she's so good in this movie


Guys I’m worried about Becky, I just watched her live stream and she didn’t seem her usual self and she said herself that she hasn’t been good, I think a big part of it is people are continually asked for new music and she’s trying so hard to please everyone and she feels like she’s not doing so and it’s affecting her. She’s been such a big help for me and a big inspiration to me that I just can’t sit around and watch her like this. I made this tweet explaining, you guys should retweet and like and comment your love for Becky…please do this, I’m so worried😭😭💛💛💛💛💛💛

i like to think about Actor Sid AU where one of Geno’s beer league buddies (they’re all like great friends with Sidney by now) goes home to his wife like “Hey, honey, Geno’s bringing his boyfriend next week for the potluck.” 

Wife: Oh, great! What’s his name?
Guy: Sidney Crosby. 
Wife: Sidney…Crosby.
Guy: Yeah. 
Wife: Like from the movies, Sidney Crosby.
Guy: Yeah.  Oh, he really likes cheesecake, by the way. Should I pick some up on the day of or like the day before?
Wife: (high frequency screaming)

Bonus if when she meets Sidney, she’s so starstruck and apologizing because her house is so tiny, the food is probably not as good of stuff as Sidney’s used to, and Sidney smiles this bright, charming grin and says, “Your cooking is incredible” as he devours like 50 mozzarella sticks. 

Guy: Honey, where’d all the mozzarella sticks go–
Wife: Sidney Crosby ate all of them. Go buy some more. Now

2x14: Random collection of thoughts
  • I loved the synchronisation of the opening and closing scenes of Jace and Sebastian. The opening scene is so eerie upon rewatch.
  • Sebastian ‘Woops, there’s Clary’ Verlac totally knew Clary was on her way.
  • Simon’s confidence in going against Jace already broke my wee heart before anything really heartbreaking went down. Like, ‘good for you, buddy. Enjoy it while it lasts’
  • What happened to the ‘Is it really a competition if I always win’ line?
  • For someone who gets his trivial wisdom from movies, Simon was pretty dumb for going near that tree.
  • ‘Use protection, and I don’t mean your gun!’ God, I hope she does not turn out to be some evil maniac.
  • The Malec handshake scene was adorable af.
  • Acting-wise I am sure Sarah Hyland would have pulled off playing the Seelie Queen, but since everyone know’s she’s with Dom, it would have been kind a weird to have her go like nowkiss.gif.
  • So who is she gonna play?!
  • I’ve seen some people complaining about a child playing the Queen, but I really loved it? Same thing happened with the angel Ithuriel, loads of people complained it should have been some drop dead gorgeous man, rather than an old guy. Angels and fairies are worlds apart from humans, and since the entire cast is already made up out of gorgeous people, I feel like yet another supermodel in a funky costume would not have done the job in showing that devide.
  • Also, Lola Flanery is insanely talented. She did a great job at being playful like a child, while wise as someone ancient.
  • The Other Side fit the kissing scene perfectly. And they timed it perfectly when Clary realised she hit the point of no return. I get it y’all wanted it for Malec, because it is a great song, but it’s a freaking break up song. Would y’all really want a scene that would fit the song? Like, super sad trouble in paradise? I doubt it, 
  • Add Lola Flanery to the list of ‘best schadenfreude face’. You know, the list that previously only had Alan Van Sprang on it from 2x11.
  • Random canon fact: Seelies also get blisters when wearing ballerinas. Check out the Queen’s handmaiden in the pink dress when the Queen joins the table.
  • I am so here for Raphael exposing Sebastian.
  • ‘The game isn’t for me’ I love how she sounds 50% bored, 50% entertained.
  • Isabelle looked drop dead gorge the whole episode. 
  • ‘No, mama. It’s mine’ Fuck me uuuuuppppp. Didn’t think anything other than Alberto’s wounded puppy face would hit me in the feels so bad.
  • R.I.P Climon and Rizzy. Welcome back, Clace. I can’t wait to see you, Sizzy.
  • Based on the promo, looks like poor Izzy is going to be in the position I have been way too many times: the one stuck in between a miscommunicating soon-to-be-couple.

in other news I am so happy it’s (I guess in a way) confirmed that Z wasn’t gonna be wearing that bright ass pink wig in the greatest showman the whole movie lmao. SHE LOOKED SO GOOD I’M SNATCHED!!

so an update on me…

last time i updated y’all, mountain man had just upgraded me to pal. since then i’ve seen him like four times. the first was for a touch up appointment on some old tattoos. but like i went alone instead of with my friend because she’s jewish and it was a jewish holiday that day. it was good tho! he made fun of my pizza selection and we found out he is from the same small town that my dad grew up in and he told me about his go-to first date movie ((honestly don’t remember how we got to that topic but it is a good movie))

second time i saw him was when my friend went in for her first tattoo. she brought her boyfriend with us so during her tattoo she kinda talked to him mostly so i got to chat w mountain man one on one more. we talked about his first date movie again because i had now seen it

the third time leads us to why there is blood on my shirt…i got my nipples pierced! the shop he works in has like half priced piercings on sundays so my friend and i went in. i got my nipples done ((worst pain i’ve ever felt ever jesus)) but my friend forgot her i.d. so she couldn’t get the cartilage piercing she had wanted. mountain man doesn’t do piercings but while we were waiting for my friend’s boyfriend to pick us up since he drove us there, mountain man came out and talked to us for awhile. my friend told him about my new piercings, he said ‘mazel tov’ and asked how that was and i told him how much it hurt and idk i kinda like that he knows but i wish i knew what he thought about it, ya know? then my friend invited him to go swing dancing w us since we go every thursday but he said he already had plans for that night to see baby driver. but, i’m hopeful in the fact that he genuinely considered it and probably would have come had he not had plans so maybe another week we will get him to come.

and then i saw him again today. we went back, this time with my friend’s i.d., for her to get her cartilage pierced. while we were waiting for the piercer to sterilize everything, mountain man saw us and came to talk to us. he joked about how we are always here and how he can’t get rid of us. and then i talked to him about fonts for my next tattoo that i’m getting on my birthday and he told me about how he really liked the shirt i was wearing which is swell because it’s my favorite shirt. then he said he had to run to the supermarket and asked if we wanted anything. my friend’s boyfriend, jokingly, asked for a red bull and mountain man said he will genuinely get him one we just have to still be here when he gets back ((which i was down for)) but we were done before he made it back so we didn’t get to see him after that but as he was leaving he said like if i don’t see you later today then see ya later so it was a good evening

that is my very rambley update…if you made it this far tell me in my inbox about the most recent interaction you had with your crush :)

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what trope, story arc you'd like to see with wanda that hasn't ever been done with her?

Wanda’s history is so varied and strange that this is hard to answer. There’s been a cartoon where she was a shapeshifter, a movie where she was a metaphor for ISIS, and a comic where Magneto fell in love with a robot version of her.

Not that I wanted any of those things, but they’re good for making a point. Particularly if you look outside of 616, Wanda’s inherent malleability translates into a “let’s do whatever” attitude from creators.

If we’re looking outside of 616, then the answer is a magical girl anime. And I want all the magical girl tropes. The floofy dress, the weapon, the cat sidekick. You know who has a magic cat sidekick already? Agatha Harkness. We’re good to go.

Look at this inspirational fan art and tell me I am not 100% correct that this should be a thing. Someone get Disney on the phone and make this show.

Inside 616, I think Wanda’s themes are so well-established that she’s dabbled, however briefly, in almost all of the things I’d like to see. I’d just like to see them done better and explored more fully. Back when supernatural horror was big in early 90′s comics, Wanda was around the periphery of that movement, flitting in and out, and I’d like to see her become part of a dark supernatural team or go more Urban Fantasy: Werewolf Hunter on her own. (Please bring back the shotgun.)

I could also go for less angst and more pure Adventuring™, but that’s been done before.

So... I was chatting with my college friends on Whatsapp and, well, we reached the conclusion that Diana is the main character of every DC movie, even the one's she's not in.

Because, you know… She kicks ass and is smart and kind and sweet and has legs for days and amazing hair and I am so gay for Diana Prince is not even a joke and I can’t believe I’ve watched this movie 2 times already and I am still Shooketh™. And when Steve Trevor (bless his heart and those eyes and his motherfucking gray hairs) saw her for the first time and was, like, “Wow” I was like “Same, dude. Same” So yeah… I just needed to ramble about how magnificent my Greek Goddess girlfriend is.

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Tonight’s pick for our family movie club was Apollo13. While Pie wasn’t sold on Richard Donner’s Superman the other night, she and Middle both thought Apollo 13 was a fantastic film. 

And boy, did the special effects ever hold up well. The film was released in 1995, just two years after Jurrassic Park. What CGI effects they might have used were… well, so good I couldn’t pick them out. I’m sort of amazed that these were the early days of CGI, and yet they were done so cleverly, that the effects (like the launch scene) look more realistic than many modern movies. I think maybe using CGI effects to compliment models and real footage instead of using CGI for any effect you can think of is a lot more successful.

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You can't watch X-Men Apocalypse for good anyone content. But maybe I'm just bitter over fight club Warren and how he's very much not comic Warren :/

nobody in that movie is comic accurate. except maybe psylocke and only because she doesn’t speak enough to be considered out of character. I literally love psylocke so much. pointing her out was the most satisfying thing in xmen apocalypse

Reasons you should go see Wonder Woman
  • gal gadot is,,,,absolutely fantastic, as someone who loves diana to literal death and lives and breathes wonder woman comics, the character was done really well
  • the amazons are seriously really hot and fit like,,,,damn
  • listen, i have never cared for a Heterosexual in my life, but chris pine did a damn good job at playing steve trevor
  • and steve trevor is a super enjoyable character too
  • oh my god it’s literally so funny. so much good,well-written humor. 
  • also diana legit says “men are horrible for pleasuring” at one point hereby confirming that she belongs to the Gays sorry i don’t make the rules
  • really heartfelt message all in all? people might think it’s kind of cheesy, but it really is meaningful especially in a world where everything is just sad and dark and negative
  • the soundtrack will have you ready to start a bar fight in .0002 seconds
  • also this was a surprise but there’s a moroccan character and a native american character? that was super cool

tl;dr this movie will actually restore your faith in humanity

People really don’t understand the difference between a character being attractive and being intended for consumption by the other gender.

There’s a big difference between a character looking hot and a character being intended for sexualization. There are lots of attractive characters out there that aren’t intended to be consumed by other genders, objectified, and sexualized. For example:

Batman. Undeniably attractive. He is good looking.

But he was not intended for consumption by women. He get’s power poses and muscles because that’s how men want their male heroes, the one’s they aspire to be like and project onto, to look.

By contrast look at Black Widow. She is intended for male consumption.

She doesn’t have long legs, a tiny waist, a pronounced butt, and big boobs because that is what women want their heroes to look like. She looks like that because that’s what men want their women heroes, the one’s they picture themselves romancing, to look like. She’s not just attractive, she is also sexualized and intended for a male audience.

Now look at a male character meant for women. Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.

He’s not buff and bulky, he’s long, lean, and well dressed. This is what women want their hero men, the one’s they want to fall in love with, to look like. This isn’t a male fantasy, this is a female one. 

Now look at a women intended for women. The main characters from Totally Spies.

They have small waists and long legs yes but their boobs and butts aren’t particularly noticeable. They get power poses instead of one’s intended to sexualize. They look like this because this is what women want to project themselves on. This is a women’s power fantasy. This is closer in comparison to Batman, good looking but powerful, than it is to Black Widow, sexualized. 

Now are all of these characters attractive? Yes. But do you see the difference between sexy and sexualized? Sexy depends on the ‘type’ of the viewer and what they like in men and women. Sexualized has less to do with what you personally think is hot and more to do with what society as a whole thinks is hot. So when I say that Wonder Woman in the movie was not meant for male consumption I am not saying she isn’t beautiful, sexy, or attractive (I left that movie gayer than I was before). What I am saying is that she was posed, treated, costumed, and written more like an attractive human than like an object for men to gawk at.

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Please talk about the mummy returns

pristinepastel said: Hey, i know you like the first mummy, but what about the mummy returns?

I HAVE RETURNED…after like a day. 

but what the people want, the people get!


aka the only sequel that is 1000% just as good as the first one. like holy shit. 

ten years later and we meet our heroes again. rick and evie are happily married, going on adventures, and evie’s dream of becoming a respected scholar has come true and they’ve made a tiny human! 

the only unrealistic part being that they only had one kid, i mean they are still all over each other ten years later and you’re telling me they only had ONE kid.

okay. sure jan. 

but boy o’ boy is that one kid awesome! 

alex o’connell. this kid is literally:

  • 50% evie super-klutz-genius. 
  • 50% rick screams-at-things-that-are-illogical-to-scream-at. 
  • 50% uncle jonathan’s sheer dumb luck and wit. 
  • 10% i’m really bad at math. 

you get the point. HE’S GREAT. also the actor passed on harry potter because, JUST LIKE ME, the mummy 1999 was his favorite movie and he just HAD to be in the sequel. alex is just such a smart-ass little shit. that much like his mother, accidentally brings about the apocalypse by opening something he shouldn’t have:

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ARDETH BAY TIME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. he has a much bigger role in this one. GOD BLESS. (because he was supposed to die in the first one, but test audiences loved him as much as we do, so they kept his fine ass around) he still looks prettier than everyone and is still so done with white people once again. 

*after almost being killed on he bus* “this was my first bus ride.”
*after realizing they’re gonna make him fly again* “why can’t you people ever keep your feet on the ground?”

he’s just such an awesome A+ friend goals, because while he probably needs to go be with other medjai to prepare for battle against anubis’ army (yikes), he stays with the fam to rescue alex. it wasn’t even much of a thought for him really, rick and evie just batted their eyelashes and he was like: *sighs* “these white people are always messing my shit up, but they are my white people.”

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jonathan: still beautifully the same as ever. witty, clever, and would do anything for his family. 

“be quiet alex! if there’s going to be any hysterics, they’ll come from me!”

“if you see anyone come running out screaming, it’s just me.”

when he boasts about being a good shot and ardeth is internally like “i’m gonna die.” THEN HE SAVES ARDETH. hell yeah.

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rick: he’s still screaming at things. BUT IN DAD MODE. he’s the ultimate dad.

“you, lighten up. you, big trouble. you, get in the car.”
*sweetly* “honey, what are you doing, these guys don’t use doors.”
“knowing my brother-in-law, he probably deserves whatever you’re about to do to him, but this is my house and i have certain rules about snakes and dismemberment.”

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evie: still a super-klutz nerd, but with C O N F I D E N C E. little baby librarian is now a honey badger of ASK ME IF I GIVE A FUCK! and also a re-incarnated princess

“no harm ever came from opening a chest.”

rick: “i swear that kid gets more and more like you every day.”
evelyn: “you mean more attractive, sweet and devilishly charming?”

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we meet izzy, another one of rick’s ex boyfriends, who is a much more reliable mode of transportation than previously mentioned murder buses. 

imhotep: still emo. still wants to make out with his gf.

anck su namun/meela: hella good villain. she bomb af and 100% wants to take over the world. amazing. she actually has like a really cool role this time too!!! like so much screen time. 

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the rock…i mean the scorpion king, he’s another emo villain with goofy cgi rendering and like 4 million terrible made-for-TV spin off movies that you are lying if you haven’t watched at least one of them and felt that utter disappointment. but who cares the rock is pretty. and this was his first acting role and the reason we have him where he is today. 

thank you mummy returns for giving the world actor rock johnson #blessed

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normal action movie sequel romance: same guy. different girl. repeat of first movie’s romance. hehehehhehehehhEHEHEHEHHEHH. 

not here bitch. 

rick and evie’s love has only grown stronger. they still bicker like old ladies at bingo night. the still look at each other like they hung the moon. they’re still disgusting jonathan because they CANNOT KEEP THEIR HANDS TO THEMSELVES. one kid my ass. they still support each other and protect each other like crazy. they love each other so much and it’s so healthy and pure and there is some good in this world mr. frodo.

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the bottom line here is. what’s the point of watching the mummy 1999 if you aren’t going to watch the mummy returns immediately after?


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my favorite thematic message of Wonder Woman (and I loved a lot of the narratives in this movie, let’s be clear about that) was that empathy and compassion are strengths, not weaknesses.

this is something that is hardly ever conveyed on screen, in superhero properties or elsewhere in entertainment - I can’t think of the last time I saw it done, especially not so clearly. 

every time Diana felt compassion or showed empathy for the plight of those suffering around her, she became stronger. she would see something that caused her pain because other people were in pain, and she channeled that emotion into her powers, using them to do good in some way. this happens repeatedly in the film (from the tower climb in Themyscira to no man’s land), culminating with seeing Steve’s death and the impending death of her other comrades-in-arms, when her powers erupt forth from her body, so strong they nearly consume those around her at once. her emotions fueled the growth of her powers until she was strong enough that she defeated the god of war. her emotions made her powerful enough that she could become the godkiller, the world’s savior.

society teaches us that emotion and compassion and empathy are weak, are only going to get us hurt in the long run. we are told to repress and hide our feelings because it’s not socially acceptable. but when Diana shows emotion, when she vocalizes her urge to show empathy for others, she literally becomes stronger.

this is probably the film’s subtlest message - but imho it might be the most important. feelings are something to be embraced, not rejected. a superhero feels the pain of others acutely - and she uses those emotions to save the world. 

Batman vs Superman was over two hours of two men bickering over who has the biggest brooding cock-I mean, who has the better method of "saving" people and whether or not it's ok for Batman to beat and brand criminals without regarding the fact that not everyone's as wealthy and privileged as his morally upright ass and for Superman to ignore the fact that not everyone's as indestructible as him, meanwhile Wonder Woman over here...


Wonder Woman was vastly superior to bvs for two reasons.

-Wonder Woman is actually a likable lady and an idealistic believable super hero who doesn’t spend her entire moving thinking about how she COULD help people.

She charges in, headfirst, wanting to help people she doesn’t even KNOW because she wants to protect the people who’re dying.

-and Wonder Woman was just so much more subtle and less pretentious about its message.


Let’s talk.

Wonder Woman’s CHARACTER is not that she’s cold and heartless and…well, masculine.

She doesn’t EMULATE men.

She doesn’t need to act like a man to be strong.

She coos at a baby and kisses Chris Pine and doesn’t spend the entire movie ragging on women.

She dresses and acts feminine, and embodies kindness, grace, beauty, everything “feminine.”

And she’s also strong as fucking hell.

That is Wonder Woman.

She’s a good person.

She’s not some cold warrior goddess, an untouchable female shaped ideal.


She sees people suffering in the trenches and her first thought it, stop what we’re doing, we gotta help.

Chris pine and all of his men?

They’ve seen all of this.

They’ve hardened themselves to the horrors of war and accepted them as inevitable.

But Diana, new to the cruelty of the human world, is disgusted and she asks what’s wrong with you?

What is wrong with us?

We have accepted casualties. We have accepted pain.

We have excused suffering because we told ourselves long ago that we couldn’t do anything about it.

But Diana?

She does not accept that.

She fights, yes. She’s ferocious and she, unlike Batman, doesn’t have a compulsion against killing.

She was raised by warrior women, I mean come on.

But who does she fight for?

The women and children who did nothing wrong.

The injured, hopeless men fighting a war to end all wars.

The entire movie was lovely because all of Diana’s bewilderment at the way humans live was incredible.

She’s shocked at how dirty London is.

She’s not impressed by sex and she’s not impressed by war.

She thinks sexism is strange.

But she doesn’t like, rag on it, because Diana is literally so above it that she just wryly questions it at times.

Like I don’t care what all the whiny fanboys say.

There’s not an overt feminist message in this movie.

There’s no “men are so weak.”

There’s “men are corruptible” but as we see, Diana sees them as worth saving in the end, if only to fulfill her own ideals…

Which is feminist as fuck, I guess, because Diana doesn’t defend men because it’s her job.

She defends them because it’s her decision. Her morality. Her duty.

But the feminism in the movie comes from the fact that she’s so kind.

She breaks down when realizing that Ares isn’t behind it all, that MEN are the ones who are cruel to one another.

She sees the war and it’s only senseless violence to her.

All of the people she wants to help are the victims, and it’s clear cut, to her, who’s bad and who’s not.

But Chris Pine helps her realize that humans aren’t so clear cut.

And so even though she was disgusted by human actions, she still wanted to help the people in need.

I absolutely adore the scene where she’s charging across a battle field to pave the way to the town.

First off, it was so badass watching her knock aside artillery like it was nothing as the men cowered in the pits.


She didn’t do a Batman, where she looked at the risks vs the benefits vs the needs of the many and the few.

She just charged in and did what she could.

Chris Pine told her she couldn’t do anything except help him with his plan, in order to stop the war and save them indirectly.

But Diana is a true warrior with the heart of a lion, man.

She helped them directly, with no nonsense, no politicizing, no planning, just action.

At the end she says love will save humanity?

That’s the kind of feminism Wonder Woman was embodying.

Wonder Woman wasn’t this lone independent operator who sneers at men who try to involve themselves in her business.

She was helped and supported by men, but it was clear that she was the star, the true hero who brought them and their plans together but also gave them a new hope, a new heart.

They were jaded by helplessness and mortal frustration, forced to fight to stand stills and accept human deaths.

She came and showed them something miraculous and wonderful: her power.

But not used to beat someone’s head in with a fucking sink.

Used to do good.

To fight for her morals, which aren’t corrupted by the human world’s greyness, not yet.

I loved this movie.

I loved this movie so much.

DC finally did good and we can stop pretending suicide squad and Batman vs superman were good.

Wonder Woman is the good DC movie.

Don’t even try to tell me BVS was better than Wonder Woman because if you genuinely believe that, either out of pride and obstinacy from all your bickering with marvel fans or out of delusional worshipping of anything DC, then I think you just like watching people beat people in slow motion and uncomfortably lofty , corporate-cut and stylized plots as interesting as watching a landscape time lapse.

Suicide squad was cut to bits by its editors, BVS suffered from some severe Snyder wanking, and justice league, I don’t know, we’ll see.

But Wonder Woman?

Best DC movie since dark knight.

God bless Patty.

I knew we needed a woman in charge to get the job done.

Now direct all sexist comments and sneering remarks about feminazis destroying your precious super hero genre with their “love” themes to my inbox where they’ll be lovingly deleted.

Netflix Customer Service

Alright everyone! So I’ve just finished getting off a 20 minute call with customer service. The lady that took my call was the sweetest thing. What she said? They’ve been receiving calls like crazy about the cancellation of sense8 from left to right. She also told me there have been some angry callers, but please guys, if you want something done, please be kind, being angry isn’t going to help when you’re talking to these people. She also told me that EVERY SINGLE FEEDBACK THEY RECEIVE FROM US COUNTS AND THEY TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. As she also said that Netflix is probably the only company she knows that does this. I spoke to her about the possibility of there being at least a special or a movie so we may be able to get a good and decent finale. Everything that we tell these people is being typed down and sent to headquarters. I came to ask as well about the possibility of Netflix selling the show forward and she said she wouldn’t know about that and told me that they can possibly keep making money off of sense8 if it’s still there. Make sure you guys tell them that if they cancelled it because they weren’t getting enough views; I specifically said to her “if you’re going to cancel it because it’s not getting enough views, excuse my language, but advertise your shit”. Why keep making money from a show that’s been cancelled if you’re not getting views and you’re not willing to promote it. I live in New York City and the only time there was ever something concerning sense8 here was the season 2 premiere which was amazing. Please let them know what this show means to you as well. She told me that people have called her and told her that they’re cancelling their accounts and this is happening fast where people are unsubscribing. Everything we do for this show makes a difference. She told me to lets keep our heads up and stay on the lookout which I won’t say it’s essentially a good thing but we’re doing good. So keep up the good work everyone, lets keep doing this!

Anything is possible.

The customer service line is 1-866-579-7172

I think the thing that really, really got me about the no man’s land scene in Wonder Woman?

Is that it didn’t gloss over the “WW1 was awful, just, so so terrible” thing. And, like the million grimdark movies we’ve already seen, it’s all grey and grimy and awful and human suffering everywhere you look, and like every grimdark movie we’ve ever seen people are saying “look we can’t change this this is just how it is there’s nothing we can do everything sucks that’s just how it is”

And then, because Diana is Diana, she stops, and says “NO. No, I can do something, or at least I must try. And none of you can stop me.”

And she goes up and over the bank and into no-man’s land, in the iconic costume for the first time, red and blue and gold against the grey, and flips that goddamn overused ‘grimdark world sucks everything is futile life is pain there is no hope’ trope right on it’s goddamn head.

I didn’t know how desperately I needed to see that somewhere, and seeing my absolutely beloved childhood icon do it…well, I’m still a little choked up about it, the next day.

Okay so seeing Wonder Woman was literally eye-opening for me. I always knew that movies, action movies in particular, are really sexist towards women. I just didn’t realize how bad it was until I saw a superhero movie directed by a woman.

In almost every movie I’ve seen, the woman was always the damsel in distress or just some lousy love interest. And in action movies, mainly superhero movies, the camera is always focused on the woman’s boobs while she’s fighting. Yes, I’m mainly talking about Black Widow in the Avengers movies.

But in Wonder Woman, there were no close-up shots of her boobs while she was fighting. In fact, I don’t think that any woman even showed her cleavage, at all. They weren’t sexualized in any way. 

And all of the women looked like real people. There were women with big muscles, women with scars, there were women with thick thighs and arms that would jiggle when they were fighting, there were dark skinned women. They didn’t just all look like the stereotypical super thin white girls that you usually see in big movies.

The flirting was also very minimal. There were almost no romantic scenes at all.

And none of the men tried to undermine or belittle the women, and when they did Diana would just start talking about how she could do things better than them.

And the fight scenes. They were so amazing. They didn’t try to make the women look super pretty while doing it. No, they were full on fighting. Nasty, brutal, screams-of-pure-rage fighting.

But she always had a reason for fighting, and she always did it because she genuinely believes in hope and peace and protecting innocent people and people who can’t fight for themselves.

This movie sends out so many great messages for little girls, saying that you can fight for what you believe in and even if you don’t succeed the first time, not to give up because it is always worth it in the end.

Like I was thinking about it in the movie theater. For some little girls, Wonder Woman is their first superhero. There are little girls who will grow up with this movie and cherish it because it is the first and only movie with a lead female superhero. There are little girls who will grow up thinking that they want to do some good in this world, just like she did. I almost cried during several parts in the movie just thinking about that.

So please, for the love of all things good, please go see this movie. Not only is it a huge deal for women and girls now, it will be for generations to come. 


You remember the first time I drove you?

Yes. Of course. I remember looking at you and thinking: What a handsome man, that kind of face never gets old.

How right you were.