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How Got7 will react to seeing their girlfriend in a bikini for the first time

Mark: “Wow” he would simply say and wink at you, obviously loving what he saw as he tried not to blush.

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JB: He’d bite his lip smiling at you. “You look gorgeous” he’d whisper as he pulled you in for a very tight hug.

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Jackson: He’d bite his lips and pull you in very close to whisper hotly in your ear “Honestly Y/N you don’t know what you’re doing to me right now”.

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Youngjae: He wouldn’t be able to hide the smile from his face as he saw you. His eyes scoping your body out but then returning to your face before you could notice. He wouldn’t want you to think he was a perv. 

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Jr: His eyes would follow your every move. He wouldn’t say anything, he would just be thinking “Wow she’s so gorgeous.”

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Bambam: He’d laugh adorably “Wow you look so sexy” he’d say before pecking you.

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Yugyeom: He would just be blushing a lot, not being able to say anything or watch you for too long.

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you know when you hug a pretty girl and say hi to her (your straight friend crush probably) and your thoughts mid-hug are just “oh wow her hair looks gorgeous and she looks so pretty in that dress and she smells amazing and her makeup looks really good and wow I like her necklace too and she’s hugging me and-”
but you have to not say all that stuff at once because it sounds too gay so you just gotta pick one thing to compliment her on at the time and then space the rest of the compliments out throughout the night

Headlines- A Tom Holland Imagine

Anonymous Requested: Hi! Can I request a Tom holland imagine where the reader and him are dating and she’s back in the UK while he’s in Georgia, and lately there’s been a lot of speculation about Zendaya and him so the reader facetimes him in hopes to get to the bottom of it, but they just end up having a very big fight, but it ends with fluff :) I also have a lot more Tom requests.. Should I space them out for you or? 😂

I’m so excited for this, you don’t even know! 


He’d never cheat on you, he loved you! But wow, look at how pretty she was… You had google searched pictures of Zendaya, and wow was she gorgeous! You were scoping out the competition, just to see what everyone was talking about. You had turned on your tv, smiling at the sight of your boyfriend Tom on the television but instantly frowning once the reporter actually began talking. “Is there love on set of the new Spiderman movie? Tom Holland and Zendaya were seen looking awfully close on set, could this be love? Neither have confirmed nor denied it”. You grabbed the  tv remote, turned the television off and said, “Ah, hell no”.

You sat there, just completely shocked as to what you had heard. There was no way he was cheating on you. Sure, Zendaya was beautiful, and a great actress, and was nice, and had a beautiful face…. But he wouldn’t cheat! Sure! He would never cheat on you; the plain faced, regular, average girl…. You snapped out of your self pity party and knew you just had to do something! You sat right back down, knowing that you had no idea what to do. How many times do girlfriends have to confront their famous boyfriends on if they are cheating with one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses of right now. You threw your head in your hands, feeling completely defeated.

You were taken out of you self sorrow when you felt your phone vibrate in the back pocket of your jeans. You pulled out, seeing that Tom was trying to FaceTime with you. You felt a sneaky smile come up on your face, knowing that this was your chance to confront him. This all went away when you saw his sweet smiling face on camera. “Hi, babe! How are you?” his voice fell in and out of his fake Queens accent into his real British accent which caused you to laugh. You always fell for him, no matter how mad you were.

He showed you around set, showed you all of his costumes, and even saw the inside of his trailer, which was a pig sty as usual. Once he stopped talking after all of the excitement, you couldn’t help but blurt out “Tom, are you cheating on me?” Tom was the kind of person that did not like being accused of things he didn’t do, so his mood changed instantly. “Why would you even accuse me of that? Do you really think that I would cheat on you? Who would I even cheat on you with?” You stopped when you saw Zendaya walking up to him from behind. “Someone like her” was all you were able to whisper. He turned around, giving her a friendly smile before turning back to you and saying “[Y/N], I would never!” Your fears grew as you looked at her again. She was even pretty on a crappy iPhone camera! “I’ve got to go” was all you whispered back before you hung up on him, despite his protests.

No matter how many times you wanted to call Tom back, you just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t that you were mad at him, you were mad at yourself. You had handled the situation like a child, and knew you shouldn’t have accused him like that, especially in front of a co-worker. You were so embarrassed, you didn’t want your face seen ever again. You could barely turn on the television until you received one simple text the one day. It was Tom and all it said was “Turn on the television”. His blunt text made you know that he was serious so you abided by his wishes and turned on the television. It was on the same channel that you had left it on before, that stupid gossip show. The reporter was now in Atlanta, interviewing Tom for the new movie. “So, is there anything going on between you and your beautiful co-star, Zendaya?” The reporter gave a look at the camera as if he already knew the answer. “Actually, I’m dating a gorgeous girl named [Y/N] who I am incredibly happy with. Isn’t she gorgeous?” He pulled his phone out, showing it to the reporter. On the screen then was a picture that you and Tom had taken right before he had left. You smiled and a stray tear ran down your cheek.

You immediately grabbed your phone and called Tom. “I’m assuming you saw it?” he asked, practically hearing the grin on his face just from his voice. “Tom, I’m so sorry I ever doubted you. I love you so much,” was all you could choke out. “No, I’m sorry. I saw the report right after you called. I understand why you would be upset. I love you, [Y/N].” This sentence made you smile as you said back, “I love you too, baby”.

“So, you made the headlines now!”

Thanks for requesting everyone! You can now request as many Tom Holland imagines as your little hearts desire


Met Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi a little bit ago!

Peter was honestly so sweet. As soon as he saw my sister and me, he said “Wow, look at you guys!” And the people running the photo ops told us no talking or props, but I took a chance and asked Peter to hold my Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver and he said “Of course I will! Wow, you guys just look so fantastic!” And then we took the picture 😁

Didn’t get a chance to talk to Jenna much, but she was so gorgeous up close 😍 These two were definitely the bright spot of my day!