she's so freaking cute in that video

HAIKYUU!! Chapter 230
Kuroo “little crows from the countryside~”
(He was friendly teasing/asking them if they saw the real Tokyo Skytree (They did, from the train)
——- in this chapter ——-
1. Daichi’s stern faces are hilarious LOL, and Ennoshita is in full next-generation-captain mode, they totally lead in the same way lol
2. The “I’m great!” self-motivation video is so cute and thoughtful
3. Tsuki and the freak-duo’s dynamics funny as always
4. Kiyoko was a hurdle race athlete before!!!
She said she has many scars on her legs so she got used to wearing black stockings
This chapter got me so hyped, I can’t believe they’re really beginning the nationals now. Will they win? How many matches? How will it end??? I have so many questions.
On the other hand, it somehow also made a part of me sad, cause I will surely miss everyone back in Miyagi, and my heart aches for those other boys who didn’t get to join the nationals ;__;

Mike and El playing a video game together and El does that cliche cute thing where she turns and kisses Mike on the cheek to distract him so she gets in the lead, then once his blushing fades he decides to do the same thing back except he misses her cheek and instead accidentally kisses her on the lips and then they’re both blushing and freaking out and they both lose because they’re so distracted

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Imagine Joker & Harley's daughter becoming a beauty YouTuber. She'd do so many cool/crazy looks and do funny videos with Harley and get Joker to be in some like "My Dad Does My Makeup" and "I Do My Dad's Makeup" and it'd be so cute

I LOVE THIS HEADCANON! I instantly thought of that girl who does the jokers makeup on youtube.

imagine her doing her dads look and he walks in and freaks out in amazement 


This is old, but I wanted to post it anyway

I’m sure everyone else noticed, but it’s so freaking cute how Ross pulls Court closer so she can get in the video too 😍

They’re so adorable! 💛

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This blog has said something inappropriate (sexual) about the members of Seventeen and has used the vlogs of some black fangirls on youtube without their consent, although she did credit their youtubes. It is still considered “stealing” and “impersonation” according to the Youtube Creator Community Guidelines. I have chosen to warn the followers of this blog to be wary of the content that blog posts due to it being examples of fetishization of Asian Men and AMBW relationships.

Everyone is allowed to hold opinions about the way that blog tries to “uplift” black women and girls who have hopes to date their biases. I do not support the manner in which that blog goes about “encouraging black women to love themselves and help them believe that they have a chance to date their biases”.

However, please form your own opinion about whether or not you will follow that blog, as for me, I do not follow that blog. Thank you and have a blessed day.

(This post has been rewritten from its previous form.)

Percabeth Youtuber au

okay i’ve posted about this before, but i can’t stop thinking about all the possibilities now!

- okay, i want Percy to have an undercut and blue highlights in this au for reasons i won’t mention

- he’s basically either just telling stories about weird things that have happened to him or giving inspirational speeches, let’s be real

- challenges!! (most likely how he ended up with blue hair?!?)

- okay and he’s dating Annabeth, obviously, and she films him singing one day and Percy’s fans kind of lose their SHIT (okay but just picture Percy freaking Jackson doing covers??? idk i would die)

- Annabeth always jokingly correcting him in his videos and people just loving her so much that she decides to start her own channel that’s basically just for struggling students who just love Annabeth (who doesn’t tbh)


- Percy doing baking videos with his mom, percabeth car karaoke, did i mention cute percabeth vlogging??

- seriously someone write this for me i’m dying 

BTS Reaction: When their idol crush is a fan of them

It’s 1 in the morning in Texas rn. I’m tired but I did this. Sorry if it’s shit.

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Jungkook: *dances as well because he’s so excited*

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V: *super pumped af when he sees a video of you dancing and singing to one of their songs*

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Jimin: *sees video of you doing choreo to “I Need U”* “Can she join the group?

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Rap Monster: *dying on the inside because his freaking crush is being cute and singing their song*

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J-Hope: *gives you a little nod when he sees you jamming to their songs with your group*

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Suga: “Did I die and go to heaven? Because that’s how it feels right now!”

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Jin: *you’re both at a rehearsal and he’s in complete awe watching you sing along to them practicing but has to stay cool*

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1D Hiatus: Day 220

* Pictures and a video of Louis and Danielle outside the cinema in Los Angeles last night come out

* A few video previews of Louis on America’s Got Talent are released

* The episode of America’s Got Talent featuring Louis airs on NBC

* Louis Walsh speaks up about the boys’ future as a band and says they’re ‘over’

* Pictures of Harry on the set of ‘Dunkirk’ about two weeks ago come out

* The Mirror publishes an article about Niall’s rumoured girlfriend Celine ‘receiving death threats’ over a leaked photo of her with ‘another guy’

* #1DMemories and #LouisStayStrong trend on Twitter

It’s Jul 20th, 2016.


Hey taylorswift, there are so many things I am grateful to you for, and this is just one of them. This is my 5 year old baby sister Sarah. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me something special to share with her. It is because of you that we have such a strong relationship, and I am so so grateful for moments like the one in this video moments that I will hold close to me and will cherish forever. I love you so much. (Also how freaking cute is she?)

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Pinof came out a couple of days ago, but I'm still freaking out bc dan was so happy and phil was just so cute, but not only that, dan still hasn't uploaded the bloopers and I really can't handle this anymore. Dan literally pretended to be a chip having an orgasm, and phil literally spoke in the cutest Scottish accent. NOT ONLY THAT, but dan just announced that they're uploading a video about them reading fanfic, and they want the fans to get involved. But have I told you about pinof, they did friggin yoga together and a trust fall and

kittykatgaming is really freaking cute okay.

It’s nice to see Suzy doing her own thing! After a while of following her on tumblr and seeing her on GG, I honestly think she’s very inspiring. She obviously cares to entertain and reach out to her fans and she’s just very pleasant to listen to, especially with her Animal Crossing videos. I hope KKG keeps being a great experience for her and wish her the best! so here’s some fanart for the kitty ; 7 ;

bonkai is creating freaks lol

i have a friend who is new in the bonkai fandom and she just watched the first six episodes of season 6 and she never shipped something so hard and she is even watching bonkai videos (i think she never watched videos of a ship) and she wrote me a message with “don’t call me a freak but i think i’ve found a video of bonkai kissing!!!” (lol it was just jeremiah and not kai) AND IT’S SO CUTE because she considers herself a freak because she is watching videos about them and then there are people like us spending 24/7 in the bonkai tag