she's so damn pretty too!

I think this is kind of an unpopular opinion, but I really liked the character of Kristen Kringle, as well as Isabella. Also, Chelsea Spack is so damn pretty! I’m too curious to know if she will be back on the show with some sort of plot twist.

one of these days I’m going to get my shit together and do a thing with Fiika for the Agent swimsuit calendar

better late than never, right?

malfoyvibes  asked:

RFA members + V finding out MC is bisexual/pansexual?

(hmmm… in all honesty, I don’t think they would really mind? But, I guess there would be little things here and there. Sorry if it’s not long! I just think they wouldn’t really mind that aspect of MC)


  • when he sees a female avatar in LOLOL and goes “wow she’s pretty” he then just. sorta goes like “omg SORRY MC I DIDN’T MEAN IT LIKE THAT-”
  • and MC just laughs
  • “no yoosung you’re right. they are very pretty. I find them very pretty too. Yoosung don’t worry I’m not offended you are correct that avatar is also very pretty”
  • this happens a lot and yoosung nearly cries every time he does it 
  • also why are the LOLOL female avatars so attractive? both MC and Yoosung can’t understand this


  • tbh I feel like she’d be pan too?
  • MC and her have these fan-moments for Zen
  • MC says something like “i’d lick his abs”
  • and Jaehee goes really red 
  • then she utters “me too” under her breath and it’s hilarious because MC heard her and now they will tease her with that forever


  • if MC had any girlfriends in the past he’s just going to be looking at photos of them
  • “whaaaat she’s so pretty?? damn if she comes around she’s too pretty and you might leave her for me. i can’t let that happen.”
  • also says it’s logical MC fell for him because he’s “prettier than any man or woman” but he says it humbly. kinda humbly. well, as humble as Zen can be when talking about his looks


  • MC had to explain to him what pansexuality/bisexuality was because he was like “gay or not gay what is it??”
  • the chillest person in the world until anybody starts getting too close to MC.
  • “no lady, you can’t take them out for drinks, because they are dating me”- Jumin @ a lady that was chatting to MC in the convenience store


  • he’s like “no way now I have to compete against two genders of beautiful people to keep you in love with me??? how will I manage”
  • Pals Who Like Both Boys And Girls

worgenqueen  asked:

Who are some of your favorite girls? Your OCs or franchises!

From Warcraft is hard to pick one because the most “popular” and the most often shown are totally not my favs but I like 

Urukal (We know nothing about her but well. I like her, because of reason haha) She had to be beauty and awesome if Blackhand chose her for his wife AM I RIGHT? :P

Czak’Ra kinda counts as a canon character so there’s a place for her too :P She’s so damn pretty and fierce but also so powerful!

I add Ossa here too because I ship her with Rexxar X)

From my OCs:

Monegra obviously. She’s my most beloved baby.

Sama - little orc with big ogrish heart.

Mazera - she’s big and badass!

My cute and innocent Rekah! <3

And out of Warcraft - Dalka. Amazing woman, great chieftain.

For other characters:

Ellen Ripley (from Alien(s))

Eowyn (from LotR)

Rochelle (from Left 4 Dead 2)

Special Friends: Chapter 19

Submitted by: Panicattackkisses

Description:  When Stiles’ phone buzzed and lit up with the image of Lydia with two chopsticks in her mouth, he answered immediately.
“I thought I told you you can’t keep calling me up for meaningless, mind blowing sex, Lydia”.

Rating: MA

Genre: Romance, Angst, Smut

All Chapters

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anonymous asked:

You are not rude at all. You're my favourite person in the world after Jo and my mum.

Originally posted by vviktoriaa


sasha pieterse (alison dilaurentis) auditioning for beaver.

age 12.

queensusan  asked:

OMG CONGRATS LANA i can't believe your poems got published that's amazing omg but ily you are amazing of course they got published. For the thing, could I get a Bellarke (duh) Drabble with the prompt romcom meet-cute but let's be real here they 100 percent screw it up because they are Bellamy and Clarke and they couldn't do a meet-cute correctly if they tried. Only if you want to tho! Congrats, again!

Thank you so much! <3

One Bellarke + “i accidentally called the wrong skype number and it turns out the person i called was you and you’re in a different time zone, so it’s 3am where you are and you just woke up and look fucking pissed but you’re cute so… let’s do this again when you’re not asleep. i’m more than willing to stay up into the dead of night to talk to you” au for you!

also on ao3

Clarke’s coping really badly with Wells’ move to the West Coast. In fact, she’s coping so badly that she decides to call him and rant about it on Skype. Probably asking whether he’d take her in if she moved to sunny California instead of rainy East Coast where, yeah, the leaves are pretty but it’s too damn rainy

So she punches in his number, even though the screen is a bit blurry since it’s midnight and she is tired after another gallery opening, and listens to the annoying Skype ringtone until he picks up.

When he does - it’s dark and she can’t see anything but a vague outline of a human’s top of head.

And then - 

“What the fuck, it’s three AM, Miller, I don’t care if you - “

Two things become very clear to Clarke then:

1) This is not Wells. Wells does not wear glasses, doesn’t have curly hair and doesn’t look this hot when he frowns.

2) The guy on the other side comes to a realization that she is not Miller.

But before Clarke can say anything, the man on the other side asks, “Who are you?”


He cocks an eyebrow at her. “Clarke what?”

“Clarke Griffin.”

“Okay, Clarke Griffin,” he leans forward, interlaces his fingertips and damn, look at those arm veins popping. She’s dead. “Why are you calling me at this ungodly hour?”

“I meant to call my best friend but I must’ve punched in the wrong number.”

“Yeah, that’s fucking obvious.” The guy snorts, rolls his eyes, and yeah, he’s pissed. It makes Clarke cross her arms at her chest, return the glare. It’s a mistake. 

“Go back to sleep, I didn’t mean to wake you up. And you don’t have to be an asshole about it. It happens.”

She’s just about to press ‘end call’ button and go to bed because this is exactly the sort of thing that happens when she decides to do things at her most tired, but the guy just shrugs, adjusts his glasses and says,

“I’ll never be able to go back to sleep so you might as well tell me what’s up.”

“I don’t even know your name.”

“It’s Bellamy Blake.” He waves a hand, “Go ahead. I’m listening.”

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Special Friends: Chapter Nineteen

WARNING: ANGST AHEAD. Sorry, I’m a terrible person, I know. Bring on all the messages telling me how evil I am, haha!

Stiles was a flood of thoughts, feelings and emotions as he moved across Lydia’s body. His hands traced rough patterns into her bare skin as he trailed his fingertips across the black lace that hugged her hips.
His mind reeled as Lydia responded with a small moan that he captured with his lips, his own grunt following shortly when the girl lifted her hips into his own. He pressed into her, revelling in the way her small arms wrapped round his neck tightly - Lydia pulled him down to meet her feverish kisses, her nails scraping deliciously against his scalp.

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