she's so cute wah

Request - Gom + Nijimura + Kagami reacting to Haizaki being whipped by an adorable s/o.

( AU where Niji is still living life with these other kids or like they are used to him being around even if he doesn’t bball? That’s the best thing I could come up with him still being in this request sorry! Also not all the characters are gonna be talking a lot just because then it would be 7 pages, I did this as a scenario if you want just like hc please feel free to request again. )

Nijimura - “How did he manage to get her?”

Kise - “Wah! She’s so cute!”

Aomine - “Shut up Kise, she does have nice boobs though.”

Kuroko - “For once I have to agree with Kise.”

Akashi - “Quite a cute girl indeed.”

Kagami - “His probably keeping her there against her will!”

Midorima - “Keep your head down Murasakibara”

Murasakibara - “Nee, I want more snacks Mido-chin.”

The boys tried their best to stay hidden, while as best as you can when you’re a group of 8 mostly tall basketball players. They had been watching yours and Haizaki’s date sense they came across you two while he was buying you an ice cream in the park. He had a grip tightly around your waist and seemed to glare at anyone who even took a glance at you. Sense when was the boy who would spend one night in the sheets with any girl that had a nice butt so protective? The boys had originally planned on playing basketball on the court which was also in the little park but now all of them were more keen on following you two around, some of the boys were waiting for Haizaki to mess up and you run away and others waiting to step in so he wouldn’t hurt you. But so far Haizaki was, do they dare say, being a gentleman?

“Shougo look!” You squealed breaking out of his tight grasp and running towards something that had gained your attention. “Fuck ___ wait don’t run off!” He said worrying someone else would grab you away from him. After rounding a tree after you, he saw you seated on the ground holding a tiny kitten as other ones crawled onto your legs and into your lap. He groaned at your little kid behavior as you pointed at the free kittens sign. “Shougo can we get one?” You asked looking up at him with puppy eyes.

The group had followed you to where you ran off now almost shivering at the rejection you were about to receive.

Aomine - “No way in hell.”

Kise - “Poor girl! I would get her a kitten just as adorable as her!”

Kuroko - “I would introduce her to #2”

Midorima - “Let me shoot the cats.”

Nijimura stood tall ready to walk in and save you when Haizaki let out a sigh pulling you up with the kitten in your arms. “Is that what you would like babe?” You nodded eagerly looking back down at the black kitten in your arms. “I can’t say no to you.” He whispered pulling you against him as you cradled the animal in your arms smiling up at your boyfriend. “I love you.” You said sending him a bright smile.

“Love you to.” He grumbled kissing your forehead but as he looked up he saw his old team plus that one idiot he got in a fight with last winter cup (aka Kagami) and his faced hardened.

“Oi Haizaki your whipped.” Aomine called out with a smirk. Haizaki flipped him off behind your back as to not ruin your innocence that he took a long time ago. You turned around in his arms seeing the boys. “Oh! Are they your friends?” You said waving at them causing most to blush. “No, we are leaving bring the cat.”