she's so dumb

Cress vs pants

Ok to begin headcanoning, because I am both a beacon of sin and utter cresswell trash let’s start with this

•fun fact: women who wanted to fight in the American civil war would have to dress up as men to do so.(I’m going somewhere with this I promise) sometimes they were revealed when they didn’t know how to wear pants. Crazy, right?

•cress first encounters pants after she gets to the rampion for the first time (post desert, pre abducting Kai) they’re laid out neatly for her after she showers.

• she knows what they are, obvs. she’s totally seen pants before, and she’s not dumb, so she figures out how to put them on. The problem is keeping them on. These are like 20 sizes too big and when you haven’t worn pants ever in your life they feel hella weird.

• she does the logical thing and says “fuck it.” And goes about the ship wearing a size XXL standard issue military t shirt as a dress.

•it’s pretty functional. It comes down to just above her knees and is perpetually falling off one or both shoulders, so she struggles to keep it up, but at least she doesn’t have to wear pants.

•crew reactions to this range from cinder finding it adorable, wolf completely understanding somehow, and Jacin rolling his eyes a little bit internally finding it endearing.

•but honestly RIP Carswell Thorne.

• he is being such a fuckin gentleman about this.. . Like he’s totally hands off eyes up but she is making this s o diffi c ul t…

•that shirt looks exactly like one of his shirts (but bigger) and jeez now he’s thinking about cress wearing one of his shirts????? H e ck

• cinder knows. It is taking all of cinders willpower not to make 174892 sassy comments about thrones MASSIVE CRUSH.

•cress is, meanwhile, totally oblivious. She is far too busy /not/ staring at Thorne to notice that he’s staring at her. She has hacking to do, yo.

• no she is NOT thinking about how she’d rather be wearing one of thornes shirts right now and also secretly daydreaming about what that would do to him

•(hint: it fucks him up. It’s currently fucking him up. Turn AROUND CRESCENT)

• meanwhile Thorne makes the most valiant attempt to keep his thoughts pure. Sinnamon roll x cinnamon roll.

•iko thinks it’s cute. Cinder and wolf have exchanged bets. Free Jacin from his suffering honestly he is so done.

•after a few days of this nonsense iko helps cress get the hang of pants and the nightmare is over

It makes me sad the amount of people iv seen saying things like “YAY GINA IS DEAD” “SHE WAS SO DUMB” “I HATED HER”

Gina told Bell not to do anything heroic, but she died warning Raven and Sinclair of the grounder in MW, warning them even though she had been stabbed multiple times and had blood coming out of her mouth.
She was heroic she saved Ravens life along with sinclairs.

Also honestly no offense but I really don’t care at all that Melissa Fumeros pregnancy is kinda visible??? Like??? At most she’s just a bit more roly poly and adorable, and its not a big deal because we KNOW Amy’s not pregnant and there’s literally no reason at all to say that Amy should be stuck behind desks and given fewer scenes to hide it like tbh they cover it up well enough that it just looks like she’s gained a bit of weight and that literally matters not at all with regards to the show, so????

Yeah just like. Chill, my dudes?

A walk to remember. | Teddy & Alaska;
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❄️ —-; There’s that boy again,
Why does he always eat alone…? He has ton of girls after him, why doesn’t he ask one of them to sit by him..? He seem alone…shud I ask him to sit by me..? No. Caleb is coming you don’t want him to think you’re ditching him. Now don’t st—— oh crap Teddy he caught you staring! Oh here come Caleb, just keep smiling and look at him. Good girl. “C-Caleb! You’re finally here!