she's so cute i love her already


I just got my stickers from @polyruses anD AAAAAAAAAA I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!




I officially super love this anime and i’ve become ship trash for it and already claimed a son and husband what is my life

husagishuuhei  asked:

Hello! First ... I love your blog ^. ^ Accept my love :D Have you ever wondered what things Ichika may have inherited from her parents? Such as ... wrinkling her nose while she is writing, scratching the back of her head, THE false cry ... idk My brain has lit up! (I probably have trouble writing as much as I do not speak English. Blame google, lol)

 I happily receive your love, thank you so much!! ♥♥♥♥ I actually get really thrilled when I get messages like yours, because that’s so cute. X3

Oh and yes of course I did! XD As you already mentioned, I am also 100% sure that Ichika uses the The False Cry on every possible victim (mostly Papa, uncle and other male idiots like Kira, Hisagi, Shunsui etc) but she also uses The Sparkle to charm them XD I can also imagine that she draws pictures just as passionate as Mama and she also frowns just like her. 

As for Renji, well from her appearance in the final chapter we might all can agree on she probably has inherited his cocky demeanor. I also headcanon that she has the same puzzled expression when she’s confused, like you know… his “huh?” face XD 

And maybe she just tries to imitate him a lot, especially when she was younger. For example, like Renji laughs loudly and with some seconds delay Ichika laughs in exactly the same manner. 

All in all I think she’s a nice mix of both her parents :D


are we not gonna talk about all the smh clothes ford is gonna get…like not even her own stuff but like…she’s cold so nursey gives her his hoodie and “"forgets”“ to ask for it back, holster leaves a couple giant ass sweatshirts behind for lardo (who already has 200 of his sweatshirts big enough to swim in so she passes some down to ford), the tadpoles leave their shit in the managers office all the time so she has a full Collection of smh gear at her disposal,

she’s gonna have so much oversized jock stuff and I love it


hey guys !! this is my best friend Mari (strawbrrybabe) and she just got a full ride to university !!! she is an amazing award winning scientist and i am extremely proud of her and all of her accomplishments !! she is so so smart and so globally aware! despite being a very busy worker bee and amazing student she is also the best bee pal any one could ask for !! she’s so supportive, loving, and kind !! if you haven’t already go follow her and let her know how special she is !!!!


Ok I’m trying to get this OC out of my system so I can get back to drawing the gems everyone knows and loves. It’s not my fault, she’s really cute! Well, maybe it IS my fault, considering I created her…

I’m really flattered how many people seem to like her! The last picture I posted has over 300 notes already. You guys are so sweet!

Anyway. Under the cut I babble about what life is like for Aquamarine’s Pearl.

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A Very Serious Analysis of That Kabby Scene™

If this show was narrated:

“And now back in Polis, we catch up with Kane and Abby, who have been having the sex nonstop since their kids left.“ Seriously, HOW many times had they done it by then??? Cause they looked pretty damn comfortable and 9 days is a long time in Polis days

Be not distracted by the candlelight and furs, folks. Because y'all….that is Marcus Kane thrusting into Abby Griffin.

They show a final thrust.
Blur effect, you failed miserably and we all know what went on down there.

Here’s an extra gif of that shot, because, well, Marcus Kane is on top of Abby Griffin.
In a bed.

The moans. The sighs. For goodness flippin’ sake.

"You…are a terrible influence”

My gosh - THE FLIRTING!!! Does anyone else get the feeling this is like the 35th time they’ve done it?? and Abby tells Marcus she needs to check on Roan, but then he starts sexing her up and it happens again?? I somehow get the feeling Abby doesn’t mind being influenced ;)

AND HIS FACE?! That smile - he literally looks so pleased with himself. Like, he knows exactly what he does to her and how to turn her on because it’s been 9 days and they’ve had PRACTICE Y’ALL.

Time for adorabubble you-made-me-late-but-gave-me-an-orgasm-so-thankyou kisses. 

And the way her eyes are still closed?!

Marcus is feeling sleepy ;) Just the fact that it’s fun sex -  not angsty or too serious - makes me giggly :D

Marcus watching Abby get dressed is my aesthetic.

You just know he’s thinking “My wife is so hot”

Cue tears.

I’m so glad I went out and bought tissues before watching this episode. I wish I was kidding.
But seriously, WHAT. A. GENTLEMAN. 
He’s ruined me for anyone else.


He wraps his arm around her neck!!!

Okay, look, I know it was cute and loving but damn.
The protectiveness and strength that came through in that one action got me seriously hot and bothered.

Pleased with himself again.

He knows he did good.
Just look at that infuriatingly sexy smirk.

The forehead touch makes a triumphant return. Abby honestly seems so happy and at home and just…it’s just so domestic!!!

When he pulls her back, just before he says ‘but be careful’ - her little smirk, she thinks he’s going to try and convince her to stay again <3 Like how many times have you done this already this morning sir?

 His smoulder as she walks away.

That is a nice smoulder.

He is shirtless.
Shirt. Less.

I feel like every single The 100 fan has just realised how hot ‘the oldies’ really are.

Bonus kiss <3 



Now. Now I can die peacefully.

Yes I was fully aware of how much I focused on Marcus during this but it’s just cause I maybe really definitely want to be Abby.


“Crees en amor a primera vista, o debo pasarte otra vez?”~ ♥

Leya is my wife and i love her. she’s a filthy memer and she always has the best nails. she’s really competitve, but she’s also really considerate. she has a huge gay crush on kathy ♥

“Apparently, she and I are gonna be quite the team one day.”

I wanted to draw future Flynn and Lucy from the journal. They’re an interesting pair to think about, aren’t they? A little older. A little crazier. His hair is longer, hers is shorter. That feels right.

Flynn’s hair is based off Goran’s look in this old Madonna video. So I know for a fact he can pull it off.

I told you I would introduce you to the main characters of my witchy story! So here is the first one, who you might have already seen on other artworks or in the “Modern Witches” Artbook:  

Judith Winter, a young witch living in London. She is very kind and adorable. Her disability (she lost a leg and wears a prosthetic instead) makes her a very compassionate person and she wants to help a lot of people with her healing magic and knowledge of crystals ~ She also loves cats :3


Word Count: 495
Pairing: Optional Bias

“Who’s that outside?”

“He looks cute!”

“You can’t even see him that well.”

Female classmates surrounded the classrooms windows as they gawked and chattered about the mysterious person that stood outside the school gates. Y/N groaned as she listened to the girls who impatiently waited for the final bell to ring so they could rush outside and get a better look at the stranger.

“Does anyone know him?”

“I think I’ve seen him out there before.”

“Does he go to a different school?”
“If he does then I want to transfer there!”

As the final bell eventually rang, the pack of girls ran out of the room, stumbling over each other as Y/N packed her things up slowly, glancing out to see who grabbed the fancy of every girl in her class.

“Seriously?” She muttered to herself, picking up her pace as she left the room, not bothering to converse with any of the sane classmates that had been in the hallways.

The air got colder throughout the day, which made her realize she left her uniform jacket in class to which she crossed her arms to warm herself up.

“What are you doing here?” She groaned as she stepped up behind the “stranger”, “I thought I told you you didn’t have to pick me up.”

His infamous smile was spread on his face as he turned around to face her, “I didn’t realize it was a crime to want to spend time with my girlfriend?” He said as he grabbed her bag from her and slung it over his shoulder.

“It’s not…” She mumbled, rubbing her arms sheepishly while looking at the spectators who watched the encounter. She was never one for attention, which was the exact opposite for the one she was dating-he practically fed off of it.

“It’s not?” He raised his eyebrows and a teasing manner and poked at her bare arms. “Then what is it? Huh?”

“I want to keep you for myself.” She admitted boldly, surprising both her and the man. “Every time you show up the girls in school always talk about you and I don’t like it.” These words only caused a string of chuckles from him as his arms pulled Y/N closer.

“Ah. you’re so cute!” He practically shouted, causing the girl to hid her face in his chest. “I never knew you would get jealous!”

“I’m not jealous.” Her whining got muffled by the fabric of his jacket but he only laughed at her once again. “People are staring, (B/N).” She whined again, but this time pulled away shortly so he could actually understand her clearly.

“Let them, maybe they’ll stop talking about me if they see that I’m already in love.” His voice was obviously louder than it needed be, and this was shown by the amount of squeals from the bystanders and disappointed groans from a few of them too.

“Why do you have to make a scene?”

“It’s what I do best.”

~From Sour to Sweet~

When you find a new friend in the strangest way.

cat hybrid!yoongi/reader

Word Count: 5,704

What were you thinking?

You don’t know what possessed you to go to a hybrid adoption facility and want to pick out a hybrid of your own. You felt bad that you could only choose one of the many hybrids presented before you. All were of various species accentuated with different colors, shapes, and sizes.

“You can go in if you want.” The employee next to you responds, having spotted you looking at the hybrids through the glass window.

The room was pretty spacious but you were afraid that if you went inside you would try and take them all home with you. It looked like a cross between a playground and recreational room. There were beds for them to sleep, a TV off to the side, and lots of blankets and pillows.

“If there’s one you want to interact with personally, we have rooms available for you, if you’re not comfortable going inside with all of them. It can get overwhelming sometimes.”

You watched all the hybrids for a bit. There were a couple of rabbits running around in a game of chase, bounding through the other hybrids as well as hopping over stray toys and scattered furniture pieces. The foxes were playing with a soccer ball, rolling it back and forth and a few of them even went to mess with the other hybrids nearby. Literally all of the dog hybrids were play wrestling each other and you could see tufts of fur flying through the air. Most of the cats were either asleep or lazily tossing balls of yarn here and there.

You notice a small white cat hybrid tucked away from everyone else, including the other cats, curled up in a ball high on top of one of the shelves. He wasn’t sleeping, rather he was lying there and observing all the other hybrids with a smidge of boredom adorning his features, white tail flicking lazily back and forth like a pendulum. His white ears contrasted the black locks of his hair as they twitched to each of the sounds. You noticed that he looked…lonely, yet there was a hint of sadness somewhat hidden in his eyes, and your heart ached at the sight.

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⚡  WITCHY ART CHALLENGE ~ Day 11 ~ A Storm Witch ⚡

A Storm Witch~ I already drew her a few times and I love her design, so I named her Teresa and she is my first storm witch oc ♥ 

I hope you’ll like her ♥