she's so cute here omg


Jojo, I love that girl, Yozakura, so much. She’s such a /mom/ and fite ready too. It kills me? Like after I won this fight, Katsuragi was saying how she enjoyed it [[she actually enjoys fighting, it’s not a perverse thing, from what I understand]] and Yozakura’s response was to say something like: “how much of a pleasure freak are you?” Then tell Katsu that their lessons aren’t over apparently, that they’re gonna come up with a long term plan so she’ll finally learn her lesson and no longer be a shameless pervert. Katsu was just stunned. lmao

Even when she was up against this super [sado]masochistic girl who called her “mommy” and asked for punishment…after being stunned she decided to play along? Like went all, “momma’s gonna punish you and bring you back to the side of good!!” 

I love her so much. lmao

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awww, i love Wanda in your style, can you draw more of her?


and thanks a ton!!! ;v;

(FANACC)160502 Yesung at Budang fansign
  • Fan: Hello Oppa
  • YE: Nice to meet you. How o;d are you?
  • Fan: I’m the first class of high school.I also came to Artium’s fansign.
  • YE: Uh?
  • Fan: Icame ther!
  • Ye: Ah, so we have met, right?
  • Fan: I have exams to 4th but i think i fail TT.TT
  • Ye: Really: Did you work hard?
  • Fan: I didn’t
  • Ye: Me too, kekekekeke
  • Fan: Do you know my year of birth
  • Ye: You’re studying right?
  • Fan: No.Imean my year of birth
  • Ye: 2000?
  • Fan: It’s 2001!
  • Ye: Ah, so you saw World Cup right? It’s hold at 2002! so you must’ve watched it right?
  • Fan: ....
  • Ye: *shake hand* Thank you so much~
  • transed by: YeWookVN