she's so gooooood

the signs as iconic parts of harry's album

aries: “played with myself”

taurus: “can’t take her home to mother in a skirt that short”

gemini: duck sounds

cancer: introduction to only angel


virgo: “she feels so gooOOOOD”

libra: “she’s a devil between the sheets”

scorpio: “tryin to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat”

sagittarius: “i’m havin your baby, it’s none of your business”

capricorn: “should we just search for romantic comedies on netflix and see what we find?”

aquarius: “i’ve got splinters in my knuckles, crawlin cross the floor”

pisces: “even my phone misses your call”

anonymous asked:

I know that this is really random and that it has nothing to do with twice but I need your opinion on something. Do you think it would be okay if I set my wallpaper as a picture of an idol that I don't really know but I just like the picture and I think that they look good [even though I'm not a fan(as in I don't really know them) of them/their group]

Bruh, if you like the picture then you have every right to set it as your wallpaper.  Do what you want, your life is yours (I think I just lapsed into song lyrics)

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: Rumours say Sana has tattoos and I’m ready for Punk! Sana to fuck me up

Honestly the concept of Punk! Sana is too much to handle, I don’t think it’s true, but if my some miracle it is… oh boy I’m dead

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: DUDE HAVE U SEEN TZUYU’S HAIR IM DYING ITS SO GOOD


Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I had a dream about sana (one of the biases) we were cuddling on the floor (I know) of the dance practice room then all of a sudden moonbyul shows up as steals ma girl (like tf) and then I woke up I hardly ever remember my dreams but this one made me happy but this dream was just really cute and I wanted to share it with you lmao

Wow, Moonbyul was literally ‘Mr steal yo girl’, that’s a super cute dream though and I’m glad you shared it with me. I don’t remember my dreams so I kind of enjoy hearing about other peoples dreams, I know thats kind of weird so just ignore me

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I can’t believe Son Chaeyoung made me gay

Son Chaeyoung brings all the girls to the yard. 

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: *Knock-knock* Good afternoon! Are you ready to accept your Lord and savior “ot9’s smiles” into your life?

Um yes, of course, but you gotta give me more info. Is this a tumblr blog or a twitter or something, I would like to fully appreciate the ot9′s smiles

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I once wrote a quick blurb of a 2yeon fic but I can’t find it… rip

I lose my writing notes all the time, but don’t worry it’ll probably show up when you least expect it. That’s what usually happens to me

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: Have you seen that Chinese girls group called AOS , some people are saying that they pretty much copy gfriends dance moves and clothing and snsd song “into the new world” no hate if you Stan them it’s just appealing to me that’s all (I saw this video on YouTube that said “AOS copying gfriend” and I saw some comment “they copied AOA name as well”) - ya anon

I haven’t heard of them before, the AOA name stealing accusation seems pretty ridiculous but as for the Gfriend plagiarism… I can’t say for sure because I’m not really that familiar with Gfriend. It could be coincidental, or their choreographer could’ve seen Rough and taken some dance moves, I’m not sure. Whatever it is, it sucks that the girls have had to deal with this. It was the first thing I saw when I google searched for them. Even if it is actual plagiarism, they don’t chose the choreo and yet they’re probably going to get the majority of the blame, which sucks

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: Best Dahyun is extra Dahyun. And squishy Dahyun. And cute Dahyun. And sexy Dahyun. And beautiful Dahyun. And I love Dahyun. And gay Dahyun. And player Dahyun. And Dahyun loves Sana. And Sana loves Dahyun. And smol Dahyun. And dubu Dahyun. And all Dahyun cause Dahyun is the best okay thank you. -Another Dahyun stan cause Dahyun needs love okay? Okay. Love Kim Dahyun and protect her.

^Yes^ I love my Dubu so much, she was and always will be my first Twice bias and I love her so much

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I just watched Liza Koshy’s new vid and Carlos is literally Sana I’m crying - tbh anon

I didn’t make that connection til now but it’s so true oh my god

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: Quick question to sore loser anon: could you plleeeeaaassee send the link to me? (@incorrectioiquotes) I’m ready to accept an early death BUT HOLY SHIT YES - Vera

Hopefully sore loser anon sees this and can initiate your early death, it was nice knowing you Vera, rip

Well I thought today was just going to be a rollercoaster of phone calls and arguing with leasing offices and screening companies, but LOOK! LOOK LOOK LOOK! omg my commission came in! @flame-squad drew my charr necromancer going through a rough time at a bar! SHE LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING~ Go give the artist some love! <3 <3 

So yeah this is Honeydew Smiles sometime after the whole “Shell Shocked” incident. It really, really messed with her. She’s not okay.