she's so fat in the first photo

That’s Cat Oake on the left, with me affectionately pawing her as we wait to get our tapas on in 2015. This afternoon we heard from her brother that Cat has left us.

Cat was such a significant part of my fat acceptance journey. And the journeys of many, whether they know it or not. I’m so grateful I got to hang with her in recent years, both here in NYC and at her home in Las Vegas. And I’m glad she knew she was the primary inspiration for the Adipositivity Project. There were predecessors I was not yet aware of, but Cat was the first fat woman who posted nude photos of herself online which made me feel they were created for the gaze of other fat women. She did it with artful whimsy and maybe just a smidge of fuckyouism. I’d never seen anything like it. I’d never seen anything like her.

Over the years she gave me camera advice, chastisement aplenty, and often made me laugh until I ached, without ever cracking a smile, herself. The woman kept a tally of every alcoholic drink she’d ever had in her life! Last time we shared cocktails together, it was in the 300s, I believe. Maybe 400s. She was adorable. She was a character. She was a force.

Halloween will never be the same.

To all who’ve benefited in any way from seeing images of happy, unapologetic, naked fat women, please pause and offer a moment of appreciation for Cat. Even if you’ve never heard her name, she has influenced your life. Trust that.

I just pulled up our most recent exchange of messages. I guess to visit with her again? We’d been talking a lot about medical things, as she’d been in and out of the hospital for months, and Cat allowed me to be a bit of an information go-between for a couplefew folks who were concerned but reluctant to ask. Even when things got real, Cat was always fascinated by the science of everything going on with her health. She sent me diagrams! Jesusgod, I love her. Anyway, one of the last things I said to her in these messages was when she’d just been released from the hospital. Inspired by my favorite Italian toast, “Cent’Anni,” I said, “Another hundred years to you.”

We didn’t have another hundred years with Cat. But if we keep her in our hearts and minds (and toasts), maybe we can have the next best thing. Next time you wear something you wouldn’t have worn a year ago, or you pause to admire your reflection, or you refuse to postpone any part of life in hopes of attaining the unattainable first, I hope you’ll think of Cat. I sure will.

And I hope we’ll always have this. Cat’s website. The site that launched a multitude of multitude.

Now it’s time for a good, hard cry.

ETA: A few of us are gathering in Manhattan to raise a glass to celebrate Cat’s life this Thursday 9/21 at 7pm. If you’d like to join us, email me at adipositivity “at” gmail for the location. 

Offbeat - Auston Matthews

Annonymous said: maybe an auston matthews imagine where you somehow ended up being apart of ‘the guys’ with them showing up at your house randomly to pick you up to hangout and go to parties. and puckbunnies both are intimidated by you because youre always around and rude to you because you arent the typical super thin blonde, and get even more jealous of how close you are with auston in particular and then things happen and you n auston finally get together (surprise me with the how?) please and thank you :)

A/N: Hello everyone! Now I know everyone has been patiently waiting for Mason (Part 6), but I have other requests pending, and I find when I write other prompts or stories, it helps me write about other storylines I have going on as well. Creative juices, right? 

This was reqested a while ago and I appologize for the wait! I hope it’s similar to your request, and I do believe this will be another multi-part imagine. Let me know what you think!

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Auston Matthews (Feat. Connor Brown, Morgan Rielly, William Nylander, and Zach Hyman)

Words: 4,691

Warnings: Language and Alcohol Consumption

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A/N: So after the last two episodes of Teen Wolf I just needed to bask in the greatness that is Coach Finstock because he came the fuck through!

Part One

Part Two

You walked into school eyes glued to the game plan you had copied down when coach had gone over it yesterday.

You hadn’t put it down since.

You got to your Bio class, early as always and sat down.

You liked being the first one in class, it gave you a little time for peace and quiet.

You heard the classroom door slam close.

So much for peace and quiet.

You look up and see Jackie (your bully) and her two goons locking the door.

You stood up, ready to fight or run, whichever would be most effective.

‘What are you doing?’ you asked.

You hadn’t seen these girls since the incident last week.

While coach had basically given you a slap on the wrist for pulling a knife, he had been less kind ti these girls.

The principal suspended them for two weeks, meaning they weren’t supposed to be here now.

‘You got us in trouble, my parents are sending ne ti boarding school next semester.’ Jackie snarled.

'You mean your humanitarian parents don’t condone bullying? Who would have guessed?’ you asked sarcastically.

Seriously, her parents were humanitarians, talk about irony.

Before you knew it she charged at you, pushing you down.

You recovered quickly and kicked her away when she stepped closer to you, but before you could get up goon one pinned your arms down with her knees.

Goon number two got the drift and pinned your legs.

No matter how hard you kicked you just couldn’t get free.

Jackie stood up and grinned while she walked over to you.

'Not so tough without your knife.’

'Not so tough without your sidekicks it seems, seeing how you need them to hold me down.’ you challenged.


She had kicked you in your side.

'Ah!’ you grunted.

'How’d you like that?’ she asked proudly.

'Take your best shot, since its the last one you’ll get before you get sent off to who gives a fuck where.’ you spat.

Jackie’s face darkened as she dropped to her knee and brought down her fist, punching you in the face.

You spat a bit of blood out.

'That all you got?’

Jackie began hitting you so fast you could hardly tell where she was being hit.

Through the noise you heard the door being unlocked.

Next you heard tge door being thrown open, followed by the unmistakable sounds of a crowd forming.

'What the hell is this?!’


Jackie was thrown off of you, her girls backed away immediately after that.

Finally free, you curled into yourself.

Now that the punches had stopped your body became hyper aware of the pain it was in.

Finstock knelt beside you, trying to help you up.

'You OK kid?’ he asked.

'Peachy.’ you grunted as you sat up a bit.

You see a flash go off and look up to see almost twenty students standing by the door, most of them with their phones out.

‘Are you kidding me?’ Coach said as he looked around.

First at you, then the three girls that did this, then at the crowd.

‘What the hell is wrong with you kids?! You see a girl beaten bloody and the first thing you do is grab your phone?!’ he shouted angrily.

You watch as they lowered their phones and heads in shame.

‘And I just know all of you are going to post it with some deep bull shit caption about how bullying is unacceptable and speaking up, but look at all the nothing you did to help her!’ he yelled angrily.

‘Get out! All of you! I can’t stand to look at your faces!’ he screamed.

After the crowd was gone, he turned to Jackie and her friends.

‘As for you three you better believe I am calling your parents and you should hope and pray (Y/N) doesn’t decide to press charges. Because what you just did is undoubtedly assault. Now leave before I call the cops.’

They quickly run out of the room, probably going to run all the way out of the school.

Now that it was only the two of you he rushed back to you.

‘We gotta get you to the nurse, can you stand?’ he asked.

‘Yeah.’ you pushed out.

You bit back a cry as coach pulled you up carefully.

‘That’s two times you’ve saved my ass.’ you said as coach lead you through the halls.

‘Yeah, I’m gonna have to start charging you.’ he joked sadly.

After the nurse had checked you over you had opted to stick with Coach Finstock for the rest of the day as opposed to going home.

Your mom was still at work and you hated being in that quiet house alone.

Coach went and got all your assignments and even some notes from other teachers for you so you could get your work done in his office while he taught his classes.

During his free period he came and shared his lunch with you.

‘Hey Coach.’


‘Thank you, seriously. If you hadn’t been there I don’t where I’d be right now…if I would be here. For whatever reason you took an interest in helping me, so thank you.’ you said.

Finstock put down his apple and sighed heavily as he sat back.

‘My daughter.’ he said quietly looking at his hands in his lap.

‘What?’ you asked.

‘You remind me of her.’ 

‘What happened to her?’ you asked carefully.

‘Suicide.’ he answered.

‘I didn’t know you had a daughter.’ you added.

‘Had her in high school, tried as hard as I could to convince her mother to stay, but she left town after she had Hannah. I did my best, we struggled but I thought we were fine.’ 

He stopped his tale and pulled a photo from his desk of a girl around your age, she had Finstock’s eyes and dark hair in a wild pony tail, wearing a sweater and jeans.

‘She was being bullied, for just about everything you can think of. They called her ugly, fat, poor, nerdy, weird, prudish and started rumors.’ he said sadly.

You didn’t say anything, letting him tell the story at his own pace.

‘I came home and found her in her bed…and an empty bottle of sleeping pills on her desk.’ for he finished.

‘I’m so sorry your loss.’

Finstock nodded, but kept his eyes on the photo.

‘I drank myself damn near to death, almost lost my job. Then the coach for the lacrosse team quit and for some reason I took it. First game I was so drunk I still don’t know who we were playing, I just know we lost and those boys looked so sad. Call it paranoia, but sadness lead to the worse day of my life. So I stopped drinking every morning.’

You were both silent for the next few minutes.

‘You aren’t my Hannah, and helping you won’t bring her back. But I couldn’t watch another parent go through what I did. That loss, the guilt of not seeing how bad it was.’ Coach said as he stood up.


‘I have to get back to my classroom, you can skip practice if you want.’ He said as he opened the door to leave.

‘I’m glad you told me Coach.’ you said before he left.





lust-thy-self  asked:

What made you decide to start showing your luscious body off? And how did it feel the first time somebody liked a nude pic of you on here?

I’m not posting them necessarily because I want people to see me naked and like them and get attention.
The first time I posted was because I followed someone who posted photos of themselves and they looked similar to my body type. And I thought she was so beautiful and confident and strong. So I tried it and eventually I got less nervous and less shy. I really am comfortable in my skin and I think that fat women are beautiful and can be photographed as such. I also love hearing other bloggers thanking me for posting because they got to see someone who looked like themselves in a picture. I’m not doing it because I want male attention or anything. I just like how I look and I like being proud of myself and my body and showing people how different bodies can look. ✌🏻

signs as kardashian quotes
  • aries: why does mom have a picture of you as her screensaver and not me
  • taurus: give me the fucking bread
  • gemini: are you going to be a boring whore your whole life?
  • cancer: I think I'm getting, like, fucked up
  • leo: I don't need to be walking around like I'm some peasant. I need to be walking around like royalty.
  • virgo: I've got better things to do. like driving my yellow fucking lamborghini
  • libra: I'll cry at the end of the day. not with fresh makeup
  • scorpio: I'm literally so exhausted. I've been having sex like 500 times a day.
  • sagittarius: first of all, I'm incredibly athletic. so fuck you.
  • capricorn: thank god I have no friends
  • aquarius: what are your thoughts on mermaids?
  • pisces: i think she's just concerned she's gonna look old and fat in the photos and there is a thing called photoshop so she needs to relax

So the first photo is the one everyone is bitching about because people are saying Juliet is pregnant. Look at the second picture though, her stomach is completely flat. 

I think what people are seeing is the way the skirt is bunching up/the shadow/underwear lines make it appear that her stomach is poking out when its not. Look, I don’t like Juliet but she’s far from fat and her stomach looks amazing. 

Unless he tells people she’s pregnant I don’t want to see any posts on social media about “she must be pregnant because she doesn’t weight 5 lbs”. Dude, weight fluctuations, its affected by things like bloating, food, salt, hydration, hormones, etc. 

Stop fucking body shaming, and its even worse coming from fans. What if your friends started asking you if you were pregnant because your stomach didn’t look like a run way models? You’d feel like shit. 

So shut your fucking mouths because this is why people die from eating disorders. 

anonymous asked:

ok, so at first they say Gio isn't pregnant but fat, then when her belly starts being visible, they claim it's fake, when the pics in white danfive top appear where it's clearly visible there's no fake belly, they consider it photoshoped, now they say Gio didn't give birth and a baby is from surogate coz woman can't sit after c-section😲who said she had c-section? her doc? medical report? or u all suppose this because of the photo? srsly? where is real proof not suppositions presented as facts?

I don’t know if she had c-section or not, because no one revealed the details of the delivery… But doubting that she was pregnant is horrible and I don’t even know what to say about it. It’s cruel and unhuman to say and spread such things. I wish Cris and Geo a lot of patience and calm, because those rumors are awful. People need to find another way to ,,unload”  their hate and jealousy than to try to destroy somebody’s happiness.

anonymous asked:

Hey you're my favorite Golly writer, so I just had to send you a prompt. AU where Gail is a photographer and Holly comes to her studio to get her photo taken in relation to some sort of science award thing she has won. Or something. Holly is not comfortable in front of the camera, so Gail tries to make her loosen up a bit. :) Thanks for writing such awesome stories!

ah well that is very sweet but there are really so many amazing writers, I’m so thrilled to be a part of this fandom. it really is just so much fun :) and thanks for the prompt:

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21728) One of my friends changed her profile photo to a full body shot yesterday and I cried because she’s incredibly skinny and wants to be “a little fat.” The first thing I thought was, “How can she be so selfish? I’d kill for her body.” I haven’t had these thoughts in a year until yesterday.