she's so delicate

When Daisy Was a Sapling

She was so very delicate.
                                                                   So very afraid of being
                                plucked from the Earth.

No one sang to her when she sprouted.
                                                              This is my song for her now.

Oh Daisy, dear Daisy
All those weeds will grow strong
                                                            but Daisy, dear Daisy
                                                       They will not last as long

The plants in the forest
                                        may seem awfully scary
but Daisy, dear Daisy
                                  this is where you belong
Yes Daisy, dear Daisy
                                   you will soon sing this song

Trust me,
all the wisdom
of the trees, hold no
ground to what you will learn.

After seeing @milliefeuille‘s oc i just had to draw her.
she’s so cute 
it also an excuse to practice as well
friend’s ocs are my experiment too >:D muahahahaha //slapped


Stay  ~Jeff Atkins x Reader~

There’s something beautiful about the summer- they way it creates a new version of reality where music sounds better and happiness feels sweeter. Parties can give the same kind of feeling where nothing feels real, but all of it feels great. Well, until the next morning.

This makes an end of the summer party the pinnacle of a new reality. Inhibitions run low and everything else is on overdrive. In a week they will all be students again, studying to ensure the best future possible. But for tonight they are 60% alcohol and 40% bad decisions.

“Y/N!” Jess squeals with excitement, running towards the girl who just entered the room. She had been away visiting family abroad for the majority of the summer, and while the beaches had given a whole new meaning to the word ‘paradise’, this was where she was truly happiest.

“Jess!” she returns the enthusiasm, hugging her best friend tightly. The warm breezes that blew in through her window every morning this past summer brought her comfort, but this was home.

“I want in,” Justin grins, approaching the two and enveloping them between his arms.

“God I’ve missed you guys,” she sighs contentedly.

“You have so much third wheeling to catch up on,” Jess teases light heartedly.

Her face twists up unpleasantly at the thought. She loves both Jess and Justin dearly, but she does not love the thought of third wheeling. “With all due respect, I think I’ll pass.”

“Is that Y/N Y/L/N?!” a fourth voice enters the picture, causing the trio to part and turn towards the person walking towards them.

Jeff Atkins. Baseball star and literal ray of sunshine with the face of an angel and the body of a Greek God.

“Hey, Jeff,” she laughs, walking away from Jess and Justin to meet him halfway.

“I haven’t seen you in forever,” Jeff grins warmly, brushing her arm with his hand. It’s a sweet gesture. He’s always been so sweet.

“It’s only been like two months,” she mirrors his grin. It’s impossible not to smile back at someone who radiates warmth the way he does.

“Feels like forever though. Especially since I was used to seeing you everyday at school. You look nice by the way,” he bumps her shoulder.

“I missed you, too,” she chuckles, “I look like I always do.”


She bites her lips together before looking down shyly and letting them fall apart into a smile. Jeff Atkins was so genuinely good in a way that was uniquely him.

“Jeff!” Troy yells from the outside patio, “Beer pong, now, c’mon man!”

“Coming!” Jeff yells back to Troy, but turns back to her before walking away. “Come watch us play? You can practice cheering me on for baseball season,” his mouth twists into a smirk.

“Who says I’m gonna come to your baseball games?” She challenges playfully, using quick wit to redeem herself from the shy smile.

“Don’t break my heart, Y/N,” he pouts childishly, walking backward to join the boys for a game of beer pong but not breaking eye contact with her. He finally turns away from her to exit the house and join those outside, but not before mouthing a “pleaasssseeee” and sticking out his bottom lip.

“I’ll be there in a second!” she yells so he can hear her over the music.

His pout transforms into a grin before he disappears through the threshold, indicating that he heard her.

“So how about a double date instead of third wheeling?” Justin and Jess approach her with Justin wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“Oh shut up,” her face heats up at the thought, “He’s a nice guy. He’s friendly with everyone.”

“Yeah, but he doesn’t flirt with everyone,” Jess interjects, crossing her arms over her chest vindictively.

“He didn’t ask me to cheer for him,” Justin fakes offense, “Honestly I’m a little hurt.”

“Fuck off, Justin,” she laughs loudly, putting her hands over her face.

“You better get out there,” Justin presses, gesturing to the sliding door, “After all, it’s mine and Jess’s two month anniversary so an intense make-out session could happen at anytime.”

“Bye!” she turns on her heels quickly, running away from her friends before they could make things awkward, or more awkward.

Five cups of jungle juice and two games of beer pong later she’s sitting on a folding lawn chair watching Jeff singlehandedly win a third game of beer pong since Troy had wandered off and was bothering Hannah and Clay.

After sinking another shot, Jeff notices where Troy had gone. A brief look of panic flashes across his face before he mutters a quick, “be right back!”, making a beeline for Troy. Jeff was just about as invested in Clay and Hannah as Clay was in Hannah. She wondered just how much better off the world would be if everyone had the same heart as Jeff.

“Did you save the day?” she asks upon Jeff’s return. She’s quite drunk and seeing two of everything, including two Jeffs. How wonderful would that be? A world with two Jeff Atkins. Incredible.

“I don’t know about that,” he chuckles modestly, “It’s up to Clay.”

“Meanwhile that beer run is up to you, buddy” Troy points out, his words slurring together.

“Later man,” Jeff replies, picking up a ping pong ball.

“Because you definitely need more alcohol,” she rolls her eyes at Troy, a sick feeling blossoming in her stomach.

“Don’t be a buzzkill, Y/N,” Troy retorts.

“Hey, relax,” Jeff snaps at Troy, “you’ll get your beer.”

The sick feeling in her stomach intensifies tenfold. She doesn’t want him to go, but she can’t beg him to stay. He’s not drunk, he would never jeopardize his life or anyone else’s so recklessly. But something about it still doesn’t feel right. He shouldn’t go.

She stands up, wobbling slightly. She grabs the back of her lawn chair to steady herself before heading back for the house. The twisting in her stomach is ominous in a way that refuses to be ignored.

“Where’re you going?” Jeff asks, his eyebrows knitting together.

“I need another drink,” she mumbles, brushing past him.

Three shots and a game of suck and blow later she’s feeling light and airy. All the anxiety from earlier has been replaced with a tingling feeling that reaches her feet. She’s quite hammered, and all the slip ups in suck and blow have her laughing and her sides aching. She’s starting to get lightheaded.

“I’m gonna go get some air,” she gasps in-between fits of laughter.

“Can you even walk?” Jess giggles.

“I’ll crawl if I have to,” she shrugs, stumbling her way out the door.

There’s nothing like the refreshing sensation of cool air hitting your skin after being cooped up in a house full of drunks, especially when you’re drunk yourself. The feeling of a breeze on her face is intoxicating in its own right, so she continues to walk around the outside of the house until she reaches the front.

There’s someone else at the front of the house, too. She can only see their back as they walk towards the row of cars, but she knows who it is. Suddenly she remembers why she felt the need to down three shots of vodka.

“Atkins,” she calls out, stumbling a bit as she walks forward.

He turns around at the sound of his name, smiling when he sees who it is. “Hey, you. Looks like you got that drink you wanted,” he laughs lightheartedly at her shaky balance.

“You making that beer run?” she asks, wringing her hands together nervously.

“Yeah. I’m not even a little buzzed, don’t worry,” he says soothingly.

“Stay,” she says softly.

“Huh?” he tilts his head to the side.

She continues to walk forward until she’s standing right in front of him, her weight falling to the side enough to make her falter. He reaches out to steady her, keeping a firm grasp on her side. She places her hands on his chest to steady herself before locking her eyes on his.

“Stay,” she repeats.

“Y/N, it’s okay I’m completely fine I promise. I only had two beers like two hours ago,” he assures, his voice gentle.

“I know, but it’s not like anybody needs anymore alcohol. I’m one of the more sober ones right now and that says a lot. Honestly I don’t even know how I made it out here on my own,” she sighs, “Just stay, please. ”

He looks at her softly, his eyes studying the worry etched onto her face. She feels so delicate in his grasp, like a porcelain doll that could shatter with too much pressure. He has always been enamored with her.

“Okay,” he moves his hands to hold her face, “I’ll stay.”

She lets out a heavy breath, letting her forehead rest against his chest and wrapping her arms around him. Maybe she was worrying over nothing, maybe she wasn’t, but she’s unexplainably relieved at those words.

“You gotta promise to watch me play baseball though,” he teases.

“I’ll be there every game with a sign that has your name on it,” she laughs, tilting her chin up to look at him.

“You gotta stop looking at me like that,” he shakes his head,“I might just fall in love with you.”

“Don’t get my hopes up.”

“Don’t leave for two months at a time,” he counters, grinning boyishly.

“I’d stay right here forever if I could,” she tightens her arms around him.

“I’d kiss you if you weren’t like 10 drinks deep right now,” he laughs, rubbing her back gingerly.

“Let’s go inside. I need to get sober. Right now. Immediately,” she pulls away, grabbing his hand to tow him behind her. Their laughter echoes down the empty street as they run around to the back of the house.

There’s something beautiful about the end of summer- the way things begin to feel more permanent. A simple request can change so much. All he had to do was stay. And he did.


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Lmao it's cute when I see someone drawing mikasa in typical anime girl style

You know, big eyes, simpering face, thin waist and large boobs.

Cuz we’ve all seen Mikasa’s body.


Her abs have abs.

And those abs are laughing at you. And your moe waifus.

the parent trap pt3 // archie andrews

The Parent Trap (3/12)

Words: 1.2k

Summary-Archie and (Y/N) separate, splitting their twin daughters between them. What happens when ten years later, the pair seem to be reunited in a twist of fate at summer camp

A/N-I made Jughead British, I’m sorry!!! I know it takes his character away but I needed it for the story, I hope you guys are enjoying this!!!! Pls let me know what you thought of this part, thx me babes!

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As Amelia looked through Aria trunk in search of the peanut butter, her eyes caught a glimpse of a familiar face hidden within the pile. “Hey, Aria?” Amelia spoke, catching Aria’s attention.

“What’s up, Lia?”

“I came across this picture and I don’t want to be nosy but do you know who it is?” In Amelia’s hands was a half ripped picture of a red haired man, the exact picture she had dear to her.

“My mum gave that to me when I was five, she says it’s my father.” Aria looked down at her hands, not wanting to meet Amelia’s confused eye.

“You’re lying to me.” Amelia accused, causing Aria’s heart to break at the accusation. In a short amount of time, she had grown close to her doppelgänger.

“I don’t know his name, I don’t where he is, I don’t know who he is but I know my mum and I know my uncle Jughead and I know they wouldn’t lie to me about my father. Yes, they’re protective of me but they wouldn’t lie to me about who my father is.”

“It’s just, it’s just that’s a picture of my dad.” Amelia said, possession clear in her voice.

The duo stayed silent for what seemed to be hours, neither one knowing what to say to make the atmosphere lighter.

“Happy birthday Aria!” Betty greeted the young red haired girl with a grin that made Aria feel at ease. “You’re such a big girl now.”

“But auntie Betty! It’s not my birthday, it’s my mummy’s!” but still Aria spun around to show off her summer dress as if it was her birthday. (Y/N) watched from the distance as her best friend and daughter bonded and laughed. Jughead and Veronica by her side. A sudden shift in the trio caught Aria’s attention.

“I’ve got something for you. I know, you didn’t want us to spend anything but once I saw it, I couldn’t resist.” Veronica clapped “Look how beautiful it is!” She opened the velvet box to show (Y/N) the golden heart necklace she had picked out earlier that day.

“Veronica, I-I can’t accept that. I mean you flew out here, that’s enough for me.”

“I couldn’t stand not being with you on your birthday and I wanted to make your day extra special. Accept the locket and open it up.”

(Y/N) finally surrendered to her raven haired best friend. Taking the velvet box in her hand and gently lifting the heart necklace inside. She opened it with caution. The necklace looked so delicate, she didn’t want it to break.

“The suspense is killing me,” Jughead interrupted the silence “I want to know what’s inside.”

Rolling her eyes at her brother, she finally opened the locket and was met with a picture of Archie and Amelia inside. “Veronica, y-you didn’t have to.”

“(Y/N), I wanted to, so now come here and let me put it on you.”

Pushing (Y/N)’s hair to the side and wrapping the necklace around her, Veronica watched as (Y/N) bit back tears. “I got a necklace so they’ll be right by your heart.”

“You’re the baby in the picture in my mum’s locket!” Aria gasped “It wasn’t me, it was you! That’s what auntie Veronica meant when she said ‘so they’ll be right by your heart.’ She was talking about you and your, no, our father.”

“Let’s say we are related, why have we not been made aware by anyone of the other?”

“I don’t know Amelia, there must’ve been a reason.”

Amelia sighed, looking up to Aria. She couldn’t process it all, ever since she could remember she wondered why her mom wasn’t around but Aria was right, there must’ve been a reason. Amelia sprung up from her seat and rushed over to her trunk, searching for something that could solve this.

“Aria, that picture, it’s ripped. Maybe this is the other half.” Amelia held the picture out, placing it directly in front of Aria’s face.

“Melia, that’s too close for anyone to actually see.” Aria said playfully “Show me the picture from an acceptable distance.”

Amelia moved her arm back and let Aria scan the ripped picture. Aria ran to her bed and picked the picture up, placing it to the right of Amelia’s. “Does this answer your question?” Aria raised her eyebrow “Amelia, we’re sisters.”

Amelia stayed quiet, glancing down at the floor, unsure of what to say. Questions ran through her mind, making it hard for words to come out. Why had her mother left her? Why did her parents separate? And why didn’t her dad tell her about Aria?

“Tell me about our dad, what’s his name? Is he everything mum has described him to be?”

Archie shivered as the cold hit him, even during winter, Riverdale was never that cold. “Remind me again why I let you two Brits drag me to England with you?”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes at Archie before grabbing his hand and dragging him out of the airport to her grandparents.

“(Y/N)! Darling! How have you been?” her grandmother greeted “And who is this stunner?”

“I’ve missed you too grandmother!” Jughead retorted, wrapping his arms around her.

“Yeah, yeah, miss you too.” she playfully smacked his arms off her. “How are you, Archie? Taking good care of my little angel?”

“I’ve been good, thank you Mrs.Jones and you know it, Mrs.Jones. Always have and always will.”

“Listen to me son when I say you’re still too young for ‘always will’, once (Y/N) moves back over here, you’ll find some other girl and act as if she never existed.” Edward, (Y/N)’s grandfather, spoke.

“Grandad! Stop! You’ve known Archie as long as I have and you know he isn’t like that!” (Y/N) defended. “Anyways, me and Jug are taking him sight-seeing! We’ll be home for dinner, I promise.”

“Jug and I, not me and Jug.” Josephine, (Y/N)’s grandmother, corrected “You kids have fun. Just make sure (Y/N) is back home alive before 7pm.”

Archie looked down at (Y/N) with a smile plastered across his face. She could barely sit still. He thought back to when she begged him to join her and Jughead on their visit to her grandparents. He knew that she loved her grandparents more than anything and he also knew that they treated her as if she was the most valuable thing going.

“I’m guessing Mr.Jones isn’t fond of me.” Archie sighed as the trio sat at the back of the sightseeing tourbus.

“Don’t take it personally, Andrews. He’s not very fond of me either.” Jughead remarked. “Grandfather isn’t very fond of anyone who isn’t (Y/N) or Grandmother.”

“Mum loves her grandmother. She’s always with her. Grandmother actually told me of the story of when our dad came to visit them for the first time as mum’s boyfriend!“ Aria grinned “Great-Grandfather wasn’t fond of the idea of uncle Jughead’s best friend dating mum. He’s very protective over us.”

“So mom’s grandparents are still alive?” Amelia raised her eyebrow, to which Aria nodded her head as a response.

“Mom’s family seem amazing. I’d love to meet uncle Jughead!” Amelia looked to Aria for her response, expecting Aria to frown at her hint but instead she was greeted with a grin.

“Crazy idea, I know, but what if we swapped places?”

We're not all that different Pt 2

Young Sirius Black x Slytherin Reader

A/N: Sorry it took so long to write part 2 I had some major tests this week that required my attention.  If you like this part I’m thinking about writing part 3, but I’m not sure.  Please tell what you think and send requests!!!

Summary:  Sirius realizes his mistakes after an unfortunate argument.


    “What do you think she meant by that, Moony?”

    “What Pads?” Remus groaned.  Breakfast was happening in the Great Hall and y/n was still nowhere to be seen.  Sirius had been nagging the guys all night long about their “conversation” in the Astronomy Tower.

    “What did she mean by ‘someday you’ll realize that we’re not all that different’?” Sirius pondered.  “Was she talking about all Slytherins or specifically herself?”

    “Bloody hell, Padfoot!”  James groaned.  “Will you just shut it?  You’ve been whining all night about this.”

    “Well I just wanna know what she meant!”

    “Well she’s probably referring to you being the only Gryffindor in your family,”  Peter mumbled as he chewed on the pancakes stuffed in his mouth.

    “Excuse me?” Sirius said.

    “Well you know y/n’s the only Slytherin in her family.”

    “Where the hell did you hear that?!” James asked.  All three of the boys gaped at Peter.  How could this piece of information slipped past them so easily?

    “Y/n’s sister, s/n, told me,” he gossiped, “she’s a Ravenclaw, seventh year.”

    “You idiot,” Remus glared at Sirius. “You and Prongs torture her everyday and here you find out she’s as emotionally damaged as you.  I hope you’re happy.”

    “What are you going to do?” James asks.

    “Nothing I gue-”

    “No, no, no,” Remus interrupts. “You are certainly not going to do nothing.  For God’s sake you are going to apologize and so are you James.”

    “What the hell did I do?”

    “You encouraged him.  Now go get her.”  Remus gets up and grabs Peter by his shirt collar pulling him along with him.  He suddenly turns around and yells, “I’d expect you’ll find her in the Slytherin common room.  No backing out.”

    “We are not going to the Slytherin common room,” Sirius stated firmly.


    “Well here we are,” James sighed. “You know it does feel odd to be here.  Normally we’re trying to sneak in or prank the place, but this time we’re just here to use the door.”

    “I know it’s unnatural.”

    “Well good luck.”  James patted Sirius’s shoulder and made his way to the stairs.  Before James could even make it up the first step Sirius had grabbed his shirt and pulled him back down to the dungeons.

    “Where do you think you’re going, mate?” Sirius asked. “Moony said we both have to apologize.  Remember?”  James groaned and nodded as Sirius let go of his shirt.  They both cautiously approached the sneering portrait of Salazar Slytherin.

    “Ah a couple of blood traitor Gryffindors no doubt.  I could spot you a mile away, Black.  Not trying to sneak in here are you?”

    “I just need to see one of your Slytherins, Salazar.  Just quickly, no tricks.”

    “Regulus has already left, Black.  And if you’re looking for one of the females I don’t want any of your spawns running around.”

    “Is that a yes you’ll let us in or-”

    “Of course not you arrogant disappointment.”  James and Sirius shot each other and glance and lunged at the portrait shaking it and banging on it as hard as they possibly could.


Y/n had always had the tendency to sleep in and today was no exception especially considering last night’s argument.  She was lying in bed staring at the ceiling with dried tears staining her face.  She honestly didn’t know why she was so upset about this, Sirius and her had always had their spats, in fact it was a weekly occurrence, but this time was different.  She had tried to fight back, verbally, and had attempted to make him understand.  It’s not like she really cared about his opinion anyway.  Or had she?  Suddenly she felt so… unaware.  Had she always cared about his opinion?  If she did care it must just be because he’s Mr.Casanova.

All of a sudden she heard muffled shouts and rustling coming from one of the walls.  Y/n jumped out of bed wincing at the cold floor.  When she made it to the common room the mermaids were already at the glass windows pointing towards the pandemonium and waiting to see what was causing the commotion.  She followed the frantic noise all the way to the common room entrance.  The muffled shouts became much clearer as she walked near the portrait. When she got close enough to the portrait she noticed it shaking and that the muffled shouts were in fact two very familiar voices shouting her name.  She quickly attempted to fix her hair and wipe the dried tears off her face.  I look horrible, but he made me this way so he has to deal with it, she quickly decided.  She swiftly pushed open the portrait revealing the two boys making all of the racket.  They both put their hands in their pockets, as if they weren’t trying to just bust down the damn door and mumbled a morning as Salazar complained.  She looked at them, raising her eyebrows.

“Look lov- y/n we’d like to make some apologies,” Sirius professed.

“Um,” she started.  She didn’t know what to say.  Sirius Black doesn’t apologize to anyone, and James is no better.  Had she gotten to them?  Her eyebrows furrowed, never had she ever expected this outcome when she flat out told Sirius Black that he was a bully.  She might never get a chance like this again.  “Okay.  Come on in.”

The boys hesitantly made their way into the Slytherin Common Room.  Y/n lead the way down the hallway and to the couch in front of the fire.  She sat as Sirius and James gaped in awe of watching the mermaids swim by.  After, the mermaids had left while angrily glaring at Sirius and James for the racket, they stood in the middle of the room awkwardly waiting for someone to say something.

“Y/n I’m sorry,” James expressed.  “I didn’t realize…. no I realized.  Uh-I didn’t think about how teasing you would make you feel and yeah.”

“Oh, um.  Thanks.”

“And I won’t do it again,” James stated firmly.  “And if I ever slip up I’ll have Remus smack me.”

She giggled, “Okay?”  That was the first time Sirius had ever heard that noise come from her and he liked it.  He never thought anyone could understand how being the outcast of your own family could feel and here she was right in front of him and he hurt her.  Now, he hates himself for that.  James nodded and smiled as he made his way to the exit, arguing with Salazar on the way out.  Sirius still remained in his awkward stance in the middle of the room and looked down at her.  He didn’t know what to say or how to say it.  He had always been an open to conversation, he had it all the time, but this conversation was so delicate.  She motioned him to sit down and so he did.

“Y/n I don’t know how to have this conversation and-” Sirius sighed, “I’ve been the odd one out in my family, y/n.  And I didn’t know about your family and ya know…. I’m sorry.  My whole family is Slytherin, y/n, and they’re not exactly good people so-”

“Sirius, I don’t want you to explain something you don’t want to.  Thank you for thinking about me for once.”

“I have a feeling I’ll be thinking about you a lot more for now on,” he smirked.

“Oh so suddenly I’m all interesting.”

“You’ve always been interesting Y/n L/n,” Sirius smiled, “I’ve just been to dumb to see it.”

(Please send requests and if you want a Part 3 please leave a comment!)

Side Story: Heaven (NSFW)

A/N: Sorry for the delay. Enjoy your smut Sunday!


Link had no idea about what time it was, but he was sure it was close to dawn. The waning moon was still high in the sky, their light sieving through the closed curtains.

As he sat, his eyes settled on the sleeping woman next to him, surrounded by the pillows of the fort they made last night. Her chest rose slowly with every breath. She looked so vulnerable and delicate in that ethereal nightgown, and so exquisitely tempting at the same time: her shoulders and cleavage amply exposed - did she realize that the silky fabric covering her body was slightly sheer under the fading light of the fireplace? It also clung to the curve of her generous hips and thighs.

His fingertips wandered from her cheek to her neck, to her shoulder, to end on her arm. His touch made her smile and hum delighted in her sleepy state.

To his surprise, the unexpectedly arousing sound woke his lust for her, evoking memories from the previous night.

The taste of her lips.

The vision of her body atop his, riding him mercilessly.

How it felt to thrust himself into her.

Her moaning his name as she came.

He felt his hardness rise at those thoughts, and scolded himself for their bad timing.

‘Keep going, please’, Zelda requested in a drowsy voice, 'I want more of it’.

'More what?’, he asked, surprised by her being awake.

'Your hands on me’, she explained, rising to meet his gaze, 'it feels nice’.

His fingertips followed the same path again, until Zelda delicately held his right wrist when his hand reached her shoulder, detouring him to her breast. He caressed it, feeling her nipple harden under his touch. Her pleased gasp indicated he was doing good, and his other hand followed suit.

Her body came close to his, her lips reaching his for a slow kiss.

Her hands reached the hem of her nightdress, gathering the silky fabric on her lap, anticipating what was to come.

She guided again his hand, this time less gracefully and more wanting, right between her legs. To his surprise, there was no piece of lingerie covering her.

His fingers carefully ventured inside her, finding out she was more than ready to welcome him into her. Zelda felt a soft electric shock run all over her body at his touch.

‘You are so wet’, he observed when looking at his coated fingers.

And, in an impulse, and to Zelda’s astonishment, he licked his fingers.

A bit salty, a bit sweet, Link thought. Like nothin’ I’ve ever tasted before. It was her, and only her. It was perfect.

‘Woman, you taste like heaven’, he whispered in her ear.

Her timid smile and burning face were enough answer to his compliment.

‘Just take me already’, she begged, ‘I want you, now’.

Both quickly undressed, and Link grabbed Zelda by the hips to quickly penetrate her. Unlike their first time, it was incredibly pleasurable, augmented by the greedy kisses and caresses they gave each other.

Zelda tried uselessly to contain her loud moans, hoping no one could hear her sounds of pleasure or calling her lover’s name.

Her voice was turning him insane, on the brink of the point of no return.

‘I… am …coming’, she panted frantically.

Link held with his left hand her hands above her head, as he supported himself on his right arm, and thrusted deeper and harder to please her - and relieve himself too.

For a few seconds, they drowned in each other’s pleasure, their hearts beating furiously as one.

‘Did we…?’, he asked, catching his breath. ‘come together?’

Zelda just nodded, her expression of complete bliss.

‘It… was… amazing’, she only muttered.

‘It took me all my strength to pull out of you, though’, he commented, lying on his back next to her, ‘It felt really good’.

‘Come inside me next time, then’, she offered, ‘unless… you want me to know how you taste’.

He looked at her; tousled hair, rosy cheeks, bitten lips curled into a coquettish smile, half-covered in a blanket, and that those piercing wild eyes.

‘Zelda, you’re going to be the death of me’, he sighed, ‘but the sweetest one’.

She just laughed, and curled up next to him.

You are heaven to me, he thought, holding her into his arms.

Thin Walls

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“No,” the woman said, ripping her arm from her red-haired friend’s grasp. “I told you, Poppy, I don’t want to go.” Y/N reiterated, burrowing her nose into the folds of her sweatshirt and sinking into her blankets. Her eyes flitted closed momentarily, only to be brutally opened when Poppy leapt on top of her. She shoved the girl off of her and sat upright on the edge of the mattress. The redhead huffed and rushed toward the bathroom to finish her makeup for the evening.

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Julie Pec knew Nina wanted to leave and could've set things up in s6 to set a Stelena endgame in motion. No way in hell would the thought of having Nina come back for the finale not have crossed her mind. I can't believe she's blaming Nina for no Stelena endgame. Plus, it was obvious that had Nina stayed, she was still going to write a Delena endgame. She's the worst...

Right, I mean…that’s how I would have written it. 

If I was Plec, and I knew that I had my female protagonist opting to not extend her contract, I would plan ahead (contracts don’t get decided the last day of a season. You know when your actors are leaving, obviously). So, in Season 6, I would have made Nina a human again. I may have even had the cliffhanger of S5 be her taking the cure, therefore she would be human for ALL of Season 6. 

Once that was in place, I would have given her a storyline about turning human. What it felt like to be human again, how her feelings were changing and altering, her navigating through that (it would have been interesting in my eyes, since the entire concept of your feelings changing once you become a vampire was such a huge point on the show, why not reverse it and dig deeper there?)

Then obviously that storyline would have continued towards her returning feelings for Stefan, her remembrance of Damon’s actions and how it weighs on her more now that she’s fully human. I probably wouldn’t have made her feelings for Stefan returning actually become canon, but I definitely would have implied it heavily, had a few “moments” between the two characters. 

Eventually the “cure” storyline would have accelerated to the point of Stefan taking the cure from Elena. How I would get there I don’t know, there are literally so many options but regardless. This would change everything about how he feels as well, and the two of them, as new found humans/ex vampires would bond together over their changing and find strength in one another, as no one else on the show could ever relate. This would cause more troubled waters for Damon/Elena, they would break up, and I probably would have gone with the “sleeping beauty” storyline if I needed to go without her for a few seasons. 

 Before she went to sleep (because her being human around Kai for the entirety of S6 would have been way more thrilling, shes so delicate) her and Stefan have some for of epic kiss and boom! she’s gone. Then everything between them would be up in the air.

No time jump, fuck that. S7 was total garbage anyway. Show just moves forward until the Season 8 finale…Damon sacrifices himself so Elena can wake up, Damon ACTUALLY dies, Elena wakes up, Stefan is there, they reunite, are in love, walk off into the sunset, living their human lives as doctors just as they always wanted and just as was foreshadowed in the actual S5. 

Then, sure, they can die and Stefan would reunite with Damon and Elena with her clan. Same ending, different brother. 

End Scene. 

So, if I can sit here at 1am and come up with a way to reunite the one of the best love stories of YA TV in the past decade, knowing that Nina was going to be absent from the story for awhile, then I feel like if Plec REALLY wanted to reunite Stelena and is Team Stefan and it was “always Stefan” then she probably should have gone ahead and done that. 


“Who are you?”

He met her the first time that night, the night he discreetly confronted his enemy, when he took what was stolen. At the same time, declaring a war.

“No, did you kill my father?”

He was stunned to her surprisingly calm questioning. He might be some kind of thief or even an assassin who tried to kill her father, but she didn’t even flinch to his dark and masked sight.

He stopped and stared at her for a short while. He could just leave before other people came, but he just couldn’t. He thought that she was so pretty, her round eyes and plum lips. Even on the dim light he could see her pink cheeks. She was just so delicate.

Her eyes too, never left him. Curious of the wanderer.

“You said you’re a king..?”

He was taken aback at her attempt at breaking his silent. He retreated a little, still no words. She must heard their conversation.

Not long, sounds of steps could be heard, some of the housekeepers were walking in. Without more thinking, he looked for her hand then fled the room, taking her to the back of the grand house.

“Your father’s all right,” he said quietly, taking of his mask, “I didn’t kill him.”

He revealed his face to her, now looking at her again. He could see her faint smile as she was relief of his father, also that the man was not a murderer after all.

“I know what my father did,” she mumbled, her tone sadder but then she was smiling dimly to him, “you don’t need to explain anything to me.”

“..about who you are as well.”

Sam Maek Jong eyes widen as he thought that this girl was something else.

“Are you a Hwarang?” She asked while picking up his Hwarang headband from the ground. It must be fallen from his pocket while they entered the shed rushing.

“I’m Banryu’s step-sister, Sado.”


Sam Maek Jong was sure that he was not on his right mind, asking Pa Oh to find her whereabouts since morning. She was the enemy’s daughter after all, or his friend’s sister.

Pa Oh found her and now he ended up at the market, she was going towards the book shop at the end of the street. Sam Maek Jong, as curious and interested as he is went in right away.

“Are you following me?” she clearly remembered this wandering man, he was going here and there with his upside-down ‘History of Panda’ book.

“I was just, uh,” Sam Maek Jong was taken aback, his eyes widen as he scratched his head, eyes looking elsewhere other than her.

She let out a chuckle at his particular actions. She did found this stranger adorable.

“Come here,” she called him and let him sit next to her to read his book.

Ever since they always meet at that little book shop, he sneaked out or he went every time Hwarang got a day off.


One afternoon Sam Maek Jong was on his newly favorite place, waiting for her.

“Your Majesty!” He could see Pa Oh walking fast with rather concerned expression towards him. He didn’t have a good feeling about this.

“Lady Sado,” Pa Oh stopped on his sentence while taking his breathe.

“What happened?” Sam Maek Jong was starting to worry, his protector was not looking exactly as happy as usual.

“Here, Your Majesty.” Pa Oh said simply while handling Sam Maek Jong a letter.

“Lady Sado’s servant delivered this,” Pa Oh said while carefully observing his worried master, “She said she cannot come today.”

Sam Maek Jong untied the letter immediately, read it in seconds.

I believe my father’s servant seemed to notice that I have been seeing a certain young man every now and then. I just don’t want to make it difficult for you. I sincerely apologize.

“Or any other day,” Pa Oh said continuing his sentences quietly, afraid to make Sam Maek Jong even more sad after the letter.

From then on, Sam Maek Jong never see her on that book shop again. Pa Oh never found her on the market either.


One day, after two weeks of wandering and relentless brooding from his master, Pa Oh came to his Master all smiling.

“Your Majesty!” Pa Oh ran to Sam Maek Jong, impatiently as he almost jump to him, “I believe I have bring you good news!”

His eyes grew big, the only good news he needs was her.

“Here you go, Majesty,” Pa Oh smiled so big, he had his eyes shaped like a half-moon. All he cares is his master’s happiness and not less.

Do not want to get carried away with Pa Oh’s excitement, Sam Maek Jong opened the letter.

Hello. I am so sorry to ask you this, but I will be at the night fair this following Saturday, it would be nice to apologize to you in person.

He smiled a big one, he was just so happy at the possibility of meeting her.


“Hi,” she was smiling, happy to see the man standing apart.  

“Sado?” his eyes turned rounder, surprised to see her right in front of him. Slowly he was smiling, happy to finally found her.

“Come here,” suddenly she grabbed his hand this time, making him widen his eyes even more as he unknowingly blushing. He followed as she was taking him to one of the empty tents.

“Ah, I am sorry,” she said, letting go of his hand, blushing herself. Now shades of pink could be seen from the two.

“I miss you,” Sam Maek Jong said straight. While flustered on his own make, he did said his thoughts and not hesitate on announcing it.

Her eyes widen in surprise to his words, and then started to chuckle a little.

“I, I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t need to,” he said simply then running his hand to her hair, had his eyelashes on hers.

He kissed her slowly.


Not far from their tents, Banryu was on a quest himself. Finding Soo Yeon in the big fair was not so easy. Sneaking up from his father, her father, also her brother.

He went from tent to tent, then went into the one where he ended up seeing the view he never thought he would. His sister with a man. That’s Ji Dwi.

“Sado!” Surprised as he was, he went straight to Sam Maek Jong then smashed his face.

“Banryu!” Sado’s went to Sam Maek Jong who was on the ground after Banryu’s blow.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Banryu roared to his Hwarang’s roommate.

“I am sorry, but I like this woman a lot.” Sam Maek Jong said boldly while was wiping his bloodied lips, “I like your sister a lot.”

“You, ***(insert your own swear words)!” Banryu approached Sam Maek Jong again, trying to land a punch again.

“Stop it, Banryu!” But Sado got in between them in time.

“It’s my choice,” She said assuredly, looking straight at his brother’s eyes, “so, you can do anything about it.”


“Ah,” Sam Maek Jong hissed while Sado was applying some medicine for his cut lip.

“Sorry,” her apology was serious.

“Why?” Sam Maek Jong smiled, and changed his question, “what is your choice?”

She looked down and was silent for a second.

“I decided that I want to see more of you,” she said smiling aloud.


My first hwarang scenario! I made the girl named Sado if that’s allright. Park Young Shil’s (Ban Ryu’s adopted-father) daughter who married King Jinheung in history named Sado. So, I tried to connect that to the story. Tell me if you’d like to hear this Sado’s scenario. Thanks for requesting and (maybe) waiting for the scenario. I still have two requests, but I am so slow. Life’s been too too busy and all:(

Pls enjoy and maybe tell me what you guys think, I’m not a pro hehe. I don’t know if you guys like it or not, but<3

Request :

I was wondering if you could do a scenario with sam maek Jong/ji dwi where you are ban ryus step-sister but are having a secret relationship with him  (ji dwi) so you spend a lot of time with him. Your brother ban ryu doesn’t like the fact that you are around him much and always drags you away from him or something like that until until ji dwi confesses the relationship to him

** I do not own any of the characters portrayed in this also the gif is not mine, the story as well is fictional.

HRC appreciation - Day 8

I love how on most pictures from the 90s you could look at her and think “Barbie! What a blonde beauty!” and she looks so delicate, almost fragile with big blue eyes and such a soft face and, at times, really petite body.
And at the same time you look at her and think “Fierce! What a volcano!” and she’d be the bravest, most intelligent and ambitious woman who knew exactly how to bite her way through tough politics.

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Charmer (Taehyung)

Angst/Slight smut 
Badboy AU 
4790 Words

Summary: Being the charmer of the group means flirting, lying and manipulating in order to get what is beneficial to his group. Taehyung never doubted himself until she witnessed him in action and almost lost her. 

They say that opposites attract and Taehyung never believed in that saying until he met her. He didn’t know what it was about her that made him want her so much but he always caught himself falling for her a little bit more every time they were together-which was unusual as besides his group, Taehyung did not associate himself with anyone unless he knew he could benefit from them. All the past girlfriends he had were people he could get money or gain status from. With that information, never in a million years would Taehyung have given a thought about being serious with a girl like her but after weeks of being rejected by her, she finally gave in and accepted to go on one date with him. That one date turned into a second date, then a third, then a fourth date and just last week they celebrated their 10 month anniversary together. Perhaps it was the way she looked directly into his eyes when they were talking, or how she didn’t even pretend to laugh at his dry jokes, or maybe it was because she made him feel like he didn’t have to keep up his facade around her-whatever it was, he was going to love her and keep her by his side for as long as he could. 

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Happy international women’s day, many, but many up, think we women are incapable, we are the “weak sex.” But no, they are not right. Yes, if you think this, I say “You are very wrong” because, we … We give you a chance to get a life, live in this world, create your life, and help you in your first steps. Women are no different. The woman is like a man, but, she is so delicate … Today is my day, you day, our day. It is not I who comes out of your rib, you who were created in my womb. Happy day, my warriors!

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Hello dear! Could I please request 2p england kidnapping his shy, sweet, s/o cause he's madly in love and wants to start a family? And I just wanted to say that your blog is my favorite, your writing is marvelous and I'm always excited when I see you've updated!

(Oh, love! Thank you ever so much!)

She was here! She was finally here! After all these months of looking out for his angel. She was here with him. Yes she was crying. But that could only mean that they were tears of happiness.

After all why wouldn’t she be happy. They could be together now. They could start a family and get little children running around the house. He had always dreamed of starting a family and now he had his perfect wife.

He kissed her tears away and giggled happily, while letting his hands roam around her bound form. She felt so delicate.

“I love you! I love you! I love youuuuuu~! I love you more then anything! We can finally start a family and have our happily ever after! Isn’t that great?”

She just continued to cry. Oh God she truly was excited for all of this! He started kissing down her neck, while a wide grin played on his lips.

“So how about we start with creating our family now?”

Fairy lights and polaroids,
That’s how I’d define her.
She finds happiness in the smallest things.
Her voice reminds me of a Nirvana song
And her eyes sparkle like the fairy lights placed delicately on her ceiling.
She is so delicate, like a daisy.
Yet she can totally rock out to a Metallica song on her guitar.
The spring in her step reminds me to always see the bright side.
When she smiles, so does everyone else.
She radiates like the sun.
She’s my built-in best friend and I wouldn’t trade her for anyone.
Even though she drags us all out of the house just so we can go stand in the cold and cut down our Christmas tree.
There’s no one I would rather spend my childhood with.
Sharing clothes and everything.
Laughing at our years upon years of inside jokes.
Crying together when we lose our friends and family.
Always knowing there’s someone there, no matter what.
—  Yeah, That’s My Sister;L.L.

9p moodboards: Winter Court

“The flake of snow grew larger and larger; and at last it was like a young lady, dressed in the finest white gauze, made of a million little flakes like stars. She was so beautiful and delicate, but she was of ice, of dazzling, sparkling ice; yet she lived; her eyes gazed fixedly, like two stars; but there was neither quiet nor repose in them.”