she's so cute when she's guilty

okay but imagine this, Sherlock actively trying to set up Molly with Hopkins.

Like he’s always felt a little guilty over how he treated her in the past (see TAB) and now he thinks this is the way to make it up to her. so he continually puts Molly in situations where she has to directly interact with Hopkins, and subtly hints at ways they’d be super good for eachother “what’s that Hopkins? you say you think it’s cute when girls wear sweater with long sleeves? well I happen to know Molly loves sweaters with long sleeves!” and Molly doesn’t catch on at first but when she does she’s like “uhh, Sherlock, I’m not gay.” and he just smirks at her “yes, but you’re not straight either” and Molly doesn’t get it because… of course she is?

But Sherlock’s meddling pays off and she starts hanging out with Hopkins and her thoughts gradually shift from, “wow I wish I could be her, she’s really cool” to “god I wish I was with her her, she’s so beautiful” and then she’s like OH SHIT I’M NOT STRAIGHT WHAT’S HAPPENING

but Hopkins is like so chill and smart and beautiful that Molly’s like yknow what I don’t care I like her, so when Hopkins asks her out she gives a resounding yes and Sherlock is INSUFFERABLE for days because he’s so proud of himself


1979 Jonathan and Nancy 

This isn’t the first time they meet of course but by the way Jonathan looks at her you would think differently.“Your mom let me in,” he explains quietly. “I’m looking for Will.”She squints at him, silent and still.“I’m Jonathan, by the way,” he adds lamely.“I know,” she finally offers graciously. “We had English together last year.”And dozen other classes in the past few years. This is Hawkins after all. Nancy wants to add but stops herself when she sees him nervously biting his nails.“And who’s that?” She asks instead, pointing to the white ball of fur that he’s holding.“Oh this is Chester,” Jonathan cracks a shy smile. “Will got him for his birthday last month…”Because mom feels guilty about all the fights with my dad.“Hi, Chester. You’re so cute, yes, you are,” Nancy coos over the puppy and Jonathan relaxes a bit.“They’re playing in the basement,” she finally tells him. “You can wait here if you want.”

Fancast for middle school Jonathan and Nancy: Edward Furlong (circa 1991) and Keira Knightley (circa 1998). If I ever find those films in better quality I might redo the gifs :) Inspired by the amazing @marthajefferson and @youffievalentine take on future Jonathan/Nancy

went home to see my mom and grandmother. Grandmother was doing a bit better, but not by much.  My mom seemed to be a bit better too, though very stressed trying to take care of my grandmother.  Her cat died, we had her since I was in fourth grade and she got a new one. The problem is that my grandmother’s cat is a vicious beast who keeps attacking the new cat and as such, she’s been hiding in the closet for a few days now.  It’s a shame because the kitty is a really sweet little thing.  she came out and purred and was affectionate and while I slept she came over and saw me, slept on my ankle and jumped off the bed when she was done.  Plus she’s this stout little thing and is so cute.  I told my mom that if it doesn’t get better, we can take the kitty in, but then I feel guilty, because the kitty may be all she has right now.  That was my weekend, how was yours?

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Coulf you please write some cute horse riding Sterek fluff? :) :)

“Hello, my lady.” Stiles does a ridiculous imitation of a bow and Derek is aware enough of his feelings that he doesn’t even feel guilty for thinking Stiles is adorable. “Ready for your next lesson?”

“Yes, yes!” Beth yells, jumping up and down in glee. “Mr. Stiles, did you know grandma is going to give me a pony?” She reaches out for his hand, smiling. “She pinky promised and everything.”

“Really?” Stiles asks, genuinely surprised. When he looks up at Derek and realizes the man is scowling he huffs out a laugh. “I don’t think your dad likes that idea very much.”

“Where am I going to keep a pony?” Derek says. “In my apartment?”

“Of course, daddy!” Beth says. “He can sleep in my bedroom!”

“I don’t think that’s –”

“You can keep it here if you want.” Stiles says, making Derek widen his eyes. “I can take care of him for you and when you come for your lessons you can ride it!”

Really?” Beth shrieks, throwing her little arms around Stiles’ waist and hugging him tight. “You’re the best, Mr. Stiles!”

You are the best, my lady.” He says, making Beth’s smile grow. She loves compliments.

And Derek loves to see his daughter smile. Of course, as a normal kid it’s all she does – thank God – but the fact that Stiles is the one making her do it? The guy who’s been tormenting Derek’s dreams and making his heart flip every time they meet. That guy? It’s almost too much.

As he notices Derek’s look, Stiles frowns slightly. “Hey, Beth? Why don’t you ask Miss Allison to help you put your adorable clothes on? I’ll be there in a second.”

“Okay!” Beth says, happily. “See you later, daddy.” She tugs Derek’s sleeve until he is kneeling in front of her so she can kiss his cheek.

“Bye, sweetie.”

Once she entered the girls bathroom with Allison, Stiles turns to Derek. “Sorry for that I just – your mom is going to pay for it, right? And with the pony here you won’t have to worry about –”

“It’s okay.” Derek interrupts. He knows enough about Stiles now to recognize when the other man is about to go on a rant. “It really saved me the trouble. But, are you okay with that? I mean, you have enough work around here and –”

“Nah.” Stiles waves him off. “What’s another horse when you have thirty?” He smiles. “And besides, Beth seemed really happy. She’s just – well I don’t need to tell you how adorable she is, you made her.”

Derek snorts. “Yeah, sometimes I don’t believe it myself.”

Stiles flinches. “I didn’t mean it like –”

“I got it, Stiles.” He laughs, waving his hand. “Really, it’s okay.”

“Sometimes my filter doesn’t work.” Stiles sighs. “But I swear I’m not like this around the kids!”

“If I thought you couldn’t take care of my daughter, I wouldn’t let you give her riding lessons.” He swallows, looking into Stiles’ beautiful brown eyes. His beautiful face, the moles doting his cheek. Jesus, he’s so fucking gone. “You’re doing great.”

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Okay, Hana is a secret food stealer

She learnt it from Caddy, and the two are partners in crime

Caddy enjoys stealing Ian’s food, because in his words “the moose doesn’t deserve it”

Anyway Hana thought it was bad to start with but then she saw Caddy do it, successfully

So she had to ask

“ahhh, so you want to learn from the master then. And I can’t say no to a cute face like yours”

And she felt too guilty to say no

So that’s how Hana became Caddy’s apprentice

At first she was really bad at it, getting caught all the time

Until they had a breakthrough

Caddy worked out that Hana was quiet enough to take food when caddy distracted

They were a dream team

They would do it to everyone, except Ian, because Hana said so, and Shane after they get caught and Caddy starts crying

This happened until Hana left, and on her last day Caddy cried about losing his partner in crime, and Ian called him a baby,

Then in tradition had a gun pointed in his face

And I bet when she moves out and into her own place, she has a picture of her and caddy and a 12 pack of donuts framed on her desk (along with other pictures of course)

Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend Getting Upset With Them Because They Forgot an Important Date

I am going to try and just make them about a variety of important relationship marks in general but also some of the ones that are considered important over in Korea from what I understand. 


He instantly felt bad and a little guilty about forgetting the mark of one hundred days together. Even if it was something kind of juvenile to celebrate, he could see it was bothering her. He tried to apologise and get on her good side again while being pouty and cute. 


He had no idea what she was so pissy about, but she had been off all day long. He had tried to ask her, but it only seemed to make her even pissier and she kept saying “you should know”. He only figured it out when her mom called to wish her a happy birthday and he had picked up her phone. He knew he was in some serious trouble and began to immediately think of a way to make it up to her. 


He felt very bad for forgetting their valentine’s day date; he had been so busy with schedules it had completely slipped his mind. When he saw her he remembered instantly because of her face and then immediately began to say sorry and give her squishy cuddly hugs. When he finally broke through her icy exterior of anger, and got her to smile, he promised to make it up to her by taking her somewhere else. 


It took him a few minutes to even process what she meant. He didn’t realise the number of days they had been together that she deemed as special were important; how was he supposed to know 300 days was a milestone. He didn’t normally pay attention to this sort of stuff and was inexperienced in the whole thing. 

Once he got over his initial shock, he apologised to her and asked if she wanted to go out to get some food in celebration. 


She had been abnormally quiet and he wasn’t too sure why. She had asked if he wanted to go out to dinner and maybe a movie; he had shrugged and agreed. It was only when they were walking to the place they were going to eat that he realised his mistake; they had chanced a meeting with one of her friends, who wished her a happy birthday. He mentally freaked out a little, knowing he didn’t have a gift for her and then immediately started to think of a way he could put it off until tomorrow, hoping to make it looked like he had planned all of this rather than hastily threw something together last second. 


He had a hard time believing he forgot because he was usually so on top of this kind of stuff. However, when he heard the date come from another person, his eyes widened when he realised he had completely forgotten to call her the day before to ask to celebrate their 100 day mark. He made the mental note to call her as soon as he had a moment to himself and apologise for forgetting and ask to celebrate the next time he had a free night. 


Yixing didn’t realise he had completely lost track of the date until someone corrected him. He had casually mentioned not being able to do something with some of the others because he had plans to celebrate a special day with his girlfriend. When they informed him that the date he was planning to celebrate happened two days ago, he just looked around a little confused until he realised the deeper implications. He then began to send her apology texts before making plans to see her in person as soon as possible to apologise that way too. 


She was yelling at him and calling him a self-involved prick and he didn’t know why. It was like a sudden burst of anger and he absolutely had no idea what he did to deserve it. He looked towards Xiumin, hoping he’d come to the rescue and his friend mouthed ‘birthday’ at him. His eyes widened and he turned back towards her, immediately trying to act like he hadn’t forgot and she was overreacting. 

“You asshole, I literally just saw you ask Minseok!” 


At first he tried to deny him forgetting in a sassy way, claiming she forgot he mentioned it, or saying she imagined him forgetting. When he knew that wasn’t going to work in any way, shape or form, he laughed and just shyly put his head on her shoulder, whispering “I’m sorry,” quietly into her jacket. 


He had pretended to have forgotten to play a small trick on her but when he saw it was really bothering her, he smiled and apologised. He then revealed that he in fact had a whole evening planned for their anniversary and then gave her the first gift he had gotten her as an apology for messing with her a little. 


He outright denied that he forgot, pretending he didn’t and pushing her words off like she was being over dramatic. When she finally was 100% done with him and about to throw something, he apologised to her because he knew messing with her wasn’t make it any better. He then showed her his sweet side, trying to get her to stop being mad. 


He did not forget. In fact, she was mistaken about the date herself and thought their anniversary was that day when in fact it was the next. He reminded her, smiling at her a little slyly about it, but then reassured her it was fine when she got embarrassed. 

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“I wouldn’t have found you if I hadn’t, and I reckon that makes it worth it.” HER LITTLE SMILE

and then “she’s staying” and Aaron talking about how he wants her there  her LIL CUTE SMILE

and she was so guilty when she saw that ugly Gordon text, like?!?! she has a genuine sweetheart like Aaron, and even despite her young age and desire to have a dad, she’s realising her bro is the true genuine one?!


little things i noticed upon watching tfa again:

  • han looks guilty as hell when rey says that she’s never seen so much green in her life. why so guilty han???? 
  • if it comes out that he didn’t know who she is i will eat a hat
  • bb-8 knows that they are cute af and uses it to their advantage
  • when finn is injured and loaded onto the medical trolley, poe is there, watching carefully and ready to help
  • he then leaves with the trolley taking finn to the medbay, forgoing the celebration for winning the battle
  • if it comes out poe doesn’t sit by finn’s side every day i will eat two hats
  • rey wields her staff like a two-bladed lightsaber
  • she’s going to be the best jedi and i cannot wait to see her beat kylo ren up a second time
  • before he even knows it’s poe, finn is staring at his ass when he gets out of the plane after they first land at the resistance. the gayest thing i’ve ever seen in my life
  • scavengers descending on the downed TIE fighters when finn and rey escape jakku
  • everyone says jakku differently because intergalactic accents and it’s amazing
  • r2d2 only comes back onto powered mode when rey arrives at the resistance. coincidence???? there is only the force
  • poe hugging finn might have been the first time finn has ever been hugged
  • finn hugging rey might have been the first time rey has been hugged since her family left
  • carrie fischer is more beautiful every time i see her
  • han still carries around luke’s jedi training ball thing like a talisman
  • kylo ren is the *jean-ralphio voice* woooooooooooorst

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Bellarke + “we both play this stupid game online and you keep beating me every single goddamn time so i called you out and you are pretty cute but can you not” au. If you want!

It’s been a long time since I’ve played Runescape, but I couldn’t not use it as the game. It got a little long, but I hope you’re entertained!

[AO3] [FFN]

It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure, a holdover from her middle school days. But sometimes when Clarke needs a break from work, she’s just not in the mood for yoga or reading or watching hair tutorials on YouTube. So at those times, she packs up her laptop, heads to the internet café down the street, and settles into one of the comfiest chairs in The Dripship for a well-deserved Runescape break. 

She’s had the same screenname since she was thirteen and her computer class partner showed her how to get past the school’s embarrassingly weak firewall and introduced her to the game. 

(That was the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship with Monty Green, but that’s a story for a different time.)

Now, whenever the paint and the canvas and her brushes just don’t want to cooperate, she quells her frustration and clears her mind with a couple rounds of combat in the Wilderness. The player vs. player zone was the perfect place for her to start leveling up when she got tired of killing off imps for practice, and Clarke’s gotten pretty good at kicking ass and taking names, if she says so herself. After a decade on the game, she can take out pretty much anyone she wants to.

Except him. 

Today Clark’s logged into Runescape because her landscape is coming out more of a bloody desert than a gentle sunrise, and goddamned Cerberus2126 has just ambushed her in the Wilderness.


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