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Girl Meets Goodbye

- Still not over the fact they snuck in a ‘daddy’ joke last episode

- “What? But you’re too far away right now!” R I L E Y

- Smackle trying to distract Cory with questions

- Maya and Farkle’s little moment was so cute omg

- Poor Carrie Ableson what a champ


- “How is the wife taking this?” “It’s AVA, it could go either way!”

- “My mom said she doesn’t care if I move to England with you!” “Really-” “Don’t answer. I’m afraid of her answer.” 😂😂

- I had heart palpitations when everyone was on screen together you don’ t even know

- E r i c  a n d  F e e n y

- Why was Eric forcing himself not to talk to Feeny how is there possibly beef between those two why is this series ending without giving me the answers

- They cut Minkus and Harley’s lines rip 😂😂

- The two Morgan’s thing was a bit weird and unnecessary but the fact that only Eric and Auggie called it out made me crack up lmao

- “You know, I always regretted I never adopted Shawn!” Turner babe you had the adoption papers for like 3 months and didn’t contemplate signing them until Chet showed back up like I’m sorry but I’m still salty @ you

- M A Y A  H U N T E R

- Turner was so excited Shawn and Katy got married then where the fukc was he at the wedding I’m MAD

- I love how Amy’s only argument against England was “You are not taking my grandbabies away from me you monsters” lmao

- Feeny’s voice sounded a little weird did Bill have a cold or something??? I spend at least 10 percent of my day worrying about him tbh

- But I loved the much-missed Feeny advice



- “Are you gonna surprise us with genius advice out of your idiot mouth or what?” “Yes, actually, thank you-”

- “Find your quiet place. Mine is under the ocean.”

- Listen like I adore all forms of Topanga with all my heart, but when Eric yelled “don’t take my spot!”, the joking look she gave him was the first time in three seasons that I really, truly, felt like I was looking at the Topanga from Boy Meets World that I grew up with okay. It was a wonderful feeling don’t take her away from me


- “I’ll love you wherever you are” “Thanks Farkle, but maybe you shouldn’t say that in front of your girlfriend?”

- Smackle: *gives a whole mini speech about how feelings and science are two different things*. Smackle: *thinks Riley is not a romantic threat bc she doesn’t know nuclear theory* okay hun I love you to death buuuuuut

- Maya thinks the universe sent Josh to replace Riley…is that a Disney way of having Maya confirm she has romantic feelings for Riley or

- The Riley/Lucas breakup was very sweet and well handled I’m glad.

- Like??? Lucas actually showed emotion towards it. That’s more than we’ve seen toward his entire relationship with the girl omfg

- Also okay not to start shit but the orange roses in direct view during the entire breakup 👀 👀 👀

- Did I tear up at Auggie and Ava’s Bay Window scene??? Absofuckinglutely

- “I’ll always be Mrs. Auggie Doggie Matthews, wherever you are!” “And I’ll always be Mr. ~Avvvva MoooorganSTERN~” my h e a r t

- Don’t even talk to me about Riley and Maya crying in the Bay Window just don’t even bring it up

- Why did Topanga have to drag out telling them whether or not she took the job like I get it!! Suspense for the writing!!! But her kids are literally sitting there sobbing have a heart woman omfg

- “This is my special place. And I don’t want to leave it!” We’ve only actually seen you in the bakery like a handful of times but okay I’ll take what I can get

- Deadass for a second thought Riley and Maya were gonna kiss when Topy said they were staying lmao


- The flashback to the BMW finale with Cory and Baby Josh kill me


- Thunder and Lightning my heart </3


- Someone save this stupid show so these losers can keep messing with my feelings PLEASE

-U G H

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“you’re the cutest waiter at my favorite restaurant” au

ugh… this isn’t my best work, so I may revisit it because it’s cute af, but here goes:

Buck was self-aware enough to know that he didn’t exactly fit-in at a place like The Banana Leaf.  The restaurant - a vegan, gluten-aware cafe that specialized in making healthy, Earth-and-allergen conscious food - seemed to cater primarily to hipsters and aging yogis… Bucky never would have stepped foot inside of it had it not been so damned hard to find a place his sister Becca would eat at when she’d finally made the trek from Williamsburg to East Flatbush to visit him over a month since he’d moved back to New York.  Inside was every bit as over-priced and pretentious as Bucky had expected it to be, but he’d bared it all with a smile for the sake of his baby sister.

Then the food arrived, and turned out to be considerably tastier than Buck had ever imagined smoked tempeh and kale chips could be.  And since it was just around the corner from the shitty basement efficiency he was renting while he worked with the VA to get back on his feet didn’t have a kitchen in it, and the fact that the rehab for his arm took enough out of him that adding a gym commitment on top of it was out of the question, Bucky figured that keeping his diet in check was the only hope he had of continuing to fit into his wardrobe.

“Hey Buck,” a pleasant, deep, familiar voice interrupted his thoughts, “good to see ya again; any idea what you wanna order tonight?”  Bucky glanced up as the waiter was speaking, his face immediately breaking into (a very likely ridiculous) smile over the question.  He might have felt embarrassed about it, but Bucky didn’t smile all that often anymore, so he couldn’t bring himself to regret when he did.  

And that was the other reason most of his spending money for the past month had gone to The Banana Leaf: the waiter, Steve.  It could have been because he was looking to continue getting generous tips off of him, but Steve had never once looked oddly at the one-armed, scruffy-faced, haunted-eyed vet who regularly dined with all of the pole-thin artsy crew that were regulars of the cafe.  Then again, at first glance, Steve didn’t exactly seem to fit in, either: sure, his shaggy blond undercut and plastic-rimmed glasses were standard enough, but the guy was more jacked than Bucky had been at his fittest as a Ranger.  And he made a habit of wearing his restaurant-issue polos at least a size and a half too small, much to Bucky’s appreciation.

“The special is a tofishy sandwich with yucca fries,” Steve continued, seemingly unbothered by Bucky’s lack of response - he shook himself, trying not to think about how long he’d been staring aimlessly at the guy.  “In case you were interested.”

“Uh, thanks,” Bucky murmured, picking up the menu in front of him and looking over the options at a breakneck pace.  He’d already decided on his order, before, but as usual he was so flustered by the practical Adonis in front of him that he couldn’t remember what it had been.  “I think I’m gonna try the jerk tofu, tonight,” he finally answered, picking an item at random.

He was pretty sure he’d had the entire menu at that point, all by the same random, panicked method.

“Awesome, that’s one of my favorites,” Steve beamed, the same as he usually did, waiting for Bucky to set the menu down on the table to close it before handing it over.  

He’d never once reached across the table or offered to close it for Bucky, no matter how frustrating it must have been to watch him fumble the thing one-handedly.  Bucky might have fallen in love with him, just for that fact.

They both smiled at one another for a few seconds, each holding opposite ends of the menu, before Bucky finally relinquished his hold on the laminated paper and Steve retreated towards the kitchen with an awkward nod.  In the minutes that followed, Bucky did his best to regain his cool, scrolling through his facebook feed and trying to ignore the feeling that the other diners were looking at him - his therapist had told him time and time again that the paranoia was a combination of unresolved hypervigilance from being at war and unfounded self-consciousness about his physical appearance and injuries.  Logically, Bucky knew that he was nothing to look at, and had nothing to worry about, sitting in a perfectly safe hipster cafe in the middle of his home town.  His brain, on the other hand…

Once again, he was interrupted before his thoughts could spiral too far down the dark path they were headed towards.  “Here we go,” Steve murmured, setting down a heaping plate of cubes in brown sauce: while the tofu looked anything but appetizing, the smell of the jerk seasoning made Bucky’s mouth water immediately.  “Jerk tofu with rice and veg.”

Bucky glanced up at him with a crooked smile, pausing as he reached for his silverware when he realized that Steve was holding a second plate of something on a bun.

“Uh,” Steve continued, blushing furiously as he followed Bucky’s eyes towards the plate.  “I’m actually starting my break - I was thinking I might join you.  If that’s okay…”

“Yeah,” Bucky responded immediately, totally dumbfounded by the look of relief that immediately spread across Steve’s face.  “Yeah, of course, that’d be awesome.”

He’d hardly finished his response before Steve had dropped the second plate across the table and stripped out of the green apron he wore for serving, dropping into the seat with a wide grin.   “Ya know,” he admitted after a couple of seconds, “I hope it’s not too weird, but I’ve been waiting on this for a while.”

Bucky nodded stupidly, trying his best to ignore the squirming feeling of hope in his stomach, along with the feeling that this impromptu dinner was somehow a date of all things.  Steve’s words finally started to resonate as he stabbed his first brick of tofu, though, and Bucky couldn’t help but reason that Steve was admitting to the same thing: that he’d been waiting to share a dinner all this time, too.

“It ain’t weird at all,” he finally said with a grin, pausing to take his first bite (and thoroughly enjoy it, despite the texture).  “Or… it’s mutual, at least.”  He added after swallowing, unable to miss the way that Steve’s eyes watched his throat all the while.

It sent a thrill down Bucky’s spine - a sense of hope and excitement that he hadn’t imagined himself capable of feeling again after his injury.  But he reveled in it as Steve returned his smile and took a bite of his own meal.


Steps & Snacks & Puppy Dogs
21 January 2016

Total cuteness on our post-ride coffee stop today. The little girl mini schnauzer pup looks so much like Mitzy when she was a baby, with her serious face and beady eyes. I was distracted riding out this morning and found myself at Leighton’s before I twigged we were supposed to be headed to Kings Park - Gretta just wordlessly followed me haha. Never mind! It was a spectacular morning & we had a few lumps to climb along the way, including a turn up Reabold Hill.

This evening I caught up with my vivacious friend Pauline for welcome back/birthday drinks at Ocean One; then a quiet date with The Husb at Sandbar and an early night ahead of an early ride. I got in 13,768 steps today, drank all my water, stuck to healthy snacks and alcohol limits, and even clocked my eight hours sleep with an afternoon nap. #winning

ok i saw it. let’s talk. 

so, topanga’s reason for staying was cute and all, but it’s still a letdown for me. so anti-climatic. like, when fourth season picks up, where do they go? right back to ninth or maybe tenth grade? i mean, adolescence and high school can be filled with lessons but… idk, i was looking forward to skipping ahead. 

overall favorite character: i know that these stories aren’t done, these characters have not fully evolved but if i had to choose… isadora smackle. for having the least amount of screen time, she’s come so far. she still has her things (almost leaving w lucas in goodbye) but i think she’s shown the best development by far. 

who’s your favorite character and why? 

note: this is not for others to judge. please do not hop on this post and attack someone for choosing someone you don’t like or someone who you don’t think deserves as much recognition. please don’t turn this into a war. i’m just really curious to see what others get from these characters, as like it or not this is an end of an era.

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i love Dinah. And i love ur new pic. She is so problem free. She is always encouraging people, writing notes on their walls, I love that girl. I love the rest too.. but i think my appreciation for Dinah has grown immensely just in the last two months. We need more Dinah's in this world.

WHY ARE YOU NOT A DINAH GIRL? she is literally so cute and ugh i only get good vibes from her, i wish i had friends like her ❤️


After their dinner date Cara and Kayden arrived home to a quiet apartment, presumably Ellis had already gone to bed. They were both slightly tipsy and stumbled towards their bed.
“I must say wifey, you look ridiculously hot tonight.” Kayden smirked and ran his hand down her side.
“You don’t look so bad yourself.” she grinned “It’s a little silly that we’re matching though.”
“No.” Kayden smirked “I think it’s cute.”
“You think everything’s cute.” she chuckled “And you’re drunk.”
“I’m not that drunk, you’re drunk.” Kayden protested “And also yes, everything is cute - especially you.”
Cara started making fake gagging noises and Kayden laughed. “So are you ever going to take my clothes off?” she murmured.
“Do you need my help?” he smirked “I’ll get right on it.”

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What are some of the things you love about Tori? From what I gathered from your blog shes a dramatic hoe who likes kale and works out.

She has a heart of gold, she’s the most caring and maternal of all our friends, once she’s fond of you. She’s so smart, god I wish I had half the brains she does, she was always top of our class, competitive as hell, Whiney but cute. She has the same sense of humor and politics as me, she’s always speaking her mind, defending others… and I mean she’s gorgeous, but that’s besides the point

Birdie woke up crying and screaming at 7am.
I checked her diaper and she had pooped.
I felt horriable!
I had no idea she had been sitting in poop, there was no poop smell and when I had peaked through the back of her diaper, you couldn’t see any poop, it had all slid down to her little lady bit.
I cleaned her up and she just cried the entire time, she has such a bad diaper rash from what I’m assuming is being in a poopy diaper for God knows how long.
She fell back asleep about 5 minutes after her diaper change but couldn’t seem to get comfortable so after half an hour of her tossing and turning I got her up and we watched a Beauty and the Beast (tale as old as time) clip on YouTube for 45 minutes!
On a continuous loop.
She seemed to be mesmerized.
She had her little mouth hanging open, it was so cute!
So of course I got super excited and searched Netflix for Beauty and the Beast, and they don’t fucking have it.

@cefli you know how when a cute girl falls asleep on your shoulder you don’t wanna get up bc you’ll disturb her and she just looks so cute like that? It’s like that. But I guess you wouldn’t understand since you’ve never had a cute girl fall asleep on you.

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I request a h/c about Chopper running into six year old Doflamingo's daughter who has gotten lost from Jora who was looking after her.

Originally posted by kawaiinohime

Chopper h/c: 

  • Because it is Doflamingos daughter I can picture her just popping out of nowhere scaring the crap out of little Chopper. 
  • After the panic subsides and Chopper takes a few breaths he’ll finally look upon her with a little confusion. 
  • She was pretty young and somewhat familiar… Where had he seen her before?
  •  Either way, she had some scrapes and was covered in leaves. Her pretty dress was also torn. Probably somebody was chasing her? But her happy little smile was misleading.
  • Our little doctor would, of course, come her way and start doing his job. 
  • “You’re so cute!~ Can I keep you?” 
  • “W-Wha?” 
  • So far, strangest person he ever met…besides his captain. 
  • That’s when an irritated Jora would come into the picture snapping Chopper’s memory in a second, by which panic will come back again. 
  • Upon realizing it was Doflamingo’s daughter she had been taking care of this whole time, his mouth will drop in shock. 
  • The little princess will sweetly wave a “bye bye~” to the still shocked little doctor.