she's so cute in this moment i cannot


Okay, it was a commission, so I paid her for it (with good reason, she’s a great artist), and it was worth every penny. I cannot stop grinning at how beautifully this turned out. Like, share, and commission han-saera’s art whenever you can. She deserves the recognition. ^_^

Scene: My OC Revera Lavellan and Solas enjoying a loving moment at Skyhold, with her in her halla jammies. (Look how cute they turned out! xD)

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Can you do headcanons for Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki and Monoma on when their female crush calls them by their first name for the very first time? :-o

This is very cute, anon! Of course I can do these for you! Enjoy!

Word count: 617.

Midoriya Izuku:

  • He freezes the moment he hears “Izuku” coming out of her lips instead of her usual “Midoriya-kun” and cannot stop looking at her, the sound of her voice coating his name spinning inside his mind over and over.
  • He would need to have her repeat herself, because he cannot really believe his ears. She looks so happy when she calls him by his name too, he almost melts into a puddle of happiness.

  • It makes him fall in love with her even more now, and would actually be craving to hear his name from her lips over and over again because it makes him feel incredibly joyful and lucky.

  • Would like to reciprocate by referring to her by her own first name, but cannot help adding a cut honorific behind because he thinks it’s too straightforward to simply call her “[Name].”

Bakugō Katsuki:

  • Doesn’t even realize that she called him by his name because it happened when she was scolding him. Like, she got so mad at him that she called him “Katsuki” and he honestly doesn’t know how to feel about it.
  • Must admit he doesn’t really care how she calls him, it doesn’t really hold that much meaning to him. He just wishes a little that she had called him by his first name in a normal situation, instead of during an argument, but not too much.

  • Teases her afterwards because she finally lost her cool to the point of referring to him differently. This is a new level in his books, since he takes pride in angering her as much as he can. What a weird and annoying hobby he has there.

  • Anything is better than calling him “Kacchan” in his opinion. It makes his blood boil, and doesn’t even want to hear that stupid nickname from her lips.

Todoroki Shōto:

  • Is very traditional with these things as well, so being called by his s/o as “Shōto” would make him feel honored and happy. It makes him realize how much his s/o trusts him.
  • She called him by his first name when she was trying to cheer him up. Certainly, the sole sound of his name falling from her mouth was enough to lighten up his mood.

  • Doesn’t really mind how she calls him, though. As long as she doesn’t use an offensive name to refer to him, he will be happy with anything. He also has a soft spot for sweet pet names, but that’s another step.

  • He will always be very respectful towards his s/o, so he will probably prefer to call her by her last name, but sometimes, when they’re alone and he’s feeling extra affective, he will call her by her first name too.

Monoma Neito:

  • Cannot help the surprise when he hears “Neito” come from her lips. Maybe it was an accident, given the blush on her face and the quiet apology, but he definitely wasn’t disgusted by it.
  • Will tell his s/o that it’s okay for her to call him by his first name, but will make it sound as if it’s nothing important in a kind of reverse psychology that will make him look super cool in his eyes, but he’s actually just confusing his s/o.
  • He was never one to use honorifics, but he did call her by her last name until then. He will start referring to her as “[Name]” because he really feels like returning the favor. Her name really sounds nice in his lips, too.
  • Loves being called by his first name in public, because it helps him brag about his relationship with his s/o. The trust needed to call your significant other by their name is much, so he will be so proud of having achieved this level.
Did I say that she was beautiful? I was wrong. Beauty is too tame a notion; it evokes only faces in magazines. A lovely eloquence, a calming symmetry; none of that describes this woman’s face. So perhaps I should assume I cannot do it justice with words. Suffice it to say that it would break your heart to see her; and it would mend what was broken in the same moment; and you would be twice what you’d been before.
—  Clive Barker, Galilee
Riley Matthews x Maya Hart || Oneshot

Title: Love and Bets

Fandom: Girl Meets World

Word Count: 447

Summary: Riley and Maya come out as a couple to Cory and Topanga. Drabble.

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Do you think Harry ever looks at the missus (pre-kids) when she's being all cute and sweet and just go "goddamn I cannot believe this sweet thing is so filthy" after a long night of rolling around the sheets?


That moment when he opens his eyes the next morning and sees her all curled up tightly beside him, duvet tucked up right below her chin because she got cold in the middle of the night. Her hair is mussed and thrown across the pillow, her lips moving every couple of heartbeats and she sighs or hums in her sleep softly beside him as she nuzzles into the pillow. 

They’re still completely naked under the sheets. His stomach muscles still ache pleasantly, His cock twitches when he tucks his hand under the duvet and between his legs and skims his fingertips up along the underside of his shaft. He rolls back onto his side, careful not to wake her. He’s half-hard again just from thinking about last night. 

How he knows his cum is drying on her belly, that her inner thighs are littered with a smattering of light bruises from how hard he was gripping them as he ate her out like his life depended on it. If he thought about it, he could feel a prickle along his scalp remembering her tugging at his hair. 

How her bum is flushed a rosy pink. When she shifts in her sleep and the duvet slides down, he catches sight of the hickey he left on her breast. If he moves against the sheets, there’s a mild burn from the tiny welts her nails digging into the skin of his shoulders, have left. Thinking about her taking him. In her mouth, in her hot, wet, snug core. Her praises and pleas for more. The sound of skin slapping against skin. Her moans, echoing in his ears. How she licked her lips clean after going down on him. How she squirted all over his chin that still feels sticky now.

He lets out a sigh that turns into a grunt, starting to feel worked up again letting it all replay in his mind. “So fucking lucky,” he whispers to himself. He reaches over to pull the duvet back up securely around her shoulders and presses a kiss to her forehead, before he cuddles in closer to her.   

i love this particular moment a lot because Elsa is so hesitant in opening her arms to hug Anna, as if she was afraid she wouldn’t want to hug her and the way Anna takes a moment to realize what Elsa is offering and the way her face lights up is so perfect because she literally cannot believe her sister wants to hug her and she just jumps into her arms like she was waiting for her sister to hug her for her whole life *which she technically was* i just love it so much

I don’t know how to put into word how much The Legend of Korra comics mean to me….as a queer person who grew up with Aang and now gets to follow Korra’s adventures in my adulthood, this is everything I could have wanted (and in just the first volume! Of I’m sure many as I had to go the three different comic book shops today to get a copy because the first two stores were sold out)

Thank you so to @michaeldantedimartino for a captivating, well written story. Everything about Korra and Asami’s budding relationship seemed authentic and natural within in the Avatar universe, and I found myself grinning ear to ear with every cute moment shared by our two heroines. Plus seeing how same-sex relationships have been treated throughout history with the four nations, as well as learning other beloved characters are not straight (Kya! KYOSHI!!) just added to the experience. 

And I cannot think of enough nice things to say about @prom-knight‘s artwork. I lingered on every page admiring all the detail work involved and everything looked SO incredible. Her personal art style works beautifully with these characters and environments and she was such a phenomenal choice for this series. 

….and now to wait patiently for January!


Despite this having a somewhat humorous opening, I feel it’s only appropriate to warn that this came about from Koma asking for sad things and character death, so this is a sad thing with character death. And now, onward, into the depths.

The first thing Edea asked when she saw Tiz was, “Where’s Agnès? Where are the babies? You can’t just visit without bringing the babies!” Tiz made a small expression of surprise at her indignation, and she quickly leaned over the ornate carving of the table in the guest hall to show how serious she was. “Tiz. Arrior. You cannot just waltz into my country without your wife and the babies. I love you, but I am the Grand Marshal of Eternia now, and I demand my tribute of cuteness.”

After a moment of blinking up at her, seeming still surprised, Tiz smiled wanly. “I’m glad to see you’re well, Edea. Could we talk in private, please?” He glanced over her shoulder, to the guards standing in the room.

Edea blinked, nonplussed by his request, but the guards really weren’t needed–standard protocol, but hardly necessary for a meeting between friends–so she turned to face them, clearing her throat for the attention she’d already had from them. (She still wasn’t quite used to everyone snapping to attention from her merely entering a room; it made her look around for her father.) “Dismissed!”

The guards left. As soon as the door closed, she whirled back on Tiz. “Is something wrong? I mean, we’re friends, you’re always welcome, but it’s a little weird you came all this way alone.”

Tiz took a deep breath. “You’re right. It is a little strange. Edea…could you sit down, please? I need to tell you something.”

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Can we please talk about how cute and yet sad this is?
Cause yesterday I actually cried quite a bit.



My favorite moments between Ryuko and Senketsu

First one: Look how Happy Ryuko is to see that Senketsu is alive! This was one of the cutest moments ever!! She made the cutest noises! She loves her uniform so much, its so cute that I cannot take it! She even put the cloth to her cheek as if she was giving Senketsu one of those affectionate cheek rubs! OH MY GOD MY HEART!! >w<

Second: I love this moment so much! Its like she’s giving him some pets. He’s such a good uniform! But what really got me is what she said to him. If I remember correctly, it was… “That reckless personality is exactly what I love about you Senketsu!” She said “LOVE”! OMFGGGGG SHE LOVES HIM! AWWWW!!! Ryuko also looked super adorable in this scene <333

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Hi! I wanted to read SF fanfiction, but I'm afraid of getting into a fic only to find out they treat Regina like crap. Like it happens sometimes with Neal in SQ ff... Can you rec me SF fanfictions that either don't mention Regina at all, or don't treat her like shit?

Absolutely! (and i totally get you because I’m sometimes wary about SQ fic for the same reason with Neal, haha.) There are definitely more than this out there, but here are some of my faves:

SF with mentions of Regina as a co-parent:

Courage of the Stars, WIP (AU where 3B!Neal time travels back to mid-S2, really nice subplot of regina’s relationship with Henry and there’s a great relationship between regina and neal that’s minor to the plot but SO lovely) 

Bent, WIP (Emma goes back in time to save Neal post-S3 and they work on their issues, fully recognizes Regina as Henry’s mother.)

A Broken Future Multi-chapter, Complete (future neal-is-obviously-alive fic with SF’s second child, primarily deals with post-partum depression (so def a big warning for that) and regina shows up as a friend/there are mentions of henry spending time with her)

Fics that don’t mention Regina: (Mostly AU)

veronicaechollsmars’ family drabbles (just linking her tag, but there are a lot of really adorable sf with little!henry au drabbles)

Our Little Love Bug Multi-Chapter, Complete (AU where Neal never left, they go to Tallahassee and Emma finds out she’s pregnant)

Of Night Owls and Swansongs One-Shot (AU where Emma and Neal meet when she’s a waitress and he’s a fireman. WARNING: SUPER SAD, character death)

Time Strangers WIP (season finale rewrite with neal instead of hook)

Song of the Siren WIP (Pirates of the Carribean-esque-ish AU?)

Spinner’s Son WIP (peasant baelfire gets the princess pregnant oh man it’s so great)

Of Wassail and Stolen Sneakers One-Shot (non-au besides neal being alive— they’re not together in this yet, but it’s a cute family moment with henry.)

Tallahassee Era:

Five Neals Emma Doesn’t Know and One She Does One-Shot(Swanfire-heavy Emma backstory fic)

In Trouble One-Shot (goes through the entirety of their relationship in tallahassee. some mentions of past abuse, as a warning!)

Of Bracelets on Coca-Cola Bottles One-Shot (also spans their relationship)

Because You’re Young One-Shot (literally my fave SF fic ever i cannot confirm or deny if this is because there’s a david bowie reference (it is). missing moment during tallahassee.)

And for shameless self-promo, i run Dates With Neal Cassidy with friends, and it’s a collection of (mostly) tallahassee-era drabbles.

(and like. more self-promo i am disgusting lmao, but my fic is like 95% swanfire, and I like regina, lol, so most of it’s either au, doesn’t mention her, or mentions her as henry’s mom!)

(publishing this because I feel like there are a few people who follow me that might want to see it!)

BTS reaction to waking up and finding you sleeping next to them

*They go to sleep and the next morning they wake up to you laying down next to them because you snuck in their bed in the middle of the night*


Originally posted by meganhyunhee

Jin would be surprised to wake up next to you, he would watch you sleep trying not to wake you up, and as soon as you wake up he would be covering you in kisses.


Originally posted by vthesecretoilet

The only reason this boy even woke up is because you kept stealing the blanket I feel like he would be very annoyed but since he loves you he’ll glare at you a little but eventually steal the cover back and cuddle you going back to sleep.


Originally posted by keepingupwithbts

He loves it!!  lol sorry   but seriously he would love seeing your face first thing in the morning. He would play with your hair and carefully caress your face waiting for you to wake up.


Originally posted by orchid-bud

*(Pretend your tae) (I couldnt find the one of him screaming)*

This ray of sunshine would be so confused when he wakes up with you by his side but that will pass pretty fast and wake you up with a big hug “GOOOOOOOOD MORNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING   Y/N”


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This boy would be smirking the moment he sees you sleeping in his arms.  He couldn’t get over the fact that you looked so adorable sleeping

Him: Shes so cute” 


Him: Goodmorning Y/N !!!


Originally posted by mvssmedia


He would be very happy seeing you next to him. Tae really tries not to wake you up but fails miserably.

“I wish I could wake up next to you every day…Y/N I WONT EVER LET YOU GO!!!” he’d say before bear hugging tightly waking you up.


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This boy would wake up like any other day…UNTIL HE SEE’S YOU!! Our poor kookie is freaking out! He cannot believe he just slept in the same bed with YOU!! he spends the whole time looking at you trying to figure out what to do…

Jungkook:  *stares at you*

YOU:  *wakes up*  “Jungkook oppa please stop staring at me when im sleeping”

Jungkook:  *flustered*  oh sorry Y/N  *Keeps looking at you*

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I really hope you guys enjoyed this…i’m new at this and ill try to make more from more groups too please don’t be shy to message me or just request one from me :) 

8/15/17–33W 3D

So many things occuring this week so far!

I finally got to meet my friend’s baby boy in person yesterday and oh. My. God. He is so cute! I love him! I cannot wait to meet our little fella. I hope they get to know each other one day; she lives quite a distance away at the moment.

We finally received the bill for the hospital yesterday. Out of the over $1300 for which the hospital billed the insurance, we owe $55. Thank God for my health insurance; I cannot even fathom how much harder this would be on us financially without it.

I went for that dang blood test this morning. Better to be stuck with a needle now than to possibly face some awkwardness at the hospital later. I have no idea how they’d handle the situation if I had skipped the blood test.

Less than 7 weeks until our little love’s due! And tomorrow is his granddad’s birthday!

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Rant how cute Regalshipping is.

*cracks knuckles* Oh man, where do I even start? Well, first off I guess there’s their mutual dorkiness. I mean, they are both Serious Duelists Like Whoah but when it comes to most anything else that’s not about card games they can be so doofy. Mai has a playful and teasing side to her and Atem is kind of an awkward turtle when it comes to physical expression. He can talk a blue streak about friendship and shows how he feels through his actions, but if they were together Mai would love teasing him and trying to get under his skin and it would just be too cute.

Also there’s the things in canon like this:


I mean, he beats her and she’s rather devastated because she came so close to winning but then he thanks her for helping him realize what he was so afraid of during the duel and what was holding him back and Mai replies that she’ll take her loss and become stronger for it and that she’ll keep reaching for her dream. And I just can’t with how much mutual respect is going on here, especially since when they first met Mai was extremely dismissive of him and called him Yugi-chan because she couldn’t believe that some no-name high schooler could have come out of nowhere and taken Kaiba’s title away from him.

And speaking of her dream:


Admittedly, people wanting to challenge Atem isn’t all that unusual. It happens to him like every five minutes or so. But with Mai it feels a little different, at least to me, because she was so dismissive at first and then changed her mind after seeing him beat Haga. And then when the Player Killer takes her star chips, Atem doesn’t even hesitate to leap into a situation that isn’t really his problem. He’s more than willing to make it his problem though because of the injustice done to her and just the way Mai watches him so intently through the entire duel, wanting to see what he’s really made of is so affecting. And then the adorableness of when he tries to give her chips back but she feels that she doesn’t have the right to accept that from him, that her pride won’t let her. And after Jou gives them back to her, she’s just so happy about the thought of earning the right to challenge Atem and he’s looking forward to it as well.

Actually I think it’s even a little cuter in the manga:


And then the next time they meet in the Duel Monster RPG world, she sacrifices herself to protect his monster. She doesn’t even know what the heck he’s planning to do but she still does it any because she BELIEVES IN HIM THAT MUCH. This from the woman who believed in no one and nothing but herself for so long, but she trusts him to be able to win. That’s just pretty amazing right there. And then when everyone is revived again…


Which brings me to probably my favorite and most adorable moment between them and one that makes me rather giddy whenever I look at it:


They just kind of go off into their own little world there when they start talking about the tournament and the duelists who have gathered for the announcement and it’s just something they understand each other so perfectly in. I could totally picture them just hanging out and discussing strategies if they had a chance to and going card shopping or just watching other random people dueling and talking about who they think would win. I don’t know, I just love how much they respect and value each other’s opinions as a fellow duelist. Mai knows that Atem is someone she can always expect an honest answer from and a genuine assessment of what’s going on.


They are both clearly looking forward to it and they have new cards in their deck since last time and everything. I mean, they were such cute opponents back in DK and he said back then that he was proud that he had the chance to fight her and I just really would have liked to see them have a rematch now that they’ve both grown more as duelists some. It could have been really cool. But alas it was never meant to be because of frigging Yami Malik and his Shadow Games. GDI MALIK. :\

And then of course there’s the moment during the duel with Malik itself:

Jounouchi plays a big part in helping her here as well, but what also gets to me is the fact that Atem can’t just stand by any longer and watch Yami Malik torturing her so he interferes in the game in order to help her. And I think it’s his words that give her the most strength to stand up again, to let her know that it’s okay and he believes that she can do this, that she just has to believe in herself again and not listen to the lies of Malik’s illusions. Mai still doesn’t entirely understand what’s going on but she trusts him enough to go with it and refuses to give up or let Malik break her.

So anyway in conclusion, they have so much potential together and so much they could talk about and damn it if I could contribute fanworks of it to the fandom then I totally would. Umm, I hope that’s the kind of rant you wanted Anon. Also sorry this ended up being so long to everyone else. ^^;

Also never forget:

emmyfais, ladysparklefists, chocolapeanut, you guys might appreciate this too. :)

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(1?) lolz im the anon who is 2 grades ahead of her ~crush~ and honestly im so sorry but i CANT hecking deal with how gr8 he is. what a nugget. we went 2 camp together and had daily dance parties where he would dab nonstop. i know it sounds hella cringey but it was gr8. im friends with his sister too and she doesn't know i like him but she keeps sending pics of him. the last time i saw him he was doing the Boy Thing™ where they wear a button up shirt and roll the sleeves to their forearms and

2) let me tell u it was a monumental moment in my life. honestly in my head all i can think of is why am i like this???? bc this is v inconvenient??? i’m starting my junior year i do not need this????? but at the same time he is so sweet and i rlly like him lolz


this is so cute i cannot deal sdfghjk

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Hi ! Could you please do something where the reader is married to Harald and he goes away on a raid and she is pregnant, close to giving birth and when Harald comes home the child is barely a few hours old and he's worried that he cannot see her waiting for him so he goes to their home and finds her and the child and they have a really cute scene ? Thank you darling ! Love your work ❤❤❤❤

sounds so damn cute!!! thanks so much for your request, love!!. at the moment i have another request but as soon as i’m finished with that one i will get straight to yours!!! thanks again so much!!! <3 lots of love and thanks from me <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

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1-8 on the asks

1: what’s the most annoying thing about your best friend?
sometimes she can be gayer than me and it’s not fair i wanna be the gayest

2: least favorite tv shows?
i cannot STAND pretty little liars it’s so annoying just end it already jesus!!!!!!!!

3: favorite moment with your best friend?
when she came out to me and looked so relieved i love her

4: one quality you would like to have?
the ability to make people hang on every word i say

5: name three people of your same gender you would kiss, marry, and fuck
lol i feel like this question is aimed at straights because this is gonna be difficult to choose three really cute girls sooo??? ahhh okay i’d kiss lily kate kennedy (the best friend knows), marry ruby rose, and fuck lupita nyong'o

6: do you like your full name?
i feel like i would if i hadn’t been bullied my entire life for it and if my first name wasn’t as hard to spell

7: tell me your most embarrassing memory
fuck jesusjkrbfkrn fuck FUCK okay so when i was in first and second grade the kids would always kiss the teacher on the cheek because we were cute little six year olds and our teachers were women but in third fucking grade i had a guy teacher and i apparently did not get the memo that you didn’t kiss your teachers anymore so i fucking tried to kiss him not once BUT TWICE after he flinched away jesus christ no please

8: favorite color to wear?
pastel pink or black

For anyone who missed Willemijn's last performance as Elphie, here's a breakdown of my favourite parts from each scene: ACT 1

Wicked - London - 19/7/14 - 7:30pm - Row A - Seat 15

Elphie - Willemijn Verkaik

Glinda - Savannah Stevenson

Fiyero - Jeremy Taylor



~ Willemijn’s Elphie got a HUGE cheer when she ran on, of course.



~ Elphie was so dorky and awkward and gangly and perfect and she kept pushing her glasses up her nose along with all sorts of other gawkish quirks GOD BLESS her little heart :3



~ Willemijn’s Elphie has the most spectacular Poisoness Look of Death that she reserves for scenes like this. She looked so disdainful of Glinda, like she was something unpleasant on the end of her shoe. Yikes.

~ Glinda attacked Elphie with a mirror, going ‘snap snap’ in her face and I choked with laughter.



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