she's so gorgeous wow just wow

otterandterrier: “There you go!! Sorry for the delay, I was away for the day. Your art is gorgeous! ♥”

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. THANK YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Seriously I am so happy, you’re completely amazing, I’m beaming. Agh wow. Thank you. I can’t gush enough I’m just so excited that you made it magical, @otterandterrier you rock my socks off. (If anyone is new here, this rad person made my drawing MAGICALLY MOVE. I LOVE THE INTERNET). 

Waking up to those pictures release of Cheyenne’s wedding, and see my babies Amy and Jonah laughing, talking and smiling together ON A BENCH, is my aesthetic

About that blazer...

I am FED UP with reading post after post from Sam/Cait shippers shaming MacKenzie for what she wore to the pre-Oscar party. FED UP. I’ve seen jokes about her forgetting a cami (who wears camis under blazers anymore?), I’ve seen comments about how much skin was showing, how much it was showing off, how it looked like she forgot a top in order to look sexier, on how it was “gaping” and how trashy/skanky it looked. I’ve seen people suggest that she wore it to get Sam to notice her. It’s been comment after comment and I’m done with all this fucking misogyny. 

Here’s some news, guys….women in a pant suit without a blazer under neath? 

It’s a trendy look!!

*Gasp* the horror!

No, seriously…here are numerous examples…of many talented, accomplished women, many any MacKenzie’s age range…

The always gorgeous Olivia Wilde (with a race car behind her, also gorgeous…)

Supermodel turned actress… Cara  Delevingne

The very funny and very talented Anna Kendrick…

Also very talented Rachel McAdams…

Evan Rachel Wood accepting an award for her acting…but she forgot a cami…

The very awesome Mandy Moore with…is that a bra sticking out??

Wow, so many women wearing so many gaping neck lines. Just wow. 

Oh wait…is the problem only that MacKenzie is close to Sam? Is it different because she was wearing that around Sam?

Well thank god Queen Cait would NEVER show that much skin…

Well except…

She does. 

I don’t care if you don’t like MacKenzie. I don’t care if you think her and Sam are a fake relationship. I don’t care if you think she posts innuendo on her instagram (I mean, she doesn’t but one rant at a time). I certainly don’t care if you want to keep shipping Sam and Cait (have at it, really). I do care when you start shaming and judging a woman for daring to show some skin.

That’s some misogynistic bullshit. 

There is NOTHING wrong with wearing a plunging/gaping or whatever else you want to call it neckline. There is NOTHING wrong with showing off your body and showing some skin. NOTHING. If it’s not your personal preference, that’s cool but a woman who feel comfortable doing so doesn’t deserve to be attacked and shamed for that decision. Even if it’s a woman you don’t personally like for whatever reason.

Especially when you praise another woman for doing the exact same thing.

Misogyny blows. It especially blows when it’s women hating on other women. And it runs rampant in the Outlander fandom and needs to stop.

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I’m listening to the album “Lights” by Ellie Goulding and damn it’s such a solid album, I feel she gets discredited nowadays for being just like ur usual pop artist, but in 2010/11 she was huuuuge like not just w mainstream music fans but also ppl who preferred lesser known stuff. Lights is like imo nearly Pure Heroine/Family Jewels era Marina pop gold… it might be slightly less indie in sound but it’s so damn good

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I just met this girl and wow let me tell you she is beautiful like stunningly gorgeous I can't breathe. And like we are already friends and I can't wait to see where this goes but I hope it takes me straight to her heart because she is so wow


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my crush is just,,,, so beautiful I literally can't even speak when I see her. and she doesn't think she's pretty which is SO SAD it makes me want to cry. and she's literally gorgeous and is so fucking good at makeup and has such a great personality and I'm literally a potato like wow

wow I can’t believe I keep sending asks to myself

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Hi! I was wondering something. Are there any YN fangames out there that you feel are absolutely wonderful but are kinda neglected?

Uhhh… if we consider these fan games “popular”…

  • Yume 2kki
  • .flow
  • The Looking Glass
  • Fleshchild
  • Yume Nisshi 
  • Lcd Dem
  • Me

…then, yeah, I’ve absolutely got a few!  

The Other Line

I already rambled about this game in a previous post, but here’s that post summed up: Psiwolf put an amazing amount of time and effort into this game and it shows.  It doesn’t just copy the Yume Nikki formula, it builds off of it and makes it a unique product of it’s own.  While Psiwolf has taken down the link to the current version on the basis that it had too many bugs for him to fix, you can find it here.  I wish I could give you ver. 0.07, that one was stable and pretty nifty too.  Either way, it’s very much worth checking out.


(screenshot from Wavyup’s play through post!)

From the author of Me comes another balls-out trippy fan game, Somnium. I like this one slightly better than me, if just for the concept alone: You don’t get to pick your dreams.  Instead, you have a randomly generated dream every time you sit down and day dream.  You collect memories instead of effects, and the deeper you go into a dream, the deeper the memories.  It adds an extra dream layer to an already dreamy genre.  Groovy!  Currently in version Gamma with 4 endings.

Ultra Violet

(Gif is from metal-tan’s tumblr [sorry i didn’t ask, you can ask me to take it off this post if you want!].  Check out the rest of her gifs of this game here!)

It’s a traditional Yume Nikki fan game (collect effects and such) with some heartbreakingly beautiful graphics. It has some neat evens, some scary events, and some pre ok puzzles.  It’s also very good at creating a mood when it wants to (you’ll see that when you get your weapon in the game).  Currently in v.04, no endings.


Made by jojogape/ayosu-itsuki. This game is notable for having some neat effects that do interesting things (not all, most are just ascetic, but yo he has more than just the speed & light up effect what a pimp), as well as a feat system.  ”Feats” are anything from little to big events, and there’s 32 to find in all.  What I’m really trying to say about this game is that the author did his best to make exploring rewarding and fun, and for the most part (there’s boring parts in every game), he accomplishes it. You don’t find that in most fangames, man.  Even Yume Nisshi, which is popular for some reason (not as much in the English fandom) is really kinda boring 90% of the time.  Too much wandering.  Currently at v.09 with 3 endings.

Elysium City

You play as Anne, a girl who invents a machine to another world just to escape her boring life at home.  She gets more than she bargained for.    This game’s graphics are gorgeous, and I’m really digging how the story is panning out so far.  It’s only in version 0.15, but wow it’s very worth checking out holy moly.

Answered Prayers

Game theme of the month here at Pinkuboa.  Another game that’s heartbreakingly beautiful, you play as Fluorette and wander around her version of the dream world, the spirit world.  Not much plot beyond that, but wow it’s gorgeous and worth looking at.  Currently at version 0.03, unfortunately on indefinite hiatus.

Broken Bottles

The only reason why I’m shaky about suggesting this game is because it’s going to end soon, but it’s still worth mentioning.  I love the Greek Mythology references & use of patterns in this game, as well as all the cool events.  Basically, it’s another well done pretty artwork type of game that makes exploring fun. :o   Currently in v.03, the next update is going to be it’s last. :c

I want to suggest to you You May too, but it’s a baby in development terms so I don’t give it under-appreciated cred yet, but it definitely should be a game you’re looking out for & playing the demo.  I haven’t played Divinity Fatum, My Favorite, Amihailu in Dreamland (at least the latest update), Kataribesou, or Gnosis, but I’ve heard good things about all of them, and are all on my “games to play” list.  Miserere is also a good game, but I can’t tell where it stands on the popularity chart so I’ll put it here.  I hope you enjoy all these games! :D

And before anyone ask, I’ve played some of Debris & Hallucigenia btw, but I’m not exactly impressed with those.  Sorry! ;w;

Dan and Matt Boyd-Wilds.

I just have all the feels for these two. All of them. Like, Andreil for life, but Dan and Matt are both so precious and deserve each other

  • When they get Married, Matt wants to hyphen their names. He never wants Dan to feel like she has to give up anything, and if she wanted, He’d take her last name.
    • This is confusing in ExyWorld at first, because two Boyd-Wilds, but then Matt shuts that shit down because you best not be calling his wife “Mrs. Boyd-Wilds” instead of “Coach Boyd-Wilds”. Respect, bitch.
  • They’re both so busy with college and Exy, and then jobs and Exy! That most nights, date night is takeout and a movie.
    • Disney movies are their favorite. Matt loves them more than Dan, but Dan loves how much Matt loves them.
  • Matt has this complete internal monologue (complete with starry kawaii eyes) every time Dan does anything.
    • “This woman. I love her so much. How did I get a woman like this. She is so out of my league. I am the luckiest man alive. Fortune shines down upon the kingdom of my life and has blessed me in love with this Woman. There is no one else as perfect as this goddess.”
    • also, “SHIT! She is so out of my league! Step the game up son!”
  • Dan loves the fact that Matt never takes her for granted. She loves surprising him to show her appreciation.
    • Some surprises are renting out a gym to have private boxing lessons for his birthday.
    • or having his favorite protein shake mix shipped overnight when the store runs out.
    • Some surprises are the surprises we don’t talk about in public. (They do anyway. Matt always walks in on Dan giving Allison tips on that thing she’s does with her tongue. Or Allison telling Dan where to buy the really classy sexy lingerie. Or Renee giving out advice on how to safely spice things up in the bedroom.) 
  • But lets be real, Dan loves the way Matt makes her feel sexy but not cheap. And he never expects anything out of her.
    • so if she’s in workout gear and smells like the locker room he’s just like “Wow. My girl is on fire! Is she hotter today than she was yesterday? I didn’t think it was possible, but yes!”
    • And if she’s dresses up to go out, he’s just like “Wow, this girl! Gorgeous and graceful on and off the court! Is there a more perfect captain or more beautiful woman! No.”
    • And if she gets sexy with some stilettos and thigh highs, he’s like *cries* “This beautiful woman! Such confidence, such beauty! How did I get so lucky!”
  • Matt ends up with a copy of Dan’s dorm key. He uses this to buy breakfast, and sneak inside in the mornings before the girls are up.
    • Renee and Allison would find this creepy, if they didn’t find the fact that he stares like a dope at sleeping!Dan adorable. (it’d be creepy if it wasn’t so cute. And he brought muffins, so they deal with it.)
  • Dan has her copy of Matt’s key too. She just doesn’t like using it. Matt lives with other dudes (who are gross and dude-ly) and it’d be weird because they’re not upperclassmen, and she’s not very comfortable with them.
    • Instead she makes breakfast at her place, and then texts Matt. He comes over grumpy cause its like, an hour earlier than he needed like “What’d’you need babe?” and like, Dan is standing there still in pjs with a stack of chocolate chip pancakes, coffee and a protein shake, and he’s like “This woman. Is it possible to love her more? Yes. Yes it is.”
  • Dan loves going dancing with Matt. With her skills and his athleticism, it’s great to have a guy who can keep up with her on the floor.
    • Matt loves going out with Dan, but seriously. She wipes the floor with him, but he fights to good fight.
  • Once, after a couple of altercations with assholes and Dan, Allison, and Renee at the club, Matt decides to teach Dan the basics of self defense that he knows.
    • Dan ends up loving it, and starts taking kickboxing or Krav Maga.
    • Sparing is now basically flirting for them. Matt loves the fact that Dan could possible kick his ass.
  • “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by JT is their jam.
    • Along with all the other sickly sweet upbeat songs about being in love and happy. Everyone else dreads their ringtones.)
  • They use stupid couple-y nicknames for each other whenever they can on the court (usually just to annoy the team as much as possible.)
    • Great pass, sweatheart! Good hustle, babe! Honey, can you toss me the…”
    • It becomes an unintentional habit, so even when the practice or game goes south, and Dan has to be captain-y and chew everyone it’s like  “BABE! YOU COMPLETELY MISSED YOUR MARKS TODAY!” and Matt’s like “Well, DARLING! If Kevin would pull his racket out of his ASS!”
  • Their fights are epic. Lets face it, they love each other, but they’re both strong willed.
    • Renee and Allison are basically the judges in these fights. When Dan and Matt storm off, they’ll each pick a person and go talk to them.
      • Renee usually gives sage advice for strong relationships, regardless of whose side she is on.
      • Allison is more blunt. “The fuck Dan? Totally uncalled for. Yes, he’s clueless, but you could’ve explained it better.” or “Go buy some of that cheesecake she likes, asshole, and say you’re sorry. “But I don’t even know what I did?!”  “Just go to the bakery and say you’re fucking sorry!”
  • When they get married, Allison wants to Plan It! And Dan doesn’t know how to say no to her. Sooo…Matt bites the bullet and takes Allison aside and explains that, yes, she can plan the wedding, but Dan and him aren’t going to be happy with some big over the top Kardashian style wedding.
    • Allison knows this. She’s not dumb, she just wants to make them sweat.
  • They end up getting Married in North Dakota.
    • It’s beautiful. There’s open fields of wild flowers. (Allison paid a farmer a lot of money to grow wildflowers instead of crops)
    • It ends up being very vintage country chic. (Not something Dan would ever think she wanted, but it’s so classy and relaxing compared to the Extravaganza she was dreading that she loves it so much.)
    • There’s this old barn for the reception, and Andrew is Not Happy to be practically in the middle of nowhere, but he and Neil end up spending half the night smoking in the hayloft regardless.
    • Neil catches the bouquet. Andrew tells him no. and then throws it back at Dan’s head. (they end up the next to get married anyway.)
  • Matt totally starts bawling the first time he sees Dan in her Dress. Like, full on ugly cries.
  • Dan is so happy, that she and Matt ruin half of their wedding pictures by kissing each other or laughing.
  • Matt tries to plan this whole synchronized dance for the reception (like you see on youtube! It’d be awesome!), but Andrew and Kevin said No and Neil is hopeless. So, he gets some of the kids that Dan coaches to sing her their wedding song.
  • and Dan loses it. Like. so happy she’s sobbing, and then mad because Matt made her a hot mess, but so happy because he loves her enough to do that for her.
  • Their wedding song can really be anything, if you want. But in my mind it’s “I see the Light” from Tangled.
Headlines- A Tom Holland Imagine

Anonymous Requested: Hi! Can I request a Tom holland imagine where the reader and him are dating and she’s back in the UK while he’s in Georgia, and lately there’s been a lot of speculation about Zendaya and him so the reader facetimes him in hopes to get to the bottom of it, but they just end up having a very big fight, but it ends with fluff :) I also have a lot more Tom requests.. Should I space them out for you or? 😂

I’m so excited for this, you don’t even know! 


He’d never cheat on you, he loved you! But wow, look at how pretty she was… You had google searched pictures of Zendaya, and wow was she gorgeous! You were scoping out the competition, just to see what everyone was talking about. You had turned on your tv, smiling at the sight of your boyfriend Tom on the television but instantly frowning once the reporter actually began talking. “Is there love on set of the new Spiderman movie? Tom Holland and Zendaya were seen looking awfully close on set, could this be love? Neither have confirmed nor denied it”. You grabbed the  tv remote, turned the television off and said, “Ah, hell no”.

You sat there, just completely shocked as to what you had heard. There was no way he was cheating on you. Sure, Zendaya was beautiful, and a great actress, and was nice, and had a beautiful face…. But he wouldn’t cheat! Sure! He would never cheat on you; the plain faced, regular, average girl…. You snapped out of your self pity party and knew you just had to do something! You sat right back down, knowing that you had no idea what to do. How many times do girlfriends have to confront their famous boyfriends on if they are cheating with one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses of right now. You threw your head in your hands, feeling completely defeated.

You were taken out of you self sorrow when you felt your phone vibrate in the back pocket of your jeans. You pulled out, seeing that Tom was trying to FaceTime with you. You felt a sneaky smile come up on your face, knowing that this was your chance to confront him. This all went away when you saw his sweet smiling face on camera. “Hi, babe! How are you?” his voice fell in and out of his fake Queens accent into his real British accent which caused you to laugh. You always fell for him, no matter how mad you were.

He showed you around set, showed you all of his costumes, and even saw the inside of his trailer, which was a pig sty as usual. Once he stopped talking after all of the excitement, you couldn’t help but blurt out “Tom, are you cheating on me?” Tom was the kind of person that did not like being accused of things he didn’t do, so his mood changed instantly. “Why would you even accuse me of that? Do you really think that I would cheat on you? Who would I even cheat on you with?” You stopped when you saw Zendaya walking up to him from behind. “Someone like her” was all you were able to whisper. He turned around, giving her a friendly smile before turning back to you and saying “[Y/N], I would never!” Your fears grew as you looked at her again. She was even pretty on a crappy iPhone camera! “I’ve got to go” was all you whispered back before you hung up on him, despite his protests.

No matter how many times you wanted to call Tom back, you just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t that you were mad at him, you were mad at yourself. You had handled the situation like a child, and knew you shouldn’t have accused him like that, especially in front of a co-worker. You were so embarrassed, you didn’t want your face seen ever again. You could barely turn on the television until you received one simple text the one day. It was Tom and all it said was “Turn on the television”. His blunt text made you know that he was serious so you abided by his wishes and turned on the television. It was on the same channel that you had left it on before, that stupid gossip show. The reporter was now in Atlanta, interviewing Tom for the new movie. “So, is there anything going on between you and your beautiful co-star, Zendaya?” The reporter gave a look at the camera as if he already knew the answer. “Actually, I’m dating a gorgeous girl named [Y/N] who I am incredibly happy with. Isn’t she gorgeous?” He pulled his phone out, showing it to the reporter. On the screen then was a picture that you and Tom had taken right before he had left. You smiled and a stray tear ran down your cheek.

You immediately grabbed your phone and called Tom. “I’m assuming you saw it?” he asked, practically hearing the grin on his face just from his voice. “Tom, I’m so sorry I ever doubted you. I love you so much,” was all you could choke out. “No, I’m sorry. I saw the report right after you called. I understand why you would be upset. I love you, [Y/N].” This sentence made you smile as you said back, “I love you too, baby”.

“So, you made the headlines now!”

Thanks for requesting everyone! You can now request as many Tom Holland imagines as your little hearts desire


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Incase none of ya'll know who this account is owned by or you're not close to her -cough- listen up. Imma bout to tell ya'll. This account is owned by one of the kindest, sweetest, most gorgeous person I know. A typical compliment, but it's true. She is always there for me no matter what and she is so so strong and so kind and she has one of the biggest hearts ever. Her name is Jovita. A beautiful name. One worthy for a goddess, like wow. She can be insecure at times however I can assure you


Ah honestly, I am just a simple person, there is no need to compliment me!!! But thank you very much omg TT^TT

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Can you do my girl Solar with water nymph au?

  • she gay
  • like she’s a siren that’s all about luring men to drown but when cute girls come around the lake where she resides she like hides shyly behind the waterfall and blushes when the girl gets in to take a bath or wash her hair
  • solar wearing like water lilies in her hair and jewelry made of pearls
  • sings hymns she was taught by the older water nymphs and a lot of them sound like lullabies 
  • you’re actually looking for a place to rest when you hear a beautiful voice from the lake and quietly you make your way over and solar catches sight of you and she’s so gorgeous when she turns around you like slip on the wet rocks and fall into the water
  • solar knows she shouldn’t interact with human girls but she’s too worried that she goes over to see if you’re ok and like you’re dizzy, holding your head but you look at her and you’re just like
  • “wow.”
  • and solar’s like “wow???” and you’re like “you’re the most beautiful-” but then you pass out because you feel head first into freezing water
  • but it’s ok when you wake up you’re like laying under the sun and solar is sitting in the shallow water beside you singing once again and like you close your eyes so she won’t know you’re awake
  • and this is going exactly where you think it’s going you fall asleep again and when you awake solar is gone but you visit the lake daily to see her again
  • and solar hides at first, but slowly she comes out and she sings to you and puts water lilies in your hair 
  • and im sobbing because it’s a forbidden love but you kiss water nymph solar and she gets so shy but lets out the loudESt cutesT laugh and ah,,,,,,,,,gay