis caught it before it fell to the ground and you hugged Niall. “Thank you Niall! Best late birthday present ever! Thank you!”

Liam: (Age 2) The plane ride back home, was taking its toll on you. “We there yet?” Liam eyed you. “(YN), we’ve been on the plane ten minutes, this is a fourteen hour flight, sit back and relax, we’ve got a while.” You pout and continue to sit on Sophia’s lap as she read a magazine. “I sleepy.” you say and she laughs and pats your back with one hand. “Then sleep, we’ll still be here when you wake up.” “Be on the plane then?” you ask and she shrugs her shoulders while Liam reclines and tries to sleep himself. “Maybe, maybe not. Now look around you, (YN), everyone is trying to sleep, i suggest you do the same so that when we land you’ll be awake and happy instead of tired and grumpy, think you can manage that?” You nod as a yawn escapes your lips. “Yep. Night night!” Both Sophia and Liam chuckled at you as you laid your head on Sophia’s chest and within seconds you were snoring. “Out like a light.” Liam said cracking his eyes open and Sophia nods. “Let’s just hope she sleeps the entire rest of the trip, i’d hate to stay awake with her on a plane for that long.” Liam pointed at Sophia. “I’ve been stuck with it for the longest time, you can have a turn at it for once.”