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Two More Times the Gods Bothered Icarus at Work

The library doesn’t actually pay, per se, but if he volunteers a given number of hours, it does give him vouchers for select items purchased at the campus shops – class supplies, food and other sundries.  Icarus did the math and determined that the value of the vouchers was nearly as good as actual money, with the added benefit of the convenient location where he could stop by between classes easily and rack up hours for the week. 

And it’s fairly peaceful work.  Running the checkout desk; entering returned books into the computer; shelving books; light cleaning.  And Icarus is free to do some of his own homework as well, as long as he gets the list of tasks done, while still earning credit for being there.  Hard to complain about it.

He enjoys the tasks, and enjoys the hush of the narrow aisles, packed with books on either side, higher than his head.  They have a good section on aviation: old and new books; practical and philosophical; aeronautical and astronautical.  Icarus likes to sneak back to steal a few browse through them whenever he can.

Icarus is on his way back to the front counter with two books in hand, when he hears a yelp of surprise, two feet to his left, where there are a couple small steps leading up to the study carrels and tables. 

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Chanyeol having a guy’s night with the boys generally never bothers you. They’ll go to a bar or to some game or play video games and it’s always just a fun, rowdy, but mostly contained evening. They have fun but they never get wild so you never mind when Chanyeol tells you that he’ll be out, not to wait up.

This time, however, you are mildly concerned for the safety of your fiancé and those around him.

There are less than twelve hours until your wedding, twelve hours until you stand before your friends and family and declare your love for one another, and he’s about to leave for his bachelor party. And, although the guys have rarely caused any trouble during normal guy’s nights, you know that this one will be different.

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{ red velvet }

pairing: thomas jefferson x reader (ft. sugar daddy!thomas)

t/w: none!

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part one // part two // part three


“Thomas Jefferson,” You read out loud to Peggy as you ate a bowl of cereal. “He’s 31. Loves France, art, and is looking for a companion.” You laughed a little, but your voice quickly softened. “He makes over $100,000.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” Peggy snorted, digging into her breakfast.

“Well,” You paused. “No, but -” You chuckled. “That’s a lot of money. More than what I make.”

“Definitely. What else?”

“He’s really tall and he’s really fit from the looks of these pictures.” You smiled, scrolling through the photos on his profile. “He’s traveled a lot and -”

Another message!

Peggy knew what the look on your face meant. She squealed and quickly peered over your shoulder.

“What did he say? What did he say?”

You opened the message and felt your heart race as the app loaded. Finally, your conversation with Thomas appeared. You picked right back up from where you left off.

Hi, darling. It’s been great talking to you. How does a night out in the city sound?

“A night out in the city.” Peggy grinned. “And maybe if you play your cards right -”

You blushed. “Hush, Pegs.” You went to type out a response.

Sounds great. What do you have in mind?

I figured we could do dinner. I wanted to get to know you better, love.

“Darling? Love?” Peggy was practically bouncing in her seat. “These pet names are too much. I’m going to die.”

That sounds great! I’d like that a lot.

His response came right away.

Perfect. Gramercy Tavern at six? I’ll come by and pick you up.

“What kind of car do you think he drives? Maserati?” Peggy mused. “Mercedes-Benz?” She gasped. “A Rolls Royce?”

“He looks like a BMW kind of guy.” You mused as you typed out a response. 

Okay, here’s my address. I’ll see you then!

You sat back in your chair with a little sigh. You turned your phone off and looked up at Peggy. “What am I going to wear?”

“Wear your white dress. The short one with the lace. We can jazz it up with some jewelry.”

“Gramercy Tavern is like, crazy nice though.”

“You’re going to look amazing. Relax.”

You tried to. If it was any other situation, you were sure you would have been more excited, but there was something about the whole arrangement that made you nervous. Was it shallow that you were asking for money? Would people judge you? You didn’t want to come off across as desperate, but in all honestly, that’s what you were.

You went to class with Peggy but when you two came back home, you were still on edge.

It neared six o’ clock. Thomas would be here soon. You were dressed to the nines with Peggy’s expertise. The dress hit all the right places, accentuated the best parts of your body. The dress was short so it hit your waist but showed off your legs. You finished the look with nude heels, a matching clutch, and a pretty diamond necklace. Your makeup was done, your hair was curled. You even shaved your legs for the night.

You looked the part. Now, you’d just have to get through dinner.

You felt your phone buzz. It was Thomas.

Darling, I’m outside.

“He’s outside.” You felt your heart race. “Peggy, where’s my phone?”

“In your hand.” She deadpanned, looking up at you. “Deep breath,” She advised you, placing her hands on your shoulders. “This is just the man that’s going to pay your tuition if he likes you enough to do so. No pressure or anything but just make sure you’re charming and beautiful and perfect.”

You glared at her as she finished her sentence, but it wasn’t long before you two laughed. Peggy smiled.

“Knock ‘em dead. You look gorgeous.” She gave you a quick hug. “Pray to God I won’t have to file a police report, but I’ll know what to tell them if something does happen.”

“We’ll be at Gramercy Tavern. Don’t forget. The one on 42 East Twentieth Street.” 

“Got it.” She looked you up and down once more, memorizing your outfit in case she would have to give a description to the police. “If you’re uncomfortable at all, call me. I will pick you up. I’m not kidding.”

“I know.” You mumbled. Peggy wasn’t one to joke about those things. “I’ll send you the siren emoji.”

“Okay. Make sure you get that license plate. I may or may not text you every hour to make sure you’re alive.”

“Thanks, Peggy.” You smiled and squeezed her hand before heading out the door. “Love you!” 

“Love you too!”

You were greeted by the cool New York air. You walked down the few steps that led up to your place with Peggy, before looking around.

You had practically memorized the face of the man you were looking for now. Curly hair, bright smile, brown eyes. You hadn’t seen him until -

He stood at the bottom of the stairs, smiling at you.

Mr. Jefferson was incredibly handsome, dressed in a white dress shirt with a black blazer and matching slacks. He donned a slim black tie, completing his look. You knew he was handsome just by the look of his profile picture, but to see him in person still took your breath away. He was taller than you imagined. You were in awe of him as he came forward to greet you.

“Hi, darling. I’m Thomas.” He said smoothly, hints of his Southern accent coming out. He leaned forward, brought you in for a hug and kissed your cheek. He pulled away and gave you a little smile.

It was brighter than the New York skyline. There was this strange sort of warmth that filled your heart as you looked up at him. From a single smile, you felt like you had known him for years.

“You’re even lovelier in person.” Thomas whispered, a little twinkle in his eye.

“T-Thank you.” You blushed and Thomas’ eyes seemed to soften at the sight of you. You tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear and reminded yourself to speak up.

“I’m (Y/N). It’s nice to meet you too.”

“Shall we?” He offered you his arm. You took it gratefully, and let him lead you to the car. Peggy and you were both wrong. His car was sleek, sophisticated, and a gorgeous black Bentley. He opened the car door for you and helped you in, before closing the door behind you.

You were greeted with the feeling of luxurious leather seats underneath your fingertips. You remembered you needed to ask him something.

When he came into the car, you spoke up. “Is it alright if I get your license plate?”

Thomas nodded, slipping his keys into the ignition. “Course, darling. It’s 6YJ8R54.”

“Thank you.” You quickly sent a text to Peggy and relaxed when she sent you a thumbs up emoji back. “My roommate just wants to make sure I’m alright. Not that you’re a bad person or anything.”

“No, I understand. The last thing I want for you is to be uncomfortable. Especially if we continue seeing each other after this.” He pointed out, pulling out onto the streets of New York. “So, have you been to Gramercy Tavern before?”

“Never.” You admitted. The radio played softly in the background. Smooth, sultry jazz poured into the car.

“Well, I’m honored to be your first.” He smiled a little. “I think you’ll like it.”

“I’m sure I will.” You turned your phone off. “Hey, is this the album you mentioned to me last night?”

“Miles Davis.” He grinned. “Yeah. You remembered.” 

“Yeah,” You laughed a little. “Plus it sounded familiar.” 

“I didn’t know you liked jazz.” 

“I can appreciate it. My dad listened to jazz a lot when I was a kid. Kind of nice to hear it again.”

The restaurant wasn’t too far from your apartment. Thomas chatted with you about the city, and you appreciated it. You felt a little more comfortable the closer you got to the restaurant. You had driven through the heart of the city, the bright lights and live energy making you smile until he turned down a less busy street. He pulled up in front of the restaurant.

You shouldn’t have been surprised when he pulled right into valet, but even still you were. He gave you a little smile before the workers opened each of your car doors. You stepped out and looked at the lovely restaurant before you. Thomas spoke to the employee for a moment before coming around. He offered you his arm again.

“I’m impressed, Mr. Jefferson.” You chuckled a little.

“I know it might take a little getting used to, but when you’re with me, expect nothing less.”

“What is it that you do again?”

“I work in marketing. It gets pretty busy, but I like the job.”

“Clearly it pays well.”

Thomas smirked. “You could say that, yeah.”

You looked up at him, noticing how smug he looked before you laughed along with him. He opened the door to the restaurant for you and you slipped inside. He had his hand on your lower back as you approached the hostess.

She greeted you warmly. It only took a minute for her to find Thomas’ reservation. She had you follow her and quickly sat you down at a table. Thomas was ever the gentleman, pulling out your chair and you sat at the candlelit table together. The ambiance was warm and yet, not too stuffy. You were sure you didn’t fit in with this crowd, but being with Thomas made you feel a little better.

Other diners laughed and chatted around you. You couldn’t help but notice how many more couples were there. To your left, someone was celebrating an anniversary. Another couple held hands across the table to your right. It was such a romantic place. You wondered if he chose this place for a reason.

“And you, sweetheart? What is it that you hope to do?” He looked at you curiously. “Or do you see this as how you’re going to make a living?”

The question took you aback. You knew what he was referring to when he said this. You were sure he didn’t mean to come across as rude, but it seemed so anyway. You pursed your lips together, tried to keep yourself calm before you called Thomas a self-entitled prick–or something along those lines.

“Actually, I’m in school right now.” You straightened up a little, looking him right in the eye. “I’m studying to be a (M/N). My scholarship is ending soon. I’m concerned about how I’ll pay for my tuition. I don’t want to take out more loans so I needed to find a way to get some extra cash. I’m not sure what reasons you’ve heard from other girls, but I promise it’s more than because I want a new pair of shoes.”

You let out a sigh as soon as you got the statement out. You knew you probably shouldn’t have snapped at the man who was essentially going to pay your tuition, but you weren’t sorry. You simply looked up at him with a tight smile.

Maybe this was a bad idea. You thought. You started to think about an alternative plan. You could take a couple more hours at work and -

“I respect that.” Thomas spoke up. You stared up at him. He leaned back in his chair a little. “I’d be glad to help.”

You nodded a little and let out a sigh of relief. Your heart was beating so quickly, you felt like it was going to explode. “Thank you.”

Thomas felt something click inside him. He’d been on other dates before with women who he couldn’t even recall the name of and yet, here he was, hanging onto every word you said as if it was your last. 

He couldn’t explain the feeling he had at the time, but looking back he knew exactly what it was. 

He didn’t have time to dwell on it because you spoke up again.

“I have to admit,” you opened up the menu as you spoke. Your eyes fell on the word lobster at least three times. “I’ve never done this before so how is this relationship going to work?”

“I like you.” Thomas chuckled, thanking the hostess when she brought you glasses of water. “Most girls aren’t this honest. Or frankly as interesting.”

You laughed a little. “Really?”

“I knew you were new to this lifestyle from the moment you messaged me.” He pointed out. “You were polite.” He laughed a little. “And you were right about what you said earlier. Most girls just want a taste at this upscale lifestyle, which isn’t wrong or anything, but to hear your reason …” He had a little glint in his eye. “You’re very smart.”

“For getting a sugar daddy?” You laughed a little. “You’re just trying to make me feel better.”

“No. It’s smart!” He insisted. “And your reason is pretty noble.”

“Do you know how long it took me to admit that I was becoming a sugar baby? I felt so embarrassed.”

“There’s nothing wrong with it.” Thomas chuckled a little. “It shows that you’re resourceful. You do what you have to do to get ahead. It’s … admirable.”

You smiled a little, looking at Thomas from across the table. “You make me sound so noble … like this is some great sacrifice I’m making for the greater good.” You exaggerated before the two of you started laughing.

He shrugged. “You’re doing it for a worthy cause to me. More than for a pair of shoes.”

You started to say more, but you turned your head when you heard the workers singing happy birthday to a diner across the restaurant. You smiled fondly before looking back to Thomas. You didn’t notice how intently he admired you.

“Before the waitress comes back, how does the tasting menu sound? I think it’ll give you a bit of everything on the menu.” He hummed. “Do you like seafood?”

“Yeah. It sounds great.” You looked over what the tasting menu offered. Marinated scallops, lobster salad, duck breast and sausage. Your mouth watered. You knew this would be the nicest meal you would have had in a while.

“If there’s anything else you want, let me know.”

You smiled and promised you would, but you still felt a little uncomfortable about it the whole ordeal. It would take some getting used to.

The waitress came by, politely asked you for drinks. You both told her your orders and before she left, Thomas ordered the tasting platter. The waitress took your menus and left you alone, not leaving without giving you a friendly smile.

Soft classical music played in the background. You could hear the clink of silverware all throughout the restaurant.

“Do you come here often?” You asked, trying to fill the silence.

“Yes. Usually on business though.” He nodded a little, fingers tapping along the table absentmindedly. “It’s nice to be here on a date for once.”

“I haven’t gotten out much either.” You mumbled a little shyly.

“No college boys for you?” He asked with a smile. You shook your head and he raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Come on, there has to be someone. You’re a beautiful girl.”

“I’m flattered, but no,” You played with the end of your napkin a little nervously. “Besides, they don’t know how to treat a lady.”

Thomas raised his eyebrows, a little smirk beginning to form on his face. “That so?”

“Yep.” You smiled before continuing. “Plus, half of them are just there to party.”

Thomas laughed at your comment, but he tilted his head a little your previous comment.

“Well, you focus on your studies, love. I’ll treat you better than those boys.”

And from the way he looked at you with his kind eyes and small smile, you had no doubt that he would.

You shared an appetizer, continued you talk all throughout your time there. He ordered a bottle of wine for the two of you. You only had one drink. Eventually, you did get into how your arrangement would work, and as awkward as it was at first, it made you feel a little better once you set the ground rules.

You’d have an allowance–money you could spend however you chose. He figured he’d pay you by the date and give you extra money if you needed it.

“I know you’d like me to cover your tuition mostly, but I don’t mind treating you from time to time. Clothes, makeup, etc.” He trailed off.

You felt yourself getting starry eyed. You were lucky enough to get Thomas as your sugar daddy. You were pleasantly surprised at how well this was going. He’d been nothing but a gentleman so far. 

“And if I have any events, I’d love to bring you along to them.” He mentioned. “If your schedule allows you to.”

“Of course.”

Your waitress came by with your first entree. It was delicious, and Thomas was glad to see how much you were enjoying the food. The food came out one after another. Marinated scallops, squash tortellini.

For a moment, he indulged in this idea of you. He could see himself doing this with you often. You were intelligent and funny and easy to talk to. As he looked at you, he wondered if there would be a chance that you would love him for more than his money.

Yet, he knew the chances of that were unlikely. It was implied that you were not to fall in love with one another. Besides, he hadn’t been in love since -

“Are you alright?” You asked him softly, noticing the zoned out look in his eye.

Thomas laughed a little. “Y-Yes. Sorry about that. Lost in thought.”

“It’s okay.” You straightened up a little. “I was asking you about Virginia. What’s it like?”

Just like that, Thomas was talking again, that familiar twinkle in his eye and that bright smile on his face. You’d never been there, but from the way Thomas talked about it, you wanted to see it someday for yourself.

“And that’s Virginia in a nut-shell.” Thomas chuckled. He started to say more, until your waitress came back. Thomas turned his attention to her.

“Would you two be interested in getting dessert tonight?” She asked with a little smile, already handing the menu to Thomas.

“Darling, wanna take a look?” He opened to the dessert page and slipped it over to you. “You can order whatever you want.”

You took it from him with a little smile. You only needed a minute before you made up your mind.

“The chocolate cake sounds good.”  You hummed. Thomas smiled.

“It’s amazing. You’re gonna love it.”

You handed him the menu back and he gave it to the waitress. “We’ll do the chocolate cake.”

“Excellent choice.” The waitress smiled. “The cookie platter is complimentary with it so I’ll bring that out as well.”

“Perfect, thank you.”

Thomas noticed how you perked up at the mention of the cookie platter. He looked over at you once the waitress had gone.

“I may or may not have wanted that all along.” You smiled a little, looking down a little.

“Don’t be shy. Tell me if you ever want anything. I’ll get it for you.” He reached across the table and gently squeezed your hand. He pulled away almost immediately after, but you appreciated the gesture. “That’s how this relationship works.” 

Dessert was amazing. You split the cake and Thomas was right–you did love it. The cookie platter was cute, full of six different kinds of cookies that came with glasses of milk for each of you. That combined with the chocolate cake had you feeling stuffed, but in the best way possible.

Thomas didn’t let you look at the bill. He paid and tipped the waitress without missing a beat. As soon as he got his card back, he gave you a little smile.

“Ready to go?” Thomas asked, straightening up in his chair a little. You nodded, grabbed your phone, your clutch, and rose to your feet. He helped you up and instinctively put his hand on the small of your back as a server went past you with his hands full of entrees. Soon after, you both headed outside, reentering the New York scene. 

The sky was pitch black but there were a few stars. The lights from the city shone brighter than them. You stood closer to Thomas as a cold wind blew. You rubbed your shoulders to gather some warmth, but Thomas quickly slung his blazer over your shoulders. He promised the car was coming around in a minute. Once his car pulled around, he helped you inside.

Before he drove off, he put the heater on lowly. His blazer was still around your shoulders. His cologne filled your nose.

“I’ll drop you off at your place.”

You perked up at this. “Not yours?”

Thomas shook his head. “I don’t expect you to put out on the first date.”

You nodded slowly. “The other girls you’ve been with … do they go home with you on the first date?”

“Uh, sometimes. Usually, they insist.”

But you seem different. He wanted to say, but he decided against it.

He cleared his throat a little. “Don’t worry about it. I said I wanted to get to know you better, and that I did. This is your address, right?”

You looked at his phone which was open to his GPS. “Mhmm.”

“Alright. We’ll be there in a little.”

You got lost in the city around you, felt warm from Thomas’ gestures as well as the heat on in the car. You looked over at Thomas, quietly admired the silhouette of his profile.

Before you could get caught up in the idea of him, you reminded yourself this was an arrangement in which love wasn’t a part of the deal. You turned off the feeling. Ignored it. You didn’t have time to fall in love. Thomas didn’t seem to either.

Before you knew it, Thomas had parked in front of your apartment. He turned the car off and gave you a little smile.

“I’ll walk you to your door.” He got out of the car and you did too. By the time, he came around, he had helped you onto the sidewalk and walked with you up the few steps that led to your front door. You took off his blazer and handed it back to him.

“Thank you for such a nice night out.” You said, looking up at him. He took his blazer from you with a little smile while you were busy digging into your clutch for your keys. You found them and smiled up at Thomas.

He looked heavenly. His hair framed his face perfectly. He looked content. The moonlight hit his face and showed off his best features. You could see him smiling back at you.

“It was a pleasure.”

You reached up on your tiptoes and kissed his cheek. Once you pulled away, he whispered, “I’ll transfer the money tomorrow morning.”

You’d agreed he would give you an extra $200 for each date, but you were sure he spent that alone on dinner. You opened your mouth to protest, but he stopped you before you could say anything.

He gently placed his hands on your shoulders, gave you a loose smile. “All you have to do is say thank you.”

You nodded, managed a smile and a little laugh. “Thank you, Thomas. I really had a great time.”

He grinned. “Me too. Good night, darling.”

“Good night.” You said softly then walked through the front door. You couldn’t help but smile as you kicked your heels off.

You could get used to this.

Puppy Love

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Prompt: You and your dog, Max, run into someone at the park who just so happens to be insanely hot, single, and into you. (AKA the one where you and Sam have dogs and then go back to his place and have sex with each other)

Tags: AU, fluff, omg doggies!!!, Sam’s basically perfect ugh, smut, light spanking

Words: 2,592

Note: A+ for the original title amiright? also, sorry it took so long for me to write something, ugh. hope you like it!!

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The one where it’s too late.

The fourth addition to the Divorce Series AU. Let me know if you guys are enjoying it, if I should continue writing it. ENJOY! :)

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based on this request :: can you pretty please write something about y/n and harry going to a party and harry getting all jealous when a dude flirts with y/n?? thank you !!

i took a weird spin on this (i think) but i hope it’s acceptable ;) not going to fit with everyone, i’m sure, but i tried!! gonna be honest, don’t really like this piece very much (just feel like i could’ve done better) but i didn’t want to keep this anon waiting any longer. hope you enjoy anyway :)) 

WARNINGS :: some *maybe* offensive song lyrics and a bit angsty?¿ idk man it’s pretty PG - PG-13ish 



“Wha’ in the ever living fuck does that bloke think he’s doing?” Harry slurs a bit on his words, the scene before him making his jaw set and eyes narrow.

“Jesus, they’re just singing. Lighten up a bit, mate.”

And maybe it was the excessive amounts of drinks that were consumed that was making Harry a lot more open about his emotions but maybe he just really hates this boy that’s looking at her as if he has a chance.


harry is y/n’s and y/n is harry’s

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A Home | Chanyeol

Pairing: Chanyeol x reader
Genre: fluff, slight-but-not-really angst, Hybrid!AU
Words: 7.5k+
Notes: I’m cross-posting all of the fics/scenarios that I’ve written on other websites, pretty much all hybrid AU so far. What an amazing start to the fanfic life <3

Your friend drags you with her to go hybrid shopping for herself and your plan of interacting and then leaving commitment-free is interrupted by an adorable, tall cat hybrid with entirely too much affection and love to share.

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Leonardo x Reader


Prompt: If you have the time, I’d love to see [a soulmate au] for Leonardo! He’s my favorite of the boys.

Note: Omg, I legit freaked out when I got a message from you in my inbox and I like fangirled and omg thank you sooooo much! Raph and Leo are my faves, so I’m very hype to write this omg. I chose to do the soulmate timers instead of the Sharpie thing though, just to shake it up a little bit.

Leonardo didn’t understand why he had a soulmate timer. Donnie said that it was very likely their timers would only lead them to other turtles. Tiny, normal turtles. That was how they were meant to find the ones they were meant to be with. Biologically, anyway. To mutant turtles like Leo and his brothers, it had always seemed kind of pointless.

And yet, when the day came that his timer was supposed to run out, he was still nervous.

Leo was the first of his brothers to have his time run out. The others weren’t due for months, but Leo’s timer was due to strike zero in twelve hours.

“I dunno, bro. I think we should celebrate or something, right?” Mikey asked. “Order a pizza, have April rent a movie or something. We shouldn’t just sit here and let it run out.”

“I read about a dozen articles about soulmates last night. According to the majority of them, when the timer gets closer to running out, you’ll feel a pull and you’ll just have to go follow it. Something will come over you. Or something. I’m not entirely sure.” Donatello read from his notes.

“So basically, I should avoid the pet store. Good to know.” Leo smirked. “Guys, I really don’t care. I’m not upset. I think I accepted a while ago that I was never going to find…someone, you know?”

“Maybe you should follow it. For science, of course.” Donnie pushed his glasses further up his nose. “Then we’ll know if our soulmates are…how do I put this…A worthy investment of time.”

“You mean I should follow it.”

“For science.”

“Thanks, Don. Glad your head’s in the right place.”


You stared at the numbers on your wrist on the way home from school. Six hours. Six whole hours before you met your soulmate. Oh God, it was terrifying. You had no idea what to expect. So of course, you were scouring the internet for articles about what to expect. Some people described feeling a pull to where they were supposed to be. Others felt nothing and just wound up in the perfect place at the perfect time.

You were scared shitless.

When you got home, you fixed your hair and make-up, trying to get as ready as possible. You ate some dinner after finishing your homework and tried to make the time pass. So, naturally, you sat out on the fire escape with a book, as you usually did when you read. There was something freeing about sitting outside with your legs dangling as you got lost in other worlds. Maybe getting lost would help you forget about this world. The one where the stress and anticipation was eating you alive.


Leo had no idea where he was going. But he felt the pull. With ten minutes left, and his brothers a few blocks behind him, he passed the pet store and kept on running. That was when the stress set in. His soulmate was not a turtle. Oh no. This might be worse than not having a real one at all. Now he had to worry about an actual person. Someone that existed.

Someone that could reject him.

When Donnie had shared his notes with the others, he said that some, not many, but some people rejected their soulmates for various reasons. He thought that maybe the fact that he was a giant mutant turtle would be enough to turn anyone away. But either way, he was scared, and with good reason.

What if he never found you? Or worse. What if he did?


It was less than two minutes until your timer would run out when you heard a noise in the alley below. You slipped your bookmark into your book and carefully made your way down the fire escape.

“Hello?” You looked around in the shadows. Maybe this was a bad idea, but nevertheless, you called out again. “Hello?”

There was something there. Someone. A very tall, bulky silhouette. It took a few steps closer, cautiously, but not stepping into the light. Not yet.

“I don’t bite.” You smirked and tilted your head. “You don’t have to be scared.”

“I don’t want you to be scared.” A nervous voice from the darkness.

“I won’t be.” You promised. He chuckled.

“You say that now. I’m not exactly…How do I put this…? I’m not normal.”

“You’re still my soulmate.” You offered a small smile, and you couldn’t see in the dark, but he smiled too, his gorgeous blue eyes searching every inch of you. You offered one of your small, five-fingered hands. “I’m (Y/N).”

He hesitated, but took your hand in his large green one. Your eyes went wide, but it wasn’t in fear or even in disgust. It was just surprise.

“Leonardo.” It was like fireworks. Your skin against his, his voice, his name…It felt so right.

“Come into the light.” Your voice was soft, pleading. You tried to look to where you thought his eyes were. “Please.”

“You won’t like what you see.” He warned. The knot in Leo’s stomach pulled tighter.

“Let me decide that.”

“Okay.” He took a breath and stepped into the light. You looked up at him, tall and green with a shell on his back and the most gorgeous blue eyes you had ever seen. But instead of the rejection Leo had prepared for his entire life, there was something else in your eyes: acceptance.

“Come here,” You raised your arms to hug him, but God, he was tall. When he wrapped his muscular green arms around you, your feet left the ground. He never wanted to let go. “I love you so much and I just met you. Is that crazy?”

“I can think of crazier things.” He chuckled.

“Leo, you all right down there?” Raph called from the top of a building.

“More than all right,” he kissed your cheek before setting you on your feet again. “Come on down, guys.”

Leo’s brothers made their way down to you.

“Well she doesn’t look like a turtle.” Mikey examined you closely.

“Because she’s not, ding-dong.” Raph gave his head a little shove. “Don’t mind him. He’s got pizza for brains.”

“(Y/N), these are my brothers, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello.” Leo pointed to each. You slipped your hand into Leo’s and he gave yours a little squeeze. Hand-holding: one of the many things Leonardo would have to get accustomed to.

“Nice to meet you.” You smiled.

“Dude, your soulmate is the chilliest ever, Leo.” Mikey smiled. “I mean, if she’s fine with all of this…She didn’t even scream or ask if we were aliens or-”

“I grew up in New York.” You shrugged. “There’s not much that fazes me anymore.”

“I guess,” Raph smirked and gave his brother a pat on the shoulder. “Good for you, honor boy.”

“Well, my parents won’t be home for a while. I can order a pizza and we can hang out…or something?” you shrugged. Mikey’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Not us, doofus.” Raph chuckled. “We’ve gotta give the lovebirds some time alone.”

“Dammit…” Mikey whined as Donnie and Raph pulled him away. Leo smiled and shook his head.

“Come on,” you pulled him up the fire escape.


“You’re sure you wouldn’t have anyone else as a soulmate?” Leo asked as you were cuddling on the couch a few hours later.

“Positive.” You kissed his snout. “You, Leonardo, are perfect just the way you are.”

His heart just about melted.

“I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anybody else.”

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Doll (B.Barnes)


Bucky Barnes

Warnings: angst(?), swearing, Bucky being an idiot, jealous Bucky possibly

A filler until I publish my next smut, enjoy xo

At first, everybody thought it was a fluke. It had to be, that’s the only way this thing made sense. It was a simple slip of the mind, nothing uncommon for Bucky.

But when Bucky didn’t make a move to correct himself.. that’s when things got confusing. 

Nat thought he mustn’t have noticed when he called the pretty brunette at the bar ‘Doll’. Wanda thought he was a little tipsy, despite knowing very well that was an impossible thing. But Y/N, well.. Y/N knew it was no mistake, no slip of the tongue. 

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Love or gratitude ? BTS Jimin (M) chap 01

pairing: JIMIN X  reader y/N 

Genre: angst/smut 

M= mature contents 

summary: what will you do when all of sudden you find your self getting married to someone used to be your best friend’s lover just because he turned to be a father !!!


Originally posted by bwipsul

*chap one : i like him !  

two years ago

you don’t have to be so shy if you really have all this feeling y/N ! “ jung hyerin said reassuring you 

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Pynch at the Movies

*This is a Pride prompt for @ravensandthings118 who requested Pynch + At the Movies. I hope you like it! ;)

“Ronan, you can not bring Chainsaw to the movies. I am positive that they have a no pet policy.”

Adam, Chainsaw is not a pet! She is my child!” Ronan had one hand on the steering wheel, the other clutching the gearshift. Adam was, against his wishes, holding Chainsaw. She was no longer a small raven, but a glorious full grown adult. She was nearly two feet long and weighed about two and a half pounds. Her wingspan was daunting, nearly 45 inches across. Adam winced as Chainsaw accidentally buried the sharp ends of her feet into Adam’s leg. She seemed to sense his discomfort and eased up, tapping his knuckles with her beak.

Adam scratched behind her head, ruffling her feathers. “It’s not that I don’t want you to go, Chainsaw,” Adam explained. “But this is a date.” He glared at Ronan. “And I thought it was just Ronan, I mean Kerah, and I going out.”

Ronan laughed. He had his head tilted back against the driver seat’s headrest, showing off his magnificent jaw line. Adam really couldn’t stay mad, though he couldn’t fathom how Ronan planned to smuggle Chainsaw into the theater.

“So, why exactly is Chainsaw going with us?” Adam asked. “She’s old enough to stay home alone.”

Chainsaw made some noises like water falling on rocks. Ronan interpreted. “You remember when we watched the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie?” Adam nodded. “Chainsaw loves Rocket. Like she has a total crush on the talking raccoon.”

Kerah!” Chainsaw cawed. It sounded like agreement to Adam.

“I’ll be,” Adam murmured.


The parking lot at the theater was mostly empty. They were catching a weekday matinee several weeks after the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie had premiered. Ronan put Chainsaw on his shoulder and whispered, “Pirate mode.” Chainsaw went as still as a stuffed parrot. Adam trailed behind Ronan as he walked boldly towards the ticket window.

“Can I help you?” The girl at the counter looked about fifteen and she appeared equal parts amazed and intimidated by Ronan, tall, gorgeous Ronan wearing his standard badass attire and a damn raven like an accessory.

“Two tickets for Guardians,” Ronan said. Adam sidled up beside him and gave the girl a small smile to offset Ronan’s perpetual scowl.

“That’ll be ten dollars,” the girl answered. Her nametag said Cynthia. Ronan handed over his card and she processed the transaction and gave them their tickets. “Uh, mister, I have to ask, is that bird real?”

“Of course she’s real!” Ronan said. He bent down until Chainsaw was about eyelevel with Cynthia. “Do ya want to pet her?” Cynthia shook her head frantically. “Okay, then.”

Ronan held the door open for Adam, making him duck under Ronan’s arm. They got popcorn and an extremely large Coke slushie. The employees kept giving Chainsaw the side-eye but she stayed perfectly still.

The theater was empty and Ronan sent up a loud whoop and charged to the very back of the theater, plopping down in the middle seat and putting his boots up on the seat in front of him. Adam followed, gingerly climbing the stairs, careful not to spill any popcorn. Chainsaw had flown up into the rafters to, as Ronan explained, give them some alone time. Adam laughed and sat next to Ronan. That wasn’t good enough for Ronan, though. He pushed the armrest up and hauled Adam over until Adam was practically lying on top of him.

“Ronan,” Adam gasped, “I get that you’re very excited about a movie date but I actually do want to watch the movie.”

Ronan grumbled but let Adam sit up. As a compromise Adam sat with his back against the other armrest and draped his legs over Ronan’s lap. While the previews played they amused themselves by throwing popcorn at each other and trying to catch it in their mouths. Chainsaw swooped by a few times to pluck the kernels out of the air, showing off aerial tricks while she did so. There were plenty of times when both Adam and Ronan went for popcorn at the same moment, hands bumping, fingers twining briefly. Ronan tried to shove a handful of popcorn in Adam’s mouth. They were being too loud and making a mess but it was kind of wonderful.

When the movie started Adam had to clap a hand over Ronan’s mouth to get him to shut up. Adam could count on one hand the number of times he had been to a movie. His parents never took him and he had neither the time nor money to go on his own. He had been treated a few times as a kid but yeah, this was a big deal. As the movie went on he leaned into Ronan’s arms, enjoying the warmth of his body compared to the frigid theater temperature. He also liked the way Ronan’s body moved when he laughed, and Ronan laughed a lot. As well he should because the movie was hilarious. Adam found himself laughing more than he had in ages.

Sometime during the movie Ronan started running his fingers through Adam’s hair, his cheek resting against the top of Adam’s head, arm wrapped around his back. It was unbelievably cozy. Adam took a drink from the halfway melted slushy, holding it up for Ronan to take a drink, too. The poor straw was mangled from Ronan chewing on it. Chainsaw had settled in somewhere; they heard her occasionally mumbling to herself, getting quite vocal whenever Rocket had an exciting scene.

By the end of the movie both Adam and Ronan were pretty emotional. It had been a wild ride. They waited around for the after credit clips. This time Adam did slide onto Ronan’s lap, his knees pressing down into the seat. Ronan shifted under him, his hands resting lightly on Adam’s lower back.

“Is this what the kids do these days?” Adam asked, his lips against Ronan’s ear.

Ronan laughed, the vibrations settling into Adam’s chest. “Yes, Parrish, I believe this is what the kids do.”

“Oh, good. This is good. Very nice.” He kissed Ronan’s jaw, nipping a little. “Five stars.”

Ronan groaned. “I’ll give you five stars…” He twisted his head to the side and captured Adam’s lips. They kissed until the next clip came up. All told they got in several minutes of good makeout time before the movie was well and truly over. Adam got up, bracing himself on Ronan’s shoulder for a moment because he was feeling pretty unsteady. Ronan pulled him in for a hug, a real hug. Adam rested his forehead against Ronan’s chest, his fingers clutching at the belt loops on Ronan’s jeans. Ronan rubbed his back and sighed.

“I’m gonna miss you,” he murmured.

Adam tugged at his jeans. “I’m not gone yet.”


Chainsaw dove in and landed on Ronan’s shoulder, pecking at his collarbone. She croaked twice.

“Chainsaw says that we should come see Wonder Woman.”

“Does she?” Adam grinned.

“Yes. She fancies the Amazons.”

“Well,” Adam nuzzled Ronan’s neck. “She’s not the only one.”

Ronan laughed. “Easy there, Parrish. You’re gonna make me jealous.”

Before they left the three of them cleaned up the popcorn mess and then strolled out of the theater. The sun was going down and the Henrietta summer was balmy. Ronan and Adam passed the slushie back and forth, driving down the familiar road to the Barns.

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Want to know my biggest pet peeve with Supernatural?

Sam WInchester is SMOKIN’ HOT and it’s never expressed on the show! 

Dean is hot, i wont argue that, but that’s spoken a lot on the show. People often refer to the duo like, the cute one and the smart one, or the hot one and the big one, and sometimes give them both credit for their looks together, like Crowley saying “You’re (Sam and Dean) lucky you have your looks” but never give Sam credit for how attractive he is on his own. The closest we have to Sam’s looks being appreciated is from Becky.the stalker, and even she doesn’t say he’s hot, or gorgeous, or beautiful or anything like that, just that he’s “so firm” and its obvious that shes obssessed with him. And the woman Gary!Sam picked up at the bar, did say he was stunning, but only Gary heard that, not Sam.

On the other hand, Cas is not hot. Granted that’s my opinion, some of you think he is, and thats cool, but the show stresses that he’s hot. He’s reffered to as “Pretty boy angel” in S5, “Hot and sexy” in S7 “Feathered Castiel is hot” in S9 and most recently Dean refers to him as “My shy but devistatingly handsome friend” in S12. And STILL no one has told Sam he’s gorgeous??

Honestly, in the early seasons, I didn’t find him hot either. I thought he was adorable, but he looked like a cute, really tall, teenager. By S4 he had grown into sexy, but that was only part time through S4 and 5. Most of the time he was nerdy/cute, but sometimes he made me think “Damn, this kid can really be sexy when they let him be” The key being “when they let him be”. It always seemed to me (and still does) that the show must decide how hot Sam will be that episode, while they always keep Dean and Cas the same, pretty much. 

Come S6 and 7. Sam was just HOT, no getting around it then. They didn’t nerd him up so much, and even when they did, he was gorgeous. Then came Season 8 when he became excruciatingly beautiful!! Like, there was no way to overlook how amazing he looked, and yet, nearing the end of the season, they made him look sick for The Trials. Sorry Sam, you’re not allowed to look THAT amazing all the time. 

S9, his looks were dialed back a little. Still hot, but the nerdy look came back. Then for some reason they thought that haircut in s10 was a good thing?? GAH!! That was a terrible look for him, but thankfully he was back to beautiful in S11. Now, in S12, theyre doing it again… like choosing between whether he’s gorgeous and sexy in an episode or cute and nerdy, and occasionally, he just looks… I dunno, weird, like in the beginning of the Hitler episode. Meanwhile, Dean and Cas still look the same and promoted as hot. This pisses me off!!!!I understand that the show wants to keep Sam nerdy, and I can appreciate that, but Jared himself is painfully attractive and should always be allowed to be. The show should be proud that they have not 1 but 2 gorgeous/sexy leading men and promote the hell out of it! Dont go crazy with a flat iron, or cover him up in 10 layers of flannel, flaunt Sam WInchester’s beauty!!!!
Honeymooners Pt 7

Ok, so kinda boring stuff and quick, but plot building cus I still have a story to tell, even though just fluffy shenanigans while pretending to be married is fun. I just set out with an end goal and gotta meet it, sorry it’s short but yep! More fluffy nonsense and such when I get the chance to do the next bit (hopefully tomorrow, we’ll see if I have time) Thanks as always for the comments and feedback, they mean so much to me.

“Darling, it’s getting later in the day. We should probably get up.”

You groaned softly, curling deeper into the pillows and shook your head. The events of the day slowly started to come back to you as Loki roused you from your sleep.

“Did we really go naked on the beach?” You grumbled tiredly, not daring to ask if Loki had covered you, let alone carried you back naked.

Loki chuckled, propped up on his elbow as he looked down at you. “Afraid so, pet.”

You sighed heavily and straightened up, brushing away your sleep matted hair. “And the day’s not even over. If you mention any word of this to the other Avengers, I will kill you in your sleep.”

Laughing, Loki shook his head, “I would never spoil what happens in the sanctity of one our excursions.”

“Our honeymoon.” You muttered, stretching and yawning. “I keep trying to say it enough times to see if it feels real, but I still can’t believe I’m married to you, like you know…” Even though it was a forgery, it was a damn good one.

Loki chuckled, “I can only imagine what my father might say. Something tactless no doubt.”

“Come on, let’s go see if we can’t find the owner.”


You and Loki rode the tram in relative silence, nothing really needed to be discussed so you merely enjoyed the scenery as it swayed along up the mountain and over the tree tops. It was a beautiful visage, though after some of the places you had traveled to courtesy of SHIELD, it just didn’t impress in quite the same way. Still, you could appreciate it for what it was.

Soon you and Loki were at the shops and you figured it would add to the cover if you tried on a few sun dresses and bought at least one. You also modeled a number of sunglasses, looking for a souvenir for Natasha who you figured was your maid of honor for the wedding. If you didn’t know better, you would have thought Loki’s eyes lingered over your curves as you modeled each dress, a little too interested in how you looked but you brushed it off, pretenses after all.

“My most recent guests! Excellent! I’m sorry I took so long to find you but I imagine you were partaking in the beach today, perhaps in the solitude of your room?” You and Loki turned at the voice of a woman standing near the dressing room, beaming at you and the current dress you were modeling for Loki. “A gorgeous choice my dear, the green suits you marvelously.”

Loki swallowed hard and nodded, “Indeed it does, my love.”

“He calls you love, how charming! Forgive me, my name is Lana Bansch, owner of this fine establishment, and you must be Mr and Mrs Laufeyson, yes?”

You smiled, sharing a name with Loki, then assured her it was fine to call you by your first name.

“Nonsense, I think it’s suiting that you enjoy hearing your new husband’s name as much as possible for the next week, it will ready you for the rest of your life. I can only hope your marriage lasts that long.” Lana beamed. She had a long hawklike nose, platinum blonde hair pulled back into a taut bun and was shockingly tall; just shy of Loki’s height.

Loki stood up slowly, his eyes scanning her face, studying her intently. “You look familiar, have we met some place?” He finally asked. You frowned warily at the forwardness of his comment.

“Well, I did personally design and create this resort, it’s my brainchild if you will. I’ve put my heart and soul into it and I’ve appeared on a number of commercials, perhaps that’s where you’ve seen me?”

Loki nodded slowly, “Of course. It’s truly an honor, if I might shake your hand.”

The woman hesitated, eyes narrowing before slowly extending her hand to Loki. Loki gripped her hand, his thumb smoothing over the inside of her wrist and nodded slowly.

“Glad to meet someone who is pleased with my work.” Lana beamed, revealing a row of fiercely white teeth.

“The pleasure is definitely mine.” Loki turned back to you, “What do you say we get that dress and peruse the hot tubs as you spoke about earlier?” He looked at you pointedly and you quickly nodded.

“That sounds wonderful darling! Let me go change out of this so we can purchase it.”

Lana had quickly pulled her hand away from Loki and watched the exchange pleased, “You look like you could use it, your hands are awfully cold.”

“Agreed, I tend to run a little on the cold side but I’m sure it will do me well.” Loki responded amicably.

You listened from the dressing stall, changing as quickly as you could. Something about their exchange seemed forced but you couldn’t be certain.

“I look forward to seeing the two of you around.” Lana bid the two of you farewell, waving with a broad smile all the while as a nervous cashier rang up your purchases.

Loki took the bag from you, suggesting you stop at the room to grab towels before visiting the hot springs.

“What was that about?” You finally asked within the relative privacy of your hotel room.

Loki looked at you warily, “She definitely knows. I’m suspicious of how private this room is over all, but we should be safe for now.”

“How can you tell?” You lowered your voice.

Loki shook his head, “It’s complicated, when we’re home from our honeymoon, I’ll tell you more, but for now, we should follow our schedule. Tomorrow we should visit maintenance about that problem with the room.”

“Tomorrow?” You asked, realizing he meant to move forward with the mission.

Loki chuckled, “I don’t think we have much longer to wait.”

anonymous asked:

Man, I just can't get enough of holoform asks. How about Roddy, Ratchet, and Nautica (and maybe Drift, tho we haven't seen his holoform, but why not?) receiving their first hickey on the neck? :>

(fans self)  Oh boy!  This got a bit steamier than I originally intended.  XD

Rodimus:  He doesn’t really notice it at first (he’s a little distracted at the time ;D)  But once he does notice the marks on his neck he’s a bit confused.  He’s got spots on his skin?  Maybe there’s a glitch in the holomatter program.  Once you explain to him the concept of hickies however, his face immediately starts to flush.  “Oh,” he chuckles nervously.  “That’s kind of… Slag, that’s kind of hot.”  From then on he wears each and every love bite like a badge of honor.  He’ll strut around the ship in his holoform mode just so he can show off the spectacular bruises along his neck and collar bone. Ultra Magnus has threatened to have him court marshaled several times for his obscene behavior (which of course, is partly why he does it.)

Ratchet:  Having spent so much time on Earth, he’s far more knowledgeable about these things than most of the crew.  He chuckles as you start sucking on the tender skin on his neck - a deep, rumbling sound that vibrates through your tongue.  “Easy on the marks there, sweetspark,” he mumbles, “some of us have a reputation to uphold.”  You both know that whatever bruises you leave won’t matter, as the only time he ever uses his holomatter form is for times like these.  He grins as he brushes a thumb over a particularly large, red mark at his throat.  With a low, rumbling laugh, he flips you over on your back so that your positions are reversed.  “Okay, sweetspark, your turn,” he purrs, dragging his teeth over your collar bone.

Nautica:  The heavy make out session was terrific, don’t get her wrong, but these marks along her throat are very disconcerting.  Nautica momentarily panics, thinking something must have gone wrong – that you two had gotten too rough with your heavy petting and she had somehow suffered internal bleeding.  (Swerve tells her that’s a legitimate concern with organics.)  You barely suppress a chuckle as you explain to her that those marks are actually a sign of affection on your planet, and are perfectly safe and temporary.  She blushes furiously, both at her overreaction and at the meaning behind the love bites.  “I don’t suppose we could… try it again?” she asks hopefully, her eyes darkening with need.

Drift:  He traces a finger over the hickies at his throat in front of your habsuit mirror with a curious expression.  You shift awkwardly on the bed, running a hand through your hair and feeling your cheeks beginning to heat up.  “I’m sorry, Drift.  I got a bit carried away there.  We can stop for tonight if you want.”  He turns back to face you with a heavily lidded gaze.  “Who said anything about stopping?” he replies in a husky murmur that goes straight to your groin.  He brushes a strand of silver hair out of his eyes and saunters over to straddle you on the bed.  “I want you to keep going,” he breathes in your ear in a husky rasp.  “I want you to use that gorgeous little mouth of yours until every inch of my body is covered in your marks.”

Vegas, baby.

A night in Vegas was an idea on your behalf; you were joking around with your soon to be husband while trying to clasp his attention to take him away from his football game he was thoroughly getting into. When more than half his attention and energy is put into watching some football game, he is unbelievably hard to talk to, but incredibly easy to mess with and lure him into committing to things he otherwise would generally contemplate. While he was muttering under his breath a string of cuss words, words you hate being uttered in the house, but you made an exception for sporting games. You intrigued his attention when the words ‘vegas,’ and 'bachelorette party,’ ran off the tip of your tongue. 

He turned away from the action of the football game, his eyes shining blindingly over at you, a smirk forming on your lips. For a moment he frowned, a clear inkling he does not like the concept of you in Vegas for your bachelorette party while surrounded by god knows how many other bachelorettes with the same idea as you. He has seen far too many movies to know that Vegas and bachelorettes is not an idea he wants for you. 

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Want you

Title: Want you

Pairing: Balthazar x Reader, Cas x friend!reader

Word Count: ~3k

Warnings: Insecurity

Request: Hello I love your blog! Idk if you write for the angels but if you do would you mind maybe doing a oneshot where the reader can see balthazars wings and knows it means she is his soulmate but she doesn’t tell him because she thinks he deserves better and won’t want her. But somehow he eventually finds out, maybe she keeps staring at them or something, and he asks her why she never said and she explains everything and he reassures her? ❤❤

The first time you saw them they literally took your breath away. You stared at Balthazar like you never saw him before in your life. A pair of beautiful huge wings filled the room behind him. Soft light seemed to radiate of them and a feeling of safety and belonging pulled you towards him. All you wanted this moment was go over there, take him in your arms, let him wrap those wings around you and never let go.

“Hey, sweetness” The angel in turn had of course caught your staring “What are you looking at?”

Confused he turned around, tugging his wings away or whatever it was angels did to their wings when they weren’t visible. The feeling of belonging stayed however, even with the soft light gone. Shaking your head you tried to push the feeling away, quickly searching the walls for something. In the corner of the room your eyes finally landed on a fat spider. Good enough, you decided before pointing at it.


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That Don’t Impress Me Much

I took a break from studying (I did so much work guys, I swear)

Prompt: ‘You were singing really loudly in the shower when I broke into your apartment but then i heard you slip and crash and oh god i should probably check on you in case i get done for murder instead of just robbery’ AU

Manon cursed quietly to herself as the key her cousin had given her failed to open the door. Again. She checked her phone to make sure she had the right apartment. Asterin’s last text clearly said B207. Manon thumped her forehead against the door, groaning. She felt her duffle bag slide off her shoulder on to the floor. How did Asterin manage to give her the wrong keys to her own apartment?

This is why she didn’t travel.

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Ten Moments

Originally posted by talk-me-down-troye



Word Count: 4,489

Genre & Warnings: Fluff, Some swearing because I’m all about that potty mouth life. No smut as of yet. This chapter is pretty tame. Don’t know how crazy other chapters are going to get. I’m letting this story tell itself as I go along. 

Notes: I just needed some fluff in my life. And Yoongi fluff at that. I wrote, deleted, and rewrote this chapter like six times. Nothing was coming out right. While I wanted this to stay fairly angst free for now, I don’t want to close it to future story developments. This chapter is me finally just saying fuck it, writing for five hours straight, and posting whatever happened. I hope you enjoy.

Ten moments. There were ten moments that led to me loving Min Yoongi more than life itself.”

And what better place to start than in the beginning…

“That smile of yours says you did something awful and you’re enjoying it.”

I observe my life long best friend and roommate suspiciously. She’s got that smile that I absolutely hated. The one that’s sassy and quirks off to one side. The one that she wore when she convinced me to use my next door neighbors hot tub, thinking they were out of town for a couple more days. They weren’t. I had to clean it once a week for that entire summer so they wouldn’t make a big deal with my parents. That smile also made an appearance while were were in middle school, when she told me that rubbing vicks vaporub on my boobs would make them grow faster. All it did was make all the boys run away from me because I smelled “Like a Grandma.” Basically, I didn’t trust that smile. 

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What is love? [ Chapter 2 ]

Title: What is love? 

Genre: Fluff | Angst | Smut 

Characters: Im Jaebum | Got7 | Reader

Warning/s: None

Summary: Jaebum was your childhood friend. Both of you had a beautiful, strong bond. Like sister and brother after all your families practically saw each other every day. However, he entered in JYP to be a trainee and you was preparing for medical school. Since then both were only able to talk trough kakao talk, after a few years once he was stable as an Idol and you as Doctor, you guys decided that it was finally time to meet again. Having no idea what was about to come next. 

Author: Sakura Choi (me)

Words count: 2.3k

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

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