she's so excited to use the skylines

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Chat convinces LB to trade journals (or one journal that they both write in) so that they can be more like friends but still keep things secret. LB grudgingly accepts and keeps her notes to things like “The sun felt really nice on my skin today.” “I was inspired by the skyline of Paris while out on patrol. I got so much done when I got home!” And Chat sends her little romantic drabbles (that are totally about the two of them but he uses aliases and she remains oblivious) in hopes that she’ll be more receptive to him when he asks her out. LB never says anything to Chat, but she gets totally excited over receiving his drabbles because she just loves them and pictures if it was her and Adrien.

This leaves room for multi reveal options, either hand-writing recognition, story mention, one of them having the journal with their civilian self etc. 

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I’m not really doing a run down of the panel because hopefully everyone can watch it on their own on Periscope. It’s hard to summarize because there were constant golden moments. Here’s just a couple of things still sticking out in my mind from it:

  • Lindsey and Alessandro are AMAZING. Lindsey is the cutest ever and has a whole novel length backstory of Raven and Sinclair and it was the cutest thing to watch her go on and on about it while the guys teased her for it.
  • Bob said Day Trip is one of his favorite episodes because of the whole Bellamy dealing with his demons while high thing.

  • Bob said he’s always seen Bellamy and Clarke’s leadership dynamic as Clarke being the coach and Bellamy being the captain. 

  • Lindsey said that she thinks Raven and Bellamy are really close because of how similar they are. They are both soldiers in their own way and they’re very hot headed. They both love that Raven is so close to Bellamy that she can call him out on his shit. Lindsey emphasized that Raven does that not because she doesn’t like Bellamy but because she respects him so much and holds him to a very high standard because of that. Bob said that they butt heads because they’re so similar and hot headed and because they’re usually both vying for Clarke’s ear. 


  • Sachin is fucking hilarious and his impressions are to die for. Today it was Professor McGonagall mostly among other ones.

  • Hogwarts houses: Lindsey said Raven is a Ravenclaw. Sachin said Bellamy is either Gryffindor or Slytherin, everyone in the crowd yelled out Gryffindor and everyone agreed. Lindsey said Jackson is a Hufflepuff and Sachin agreed. Jarod said Miller was a Slytherin. Jarod was pretending to not know much about Harry Potter but then outed himself as a nerd, so did Bob. They both laughed about it too.

There was so much more hilarious stuff but I just can’t remember it all. Watch the Periscope!

Walk of Fame:

Alright so yesterday during my autograph session when I was telling Bob he looked like James Potter, I had asked him if he would be cool with wearing the Gryffindor robe and posing as James Potter for my picture today and he was super chill about it and was like “yeah sure! Just bring the robe.” So today I brought the robe and the Gryffindor sweater too because it would look cooler if he wore both. When I went up to him for the picture, he was like “I love the wig!” and I almost died. Then, he saw me pull out the robe and he was like “oh yeah you brought the stuff!” and I thought it was cool that he remembered. 

I gave him the robe and the sweater and asked him if he would be okay putting on the sweater as well, but I et him know that it was okay if he didn’t want to since it was hot. I was like it’s up to you! He was super chill about it and he was like “no I’ll put it on! Will it fit me? Is it big enough?” I told him the sweater was pretty big and it should fit so he put it on. I literally couldn’t get over how chill he was about it. He picked up the robe and was being adorable trying to figure out how to put it on so I had to help him with it and then he was playing around with the hood and wondering if he should do something with it. After I took the picture with him, I had to get the picture of him alone so I like had to literally tear the tie off of my self so I could get it to him really fast because I didn’t wanna get rushed by the manager. I was like here put this on! and he did and then I got the wand out of my bag and handed it to him and he was laughing and saying “I’m cosplaying!”. I took the picture of him and he was just being so adorable and having the time of his life in the outfit. He was like “I have to show Sachin!!” and he literally like ran off to where Sachin was and was like pretending to do spells on him/ Sachin is a huge HP nerd so he was like so totally freaking out over the cosplay. They were being complete goofballs and it was hilariousssssss. Then Bob came running back and started taking everything off and Sachin got up on a chair and was like “WHERE IS MY HARRY POTTER STUFF???? WHERE IS IT?? I WANT IT!” and Bob was like “I’m cosplaying, man! I’m cosplaying!” It was literally SO FUNNYYYY. 

Bob handed all of the stuff back to me. I told him that if there’s ever a movie for HP again he should get his agent to push him as James Potter because he is literally James Potter. He was like “sure!” and then he said something after that and I literally have no idea what he said lmao. I have a video of that bit so I might post that and see if anyone knows what he said.

Alsoooooo. While Bob was putting the stuff on, @merdok1993 was standing by Arryn and Arryn apparently looked confused about what was going on so Meredith told her that he was posing as James Potter because he looks just like him and she got really excited and was like “he told me about that!”

Also, before the Walk of Fame, we were all hanging around the hotel and we went up to a floor to get a good picture of the skyline from the windows and as we were going back to the elevator to go back to the Con, we accidentally ran straight into Bob out of nowhere. It was the strangest coincidence ever. @simplyslc saw him first and she just casually said “Hey Bob!” and I thought she was trolling us because she sounded so calm but then we saw him walk out and I was like omggg it’s actually him???? I still don’t understand HOW that happened.

Anyhoooo thought I’d expand on the whole thing. This weekend is literally surreal.